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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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in the global income the same amount is iraq. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian fell again and this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. lebanese riot police used tear gas and water cannons hundreds of anti-government protesters march on parliament. fueling the conflict libya's oil output is cut in half after wardle khalifa haftar orders a blockade of 5 major oil exporting ports. airports in the u.s. start to screen passengers from china as fears grow over the spread of a new virus. and cyprus pleads for help from the e.u.
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warning that it's a breaking point as thousands of migrants stream in seeking asylum. and in sport tennis well number one ashley barty has won her 1st title of the year and winning the adelaide international. opening round slam tournaments. we begin with breaking news from lebanon where police of firing tear gas and water cannon protesters who are demanding a speedy resolution to the country's financial and economic crisis these latest pictures from close to the parliament building in the capital beirut hundreds of protesters are involved in running battles with security forces the demonstrators are angry over plans by the ruling party to form a government from the current political class out of syria's zaina honda is out on the streets among those protestors in beirut she's on the line now zena how large
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is this demonstration of why is it turned violent. well what we've seen really over recent days are more and more incidents of violence. a outside the parliament building where a few 100 protesters gathered and they tried to break through a security cordon that was set up outside parliament building and. security forces who in turn responded by firing tear gas and water cannons to try to disperse the crowd. clear whether or not this will be easy to see a because more and more people are think it down. really which has been the epicenter of the protests which is now in its 4th month people are growing increasingly frustrated impatient the anger is escalating
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you mentioned the politicians the political class in power they have been bickering about to divide shares in their next problem it's said of listening to them on the streets people want to in the pen government a government that will govern the country over the elections because people have lost trust. they have. a belief that they are responsible for mismanaged think the country they believe that they have been corrupt all these years and a the 3rd is that the country is the world and at the same time the government has a providing services. is only growing like i mentioned 4 months of protest actions in the streets in recent days we've seen code test action parent violence today outside parliament building a few days ago outside a police barracks where people who were involved in protest action were painted and
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the night before that the protesters. vented their anger towards banks blaming really the banking sector and the central banks for the financial policies that led economies collapsed as you say to these protests have been ongoing for what 4 months now in the early days of the protests i mean they really were quite big large protests huge numbers of people out on the streets how many people we seeing on the streets today there had been quite a sort of a lull if you like in the protests of late why has the police violent well yes for a few weeks and people you know that there were another a number of reasons for that 1st. it was a holiday season a. so it was a rainy storm that kept people away from the streets some people got. out because they had no other choice they rely on t.v.
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when just in order to pass and there were others who were driven away from the streets because of violence they were attacked by a people who support this is mainly sectarian parties is the power. it was announced that a week of great protestors are calling it. will begin where protests 6. escalate and once people heard that the politicians in power are refusing to give up power and are arguing among. tearing the ministerial portfolios that the government this is really what triggered a the anger at. a the recent escalation a we're seeing now. sail the line for us i just want to bring in the voice of chile who is one of the protesters out on the streets of beirut right now tell us 1st of all what's going on around you
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5. i mean i can hear me. 5 i will try to get to me in just a moment these are live pictures from beirut right now as to what i was saying. here we go to mayor can you hear me it's a very and. yes i mean i don't think you know you what is what's going on around you right now. the cranky the 1st or 3rd time this leads or if you will meet or worse might just where after being. bombed by a few eyes tear gas bombs so do you most testers flew for a few meters and on. running away from my house and we had also been there have been no one suggests that i also had the protesters 'd right he says i'm not talking an hour or so. we saw a few cities also being pulled out from the city and could own back. the words the
