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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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oh. this is al-jazeera. a lobster grab this is the news hour live coming up in the next 60 minutes. tension in sudan security force personnel opened fire over a government altered by her brother who taught will join the rapid support force we have the latest the capital count. russia resists the libya truce talks are still alive after turkey's leader criticizes wallboard will be for half their feet walking away without signing the deal. the e.u. signatories to the iran nuclear deal trigger a dispute but it is up to tehran steps back from its commitments russia warns it
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could risk you escalation. volcanic trenches parts of the philippines as calls grow to move up to a 1000000 people to safety. i'm going to top stories from europe including desperate journeys with tragic ends bandages the enemy treatment for the mental health crisis among greece's refugees. and i'm peter stem to go to supporters the bush why a crisis fix the australian tennis open one player having to pull out of her qualifying match with breathing problems as smoke lingers over the practice courts in melbourne. so today security forces of firing the capital khartoum.
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believed to be disbanded operations unit of the general intelligence services has broken out of an ultimatum. or join the rapid support force so that its military have deployed special forces to contain the violence let's go now to heber borgen who joins us live in situation now. well honestly no it's not over yet and we can still hear heavy artillery from the northern parts of. to tension in the air along the airport road and the airport which is shut down so people are still concerned but let's go back to how we got here it all started a few months back when the den transitional military council which was in control after president bush here ordered the dissolving of the operations unit of the general intelligence service now that's operations unit is an armed units and was
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responsible for arrests and basically the only one with the power to kill civilians within sudanese soil so that unit was ordered to be disbanded and they were given the option of joining the military forces or retiring now what happened today is that we've seen members from those units saying that the severance package that was offered to them is not sufficient and that they wanted more so we've seen them taking out their grievances by basically surrounding general into intelligence services headquarters and opening fire initially at the air in the air and then. forces and the rapid support forces that have been deployed to try to contain the situation. clearly when you have rival factions of the military shooting at each other and it is a serious situation that goes without saying but does this say that there is something fundamentally structurally wrong here is worlds that you have these rival factions and this could lead to something even more now that we've seen this
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initial exchange of gunfire. yes indeed there are concerns that there will be security deterioration especially because both sides are heavily armed and one side does not seem to be backing down despite the government saying that. the people who are demanding more severance packages to put down their guns and try to talk to the government to try to reach a settlement that would seem the army to point them in helicopters around various parts of the capital to try to assess the situation and control it but the intelligence officers are saying that they're going to continue with their basically what the army has described is going to continue holding out with the situation and till somebody addresses them saying that they will be offered a better package now let's not forget that they are concerned that because all of this is happening within residential neighborhoods they are confident that there will be injuries and fatalities we've already heard reports that at least 2 people have been injured since the gunfire erupted in the early hours of this morning and
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there are concerns that they will be fatalities because most of these buildings where the general intelligence service offices are within residential compounds give a thank you he would more with joining us live there from. libya's fragile cease fire resumed after warring sides failed to reach a breakthrough during talks in the russian capital will go to before have to did not sign the deal formalizing the truce but moscow says the talks are not did however the outcome has angered turkey's president richard is accusing have to running away from we go we had this warnings i have to force. in the coming days we will carefully monitor the choices that will be made between hafter and the legitimate government if the terrorist attacks against the people of the government of libya continue we will never refrain from teaching him the lesson he deserves russia which supports have to. continue to push for negotiations over
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violence but there have been reports of have to see forces gathering in southern tripoli threatening the troops brokered by turkey and russia subversives in the russian capital she says there's still a lot of optimism that the warlords of the faster will agree to a deal after staying silent for most of the day the government didn't explain anything about why i have to suddenly left moscow and didn't sign the agreement that he left apparently in the early hours in the middle of the night now they have . a statement the ministry of defense says that is actually very positive about the final statement that they have been drafting and that he needs 2 days to discuss this with his allies in libya meaning the local tribal leaders they also say that the main outcome of the talks yesterday that lasted 8 hours is that both parties agree on this in different cities fire so there's a lot of optimism here that this cease fire will still be signed by by hafta
