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on al-jazeera. understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world so no matter when you will be in the news and current affairs that matter to you my the as. libya's prime minister and warlord highly for have taught abo thing in moscow raising hopes for a political settlement to the constructs. the at. play watching al-jazeera live from our global headquarters in doha and for the fact also coming up in iran more rallies against the government over the shooting down of a ukrainian airliner tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes in the philippines as the time of ok no spews and the lava rocks we look at what's at
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stake as france prepares to host african leaders scrapping with a dramatic surge in violence in the sinai over beach. the as. to thank you for joining us the leaders of libya's warring sides have a arrived in russia's capital for talks after a cease fire came into force it's raise hopes that a wall or 24 have taught and the prime minister of the un recognized government. will begin to find a path towards ending years of civil conflicts international diplomatic efforts to end the fighting have stepped up in recent weeks a truce brokered by turkey and russia came into force on sunday morning and libya has been torn apart by conflict since long time ruler moammar gadhafi was overthrown in 20 levon it's divided between militia groups which mostly back to rival governments the u.n. recognize administration led by prime minister fires. suraj is based in tripoli
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it's supported by turkey and most western nations including italy which is worried the fighting near tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the east there is the 2 brook based government the center of power for warlords honey for half time his backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support to his forces service and is monitoring the talks in moscow she says and have time or are expected to meet in the coming hours as confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs spokeswoman on facebook both have to answer are actually inside the ministry right now there is a meeting going on already between the ministers of foreign affairs and defense of both russia and turkey and she rode that eventually those 2 leaders that libya will be attending this meeting we're still waiting to hear from that at the meeting we're expecting negotiations about
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a ceasefire which was brokered between russia and turkey in istanbul last week and they hope to have a signature under this cease fire at the end of these stocks it's also said that the witnesses from the united arab emirates and from egypt will be attending this meeting as well so it's very interesting that turkey and russia are now brokering this this peace deal in libya and also interesting to see how fyrst to put it has become one of the main peace brokers here in this libyan conflict after also being a main peace broker in syria and jamaat and child is in turkey's capital and ankara he explains turkey's interests in libya's conflict. the way things have unfolded over the past year especially with the confort becoming a lot more militarized by the presence of different militia as well as weapons being prodded in from france russia and other countries the united arab emirates and so forth are meant that those who see their national security and their foreign
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policy interests are aligned with some sort of stability or a specific outcome in libya have been forced to be a lot more active another forefront of that has been turkey turkey sees that with libya that it enjoys a maritime border that sees that there is a lot of interest there not just in terms of security in establishing security there but also in terms of national resources and exploration for natural resources in the mediterranean sea and that's why we've had those agreements signed between un career and tripoli over the past couple of months not just with regards to mutual defense but also with regards to that peroration of oil and gas extraction from the sea but circles also interested in interested ensuring that there is some sort of pluralism within the political discourse that continues to evolve in the middle east turkey is working at this from many different angles economic geo political. and from security perspectives as well sami hamdi is the
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editor in chief of the international interest a current affairs magazine which focuses on the middle east's he expects the talks in moscow to be a success. this was precisely what russia wanted with its involvement in libya it wanted to show power it wanted to show that it can be a viable viable power broker it wanted to repeat the syria process in libya whereby it were not to lies is the syria talks in a stand and now it wants to monopolize this the libyan talks with turkey in moscow whether we will see genuine traction with regards to these talks i think this time yes we will i think that have there will be hard pressed to listen to the russians you will he will have to listen to what the russians a say to him because they are the power that allowed him to make all those gains within tripoli we have to remember that for 8 months despite u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and france back after he was struggling to get into tripoli it was only when the vegan a group when russia allowed its mercenaries to help him that he actually made
