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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2020 11:00am-11:33am +03

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the libyan warlord early for have to heads to greece for talks 2 days before a un backed conference saying that ending the war in libya will. follow him down jordan this is down to 0 live from doha also coming up the u.s. admits some of its soldiers were hurt in an iranian missile attack on a base hosting american forces in iraq. president donald trump's impeachment trial for abuse of power gets underway he's called the proceedings totally partisan. and china's economic growth slows to its weakest pace and maybe 30 years as it tries to resolve a trade war with the united states. now
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we begin in greece where the libyan warlord only for have to is due to hold talks with the prime minister and foreign minister it's all part of the latest international effort to end the conflict in libya athens has criticized this exclusion from a u.n. backed peace conference on libya said to be held in berlin on sunday it says it should be included because tripoli signed a maritime and military deal with its regional rival turkey well on the ground in libya's national oil corporation says its warehouses have been bombed several times during fighting it follows a recent attack on a fleet of trucks revenue from the company is a key source of income for the internationally recognized government in tripoli the violence threatens to disrupt the country's supply of fuel. when the agreement ignores greeks the rights in parts of the mediterranean thought to be rich in
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natural gas giants are open it explains from. general have to visit to greece is a surprise move but very gratifying to the greek side which was pointed lee excluded from the libyan peace talks in berlin this week and the greek side is deeply aggrieved by this because it has a stated interest in the outcome of those talks greece has said that it demands as an element of any libya solution the scrapping of the deal but the libyan government in tripoli signed with turkey last november whereby they demarcated a corridor of water across the mediterranean sea as their maritime jurisdiction but that infringes upon areas that the greeks also claim as their maritime jurisdiction and the issue is very heated because both the greeks and the turks planned to explore for undersea oil and gas in these areas which are enormous thousands of square kilometers of mediterranean sea the greeks have not been invited to berlin
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precisely because of this reason because they have a particular interest in the outcome but that is in congress is what the european union said last december that's when europe sided with greece to say that the agreement between libya and turkey is illegal it produces no legal consequences for the greeks in other words it doesn't it's not binding legally upon the greeks and that it should be scrapped on the contrary the e.u. believes that that agreement creates in security and instability in the eastern mediterranean but clearly there are limits to european solidarity with greece as we're seeing in this weekend's talks so it is going to be interesting to see what general have to agrees with the greeks on his way to berlin presumably his aim is to carry at least a part of the greek message the greek desires to that peace conference. the u.s. military has admitted that some of its soldiers were injured by an iranian missile
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that's not in iraq this month washington had initially denied anyone was hurt the missiles targeted the military base north of baghdad they were launched in retaliation to the assassination of iranian military command a qassam somali and a u.s. drone strike the u.s. says 11 soldiers have been treated for concussion in kuwait and germany well gable end is on that is in washington d.c. he says the troops are expected to return to iraq after the treatment it does not appear to be serious injuries nevertheless this is what the pentagon is telling us they say that after the missile attacks on the base many of the service members were screened for concussions which they say is very common the blast from missiles can cause buildings to shake and rattle and and can cause potentially concussions in people that are even outside of the immediate impact zone once these tests were done on multiple service members that were at that base that needed further
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screening they showed signs of some sort of concussions that were they suffered after the blasts from those missile rocket launches the service members have been transported to a u.s. air base in germany to a u.s. air base in kuwait and they say they're doing further testing the military says this is all part of standard procedure no one is in any sort of life threatening injuries or anything like that in fact the military says that they are expected after the screening is complete to be sent back to iraq so that's what we know now there are injuries or i should say there were injuries that this is the 1st time that it was being disclosed i should point out but it does not appear to be very serious. china's economic growth has slowed to an almost 3 decade low its g.d.p. grew by just 6 point one percent in 2019 that's the lowest since 1990 but within the government's target the world's 2nd largest economy has been stifled by the
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ongoing trade war with the u.s. exporters have been facing steep american tariffs on wednesday the 2 sides signed phase one of a trade deal to ease the tensions china's president is making his 1st visit to me and mom thing is expected to sign a $1300000000.00 deal to build a port in rakhine state well that's where 1000000 miles military is suspected of carrying out a genocidal campaign against the regime get it force more than 7 100000 people to flee to neighboring bangladesh in 2017. struggled to attract foreign investment because of its human rights record well phil robertson is from human rights watch he says many leaders need to consider the impact chinese projects will have on local people. if they're display says we've seen in other parts of myanmar often the package they get is nowhere near what they had before land displacement you know worse livelihoods worst situations for their people i mean that's something
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that the burmese government shouldn't want to welcome by the unfortunately through their projects and working with the chinese government on some these things they they haven't really presented the people with or a better alternative it is a very poor country but you know development has to be done right and have to be rights respecting we've said that there should be the similar to other major international financial institution some sort of package where there is rights in in in incorporated into the project design that there is consultation process sees you know the these things or something that various different groups have fought for for years were the world bank in the asian development bank would china coming on board with these major amounts of money but we're sort of back to ground 0 you know we're starting over again fighting those same battles except with with a new group of major international donors led by an autocratic leader who has shown complete distain for human right so it's going to be a major
