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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to darker more authoritarian reality the police called a cop or who brought a blow to the lodge and they were ready to detonate beyond the war point 10. new u.s. sanctions against iran senior officials are targeted as well as the country's manufacturing sector. a military this is al jazeera live from london also coming up at the emergency meeting in brussels european leaders commit to the preservation of the iran nuclear deal calling on terror on to meet its commitments. india's top court orders an urgent review of the lockdown in kashmir describing the internet battle in the disputed state as an abuse of power and protesters accuse the australian government
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of inaction over climate change as major fires continue to claim vast areas of bush . and or washington has announced a new wave of economic sanctions on iran in retaliation for its missile attack on bases housing the us troops in iraq the sanctions targeting iran's manufacturing and mining industries as well as 8 senior officials washington says the officials were involved in missile strikes on monday that hit the iron and assad air base in anbar province u.s. treasury secretary stephen you can bound to keep pressure on iran's economy. today's sanctions are part of our commitment to stop the iranian regime's global terrorist activities the president has been very clear we will continue to apply
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economic sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it will never have nuclear weapons and speak now to our white house correspondent can really help it so tell us more about what these sanctions one of oh yeah well we should point out that this is the latest in a string of sanctions that the united states has put in place ever since it's withdrew from the j c p a way that's the agreement to limit iran's nuclear program back in may of 2018 snack sanctions went into place then we had 2 more rounds of sanctions after that now yet another round put in place by the trumpet ministration through executive order as you point out it targets not only the steel as well as iron industries but construction trade and even some senior officials in the iranian government now the purpose of all of this the administration says is part of its broader maximum pressure campaign to isolate the iranian people from the global financial system
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but also as well to cripple its economy of the reason for this the united states says is in retaliation for those strikes by iran on those military bases in iraq that were housing u.s. soldiers of a administration about they not just missing the threat against the u.s. with or against the killing of general simony. yeah there are still lingering questions that seem to haunt the cid ministration ever since the strike was called questions about the word imminent so just how real was this threat many argue that there was the issue of timing rather quincy dental that all of this coming down the same week the u.s. senate was supposed to begin its trial into the impeachment of u.s. president donald trump so questions about the timing asking for further evidence we did have closed door briefings of members of congress and democrats and even some republicans say that the intelligence was not provided to prove that that threat was imminent something that the administration says is not the case. this was going
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to happen and american lives were at risk and we would have been called probably negligent as the chairman the joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpably negligent and we not recommend to the president that he take this action and custom so the money he made the right call in america safer as a result of that. now in the midst of all of this the term administration is also insisting that there's still incredibly room for diplomacy that they would like to sit down and negotiate a new agreement with iran they also say they don't want war but certainly these latest actions in light of a string of heightened tensions this week and now this new round of sanctions certainly seem to suggest otherwise committee aka thank you very much indeed what's your bar joins us live from the iranian capital tehran how the sanctions over a further sanctions going down there. well we've heard from
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one of the 8 people who have now been added to the list of u.s. sanctions mohsen reza he is a member of the expediency council as well as the former head of the revolutionary guards he's a very well known figure in iran in terms of his role in the country's history in the government itself as well he's responded by saying that this is being an honor for him to be added to the u.s. sanctions list it's much more of a political move by the u.s. government but for him to be considered such a high level person within the establishment in iran and to be put on u.s. sanctions is of honor for him as it is for the others on this list and we've seen in the past them and these sanctions are imposed the iranians really just laugh them off because at 1st they're seen as very symbolic a political move they don't really have any tangible results because these figures don't have any. funds or travel to the united states so it doesn't really affect
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them so that is how they feel this is going to really play out this is a response to the iranian missile attacks on the u.s. troops in iraq and this is what they believe is the only response the u.s. government will have for the uranium to ship aaron thank you very much. the head of nato is backing the assessment the iranian missiles brought down the plane that crashed on wednesday is calling for full transparency from tehran during the investigation. we have no reason to. believe the reports we have seen from different an 8 dollar couples have expressed concern about. information indicating that. the plane may have been downed by iranian air defenses systems that's exactly why we need a thought of the nose to geisha and that's exactly why we need to establish all the
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facts and that's exactly why it is important that. we have full cooperation from the rain side in such an investigation. where he installed made the comments at an emergency e.u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels aiming to save the 2015 iranian nuclear deal and find ways to convince iran to continue its commitment under the accord a u. foreign policy chief borrows says the deal is critical for regional stability he says europe wants to maintain the deal but that iran must uphold its obligations. there is life 1st in brussels that have come under a lot of pressure haven't they from the u.s. to to drop this deal but they still seem to be sticking with it. yes that's right the e.u. foreign policy chief burrell's a really came out and wraps up that foreign ministers meeting an emergency meeting that was held to discuss the situation the crisis between u.s. and iran and he touched on