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police next to the parliament. anyway i'll be sending them if you see a gun far has been known i'll send the protesters are now running more to learn the area martyr square next to. a garden. a lot of army trucks that have just flown to the area some of these for more security reasons because quite angry everybody is. not just in a panic mode but there is a lot of anger in the cities especially as the escalation of the 9. things happening is very expected that the huge number of people over here. and educated by the police as i write in so i fact already on. what's happening with me you said the people are angry they say the part of this is this this week of rage these demonstrations but but how did the violence begin was it was it the
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police that the attack the protest was 1st all over the protests out to what to rile up the police to protesters where it's not the 1st message we're trying to reach the the parliament square which is close by just told us and the police had used a census measures as lens recently added in order. looting barbed wires and 5 some of the protesters from moving in there were a few crackers on the front lines and going back to let me buy the top of the few things you want to get and then the protesters were fighting back with going to reduce that and other. other methods they had between the city. army and use of the. second everybody who was coming in early on and making sure they didn't have many of their also protected of years so the but the stars are now come up most of them had come in with 2nd years but there are scenes we call coming in
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from measured by the protesters who are being there but they're protecting us we're thinking being taken away from them man many thanks indeed for describing the scene for us that means to a who's one of the protest is out there on the streets as you can see the streets. in that part of beirut choked with with a gas play seem to be firing at these gas canisters quite liberally around and using a water cannon against protesters al jazeera saying a honda is on the line now she's on the streets in beirut where are you right now if i don't what's going on around you. we are trying to reach a the streets where the parliament building where this heavily fortified 9 area around parliament building but dozens and dozens of people are arriving so it's very difficult to make our way through a scene like this but it seems it's over the past few days where 6 police are being
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accused of using excessive force against a 5 a a. when. dozens of people were taken to hospitals to see the media workers that were beaten up by the police but the entire 6 security forces are playing we are protecting public property we are not. we are protecting public property and we want d. protesters a to live d or to try to break through the security barriers we will we will break we will respond by force but never gone more service on 3 has not kept people away from the streets it's just i think people more and more angry than. the state but the short while ago saying if you are quote a peaceful protest or not one of the infiltrators is how they put it then leave the area so as not to catch her so there is
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a lot of answer there is people are becoming poorer people are losing their jobs salaries has been cut in half banks have imposed controls on how much money you can would call people can 9 access or savings and there because it even their salaries there's a cost about the dollars you can with. not more than a 100 or $200.00 depending on the bank and there's also a trap of how much you know that if you currency and american currency yes the official tax still stands but in the black market because of the supply and demand the local currency has lost more than 50 percent of its value. but not with purpose . top closed businesses are closed but the economic dire and if you're come out. what they're probably going to argue all by themselves are who are going to get what bit of your portfolio and that's why the free ok senate
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will let you get a little closer to the epicenter of those protests for the moment that many thanks indeed al jazeera correspondent. in downtown beirut on her way to the area around parliament which as you can see is choked with tear gas right now the streets where the police have been using to canada appears to be something of a standoff at the moment. we will keep monitoring the situation in beirut closely here at al-jazeera we'll take you back there a little later in this news hour. in the meantime let's move on to the latest of the developments out of libya the country's state all firm has been forced to close 5 of its eastern ports they've been under attack by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar it's expected that the move will result in the loss of $800000.00 barrels a day of output meanwhile in less than 24 hours all eyes will be on germany's
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capital berlin where a peace conference is set to take place world leaders have been working diplomatic channels extensively in the hope that. the un recognized government of fires. will both attend turkey's president juan is the latest politician to voice his opinion and head of the conference in a column he warned that if the libyan capital tripoli was a fall to have it would become a fertile ground for other rebel groups to keep backs the government as recently as a ploy troops to help against forces. in just a few of us we'll take you live to berlin where al-jazeera. is standing by ahead of the conference on sunday 1st of all let's go to tripoli al-jazeera mahmoud of the warhead is standing by for us right now the oil ports then have been closed since friday the state oil company has declared force majeure what's going on.