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a struggle and it's going to take a number of years the impeachment trial of us president donald trump will now resume on tuesday and leave the princess was sent in motion in the senate on thursday it off to house democrats rent out the challenge is the trump face is he's denounce the trial as a con job by the democrats unsure test a reports to the ceremony laid in impeachment trial a president donald trump is now underway theory the well persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment donald j. trump as abused the powers of the presidency in that using the powers of his high office president trump solicited the interference of a foreign government ukraine in the 2020 united states presidential election john roberts the chief justice of the us supreme court has taken an oath to become presiding officer i do in turn swearing in the members of the senate just to become impartial jurors so help you god. but an impeachment trial under u.s.
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law is not just a judicial proceeding it is a proceeding that is both legal and political with most of the jurists who will decide the president's guilt or innocence being members of his own political party and in an election year there is little reason to believe that republican senators when a vote to remove their own leader from the white house in the recent polling shows most americans expect a fair trial in the senate distro not one rigged in the president's favor the democrats say to get that they need to open the proceedings to new witnesses and new evidence that appear to incriminate trump further the president is blocking and again the american people just about all of them are asking the question what is the president hiding this chamber exist purse. for schussler not a president so that we can look past the daily dramas and understand how actions
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will reverberate for generations so that we can put aside animal reflexes and animosities and coolly consider how to best serve our country now the senate has summoned president trump to answer the impeachment charges it's a hoax it's a hoax everybody knows that but it's unlikely he'll make an appearance it's his attorneys who will plead his innocence in opening arguments scheduled for next week heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. a former aide to donald trump's lawyer claims the president knew about efforts to pressure ukraine into investigating former vice president joe biden and his son president trump know exactly what was going on he was aware of all my movements let us work to the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani and says he personally delivered messages from the president to the ukrainians from supporters say upon us made the allegations as a way of avoiding federal charges which he's currently facing the president has denied even knowing. i don't know part or so that i guess
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a picture is taken which i do with thousands of people including today that i did meet but just better i don't know him don't know what he's about don't know where it comes from don't know think about it. authorities in the philippines are urging those who haven't evacuated from near the top volcano to leave their homes immediately seismologists say a 2nd eruption may happen soon the volcano 1st began erupting on sunday in towns near the volcano a buildings that collapsed under the weight of ash around $54000.00 people are evacuation centers across the tongass province where rob mcbride is integrate a city near the volcano he says volcanic activity appears to be slowing down. we have seen this gradual pattern over the past few days of diminishing emissions coming from they said volcanic island set in the middle of their this volcanic lake the main area of activity is the central crater here we are still seeing clouds of
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steam billowing up and then sometimes more violent explosions of brownish dust and so on but it is a far less than we have seen before you have to remind yourself that this is still classed as one of the most violently volatile volcanoes in the world right now it doesn't seem that way but what we are seeing though is from the emissions of dust and gas we are seeing also things like s o 2 that sulfur dioxide and the volcanic agency here says held a news conference just within the last hour or so where they have said that again they are seeing very high levels of s o 2 which is a clear indicator of magma molten rock being close or near to the surface and when you combine that with the number the amount of seismic activity we are having here is something like 600 separate tremors or quakes that have been recorded over the past few days it all indicates that below the surface there is
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a lot of activity we're also getting reports that there are new fishes or cracks appearing both on the volcanic island and also in some of the villages and towns surrounding this lake that some of the cracks that have appeared have widened and that there are now new fissures which all seem to indicate increased activity in the possibility at least of a further eruption. now does iraq when we come back the taliban. will be live in afghanistan for the government's reaction plus. and we want to be in front to be the president is going to come on the turn of a dictator thousands rally in support of gambians former leader john mcwhorter that stay with us. hello there still plenty of rain pushing in across western areas of europe and then
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central and southeastern areas we have seen relatively dry clear conditions but i say clear it has been about the fog has been lingering all throughout the days this is cos of a combat see the skyline a lot of police in schools up in this as they come very stagnant over the last few weeks and this is in serbia similar sorts of story and no real change as we go through the next couple of days that a slight change out tools the west we've not got the rain pushing into areas of france that'll turn to snow in these high elevations and then we've actually got a little ridge of high pressure just beginning to extend across into the u.k. so the next rain it won't quite make it that all suffered a bit linger through much of portugal spain and across through the bay of biscay pushing into southern areas of france at least a dried a in the u.k. 7 celsius in london what we will see is a fair amount of rain developing in its northern areas of italy so just need to keep an eye on that in venice because it could be quite heavy at times because it could accumulate and then of course he washouts through northern areas of africa
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continued to clear their way eastwards away from libya but quite noticeable on the no coastal area of egypt so showers into karo with a high of 80. when is the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every law going toward layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you're into tension or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a voice for there are studies that support our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for it join the global conversation on how does iraq.