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a few main points he 1st of all said that whatever happens the message from the e.u. is that cannot afford another war he said that all sides must deescalate tensions he said that another war would risk unraveling the good work that had been done to try and stabilize iraq in the priority really had to be to fight i saw he also said that the priority for e.u. member states was to maintain the j.c. p.o.a.'s you mentioned the j c p o a the iran deal it was signed in 2015 e.u. leaders have been battling to try and save it since 2018 when donald trump pulled the united states out of that deal saying it was a very bad deal but the e.u. has kept the line they've always maintained so far and that is that this deal is absolutely necessary for the stability of the region in fact burrell said that without this deal it's quite likely that iran would have a nuclear weapon right now and he also said that iran must now try and fully comply
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with the deal and that comes after the fact that tehran this week said that it was withdrawing from many of the key commitments that it's made to that deal which would really see that deal on the brink of collapse so the message there the e.u. member states really want to save the day and i think we also saw you foreign ministers perhaps trying to maneuver the e.u. into a position where they could try and mediate in this crisis a brawl saying that we must move away from weapons we must move away from conflict and really we must try and find some form of political solution. thank you very much. the u.s. state department says that it will not discuss troop withdrawal with the iraqi government iraq's prime minister. asked the u.s. secretary of state to send a delegation to baghdad to discuss the issue and the state department says any american delegation would be dedicated to discussing how to continue
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a strategic partnership and the request follows the assassination of iraqi politician a man 100 and the iranian commander a same sort of many last week on sunday iraq's parliament voted to expel all american troops from the country he has been sacked he is a lawyer and former chief of communications for mission of iraq to the united nations and she believes it's still on lightly united states troops will leave iraq any time soon there is the united states claiming victory there is iran claiming victory and then there is iraq which is trying to maintain its sovereignty but also some face in front of the front of the iraqi people i believe that the u.s. obviously is very hard to know what's going to happen right now because things are moving very quickly but the of us government is likely to stay in iraq when they pulled out in 2011 it only took a few years for isis to take over the 2nd largest city in iraq and that was a disaster not just for the iraqis but also for the u.s. and iran so we do need u.s.
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presence as americans in iraq and so do the iraqi people so what we're probably going to see now is a little bit more posturing from the people of iraq a little bit more. rhetoric to appease the iranian government which is so so heavily overseeing the iraqi government but overall ultimately the u.s. government cannot afford to pull out of iraq and it cannot afford to handle iraq over to iran. to iraqi journalists have been killed in bosnia in southern iraq activists say there's a campaign by armed groups backed by iran to drive them out of the region meanwhile protests have been taking place in iraq against the government and also the united states and iran thousands of people gathered into his square in the center of the capital baghdad and other major cities it's revival of anti-government demonstrations which began in october which has also chanted anti us and anti
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iranian slogans they are concerned a country could become a proxy battleground. still to come on syria an apology from boeing up to internal messages about the controversial $77.00 monks adeline and lead to. an a c spawn in the last rebel held region of syrian women and the mass displacement of civilians. hello there is a fairly quiet picture across central areas of europe we've got the new cloud streaming of that also as we will see one or 2 showers but there's a big system waiting in the wings out in the northwest but this ahead of it is looking very nice this is a killer can call up in scotland but be prepared for the same region change somewhat as we go through saturday the next big system is really pushing in we have
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got warnings of very heavy amounts of rain across scotland northern england pos of and some pretty strong gale force winds as well and those winds really whipping across towards norway some snow and some rain in the mix there else was a says a fairly quiet picture one as you shall just a drifting about in the western med and temperatures are not too bad as well now by sunday the system has actually worked its way across the u.k. it leave in its wake wanted to showers and also more rain pushing through northern sections of mainland europe and still wanted to show for the east pushing towards the black sea so still want to showers across those northern areas of africa really coming from the system just sitting in the western med so throughout syria on into china sea a touch is a little bit lower that's the south today and then my sunday not a great deal of change we've got 13 celsius in algeria's and as i said that does come with a chance of showers as indeed it will across into tunis. richard
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program is something which is a geopolitical that's for governments international institutions. to manage on the 1000 refugees don't have the right to move freely on the other hand goods can move freely as far and as much as they want. you multinational colonialism this is a v another mint over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one on al-jazeera. a reminder the top stories here on our zira washington has announced new economic sanctions on iran in response to terror and missile attack on bases housing u.s.
