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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 7:00am-7:33am +03

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lines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new countries and the use of that struggle against an ethnic sectarian kotor inside story on al-jazeera. the arab. libya's warring sides get closer to solidifying their ceasefire during talks in moscow brokered by russia and turkey. hello again i'm a star and this is al-jazeera live from also coming up the u.s. drops china from its currency blacklist days before they are set to sign the 1st stage of a trade deal plus. this was america after. 21 saudi is expelled from military training in the u.s. after a shooting at the naval base. in fear and panic in the philippines where tens of thousands of people are on the run from an erupting volcano.
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now as a fragile temporary ceasefire largely holds in libya the warring leaders have moved closer to making it more permanent the head of the u.n. recognized government fires also raj and walt khalifa haftar are both in moscow for negotiations being broken by russian taki from messed up gas and reports. the aim of monday's meeting in moscow was to formalize to cease fire that started in libya on sunday 24 hours earlier russia and turkey invited fired all starch prime minister of the un backed government and warlord to sign a more permanent truth that's aimed at paving the way towards formal negotiations to end the vs 9 year long civil war but after 7 hours of talks one signature remains missing to an emotional. reports that. certain progress has been achieved
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and the chairman of the government and national archives of libya mr starch and the chairman of hive council of state mr met me has just signed it marshall shaft of the commander of libyan national army and the president of libya and house of representatives in tobruk mr i see this document positively and have asked for some extra time till to morrow morning to decide on where they were to sign it i hope their decision will be positive. the ceasefire was brokered by the president of turkey and russia in istanbul last week following a meeting with italy's prime minister putin epicanthic red chip tayyip erdogan announced he will be in berlin on january did 19th for an international conference aimed at ending the libyan conflict. even if you do use only in one day i believe a strong result from these dogs dogs which they must go to lay the foundation for the process turkish troops were recently sent to libya to help slow after us 9
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month advance on the capital tripoli in the complicated proxy war russian mercenaries together with the united arab emirates and egypt are aiding have to both russia and turkey say they are hopeful that after will signed a truth agreement on tuesday morning the long and complicated negotiations here in moscow show how complicated the conflict in libya is with the international conference due in berlin it's crucial that the truth agreement will be signed and sealed here in moscow for us to step fasten al-jazeera moscow. last step mentioned it's a complicated conflict and it's also created a geopolitical rift the un recognized administration led by prime minister fires also raj is based in tripoli its support by turkey and most western nations including italy which is right that the fighting in tripoli will force more people to cross the mediterranean in the east the brook based government the center of power for warlord khalifa haftar he is backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the
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united arab emirates france is also accused of providing military support as a different matter get a james bay is explains the upcoming balance summit on libya is expected to be led by the u.n. . diplomats have remarked to me what this shows about power and influence among external actors in the middle east and they say that there are parallels with the situation in syria clearly they are different conflicts but in syria you had a un led process and yet most of the developments of come as a result of the russians and the turks along with the iranians the so-called a stone up process in syria now what one diplomat described as the astonish the cation over libya again you have russia and turkey which are on different sides of the argument which support different groups coming together to try and come up with an outcome that suits their interests and pushing out of the way the united nations
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the e.u. and the united states i got this comment on this from the u.n. secretary general spokesman the u.n. cannot operate in a vacuum right what is always important whether it's in syria or libya and those are different cases right i mean. whether it's in syria or libya. a political process cannot move forward without the will of the people. being represented but also we need to be realistic without involvement of not only of the parties who are fighting on the ground but of the parties outside of the country who have an influence what is important is that. what is happening in moscow feeds into berlin and if general haftar signs the cease fire agreement that remains a big if that is the next stage a summit in berlin at leader level but that summit now will effectively be
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a rubber stamp of the diplomacy crafted by russia and turkey. now the u.s. says removing china from the list of countries that accuses of manipulating their currency is its happening just days before they're expected to sign the 1st stage of a trade deal u.s. president on trial has long accused china of keeping the u.n. at low levels to get an unfair trade advantage alan fischer is in washington d.c. and tells us what it could mean for the trade war go back 4 years donald trump when he was campaigning to become president said that in this 1st year in the white house he would clear china to be a currency manipulator well eventually got round to just 5 months ago no it really was a symbolic gesture that didn't really have much impact it could have opened china up to greater scrutiny from the international monetary fund. but it didn't really happen this was at the height of donald trump trade war you remember he imposed tariffs on billions of dollars worth of chinese goods he said that china was