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also i spoke to the head of the russian contact group for libya and he also had the same optimism he sat at the end after finally brought more conditions to the to the table he was actually present during the negotiations but he said it's no problem there's no need to be worried he will do that not only sign this agreement because he has no other option that was the very clear message that i got here from the ministry of foreign affairs we'll have to see if this is going to happen in the next 2 days. it's about in the turkish capital ankara he says president or one is trying to set accountability for any renewed violence he wants through showed the international community that it is half that and half the allies who are to blame for any resumption in fighting for the instability that continues in libya not the same time show that it is his political efforts and those of the turkish leadership
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that are trying to establish some sort of peace and push for a political solution of the reality is that that's what has developed over the past 24 hours at least in the sense that the recognized government of tripoli the internationally recognized government of tripoli which turkey backs has agreed and has signed on the paper which stipulates having an open ended cease fire and working towards a political solution on the ones the province have been the other side namely that of that obviously that's put the russians in a precarious situation because they've supported tough there so much both financially and through something mercenaries militarily but they are not alone in terms of sponsoring crafters. project in libya there is the united arab emirates and egypt who obviously have their own considerations as well turkey's president insists that things must go on as they have been planned and as we heard there had a warning if that doesn't happen that he wouldn't hesitate to ensure that turkey
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responds to any attack by have to forces 7 romani is an analyst on russia and libya and he joins us live from oxford in the u.k. by skype it's good to have you with us there is some optimism coming out of russia or ultimately there will be a deal here that have to agree that given how much support moscow has given huffed and his forces is this an embarrassment for russia that it wasn't that big a deal there and then in moscow. so we still want heard about russia's relationship with after is that they have given a lot of military support in terms of mercenaries and economic support but they've always been a lot of doubts and questions amongst different ministries the russian defense minister when you're a supporter of the russian foreign ministry as an people around who have been less convinced the view new emerged if you give me the unwilling to follow up and obligations the mind of the cia numerous plots out we saw today i think was a confirmation or vindication for the people in the foreign ministry who don't feel
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about how it is not a man to be trusted a not and a respectable stakeholder in this conflict is willing to help look it's so in that case what does ambitions here is this seeking time for negotiation is he trying to reposition himself does he think he can withstand the pressure from russia is he looking forward to to ultimately a deal where he's not in power but wants to still have a measure of influence inside the country. so i have to i think is trying to reframe the narrative i think he was seen much of the world being unilateral aggressor in tripoli and you want to reframe this by showing that he shouldn't peace and he has gene out card in making india on the day i would otherwise go but it is long and i think that he recognizes that he can succeed in shipley militarily . sholay through the use of force so he's trying to you engage in military campaign up to a certain rational gray nice iraqi nights where he granted sovereignty over each of
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his own in libya and then supervenes on his terms in a position of strength whether that's now whether that's later will depend on obviously his reading over the next few days about this train the military forces in around he also has to factor in doesn't it the situation that you know that turkey is now backing the government of national accord and the message from president earlier one very blunt the is are will teach you a lesson if you continue with any more military advances what impact is that likely that. so turkey is definitely talking about intervening and be out of the gene and it would claim the legitimacy for this because the gene a is the international recognized government as for the un but there are a number of constraints on turkish behavior and i think out there is aware 1st of all any deployment of troops in libya this chimley unpopular only 34 percent of turks supported him or the vast majority who supported intervention in syria and secondly intervention by turkey would likely do reciprocal retaliation by egypt in the u.a.e. so after i think is willing to take
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a gamble that or one is blustering here as not that serious about a long term military occupation as actually given the fact that turkey and russia happening yet you have a cease fire and in general they want to avoid a conviction both in libya and in. some remote it has been good to have you on the program appreciate your insights into the stores and i thank you so much thank you very much. well there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including in the u.s. house democrats say they are almost ready to send president trump's impeachment across to the senate for trial. at the bat in charge of spanish football champions bos a lot of it gets down to work people will be here with all the details. we're getting reports may ron of several arrests in connection with the downing of that ukrainian. president hassan rouhani said all those responsible will be punished
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rouhani also said no single person could be blamed for what he called an unforgivable era $176.00 people died when the military mistake in the shutdown that passenger jet last wednesday. that taught you to. this incident was without precedent in the history of our country there has never been a time when a person in charge of our air defense systems or an officer has committed such an error against a passenger plane in the country's capital and so close to the international airport. that of the sympathizing with all the dear families that were hit by this major tragedy i tell them that we will continue this path until discovering all the aspects of the incident and punishing those involved and finally reassuring the people that such an incident will not happen again. iran is warning of a serious and strong response after 3 european countries triggered the dispute process its nuclear deal which could mean u.n.