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troops in iraq. the foreign policy chief joseph burrell says the 2015 iran nuclear deal is critical for regional stability speaking after an emergency meeting in brussels he said europe wants to maintain the deal but that iran must uphold its obligations. and iran has rejected accusations that one of its missiles mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner on wednesday killing all 176 people on board. iran has maintained it should carry out the investigation into the trash after several western countries offered to play a role the head of iran's civil aviation authority has spoken about where the inquiry has got to. the war another on its very obvious when the plane took off from the airport of the 23 minutes of course fire the reason it's not clear though the pilot tried to return to the airport and change the route towards the airport and it shows that he was aware that an accident that happened
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the crashed on its way back if a missile that hit it it would have crashed in the regional direction he says the plane did not explode to hit the ground but the u.s. navy says one of its warships has been aggressively approached by a russian naval vessel in the north arabian sea. the destroyer u.s.s. far of it sounded its horn 5 times the international maritime signal warning of the danger of collision with a russian ship continue to move move closer before eventually changing course after another warning north arabian sea is close to the entrance to the gulf. india's supreme court has ordered the government to review an internet shut down inside indian administered kashmir it says the indefinite suspension is a violation of the country's telecom rules the territory has not had internet now for woman 150 days and reports from new delhi. the
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lockdown in indian administered kashmir amounts to an abuse of power. that's the ruling from india supreme court 5 months since the government removed the territories autonomy restricted people's movements and blocked the internet. those who challenge the shutdown say it's a significant were ticked. by the state was that these are national security issues please leave it to the state the court has struck that down and said no this will be subject to judicial review. the indian government argued it needed to block the internet to stop what it called separatists and terror groups. each other. but the court found the government had breached telecom rules and gave authorities in the territory a week to review the restrictions. and enjoy. a student in srinagar the capital of indian administered kashmir has welcomed the court's judgment. if we go to india. or they are not going to work against. the others.
