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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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100000 have been displaced from adelaide just since mid december the libyan warlord khalifa haftar has rejected calls by turkey and russia again for a cease fire to be implemented there by sunday the 2 countries support opposing sides in the conflict moscow backs hafter whose forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april turkey's began deploying troops to support the un recognized government in tripoli. bushfire crisis is getting even worse temperatures shooting up above 40 degrees celsius causing another mass evacuation call some heavily populated parts of the southeast a malaysia has released audio recordings of former prime minister najib razak for help to cover up corruptions as part of the investigation into the one and the scandal you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera the stream is next the us is always of interest to people all right the world this is been going on for a number of tear gas being held. back to try to move
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the audience how this could be a life this is an important part of the world now does it is very good news to the world from here. ok and you know in the stream today we are diving into 3 stories making headlines around the globe u.s. president trump's next move with a wrong political power struggle and a strain is a bushfire battle to get your take on these topics really easy you can tweet us a stream on leave a comment and chat. scatty this is a state it's. could be a mystery. tensions between the u.s. and iran have dominated the headlines since the start of the year present balance of power for sanctions in response to iran's targeted strikes on u.s.
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assets on wednesday trump addressed the nation and the iranian people can be how can it reports the united states is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it but missing from the president's speech evidence that the u.s. killing of iranian general qassam solomonic was justified and necessary prevented imminent attack on americans it's evidence opposition democrats are demanding from the trumpet ministration also absent a clear strategy something the administration has promised to provide in closed door briefings on wednesday to members of congress including top republicans. joining us to discuss that in fighting congress we have kimberly how she's at the white house she's al-jazeera english is a white house correspondent and right here in the studio. she's an iranian american journalist welcome ladies good to have you here i saw kimberly. reading the tweet
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today when can leave a tweet in front of the white house something bad is about to happen. this is the to wait hope that all house republicans will vote against crazy nancy pelosi war powers resolution. why is this important and then get you to weigh in as well but i don't know if you have that whole tweet out there in full frame but i want to really struck me was the ending ferry were a i believe it's presidential harassment exclamation point as i recall that that's a big problem ok so here's why this is a big problem congress is required whenever there is military action being proposed by the white house there are obligated to debate this this is the check and balance that is to put in place by the founding fathers in the u.s. constitution so when the president says presidential harassment when congress is essentially doing its job that is not only unusual it's alarming because once again
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this is a president who did not use that he is behaving as an imperial president but that's exactly what that tweet reveals there we go. well i agree i mean it's just too hard to not see the timing of all of this president was just impeached he's up for reelection and his popularity keeps going lower and then boom comes a strike out of nowhere and so far the administration hasn't offered any evidence at least. that the democrats here the critics would be convinced about why this attack had to be so and basically killing a foreign government top official which brought the u.s. to the brink of a military conflict with iran and this is a president who campaigned against unless war as he said he's going to d.n. tangle the u.s. from the middle east but every indication seems like he's going in that direction so why did he do some of these tweets seem to be pointing to that as well and it's
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not just democrats that are upset with the president it is even some members of his own republican party that are upset i mean we saw some very prominent senators coming out mike lee senator mike lee of utah as one of them who said he was incensed by the briefing that it was almost insulting his intelligence because they didn't deliver the intelligence and you know we all remember a lot of us remember the u.s. invasion of iraq in the argument that was made there is that there were weapons of mass destruction congress was told all of this only to find out later it was flawed faulty intelligence there was no weapons of mass there were no weapons of mass destruction so congress and the american people i would argue to really don't have an appetite for being lied to a 2nd time so that's why i think there is so much frustration with this white house because they feel like they're being lied to because we share this with you this is from. twitter one major consequence of this attack is that every country affiliated with the united states is a target for revenge by knowledge so well what do you see it as. a situation right
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now well it definitely is at least in the region we saw iranians willing and capable to a talk. u.s. bases from their soil doing a very publicly this time there were no casualties but this was definitely a warning and then in the statement that came together with the ira do you see this specifically mentioned if any country in the region lets us forces use their bases from that country to conduct attacks against iran and iranians are willing to attack that country as well because we know u.s. bases are spread across the region and other countries so basically this was a warning but in a same time they didn't want to start a full on war it seems there was a warning that we don't want war but if you want to pull us into war and we're willing to fight it can be replaced in the u.s. and so every last couple of days people think mentioning war i'm running up to war where you will that the white house and you'll want to sing what's happening coming out of congress what are you seeing and what he's feeling is that the same