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sanctions being reimposed says the decision risks a new escalation iran's dismissing the if it misses it still willing to consider any constructive if it to save the 2015 deal britain france and germany triggered the dispute process saying the iranians have reduced their commitment to limiting nuclear development and we go to get more reaction from tehran with dorsetshire bari shortly we go 1st to john how in london joe to take us through what happens from here there is a mechanism to step back sanctions there is a prospect of maybe trying to preserve this deal and some are even suggesting a new deal might be needed where does it go to. it's a big deal the triggering of this dispute resolution mechanism contained within the structure of the deal itself and so it has the potential to lead to the ultimate unraveling of this do clear deal all together the 3 britain france and germany who have been until now trying very hard to save the deal clearly felt that
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a prospect the prospect of a return to preedy a levels of uranium enrichment in iran which is what the iranians are essentially threatening and were threatening last week deserve this sort of response and there's a 3 stage process that lies ahead they'll be discussions 1st of all within the joint commission set up under the deal representatives of all the signatories minus the united states of course that has a 15 day deadline it can be extended looking for a resolution if there is no resolution that moves up to the level of foreign ministers again a 15 day deadline for talks again extended bull and finally if there is still no resolution it goes to the european at the u.n. security council is the ultimate arbiter where a resolution will be required to finally lift the sanctions relief that iran has enjoyed under the deal and institute that snap back to the sanctions that were in place before now remember a number of the signatories have veto wielding powers at the u.n. security council among them russia russia has voiced its opposition to the
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triggering of this dispute resolution mechanism so russia may stand in the way of any ultimate resolution this is what that barrel had to say the e.u. foreign policy chief when he made the announcement that the mechanism was being triggered here we go. the aim of the dispute to solution make the day's news is not to dream bulls sanctions. game of these mechanisms used to resolve issues relating to the implementation of the agreement within defray work of the joint commission. i think it's has to be clear they did to if he's there for to find solutions and return to full compliance within differing work of this agreement. now again where there was this unity of purpose among the 3 britain france and germany to try and save the deal already some cracks beginning
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to show boris johnson the british prime minister talking about all of this today saying look it was time for a brand new deal to be put in place and a deal no less to be negotiated by donald trump even called it the trump deal let's replace this floor deal he said replace it with the trump deal adding president trump is a great deal maker by his own account and by the account of us john thank you john how live from london let's go to tehran now dorsetshire bari will join us live from there interesting to see what the initial response has been around the warning of in their words serious and strong response what do we read into that. well this is an statement that's been issued by the foreign ministry spokesperson up us moussavi which he highlights how really in c.l. about this latest saxon taken by the remaining european signatories to the nuclear deal he says that this is a passive measure they are trying to dismiss this act as not very significant when
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in fact it could see the entire nuclear agreement really come to an end because the europeans say that iran has taken these measures since may of last year in response to the u.s. withdrawing from the deal and the measures that they've taken are actually they don't have any legal basis under this agreement they were supposed to triggered this dispute resolution mechanism instead of reducing their commitments but the ukrainians say that their point of view is their reduction in commitments is with in line with this agreement so it depends on which side you want to look at what the iranian position is because they haven't been able to receive any of the benefits of the nuclear deal that was limiting their nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief and a return to the international economic markets they haven't been really that the europeans haven't complied with there and the bargain so the iranians are saying
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we're in a position to scale back our responsibilities and commitments this deal which is what they've done so far the past there's been 5 different levels of stepping back or reducing their commitments which the last one took place just the beginning of january january 5th in essence iran has stopped all its limitations when it comes to its enrichment program that was set out under this deal if they don't longer are abiding by that do so while you there let's talk about the fallout still from the downing of that ukrainian airline understand they've been some of rests by about but most of the one of the people who buy have been arrested via was a person who shot the footage of that missile striking the a lot of tell us more. we've just received a statement from the revolutionary guards in which they state that the person who filmed the moment of strike that took place near i'll probably airport at the video
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that was shared around the world that brought in question really the narrative that the iranians had said initially that person has now been detained he hasn't been arrested they haven't say that he's been arrested he's been detained and he's being held for questioning about the events that he witnessed in the footage that he filmed this is all we know at this time the revolution guys just released a statement a short while ago but we heard from the spokesperson of the judiciary earlier and he said that there are been a number of arrests in relation to this plane crash now we don't know what who has been arrested and for what exactly we don't know if they're part of the government or the revolutionary guards or iranians that were witnessing this incident take place we're waiting to find out more about what we do know is that the investigation is still ongoing yet dosa thank you for that those jabari live from tehran now the democratic led u.s. house of representatives will vote on wednesday on
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a resolution to name the team of impeachment managers for the senate trial against president donald trump now the house impeached trump last month you remember on charges of abusing power by pressuring ukraine to announce an investigation it was democratic rival joe biden and of obstructing congress with the u.s. house democrat came jeffrey zients at the strategy that his body will pursue when presenting the case against strong. we're going to keep the focus. on the stunning corrupt abuse of power engaged in by donna. pressured a foreign government to target an american citizen for political gain. had the same time with held without justification $391000000.00 in military aid to of on a more new crame as part of a geo political shakedown scheme were you were as house republicans of also of being mazing they've accuse the democrats of stalling the impeachment process add
