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tv   The Stream 2020 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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senate where president obama trumps trial will take place ahead of that democrats have released new evidence adding context to the charges that trump asked ukraine to investigate his political rivals while withholding military aid it puts pressure on the upper house to allow new evidence and witnesses in any trial speaking of trials a prominent cambodian opposition politician standing trial on treason charges came soaker arrested in 2017 accused of collaborating with the u.s. to overthrow the government of long time ruler. and at least 61 people have been killed in an avalanche in pakistan administered kashmir search and rescue crews are looking for several others who are still missing soviet winter weather has led to the deaths of more than 130 people across both pakistan and afghanistan in recent days so that the headlines here in al-jazeera the stream is next. to 0 we were told that russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen
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what is the proposal of spain. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter which is it. ok and your in the stream today. and get this information campaigns that are surrounding them as always we want you to join the discussion if you have questions for i guess don't be shy you can also will twitter 'd or on each. as a stray as wildfires continue to spread so does this information there has been fake news conspiracy theories on social media and even claims that the fires were the work of 200 arsonists while trolls have been behind much of this mainstream media outlets such as rupert murdoch sky news and the a story
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a newspaper have also been criticised for their coverage all of this is especially contentious in a country where climate change has long been a controversial topic that often figures as an election issue to help us understand more about this in central victoria than bottom she's a writer activist weekly columnist for the guardian australia and in also norway the time he's an energy and climate science communicator it's good to have you 2 with us i just want to get your initial reaction to how severe these bushfires are catan 1st of all how would you describe it what would be the headline you would give where we are today. totally unfamiliar this scale in the magnitude of the fires themselves completely unprecedented that is may different ways that you can measure the sort of thing but of course when it comes down to it you sort of have to move past the numbers which are all setting credible records and think about the things that you hear so i moved away from australia
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a few months ago but of course i have a lot of friends and family back home and i'm hearing things and learning of things that just seem completely died have no real way of understanding them the venue that i got married out with severely damaged in possibly may not reopen in the future the place where i went on my honeymoon the main street of the town mostly burnt down places that i've holidayed and loved all of my my whole life has been really severely impacted by these fires so of course i look at the numbers and the figures quite a lot that what has played out has been that every single person i know back home has been in impacted in some way. than when i was getting ready to do the show and i asked him bush lies and they will be now what did he say tell i haven't they everybody's fate now and the time is right like the cause of the fire is now just
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part of our day to day reality the time that you keep hearing is the nearest charlie normal my partner and i went down to the shops yesterday we went with mosques on i'm getting facebook ads for a bit of quality emma my 78 year old mother who lives in sydney which is a 1000 kilometers wife from a chaise under instructions to not leave the house because the amount of smoke in the impacts on her health that's the shot is coming up of my partner and i with our masks on trains who are terrified about the safety for their children in the high smoke environment mill that was covered in highs yesterday and kept on ride like devices that we know that a social media to us in australia at the places we visit on holidays and for weddings and places where people live in communities i live out in central victoria this is now just part of how to die law of the need to eat it in a walk about for us earlier we said show us where you live so we can see it so this isn't news for us this is you walking around your neighborhood when
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a player you mean i never heard yet play the video and then talk us right here yes . why are we now so i'm like a couple of hours from melbourne and i mean the highlands so i'm in quite a sight of the country but you can see the impact of the dryness and hate and just looking at that's pramod and that's prime farmland and way used to in australia living through some is by the cross coast brown but we're not used to living through some is that a side potch to or to and so hot the grass is going yellow and then watch in some of this footage follows walking you could hear the grass literally turning to dust under my face because it's so dry and that highs in the distance that's not me east that's nothing romantic i'm watery that's smart and that smoke from fires which are a couple of 100 kilometers away and this is the problem the smoke is everywhere we're living that this perpetual cloud that has untold public health impacts that
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is severely because highly people's quality of life this trial in art than one of the biggest tourist events in the country is taking place in melbourne at the moment and yesterday the apply is literally dropping in fits of coughs to the ground and part of the problem in a stroller is that the use of climate denial and the why makes about the climate have been sated so comprehensively by an organized political movement means that we're living in the strange reality where the effects of climate change are all around us we live it we are literally in this trying to canary in the coal mine fading feeling all of the predictions about the hate about the dryness about the lack of water the bush flies the team to box continent that we live on and yet all of the economic impacts to tourism to events to yesterday we got the warning that so many farms have been affected by the fires that we're looking at