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and that's where they are putting on the internet. for over 5 months the journalists in the valley have been given access to just a few computers enabled with the internet it's always difficult for journalists but when you. depriving him of. riches in delayed. it's a deliberate attempt to make his world more difficult. several restrictions including on phone connections have already been lifted now many people are waiting for the internet to be restored legal experts say the top court's word it will also affect other areas where the internet has been shut down and freedom of assembly limited off to idea that mr to smear the indian government deployed the same measures in assam and a new type of this during protests against the controversial citizenship amendment
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act out a war on al jazeera new delhi. thousands of protesters have marched in the southern indian city of hyderabad against a controversial citizenship law legislation ratified last month clears the way for minorities from 3 neighboring countries to get citizenship that excludes muslims similar demonstrations have led to the arrests of thousands of people across the country since the legislation 1st entered the no house of parliament. the prime minister is expected to travel to the eastern city of calcutta on saturday where anti-government demonstrations have already begun students plan to block major roads from the airport in protest against the citizenship and then tacked as well as government officials to increase university fees so raman is in calcutta with the protesters. heads of thousands of people have gathered here very close to the mount like gandhi monument in calcutta in west bengal to show their discontent with the citizenship and member act i don't think i've ever seen crowds like this other
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than at a general election campaign a beside civil society and across community representation regarding the rebel areas of religions where you have a civil society leaders and religious leaders who are making their speeches to the assembled crowd they want the government to understand that the citizenship amendment act is illegal and unconstitutional and doesn't fit in with the secular nature of it and that's the message they want to get across to read from the o.t. here right here on saturday and they want to make sure that their voice. that very intent is heard not just in new delhi but across the country they are joining hundreds of thousands of other people across the view that are continuing their demonstrations against him during their protests and they heard the renderer modi will get to see and understand exactly the strength of the feeling here certainly in west wing all a state that he has no control over or that the incumbent government hopes that he will of course understand that he's not welcome. at least 15 people have been
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killed in an explosion at a mosque in pakistan in southwestern province a fan who she started when 20 others were injured in a blast and the region's capital quest spain reported that a senior police officer was killed was the target the injured to being treated in hospital cannot hide a hassle from his on that. first of all this particular blog took place and they marched. down in a densely populated area of. the police all present. he was indeed the dog even in the police government a very private military and military force they have been targeted and baluchistan province particularly. and quite a number of groups have been active in the. dawn. said to be operating from across the border and i've won this on and also by lose.
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all have been secretly advising that security forces but this particular. time when they. are relative. of course because i have to read that this is the beginning of another wave of attacks and there. russia has announced a cease fire in the province the last rebel held stronghold in syria more than 1300 civilians have been killed this since the government northeast its offensive to retake the area in 2018 the violence and been escalating in recent months any 300000 people have been displaced by russian backed government asked trikes since december children and women are the most affected at least 175000 children have been forced to flee well thousands of families urgently need humanitarian assistance aid agencies have provided food and money to more than 180000 people jamal unshared is in ankara he says there's been no comment to
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a cease fire from turkey. so far it's only been russia that has announced this suspicion or of hostilities or propose a solution of hostilities because we're getting reports that still on friday morning although no airstrikes have taken place there has been some shelling. carried out by the regime of bashar al assad on the areas of moderate non-man and the outskirts of this in spite of the announcement 2 pm on thursday is roughly about 18 hours ago now why are we still waiting to figure out how significant this is because obviously it's not just russia who is the main player when it comes to the situation in syria there are 2 other extremely important regional players namely turkey and iran iran may be so long as russia has announced something will probably fall in line with that it is the turks that we're waiting to see what they are coming to what their position is on this. latest
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announcement it's important to know that this isn't the 1st time that a deescalation or a cease fire has been an announced previously there's been several other ones in fact it was always meant to be a safe zone ever since this standard process began between those 3 countries a couple of years ago is where all the armed rebel groups as well as the refugees that or the displaced rather internally who weren't refugees headed to and congregated in and that's what made it such a high lee dense population center in that area. 3 years of political limbo in northern ireland appears to be at an end after the nationalist parties should feign agreed with an earlier decision from the unionist d u p to restore a power sharing agreement announcement means northern ireland will once again have a government devolved from the rest of the u.k. for the 1st time since january 27th seen the terms of the peace process say the largest unionist and nationalist parties have to share power in