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pouring billions of dollars in fees into the u.s. treasury in fact if you look at a report that came out just last week it said that 100 percent of the cost of tad of so was being borne by american families $1.00 sort of you said american families were about $800.00 a year watch saw so this sure is that things between china and the united states are getting better in the markets have responded well to that it's up again in the united states at the close of business on monday so it seems as if things are improving but there is criticism of donald trump not surprisingly it comes from the democrats chuck schumer is the leader of the democrats in the senate he said look china is still a currency manipulator the united states shouldn't be taking that tab away and it says we're giving away a lot and not getting a lot in return calling into question whether or not donald trump really is the
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great negotiator that he says he is now joining us from beijing is stan while an analyst with the economist intelligence unit dan thanks for being with us let me start by asking you ahead of this phase one day out who do you think is winning this round in the ongoing trade war. it does look like that china has appeared to the upper hand but overall i didn't say those are moving china out for some of the people into those mostly just to show a little bit of a goodwill towards science and to closer to you know answers to but over time there are still the over some problem over industrial policy is over technology transfer so those problems are solved problem ramon's so the u.s. decided to call china a currency manipulator some 5 months ago now what was the actual impact of that decision. well the practical impact on the market is very limited because to be fair for china to be labeled as a. currency manipulator is unjustified there are 3 crimes here is and try to only
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face one and if we look at china's currency policy it has always been the guiding principle has always been lower the overall agility china doesn't want to revaluate already about it its currency was it just want to stabilize the chinese yuan well and then i see when the decision was made the i.m.f. actually came out and said the gram was valued fairly so this was essentially about leverage in negotiations and now the u.s. is saying there will be enforceable mechanisms and to make china keep its promises will china be able to do that. that is a very tricky question especially for china because if we look out of the geo some of the terms of the geo it's almost impossible for china to. fools who is commitment and without violating the. discrimination and china also has a strong relation true relations with australia canada. so much from that was
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other relations will be jeopardized and over time especially after 202-120-2122 there are specific policy goals 'd that make china. actually to rely on imports from the your eyes so i just don't see this trade one deal can be used force properly as some at some point along the way i have to say that they still might broke and if it's true and so his story arc there are likely to happen and dan what is the u.s. getting in return for this concession and was it worth it how is u.s. president donald trump regarded in beijing these days. well. when we talk about donald trump and his impression among chinese public he's do service all welcomes figer because of a strong stance of defending national security and that's sort of a raw resignation the way the chinese general public. for china's politicians i
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think the expectation is that a trump is very consists and a wave is straight policy he can be very unpredictable either same's but when it comes to trade china now is well prepared for actually a long long battle coming 'd coming in in the coming months and it doesn't matter whether trying it's going to win next election it will be better actually for china to hope that he wins because then china will know who the devil is if it's democrats it's going to be a very difficult renegotiation of a process and by that time china probably 'd would loose a little upper hand it has now a 7 year not a lot of uncertainty still ahead and then running there an economist in an analyst with the economist intelligence unit thanks for being with us. now fronts and it's potman nations an africa so whole region have agreed to you night their traipse under one come on structured to bet a fight against groups as
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a summit and southwest frons the leaders of law leave book in a fessor knee jan mauritania and chad also os the us not to pull its troops out of the region a move that the pentagon is considering fronts for its part to pull send 220 more soldiers let priority city they semi gloss are the priority is the islamic state of the great is so her which doesn't prevent us from fighting against all on terrorists groups but this is the main enemy because they're the most dangerous as we have sing to reach the subjective we're changing methods by implementing it joint military coalition between bout khan and the joint forces of the g 5 so hail in concentrating our efforts in this is own well still in the news a hand. damage that will never be repaired we hear from ecologists in australia counting the cost of the bushfire disaster.