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a likely 50 percent increase in the price of vegetables the impact on the local honey market. but i just want you to take a pause because there's something that i need to do in and for me. this is almost unbelievable because you. are telling us these these details showing us the pictures we're looking at the newspapers and then for me it's almost mind blowing that there were some people were saying well these fires weren't cause because of climate change they were caused because of a new a whole series of rumors let me put this together 1st of all in terms of the climate deniers all let me say the bush fire denies the reason why the bush fires started i'm going to show our audience the kind of conversations that are happening in the media in australia and i'd love you to pick up on it let's have a look i'm concerned that climate denial is moving into a new phase one that i call climate denial denial and it takes 2 forms one is that
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groups who have a historic record of denying climate change such as the starting government in the murdoch media who have never denied climate change and the other is that they're downplaying the link between the catastrophic fire conditions that we're seeing in and climate change and over emphasizing causes that have not changed at all such as arson which is always existed in australia and saying that that is the cause of the bushfire crisis that we're saying this is fight can use in fact are only 24 people have been arrested for suspected arson in new south wales and 0 in victoria so that doesn't explain how arbitrary 1000 homes have been destroyed in this crisis because that is 70 years of communicating your job is to make sure the public get the fact why is this happening in australia right now this is a natural disaster. so back in 2009 this really severe that in
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australia they were fed serious black saturday and many many people died in those fires and a similar debate sprung up back then a decade ago or in fact one new school columnist suggested that greeny should be hanged because she was blaming them for contributing to the conditions that resulted in that in the severity of that 2009 bushfire what she was saying is that environmentalist as a part of have opposed reducing fuel load so that's when you burn off parts of the bush to reduce the amount that during an actual bushfire now that mame sprung up in 2009 and it's kind of stuck around since what we've seen with these fires is everything that happened back then has is happening now times 1000 so the os an element has has come into it as well where people are kind of scrambling for an alternative explanation that doesn't involve climate change and the theory goes that there is an increase in the quantity of us and that is what is behind the
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severity of australia's bushfire season but something that's really important to mention here is that this sort of a sub theory underneath that which basically contends that eco terrorists this sort of often to refer to are trying to fake climate disasters and so these people of the awesomeness that a lot better lighting fires so to me it's quite a massive escalation so of course denial of this type specifically around bushfires the climate change has been around a while but this something new and severe about this particular time and i think that's that's really worrying and it's particularly it's quite offensive like it feels really insulting and horrific to hear that in 6 of course you know. well this is the thing i mean the the terror as the decent summation in australia at the moment is that it's actually quite well organized whereas in the past you know there's a big emergency catastrophe
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a lot of for him is go around as somebody who watches the internet and is part is that sort of ongoing conversation of the internet to vittie it is quite obvious that the distance from narratives have spain organized prepared and sated in order to cope with the political implications of the cross' you cannot imagine the liberal of climate to noddle that influences our stride in politics the liberal national coalition who are ruling government essentially won an election on a nobody's job will be lost nobody's industry has to change we can still get these wonderful well paid jobs in call mining and i don't want to abandon what has been very successful electoral narrative for them and the way that our political system works where majorities can be put together by appealing to geographical interests in communities and particularly all the call community right in australia is a big part of this strategy so guess what we say now with the skype coding that
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there was an excellent pace that kind that yesterday from a pollster cold played a lawyer who identified the patten that when the prime minister and the government is very weak that's when we say very targeted attack and distance from i should to prop up the leadership we sort of meet that hide they wake missed and it's just everywhere than take a pause to time and i'm going to make you to what we promised that you would ask questions people wanted to ask you questions they were on. you tube right now so card to $992.00 says climate change is not true but the reason for the fire is at animal casualties are man made. quickly quick response that that ok so. i think that what the. it is referring to is the decisions around during reduction so that's when you remove the fuel that i mean that i mentioned earlier so it could also be referring to the arson being but of course when
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something like this happens it's not a single event there are many different factors so you've got the thing that starts a fire as the other thing that makes it by spread really quickly and you've got a lot of things that makes those fires have a big impact on our lives property animals etc so it's not a single thing of it it doesn't have a single cause serious really important to tease that out i don't want to leave you out have and so again back here on you tube we've got james asking why is the world media ignoring the effect of the file an aboriginal people i've seen whites and animals to include koalas kangaroos snakes and vegetation is i really asking where the aboriginal the native australian in this conversation and if i say just indigenous australians have been a large part of the climate movement in skun tree for years and certainly there's been extensive coverage from n.i. to they would choose national indigenous television and many aboriginal writers and scientists contributing to the discussion about climate change is