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welcome back eric amount of our top stories here on al-jazeera the libyan warlord and he for have to is in athens where he's due to hold talks with the greek prime minister and foreign minister greece's criticizes extrusion from a un backed peace conference in berlin on sunday. the u.s. military has admitted that some of its soldiers were injured in an iranian missile attack in iraq early this month washington had initially said nobody was hurt when ballistic missiles struck the last that military this. president trumps impeachment trial has begun and the legal process was set in motion in the senate on thursday he's accused of threatening to withhold military aid from ukraine in exchange for a political favor. that the afghan government has rejected the taliban offer for a 10 day cease fire
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a president trump called negotiations dead in september the taliban wants foreign troops to withdraw while the u.s. said a reduction in violence would see its forces pull out in return for security guarantees was a measure of the joins us live now from the afghan capital kabul zain so this is a truce offered by the taliban to the americans so what more has the afghan government been saying. well there and it has to be said in the broad context of an 18 year long conflict a short reduction in violence might not seem like that much but the hope here by the united states is that even a short reprieve would be a welcome thing because talks have been stalled for so long and the hope is that this would have some kind of a cascading effect if the united states and the taliban can come to some kind of a long term reduction in violence some kind of an agreement that would make that possible then perhaps the thinking is by the peace negotiators here in afghanistan in. peace talks are ongoing that that could then lead to some kind of
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a deal between the toilet on and other stakeholders what we've heard from the government in the last 24 hours is that the the proposal in the letter from the taliban to the united states as far as the afghan government is concerned is simply not good enough me is the state minister for peace affairs he's a member of the presidential cabinet here in the capital kabul he was speaking at a local think tank here in kabul and during his speech he said that the offer was quote unacceptable as far as the afghan government is concerned for the stakeholders here in afghanistan what they want for any sort of talks with the taliban is a complete cessation of all military operations by the group a an all out cease fire and nothing less will do as far as the afghan government is concerned and where does this leave then those peace talks and the prospects of peace. i mean that is really the $1000000.00 question being
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asked by all those involved at this point in time the united states knows that it's if it's going to gain any sort of traction in creating momentum towards some kind of negotiated settlement a settlement with the taliban that will allow the united states to withdraw troops from this war zone they're going to need to have all parties involved are going to need to make sure that the afghan government is on side and that's really what we're expecting to see next u.s. negotiators are expected to come to kabul to speak to the government to try to convince them. to take the necessary steps to move forward albeit for a reduction in violence that looks like it will be a short period of time what they're likely to face is criticism by the afghan government representatives here who will no doubt say that any sort of. reduction in violence will simply not be enough what they're likely to point out is that previous attempts of this kind simply have not worked in 2019 during in traffic and
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talks in 21000 just before the united states and the taliban were expected to sign some sort of agreement it was an uptick in violence by the taliban that led to doze deals being interrupted to those talks falling apart and the afghan government will also be concerned that any sort of vacuum you know even a temporary one of u.s. forces on the ground will see a resurgent taliban will see and embolden taliban just as we saw in 2014 many afghans point to that is the beginning of when taliban the taliban began to make gains during a u.s. troop reduction during a large withdrawal of u.s. forces so how significant this step is really depends on what the united states can convince the afghan government to do next. in kabul zain thank you. now iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali harmony is the living of friday sermon in terror on for the 1st time in 8 years thousands of iranians are attending the prayers in the capital which comes at a time of crisis for the country these are live pictures coming from tehran but
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iran still grappling with the assassination of its top military commander qassam sort of money and there is widespread public anger over the shooting down of a ukrainian passenger jet which killed $176.00 people on board. thousands of supporters of gambians former leader john lee have demonstrated in the capital to demand his return john has been living in exile in an equatorial guinea since losing the presidential election to the current leader adama baron 2016 if. they want him back. yeah maybe loathed by many gambians for his repressive 22 year long rule in which human rights organizations believe thousands were tortured and killed but this crowd loves him calling him the builder of bridges they're members of his political party the alliance for patriotic reorientation and construction also known as the a p.r.c. he can come as