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hello the most significant action is now across much of the arabian peninsula the heavy rain of the last couple days kidwell out of the picture but to the north we have seen some snow in some areas particularly into pakistan this is quest quite so has received over a meter of snow in just 24 hours it has proved deadly these weather conditions and how much is about 6 degrees below the average it is set to clear as we go through the next couple of days still a few snow flurries around but sunny into southern pakistan it is warm and sunny 22 the high temperature in karachi now want to washout as could develop through the gulf as we go through to say late in the day and this rain light is a pop up again by wednesday so taking a few showers across into dubai on into muscat and in fact temperatures in muscat about 7 degrees below the average for this time of year meanwhile in doha it'll feel cool about 20 celsius the winds picking up as we go through the middle of the
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week so we taping the top of that high of 20 that we had down into southern africa now being very warm certainly into the sudden point of south africa cape town was in a bit more activity 3 more eastern sections this is where we've been saying want to 2 shots and thunderstorms similar story on choose day widely unsubtle across much of madagascar some heavy rains and warming up still in capes on wednesday a 35. when was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every luggage or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on set retention has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your incarceration this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on how does iraq.
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hello again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour talks on a permanent ceasefire in libya ended on monday without a breakthrough libya's prime minister fires also rajan world after attending those talks in moscow but did not meet face to face after has asked to have until tuesday morning to decide whether or not to sign a formal deal. the u.s. has lifted its designation of china as a currency manipulator just days before the 2 countries are expected to sign a trade deal the american treasury says china has made commitments not to keep its currency again artificially low. and france on its part the nations in africa held
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region have agreed to unite their troops under one command structure it's aimed at pushing back on groups linked to al-qaeda and i so have stepped up attacks on security forces there in recent months. well ahead of that meeting in france news as president replaced his army chief following an attack that killed 89 soldiers near the border with mali ahmed idris reports from. the mood across. as a country warns the string of losses recently suffered by the army. and raised concerns about the future. that the good luck with the attackers are trying to conquer territory i think once they are done with this country they will move on to another they have a global agenda. after the devastating loss the government of new struggling to deal with the fallout from the attack. well you need to know is the whole of the so
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hell is unstable leaders in the region are collaborating our soldiers are doing their best and need the support of everyone it's not easy but we hope things will improve we hope the hardship we're going through will pass soon president mohamed isa for joint leaders of the border to mali chad and work in a fossil for summit with french president emmanuel mcraney from. but not before making changes in the just military leadership a move to scribe just too little too late for victims of these attacks. before fortunately burrs the brunt of the attacks the new appointments are coming after much of. the problem is structural families who lost members are mourning and will continue to do so what the government needs to do is to take measures to prevent this from happening. like most countries of the sail is facing an uncertain
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future in less than 2 months 160 of its soldiers have been killed by armed groups this monument was built in the center of the city in honor of the $71.00 just killed in an eye test last month another $89.00 soldiers what killed in another attack last week the threat from groups is a major concern for people especially those living in areas close to the border with mali and nigeria. 3 days of national mourning is underway people in the several countries who are now becoming more custom to these attacks and wonder why the i'm groups will strike next i mean degrees al-jazeera yami. iranian protesters have defied a heavy police presence in tehran for a 3rd day they're angry about the killing of 176 people on board a ukrainian airliner iran's military shot down by mistake while targeting u.s.