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a present reality in indigenous communities because climate change is affecting the relationship of traditional communities to their land and important thing to acknowledge is that far stretch management in australia has millenia old history from aboriginal communities using fire in order to reduce fuel load and clear the ground and manage forests and what is particularly just outraging about the disk information that climbs this may not back burning a physically leaves near a forest that has been managed with fire recently like that is not the scar of the bushfires there are a forest management fires taking place every year you can apply to do one on the internet in culturally sensitive. areas with large indigenous communities there's an interaction between government services in indigenous communities around those practices and to hear that you know the greenies is stopping the burn offs in the greenies stopping it is an outright lie and confronting that is the most
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frustrating part of the whole discussion that we basically live in the silence of what is taking plies there are traditions by still around forestry management with fire that part of our lives forest reality and yet the myths dominating reality there's a really good piece by piece and he's an indigenous writer in australia and he talks a lot about how you can understand modern climate change denial by understanding australia's history if sort of dealing with rejecting information so of course culturally in australia there's it there's a bit of a refusal to deal with its ugly past and it and so australia as a whole has some experience in putting ideas out of its mind as a collective now i'm not sure that this is going to be maintained particularly well through 2020 i think these bushfires it had a really big impact on everybody but it's a really good perspective in terms of understanding how easy it is for people on
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mass to start thinking about something and kind of just stop lying about it because i can i ask you to do some time of science for around bushfires because i know you have a lot of facts your fingertips for instance is it possible for that to night man and clouds and that and that to actually also stop the push last cool explain that bit of the face of the bush by science. an article popped up on my feet earlier today hand it said that australia is bushfire is a very science fiction. and that really it's something that's been going through my mind every time i look at the facts of the science in there and the daughter about these bushfires is that it reads like a fictional novel and those clowns that you mention so well when it went to push really hard it creates this these things called pirate convective clouds what that means is that because they cloud forms and it has this thing called dry lightning
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so it's not raining but there is a lightning occurring in this cloud that has been formed from bush by a smoke and that lightning can start a new push by is now that sounds on the nose to me that sounds like something that i would read in a in a novel in the year 2000. i have trouble reading that and thinking that i'm reading a scientist talking about something that is actually happening in the place that i call hard but it is happening on a level that hasn't happened before in australia so you can actually measure the occurrence of these pirate he would have formations and of course like many many other dot of points that we used to try and look at these fires and understand how they manifesting it's happening far more than we've ever recorded in the past so that is a really big problem and it's part of it sort of illustrates how these fire is not something that very easily managed so of course as ben mentioned australia dedicates a lot of time to managing fire and understanding bushfire what has happened is now
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in this fire season is that they have changed shape they've become bigger and stranger and more terrifying and it's going to take time to even understand the way that they are now but it holds the climate is changing and the bushfires manifest in australia will change as well let me say this is make a fire as he says that the time they using is the main. the fire where the fires actually converge into these like 40 foot walls of slime and no one firefight is forestry manages governments has ever seen anything lockers let me you mentioned government plan and you have done for this conversation very important have a look a this is a tweet here this is a tweet about your prime minister and the fire response because as we've got mega fires in australia the response has got to be mega so looking at the fire was once here you've got a canoe or tweet it's fighter why that's
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a reference to him being on holiday when some of the bushfires were at their worst forced time shake so we get to that in a moment as gets the cricket is that so it's not being very complimentary to your prime minister but it's not just one man who's got to manage that it's your government van how do you rate them how are they doing. the job done by the federal government and the government in yourself whilst this bank conspicuously poor and there has been considerable political fallout from what's going on because a back i said before liberal national coalition is very vested in climate denial as an election winning strategy and this whole promise that nobody's life has to change can i be knowing that has to be one of them and i'll be an election winning . because of what he has to put out they have because we have single met member electrets that i geographically so if you're from a call community and someone is telling you and infamously this is happened in
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australia where a group of environmentalist got into a convoy during the election and drive out to. the saints in queensland typically resource based communities whose industries have been in decline with these very high unemployment and essentially like shit everybody on how call was bad and wanting jobs was bad it's a very tricky conversation talking about transition and talking about the economic outputs of climate action and what that's going to maine and how they will be winners and losers in that conversation it's nuanced and it's difficult and bringing those communities we fear requires a lot of time and sensitivity to their social and their time and the time sensitivity that feels like it's a really good point for me to just i need to share a little moment of your prime minister when he was going around and this is what leaders do showing that empathy and this is what happened about 2 weeks ago have a look have a listen. i mean if you're there or