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well it ran and in less than 24 hours the libyan dinar has lost about. 10 percent of its value compared to hard currency is b. because of the blockade of the terminals and oil exporting ports in the east of the country the united nations' support the mission in libya has expressed concern over the blue kade of the installation and it's sad that the. must not be part of the conflict and there and no see that the state of the national oil corporation must neutral away from the current of the conflict that's going on now remember adriane that. crisis that happened in
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libya in 2000 and late 2014 the beginning of 2015 was because of a defeatist blockade of the 5 oil terminals in the east of the country by a leader of a group called brahim of gibran and that that calls libya and to actually over $100000000000.00 in 2016 according to the libyan central bank now as you know that the oil revenues are the backbone of libya's national income and their national oil corporation is stressing that it's now losing about 800000 1000000000 that is a day which is estimated at about $55000000.00 a day a loss because of the blockade as you know adrian that the people who have located the oil terminals in the east. tribal militias in along who are the who
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have. groups and they. i have protested the existence of turkish military troops in the west of the country despite the fact that they were under the kidneys the government of national accord confirms that it's it has the riot to bring. military and weapons military advanced weapons and troops to defend the capital tripoli again it's one of the goals have to us forces aggression now the situation remains very chaotic especially in the east of the country because the n.o.c. says that if this blockade continuous then the contrary it will be on the brink of another financial crisis. for the moment many thanks to right let's go to. 0 is there any kind of unified position among the leaders who are
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expected to attend this conference on sunday. a.g.m. this is perhaps the biggest chance that the libyans have to put to the war because of the scope the size of the key players attending the bullying conference the americans the russians the chinese the europeans and the turks the merit is the egyptians and the algerians for the 1st time so there is this determination by the international community to end the crisis however some of the key players back while the groups in libya which makes it extremely difficult for them to set aside their differences turkey for example backs the journey of the government of national accord based in tripoli other countries like egypt russia france and the united arab emirates back warm or will they be able to set aside those differences and negotiate a permanent solution very need to be the case however we do understand that
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chancellor angela merkel the german chancellor is determined to push for a permanent ceasefire during the conference and also implementing the arms embargo for her those 2 things if they happen that could pave the way to a comprehensive political settlement in libya but valid to me is to be seen whether she would be able to convince all those countries who have been most of the time divided about libya with different agendas back in different rival groups will be able this time to turn that chapter and build a unified stance ok how many thanks did have a better their lives in berlin james moran was the european union senior coordinator in libya and served as ambassador to jordan egypt and yemen he's currently a senior research fellow at the center for european policy studies and joins us now live from brussels good to have you with us. europe appears to have got involved in
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libya latterly why the sudden interest what europe want from libya. well i think what europe wants from libya is what just about everybody else it wants which is the ability and until very recently has been hard for europe to get its act together france and italy been on different sides on the ground. given the 2 warring parties there but now under the auspices of the germans chancellor merkel. a big push is going on to try to back the u.n. plan which should restore some sort of peaceful scenario if you look at the attendance at the conference in berlin tomorrow it's not the 1st international conference there were many others on libya most of them fail but the attendance is very impressive the europeans are sending all 3 major leaders the president of the council the commission and the i representative you have many others you have with
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the c.c. there and significantly the americans are sending the secretary of state might pompei and the national security advisor mr o'brian now that's important too because the u.s. has been pretty disengaged from the conflict for quite some time the presence of high level americans on the ground. could give an opportunity. to try to cobble together some sort of agreement however i think it has to be said that the record certainly on mr have to side in terms of actually going for a peaceful solution is not that promising now we have the closure of the eastern oil ports that looks very much on the face of it as if it's a tactic to up the ante to increase the pressure on the others from mr after make it even more difficult to find a solution tomorrow. somebody will have to call his horses to walk if there's going to be a solution tomorrow and berlin with so many. high profile keep players involved in
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this this conference tomorrow if you were a betting man what would what would you say i mean what are the chances of getting anything out of this what's the very least we can expect. well i suppose the least issued you can expect is an agreement in principle to continue the dialogue on the ground and perhaps to roll over the current not very successful cease fire that simply would not be good enough i mean last week in moscow. there was a failure which in fact may also help tomorrow because the russians were left with a guy on the days after mr have to refuse to sign the cease fire agreement that was cobbled together in moscow last week maybe the russians now want to show that they had influence in the in the country after all the russian mercenaries fighting there on the side of mr hatter and maybe the russians will be able to prevail on mr
