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tv   Arabs Abroad The Paralympian The Bone Maker  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2020 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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responded to the libya. on al-jazeera. the boot the old. color and tailoring on the top stories around. she needs forces have exchanged gunfire with members of a now disbanded intelligence unit in the capital khartoum sudan's military was deployed to block roads and contain the violence she dons information minister said the disbanded unit was angry at the terms of being offered punished dismissal even morgan has been following this story we've just been driving past some of the streets where are the general intelligence services buildings are and we can see the rapid support forces and the military still deployed still trying to contain
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the situation and we can still hair and hear heavy gunfire in the northern parts of the capital. so the situation is very much still tense people are quite nervous especially because most of the buildings of the general intelligence services are in residential neighborhoods they've been reports of 2 people at least injured since are the gun battle erupted early this morning and it's still ongoing. scientists are urging the total evacuation of nearly a 1000000 people living close to an erupting volcano in the philippines tens of thousands of already fled their homes since ash and lava started spewing from tile the crane on sunday tribune and again reports. hardly any civilian is allowed to enter the town of a good seal here now. and it is clear why. i . was. close.
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you say there's just a massive earthquake and the police officers will have to leave on their station we were just here a few moments ago hoping to embed with them but now we really really have to i think i'm going. to calling this area ground 0. again celia is just around 10 kilometers away from the to al qaeda that erupted on sunday spewing ash just and . we've been told that water in this lake has gone up by a meter raising fears that it might spill over its banks hampering efforts to help
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those in need. you so how it's like the situation is so well at this it is hard for us even the secure our own men this is why we don't allow most to billionths the return violent explosions like these haven't been seen here in decades and experts warn there could be more. more than 20000 people have been displaced moved to at least 100 evacuation sites and it's not clear when they might return but some have decided to stay like the many dogs the clan during the day they look after their cattle and whatever's left of their homes and that night they go back to the evacuation site. with one of the boys only our report don't give course but we also look up that i would i knew months and do our best to save the 6 first time when i'm in the i never thought it would be to see to
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it is a really scary and we are afraid just a few days ago a good seal was a thriving agricultural town now people here say it's as if their lives have been put on hold and they're full of bad good me and the stress. a little dog and al-jazeera a good c.e.o. but this province northern philippines u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the impeachment trial of president donald trump is likely to begin next tuesday a republican leader said the swearing in of senators for the trial could start this week he said there was no there's little to no sentiment among his party senses to move to dismiss the articles of impeachment without tearing arguments to say with this al jazeera world is next with arabs abroad a paralympian and the bone maker or news for you after that by fanatics watching.
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migration has been rarely out of the headlines in recent g. is whether the stories about the journey or the destination the reasons why aren't leave their homelands are sorry some are sick you shouldn't others are sticking educational opportunities while others still are simply looking for a new life in asar way country.
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up to the human lives in spain where he resents his adopted country as a time limit to his story whether begins several 100 kilometers to the sounds with a traumatic childhood accident in a small moroccans a niche. in fear sin. i mean i'm going on with your colleague. or not i will call off you my lad your toward your door bit a far better. bet of. a shallow. southern min southern not a kitty walk a tear for adults on the outside or like in. a car that other law. washout than feel better. hear the.
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room where there will be lemons in the. car wash. what that should be it'll fill molly. mallow walked. see you know what. i saw i had. it in you know when table. was sad that. is. what i mean i thought he had shaped by the heart of wall high iran was suddenly numbered you know the russian the. caller id say you want to have a model. done it. will have a lot of engineers you know. a whole colony a thought there and then a shock i mean out of all
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a shooting us out to get to that you know. that night man's life changed forever his boyhood dream of becoming a same stupid or had evaporated but in time he learned to live with his disability and defend an interest in mathematics later he created another ambition to embark on a perilous journey to a new life of brute. body ecology are hopeful. that. i'll behave if you're caught in a. bad out of vinyl how i lead. ours are not all bad the. way shooting a set out. we do know how to go. out of our in a shot. where the whole. over the.
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last bomb us will suddenly be all kind of. mates. hates the how we're like in war or out of harm's way shooting that savvy do know how to cut him or his videos late. sad. stuff thoughts on up on and the horrors i mean conditions or to toss out to a no matter. how sad then if you buy them and. you want to only. mean that last but the most you know monday. obviously i was like you know marguerite orman when mother didn't know about still going ahead of us you know not that. she had to add to stock off. the wall. for our family.
