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what they are going for that i can see the headlines in the most human way possible . here and i just you know we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. this is al-jazeera. stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes china's fear of super spirit is as it confirms human to human spread of a new virus and the toll climbs again the destruction of davos donald trump to speak this hour at the world economic forum in switzerland as the senate prepares to finalize his impeachment trial the republican leader of the u.s. senate is proposing a quick trial for president trump democrats call that
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a cover up. plus mexico detains dozens of migrants who cross the border from guatemala on their disparate journey into the united states. with the toll is growing for a new virus causing concern around within the past hour china has updated the death toll 6 and says these 300 people have been infected and officials are worried about so-called super spreaders after transmissions between humans was confirmed one man in ruhani where the outbreak was discovered has infected 14 medical staff the world health organization will meet on wednesday to consider declaring the outbreak and international public health emergency cases have now been confirmed in thailand south korea and japan where prime minister shinzo i talked about it at a cabinet meeting. with the number of patients of corona virus continuing to
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increase in china more caution is needed for this reason based on the response policies decided today the ministry of health labor and welfare and other related misses would defer the strength and coastline quarantine images ok let's take a closer look now at this virus it's being classified in a family of viruses that cause symptoms ranging from the common cold to sobs that's the severe acute respiratory syndrome that killed nearly 800 people worldwide in 2003 chinese authorities suspect the virus originated in the seafood and meat market in the city of rwanda it's thought the virus made a species to species jump there's a 10 day delay between infection and detection and that includes an incubation period and a further delay before hospital admission katrina to use in beijing for us and she says you measures are being put in place to try to contain this outbreak. this afternoon we just received a statement from the government saying there are new measures in place for those in
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the city tour groups will not be allowed to leave on cars are being randomly checked for poultry and other wild animals it's understood that this may have come from a wild animal control of and all public buses must now be sanitized on a daily basis and people who have any travel tickets out of able to freely exchange those tickets or apply for a refund so this is increasingly been taken more and more seriously we also heard from hong kong an expert in hong kong who has experience in dealing with the sols crisis in 2003 and he mentioned that there are estimates that there could be more than 1500 people at 700 people with this virus and that up to 20 cities could be affected of course at the moment we only have confirmed cases in in guangdong in shanghai and beijing and suspected cases in other provinces throughout china are also hearing that this virus there might be some cases not only in australia but
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also potentially from this is a major concern for the government and why president xi jinping on monday evening released a statement saying that this is going to be a priority for the government to make sure that the people have a safe and a stable chinese new year we have hundreds of millions of chinese traveling across the country and outside of the country for this major public holiday this is the christmas of china and millions of people going in and out and 100 self is a major transport hub a population of 11000000 people. right americans of the biosecurity program at the institute at the university of new south wales joins us live from sydney by skype it's good to have you with us a critical thing here is that we've seen this now move from human to human transmission what are the risks now involved given that we've crossed that threshold if you like. so when this him and him and transmission
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stand it means that it can spread more easily and more rapidly however it still looks like a mixed picture that the human to human transmission is limited from the data we've got so far that may change obviously with looks you know for example with mers coronavirus which is the last emerging current of a serious corona virus in him and there was person to person transmission but mostly it was already cases that were thought to have been intrigued from animals so. it certainly doesn't look as infectious as influenza at this stage immediately of course we cast our minds back to the sars epidemic what are the lessons to be learned from that and can we draw a direct connection to what we've seen here the spread of this corona virus and what we saw with sars. yes so it's
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a related virus and it's causing a similar clinical syndrome. and the lesson the biggest lessons we learn was pretty epidemics can spread around the world and take off in different countries and that there was a heavy toll loss of life both of. committee members and health care workers during sands. we also learned that these infections can preferentially cause outbreaks in health systems and hospitals so we need to be extra vigilant in detecting cases early in the health system to make sure that you know undiagnosed cases don't infect other people in the hospitals and the other lesson we learned was about communication of risk. both communication to the public to other countries and communication to health care workers to ensure that we can get on top
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of an emerging epidemic as quickly as possible rather there was criticism during the sars outbreak of the way the chinese government deal with this and the lack of transparency you confident with what you're hearing at the moment out of china and are you also confident with the measures that are in place particularly as we've seen this jump not just within china we've seen this jump outside the country to neighboring countries as well. yes look i think that china has come along. and changed a lot of things about the way they handle emerging epidemics they have you know pretty amazing surveillance systems to detect cases. and obviously there's been sharing of right from the early stage so the sequencing of the virus was done by chinese scientists with collaboration international scientists so