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after this time to play ball and to. be serious about a peaceful solution tomorrow so if the russians are there doing that and if the americans on the other side are pushing those one into the europeans get over their internal divisions maybe there's a chance of something happening you ask me what are the odds i'm not a betting man i'm certainly not going to bet on anything to do with events in libya i would say it's better at best 5050 good to talk to so many thanks indeed james more on that in brussels. 3 u.s. airports have begun to screen passengers arriving from behind in china for a new virus that is so far killed 2 people you york's j.f.k. airport along with those in los angeles and san francisco are taking passengers temperatures that are asking them about symptoms trying to says that 50 people have
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been infected but research by london's imperial college suggests there could be more than 1700 cases of the u.s. based centers for disease control says it hasn't seen this kind of disease before. chinese officials have a dentist by this outbreak is being caused by a novel coronavirus a corona virus is a class of viruses that can cause the common cold but it actually can also cause more serious diseases like mers and sars observes katrina here in beijing spoke to us earlier about the government's response to the outbreak. the chinese government they are very much trying to keep a lid on any sort of widespread panic they're trying to say that everyone who is associated with this particular seafood wholesale market which seems to be connecting all the people who have been affected so far have been being closely watched or have been tested and that everything is under control and that they've
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said that everyone who's affected is from is from rouhani and so far it hasn't broken out into other areas now of course the government is trying to do this because we're entering the chinese new year period is not a small city 11000000 people live there and during this period there are about 2000000 trips made across china if there's any panic spot around this corona virus that it could lead to all sorts of cale's so the government is very much interested in trying to spread the message that it is all ok if you have any symptoms get tested because we're not ruling out human to human transmission but at the same time and don't panic and just go about any business that's that's the message so far. well this virus is being identified under a class of viruses that as you heard can cause the common cold but could also be a serious saw as severe acute respiratory syndrome that killed nearly 800 people worldwide in 2003 chinese authorities suspect that the virus originated in the seafood market in the city of will harm it's thought viruses spread from species to
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species chinese officials say that there are no cases yet of it being passed from one person to another there appears to be a 10 day delay between infection and detection made up of the incubation period of a further delay before hospital admission on the show is adult i'm sorry is a senior scholar at johns hopkins sense of for health security joins us now live via skype from pittsburgh when we say this is a mystery virus it's part of a fairly common group is that why are people saying that they've never seen anything like this before. well we had known before that there were several coronaviruses that could infect humans all but 2 of them caused the common cold like symptoms in most people and what happened with this outbreak was this corona virus was one wasn't part of the group that had infected humans before so it is novel in the sense that this is the 1st time we've identified this particular strain of corona virus infecting humans and that always gets people worried because of the history of sars in middle east respiratory syndrome but other but it appears
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as though this virus isn't transmittable from from human to human as it doesn't appear that is widely transmissible between human to human but there is some suggestion that it might be possible we have seen cases in individuals who did not have contact with the seafood market for example cases that are in thailand in japan both did not have contact with. the market so there may be some limited human to human but it's not spreading very efficiently and that's a good thing so where the viruses like this come from coronaviruses are widespread in the animal kingdom and we've seen with both sars and mers that they can spill in from bats into other organisms like civet cats camels for example with mers so we're really desperately trying to understand where this is coming from a nazi food market which animal there there were some environmental samples positive in the seafood section but there are other animals that are housed there so you really as a lot of epidemiological detective work needs to be done to figure out where this
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virus originated that we heard about. screening passengers who are arriving a j.f.k. in san francisco and l.a. taking that the temperature and asking them questions about how do authorities keep a lid on a public health crisis like this and stop a virus like this from spreading. you have to be very proactive and and go spring into action very quickly and we're seeing that right now with all of the travel screening going on with the investigation going on in china so the quicker you can actually understand what caused this virus to emerge and if this is transmitted between humans how severe the infections are the faster you can spring into action and get that information out to the world and public health authorities the better chance you have of stopping it from spreading. this all sounds pretty frightening a people right to be concerned to be worried about this or is there some good news in amongst all of this fear. this is definitely something that people should be concerned about especially public health authorities but there's no reason for
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panic right now we haven't seen this have been type of spread that we saw with sars we know for example that health care workers have not been infected in china and health care workers are sort of the canaries in the coal mine they're the sentinel people who get infected when something is transmissible so it doesn't appear that this will pose a risk to the everyday people and there is a very strong link to that seafood market which has since been closed and clean so hopefully this will be contained and there is a lot of good news in this when you compare it to what happened with with sars so i don't think that panic is warranted at this time. thanks dana bash dollars of that in pittsburgh thank you. we're going to weather update next here on the knees out then media i mean you know today i am being seriously threatened in my physical integrity and that of my family the venezuelan government is accused of paying up to $700000.00 per person to bribe opposition party members plus.
