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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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on al-jazeera. new u.s. sanctions against iran senior officials are targeted as well as the country's manufacturing sector. narn taylor this is our jazeera live from london also coming up india's top court orders an urgent review of the knockdown in kashmir describing the internet ban in the disputed state as an abuse of our. protest as accuse the australian government of inaction over climate change as major fires continue to claim vast areas of the bush. generates more $4000000.00 tons of waste every year but mexico city has a plan that will help it kick its plastic habit.
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under the united states has announced a new wave of economic sanctions on iran in retaliation for its missile attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq the sanctions target iran's manufacturing and mining industries as well as 8 senior officials officials were allegedly involved in a missile strikes on monday but hit the ajna assad air base in anbar province committee how could reports from the white house for the americans are not at war with tensions between the united states and iran still escalating on friday the u.s. secretary of state and treasury secretary and oust more sections against iran in retaliation for its attack on iraq the military bases used by u.s. troops the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it would never
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have nuclear weapons the sanctions target or raw and steel iron trade construction mining and textile industries they're also saying sins against 8 senior iranian officials the trumpet ministration says are responsible for spreading violence throughout the broader. middle east. but how bring over the trump administration or questions about last week's killing of iranian general concepts solo mommy assassination the white house says was necessary to save american lives without offering proof that the threat was imminent this was going to happen and american lives were at risk and we would have been culpably negligent as the chairman the joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpably negligent and we now recommended the president that he take this action a custom so the money. the sanctions come as the u.s. is at odds with iraq over the future of its soldiers in that country or solo mommy
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was killed the killing has fueled calls for the americans to leave roughly 5000 troops remain as part of the global coalition to defeat eisel on friday the iraqi government said it wants a u.s. delegation to visit iraq to plan for a withdrawal but the u.s. says it's not pulling out as times change and we get to a place where we can deliver upon what i believe the president believes is a right structure with fewer resources dedicated to that mission we will do so. compel says any delegation sent to iraq will be for the purpose of discussing strategic partnerships like increasing the role of nato in the region an idea u.s. president donald trump announced this week a nato delegation visited the state department to discuss that prospect of working to develop a plan which will get burden sharing right in the region as well despite once calling nato obsolete president trump says nato now must be expanded to include
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middle east nations to reduce tensions and to assist in the fight against eisel it's an issue he insists is an international problem can't really help at al-jazeera the white house. some of and your fate has more from the iraqi capital baghdad on why iraq and the u.s. are a long way apart on the idea of troop withdrawal but it is quite evident that what iraqis want and what the united states is willing to give are very different things the iraqi prime minister's office said that in the conversation that he had with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh he asked for a delegation to be sent to iraq so the process of the draw of us and other foreign troops could begin and they could work out what allergies and that is something that was rightly rejected by the u.s. secretary of state as you heard him saying that the united states will be focusing on its fight against isis that we've been focusing on its presence and making sure that groups like isis do not reappear that is something that the iraqi government
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has been saying is mission accomplished they have defeated eisen for over a year the u.s. forces have been here and the role of those forces not just us but foreign forces after journalism in money that has a nation is going to make them while they're able to attack from within and outside iraq and they are hunkering down to protect themselves which begs the question why should iraq keep them here and why should iraqi security forces have the additional responsibility to protect them and that is something that the iraqi prime minister has been telling his cabinet his parliament the u.s. ambassador and the u.s. secretary of state as well. with tensions high in the region foreign ministers have met in brussels and repeated their continuing support for the 2015 iran nuclear deal e.u. foreign policy chief has that boro says the deal is critical for regional stability he says europe wants to maintain the do but that iran must uphold its obligations well 2015 iran nuclear deal has survived for years but
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a need just it was signed under former u.s. president barack obama along with iran and 5 other nations lifting sanctions on tehran in exchange for monitoring its nuclear activities as the new year later president donald trump withdrew from the agreement calling it a bad deal for america and reimpose sanctions other nations trying to keep the pact alive but following another wave of tough u.s. sanctions in may last year iran began rolling back its compliance 1st it increased its stockpile of enrich uranium and on sunday after the u.s. killing of its top commander tehran scrapped all limits on its nuclear program a touch of outlet has more from brussels and says the e.u. is looking for a role to mediate the crisis. the e.u. foreign policy chief feels there burrell's a really came out and wraps up that e.u. foreign ministers meeting an emergency meeting that was held to discuss the situation the crisis between u.s. and iran and he touched on