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i think it's quite a different environment today compared to. what the macintosh has been good to have you on the program thank you again thank you. the final details of donald trump's impeachment trial will be hammered out in washington d.c. in a few hours the gathering in the u.s. senate will vote a timetable and the question of calling new witnesses the president won't be there he is due to speak at the world economic forum in switzerland in around 30 minutes trump says he's attending the gathering in davos despite the proceedings in order to encourage investment in the u.s. he will be in davos for 2 days where he's also expected to meet several world leaders meanwhile back in the u.s. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has proposed rules for president trump's impeachment trial and they're designed to end the proceedings as quickly as possible trump's lawyers are far against the case against him calling the case
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against him flimsy the 2 articles of impeachment accuse the president of abusing his power and obstruction of justice our diplomatic it's a giant spiders joins us now live from davos and we were just discussing james that we do have this the backdrop of the impeachment trial and donald trump speaking in davos he'll be speaking soon actually what can we expect. i have to tell you start know many people predicting that perhaps president trump would pull out of this at the last minute and council and i was one of them but no these are right here about an hour ago and as you say he'll be in the main order to what's called a special address speaking to the assembled world really come here every year to davos this is the 50th world economic forum in that address and we understand he'll do some remarks as well with the founder of davos on the stage
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so some questions from him but no questions from the press or from the audience why is he decided to come here despite such a momentous event taking place in a matter of hours in washington i think because this plays to his strong suit which is the economy he's among business leaders the one thing the can look to is a relatively good state of the economy right now and particularly in terms of the stock market so i guess assume his advisors have told him this is a place where you can look presidential you can be on the world stage and distance yourself from what's going on in washington d.c. we know though with this president he will have one back on what is going on in washington and i'm sure will take some breaks while he is here to switch on the cable t.v. news probably fox news his favorite channel to watch what's going on with the impeachment trial later on i'm wondering to what international leaders need to
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national community make of this impeachment trial we know that the presidential powers extend far and wide when it comes to foreign affairs what impact is this likely to have internationally at such a critical time of course you mentioned the economy of course we've seen events in the middle east in recent times as ongoing issues around china as well and then the china u.s. relationship what impact does impeachment have on all. well i think everyone is watching it extremely closely remember where we are in the trump presidency this is the start of the final year of the truck presidency or maybe the 1st term of a trump presidency and clearly relations with other powers including close allies are somewhat difficult they all walk on eggshells when they meet president trump they all don't want to put of foot wrong with president trump
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and there are big issues on which they want to make progress and it is obviously difficult with this president particularly for example the issue of climate already in the hole what it ready to listen the president talk about impeachment will he talk about climate we're going to find out in about 20 minutes we have james thank you charles advice live from us there from davos now while world leaders are meeting in davos protesters have been calling on them to do more to tackle climate change hundreds of activists march for 3 days across witsel and to the small town they say those attending the meeting of largely responsible for the climate crisis jonah ho is in davos and joins us live in journal we just heard from john's but he's saying the greater turn berg is there in front and center this year of course is the issue of climate change tell us more. yes the swedish teenage activist credits on byrd very much being given top billing here
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at the world economic forum meeting in davos climate and the environment also the hot topics of this meeting not least because in the world economic forum's annual survey of global risks climate change and environmental destruction were involved in the top 5 risks that the planet faces in the long term this is things like extreme weather events biodiversity loss the bushfires in australia making a somewhat unlikely backdrop to this meeting in the snow and in amongst it all is gretta tom burke in the company of a number of other young activists from around the world who basically open the forum a short while ago this morning with the 1st set piece event here delivering impassioned speeches so the world's business and political elites gretta totenberg telling them that the school strike a movement that she started just 18 months ago now that has grown into a global movement is just the very beginning she said much more needs to be done
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take a listen to the climate and environment is it's hard to talk right now and i'm not saying see young people pushing that of course if you see it from another perspective or pretty much nothing has been done since the global in the sense of c o 2 has not and resists and that is of course what we are trying to achieve among other things. so the world economic forum lauding its own climate credentials talking about how this meeting in davos is carbon neutral using offsets to make it so that is like fleets of electric vehicles paint if you can believe it made from seaweed carpeting made from used fishing nets locally produced food and so on and gratitude here for the 2nd time the 2nd visit to dallas she was here last year we met her last year she was a relative unknown wandering the streets of this pine town with her father this
