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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. who are. russian warplanes strike at the heart of syria's in lib province despite a cease fire deal that was supposed to protect civilians. along down jordan this is obviously a live from doha also coming up iran's president says his country is enriching more uranium than before the 25th the nuclear deal but dialogue with the international community it is still possible. the u.s. senate prepares to swear in the judge and jurors for donald trump's impeachment trial. and in the philippines all eyes are on the tile volcano that's forced
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thousands from the. russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on it led syria's last remaining rebel held province at least 21 people have been killed in recent days that's despite a cease fire that was supposed to have started on sunday but what helmets rescue group has recorded more than a dozen violations of the truce. reports. the damage caused by one of several airstrikes in the northwest province of a planet survivors trying to salvage what's left. emergency crews combed the rubble to recover the body of a child. not the other civilians were among the casualties in it with city. is that of a did it give us your point that. afternoon it lip says he was targeted by stroke
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or 23 jets they hit the industrial area and alcohol markets must of those hurt have serious injuries. in a nearby hospital friends console a father grieving his son was a ceasefire which started on sunday was shattered on a one step below 6 i was in syrian and russian jets attacked it that city as well as several rebel held town was the ceasefire was brokered by turkey which supports the rebels and russia which backs the syrian government's 9 month offensive thank fighters linked to al qaeda are the strongest forces in these areas home to around 3000000 civilians according to the u.n. close 240-0000 syrians have been forced from their homes and it lives in the past 10 weeks the kremlin says it's targeted rebels who've attacked civilian government
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held areas and what's supposed to be a so-called deescalation zone i russia and turkey are reported to have been a go she to be a sample isman of a secure zone for the displaced during the winter and russia has announced humanitarian corridors have already been established to allow people in its lips to cross over into government held territory it's unclear how many have chosen to go. with a yawn al-jazeera. now facing pressure at home and abroad iran's president says dialogue is still possible in a televised speech just on rouhani insisted he wants to prevent war but he also said tehran has now surpassed uranium enrichment limits set down of the 2015 nuclear deal iran's accusing europe in using to u.s. bullying for triggering a dispute mechanism that could reimpose u.n. sanctions on tehran. when the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal we contacted the other parties and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however today we in terms of the nuclear
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power we have no limit we are in a much better situation compared to before the deal our uranium enrichment today it's much higher than that stipulated in the deal we had signed we cannot sit. there bundled their obligations we will reciprocate. joins us live now from the iranian capital tehran president rouhani says iran has now surpassed the enrichment limits set out in the 2015 deal was he saying this now and what sort of message they're trying to send. well it was a very defiant message by president rouhani now we know that iran has been phasing back is cutting back its commitments in regards to that 2015 nuclear deal that started last year it's been in 5 phases the last phase was early january now according to that deal they're not allowed to enrich uranium 3.67 percent we know
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that it's over 4.5 percent we know that they're not allowed to stockpile uranium more than 300 kilograms we know that they've exceeded that but iran has been very clear and transparent about this that they've said that the europeans are not sticking to their commitments as part of that deal so iran has slowly been reducing its commitments and it's less commitment was early this january where they said that they are no longer restricted by those commitments in the j.c. that 2015 nuclear deal but also president rouhani spoke about the state of the economy he said that we accepted the risks when we started that reduction in commitments yes it has been difficult but the economy is working and again a very defiant message saying to the world that yes we we are reducing these commitments but iran is willing to talk at all these reductions are reversible if the european countries come back to their obligations to that deal and also he's saying to the european countries that they need to stand up to the united states because the united states unilaterally pulled out of this deal under donald trump
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and imposed sanctions on iran and these sanctions have hit iran's oil sector the banking sector and the economy and he accepted this that iran's oil exports have been reduced but the economy is still working according to president rouhani also the swedish foreign minister linda and has been speaking and in sari has been speaking to british media this morning and she said that the e 3 countries are trying to force iran and the united states back to the negotiating table and back to the j.c. nuclear deal but she rejected the idea by u.k. prime minister barak johnson that iran should negotiate a new deal under donald trump but she did say that sanctions on iran have to be eased are to us a big. thank you. well turkey's president says the deployment of turkish troops to libya has begun early this month the turkish parliament approved a plan to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli it's been
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put under pressure by forces loyal to the warlord honey for half ton fighting resumed on wednesday after a cease fire agreement ended following failed peace talks in moscow with mahmoud of the white head is standing by in tripoli will be speaking to him in a moment but 1st let's go to saddam cacio who is live for us in istanbul turkey saying it's deploying troops to libya what does this all mean. well there are actually turkish military presence in libya is there actually turkish military advisers have been on the ground in the field in libya for a wire at least for a year and recently we have we how witness that at least 35 troops were sent there were deployed to libya for again military advisers status but we know that the defense secure to deal signed between the d.n.a. u.n. recognize governments in libya and turkey requires sending troops for a military training and equipment for for the u.n.