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as a disabled new arrival to spain and ceased limited opportunities it was 2002 and his tie your retreat was to find a job which he did as a cop park attendant spanish and continued to train as an athlete. in the lower fall to a walker abstains was the day's funny old with the maid you know but you don't know where the soul but. the hulk mentioned you were. talking with a hateful head so i now. can another round in alkalinity and emotional day in the. yeah man said in the. head sammy took a head he said the. parking i mean to commune with.
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the how to and we're not sick on the brain and. the way it's in with ability and add look he was well wolfie. will not board that boat it was like a puddle in the oh for which it is so clear you some coffee or. other was funny with dodi for the mother will show you cool feel it will dissolve. session to know if she were. bad. it's bad and then. away in. a bad. be spun your. walk away oh no not. that ad. for
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a lot of. your money. in the world i knew what adam. was planning hard training and an element of good luck. come to the attention of spain's atlantics leadership in 2004 he joined in battle. in barcelona from when he said to. to become a national level. competing against other runners with similar disabilities. i had to. act. the. best. tap in the car the main.
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food to be delicacies. bottom out of a ladder and. have a clue what. william an attorney for saw the star later how. she delicately walked. how we're going to do now and had enemy dan. rooney gerry learn human. like in canada you have fees. sad that. let you be. overdue and then over again and you never. and then he a woman in a scene comes over and he. and your women must sit for a kind of oh not the indian. way. where like
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the man had an ad he is sharing the wealth on the one in the head you would only. be senator or vaccarella lab that wouldn't be a. canon and. again and in a lab it wouldn't be. 2 kids on how to model ts if a full. of continuous myth and. bad. as you see a senate and. a winnable tola and. still a cave you. know when an adult she said to me yes there can and 100. of them and not there's even a sickly day foods to be. immediate pain of to the southwest and forth and so when
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the feisty $57.00. can't say these things even if we look to the middle of the attending dead yet. but to me you know why. mess efforts and 10. foods to the media tannoy. zoom kenna when it says. no it says i'm in the middle i mochel. been had to go into a lot of the current. who lit the women. let's. see she mean 10 year. head that limo would see the spawn the way. and let the
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plane were elaborate. what you did to me then yeah it's. sad i had to. later. took part in the 2012 london paralympics man smart. he won this is a man might have actually not suffered a coughing fit in the last few 100 meters of the race. can i be in kenya an aphorism you don't need to have you. had a mathematician. that then issued. me then your dad you hate saw. me out with a lot of drama kind of like in can i be you can can is he one of those n.b.a.
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team you don't you're. not have long goals but he was a winner that success was burning him friends in high places. he could have lived here. because i thought it was the stuff will offer us a compact or one look and feel i eat and run 3 sounded pretty committed on you and i let other 2 other guys they don't even have company other the technical group a party that i am becoming one of the star but look at your service from brother up at our congress history other food world. and they'll be a little different view. or not we're now more part of the pork and not more follow up after we've been given focused on this we put a few years of clear ok over and i mean maybe i wasn't feeling to do live for us we if i'm sorry dr libby is more but i've. been for fair i'm going to sort of master you've got a problem with kinnear i eat floor and even. if you order. you can ok.
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but i don't know when i got to have much when i either buy out but i have on this. heck if he had seen without a car. election is found a copy. of it feeds the package that had left out of ice and no one had to shut up and if you will at the little biological tonal adhamiya well how can i commend him a hint when i mean it can be said to us about how out of buffalo bush
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a and. or a little walked. the wind and talked to him. today i am sorry about the know it he is out and hustle. bad about them. b.s. and the fuckin shallow one who hey you unfinished any. community be it they had a lab but i mean people madea. peeking at famous neologism blown up on love with without a cut. and the little saloon in. that get beautified up with them in the tab mean naming them in the net to your media. side that he had been. d.n.a. what do you have done medicine to them and. will believe them in when i live. it is done but only bella is
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a. little dialogical by these eunice salute and coupled. with that a c. . that will be the most that i know of that has come to an outpost of talk of there are those that don't believe the little bugger. a spanish citizen man has represented spain many international paralympic competitions and has built up an impressive number of leads including 3 parlance big silver medals however he claims that as an immigrant who receives less to clinch and spain than native born. gallantly they are called back you know when they're that. too when you mean any headed and then in and. out of a football. club.