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year of course she is the world's most famous climate activist she's here in the presence of donald trump the u.s. president the world's most famous into infamous perhaps climate denier but it is gretta totenberg as much as the president if not more that most people here want to see and listen to jonah thank you so a lot going on in the swiss alps and as we know donald trump is in davos off to months of arguments and build up his impeachment trial set to begin in the senate later on tuesday on the show is al jazeera senior political analyst and he's here to talk us through it all good to see you my one given what we're hearing about this trial the senate controlled by the republicans mitch mcconnell sitting down his rules as well which is going to make it more difficult to bring more witnesses introduce new evidence are we looking at a very quick process. so it seems but there's a bit of a there is a bit of
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a hiccup in the sense that yes he wants and he insists on and he's designing the whole process to be quick but in the same time he's allowing certain votes in each and every phase and if the fore. senate squads the republicans many of the moderates among the senate republicans like the senator of maine or the senator of utah and so on decided to vote along with the democrats to bring in the witnesses and the new evidence and so on so forth we can see this thing lasting slightly longer than what it has is that it potentially damaging even though many of forecasting the given that the republicans control the senate that donald trump inevitably will be acquitted will the presentation of new evidence critically new witnesses including potentially people who were very close with him as as we know bolton being one of them. is that potentially going to do damage even if the president is acquitted well look at this point in time there's like almost 3
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different. i don't know schools to say you know in the united i'm trying to find the right word friends. strands one basically says the president has not done anything wrong this whole thing the hoax that's what the president trumps all the time shouldn't even be a trial is what is he said event as a so then there's the other says he's guilty as charged must be brought to justice also or i think what you're talking about is the bigger greater school in the middle that the really will be deciding the next elections is the one a lot of them are saying look he might be guilty but even if he's guilty is this impeachable going to be just censure 2nd if 3 really a lot of the new evidence is relevant shouldn't we be listening to it all of us senators and the american public and i think that's what the 4 moderate so-called centrist republicans are discussing in closed doors the last few days just to see
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whether this is really merits breaking away from the majority of republican senators in order to insist that this is more important and these people and i think a lot of the constitutional lawyers in america not in system or something it's a very simple idea that it was john adams and jim up with more than 200 years ago is this a government. off the people it is a government for the b. people by the people but it's the government of laws and laws must be respected their god this or who the person is a president a senator a congressman or whatever and i think this idea this trend if it succeeds to say this is a government of laws and we want to see if the president respected the law or not if this goes through it will be quite damaging and all of this of course it against the backdrop of this is an election year what impact is that lucky to have if we
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look at the democrats as will donald trump's already branding them the do nothing democrats you know these people who tried to drive me out of office out of the democrats counter that well i think this was what you we're would say enter davos. i think the whole idea of coming to davos and i think it is was very clever to come to davos to say to the democrats are stuck with some little dirty business as it were and on the president and i'm not i'm not only of the president i'm presidential in a not only presidential will be here 2 years after that i wasn't years ago and 2 years ago in davos i told the world why a b. and c. and now i'm going to tell them why i succeeded in a b. and c. why the economy is still working why we are prosperous why we are still open for business and the idea of lecturing boasting to route through the wall business and political leaders not only is it an important contrast with what's going on in washington in us funds trump is concerned it's also an important antidote to what
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is going on what. just put to jones but is a lot to get your thoughts on this is will how does the rest of the world particularly this reach this region see this impeachment trial what how do we see donald trump responding to this because the president has greater powers great to reach internationally in foreign affairs he does in domestic affairs. how does the world see it and how donald trump used this potentially in an on an on an international stage you know generally speaking even in comedy shows the few that they are few and far apart in the region there's a general sense of envy of course and how the contrast is so huge between what goes on in america and what's going on in our region whereby it's very very difficult impossible to put any leader through such process in a can you imagine a c.c. or a monarch or an authoritarian or a dictator being put to such
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a process in the middle east people tend to kill hundreds of thousands of people before it's even posed the question whether they need to step aside or not so i think there's a lot of envy to what's going on america but in as far as the effectiveness of the american president i think it's clear to everyone that the american president is not as as present as he could have been if there's no process that this president will only be interested in anything that goes on internationally in as much as it serves him to win the next elections and he would not get involved in anything he would not waste time on anything that does not serve him winning the next election because we all know that if well. assume that if he doesn't win the next election as his future in america might be quite. well known we could be hearing from donald trump but we expect to hear from him very soon we do we'll get you back to talk about that thank you moments our senior political analyst well security forces are