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though those advances for several hours he has to listen to the talks because he has no allies left except turkey he went to brussels a few days ago to speak to the e.u. leaders hoping that they would be able to host a go she is hoping they would empathize with him but all they were focused on was the deals that you made with turkey essentially came back from brussels a very disappointed so now you know it already has turkey turkey is going to push him to make sure these negotiations succeed and russia will push after to make sure these negotiations succeed and i think these will be far more fruitful negotiations than any to go that have taken place before in europe in other world news even more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airline and last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran offices have been using tear gas but the chief of police is urging them to do is restore aint it also been ronnie's
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against a u.k. by those who say its government is trying to stamp chaos as a baby's in tehran he says the iranian government understands why protesters are so angry. they have been protests over the last 2 days that has been angry chants some and to government some and the revolutionary guard but he said. that the people have a right to protest we understand that they are angry and that they are mourning he said that we have told police and security services to show restraint he said but he said that some people are deliberately trying to escalate the matter and trying to. force a confrontation with the police now iran is also upset at the british ambassador he was briefly detained at one of the vigils or protests the other day from the iranian perspective this was an unknown fara that had attended a vigil not a vigil organized by the government were diplomats invited to this is organized over social media now he said that the british ambassador's actions were unprofessional and diplomatic and he actually warned the british to stay away from
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the internal affairs of iran is that the britain has a long history of into furring in iran and that's why we're seeing this outpouring of anger outside the british embassy against the british and he said that the britain should just because of that reason to to refrain from commenting on getting involved in the internal affairs of iran of all cannick eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes volcano in tagaytay about 70 kilometers south of the capital manila started spewing ash and lava on sunday 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island on which a volcano sits with thousands more leaving coastal towns to mean that linda again has more from tennessee. we're in but angus province about 16 kilometers from i'll go kaino the roads are slippery this is a very difficult journey for those who are trying to flee evacuation of started as
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early as sunday afternoon and thousands have already fled the priority according to the government is to secure those within the 14 kilometer range of i will cain no i'm for you guys. police a problem for me to pay for your funny little boy you know. for this this try sicko. is an entire family. from police side they have been trying to evacuated since sunday afternoon we're seeing vehicles cars full of family members those who have tried their very best to bring whatever they can of their belongings. 3 teachers have been killed in kenya in a suspected a time by al-shabaab fighters
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a primary school was attacked in a nearby police station set on fire in greece a county near the border with somalia al-shabaab which is linked to al qaida has killed hundreds of people in both somalia and kenya in is attacks aimed at imposing his version of islamic law. nees air has declared 3 days of mourning after the deaths of 89 soldiers in an attack on their base it happened on thursday near the border with mali latest incident in africa saya region which is becoming increasingly violent as will meet france's president a man in mccoy in the southwest and city of polling data to decide on the future of the french military presence in the region natasha expects. in december the bodies of 71 soldiers from the lay it's a military base in the capital a grim reflection of growing violence in a silo they were killed in an attack claimed by i saw in the west of the country
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this is i decided to come myself to give my nation's gratitude inconsolable but not all defeated to these men plucked from the affection of the loved ones in the prime of life for what they are to us our heroes our martyrs the french president emanuel micro visited me share to pay his respects just $3.00 weeks earlier in paris mccord led a memorial for 13 french soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in mali more than $4000.00 french troops are fighting armed groups in the sile alongside forces from the bikini faso chad mauritania and mali the g. 5 countries but is the casualties mount so his hostility against former colonial power france. i notice and too many countries an anti french sentiment is no prospering without any clear political condemnation i cannot accept sending our soldiers into the field in countries where our presence is not clearly requested. the french president has invited the 5 leaders to
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a summit to clarify whether they want french troops to remain in their countries the deployment is not only being questioned in the region though but also here in france where the mission is poorly understood by. the public and there's growing pressure on michael to justify france's involvement the pieces of them are full of for 6 years with about cannes france has been in the saddle and it seems were to tipping point there are no real results people inside hell are positive about the situation the threat hasn't been eradicated so the g 5 saw how countries are asking themselves if france is really the only country that has solutions maybe other countries can help people wonder if it's time to stop increasing a french military presence or is costly to africans and france macross says if french troops are to continue fighting in syal he wants a greater commitment from g 5 leaders he's expected to achieve that for now but