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a few main points he 1st of all said that whatever happens the message from the e.u. is that we cannot afford another war he said that all sides must a deescalate tensions he said that another war would risk on raveling the good work that would be done to try and stabilize iraq in the priority really had to be to fight eisel he also said that the priority for e.u. member states was to maintain the j.c. p.o.a.'s you mentioned the j c p o 8 the iran deal it was signed in 2015 e.u. leaders have been battling to try and save it since 2018 when donald trump pulled the united states out of that deal saying it was a very bad deal but the e.u. has kept the line they've always maintained so far and that is that this deal is absolutely necessary for the stability the region in fact burrell said that without this deal it's quite likely that iran would have a nuclear weapon right now and he also said that iran must now try and fully comply with the deal and that comes after the fact that tehran this week said that it was
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withdrawing from many of the key commitments that it's made to that deal which would really see that deal on the brink of collapse so the message there the e.u. member states really want to save the j. c.p.o. way and i think we also saw you foreign ministers perhaps trying to maneuver the e.u. into a position where they could try and mediate in this crisis a brawl saying that we must move away from any weapons we must move away from conflict and really we must try and find some form of political solution. at least 15 people are being killed in an explosion at a mosque in pakistan's southwestern province of belushi stan 120 others were injured in the blast in the region's capital cueto it's been reported that a senior police officer who was killed was the target. come out harder as more from islamabad.
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indeed that. even. a very. number of groups have been. said to be operating from across the board and. security for. the beginning of. court has ordered
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the government to review an internet shut down and signed indian administered kashmir it says the indefinite suspension is a violation of the country's telecom rules and territory has not had internet and $150.00 days. reports from. down in indian administered amounts to an abuse of power. that's the ruling from india supreme court 5 months since the government removed the territories autonomy restricted people's movements and blocked the internet the reason those who challenge the shutdown say it's a significant. decline by the state was that these are national security issues please leave it to the state the court test that said no this will be subject to judicial review. the indian government argued it needed to block the internet to stop what it called separatists and terror groups. each other. but the court found
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the government had breached telecom rules and gave authorities in the territory a week to review the restrictions. and enjoy. a student in srinagar the capital of india night mr to smear has welcomed the court's judgment. if you go to india. or they are not going to work against. the other. and that's where they are putting on the internet. for over 5 months the journalists in the valley have been given access to just a few computers enabled with the internet it's always difficult for journalists but when you are. depriving them of. which is the internet then you are. it's a deliberate attempt to make his work more difficult. several restrictions including on phone connections have already been lifted now many people are waiting
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for the internet to be restored legal experts say the top courts word it will also affect other areas where the internet has been shut down and freedom of assembly limited after that mr smith the indian government deployed the same measures in assam and an authorization during protests against the controversial citizenship amendment act out a war on al jazeera in delhi thousands of people across australia have been protesting of the government's handling of the ongoing bushfire crisis but demanding action on climate change which scientists say is linked to the severity of this year's fire as well this is more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have been urged to leave their homes in australia as the bush was continued to advance as jessica washington reports from penrose residents in areas already affected by fire official of what could still come. in australia's southeast weary firefighters work swiftly to protect communities this push by
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season has already decimated more than 10000000 hectares of land in the southwest of new south wales this couple feel is their house could be next judith and klaus have lived here for 20 years they faced bushfires before but say this season is different scared of what's to come they've put food a generator and their treasured possessions in a bunker where they plan to stay if fire reaches the property really saying that they spat so i think it's not usually life they saw strike. in a lovely place authorities are assessing conditions constantly warning that fire could return to some already affected areas or start in new spots this bushfire season has already destroyed thousands of houses it's already a strongly as long as bushfire emergency ever and it's creating anxiety among the general public but still a dry atmosphere we're not getting any money for wind coming through with this challenge so the winds are still going to be breezy and they're going to be drawn.