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experience with the politicians of the u.s. based it's certainly felt like we were on the purpose precipice for war when those strikes were coming down against those 2 bases that house the u.s. military in iraq we had just to paint a picture here we had the u.s. president the situation room the state department secretary the department of defense secretary the chair of the joint chiefs of staff they were awaiting a battle damage assessment because you have to remember the u.s. president said if even one american is killed he's going to respond but that call never came but still there is this feeling of tension now the u.s. president did subsequently come out say all is well here is that iran is standing down but those tensions remain very quickly for me i think it's important to point out it's really a question of starting points because this administration constantly points to iran and its malign activity in the broader middle east going back decades but this is ministration when donald trump came into office he came out swinging very clearly
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he said that he was it essentially taking on iran to confront and contain those were his policies whether it's with the economic sanctions whether it's with the heightened rhetoric. whether it's with the military posture so with it with you know from iran's perspective it certainly feels that or that in fact the united states has been the aggressor not the other way around as we often hear from this administration so kimberly at when the conversation is really flowing on each i'm going to show everybody where it is right now so if you're watching on the same you can then see yourself if you scroll from here it is going so fast i can't actually pick out individual stories and individual questions so i just gave him a moment to see that and witness that and then i actually want to put this to you because this is what it. says and she says the president trump wants to get out. back off for a few months he would pull out he promised he would pull out of iraq and his votes as expected his numbers are up since peach meant kimberly you go 1st or wrong and
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then nicole you comment on that well there's no question that the u.s. president campaigned. for every wars but here's the problem in all of this he is surrounded by some very hawkish individuals well john bolton his national security adviser no longer part of that team but he for example was hired by the u.s. president he's advocated for strikes on iran who remains the secretary of state pompei o who when he was in the u.s. congress was very hawkish on iran so even if the u.s. president feels that perhaps it's best to pull out these troops he's getting an awful lot of advice for people who supposedly have more foreign policy experience that he does who are saying just the opposite. you know you've been writing about this idea that. you know how do we could have a situation well i just want to add to what kimberly was saying that it might have been the president wanted all of that and he was just given that bag bad advice until he was
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a ph but we have to remember now he's the president that was impeached and he's also up for reelection so maybe even something in his own mindset has changed but then at the same time i think the miscalculation of this specific move the targeting of us and silly money was and he was probably advised that this is going to be he's going to be seen as a hero for killing a terrorist like al baghdadi and that didn't happen it backfired here in washington as kimberly is saying and it backfired massively in iran with the millions of crowds that we saw but then at the same time they retaliate we saw from their audience seems to be calculated and strategic it was like a warning sign saying we can work capable and we're willing to hit you know casualties asylum it seems like it was designed to have no casualties but in the same time trying to make the region feel unsafe for u.s. forces so eventually they would have to leave iraq which was the wrong begin with if you've been following this story on al jazeera dot com. it's hard to know what might happen next but adriana buck money is a journalist and she's she's going out there she's prognosticating this is what she
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is saying about where are we going next with this particular crisis have a listen have a look. i think it's really hard to predict exactly what is going to happen next to me and you want to think otherwise is really comforting. but i do think regardless of what happens it's the people in the middle east who are going to be facing the repercussions for this escalation of hostilities it's going to use it's going to be the iraqis it's going to be everyone else in the region and. other countries need to be doing right now is steering trone away from this maximum pressure strategy that he has been pursuing all the wrong and that has gotten us to this exact point . a last thought from you about where will this story going next we've spent so much time if you were in the stream and he is talking about iran i also want to talk about the domestic repercussions of this we remember we saw massive anti-government protests in iran even in iraq against iran's influence and the
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grievances haven't gone anywhere but now those protests their demands or grievances have taken a backseat in the face of this foreign threat so in a way president trump has an in any way help the protesters he's actually unify the country against himself and made iranians rally around the flag basically came here on a better than to ask you what might happen next as you're sitting outside of the white house but i'm going to anyway. well i think one important point in all of this is while the u.s. has had very aggressive language towards iran they continue to also speak to the other side of their mouth saying we're still we still have the door open to diplomacy but here's the reality right now you know we know that the u.n. the united nations the sekret the security council meeting on thursday and there was one absentee person there and that was the iranian foreign minister why could he not attend that meeting because the united states didn't grab his visa that is where that kind of diplomacy could take place those discussions for peace could take place so there really are hollow words by the united states saying they're