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what's less clear is for how long natasha al-jazeera paris. still ahead on al-jazeera sounding the alarm aims to down the government making headlines by shutting down newspapers and we take a closer look at the untold the australian fires have had on the country's most along the border and have. been. hello this is the time the year where the air is slow moving to clean northeastern china we have a problem with air quality does clearly some movement in the clouds that like picked up but the breeze isn't strong and the air isn't leaving that quickly it's nor is it that cold beijing still showing plus 2 by the same is so temperatures have come down the last few days over honshu and there's a more of a hint of rain in the south ready warm weather here maybe an occasional snow shower
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place like my fuji was not really looking not midwinter it's looking like just a quiet spell or whether it was rain if anything rather than stay with me at the east coast with a proper little low developing the and that of course is on wednesday there for much of the rest of china is a bit of a development here in the middle which might give you a bit of rain strug snow in what hung for example and rain in the heart of the hong kong remains strong shankar's are on the edge of that wind that rain. in india and more especially pakistan that thing there which gives us a cloud has been bring you some worthwhile right let us know further north of the 4 cross the tuesday is equal dies out but it will have moved the air around a little bit in the northwest tickly in new delhi as a result called he will briefly in prove no way back standard weather which is really the northeast monsoon showers in the sides and ensure lanka.
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in a 2 part series. on 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of mean starts with blood and land to produce story on how to 0. root or war or. the end. welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the leaders of libya's warring sides are in russia's capital for talks after
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a cease fire came into force over the weekend prime minister fayyad is alza rochen warlord 21 hopped on expected to meet in the coming hours have been more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian airline and last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital to the air and a volcanic eruption in the philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island of tiny sea where the volcano sits with a fountain and is more leaving coastal town it's. about 2 days of heavy snow and rain is being blamed for the deaths of at least $25.00 people in pakistan emergency services in baluchistan and punjab provinces say several people were killed after their roofs collapse snowfall in the city of quite a has broken a 20 year record that sounds governor has declared
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a state of emergency in several districts and called the military in to help with rescue and relief efforts. not as a don where the government is defending the closure of 4 newspapers and t.v. stations slayings to the former ruling party journalists say the closures are a grave assault on media freedom he morgan has a story from the capital khartoum. for nearly 5 years it has worked as a news writer she says it's more than a job for her seeing her work printed in the morning papers in order to give her a sense of accomplishment a sense she says was taken away a week ago when sudan's transitional government seized the paper she worked for wasn't even that. i was working on a news piece when i heard that a decision was made to shut down some media outlets including the one i worked for a military uniform came in and said we had 30 minutes to take our personal belongings and leave this is something we were used to under the former regime but
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one of the slogans of the new government was freedom grows to freedom inviting us from working. the newspaper is called and sudan me and it's one of 4 media outlets the government has seized the new administration came to power in august after months of anti-government protests led to the military overthrow of president already here and after a power sharing deal between the military and protest leaders in late november the government dissolved the sheers former party and announced that it will seize all its assets and money to start if. we're not targeting the major outlets because of the editorial lines flow used to say based on the law to dismantle assets of the former ruling party return the state funds that they have used to prop them up we've got that information to play that have been funded or have received funds from the former regime. the move has been rejected by the sudanese journalists union which along with other unions was also ordered to disband in
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december the international federation of journalists has condemned the move calling it a grave assault on press freedom and the fundamental right of freedom of association the seizure of media outlets has not only lets accusations the government is cracking down on press freedom but has also brought in another argument while so dance transitional administration says the move is part of an investigation to find sources of funds many here especially other journalists are asking if the movie even legal. some say the government should do more to prove its case before taking such actions. this is a decision was based on a decree to dissolve the ruling party but even using that to hold the work of 2 newspapers and t.v. stations is room for this to be taken as a crackdown on press freedom the body that issued the decision said that the owners of the media out as to receive funds from the sudanese government but they didn't give any evidence musharraf says she was told her income want to be affected but