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in sport a new high for the ultimate fighting championship so biggest commercial tool. we call more wet weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean so that means more shallow as creeping their way towards the levant a little further east we have got some more clout added right and snow pushing across iran heading towards afghanistan that wintry mix there sending some snow over the high ground up towards taran for example temperatures no higher than around 4 celsius as that west the weather around the levant system in place as we go on through sunday still in places because i want into monday i asked the most showers along the spells of right developing here at this stage further south across the reagan peninsula it is slushy fine and dry temperatures here in doha
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getting up to around 20 to 23 degrees over the next couple of days come back across the northern parts of africa generally dry for the most part but you notice this weather system here that we have in the western side of the mediterranean that's going to introduce some rather wet weather see go through the next a day also choppy waters big ways into that western side of the mat the cloud the rain there across northern parts of algeria northern areas of morocco and the way some snow over the high ground as well for good measure so we are going to see some wintry weather there over the atlas mountains come down into central possible africa more big showers to come. frank assessments the one thing about these bushfires usage really wiping out the politics of climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school
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board lawyers on 'd a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize an in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of the new iraq of the new conscious and aware youth about struggle against an ethnic sectarian colter inside story on al-jazeera when the news breaks in the moment today the current government has lost the trust of the people they can't do anything because the projects the surge instant when people to be cut by supply work will represent the loft shots for opponents of brecht's it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon documentaries and life moves on air and online.
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hello again this is the news hour from al-jazeera adrian for going to here in doha the headlines police in lebanon are firing tear gas and using water cannons against protesters who are demanding a speedy resolution to the country's financial and economic crisis hundreds of protesters are involved in running battles with security forces the demonstrators are angry over plans by the ruling party to form a government from the current political class. libya's state oh well oil has been forced to halt operations of 5 ports in the east of the country its facilities are put under attack by forces loyal to the border collie for after the national oil corporation says that 800000 barrels per day of output will be lost. 3 u.s. airports have begun to scream passengers arriving for one hand city in china for
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a new virus so far led to the deaths of 2 people that china says almost 50 people have been infected but experts believe the true scale of the outbreak is far bigger . let's go back to our top story now the protests in beirut which have turned violent over the past couple of hours al-jazeera as a whole as you can see is is hours on the streets among the demonstrators later. bring us up to speed with what's been happening there and where you are. well 2 we are in markets where which really is the epicenter of the protest movement in the paragraph. following security forces kind of the 1st the crowd because parliament building was. very far from where we are standing. 2300 meters from where we are. the water levels because of the tear gas protesters have no choice but to move towards
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a more 2 square where we are now running back closer in the street we've seen more and more incidents like this over recent days as anger grows as prostration grows you can see it's very difficult for us to approach at the moment because we're not wearing any gallows nothing but the smell really of here gathered in this whole area in downtown beirut this is the part of the lebanese capital a few days ago there were incidents of violence outside a police barracks where security forces that were holding a number of activists who were protesting the detention of their friends the day before the congress through the commercial district in the capital was a war zone so levanon really the economy is in near collapse and that is why you are seeing this people returning to the streets this this escalation it we are day 5 of the so-called week of rage which activists announced
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on tuesday they promised to step up protest action to force those in power to resign but the biggest question is this are protests like this to be enough to force them to leave power to give up political power which they have held for 3 decades most of those politicians in power were warlords 37 on the civil war so i think it's a war zone the city of beirut though is the euro zone of this conflict this crisis fund security force. how big are these days this crowd of protesters how in number how does it come. those who were out on the streets in the early days of the protests 4 months ago. the early days of the protest movement there were times of thousands of people with
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a nation nationwide protests across sectarian and that's really what made it very very different people from various steps. but no more not enough to fill the balance and the free because. the care you put in a cookie you are still have people to support parties. and the logical memphis for reasons where they benefit from those parties that these the politicians give them jobs especially in the public sector so yes people are calling this an uprising against the political class to take of course the political class which has been in power for decades maybe to leave but there is an equal number of people who seem to think there will still want to support those in power because they either like i told you they either benefit from them or for
6:37 pm