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open to negotiating a new deal with iran even to limit its nuclear program when they were. and allow someone who could conceivably help to begin that discussion into the united states to have that car at ation. and for your reporting really appreciate it we go from washington to caracas venezuela where political crisis is bubbling over over the weekend allies of venezuelan president nicolas maduro orchestrated a takeover of the opposition controlled congress out of the associate newman has more. the headline reads congress wakes to 2 speakers of the house in a country which already has 2 men claiming the presidency. understandably confused and frustrated our muslim but as the saying gars we lift as if we were lost and spice. on sending national guardsmen prevented opposition majority leader and other deputies from entering parliament to initiate the years session as the
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constitution stipulates. in his place the pro-government minority swore in as speaker and deputy recently expelled from his opposition party. that showdown you just watched that didn't and for more on this political crisis we're joined by latin american editor for al-jazeera english to see an event you were just watching never thought to see here it looked like chaos how do you make sense of what is going on well that was just on sunday you should have seen we don't do that. glide all and accompanied by his 90 deputies j.m. to the palace as you like legislative palace in this case they managed to push their way back in to the to the chamber as the other group that you just saw. swearing themself in ran for his life with his other group of supporters so it's been you there you have i'm seeing his like he was you know he looks like he's
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walking on top of people but basically he's he's pushing be the national guard and telling them that they have no right to stop him that that that the military has no right to decide who enters and who doesn't enter a civilian organization which is a parliament and that's what's been going on it's a standoff it's confusing. maybe for our viewers and readers but it's even more confusing provin is whalen's because they're their media is very much controlled by the government they're going to $11.00 take on what's going on from president would or from the government and then the other side doesn't have really much of an ability to strike back but people just don't know anymore who has really in charge when they do but what is true is that the gay ouster of the conflict has risen i love to transparency that i'm going to ask you questions and then you can you can say we have no idea right now because that would be reporting to you let me just show you here hunting them but generally ace democratically elected one kaleido on
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the other hand is a self-proclaimed leader venezuela democracy is alive in venezuela that is a valid question 2 last point to make or is it you see what he said well if it were true yes. but the trouble is that magruder was elected in an election in which his rivals weren't allowed to run in under conditions that in most democratic countries would be regarded as an acceptable. let me put this one to you as well this one is from. the joys elected president why mind venezuela is a growing democracy they will slap their issues in g. time and this reminds me of last year when the international committee and some particular high profile members the international community was supporting one quite oh what happened in the past year and you see here yes he has lost support and certainly at the closer he seems to be coming the more beholden he seems to become to his number one ally which is the trumpet ministration the more some people seem to have doubts about him i think he's been trying to find his way and
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when i say he i mean the opposition they do have differences amongst themselves they've been bickering a lot too but the long or short of it is that while he got off to a very what you could say a good start if you're on the side of the opposition after the end of april when after the failed coup attempt if you like or uprising against the government they tried to get the military to turn on my little when that failed people just said that's it we're back to square one again we don't think that this opposition opposition can do it so i was speaking to people today they're saying you know they're they're all a bunch of lizard swimming in the same pond our only choice is to turn to god we'll have to turn to god now. i'm praying for you he see it thank you for reporting for us for the stream we really appreciate it take care from the political firestorm in venezuela to a straight he is a real life fire storm more than 2 dozen people more than a 1000000000 animals have been killed as wildfires rage across the country flames have destroyed at least
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a 1000 homes and left over 12000 square miles of scorched earth here's a look at how people are reacting to that news on social media including celebrities who are using their star power to raise millions of dollars to fight the fires. as you well aware the bush was a destroyer of cause massive devastation the continued. joining us from sydney to discuss the impact of the fires al-jazeera correspondent jessica washington jessica good to have you've been documenting so much of what you've been reporting on on the life and the stories are really coming to life for your reporting on social and just look at your your twitter feed dave spent 10 years collecting pots phase 965 vintage kombi van he was defending homes on the
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south coast when it caught fire the car was clearly so special to him he said he couldn't even look at it dave the van i mean that just tells you one individual story how are you managing to capture what it is like with the australian bush fires right now jessica how you doing that. it really is a case of i mean there are so many different stories you've got recently got the residents who've had their houses destroyed about their new also have these stories of these firefighters who works reminding the audience that the people who are out keeping these communities safe are actually volunteers so many of them haven't been able to work for the weeks some of the months while they've been fighting these fires they've had some sort of income coming in but of course it's a big personal sacrifice you hear stories like dave here you know people are losing their own properties out trying to defend the rest of the community and i guess the tragic thing is when it comes to these residences it's not just the houses that
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have been destroyed in some cases we've been traveling along affected areas it's whole suburbs it's pretty unbelievable to arrive at a suburb and you can just count the number of houses that are left on one hand and i think that's something that many australians had never seen before we always have bushfires that happens every year but this season is different we looked at some of the images from social media and what was getting people in gauge with australia all over the world one of the things that people really connecting with the animals the wildlife and another one of your posts here i've seen quality as a scene and always hugging people is one is a baby possum on its own pacing front of the flames you say here which is scroll up so you at least and see this picture so people are being asked to evacuate get out of the way what happened to the adam or static is there room for them to be safe here. so there are at rescue services basically go to these bush acted areas