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she wants to know why she's paying the price of a political move that has prevented her and her colleagues from doing their jobs he will morgan al-jazeera hearts on. one of the 4 suspects in the med a trial of a stealth aki an investigative journalist has admitted to the killing in court yan could chacon his fiance were shot and killed at their home near the capital bratislava $28.00 prosecutors accuse prominent businessman marianne continent of ordering the met and caught matt was the subject of yankel shaq's reporting into fraud and political corruption gasper new bay is in his own now where the trial is taking place he says the matter has mobilized political activists slovak media calls this trial the trial of the century really it's changed a lot after the murder of yonkers lock the journalist investigative journalist. after his murder and his fiance in 2000 thinkin
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a lot of change socially a lot of change in the syrian society there was a lot of mobilisation on the on one hand but not so much in the political sense of the of the world saw. was killed because of his writing because he drew some lines between controversial controversial businessman called. he had good ties to police politicians and also italian mafia so just to give you a illustration. it was good to be the one of the main prosecutors and they agreed that there would be a video camera in his office so caution to really know what's going on in in his office after the after the murder there was a big mobilization of public a prime minister robert fits all had to resign but on the other hand he stayed as a president of his party smeared
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a populist social democratic party and he is confident he was installed as prime minister so in that sense nothing really happened politically on the other hand there is assumed there was a symbolic wein for the public and for this mobilized civil society. german company theme and says it will honor a deal to provide infrastructure for a coal mine in australia that's despise a growing pressure from environmental groups which link carbon emissions to the bushfires devastating not sponsor the country they have been protests in australia and other countries since the firm signed the deal in december by siemens boss says there is no need in the end economically responsible way out of the agreement to supply rail infrastructure for the adani mine david rhetoric is c.e.o. of greenpeace greenpeace australia pacific he says and this contradicts siemens claim that it supports the paris climate agreements siemens has given itself
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an enormous kick in the guts today it has made i disastrous decision for its own reputation and its. commitment to the paris agreement goes to the heart of that the development of the dunny coal mine is completely inconsistent in spirit with the paris agreement so big is belief that siemens can actually think it is committed to paris while it is supporting the construction of this column on the vast majority of australians are against the adani mine going ahead and particularly at the moment in the context where as you say a structure is being ravaged by terrible unprecedented far which are themselves being made worse and generated by global warming which the scientists are being very very clear. about and that is driven in turn by coal above all else so for siemens to be supporting the construction of this adani mine at the
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same time as a strategy is literally on fire is simply appalling corporate practice. meanwhile australia's government has pledged at least $34000000.00 to help native plants and animals recover from the devastating bushfires some ecologists estimate that $1000000000.00 animals have died and much of the damage caused by pfizer may be irreparable jessica washington reports from mall go in new south wales one of the worst hit areas. fleeing from the flames this possum is just one of many animals around australia seeing its habitat go up in smoke a surely as native fauna and flora are accustomed to bush fires but this season has been unprecedented landscapes usually left unscathed have been decimated. on the new south wales south coast this native bird has been brought in for treatment at the local wildlife park it's called
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a car along and its wings are singed and broken people persian birds are going to be ok because they just sort of floor off but like we said where would they flutter and what is going to be area just about everything that sort of is a grand will or some description would really struggle because it you don't have a look around there is no wonder story to the to the bush in the surrounding area so i don't think there was a space is there was exempt field teams are going into the bush looking for injured animals and assessing the areas affected by the fires as surely as famed plants and animals are strong part of the country's identity many of its species of found nowhere else in the world and the extent of the damage isn't clear yet this bush tries season has been through millions of hecht as of land destroying the habitats of many native animals some of these forests will take decades to regenerate and others may never recover. some plants like eucalyptus trees have adapted to survive
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fires but the combination of drought and extreme temperatures raises concerns about even those species before they fawaz where audience of your drought so populations of many different species would have been declawed and already at low levels prior to the fawaz these baby kangaroos joeys are orphans then now in care but for many animals who do make it out of the fires they soon face other problems. coming to the right side and to have had some glass in order to eat and. then live cats and dull and and the car crash for those who do survive it's a long and painful road to recovery jessica washington al-jazeera mogo astray. police in colombia say they have killed 2 men planning to assassinate the former commander of the fock rebels security has been tightened around for a great vote on done on the steamer police