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you know you don't. know where you're going to shake your hand if you get more time exotic then that may be because you know. we need something. we need in our town. a lot to go over that again well right not well at all. no our narrow political upticks times that we have down like a lead balloon in the local me only i'm trying to think of the plight of despair i caught me on that to your prime minister. the funding that is really important a time can you run with that how much money do you need to fight a mega fire magnifies what do you need what was also a student to curing this bushfire season i saw headlines in the national broadcaster that basically just said we can't defend this town we you have you all have to leave this town and we you have to abandon your homes because we do not
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have the resources to fight this fire so the question of how much money you need to fight these fires is is really really tricky because these a new disasters are certainly of this scale of them is completely unprecedented which means the amount of money that you need to fight them the amount of time and effort that you put it to understanding them that all leads to increased significantly it's a real problem for scott morrison because by doing that he acknowledges that they are near and that they're extremely dangerous and extremely impactful and of course in doing that he would be considered to be publicly accepting that climate change is the core reason that these fires have gone that they've been intensified now that is a long running problem among members of the current government asserts the liberal national party being too strong on climate change has led to the demise of a few of its leaders because there are members of the party who really don't like to hear that and particularly having strong emissions reductions policy that leads
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to actual emissions reductions that is something that leads to privatise this getting knocked up their perch as well so what i want to i want to round on 2 things that you found that really stood out from as a straight and as a science you know that there is a bush crises and what is remarkable for here and i'm going to prompt you from your twitter page here a strain is scones fires truly scary and i a satellite image look at this though when i was saying here that's an. so you did that to satellite from him already 8 steer stationary satellite a sort of flies directly above australia and i've been i've been to massive you know i like download that data from that satellite all the time and i visualize things and of course this time i wasn't having fun at all it was it was horrifying seeing my country just sitting there like a piece of crumpled up paper that says that smoking in the wind and of course it
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really shows that this is a planetary thing the smoke from those fires is about to traverse the entire world and looped back into australia so it's a good time to take a pause because i still want van to beatus tell tell us what is them the most remarkable thing that you say in knowing bushfire has was the most remarkable things in the season. they're just moving so quickly i mean we've got an evacuation notice at our house for a fire that was 10 kilometers away because the combination of drawing mist in the wind and the haze mains that there is no hurry siphon it will i had a friend who was sheltering on the beijing by inspire with a tray children who had to consider whether she was going to evacuate in a car because if i had told the man that i couldn't get out a friend's father elderly man lost his house in his disinvited town there are now people who are living in chicken coops because there is no housing another friend's parents almost lost their house they were part of the crew to the transportation
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with the navy had to come and rescue people from the baits in carts we are seeing images of small children under red skies with oxygen masks on and we have to deal with the fact that we are in a new disaster area that our country has changed a continent is vulnerable and al what's happening here is a warning to the rest of you hold climate change is not about tropical temperatures and long summer holidays it's about absolutely unprecedented devastation and the latter is a global community take that seriously we are all on battery real data joshi thank you so much to a strange talking about their study in bushfires the magnify as i am from a journalist state and a communication perspective thank you for being part of the program you'll see me online always at 8 a stream thanks so much. to. big
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stories generally sounds like media angles in this story are too numerous for comfort with different angles from different perspectives things never really being believed. money in the war to even separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the johnson is so clear and the chance to see and hear the spokesman with the listening post on al-jazeera. a journey of discovery. which is the cool of a letter to germany dressed ground. 0. traces of family links to the regime. is fascism returned to
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italian port freshers in the family. this letter. found. on al-jazeera. we live in a digital well where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but what can this technology bring to a nomadic existence my fat's travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge to design a map to help the him the tried in their daily lives can you really be done. fly facts one for nomad amount to 0.
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sedans a transitional government says it's quelled a revolt by members of an elite security force in khartoum but from doha everyone i'm kemal son summary of this is the world news from al-jazeera tens of thousands of people have been evacuated more are being urged to flee that's a volcano continues to erupt in the philippines is also the u.s. senate to set to take up an pitch print proceedings against president trump is the pressure builds on the upper house to call new witnesses and food insecurity in
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haiti is increasing with people struggling to feed their families without help from aid agencies


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