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to be damn. glad in the morning a scene. yes yes. yes i will say yes a little ways to him then why are you with the. senior had thought i don't know in kenya. the latino they. thought of more force to the. when the one of the 8 if. so if not for margaret from inside or from work for you like this and you are yes or can still get emotional it can also in its 4th look at the in the party society because usually it's not likely you will get you will mature into the going to feel. good look at almost like a with up wished on when this you would us in a little more or more of a mystery or the laporta enough here but it's not in with you on the whole 35th you
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know by the coffee on the scent they call more calmly you can look at sona him blow the either the arm or are deported. they about inches that to me to. be a little hassle too early efi lad look. at saint famous effortless for him or come out of the. 1000000 has a few messages that stamina matter if you're slain come on of the women bad. 2 and then you don't yet. have the fear fear that it will turn out all puffy one dot ca i sent. me that he had debbie if you will toward me and i'm a little kim at cinemark the she did not long had to. see an alan me if he and i suffered a lot in fitness that if it doesn't if it be despite our brain.
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yet and you now use a chemical a day you feel as fain will. be if you must suffer to model it on. camilla de year in says that outside the what on you want to have limited spiny aladdin the minimum lot of it up on top of the column when dissented telephone or by phone or stylish well what. if it added them in the animal caught or come under the yeti to mean that. spawn the. didio. human actually already in the model feed or did it do you mean jesus gave you. see that. if you had to keep tablet you some. party that spawn your all good law a lot of your. delusion ahead of the court like in. vain as that
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emotional day indeed and you have been to. those 80 while been to let you set that scene shall live. for you. you have to have man's life as much in common with her husband not only due to come from but they are also boost. there was a room and step on the running track. there was the senate and fe new world with the savvy adult female unity for them to be. had to cling to. and that the ninja will pull that. kind of lead in the south that's for sure fuels and. going to knock out a lot on. the spondee or. model nor no.
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most obvious bit of color. and. it's not enough to pick a good t. because wouldn't a mascot. to move in good to be there to look at the end i would among a lot of the sort but what if you come from everywhere the in any. people in 7 o'clock. any shift issues to observe the ways of head and occasionally in cynical she may because she gets a little billy out any. this 1000000 in the. house of a miracle to me. and it's funny. and that's a little but a myth or more just in the. in the. fun your harry took. them off was he let them in to what is a beautiful and. we all
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know i'm out. if you know the you if you jammy our feet. ahead of. those at the. music. and accumulated machine ahead and you did you say then you need to come on nobody at home. with her for good me your money we are also only here money at the time when it is funny it's been a gift i made it 10 a minute bill it's no wonder then. who bought imagine your little model of your for your spawn the 2 us. through my divorce and i'm not going to. get. you to bother
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me. and. what i can and bad the mom of a young. teen up in the medina or the cost to you. know what. is it to add it's a little kitty to me julian was well worth a bit ahead in send me to. hustle the heck and we'd hustle vehicle had mclean. but a handle on what the mind maybe i'm out of. yeah any of ahead in the though own to a as in known i had go to cheat any am harriet never had nifty idea no built on sickle membrane and they said the on must say head 3 as you will do it do walked in a walk to the many and it's it all for them in in the nicotine in mina walks while a suffolk of the many not been a war not going to war naka while
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a lot madame went to hobble not going to add didn't win a shit well yes had known the words you re in its new become a as your one arkell my big what i can or how would or that human not pump thick a bayonet t. is called though in the foot bang the story of athey top that ash man i come whose drives and determination asked least him on the world sting it's coming up the jordanian gloomy who is and on board winning my you magically engineer and sydney australia the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america but since this whole today in 2008 says been a political shift to the right on a consonant west socialism months a thrived to
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a chill lamb politician goes on a journey to mean leading left 20 figure has to understand why it that politics have lost ground some dramatic date not in america a giants in time oil coming soon old dizzy right explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why boom reads influence the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil war so the america over of no bar them through just believe more as for over birth a veritable boof of krispies rev a must look at me can continue to keep fit meek roles that be defense that what you mean by thought about malcolm x. on mortar the foo came face to face on known to see of when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or isn't there or try to be used to get people to confess to crimes they didn't commit
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witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people criminy ting themselves the person who falsely contrast actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera. on and tearing down from the top stories on our jazeera sudanese forces have exchanged gunfire with members of a now disbanded intelligence unit in the capital khartoum she dons military was deployed to block roads and contain the violence she dons information minister said the disbanded unit was angry at the terms it's been offered on its dismissal given morgan has been following the story we've just been driving past some of the streets where the general intelligence services buildings are and we can see the rapid support forces and the military is still deployed still trying to contain the situation and we can still hair hear heavy gunfire in the northern parts of the