ideological reasons they still support them others are afraid of the alternative because the fever left protest movement has not politically sense of much of an alternative apart from what we want a transitional government an independent government that will govern the country until early elections so there are still a lot of people who are still not convinced on what what this protest action will achieve whether it will just create more anarchy in the country the police have been firing tear gas canisters music was a kind of against the protest is the 1st it's themselves appear to have come prepared for trouble i mean throwing fireworks you can hear them going off and in the background. how did the trouble stop was it the police. the trustees come looking for trouble. but we were watching this live on television protesters were attempting to break a security barrier outside parliament building. in the security forces they were
6:38 pm
throwing. stones and security forces responded good for the security forces also reduced the face like an hour ago calling on what they call quote the peaceful protesters. they do not want to get hurt the internal security forces are saying is that. there are some traitors who want to instigate violence they do not want the peaceful protesters to be the middle of this. but. from other area today the protest action was. called a prologue to parliament they called on people from across the country to get on buses to get in their cars and to converge here. outside parliament square to put the pressure the pressure on the political elite so a lot of people who are here and i must say we are still in
6:39 pm
a few 1000 i would say more than a few 1000. to. do something a lot of people are saying well are peaceful protests are not getting anywhere those in power are not listening to us they're not listening to our demands they're not listening to our concerns we are becoming more poor we are going. to survive we're losing our jobs the unemployment rate is on the rise and the want to push the find their way out of the country but they don't want to do this is you're seeing this in the past few days now we cannot. not discuss what is going on on the political level because 1st of all there is a political vacuum in the country in the. resigned back in october amid a nationwide protest in mid december a new prime minister was appointed but he was appointed by the ruling alliance on
6:40 pm
since then it's been a month he hasn't been able to form a government and the difference to among the public concerns are within the ruling alliance itself opposition parties have already made clear they have no interest in a part of the next cabinet they are saying that they're going to part of this don't want any ministers in the government so not a part of this bickering. that comes from the ruling alliance and they're bickering with the man they appointed they no longer want him so some people who are in the streets today are supporters of the ruling alliance who would like to put pressure on the mound they appointed his son. it's a very complicated picture and that's levanon it's. kerry a and based political system it's very hard for the different sects to come together where everyone feels that they are a part of the nation because when a certain fact feels marginalised then that is where you see them take protest
6:41 pm
action in the street. and say a complicated picture and that's 11 there is a to hold out on the streets in central beirut will be back with you a little later let's bring in robbie corey journalism professor at the american university of beirut he joins us now via skype from beirut rami quite remarkable scenes. in the center of town what do you make of this. this is a real important turning point in this whole prizing revolution revolution as the protesters call it a few days ago there was a pretty clear movement towards forming a new government tessanne the jabs at picked 18 allegedly independent technocratic people to become ministers. and then the protesters discovered that in fact 6 or 7 of these were very close to one of the political parties in the
6:42 pm
in the new government and they were very upset people were very upset that they thought they were being taken for a ride that in fact this new government alleges technocrats was really just a smokescreen for the all the ruling oligarchic elite and the arguments between them as and i said was about who was going to get the share of government portfolios that they expect so the protesters were really upset and then at the same time about 2 or 3 nights ago you had some. small protests just a couple 100 people and how ministry tamera street is like the you know the the oxford street or the regent street of. beirut it's a very famous old commercial center and the people some demonstrators were out in from the central baghdad others were smashing back windows and smashing a couple of a.t.m. machines and this seems to have struck
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a chord with the political elite that the banks were actually being hit as a symbol because the banks have become a symbol for everything that's wrong in lebanon because people can't get their money there in their own accounts they're not allowed to take out. all their money or even much of it i just went to the bank this morning and took out my weekly $300.50 lebanese. which is which is around maybe $200.00 in lebanese you're allowed a certain amount every week to take out from your own account so people have been the protesters have gotten really angry and the political elite has struck back. and so this is a high tension moment in lebanon mainly frustration by all sides that we're getting nowhere and in the meantime. everybody is suffering ordinary people can't get their money and people are losing jobs prices are rising
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. and basic things that people have to do like have medical operations or pay their children's education fees they're having trouble or they can't do it so there's a real real sort of existential fear among many people in the meantime daily life goes on people go to work people. go to their religious centers people go to school but there's a lot of tension and. probably the big change in the last week has been the willingness of the authorities to use force on the street to break up demonstrators only the authorities say that there's they're just trying to stop these hooligans who are going out to cause trouble you say the right of the beginning of that and so you you said that this is a turning point it what way even apart from registering people's anger and as you say causing trouble it. seems that that these protests have come. to you know prepared for trouble in what way is this