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forces in iraq and retaliation for the assassination of a rainy and general custom sort of money an american man who'd been held in an egyptian jail for 6 years has died the u.s. government says ms stuff accustoms death was needless and avoidable the 54 year old jewel egyptian u.s. citizen was that arrested in cairo in 25th teen during a crackdown on protests against president. kusum of long insisted he was falsely charged and had no links to any opposition groups an autopsy has been ordered to determine the cause of his death. as is a professor of law at rutgers university and she thinks the u.s. waited far too long to push for customs release. it's just another tragic death of the thousands of people that are political prisoners in egypt and the fact that a person would rather starve to death than stay in an egyptian prison
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speaks volumes about just how horrendous the conditions are in those prisons and one of the ways in which the egyptian regime is arguably torturing some of these detainees is by an intentional denial of adequate medical care for diagnosed illnesses such as heart conditions diabetes and other illnesses and so then when they die the regime can say that these are natural causes that killed them as opposed to affirmative forms of torture such as electrocution or are waterboarding for example so i think this is a very sad case but unfortunately not a unique one what he had been detained since 2013 and so the fact that pends waited 5 years shows that it was a little too it was too little too late but also it shows that whatever pent sat as is not consistent with what the message is that trump has sad to see see and to
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other authoritarian regimes in the middle east and in other parts of the world which is that the trumpet ministration does not take human rights seriously including for its own citizens and i think the fact that this was an egyptian american also speaks to trump's dehumanization of arabs and muslims and so one wonders if he had been american of european descent if trump in pants would have been more aggressive in attempting to release them. now 21 saudi cadets who've been training with the u.s. military are being sent home and follows an investigation into a saudi office's fatal shooting of 3 americans as a naval base the u.s. attorney general has described it as an act of terrorism mike hanna reports the shooting shocked the tightly knit community at pensacola and raised questions about the training programs that allowed hundreds of international could debts to attend courses at u.s. bases the f.b.i.
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interviewed some $500.00 people in its investigation in which it found that the shooter muhammad rami acted alone and that none of his fellow saudi officers had any for knowledge of the attack but the social media accounts of 21 of the cadets contained what the u.s. attorney general called derogatory material most cases ranging from what is described as terrorist related content to child pornography the relevant u.s. attorney's office is independently reviewed each of the 21 cases involving derogatory information and determined that none of them would in the normal course result in federal prosecution however the kingdom of saudi arabia determined to dismiss serial demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the royal saudi air force and in the royal navy and the 21 cadets have been disenrolled from their training curriculum in the u.s.
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military and will be returned returning to saudi arabia the f.b.i. also released details about the shooter's activities in the days leading to the attack which included a visit to the 911 memorial in new york city as well as posting a number of anti us and anti israeli comments on his social media feeds the conclusion that the killings were an act of terrorism is motivated by a violent ideology. michael. washington meanwhile apple is rejecting occupations that it refused to provide enough assistance into an investigation into that shooting well ted giant says it handed over everything that the f.b.i. requested attorney general william bother says apple didn't help to unlock to i phones that belonged to the attacker now the threat of what experts call a volcanic tsunami is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes in the philippines tal volcano is in the middle of
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a lake and it's fear that an underwater eruption could cause a destructive waves jamila undergone reports from batangas province. i'm not there is fear and anxiety here thousands of people are fleeing their homes and looking for a safe place to go everything happened in an instant i'll volcano in the northern philippines spewed ashes steam and lava on sunday a violent activity not see for decades and raising the threat not just to those living in the provinces of the day but even in the capital manila where many people also woke up to a city covered in now. driving to but down this was a difficult journey we came across people desperate to flee gathering their families together and not bringing anything else except the clothes on their backs in the league that's become
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a real being asked to leave and we know it google. and there are still people behind. it isn't easy the roads are bad and we are constantly reminded that we are in a danger zone while speaking to some of the residents we felt another earthquake ok we're feeling. there is an earthquake mild we were told this is because of the volcanoes constant activity basically what she's trying to say is that they're trying to make their way out of here so they can go to the next possible town hoping to be able to commute and get to the nearest relative in the next province the philippine government says it is doing the best it can but admits resources are already stretched thousands of people have already been moved to different evacuation sites aren't sure when they will be able to return home.