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recognize government according to my sources at least 250 turkish military troops will be there for military training to train the jna forces there but of course the other troops the they say at least 2000 troops are needed in libya again for this military training and others however. the military deployment is being done partially and yesterday turkish defense minister said that a change in number of our staff turkish military staff is currently advising can leave via defense security cooperation office as stablished in libya this is what the turkish defense minister is that so currently there are troops noncombat mission who are training and advising the jna or adjustment possibly there in istanbul sometimes to the let's cross over now to mahmud up the warhead he joins us live from tripoli mahmoud so with troops actually very already what is this change on the ground. we have noticed over the past few
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weeks that the turkish exist military existence and in the form of troops or advanced weapons on the ground with along with the government forces have achieved change on the ground remember that thanks to this turkish military existence on the ground have sort of forces have been trying over the past few months to get into into the capital city center but they have not so far because of the turkish military existence as i said in the form of troops or advanced weapons remember that the government of national called said several times that. the quest therefore should request it sent to turkey to send troops and weapons because it's the government says it is the only libyan legitimate institution virtual of that legitimacy it can request officially from another government military assistance
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and that's the same what president said in several occasions he said that we we will not mind to send troops and weapons to libya as long as we receive an official request official invitation from legitimate government remember during that the government of national accord said several times that if have to as a legitimate. leader is that a good unofficial mercenaries from russia from african countries like sudan and chad then the government believe that it is their right it is it's right to. to request help from another legitimate government as long as it's defending itself and also its facing the aggression by have to its forces on the capital tripoli but on the one had in tripoli thank you. yes president donald trump is set to stand
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trial before the senate on impeachment charges the presiding judge that was sworn in later on thursday trumps accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress is only the 3rd president in u.s. history to face these proceedings has more now from capitol hill inside the us are the articles of impeachment documents accusing president donald trump of abusing his power in obstructing congress the 7 newly ordained impeachment prosecutors follow democratic members of the house who will argue that trump should be removed from office the president is not above the law he will be held accountable he has been held accountable he has been impeached the senate's reception of the articles marks the beginning of the trial phase of crimes impeachment the $100.00 u.s. senators will soon be sworn in as jurors with arguments to begin next week republicans hold the majority in the senate and their leader mitch mcconnell has
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boyce strong opposition to the impeachment if the senate blesses this unprecedented and dangerous house process by agreeing to complete case as the objective basis are enough to impeach a president. we will almost guarantee the impeachment of every future president of either party or the house like that bird trump is only the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached he denies the allegations that he withheld u.s. security aid to ukraine in order to pressure ukraine's president volodymyr zelinsky to announce an investigation into joe biden new evidence continues to emerge in the case on tuesday impeachment investigators released text messages and notes from an associate of trump's private attorney rudy giuliani get the lewinsky to announce that the biden case will be investigated wrote the associate who had been dispatched to ukraine and in a letter addressed to the president of ukraine giuliani says he is acting with
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trump's knowledge and consent witnesses may tell the truth and witnesses may not tell the truth documents joe generally like whether the new documents or potential new witnesses will play a role in trump's trial is an open question the president's defenders say no the polling shows the majority of americans think the senators should hear new evidence in order to have a fair trial the senate is on trial as well as the president does the senate conduct the trial according to the constitution to vindicate the republic or does the senate participate in the president's crimes by covering them up. at least 4 republican senators would need to agree to open the trial to new witnesses that's possible but the odds for conviction and remove all are much steeper support from 20 senate republicans will be required to make that happen but a historic trial of