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in australia's major cities the political debate is heating up these protesters are angry at how the government has handled the crisis and say the prime minister is reluctant to connect the disaster with climate change i'm here because i know we need to make really big changes if we're going to prevent these types of fires from becoming regular everything the government's doing is negative trying to downplay the the causes and and the regimes on the challenge prime minister scott morrison says the government will consider an inquiry into the cause of the fires including the role of climate change once the crisis is over jessica washington al-jazeera penrose australia has hours or more to comment clearing iran hits back at claims a missile brought down a ukrainian jet and says it will analyze the black box recorders. 3 is a political. breakthrough and it's political deadlock.
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hello they have had a good cool down recently across the southeast. areas and of course some very welcome rain has all been coming in with this frontal system so temperatures a slightly come down into melbourne but of a change though on the cause the winds are still gusty billie's for the time being through saturday there's a bit of an onshore flow some marine influence in the so some more to add generally and also through new south wales pushing up into queensland very warm you'll see across into the south and warm air ahead of that front comes through might just see want to showers into the south but nothing more than a kennel sunday 29 degrees and you see trying to celsius the high the m.l. but meanwhile want to shout out into a and we keeping an eye on this disturbance up here it could develop into the next tropical cycle but those temperatures
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a mild but i'm afraid by the time we get to monday the temperature goes back up again and we're back to the situation where we've got lots of smoke and lots of haze in the 4 calls heading up to northern areas of asia it is cold it is clear we've got one or 2 showers on the way south of the towards western areas of honshu but really the bulk of the rain is through will central and southern areas of china making its way towards the coast and then by sunday heading a little bit south that really not quite making it to hong kong time into the not too bad of told into partly cloudy skies with a high of 20. counting the cost while the u.s. spends. military bases across the world plus the. one. on the for instance a tux. that could escalate to try to counter the cost of al-jazeera.
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revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al-jazeera. are you going to remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera washington has announced new economic sanctions on iran in response to terror on its missile attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq. the u.s. state department says it will not discuss troop withdrawals with the iraqi government follows a request by iraq's prime minister for the u.s. to send a delegation to discuss the issue. and e.u. foreign policy chief joseph burrows says the 2015 iran nuclear deal is critical for
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regional stability speaking after an emergency meeting in brussels is it said europe wants to maintain the deal but that iran must uphold its obligations. aviation officials in tehran have rejected accusations that an iranian missile mistakenly shot down a year in ukrainian airliner killing all $176.00 people on board iran says it will reveal the cause of the crash on saturday over the investigation into the tragedy is only just begun the pressure is on iran to allow a transparent investigation into what brought down flight $752.00 france's air accident agency has confirmed it would be involved in the inquiry of the u.s. has offered assistance to ukraine in its inquiries and while ukraine says iran is cooperating there still being no agreement on where the fright recorders recovered from the crash site will be analyzed germany's foreign minister says if a full investigation was not carried out it would create mistrust with iran major
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airlines of other cancelled or suspended flights to and from iran and the european aviation safety organization is advised against flights below 25000 feet. iran has maintained it should carry out the investigation into the trash head of iran's civil aviation authority has spoken about where the inquiry has reached. it's very obvious when the plane took off from the airport after 2 or 3 minutes of course fire the reason it's not clear now is the pilot tried to return to the airport and change the route towards the airport and he shows that he was aware that an accident that happened he crashed on its way back if a missile that hit it it would have crashed in the original direction he says the plane did not explode till it hit the ground the head of nato is backing the assessment that iranian missiles brought down the plane and started burning is calling for a full transparency from tehran during the investigation we have no reason to.