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trying to clear protestors in iraq as a new wave of demonstrations spreads across the country. in the southern city of basra police officers attempted to remove barricades while in baghdad protesters for back against security forces big rocks and bombs at least 5 protesters were killed in the latest round of violence after police opened fire in the capital monday. joins us now live from baghdad name or just bring us up to date on what you've been seeing there today. well on monday where we saw a lot of the violence take place this where i'm standing right now was the effective line between 2 the protesters and the police and well they've done them skin to move out the way so you can get a better look is they've actually pushed that line further down into a lonely square they've cut off a number of roads leading to that now all throughout the day the police have been
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using told gas they've been using live ammunition trying disperse the protesters in fact a lot of these protests coming out of been telling us that they've seen at least one person killed this morning and that we have no official confirmation on that as of yet but the protest is all very determined they are coming in not in the kind of numbers that we saw on monday but gradually formal people as you can see a walking and others walking out they determine that the message must be had very very very angry that their demands have been met that the prime minister is still in place without him being replaced they call the whole elections which is what they want and also the blockade in the south is still holding 2 the effectively they have managed to cut off the south of the country i don't know if you can head out but that is actually live on the nation being used to try and disperse the protesters so like i say there is the south is still being blocked and the protesters they know in
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a kind of number that we saw on monday but they are coming in but they are being met with live ammunition and just just. one thing to have the determination and the resilience of that with the protesters it's another thing to be effective is there any indication at all that they being hood in the issuance of power and the chinese changes the calling for will ultimately be to leave it. well what are the lot of politicians that we speak to say that the protest is that eisley demanding too much too quickly that they call deliver these structural reforms that they demanding in terms of kind of ending corruption getting job's of people these on things you can change overnight so will the protests is of done is they've template that dumond slightly 2 things that they can achieve which hell and you prime minister only elections however every single name that has been put forward for prime a set as a been acceptable to the protest as so now there's a stalemate the protests is have temp that their demands but those aren't being met
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him run thank you him run john joining us live from bank to have dozens of margaret's from central america have been arrested in mexico off the whiting through a river to cross the border from guatemala as john homan reports from suing that had doll go the migrants had been stop from crossing a bridge connecting the 2 countries sheep market worki you sent here to 2 young children hold hain jasmine a fleeing they say for their lives across a sue cheerfully river from guatemala to mix a card they tried 1st across the board have bridge with a caravan and thousands of central americans trying to reach the u.s. you semi it told us why going in friend the endurance are is eating me thank says come to extra even you have to pale there's again to your head they asked me for half my feller e of the $20.00 a new day i to have to give them 10 and i have to provide for my children i wasn't enough left mates kind of thirty's won't prepared to let the caravan go through the
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bridge crossing together only in small groups the migrants feared that would just lead to deputation so a mass exodus began to the water everyone's now decided they're crossing the bridge or trying to cross it isn't worth it so they're crossing their that's right next to her thing and with a helping hand they made it the thing i did i get the only one i said and i said what good did it do closing the gates if we were going to cross anyway. but she spoke too soon security forces were waiting chaos broke out. i. dropped the rocks out with everything they had and they scrambled up the banks. at the top a race between the national guard a migrants to outflank each other. many people got through or resisted attempts to detain them we saw the national guard push people back but refrain from using
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excessive force. but some tear gas to get into jorge's eyes it was too much for him and. that's what it is now he said we're going back but will try and go again we have to cross whatever happens i need a better life for my children but just as they were heading back to the river a migration agent arrived with food water you and what they might need asylum 13 many criminals in guatemala and her family were taken to a health clinic and then let go. but many were less lucky and hundreds ended the afternoon on the mexican bank of the suit the river john home an al-jazeera see that book. and it's time now for the weather he's rob thank you so number of course being the record has been broken you're maybe not one that you're expecting to be honest if you see the clouds skidding across the top here rather than sinking down into your face because going random i wonder where an area of high pressure sitting over europe that is one of these things that persists the type of weather your way
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which has your persistent fog but the value of that high pressure will. point 5 the highest since 957 this is in london and that's high stretch the way through central europe to die zagreb it's a new record not quite as high but still in the record of course is that sits at the vigil all the other house around the edge and when the most significant parts of it as in the western med recently a stormy low pressure system of the last 24 hours has brought wind and rain extensively to eastern spain and snow of course in the interior on the surprise nice quarter caused a certain amount of damage this is in how the and the prince that sticks out just below that picture there in spades so you know where you might expect if they are with the sunshine a nice bit of a day on the beach you see that that is wind and rain damage now in the next 24 hours this snow will move slowly north as taking the worst fits weather northeastern spain across the pyrenees into southern france that the snow