6:45 pm
a turning point what can this achieve. well it's a turning point because i think it shows us the continually rising fear among both both parties the ordinary people who are protesting and the political elite that is trying to maintain its hold on power using the formation of the new government which is supposed to be a technocratic independent government but using that to essentially cement and maintain the hold on government the power and privilege that they have had for decades and decades so both sides are really worried about. what's going on and they want to. try to achieve their own goals the for the fear is a turning point is that there's been an escalation and both the protests most of which all of which are peaceful except for
6:46 pm
a few occasional troublemakers who and nobody knows of these troublemakers are. sent by some of the political forces to sort things up or is there just a bunch of young kids who are like in all situations like this to go out and they destroy things but both the demonstrators and the political elites are or are frightened and they're acting in this way but the real the new element is the willingness of the authorities to use force to as they say maintain public order and of course everybody wants to maintain public order one bank machines are being smashed and banks facades were being broke glass was being smashed that's kind of scared a lot of people and people were starting to or maybe even i'm not going to be able to get my city $100.00 a week now if this goes on but today's demonstration was supposed to be the culmination of a week the bangor as it was called the week of rage and people were coming in on
6:47 pm
buses for early. the morning from the north and the south and all over the country so i wouldn't dissipate that we're going to see tomorrow some more large scale demonstrations peaceful demonstrations mostly have been planned it i wouldn't be surprised if they if they call a curfew or something or they prevent demonstrations downtown because this is really scaring people when you get this level i was even though the numbers are relatively small we're not talking of thousands and thousands of people who are shooting each other you probably a couple 100 people who are out on the front lines throwing. stuff at the police and then the police firing back people also were upset by the manner in which the police have put down the demonstrations for 2 or 3 nights ago but still 5060 young people were arrested there was videos of them being dragged in the
6:48 pm
street they were taken to police stations and arrested for a couple of nice people that went to the police stations and faced the demonstrators outside manning to get these people out a few reporters were beaten up and there it's the hospitals that were filmed in the hospital and again none of this was earth shaking stuff but it was quite dramatic yeah and relatively new and that's why you're seeing what you're seeing now perfessor it's always good to talk to you my thanks to granny corey there in beirut thank you for your insight i was there as a daughter is out among that chaos that we've been watching this she is as and what's going on around you right now. well we are in the move from her really a market where her back to her parents they gathered her security forces really think of a very determined look for this area from the president appealing to you for the. people who are in effect me outside the parliament building come.
6:49 pm
storm parliament building when security forces responded with tear gas and water cannons so people are now we're in martyr square tear gas landing close by we also understand at the other side of the square what is known as we are the sort of where outside the government promise there are 2 there are running battles between security forces and protesters. face is that determine. that the protesters are. firecrackers this is what protesters how protesters are fighting back people here really are very very determined and they've come from across levanon they're not just people who live in beirut in the intimate way. and some people. that are among a crowd of protesters trying to find out where they are from and how you know what
6:50 pm
is often a. very very. important that. they have lost faith in the states they've lost trust in the state they've lost trust with the other person who are bickering among themselves on on deciding who gets what minutes instead of solving the economic crisis in the country the country is in near economic collapse for the 1st time in. 70 pounds the local currency devalued on the black market up to 50 percent of the value of the lebanese town which means the forces here how is the. programmer. the purchasing power of the lebanese purchasing power so people can no longer afford it's becoming very very difficult and you heard what rami. access to
6:51 pm
clean up after this their deposits in the bank i'm sorry we have to move a bucket of water too. table could talk and grieve because of the smell of fear of god. so people feel that the banks are robbing them that the state is robbing them from their own money. by their fingers after police and over the past numbers don't feel good yes there was a lot there was a lot for a few weeks there are a number of reasons why there was a brief role in this uprising or what people here if you ask them they call it their revolution basically. your hero. thank you. people holding fix it if. it's can it's them people feel some local media side or the other and why they don't have to work for it so we have to keep moving back we have to keep moving back. yes april. 10th time for 11 on. this is the culmination of a this is a culmination of
6:52 pm
a week of protests and a week of of rage talk us through what has happened throughout this week. well over the past week. i'm sorry i didn't read the book. so that. said if you need some some time that's that's ok i think we let me talk for a while obviously there's a lot of tear gas in the. down there in central beirut and it's very difficult to breathe as it is and how crude trying to move away from the epicenter of those protests were all the tear gas is. it still there's so much tear gas in the air that it's still pretty hard to work to walk. and talk to us at the same time. then live pictures from central beirut.