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believe the reports we have seen from different or nato allied capitals have expressed concern about. information indicating that the. plane may have been downed by iranian air defense systems and that's exactly why we need a thought of a nurse to geisha and that's exactly why we need to establish all the facts and that's exactly why it is important that. we have full cooperation from the rain side in such an investigation. the libyan warlord holy for have to has rejected a ceasefire proposed by russia and turkey fighting has escalated in recent weeks as have just forces have been trying to seize the capital from the un backed government and will head reports from tripoli. libyan warlord whole affair have to says the fighting will continue. the ceasefire called by russia and turkey has been rejected and half there is
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a vow to take control of the capital tripoli has been renewed by. libyan arab armed forces will continue to target the enemy by ear and land moving forward and spread its control of new forces in all areas from the capital from the east of sirte to the outskirts of us rotter international concern is growing across the region have to met with italy's prime minister just a picante in rome hoping to stir support from the european union then there is russia and turkey which supports rivals on the ground and has begun deploying troops in support of the u. n. government and by turning down the cease fire help her could be pushing away russia one of his main allies. fighting has escalated between have to his forces and those loyal to the internationally recognized the government in tripoli. attempts to take control of the capital have fallen short but have that his forces have
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gained ground especially in the coastal city of sirte libya is a strategically important it has the largest oil reserves in africa the country's location along the mediterranean coast has become a gateway for african migrants fleeing to europe. tunisia's president basis i met with france's foreign minister to warn about the potential consequences of the conflict if it because. of all together with my european in a trip from colleagues we are highlighting the risks of an isco ocean in libya that it would threaten to destabilize the entire region from the marker to the. leaders from the european union are banding together warning that libya could become a 2nd syria if a ceasefire is not reach it soon the latest incursions by have to us forces have brought the fighting very close to residential areas the sound of explosions can be
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heard clearly across the city and many people here are scared they may be killed or displaced. tripoli. the u.s. navy says one of its was his been aggressively approached by a russian naval vessel in the north arabian sea the destroyer u.s.s. far a good sounded its horn 5 times the international maritime signal warning of the danger of collision but the russia ship continued to move closer before eventually change in course after another warning the north arabian sea is chris to the entrance to the gulf the us federal aviation administration is looking to find boeing $5400000.00 saying the company fail to stop the installation of defective parts on it 737 max planes the aviation regulator says the company knowingly sent the
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aircraft for airworthiness tests despite knowing the parts cannot be used off to failing a stress test with fine comes shortly after boeing apologized for internal messages that were leaked referring to the designers of the jet as quote clowns supervised by monkeys a messages were released as part of an investigation into the airline is to fatal crashes last year in which mall $300.00 people were killed united nations says that killings rapes and other violence committed by an armed group in northeastern democratic republic of congo may amount to crimes against humanity and even genocide it tax in it turi province of mostly targeted hemmer herders they've long been in conflict with len do farmers of a grazing rights and political representation at least 700 people have been killed in the into ethnic violence in recent years according to the u.n. human rights office len do armed groups of carried out attacks against the hima and other ethnic groups at an increased frequency since late 2018 exco city
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is estimated to produce more than $4000000.00 tons of waste every year now in a bid to cut down its banned the use of plastic bags for a global trend to eliminate single use plastics as man or apple reports its not been universally popular for. residents of mexico city are looking toward a plastic free future. the city has announced a ban on single use plastic bags the new law is largely seen as an important step to curb back pollution businesses that don't comply with the mandate could face fines or other penalties. leaders within the plastic industry however say the new measure is too extreme and could result in tens of thousands of jobs lost. by this so the fine is absurd there are serious crimes that one could commit that carry a lesser penalty than having a plastic bag because that back cost you more than $8800.00 also the city doesn't
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even have the infrastructure to enforce this. plastic manufactures are the only voice criticism against the new law. environmental scientists like the sea authorities rushed the initiative without properly consulting experts as well as important. this is a political decision and dare i say the wrong decision because it is not founded in science or technical ability what i would suggest is that this be studied instead of simply following trends taking place in the rest of it the 12000000 residents of the mexican capital produce some 13000 metric tons of waste every day. and much of that waste comes in the form of single use plastics which often end up in rivers lakes and the ocean mexico city officials say the ban on plastic bags is only a 1st step there are plans to prohibit the sale and distribution of a wide range of a single use plastics by january of 2021. critics of the legislation say the