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a private citizen and he stands for. he can come to president but most and we want him in front to be the president of this country we see what you've done to this country and in town whole war we've seen it is a. 3 years ago he said he would rule the gambia for a 1000000000 years he was forced out of power into exile when west african forces intervened when he refused to concede defeat after losing the 2016 presidential election it is from the comfort of his farm in equitorial guinea that the 54 year old former president is watching events unfold in his country with many disappointed with current president adam a barrow's leadership you are no supreme leader you want him here among his supporters are nostalgic for the stability that came with his regime and so in a recorded phone conversation to party leaders he says he wants to come home.
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joe may believes he has an agreement to with the african union and west african leaders allowing him to return to the gambia while he may get a hero's welcome from his party supporters victims of torture and those that lost loved ones at the hands of job security forces want to see him back in the country as well but to face justice nicholas hawke al-jazeera. around 50000 people have protested in malawi's capital following allegations that bribes were offered to judges overseeing a legal challenge to last year's disputed election president. not only one reelection in 2019 but opposition leaders are challenging the result which they say was modified by fraud more than 2700 people have entered guatemala in a fast growing caravan the heading to the united states mexico's government is bracing for the arrival of hundreds of migrants on its southern border with what's amala most people say they're escaping chronic poverty or gang violence in honduras
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u.s. president donald trump is pressuring mexico and central american nations to accept all migrants his government is also beginning the process of sending asylum seekers from the u.s. border with mexico to guatemala john holdren is in guatemala city at a shelter where migrants have arrived. more than 2700 people so far have left on door to us and have end to guatemala on a new caravan that is trying to get many of them to the southern border of the united states now there are a lot of them just arriving in guatemala city this is the biggest migrant shelter in guatemala city let me just show you a little bit of what's going on there some people here at the charging their phones to try and keep in touch on the way through if we go a little bit further in we can see that also food and drinks been handed out to a lot of people coming through here a lot of them have been traveling for a couple of days already to make it here from honduras some people here trying on
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some fresh clothes on the way. and you can see people just starting to settle down to sleep here now we've been talking to some of the people that are coming through and basically what they're telling us is that there's a variety of reasons for leaving honduras the 2 main ones poverty this is a poor country a lot of people are in economic problems a lot of people are unemployed and also violence from dorsey's all also a country that for years now has been in the grip of gangs that have been exporting people from that country man i was talking to just a little bit earlier said he had to leave his moto taxi business when the gang just cut asking him for what they called a war tax and in the end they threatened him and he just had to get out so these people hoping to get through mexico and to the united states that might be the problem for them the mexican government under a lot of pressure from president donald trump has said that they will be sealing
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off their border that they're not going to let these people get through into mexico and go through to the united states so that's going to happen probably a couple of days more ahead of them for now they're taking a rest and just getting ready to spend the night here in guatemala city. the power guys government has declared a health emergency over an outbreak of dengue fever hospitals in the capital last struggling to cope with at least 700 suspected cases in the area since october 1 infected patient has been confirmed dead with author which is investigating another 9 deaths that could be linked to the disease dengue killed around $22000.00 people around the world every year. as well as bali currency is now the world's most devalued although it's embattled pop in its government is banned from using u.s. dollars then as well as themselves are increasingly turning to it and reports in the capital. there's something very unusual in this retail store in get access
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prices are all in u.s. dollars the same goes for this shoe shop in the country with the world's highest hyperinflation rate more than 50 percent of transactions are now being carried out in the currency of what the government calls the evil empire it will be a loss of dollar all the government accepted its defeat against the dollar and has allowed it to emerge from the grassroots level in a spontaneous dollar rise asian process it's the venezuelans themselves have come up with this new payment system. everywhere prices are being calculated in dollars but it's complicated i'm negotiating to see if they can give me one avocado for $1.00 all right so we have it below because there's no change. i mean you know dollar isolation is a term that describes the u.s. dollar as a substitute for a country's local currency when it becomes almost worthless as is the case in venezuela but salaries and pensions equivalent to around $5.00 are still paid him