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a dissident fight is ordered his killing. now survivors of the earthquake in haiti 10 years ago have paid tribute to the 300000 people who died the capital port au prince and other communities were devastated terrorists of all reports on the continuing struggle to recover. another year to remember the worst tragedy this country has seen in recent history. 10 years ago a 7.0 earthquake devastated haiti and added to the in demi troubles that already affect the population here precedent driven in maurice pay tribute to those who died in a mass grave in sank i but the ceremony did not last long god remember when the president had to be rushed out when protesters arrived to the scene for the mill i'm here to put flowers for the victims of the earthquake the
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president shouldn't be here. or our freedom or death they chanted at the burial site protests have been ongoing this past few months many are angry at the ongoing economic crisis corruption and what they say is the failure of the reckon struction process. but the president told al-jazeera he's also unhappy about the way aid was handled even though he has been in office for almost 3 years so it is a generality it was a reality these studies destructor that was intended to spend the aid money and now inherit the problems that we are dealing with today now it is a must that everyone is able to understand that there has been mistakes and altogether we need to correct these mistakes. but in spite of the general disappointment people like i mean we say he just wants to remember those who died and pay tribute to them the cooler heads into the people today means a lot to me i lost family and friends and i won't ever forget the day that there
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experienced the worst of the worst but we had a lot of solidarity and we are still here surviving food and housing have always been an issue in haiti but since the earthquake the situation became even worse this neighborhood is known as. it was completely destroyed by the earthquake most of the building that you can see here what rubble for. thousands of people died on january 12th 2010 and as you can see some of the palaces have been rebuilt with the help of the united nations and other aid of i think many of the people we have spoken to say that much more needs to be done and then just outside of port au prince has become the emblem of what went wrong with the reckon struction process hundreds of thousands who lost their homes continue to live in dire conditions mike schuler says the way the system was set up was wrong the international aid system treated people like victims but children that need to be taught how to wash their hands for example. you know the their their priority needs housing jobs
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education were not met where they were given with soap. and other things that are that are not needed haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and this year the situation is likely to get even worse the suffering caused by the earthquake is ongoing and has only served to highlight how the haitian government and the international aid system have failed. port au prince. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the leaders of libya's warring sides involved capital for talks after a cease fire came into force over the weekend but is not yet known whether prime minister. and warlord tiny for have to will meet face to face that boston has more from moscow. as confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs spokeswoman on
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facebook both. are actually inside the ministry right now there is a meeting going on already between the ministers of foreign affairs and defense of both russia and turkey and she rode that eventually dos to the leaders of libya will be attending this same meeting we're still waiting to hear from that at the meeting where expecting negotiations about a ceasefire which was brokered between russia and turkey in istanbul last week they hope to have a signature under this cease fire at the end of these dogs 15 more protests in iran after the government admitted its military mistakenly shot down a ukrainian and line and last week killing 176 people demonstrators have been defying a heavy police presence in the capital tehran offices have been using tear gas but the chief of police is urging them to use restraint. of all conic eruption in the
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philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes 8000 people have already been evacuated from the island of tiny see where the volcano sits with thousands more leaving coastal towns flights from manila or turf partially resumed after being grounded on sunday. in pakistan has overturned the treason conviction of former president pervez musharraf he was sentenced to death in december after being found guilty on charges related to his declaration of a state of emergency in 2007 the lahore high court ruled that the formation of the special time buno that tried musharraf was unconstitutional he rushed it with headlines on al jazeera as always more news on our website at al-jazeera dot com inside story is next.
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a landslide victory for taiwan is clearly independent president and a firm no to china's plan to take back yonder and did once controlled so how might they respond to spying when emphatic when and how far is the u.s. prepared to go to defend its ally this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm off this taiwan has chosen to reject krista ties with china president sighing when who favors independence one the most folks
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in the islands history to secure a 2nd it was just a year ago that had suffered major law.


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