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a mandatory coalition or last. coalition government collapsed in a disagreement about a green energy scheme that later widened over their long standing differences. ug areas environment minister has been charged over water restrictions for city which led the opposition to seek a no confidence vote in the government. off could face 8 years in jail for allowing industrial uses to drain a dam that's the only source of drinking water for the city of panic and 100000 people have been left with restrictions on drinking water which could last for another 5 months prosecutors say dymov had been repeatedly warned that the water levels had seriously decreased he resigned from his position earlier on friday. boeing has apologised after internal messages were leaked that referred to the designers of the controversial 737 max airliner as quote clowns supervised by monkeys statements were made in instant messages released as part of
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a boeing investigation into the airline is to fatal crashes last year which will have $300.00 people were killed in the apology to the us congress and federal aviation authority boeing said the comments are unacceptable and do not reflect the company's ethos that driscoll is the editor of asian aviation magazine he explains how the messages could not be putting the company and its employees at greater risk . it's dangerous obviously for boeing itself but 'd for the people that the pilots the test pilots the people who are involved in sydney's emails it's dangerous because if they are proven if it's proven that they actually to lie to a federal official someone from the federal aviation administration for example if it's proven that they lied to them that's a felony they could go to prison for that secondly and this is a bit theoretical but i was raised by lawyers 'd my mother was a lawyer my brother my oldest brother is a lawyer if in the process of committing
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a felony somebody dies in theoretically you could be charged with murder for that so if prosecutors could tie everything together and say this person lied and because of that law the plane was of peru and it cetera et cetera theoretically you could have $346.00 counts of murder in there now that that's a bit of a stretch admittedly and i don't mean to blow everything out of proportion i'm just trying to demonstrate how serious this is because if you lied to a federal official in the united states that's a felony and someone could go to someone to go to prison for that. thousands of people across australia have been protesting at the government's handling of the own bushfire crisis by demanding action on climate change which scientists say is linked to the severity of this year's 5 well this is more than a quarter of a 1000000 people ripping edge to leave their homes in australia as the bush continued to advance 5 dozen states of victoria and new south wales are facing
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strong winds and 40 degree temperatures as they want to save lives and houses from the flames jessica washington reports from penrose resident in arizona already affected by fire official what could still come. in australia's south east weary firefighters work swiftly to protect communities this push by season has already decimated more than 10000000 hectares of land in the southwest of new south wales this couple fears their house could be next judith and klaus have lived here for 20 years they faced bushfires before but say this season is different scared of what's to come they've put food a generator and their treasured possessions in a bunker where they plan to stay if fire reaches the property you have never really saying that they spat so i think it's not usually life a source try to play in a lovely place authorities are assessing conditions constantly warning that fire
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could return to some already affected areas or start in new spots this bushfire season has already destroyed thousands of houses it's already a strategy as long as bushfire emergency ever and it's creating anxiety among the general public it's still a dry atmosphere we're not getting any money for wind coming through with this challenge so the winds are still going to be breezy and they're going to be drawn. in australia's major cities the political debate is heating up these protesters are angry at how the government has handled the crisis and say the prime minister is reluctant to connect the disaster with climate change i'm here because i know we need to make really big changes if we're going to prevent these types of fires from becoming regular everything the government's doing is negative try to downplay the the coordination and the race and the challenge prime minister scott morrison says the government will consider an inquiry into the cause of the fires including the
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role of climate change once the crisis is over jessica washington al-jazeera penrose australia. the money can catch up at a time when the website address that is al-jazeera dot com and you can also watch us live up to clicking on the our in july michel. from one of the top stories around his era washington has outs to a new wave of economic sanctions on iran initiation for its missile attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq the sanctions target iran's manufacturing and mining industries as well as 8 senior officials washington says the officials were involved in missile strikes on monday u.s. treasury secretary stephen you can vowed to keep pressure on iran's economy today sanctions are part of our commitment to stop the iranian regime's global terrorist
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activities the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic sanctions it tell iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it would never have nuclear weapons aviation officials in tehran and rejected accusations that in a rainy and misao mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner killing all 176 people on board the head of iran's civil aviation organization says the plane caught fire and was having technical difficulties france's air accident agency has confirmed it will be involved in the investigation the u.s. has also offered assistance in the investigation. the head of nato is backing the assessment that iranian missiles brought down the plane it's starting berg made the comments at an emergency e.u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels aiming to save the 2015 iran nuclear deal and
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to convince iran to continue its commitments under the a cold. their state department says it will not discuss troop withdrawal agreement with the iraqi government iraq's prime minister abdul mahdi asked the u.s. to send a delegation to baghdad to discuss the issue but the state department says any american delegation would be dedicated to discussing how to continue quote a strategic partnership. and the u.s. navy says one of its warships has been aggressively approached by a russian naval vessel in the north arabian sea destroyer u.s.s. fara good sounded its horn several times before the russian ship moved away and changed course. risking it all congo is up next folks watching as you know it.
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