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accumulation might be cry significant inland to the point we get over a meter and a half is definitely deep into stem rob thank you for that there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including we're expecting to hear from donald trump in just a few moments he will deliver remarks at the world economic forum in davos displaced by conflict and poverty who take a look at the conditions in afghanistan that same main into the ranks of groups in sports 6 years after it was announced david beckham's new team make it onto the pitch. al-jazeera tells the story of thousands of algerians forced by colonial france to adopt obscene family names. words that is so offensive that song can't bear to say that. the burden of ridicule
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that has been passed down through generations. the shame of my name. on al-jazeera. from the family harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time with the park to the time we finished or scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying breed if i don't go by coffee klatch family needs the men who go to the extreme just to make a living god but you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. oh.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories the death toll from a new virus in china has gone up to 6 and nearly 300 people have been infected there is concern about so-called super super it is after transmission between humans was confirmed the world health organization will meet on wednesday to consider whether to quit to clear it and international public health emergency. for the details of donald trump's impeachment trial will be hammered out in washington d.c. in a few hours gathering in the u.s. senate vote a timetable and the question of course the new witnesses for the president won't be there he's at the world economic forum in switzerland where he says he'll interest business leaders to invest in the u.s. . european union foreign ministers have agreed to look at ways to support a long term ceasefire in libya but only if warring parties stick to a tentative truce it could include a monitoring mission and restarting
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a naval operation to uphold a u.n. arms embargo that is tony burke the reporter in tripoli after years of conflict many young people there now see their future away from their homeland. they signal v for victory but these 5 year olds don't really know what it means it was a common gesture in the revolution 9 years ago now it's being used as libya is mired in conflict once again this school in tripoli has been hit 3 times by rockets these children are caught in the middle of a fight between government forces in those led by warlords khalifa haftar and they are learning about death and destruction 50 percent of the $450.00 peoples at this school is said to be suffering. from trauma. with war destruction and indiscriminate shelling this is an extremely hard and difficult psychological impact on the children can see many are completely broken and they have no desire to continue their education. it's not
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a good time to be young in libya life is precarious the economy is suffering and the staples of life of become luxuries and once they finish school the opportunities are limited to as the sky's the limit but in when you kind of live in libya that limit is kind of you know decreased more and more are leaving they prefer to take their chances abroad and stay and face unemployment and hardship at home 100000 students at tripoli university just half of them are expected to find a job after graduation. many have left their studies to fight because the government did not give to the use the opportunity to study in these hard times it's destroyed the future of half of young. men let me make my last year in the middle of no i wish i could leave who doesn't hope for that when a country cannot guarantee you a job abroad they show appreciation that you're educated. there are no official
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statistics of how many of the young educated are leaving but everyone agrees it's not an insignificant number next to achieving a lasting peace here the biggest challenge is going to be how to stop the departure flow of libya's young talent before it becomes a flood. at this intellectual forum they're trying to do that by helping people set up their own businesses much a large. percentage of people feel like there is no hope of them are trying to go. various. departments. but it's very worrying because they don't see if you train. when you get there he was overthrown as leader in 2011 people the young in particular were promised a bright future 9 years on and the children of libya are still waiting tony burke al-jazeera tripoli. tunisia's president has chosen a former finance minister to be the next prime minister. now has gone as one bout
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to form a coalition government but that would need to be approved by parliament it's already rejected the proposed government put forward by the president's previous nominee jim lee. a government appointed commission in me says the army probably committed war crimes against rohingya muslims but not genocide the commission found security personnel used disproportionate force including killing civilians ripe and destroying homes united nations prosecutors said genocide was committed during the crackdown on the muslim minority 3 years ago around 3 quarters of a 1000000 fled to neighboring bangladesh where most remain a former head of into paul's been sentenced to 13 years in jail for bribery in china my home ways trial was one of the most high profile during president seizing things anti corruption the 1st chinese to head the global police coordination
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agency went missing after resigning 2 years ago after his arrest in china he admitted receiving $2000000.00 in bribes while a government minister. thailand's constitutional court has acquitted leaders of an opposition party of attempting to overthrow the monarchy relieved supporters of the future forward party cheered as the verdict was delivered in bangkok the party faced dissolution if convicted and could still be banned in several other cases it faces party leaders say the charges are politically motivated evacuees are still not being allowed to return home more than a week after the volcano erupted in the philippines with the alert level still high more than 100000 people a sheltering in evacuation centers but there are concerns about housing people in the long term millan durgan reports from but tundras province. we're in bali and one of the many towns are bearing the brunt of this crisis more than 8000 civilians