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a president is now guaranteed heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. are about to change is an associate professor at lancaster university in the united kingdom he says the best the democrats going to hope for is the trial will reveal damaging information about trump and the one up to the election republicans are going to fall in line and they're going to follow mitch mcconnell and they're going to follow the other leaders and how they vote quite frankly these are not autonomy . senators as it were they're they're part of a larger political bloc and they're going to follow the guidance of the other leaders so the best the democrats can can probably hope for is some sort o. smoking gun though it does look like if they had a smoking gun it would have come out when the house was was debating this and if they do flip it would be with the approval of the of the leaders they would just make that decision in their own offices that would be something that would be coordinated among the republicans as as
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a whole so if that if that were approved the leaders would be pretty confident that that evidence and those witnesses would be too too damaging to do to donald trump who certainly is going to be using this trial in the actions of the democrats against them in this 2020 a lecture. time for a short break here now to 0 when we come back we'll look at the economic cost of australia as a president and bush lies in his. own and polarized while the arts and become a battleground for the country's political divisions more on that stay with us. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across japan over the next few days your weather conditions will be deteriorating and that is
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because we have a system coming in off china into the open waters we do expect it to really start to develop as a stronger system as we go into the weekend so the rain will be increasing across riku islands here on friday also down here towards of soka expect to see more rain by the time we get towards the afternoon hours still quite chilly at about 8 degrees but as we go towards saturday that system really deepens we're going to be seeing some windy conditions snow the higher elevations as well as a lot of a coastal storm surge especially on that south easterly coast and for tokyo that means you can receive the weather as well over the next few days really intensifying particularly as we get towards saturday so becoming rainy as we go towards friday rain at times on saturday with some very gusty winds as well and on sunday we do expect to see some better weather conditions where the temps are there a lot 9 degrees well here across india particular up here towards the north and also into nepal the rain has been on the increase over the last few days and the snow particularly up towards the himalayas has been increasing as well we're going
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to be watching this very carefully particular up here towards katmandu it's going to be a mix of rain and snow feel with a temperature of 13 but new delhi better weather conditions at 17. when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration you. are insane. there are tactics that can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confessions on al-jazeera.
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welcome back if you come out of our top stories here on al-jazeera russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on deadly syria's last remaining rebel held province at least 21 people have been killed in recent days is that despite a cease fire but was supposed to have started on sunday. iran's president says his country has now surpassed the uranium enrichment limits set on the 2050 nuclear deal statement comes just days after 3 united states that one party to the deal launched a dispute mechanism which might bring more un sanctions on iran. until his president says the deployment of troops can be has started to happen so with that being sent to support internationally recognized government in tripoli is fighting forces go into the water with police i have time. now warnings of another volcanic eruption in the philippines a forced thousands more people to abandon their homes towns may the to al volcano
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devastated by falling buildings have collapsed and evacuation centers across the tongue of problems are almost food out as there was jamila and going is that a university has been changed into an evacuation center. we've spoken to the site manager earlier who told us that they're around 3000 evacuees here already and that there are many more supposed to be arriving but they are moving them in different sites it's important to know there that there are at least a 100 over a 100 evacuation sites across the provinces of but. well now the situation here although it's getting crowded a little difficult is manageable we're seeing a lot of aid coming in from different. since their friend groups bringing in much needed food blankets clothes and medicine there is also a daily supply of water beyond the physical discomfort here we've spoken to civilians to see it is the agony of waiting that makes it difficult that is because
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alert level is still at the 3rd level for which means the hazardous eruption is imminent so they're not exactly sure when they can go home because they had to leave everything that they worked hard for behind their children are unable to go to school so now this is exactly what the national government is asking everyone to be patient because what they need to do is to ensure that when that has or disruption actually strikes almost everyone is ready out of the 14 kilometer danger zone the world's 2 biggest economies have signed a deal to ease their trade war china has promised to increase u.s. imports and strengthen intellectual property rules in exchange the u.s. we removed some tire of some chinese goods but as mike hanna reports it's an initial agreement and most tariffs remain in place. it was another white house ceremony crowded with how to members know make this an executive from a large u.s. corporations president trump hailed the deal as remarkable. today to