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capital. so the situation is very much still times people are quite nervous especially because most of the buildings of the general intelligence services are in residential neighborhoods they've been reports of 2 people at least injured since the gun battle erupted early this morning and it's still ongoing every several arrests in iran in connection with the downing of a ukrainian airliner iranian president hassan rouhani had said all those responsible will be punished he also said no single person could be blamed for what he called an unforgettable error 176 people died when the military is taking a shot down a passenger jet last wednesday. libya's fragile cease fire is in downtown after worries sides failed to reach a breakthrough during 8 hours of talks in moscow the warlord highly for have turned did not sign a deal formalizing the truce but moscow says the talks are not dead have also been
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reports of have to us forces gathering in southern tripoli threatening the truce brokered by turkey and russia over the weekend scientists are urging the total evacuation of nearly a 1000000 people even close to an erupting volcano in the philippines tens of thousands of already left after tremors and ash started spewing from tower volcano on sunday your senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the impeachment trial of president donald trump is likely to begin next tuesday republican leaders said the swearing in of senators for the trial could start this week is that there was little to no sentiment among his party senators to move to dismiss the articles of impeachment without hearing arguments those the top stories do stay with us out there world continues next hour of news hour for your about.
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absolutely needs their homelands for as reasons some travel long distances to complete their education often in specialist fields and some of the world's most prominent colleges in europe america and australia. dr allison i caught is one such example she's a professor of biomedical engineering and dane it's a city of sydney in australia and is highly respected in her adopted country. dr how a success can be measured by the fact that in 2018 she was named new south wales woman of the year for her outstanding contribution to medical research. kathy about that that's below done by cesarean i highly doubt him and the shore
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away into a limit to how did he at last i've been. avoiding. them and for happy and a bit of money oh how the hoity my best if i don't see him at some of that a set in the mosher din but the fella had a baby. and while it can and or no shit why young love them why am. i limited not quite as well so. it was always that we have to attend. the health bill or the year that us to long to be aware that our by sneering it's hard. for to say me or to any to many wish i had really bad or couldn't be americas in america rather wish i had to do with up on the mat. or don't need. to america and what the leftists nian was solved but. then for curve
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to not have a theatrical but the australia. allows him to sydney australia i had. come for sure and i should have. sent and for tamiya what had to say in the matter if you turn back and be well. and i have faith in your house that i was 3 leah and the i'm a man and even hella addressed said the dr around her and they were if she can only go rather lightly keefe ana that ebony had. the australia. father. the. father had. with him for one more i know that our feeling. today is head of the
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materials and tissue engineering research unit at the university of sydney that she has become a world leader in regenerative medicine. put simply she uses 3 d. techniques to develop synthetic bones it is a remarkable achievement one that could provide better treatment options for a millions of people around the world chemical can is a bed that al of what behave and i met him at hello to head jam at university of new south wales if it ne she is because i'm a man i am sure fit about me too. but if i leave the hull it cannot feel i sit there and back them if they. had. a committed.
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when i 1st met her she was very extreme and you could see that she listened to everything she saw everything she took everything in and it was amazing how quickly she just shifted and she came into a lamp and the fellow i was working for professor hallett he somehow found the money to employ her and so she started her career in the medical sciences university of new south wales she had no one here except a brother so i sort of took the round. and we became very close very good friends apart from my colleagues. and i'm homeless. and stuff like motley prophecy khaled would that send to him come was tired the most bad in bed day it did as well as she had that it took to.
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shuffle. to be able to talk about paula i have to say that she was the most memorable of the almost you. should be working for us were about a year or so in the lab and then said to me very seriously that she felt that she should do a ph. and at that stage i knew financially we would be hard pressed to do this. thing that i thought. well we have to drive 5 that will find the money for hala i think worthwhile and it proved to be so to. be australia but it did acid to dr abbey shahad from say a foot sammy hunter to saying how lost had himself been you to say in
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a bad day in the senate a bad bad them in a while men have. national health and medical research council of australia lad to ask what. must sorry it's a didn't mean the at miller research to buy a path or to buy y. that can issue. behead that could weigh 100 like one tick tear my hair was a. yes i'm a research mission best minute national health and medical research council commitment illustrated and research council had that can a stepping stone to you binny in. australia.