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are evacuated here since the owl initially erupted more than a week ago now and days after we're seeing a semblance of normalcy here we've spoken to officials who say they're doing the best they can to provide the very basic needs that civilians need behind me is financial assistance being given out to residents they're being made to sign their financial assistance record and we've spoken to civilians evacuees who say no matter how small the amount they are grateful because they can slowly save enough money to rebuild their homes medical assistance is also now made available there are volunteer health workers who assist nurses to give out the most basic of medicines and we have also spoken to the evacuees who say there is enough food for now which they pick up from this cooking and packing in food area given out by local workers and teachers almost every single meal but the bigger question now is
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whether the government can sustain this crisis for the long term that is because it will means to be seen just how long will evacuate have to stay here we're getting reports as well that local governments are starting to plan to set up tent cities in many parts of but then this province there's 8000 evacuees and. as long as the volcano is on alert level 4 we will keep them here and make sure that they're safe and secure in our town now these are classrooms which have been turned into evacuation centers and people here tell us where you are the earthquakes continue to cause fear and anxiety here but beyond the physical discomfort people you're tell us they worry about what the future holds that is because many of the evacuees here do not have homes they can return to their homes have been destroyed . right their farmlands have been obliterated this is why they hope there is enough
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funding for them to start over but this by the certain system by the government that there is enough funding for calamities like this one many still question whether the government can truly afford the longer we have been it's been like this conflict poverty and natural disasters forced half a 1000000 afghans out of their homes in the last year alone some families internal displacement has become a part of life across generations and desperation is sending many men into the ranks of groups as i must ravi reports from the western province of herat local authorities are struggling to deal with the crisis. it's in the provincial districts the police are fighting for afghanistan's future where the bodies of members of the taliban are displayed like hunting trophies and reassurance to rural communities that they're safe a warning to armed fighters of what to expect from others going district governor chief but in remote areas of afghanistan local officials know security does not
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only come from the barrel of a gun gaining the confidence of afghan people is equally important difficult in the banks the way other poorest of the poor and really need a lot of help definitely these men have no other choice but to become teledyne criminals or join in insurgent group if they don't find a job we try our best to help them but the insurgents also try their best to easily recruit them despite ongoing challenges herat province is doing better than many other parts of afghanistan making it a destination for people trying to escape the 1000 year long war in their country. this camp's been here for 2 years the men women and children living here fled fighting in nearby provinces to the relative safety of herat but living conditions here are very basic tents are barely standing most people are exposed to the elements all the time there is no medical help and there is never enough food. places like this have become the blindspot of this conflict. unseen and
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unheard people here are angry. he has no idea there is no one representing ordinary people in peace talks with the taliban so how can those talks be successful these people lost their family members but no one even came to show sympathy for them mohammed was born after his family came to this camp 2 years ago this winter the only place he ever knew is also where he died. or donald trump is appearing to address world leaders in the swiss alps right now at davos he's speaking ahead of that this have a listen in with the biggest companies in the world the biggest business in the world and world leaders call for the benefit of the united states we look forward to the meetings why not how this is going to differentiate right from climate change that's a big believer in the environment environment to me is very important thank you are going to be probably i don't think it was the right message.
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here just a few brief remarks there from the president he is expected to formally address the davos for around about now but obviously there's been a little bit of a delay with that when that eventually happens we'll bring it to you and destroyed a government scheme for people with disabilities has created a series of innovations at its boosted high tech startups which hope the disabled take greater control of their lives and their thomas has more from sydney. a decade ago this wheelchair was the height of technology in the disability sector for max bert's it was a life changing innovation but now he's developing his own applying even more modern technology to services but innovation is a website that guides people with disabilities to places they can access this cafe has stairs leading down from its front door useless to people in wheelchairs the app shows an unsigned alternative entrance through an office block being there
1:43 pm
through provides a style where i you're going there for major roles. so free you you could. you care. to share all big story. in time but types mapping apps will integrate information to show wheelchair friendly routes innovation is taking off in australia because of a new tax payer funded $22000000000.00 australian dollars or $15000000000.00 us dollars a year national disability insurance scheme supported by both the country's main political parties grants are given directly to people with disability to spend on the services they need we're seeing investors are really taking this space seriously with the advent of the national disability insurance scheme saying that government is is increasing their spending from around about $6000000000.00