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believe it is which by very little so for a great many venezuelans like the dunya elisa it means more famine than feast all of them said i'm a senior citizen i'm never handled dollars and so i'm in the clouds when they quote me prices in foreign currency. i mean you only see one of them ever got old only in december somebody gave me a dollar and i said oh my how exciting a dollar what can i buy with it. 2 pieces of bread that's all. her children help her try to understand the increasingly complicated system for using the government's crypto currency alternative the petro which requires just some practice. but it's not widely accepted and has in fact spiked inflation those who can race to electronically transfer their believe that is which depreciate by the hour and by dollars on the black market. meanwhile dollars are
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pouring in not just from remittances sent by an estimated $4500000.00 venezuelan migrants but also illegal gold mining drug trafficking and money laundering it's a hard currency free for all but a formal dollarization of the economy is out of the question since american sanctions bar venezuela's government from using the u.s. banking system you see in human al-jazeera acts. now southern africa is facing a hunger crisis on an unprecedented scale that's the verdict of the united nations the un's world food program says $45000000.00 people there are in urgent need of food aid that is only as hard for the $500000000.00 it needs to respond to the emergency it's been in drought flooding and economic hardship. half of zimbabwe's 50000000 people face chronic food shortages with zambia
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a suit to and the media also badly hit. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al-jazeera dot com. took a quick check of the headlines here in al-jazeera the libyan warlord anything have ties in greece to hold talks with the prime minister and foreign minister it's part of the latest international effort to end the conflict in libya athens as criticizes exclusion from a u.n. but peace conference on libya set to be held in berlin on sunday john psaropoulos has more from athens. general have to visit to athens is a surprise move but deeply gratifying to the greeks which was pointedly excluded from libyan peace talks in berlin this week and the greeks have a stated interest in the outcome of those talks as an element of any libya's solution to the scrapping of an agreement reached last november by the libyan
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government in tripoli that is the opposition to general haftar us government with turkey but u.s. military has admitted that some of its soldiers were injured in an iranian missile attack in iraq and this month washington had initially denied anyone was hurt the missiles targeted the base north of the capital there were no words to retaliate to the assassination of iranian military commander kasem somaly in a u.s. strike the u.s. says 11 soldiers have been treated for concussion and q 8 of germany. china's economic growth has slowed to an almost 3 decade low is g.d.p. grew by just 6 point one percent in $2900.00 s. the lowest since 1900 but within the government's target the world's 2nd biggest economy has been stifled by the ongoing trade war with the us. china's president is making his 1st visit to myanmar and she's in pings expected to sign a $1300000000.00 deal to build a port in rakhine state that's where me and miles military is but of carrying out
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a genocidal campaign against the wrecking the force more than 700000 people to flee to bangladesh in 2017 struggled to attract foreign investment because of its human rights record iran's supreme leader is delivering on friday for the 1st time in 8 years thousands are attending in tehran how many began the service by paying tribute to the money that was killed by the u.s. more than 2 weeks ago he also called for unity in the face of widespread public anger and the shooting down of a ukrainian passenger plane which killed 176 people who are well those were the headlines the news continues here on the al jazeera after the street station and some of. their own we were told to get to the ministry of ration has this been addressed by we listen what is the proposal. for. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0.
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days monday the day it might be a little harder than the usual. because saturn is about to go retrograde saturn is a planet of discipline and structure and having to just go with the growing so rather than focusing on so much the outward story like this writing you to heart you have to listen to your in authority you get it try to touch with your discipline i'm sam reynolds and astrologer and you are in the stream. and i'm listening to my inner authority it's unclear when human beings started looking up at the stars and planets for guidance solace or comfort. as old as humanity itself but something a lot newer that digital age has started a global.


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