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of delaying important worked in the senate we anticipate that the speaker will finally bring a vote to the floor to name managers for the articles of impeachment obviously after saying for months and months it was urgent that president trump be impeached the speaker of the house then sat on the articles for many many weeks i'm clear exactly what she believes she accomplished by it we seem to be an exactly the same situation we were in previously except that we've now had this tremendous delay which means that important pieces of work like for example us m.c.a. which obviously the houses cast which we need to have passed in the senate will not be taken at because the senate you know will now be focused on the impeachment trial protocol highness law 1st capitol hill and patty there's been that delay but well today was stunned to see both sides sitting out mocking out their territory as
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these ultimately lead to trial in the senate. exactly i think the question that they representative just asked is what did she accomplish the house speaker nancy pelosi by delaying this by 4 weeks to the day tomorrow what she accomplished as she got the country through the christmas holiday were pretty much everybody unplugs doesn't read the newspaper doesn't really watch a lot of t.v. she also gave time to build momentum if you look at the polls in overwhelming number of american voters what to see witnesses presented at a trial so why does that matter well mitch mcconnells the republican leader of the house close ally of president trump he's already come out and said he says no way that trump is going to be removed from office after being impeached by the house and he has said that he doesn't think there needs to be witnesses he wants to have opening arguments and then they'll talk about it but here's why this matters it's not up to mitch mcconnell guess he is the house republican or the senate republican leader but if just for senate republicans jump on board with democrats they can
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demand that witnesses and evidence so why does that 4 weeks that we've just seen matter well in those 4 weeks something really critical happened john bolton's lawyer he was the former national security adviser to president donald trump he knows about all these different conversations he set out the message that he will testify if subpoenaed by the senate so now the scramble is on everyone's going to be looking over the next coming days will for republicans break from their leader will they demand testimony if so we could be looking at a much different impeachment trial than the one that the senate majority leader promised. how do you thank you patty cohen live this capitol hill britain is risking a division among key intelligence allies as it seeks to build a 5 g. telecommunications network for more on this we go to lauren tyler right now european broadcast center in london. thanks dan yes u.k. prime minister boris johnson has not ruled out using chinese communications firm way to provide the country's 5 g. network despite strong warnings from washington the u.s.
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says the company is linked to the chinese state and its technology can be used for spying the u.k. will make its decision this month in a fokker reports. has been called a technological cold war over the future of 5 g. the u.s. has been piling pressure on the u.k. and other allies not to use chinese communications company while way over alleged spying risks on monday u.s. officials issue the british government with a dossier of dangers the debate with dividing the so-called 5 eyes and intelligence alliance between the u.s. u.k. canada australia and new zealand washington's warned it would reassess sharing information with the u. case intelligence services if britain gives while away the go ahead the government will give a final decision later in january as prime minister points johnson said while ways critics need to suggest other options if people oppose one brand or not then they have to tell us which is the what's the alternative. on the other hand let's be
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let's be clear i don't want to z u k prime minister to put in any infrastructure that is going to prejudice our national security there are big companies like nakia and erickson who are well established in fairness they haven't always kept up with the pace of speed with power in terms of the price they create when the quality equipment and the size of the equipment we also got something emerging and i think the best solution really for the network operators have a mixed base the suppliers 5 g. isn't just about faster data on our mobile phones it's about immersive education it's about self driving because it's about smaller cities the list goes on if you believe the hype eventually simply need 5 g. but it requires a vast the new infrastructure and that comes at a price. claims its equipment is cheaper than his competitors and uses less energy giving its a potential edge in the developing world who always sign 5 g.
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contracts in more than 30 countries from russia to iceland switzerland to south africa the u.k.'s propose some restrictions on huawei technology germany and france a tail increased cyber security measures several countries are still on the fence about possible bombs because of the potential cost to consumers the technological tussle maybe want a price rather than politics if barca london you hear from mr boris johnson says there will be no 2nd referendum on scottish independence calls for a new vote intensified after the scottish national party so big gains in last month's general election an independence referendum was held in 2014 with most scots voting to remain in the u.k. s.n.p. leader nicholas sturgeon says britain's upcoming departure from the e.u. warrant a further vote johnson said that would quote continue the political stagnation in scotland. spain's prime minister pleasure sanchez says he wants to hold talks with
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a regional leader of catalonia a soon as possible sanchez made the comments during the 1st cabinet meeting of madrid's new government he said efforts to arrange a meeting with catalan president. already underway adding that he hopes to solve the separatist dispute with dialogue sanchez was sworn in last week ending months of political deadlock. well for under nature the present another fact stepping into force even more still ahead on al-jazeera. a week of anger that how protesters are calling their latest action against the ruling authorities. after 3 months about the government and british demonstrators in lebanon returned to the streets vowing not to give up. the death toll for multiple avalanches in pakistan administered kashmir houses 50. and pushing it to the age the drivers on the dock rally get set for the final stages because it will have all the.