6:53 pm
excuse me when police have been firing tear gas and water cannons at protesters for quite a few hours now those protesters but the bonding a speedy resolution to the country's financial and economic crisis. hundreds possibly thousands i was saying of people are involved in running battles with security forces at the demonstrators that is playing that anger as we were hearing from rami koori a little earlier over plans by the ruling party to form a government. which is essentially made up of those from the current political plus . it comes at the end the culmination of a week of of rage after that been a lull in these 4 months protests 4 months of protests now in beirut and it
6:54 pm
appears that frustration. is boiling over. it appears very much to the protesters tonight on the streets of beirut it had come prepared for trouble looking for trouble because as was saying and rami coolie a little korea a little earlier that people are so frustrated people are losing jobs the car even access the there are money in the banks the banks limiting withdrawals of cash professor corey was telling us that it been today to withdraw his $500.00 worth of cash and that's all that he's allowed to to to have. for a week. so once again live pictures from down time beirut. where we're looking at here i think of a fireworks being. thrown by. the protesters at the police
6:55 pm
who have responded with tear gas and water cannon and the ubiquitous laser pans that streaking through the sky i mean and lumination need to take guess you can see how much tear gas is in the sky and we called santa bags and we just got. here he's in a couple of a couple of moments before we need to take a break hopefully he has a little clear away you are now. yes. yes apologies adrian as you can imagine it's very hard to speak and breathe freely because of the smell of tear gas that we've been that we've we've been really we're now in the martyrs square where most of the protests. the security forces really really you're seeing a lot of fear gas to try to disperse the crowd to move them away from this whole area it's not clear if people are going to figure how long this morning battles will continue we've seen seems like this over the past few days. and other neighborhoods. they usually last for a few hours before security forces are able to contain the andress in previous
6:56 pm
location security forces did not just use pyrgos and water cannon they used excessive force they beat up for custer's they made arrests and they really came under a lot of criticism by human rights groups that they used excessive force. to disperse the crowds that this really is a message from those in power those and how it has we will not allow you to storm public buildings we will now not allow you to destabilize the situation but living on what is already. the stabilizer of the political back here there's economic turmoil as you can hear the ambulances coming here and then going out to rearm to stand a lot of riot for the. employee riot police were injured during the heartbreakers for students going out to allow them why why are you here oh you've been here you've been here since day one more why this escalation now we've seen you here
6:57 pm
since october 17th you haven't left the street life. because we don't have social justice in this country we have nothing life at this point of life at this point is not it's not worth living if this doesn't change and we are in the common economical crisis our system as. they've they've just ruled their selves how much of a failure there are in every single way we have no ministry working we have nothing we have nothing people are dying but you think he'll think this is this is so do you think that any change can happen there's no no way it's been a it's been almost a 100 days nobody's listening they still forming the same city government please let's not use i'm sorry but this is how it is we don't want to use the cursing word but we did what they've been doing is crime and they've been the criminal is real we are ruled by criminals very word lords they've done the civil war and this
6:58 pm
didn't. doing us ok but do you really think i mean do you have all the support that you need to know there are still new people who support those in power how would you could how you're going to convince them to side with you if order in order that put enough pressure and where we are in an economy crisis everybody's going to get hungry everybody's going to get good leaders soon and i don't have to convince anybody about what's happening today it's clear what's happening who can get a hold of their money in the banks who has electricity right there who has water how can you resist oxygen that we're breathing now how could you read it we've seen everything burning and going down to the ground. and there's this it in the news in the region that we have the delusional people to go out the. but the argument is you cannot topple the result of a parliamentary elections that happened in 2018 from the start where we're where we saw most of the voting is in the trash bins. i have people who can come and peruse people who actually were voted to be m.p.
6:59 pm
and they're no longer in peace what are you what are you promising next i mean they're fighting back what can you do next i mean here with all of your life with all of your friends how do you going to do necessary with people like you cannot stand like this seeing. the people the politicians doing nothing but what we have in. an economy that we cannot we have no more do we have a right we're about to get on with. what you like to do now we are fighting with. you how do you how do you make ends meet doing what you do. we're protesting where you tell us what life is like working in the finite i work there is no more or less have nothing. to lose we've lost everything jobs funnily everything this is a country with 5000 years of history it is an amazing country they took everything
7:00 pm
we have nothing left this is our only option is to go down on the street and ask if. we have to use violence we are fighting a 40 year corrupt government in. money laundering drug trafficking of drugs weapons there's a lot of accusation i know it's not enough i don't know if you live i don't know to say that it is and i will say it again this is the actual reality this is not an accusation never knew that when you just watch this and they're fighting there's no death. they are suffering without collateral damage we cannot win if we don't lose we have to lose you have to sacrifice we have to still have. to stand when you 1st took to the streets i remember you were all chanting peaceful peaceful . resolution and this is what you mean i mean people who worked.


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