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take a momentous step one that has never been taken before with china toward a future fair and reciprocal trade as we signed phase one of the historic trade deal between the united states and china together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for american workers farmers and families . the sentiments echoed by china's signatory to the deal. draw me down war for. china and the united states with the larger picture in mind have taken a serious approach to our differences and work to manage them or appropriately reaching the phase one try to greenmount it is good for china for the united states and the world the reality though that this is just an initial deal and many problematic issues of us china relationship remain on address i think that it has
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moved the needle a little bit with with china and it has made some progress but at the same time i don't think that it achieves the fundamental structural changes that are going to need to happen for us. the u.s. tech sector in particular to really feel comfortable for president trump's political opponents insist he's being outsmarted by his chinese counterpart i greatly fear that president xi is laughing at us behind our backs for having given away so little at the expense of american workers farmers and businesses the administration in order to get a deal at all costs before the 2020 alexion has thrown the american worker and american business overboard and they're going to be the ones left to face the consequences and that's the smiles and celebrations the awareness that this is not an end to the trade war as it is at the stage merely
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a truth. by kind of al-jazeera washington. hong kong's leader carol lam says the city's autonomous status could last beyond its 2047 expiration date but she stressed that the one country 2 systems model can only be preserved through loyalty to beijing for 5. i think there will be enough grounds to believe the system can move ahead and there will be no change after 2047 so to fully implement one country 2 systems we need to preserve the foundation under one country and respect the differences under the 2 systems we have to uphold the principle of one country and only by doing this one country 2 systems have the chance to move forward smoothly there's been a 2nd night of violence on lebanon streets over the government's economic policies security forces fired tear gas at protesters in the commercial heart of beirut dozens of people were injured banks have been restricting access to accounts and blocking transfers abroad and frustration is growing of the lack of action from the
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government. now the economic cost of the bushfire emergency in australia is soaring $3.00 and a half $1000000000.00 is the latest estimate as jessica washington reports now from new south wales food farmers are among the many devastated by the disaster. it's summer in a stray and this orchard would usually draw hundreds of visit has become to pick their own fruit this is just one of many small businesses devastated by the bush is almost old trees were destroyed by flames the trees were uninsured and it cost the family about $1000000.00 to replant them and repair the damage my parents had in the business for $35.00 yes and yes it takes a bit of. much. the 1st. many farms around australia had
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already been suffering through the relentless drought and this bushfire season has just made this situation so much worse but the financial impact of this natural disaster won't just be felt on farms it will be felt around the country this is a longest bushfire emergency. and. the most severely affected areas only account for about one percent of the economy but the disaster is having a global impact. of tourism coming into this country people are already cancelling . costs associated with the. nation analysts have downgraded forecasts one of his biggest banks westpac estimates it could slash half a percent from economic growth already there are around $1000000000.00 worth of insurance claims and the government has committed around one and a half $1000000000.00 to rebuilding infrastructure but it says they could be more
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money if it's needed. scientists say the push by season has been exacerbated by climate change and that's put a strain these leaders under more pressure to raise targets to reduce carbon emissions but coal is one of his trail is biggest exports and prime minister scott morrison has said although policies could be involved he won't engage in what he called reckless job destroying targets the government has indicated there may be a formal inquiry into the fires including any role climate change may have had in sparking one of history's most expensive natural disasters ever just in washington al-jazeera built in australia and now yet another dire warning has been issued on our overheating planet in the us oceanic and atmospheric administration both say the past decade was the hottest ever recorded scientists say the arctic is warming 3 times faster than anywhere else and extreme weather will become more common if