1:44 pm
a year to $22000000000.00 a year it's a it's a market that yeah is really on parallel then lots of wise many startups like those represented at this networking event have flourished technology is at the heart of most pat and glen methods with the help of one of them higher up is an online platform that helps people find hire and manage their own support work it's traditionally agencies would find work as people with this. abilities would have little choice over who they got and that person would change frequently in the us i had no choice in who is supported me it was very disempowering now i have full choice and control not only with who have supporting me but when they come in what we do the platform means people with disability can choose their own support workers based on availability and mutual interests that leads to consistency and often to friendship without technology you wouldn't be out to have this immediate
1:45 pm
connection with paypal so if we grant within 30 minutes got sent a message send a message back and arrange to meet up the next day i started working with technology in the disability sector is often thought of only in the physical realm increasingly services online for the powering the innovation andrew thomas al-jazeera city 2 psychologists who developed the cia's program to torture terrorist suspects are due to give evidence this week at a military tribunal in guantanamo bay it will be the 1st time testifying in open court about so-called enhanced interrogation was than jordan has been. the 5 men on trial for allegedly planning the september 11th attacks were all tortured by the cia before they were moved to the prison at guantanamo the self described ringleader khalid shaikh muhammad was water boarded 183 times now muhammad and
1:46 pm
his codefendant may be sitting in a military courtroom this week when the psychologists who created and then participated in the cia torture program testifying about what they did and why trust this is the 1st time that these men will be talking openly publicly in court about the pattern and practice of being the galahad that they were hired by the u.s. government to engage and james mitchell and bruce jessen were contract workers for the cia from 2001 to 2009 they've always defended working in the enhanced interrogation program in cia secret prisons but after several former detainees sued them in 2015 jesson and mitchell claimed the cia had forced them to keep waterboarding beating and humiliating suspects so they would talk legal experts say in the case of the 911 defendants this is a critical matter to explore really have
1:47 pm
a death by shooting you need to know. what was done to this person what this person did and what was done to them in order to make a reasoned moral judgment about their culpability the 911 suspects statements to the cia won't be used as evidence in their trial and after hearing mitchell and justin's testimony the trial judge could decide to block the statements defendants gave to the f.b.i. once they arrived at guantanamo it's not clear whether the public testimony from the architects of the cia torture program will make a difference to americans 19 years after the september. at the top. al jazeera washington it's been described as a momentous agreement to stop treasure hunters plundering the world's most famous ship wreck the rusting remains of the titanic would be treated with sensitivity and respect so the british and american governments grab permits to explore the rick
1:48 pm
and remove artifacts at least 1500 passengers and crew drowned when the so called on simple liner hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage in 912. is a professor of history at anthropology at shawnee state university in the united states he says the rich has been robbed because it's so famous. the titanic however because of the extreme interest the let's say how famous it is any i to more coverage from mant obviously have a huge amount of value and the wreck had been you know if you will visited and i would quite comfortably use the word pillaged if you will. or a grave for all because it is essentially an underwater grave for over 1500 people
1:49 pm
and this has caused you know a lot of concern for a lot of people so. you know in order to prevent further authorized axes by private or even you know businesses entities etc from continuing to access the site this now places century for the 1st time some sort of lead straight or regulation that permits only. the united states and great britain at least in this case to provide access or licenses and it reinforces what came out of the 2001 can vent unesco convention for the protection of maritime cultural heritage sites. we're taking you back now to the border going on before and in davos where don't trump is now seated on the stage and expected to speak right now just watch the introduction of donald trump course
1:50 pm
a lot of anticipation around disputes he's also facing pitch control beginning in the senate in the united states let's have a listen to what he writes us clausen very special congratulations on your 50th year hosting the annual meeting of the world economic forum a truly amazing achievement it's an honor to address the distinguished members of this organization for the 2nd time as president. when i spoke at this forum 2 years ago i told you that we had launched the great american comeback that i am proud to declare that the united states is in the midst of an economic boom the likes of which the world has never seen before. we've regained our stride rediscovered our spirit and reawaken the powerful machinery of american enterprise america's thriving america's flourishing and yes america is winning again like
1:51 pm
never before just last week alone the united states concluded 2 extraordinary trade deals the agreement with china and the united states mexico canada agreement the 2 biggest trade deals ever made they just happen to get done in the same week these agreements represent a new model of trade for the 21st century agreements that are fair we separate though and that prioritize the needs of workers and families america's economic turnaround has been nothing short of spectacular what i took office 3 years ago america's economy was in a rather dismal state. under the previous administration nearly 200000 manufacturing jobs had vanished wages were flat or falling almost 5000000 more americans had left the labor force than i'd gotten jobs and more than
1:52 pm