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hello again welcome back to you in the national weather forecast well here across parts of iran we have seen some very heavy rain leading to flooding this past weekend i want to show you the most current video that has come in from several days ago across this area now one person has died over 1200 people displaced because of the very heavy rains leading to the flooding across much of this area where the good news is the rain is now ending but we're still going to be seeing that water start to come down in many areas so some areas may be very difficult to get to as we go towards the next couple of days here in the forecast map here on thursday the rain has ended much drier conditions across much of the area but we are going to be seeing some a better weather for us the winds are dropping we're going to sing a time to hear about 20 degrees or we are watching the northern coast of africa very carefully we do have a storm system parked in the mediterranean you can see the clouds right here on
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a satellite image for parts of libya as well as egypt that means we are going to see it's a very heavy rain possibly across much of this area because you could be seeing the winds as well 13 degrees is expected high here on wednesday but by the time we do go towards thursday the system makes its way a little bit more towards the east and for egypt that means you can be seeing some very heavy rain as well cairo you can be right on the edge of the rain with more clouds in the forecast possibly a shower or 2 with the temperature of 80 degrees. when is the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every luggage board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us once a week entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own parser this is a dialogue everyone has a voice so far there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts
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but i want to give people the reason for it join the global conversation on now to 0. there's a wave of sentiment around the world if you actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and we report on the big events that are going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my debts will never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question and i think that's what i'm sure really does the ask the questions to people who should be accountable and also to get people to give their view of what's going on.
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this is how to sneer at how modern of our top stories this hour we go see oceans are underway in sudan to win the newton the by security forces personnel shooting started in khartoum buffer disbanded intelligence service unit was given an ultimatum to either retire or join the rapid support forces blamed for killing anti-government protests. across the remains upbeat on efforts to secure a truce in libya turkey's president accused warlord relief a half of running away from monday's talks in moscow russia's defense minister says he's taking time to discuss the terms of the truce with his allies back home. 3 european countries have triggered a dispute process against iran which could mean more sanctions being britain france and germany say iran has reduced its commitment to the 2015 agreement to limit nuclear development. venezuelans a marching in caracas to show his support for president nicolas maduro during his annual state of the union speech in the years since mid euros last address
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venezuela has been rocked by political and economic crises while his supporters rally in the capital opposition leader one quiet always among his own supporters in the eastern city of bochy cement oh well let's go now to our latin america editor lucien humid who's in caracas what's happening they wear you out this year. and it's made no more than an hour since our president hugo last night little began speaking they were large crowds of people who are brought out around the national assembly and constituent assembly building. but right now behind me you can just see very few or there's not it's very difficult to hear what he is saying we have been keeping track however of his speech and there's been 1st of all he started by attacking some of the leaders of the happily church here who were invited to see america where one by law is actually right now attending a procession of this country's faith turned saint. during the homily of this this
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church leader said that insinuated that didn't israel and should gather together and resist peacefully against tyranny and oppression president mughal said that this was a lack of respect and since then he's been also attacking the united states he says that the problems of this country especially the economic ones are car being planned in washington in miami and being carried out from neighboring colombia let's hear what he had to say. they say we don't seem to have that there but let me just pick up and ask you this one. also with some of his supporters today we're all day and how much support does he still have is he being losing some of that momentum he had earlier last year. yes he certainly has lost a lot of the momentum that you have last year there's no question about that now
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according to some of 7 the recent polls who are also does not have a lot of support but he says hasn't gone down if you like as quickly as it was also because many venezuelans haven't seen the results of the 1st few months of opposition what it looked like president mahmoud was on the brink of being replaced or toppled if you like that didn't happen he's been gaining he has been clearly consolidating his power with the help of the military but interestingly just a few minutes ago president bush going to suggested that it was time to sit down and have a new dialogue he said the conditions for new elections for the national assembly of the parliament here are going to take place this year and that if the opposition wants better conditions more transparent conditions and international supervision he's willing to go along with that we'll have to see now whether white all accept that and whether that will somehow also help rekindle some of the support for the opposition do they see thank you so much the senior joining us live caracas.