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the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions reduced the political divide between the right and left wing in poland is mirrored in the arts world much has changed since the end of communism almost 30 years ago conservative attitudes are often at odds with more liberal thinking not just in politics but on stage as well in the baltic porter. reports. the treat the cold night in good danskin thousands of people paid tribute to their form a man. who'd campaign for the rights of migrants was murdered on stage at this very event a year ago. this year's fundraiser here part of a national charity drive raising money for hospital equipment it was dedicated to. it used to be shown live on public television since 2017 it's only been carried by a private channel. this event's been going for nearly 3 decades but in recent years it's become controversial for some people here in iowa it's just one example of the
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culture wars being waged between liberals and conservatives. the head of one regional councils actually refused to take part in this year's fundraiser claiming the event had become political deceit was supposed to be in on our 2 ma it has spent who was more there i also have it she's widowed now a center left member of the european parliament and campaigner against hate speech what she made of that maybe they are not aware bad in day or sell of there is a lot of hate there is a lot of maybe disappointment in daily life and a half. bad idea but as we sing in the air by here we have a new. record we gather more in law senate. some polls sympathetic to the ruling lower and justice party see the charities found. as
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a left wing of his politics are at odds with traditional values. it's a view shared by today's cruise joint school who hosts a current affairs show and public television. using. his liberal attitude as expressed in his motto do whatever you want at the same time he supports very problematic issues like abortion and euthanasia which are contrary to the current government's vision. and that struggle for control over poland's cultural space is now moved here in this. between. the. center for contemporary art in warsaw the new director here who was appointed by poland's culture minister has spoken of the art world being dominated by a neo marxist ideology saying he wants to promote artists with other views conservative patriotic pro-family this nomination is the most traditional of power because. she's known for extremely conservative views and.
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he doesn't have acceptance of the art community which will make his mission extremely difficult political landscape is perhaps more polarized than it's ever been with little appetite for compromise that's only likely to make it harder to see the world through someone else's eyes. al-jazeera warsaw. a quick check of the headlines here the russian and syrian warplanes have resumed attacks on syria's last remaining rebel held province at least 21 people have been killed in the libyan recent days that's despite a cease fire that was supposed to begin on sunday. despite international pressure to abide by its 2050 nuclear deal commitments iran says it will continue to turn rich iranian president hassan rouhani his comments come just days after 3 nations that were party to the deal launched a dispute mechanism and that could lead to more sanctions. i want to live in
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when the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal we contacted the other parties and expressed our preparedness to fulfill our obligations however today we in terms of the nuclear power we have no limit we are in a much better situation compared to before the deal our uranium enrichment today it's much higher than that stipulated in the deal we had signed we cannot sit. there bundled in their obligations we will reciprocate. turkey's president says the deployment of troops that libya has begun earlier this month the turkish parliament approved a plan to support the internationally recognized government in tripoli its fighting forces loyal to the war that would lead to have tell. the u.s. house of representatives has delivered articles of impeachment against donald trump to the senate for trial he's accused of abuse of power for threatening to withhold
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military aid to ukraine in exchange for a political favor the child's expected to start next week. the u.s. and china have signed the 1st phase of a deal to ease their trade war china's promise to increase u.s. imports and strengthen intellectual property rules in exchange the u.s. removes some tariffs on chinese goods. warnings of another volcanic eruption in the philippines or forced thousands more people to abandon their homes towns near the to our volcano been devastated by falling out buildings have collapsed in evacuation centers across the town this province almost full. and there's been a 2nd night of violence in lebanon over the banking crisis security forces fired tear gas testers in the commercial heart of beirut injuring dozens of people well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the bottom line station thanks for watching.
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hi i'm steve clemons and i have a question president trump wants to reduce the american presence in the middle east and replace it with nato how would that work let's get to the bottom line. last week during a self congratulatory speech after the assassination of iranian general qassam selling mani president trump made a vague request today i am going to ask dado to become much more involved in the middle east process over the last 3 years under my leadership our economy is stronger than ever before and america's achieved energy independence these historic accomplishment shades.


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