10000000 people had been added to the food stamp rolls the experts predicted a decade of very very slow growth or maybe even negative growth high unemployment and a dwindling workforce and very much a shrinking middle class millions of hardworking ordinary citizens felt neglected. betrayed forgotten they were rapidly losing faith in the system before my presidency began the outlook for many nations was bleak top economists warned of a protracted worldwide recession the world bank lowered its projections for global growth to a number that nobody wanted to even think about. has a mizzen had taken root deep in the minds of leading thinkers business leaders and policy makers yet despite all of the cynics say had never been more confident in
1:53 pm
america's future and knew we were on the verge of a profound economic resurgence if we did things right one that would generate a historic wave of investment wage growth and job creation and knew that if we unleash the potential of our people if we cut taxes slashed regulations and we did that at a level that's never been done before in the history of our country in a short period of. fixed broken trade deals and fully tapped american energy that press parity would come thundering back at a record speed and that is exactly what we did and that is exactly what happened since my election america has gained over 7000000 jobs a number unthinkable i wouldn't say it i wouldn't talk about it but that was
1:54 pm
a number that i had in mind the projection was 2000000 we did 7 more than 3 times the government's own projections the unemployment rate is now less than 34 and 5 percent and at 3.5 percent that's a number that is the lowest in more than 50 years. the average unemployment rate for my administration is the lowest for any u.s. president in recorded history we started off with a reasonably high rate for the 1st time in decades we are no longer simply concentrating wealth in the hands of a few we're concentrating and creating the most inclusive economy ever to exist we are lifting up americans of every race color religion and create unemployment rates among african-americans hispanic americans and asian americans have all reached record lows african-american youth unemployment has reached the lowest
1:55 pm
it's ever been in the history of our country african-american poverty has plummeted to the lowest rate ever recorded the unemployment rate for women reached the lowest level since 1009 $153.00 and women now comprise a majority of the american workforce that's for the 1st time the unemployment rate for veterans has dropped to a record low the unemployment rate for disabled americans has reached an all time record low workers without a high school diploma have achieved the lowest unemployment rate recorded in u.s. history wages are rising across the board and those at the bottom of the income ladder are enjoying the percentage by far the largest gains workers sway jews are now growing faster than management wages earnings growth for
1:56 pm
the bottom 10 percent is outpacing the top 10 percent something that has not happened. paychecks for high school graduates are rising faster than for college graduates young americans just entering the workforce are also sharing in america's extraordinary prosperity since i took office more than 2000000 millennialists have gotten jobs and their wages have grown by nearly 5 percent annually a number that was unthinkable nobody would have ever thought it was possible 3 years ago a record number of americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are now working in the 8 years before i took office over 300000 working age people who left the workforce in just 3 years in my administration 3500000 people have joined the workforce
1:57 pm
10000000 people have been lifted off welfare in less than 3 years celebrating the dignity of work is a fundamental pillar of our agenda this is a blue collar boom since byelection the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners has increased by plus 47 percent 3 times faster than the increase for the top one percent real median household income is at the highest level ever recorded the american dream is back bigger better and stronger than ever before no one is benefiting more than america's middle class we have created 1200000 manufacturing and construction jobs a number also unthinkable after losing 60000 factories under the previous 2
1:58 pm
administrations hard to believe when you hear 60000 factories. america has now gained in a very short period of time 12000 new factories under my administration and the numbers going up rapidly will be beating the 60000 number that we lost except these will be bigger newer and the latest years of economic stagnation have given way to a roaring geyser of opportunity u.s. stock markets have soared by more than 50 percent since while action adding more than $1000.00 trillion dollars to household wealth and boosting 401 k.'s pensions and college savings accounts for millions of hardworking families in these great numbers are many things and it's despite the fact that the fed has raised rates too fast and lowered them too slowly
1:59 pm
and even now as the united states is by far the strongest economic power in the world it's not even close it's going to be close but a lot of good things happen to us and some not so good things happen to certain other places they're forced to compete and we compete with nations that are getting negative rates something very new meaning they get paid to borrow money something that i could get used to very quickly love that kind of payback you know how much and by getting nevertheless we still have the best numbers that we've had in so many different areas it's a conservative approach and we have a tremendous upside potential when all of the trade deals and the massive deregulation starts kicking in which will be during this year especially toward the end of the year those trade deals are study to kick in already the regulations are
2:00 pm
kicking in right down. and i see such tremendous potential for the future we have not even started because the numbers we're talking about are massive the time for skepticism is over people are flowing back into our country companies are coming back into our country many of you who i know are coming back in with your plants and your factories thank you very much america's newfound prosperity is undeniable unprecedented in unmatched anywhere in the world america achieved this stunning turnaround not by making minor changes to a handful of policies but by adopting a whole new approach centered entirely on the well being of the american worker every decision we make on taxes trade regulation energy immigration education and more is focused on improving the lives of every day and.


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