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and famous to talk about the university of sydney in me as your horn. i was he said that everybody had to be. on the data too hard that i won by the end of long but in an animal a pass. a path not to meddle in the path of a media. profile is what's called biomedical engineering and i think this is really one of the future areas of engineering there's been tremendous advances in the whole lechler sciences that we can take advantage of in improving medical treatment and making people healthier and live longer and that's exactly where her work is focused so in that sense she's really
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a great asset to our faculty here. path command have been national have bee a federal law task it's a fire that professor biomedical engineering measure. i've been really privileged to be 1st yes these children it's been a really new experience for her as well as for me because i had no i didn't know hala before what comes out is she's a really strong woman with no almost amount of energy and she is got really the drive to get things done as well as do it by itself. in the end a horn. would ever say any command been
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a. year that is to tabulate every path and me a year. ahead and saw a la mina ili bit a hero in the match there was. a path and me at my bad but some of the my ministers were at the letter and hurry to hit the. lamp or the telly and duck comeon in the middle path and me year either that or to dr ira yeah and i hate them a barrister to lie. and i'm aware head. that's the chair off about in there is dr ira for an hour separate in the of the. detail out. to doris been john i want. my researches and buy a printer and. the tissue star. general.
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i'm working with ali because she is the most supportive professor there is ever any problem so find a way to get it done it doesn't matter what it is you know she just keep going and so we solve that problem in a model because. yeah. i don't know what's in my head of. outstanding students but on and i. know how and i direct them. who are my behavior about and i said have a coin and had them back. to lob. then been said that as your math here and you tell me is a but then. tell us how. i completed my undergraduate research on this project with paula in my final year of my bachelor's degree and now i am ph d. student as well on to hala so i really enjoyed working with holly in her lab
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because the people here are great she's got a diverse group of people working from a range of backgrounds and hollar herself provides great importance in my research projects she has a direction of the field that is able to provide guidance and threw her off those stocks and her ph d. students as well mental. professor hannah is a leading expert and has fields not just in creating artificial ceramic bones but also in developing high tech ways to fight cancer with that c.m. she's developing the next generation of intelligence nano robots that will selectively identify and kill cancer cells these tiny robots can be injected into. their mission to seek out and attack cancerous cells using a payload of powerful drugs. she shares this research with
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a new generation of medical professionals. that have it how allie homes have been. laid to. dr r. i will measure. that as your to sheriff. what we call cause doc position but then. i'll year be. seen. america had. become and we had the. family. that around them at the combine monken to start out our ligament command measure than
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a materials really year. and they're here to serve our. shara him her. will insert. him here envy of having. to. live it farther. in. your path from the line know how to let her art be. mean. i'm an orthopedic surgeon and i've been working in the industry for over 20 years now not on a medical advisor to some of the companies in the industry in australia hala presented this technology to us 5 years ago and we were older sculp smacked it was amazing innovative technology it was something we just had to be part of so we can now with these technology 3 day print in the bottom that you need we can print from finger to fame or we can reproduce any defect that my you could because of trauma we can
11:48 pm
use this technology in all sides of. we can use it in pretty. woman sports. come on can i have that in the family and kept them in every. amount that might have had that to what . that. they had that. hamish is what the d. year here and you know johnny miller has america done and a mature ballad that compact at the really. and above the head feel of a clever deal. and the is a year with. that as a 10 year that i think. pat. quinn the high
11:49 pm
lucky in the. best of all no she's not lucky had who some of. the sort mr him seriously was head. of the new year at this time have. ever be under sex and community we can only see his command it's not easy. or the ability at that or maybe in the highest said. i am. new south wales but it will be australia i that's the kind the howell is $6000000.00 on. and i thought. i was very pleased to attend the ceremony at which harlow was you south wales woman of the year. very proud of her because i have followed her career with great
11:50 pm
interest of the many years and it made me think about things that have contributed to her success and there's a number of the things the 1st thing this intelligence when you're. really is but a lot of people have but haven't but i think it's you know. and will continue to i think the 2nd thing is that she has credible determination and drive she is so focused and she's been able to gather a whole lot of people around her and. bring them along with her in this enthusiasm the 3rd thing is that she has always even from the early stages of her career operated on a world stage and i think it's incredibly important for someone whose research and life is based in australia but it is a wonderful place it's also a long way from everywhere else. that i had to leave. a contribution a lemon that i wished i might add that much best for australia or done come and be