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scientists are urging the total evacuation of nearly a 1000000 people living close to an erupting volcano in the philippines tens of thousands of already fled their homes since ash and lava started spewing from taal volcano on sunday as jamila alan duggan reports tremors have been filled elsewhere in batangas problems. hardly any civilian is allowed to enter the town now. and it is clear why. he. didn't say there's just a massive earthquake and the even police officers will have to leave on their
9:37 pm
station we were just here a few moments ago. with them but now we really we really have to i. think we're going to. officials are calling this area ground 0. is just around 10 kilometers away from the top that erupted on sunday spewing ash. we've been told that water in this lake has gone up by a meter raising fears that it might spill over its banks hampering efforts to help those in need. the situation is so it is hard for us to secure our own men this is why we don't allow the return. violent explosions like these haven't been seen here in decades and experts warn there
9:38 pm
could be more. more than 20000 people have been displaced moved to at least 100 evacuation sites and it's not clear when they might return but some have decided to stay let them indoors a clan during the day they look after their cattle and whatever's left of their homes and that night they go back to the evacuation site. where the. don't of course also look up to all of the new mines and do our best to save the 6 first time when i'm in the i never thought you will be to see just days it is a really scary and we are afraid just a few days ago a good seal was a thriving agricultural town now people here say it's a stiff their lives have been put on hold and they're full of a good knee and the stress jamila a little dog and i'll just 0 a good c.e.o. but on this province northern philippines
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a series of avalanches in pakistan and missed in kashmir over the past 24 hours has killed at least 57 people many more are missing search and rescue crews say they are being slowed by the extreme weather in pakistan heavy snow and right has contributed to the deaths of dozens of people several main roads are closed and more snow is. helping countries in their reliance on coal power is a bold new goal for the european union it's got to be costly that we go back to lauren our now european broadcasts and with moral one. yes time of year for new years as it wants to invest more than a trillion dollars in public funds and private investment to tackle climate change over the next 10 years as a special fund to help areas that we most disrupted by moving to cleaner industries and poland is top of that list and even by our reports on how the country is having to come clean about its coal addiction barbara vishnevskaya can't imagine life
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without coal. she's lived in this house near warsaw for nearly 40 years and in winter when temperatures plunge her coal fired boiler is what heats the family home my hands would be cleaner if i didn't have to use coal to heat my house but electric heating would be so much more expensive i couldn't afford it on my salary more and more poles are aware of the problems burning coal entails. after all the country has more than 30 of the european union's 50 most polluted cities according to the world health organization but it's also addicted to coal fired power plants like this last month that were greeted targeted net 0 emissions by 2050 but with an opt out for poland the e.u. is just transition fund aims to generate a $111000000000.00 over 7 years to help coal dependent nations and regions move to a green economy poland which relies on coal for 80 percent of its electricity is
9:41 pm
a clear candidate and things are going in the wrong direction here in 2017 poland's total greenhouse gas emissions when top around 4 percent on the year before. greenpeace activists say poland should be doing so much more and they've staged catching protests like this one against coal imports and get done while some political parties now talk about phasing out coal by a certain date previously it's a blue the government's building more coal fired power plants major. countries already either dish call or have very specific plans if. government is not serious about this thing you know no government should receive funding if there are still building coal fired power plants this is simply irresponsible it seems clear poland will have to change course dramatically and quickly some believe its heavy reliance on one energy source could make it easier
9:42 pm
to take the right decisions because poland for many years invest that only. we have very old coal fired. power plants. we may make. invest in the modern technologies so we need to invest in the new power system so why not in renewables climate change is already one of the main worries for the polish public moving away from coal use will be expensive but the e.u. funding plan aims to make it as painless as possible that his era warsaw. german police have raided the homes of several people because of fears they were planning an attack the raids across 4 states were prompted by pictures found during a routine police check on the phone of one of the suspects german media reports say the suspects are of chechen background and had allegedly scouted shopping centers as well as
9:43 pm
a synagogue as possible targets police have not confirmed this. for tensions between greek villages and refugees are increasing despite the government toughening its stance on asylum seekers in recent months including cutting health care for new arrivals the 2nd of a series of reports on the main overland route from greece to croatia nervously went to one greek village where refugees growing sense of isolation is having tragic consequences. like many greek villages mauritius is mostly. they were preparing for a funeral when we arrived. but in this village of 600 people they have other worries than the dead in the hotel over the railway line 400 refugees are being housed it isn't going well. the 1st time i saw them i felt fear a full face is full of anger i could see them thinking that i was safe from my house while we suffering. actually i used to keep my daughter's bicycle outside but one