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government lacks the necessary enforce. would mechanisms to make the initiatives successful this city officials however see this is a necessary measures when that requires everyone's commitment is the but i'm muscle because as we import at than that musk this that instead of inspecting the stores and policing we're putting out trust in could schumer this we believe the primary watchdog for this regulation should be consumer as it can share michoud under no circumstances allow plastics to continue to be distributed daughter there are exceptions to the rule all the little log remains of a gone exactly what bags are or are not allowed the challenge now was the city seeks a few true with 0 plastic waste who'd be developing in innovative and sustainable alternative but moved up a little uns is eda mexico city trade unions in france are warning of new nationwide protests even is talks to end the current pensions trikes resumed from minister it were feely said there'd been progress in negotiations on friday but it
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nor edge there was still work ahead to to reach agreement the latest government proposal still has people working and additional to you he is to the age of 64 before they get a pension that something unions a still are happy about they warning a fur the travel destruction and large rallies planned for saturday and choose day to malta now where prime minister joseph must cut has delivered the final speech to his party before stepping down from the role just got announced he would be leaving the post in december calls for his resignation had been growing over his response to the 27000 car bombing that killed investigative journalist daphne care on a daily syria that had been protests over his perceived efforts to protect political allies and friends from the investigation into the murder members of his labor party will vote on saturday to choose his replacement as party leader and prime minister. of gary is environment minister has been charged over water restrictions for city which led the opposition to seek a no confidence vote in the government. could face 8 years in jail for allowing
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industrial uses to drain a dam that is the only source of drinking water for the city of panic nearly 100000 people have been left with restrictions on drinking water which could last for another 5 months prosecutors said to morph had been repeatedly warned that the water levels that seriously decreased he resigned from his position early on friday . 3 is a political limbo in northern ireland appeared to be at an end after the nationalist party sion fein agreed with an earlier decision from the unionist d u p to restore a power sharing agreement in ousmane means northern ireland will once again have a government devolved from the rest of the u.k. for the 1st time since january 27th seen the terms of the peace process say the largest unionist and nationalist parties have to share power in a mandatory coalition lost in fame coalition government collapsed in a disagreement about a green energy scheme which later widened over their long standing differences.
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could be more for you any time on our website address that al-jazeera dot com. top stories around his era the united states has announced a new wave of economic sanctions on iran in retaliation for its miss on attack on bases housing u.s. troops in iraq the sanctions targeting iran's manufacturing and minding industries as well as 8 senior officials washington says the officials were involved in missile strikes on monday that hit the assad air base in anbar province yes treasury secretary steven you can to keep pressure on iran's economy today sanctions for part of our commitment to stop the iranian regime's global terrorist activities the president has been very clear we will continue to apply economic
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sanctions until iran stops its terrorist activities and commit that it would never have nuclear weapons aviation officials in tehran have rejected accusations that an iranian missile mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airliner killing all 176 people on board one head of iran's civil aviation organization says the plane caught fire and was having technical difficulties france's air accident agency has confirmed it will be involved in the investigation and the u.s. has also offered assistance. the head of nato is backing the assessment that iranian missiles brought down the plane and stoltenberg made the comments at an emergency e.u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels they're aiming to save the 2015 iran nuclear deal and to convince iran to continue its commitments under the accord. the us state department says it will not discuss troop withdrawal with the iraqi government iraq's prime minister i did under the mahdi asked for us extra state to
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send a delegation to baghdad to discuss the issue with the state department says any american delegation would be dedicated to discussing how to continue a strategic partnership with. the u.s. navy says one of its walsh it has been aggressively approached by a russian naval vessel in the north arabian sea the destroyer u.s.s. fara good sounded its horn 5 times the russian ship continued to move closer for changing course after another warning to stay with us counting the cost is up next thanks for much watching so you seemed like. the latest news as it breaks this bushfire season is far from over but it's caused so much devastation across a strangely. detailed coverage campaign to save the hundreds of children and teenagers the sleeping on the streets of paris and feel as journalism senators are
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preparing for a briefing on the u.s. military strike and whatever response it may bring. hello i'm daryn jordan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. we are now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. we are independent and we do not need middle east oil president trump was.


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