11:51 pm
a family that had some manly men harvard university tired be america in ratcliff institute for advanced study. center one ak command has been harvard's. when madeleine would say feel. bad if she commanded the high fee. as actively sought. but none have a for some time i was involved in this and i think hannah for her current fellowship really and i was very proud and part of that committee where we were reviewing her research up until that point in time what's special about how is that she combines biology and tissue engineering expertise together so she can look at bio and materials and see how they would behave in the body that's very
11:52 pm
important for the future of replacing and tissue and paypal that need this kind of replacement and the world. uk about had enough and the bill was to be corn a vet aware because. you know where the amnesty to how many ad mean we've been at the i mean i'm just a few doman have been. the university is incredibly proud of the way they're proud when her work was recognized with the fellowship at harvard and that set up tremendous connections of course when she was named the new south wales woman of the year by a government where her cheapens were recognized by the king of jordan it's all appropriate recognition of 1st class research but received with a characteristic humility by hala we have to end it. we
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do it. cause life is primarily devoted to her work spending time both. sydney and traveling throughout the world but she also jealously guards her time away from the workplace enjoying her home in australia's largest city. and i believe bear to. about device you see him osama bin jam i wish i was a salmon vs a week end but i'm of the corn mosher that the sydney has a festival. and i should know such fussin been adamantly of the i'm going. to show him over the holiday animated that. a 6 pack has left the ne. ne corner and.
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i'm a looney be. somebody based who. had to confound me. ringback ringback i had a how are you. now are you. have this guy i love those who can speak to one which is. my rubbish day the. deadman. would have to. get around to that. to my and. a. sufi i have. to give back to the society can be australia open or done only in the sense that you can. include
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so much more one who was. thanks. i never had a smile or music here but where i've been to have left of my music and the bees i'm an athlete i love good piano but. to have the because b. and b. and no better i can but the. piano and i love listening to music for the time and ahead of the show on them about find them and the music. came and an abyss in the end that opera house and them. with i did their. best to operate out of and had i am. i continue to have that. fear and. be
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sydney or now that how has that. the scientific achievements a jordanian doctor has and i are remarkable in that they are likely to benefit many
11:57 pm
people bottling serious medical challenges at the same time american athlete after the human eye time which has faced his own battles with similar determination and focus. in quite different place each of them have touched many. hello there we have seen a good improvements in weather conditions across more southern areas of australia that is more rain in the 4 calls wanted to base and he's
11:58 pm
a cloud in the last year as plenty just sitting off the east coast of new south wales and also queensland and then plenty of rain showers across western australia courtesy of psycho killer he is pulling out of the picture but as a state hospital some very welcome rain now they're probably got right now in melbourne is this it is the ag quality it is reach house it is levels peter we want to actually stay indoors it's all the smoke of course from the fire as there is some rain in the forecast and the winds should be fairly light over the next couple of days so what should begin to happen is the rain will begin to push in the winds will change direction and that should mean a gradual clearing of that smoke and all of that haze is a warm day the wednesday 34 celsius in melbourne we've got 28 in brisbane with some good rain beginning to really accumulate over the next few days plenty more rain showers out tools the west 37 celsius the high in perth and as you head off into thursday 35 degrees few more scattered rain showers and then really thought as you can see here plenty of rain blanketing much of the east so finally the rains are beginning to push in that is of course some good news as the melbourne well the
11:59 pm
next few days they'll mix what we've got some good clouds some showers and also a brisk wind in place. big storms generated sounds like maybe angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives this thing has never really been believe. me in the war to even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism is so clear and it sounds to me engineer that with the listening post on al-jazeera. trade tensions could cut global economic growth by north 48 percent we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in what
12:00 am
example china be a drag on the global economy in 2020 counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm known tale of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up . a standoff in sudan's capital shots are fired as former members of a powerful security service protest against their severance pay. european signatories to the iran nuclear deal triggered a dispute to pressure tehran into returning to full comply.


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