9:44 pm
of them tried to take it they've got to know if they don't understand anything. the other day the villages met and told the police they were feeling unprotected and said they were thinking about arming themselves with guns against the refugees. but i think obviously everyone has to do something and if we don't have a weapon we'll find something else other hotel they know all about this but it's not the main problem there's a mental health crisis to contend with. saying took us to the place where a few days ago an afghan man who'd been wrongly told his wife and children had been moved somewhere else without him hanged himself from a tree the next day hussein's friend riyadh hanged himself inside the hotel his entire family had been killed in iraq he complained his severe depression was being
9:45 pm
ignored his funeral wasn't quite so well attended as the one in the village had enough at that i had him going on and he told them what had happened to his family they gave me an injection and he was like a robot 20 came back he was saying every day i'm not ok i'm not ok and they did nothing for him. over the last few months the incoming center right greek government has scaled back medical and psychiatric support for refugees to prove to an increasingly hostile public that it's on their side here they can bandage their feet but not their minds a lot of people are struggling not only about mental health care he also when they need an operation a follow up after operations x. rays scenes like this it's much more difficult to find a place where the people get treatment the sad truth is that the story of moria's is in microcosm a reflection of how europe has failed to get on top of refugee resettlement and to
9:46 pm
heal people even in hospitable greece these 2 groups of people a world suppose gloriously al-jazeera moreas northern greece the former leader roman catholic church pope benedict has asked for his name to be removed as co-author of a new book defending priests celibacy the rich and pope will instead be referred to as a contributor in a book to be published in france on wednesday excerpts of the publication were recently released angering some roman catholic scholars who said pope benedict risked undermining his successor a process has been considering whether to ease some restrictions on celibacy to address a shortage of clergyman in south america that's often not going to be back with more news at 19 j m t if not i like to stand by hello and thank you those being a week of anger another protest slogan in lebanon is the revolution is coming back protesters are receiving
9:47 pm
a new call for action after 3 months of added government unrest the movement's momentum is slowed but widespread anger remains at the lack of leadership corruption and folding standards of living and horror as more from beirut. protesters are back in the streets blocking roads across lebanon they're trying to revive the momentum of a leaderless uprising against the political class that began almost 4 months ago demonstrations haven't stopped since but they have been getting smaller these army has been a little bit and the lebanese forces has been a little bit aggressive you know in trying to. distinguish this this revolution and this uprising we have we cannot talk anymore to the political system and to this regime because they have not heard us they're not heard what we are saying for the past 90 days demonstrators say the governing elite has ignored their calls for change and are fighting amongst themselves for seats in the next cabinet and set of dealing with the near economic collapse. today was our friends my
9:48 pm
cousin. ok we don't have a lot of rights in this country with a vote we don't have. a tuba. city and we don't have electricity from 30 years we need. many lebanese accuse those who have been in power for 3 decades of mismanagement and corruption a week of anger that's how protesters are calling their latest action against the ruling authorities they say their message is clear we haven't given up and we aren't going away protesters march towards the home of prime minister designate has to protest against the delay in forming a government in dependant of political parties it seems that cabinet line up fulfills that demand but it is believed he's no longer wanted by the ruling alliance that appointed him. there was
9:49 pm
a misunderstanding from the start the political parties were never going to agree to a purely technocrat government that is not realistic they weren't going to give up power is specially in light of regional developments anger is growing. so is inflation the local currency is devaluing public and health services are failing. is just the victim of a waste of time and will not end up with a government so now he's as the saying goes dead men walking protesters have been waiting to see if government or the political parties can actually produce something of value and they have faith scenes from the early days of the uprising may have returned but these protesters say this was always going to be a hard battle to win yet they're determined to stay on the front lines that. beirut . as for his next here on the al-jazeera ad it's a dog's life in the french alps as mushrooms rice a 750 kilometers about right in just
9:50 pm
a tizzy with all the details. it's
9:51 pm
tough sport now he's peter stone thank you very much the australian open tennis grand slam starts on monday but the bushfire crisis is 3 d. rail the tournaments one player was forced to retire from her qualifying match in melbourne because of smoke or strain or correspondent jessica washington has the story months of some of the worst bushfires on record have killed $28.00 australians destroyed 2000 homes and raised large areas of land. the
9:52 pm