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trying to get as many of those animals to safety is possible but the reality is that you know these fires are burning through their habitat we've obviously seen that the quality images have been sort of circulating on social media people rescuing these qualities giving them water and that kind of thing but you know it's other animals true it's it's it's plants and worth remembering that a stray has so many. if these species did go extinct they don't they don't live anywhere else that would be sort of the end for them if they can't survive a mystery or the estimate from scientists was initially after 1000000000 now they're saying that it's more likely sort of the 1000000000 mark in terms of animals which have died during this crisis let me share this fall for me from a brassiere he's on twitter brassiere says stop manipulating the forests the lands and there will be no fire governments and producers will tell you that it is due to climate change and that it's the other way around climate change is
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a consequence of the abuse of the agricultural activities among others so that it's basically say that this is climate change is climate change in action and this is why we're seeing so many bushfires but it's because we didn't look after the lad what are you seeing what are you hearing jessica. well what we do know from from the science is that a strong leader is in the grips of basically a relentless drought that has gone on for a very long period and that sort of basically across the countries of new south wales victoria south australia pretty much widespread and those drought conditions created the circumstances for this bushfire season to basically spiral we know now that the bush fires have burned through an area that's actually larger than the size of south korea so that's just sort of put in context how huge the spy's been and scientists say that that drought is very much linked to climate change so the issue of climate change the debate around that issue is really sort of heating up
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here and it's something that politicians are now saying that it is something that they do need to look at there is talk from the prime minister that there will be an inquiry once this crisis is over into how how much climate change did it sort of influence this crisis but of course we heard from the scientists before these guys again we actually know that the fire chiefs around the country had contacted the prime minister they tried to set up a meeting telling him that they anticipated just how bad this fire season would be and that meeting never happened so there is a lot of criticism of the prime minister and even though now he is talking about exploring the link between climate change in the sky there's no indication that the government is going to change its policies going to try to become less reliant on fossil fuels australia as an economy is incredibly reliant on coal so there are some big questions that will come once this fire crisis is over and i guess once
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the immediate tragedy is over as well let's talk a little bit more about your prime minister say as prime minister i should say as i hear the shiny and prime minister calls for more tourists despite raging bushfires his judgment has been called into question more than once to scott morrison by the way about how engaged he was with that with the crisis how it is a popularity right now in the city and think of them. well let's it's sort of an interesting question to put this in perspective scott marsland won the election pretty recently and it was just a few months ago that no one expected him to win according to sort of the people who were doing the polling and then he did he pulled off this miracle election when now we got a situation where basically his judgment is being called into question he is as you've just said calling the tourists to still come to australia saying that israel is a great place to holiday but the holiday itself is sort of a controversial point when we're talking about scott morrison he when this crisis
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was still going when mr earlier was sort of navigating its way through this bush by a state of emergency had been called people wondering where's the prime minister and it turned out that he was actually on holiday in hawaii since returning from his holiday he sort of struggled to regain some of that momentum everything he does is sort of under this intense scrutiny and you know he's been touring these bush by affected regions speaking with firefighters speak with residents who lost their homes and they've just been a number of gas basically and he's been going to these regions and receiving a bit of a frosty welcome some residents actually swearing at the prime minister telling him you're not welcome here this popularity is definitely a question and many people are sort of calling into question the prime minister's popularity out here as jessica washington thank you very much for getting us up to date what's happening in australia with the bushfires thank you for watching i'll see you next high at alderson here at all costs.
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frank assessments the one good thing about these bush bars usage really was going to the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school board lawyers on a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware use of that still against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard means unimaginable hardship i prefer to live though because the i got the call can truth chancing life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle i fell onto the rails for i merely died.
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our children go to school and live because on the train risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. iran denies it was behind the crash of ukrainian airliner after world leaders say an iranian missile. live from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera russia and turkey have announced a cease fire in syria's problems after months of worsening violence. also india's top court hears petitions on the constitutionality of the kashmir lockdown imposed by the indian government. and australian authorities.


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