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you know the situation here is difficult there's no electricity and water the roads are muddy making it difficult to people here even our trucks are struggling powerless one of the world's smallest active volcanoes it sits in the middle of a lake just a few hours from manila a popular tourist destination known for its unique landscape for people who have lived around the lake all the lives our was a volcano they were raised to love not one they thought they would be here one day jim duggan al-jazeera petang us northern philippines. nasa says the smoke from a stray bushfires will stretch around the earth having billowed into the lower stratosphere take a look at these satellite images there from a week ago and they show the haze drifting over chile in argentina about 11000 kilometers from history is east coast it's expected to eventually approach western
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australia rain and cooler weather easing conditions for fire crews battling the months long emergency banks with ecologists now estimating that a 1000000000 animals have died much of the damage may never be repaired just to washington reports from murder in new south wales one of the west hit places. fleeing from the flames this possum is just one of many animals around australia seeing its habitat go up in smoke. a surely as native fauna and flora are accustomed to bushfires but this season has been unprecedented landscapes usually left on scathed have been decimated. on the new south wales south coast this native bird has been brought in for treatment at the local wildlife park it's called a car and its wings are singed and broken people persian birds are going to be ok because they just sort of floor off but like we said where would they fly to and what is going to be area just about everything that sort of is
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a ground well or of some description would really struggle because it you don't have a look around there is no wonder story to the to the bush and the surrounding area so i don't think there was a space is there was exempt field teams are going into the bush looking for injured animals and assessing the areas affected by the fire is a certainly is famed plants and animals are strong part of the country's identity many of its species are found nowhere else in the world and the extent of the damage isn't clear yet this bush lies season has been through millions of hecht as of land destroying the habitats of many native animals some of these forests will take decades to regenerate and others may never recover. some plants like eucalyptus trees have adapted to survive fires but the combination of drought and extreme temperatures raises concerns about even those species before those for those we're audience of your drought so populations of many different species would
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have been declawed and already at low levels to the follows these baby kangaroos joeys are orphans they're now in care but for many animals who do make it out of the fire is they soon face all the problems. and to have had some grass to eat and. cats and dogs and and the car crash for those who do survive it's a long and painful road to recovery just to go washington al-jazeera mogo. the leader of the georgian breakaway region of up because he has resigned after days of anti-government protests could jimbo says he's stepping down in the name of peace and stability on thursday dozens of demonstrators stormed the presidential headquarters calling for new leadership they say sometimes election which could jim but one was rigged now one of 4 suspects on trial for the murder of
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a slovakian journalist has admitted to carrying out the killing young could jack and his fiance was shot and killed at their home near the capital back to sloven 2018 prosecutors accused a prominent businessman of ordering that murder. hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines talks on a permanent ceasefire in libya ended on monday without a breakthrough libya's prime minister and warlord khalifa haftar are attending the talks and moscow but haven't met face to face after has asked to have until tuesday morning to consider whether to sign a formal dale. the u.s. is removing china from the list of countries it accuses of manipulating their currencies it's happening just days before they're expected to sign the 1st stage of a trade deal u.s. president all in trump has long accused china of keeping the yen low levels to get
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an unfair trade advantage from its and its partner nations in africa said whole region have agreed to unite their troops under one command structure to step up the fight against armed groups at a summit in southwest france the leaders of mali begin a fast mauritania and chad also wants the u.s. not to pull troops out of the region paris has said it will send $220.00 more soldiers the priority. the priority is the islamic state of the greatest so her which doesn't prevent us from fighting against all terrorist groups but this is the main enemy because the most dangerous as we have seen to reach the subject of we are changing methods by implementing a joint military coalition between the joint forces of the g 5 and concentrating our efforts in the stone swings iranian protesters have defied a heavy police presence in tehran for a 3rd day they are angry about the killing of 176 people on board
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a ukrainian airliner iran's military shot down by mistake while targeting u.s. forces in iraq an american man held in an egyptian jail for 6 years has died the u.s. government says moustapha customs death was needless and avoidable the dual egyptian u.s. citizen was arrested in cairo and 2013 during a crackdown on protests against president of the l.c.c. and the threat of what experts call a volcanic tsunami as forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes near the philippine capital manila tell volcano is in the middle of a lake and it's fear the violent undergrowth underwater eruption could cause destructive waves well those are the headlines the news continues here after the stream stay with us on al-jazeera. we understand the difference is i am similarity of cultures across the world. so no matter. how does iraq bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al
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jazeera. i femi oke a the u.s. and iran have been trading bullets and threats for weeks on these and truce is holding for now but many iranian americans can't help worrying about the future have you been affected by the tension between the 2 countries if you have twitter so do what i live you change chat and we may be out to get your comments your experiences right into today's upset of the strain. off the u.s. killed a top iranian general in an airstrike this month it didn't take long for iranian americans to fill the impact over the past few weeks hundreds of them were reports .


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