emergency now taking a toll on court at pre-qualifying 1st grand slam tennis tournament so anya's dollar you could pov it was leading in her qualifier at these trailing open in melbourne despite needing oxygen in the 2nd set the serve any and the lead was short lived collapsing in a coughing fit and being forced to retire she's tweeted she's feeling better but felt scared when she couldn't breathe and is angry at being made to play in the smoky conditions nearby maria sharapova and laura said you mond called off their match after both complained of the air quality and one of the sport's biggest names rafael nadal retreated inside the training he is trailing open is considered the country's biggest international sports event the competition's director is defending what happened during the period when he suspended practice to restart the
9:53 pm
matches there was an improvement in the conditions. and and also then we took the advice the medical advice as well as the sciences advice and that of the media logy and and made a decision to continue continue with play 11 to talk. doctors say air quality in melbourne this week is among the worst in the world prompting concerns about player welfare and tennis australia says they're monitoring conditions throughout the competition here multiple devices across a sign we take into account a number of variables whether it be visibility particulate matter there are different levels of particular matter so pm 2 point 5 pm 10 and based on those based on those measures we'll be making a decision across a range based on medical advice as to whether we like facemasks are common in australia's major cities a jarring sight in a country usually renowned for its claim. many are asking why the qualifying rounds went ahead but the bushfire smoke is forecast to clear this weekend when the 2 week
9:54 pm
tournament starts. jessica washington al-jazeera sydney. straight in favor dash party was made to work hard for her 1st victory of the year at the adelaide warm up tournament while the one fall back from a sit down to defeat russian anastasio public chunk of a taking at 75 in the decider suffered in new york city last weekend because the. spanish champions barcelona have presented a new coach ki kay sitting in he used to be in charge of drill bits and replaces and most of all very very good one back to back league titles city and comes in with the club top of the league again and says it's been a whirlwind 24 hours but. things went very fast yesterday i was walking with the cows in the countryside outside my village and today i was at f.c. barcelona sports center coaching the best players in the world they are an extraordinary team tuesday saw
9:55 pm
a significant swing at the top of the standings in the back already in saudi arabia the bike riders were turned to action off their respect for. died on sunday ricky bread which leads that race by nearly 21 minutes but in the car cats agree. defending champion. has couple lead of color signs down to just 24 seconds after a great display on stage 9 signes had a 10 minute lead at just 2 days ago it's 3 stages slave trading 2 fridays phenolic in pedia. really today we like crazy and. all that a caution to danger to you know just we are going blood out you know the last battle is not easy but. we try to be in the games and i hope you know do. a good job in of our next 2 days le bron james was up against his former team the cleveland cavaliers on monday and he did not go easy on them scoring 31 points to
9:56 pm
set up another lakers when brown was in majestic form against his hometown team within the last one a championship in 2016 teams mission with the lakers now in the combined with fellow veteran dwight howard sit out of a title potential. power to 21 points with le bron can't be our sean when he's in this mood he's hot still in cleveland but he skills belong to the lakers the top of the west after 9 straight wins 12899 schools in this. things are far less heated over in the french alps where one of the world's most challenging dog sledding races is taking place the ground odyssey savoir mont blanc is an 11 day marathon for the world's top mushers and they have a trail 750 kilometers up in the mountains both in sunlight and lamplight with temperatures as low as minus $22.00 degrees celsius and durrance was the dogs of
9:57 pm
the tour de france athletes of the animal world eating 10000 calories a few today just to keep going. and will finish with some spectacular shots from china to day ring packs skydivers from france jumped out of a helicopter as they attempted to fly through the famous heaven's gate in hunan province as you can see now not that big a gap when you're traveling up to 400 kilometers an hour. but they did it successfully if you wondering where the 2nd skydive is behind the camera they describe the experience as quote a bit scary and it's. just the most vote for me again like it's just a bit scary that's it for me for this used to be more use there here and out to sea or just about. just a bit. that's album. a
9:58 pm
journey of discovery. which is the call. of i like to see germany dressed like ground. 0. traces of family to the regime of benito mussolini. is fascism returned to italian police. pressures in the family. this letter. found coming through on al-jazeera. an escape from. the world stages of the champions will be. for the 1500 meters and the bronze. and the
9:59 pm
desire to work overseas. and was interested in starting the international recognition as a global leader. to inspire a few arabs abroad. on al-jazeera. the country's civil war most people started returning home from refugee camps. and killed during a. 1017. right here in the middle of the street as a sign of resistance to the mining companies and government. displacement between the communities the mining companies and the government has now escalated to west africa. the community has taken its case before west africa. because they say the people are using the justice system.
10:00 pm
a standoff in sudan's capital shots are fired as former members of the powerful security service protest against the severance pay. also coming up the european signatories to the iran nuclear deal triggered a dispute to pressure tehran into returning to full compliance. talks in russia to finalize a cease fire in libya but a key player at the.


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