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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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sounds like the media angles in this story are. separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism the listening on al-jazeera. china reports the 1st 2 deaths outside the epicenter of a new virus as it expands travel restrictions. follow on sammy's a that this is just here alive from coming up thousands answer a call to protest in the iraqi capital against the u.s. military presence plus. policies in the ivory coast demolish the homes of tens of thousands living near
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a may their fault we'll tell you why and coming up. i'm in paris where the some fashion design is sustainability is more than a fashion statement. but china is trying to take drastic measures to contain the outbreak of a new deadly virus as tens of millions for a pair to travel for the lunar new year the 1st 2 deaths have been announced outside by province the epicenter of the virus and as the death toll climbs more cities are moving to shut down their public transport service is affecting more than 40000000 people scott highly reports from beijing. rushing to catch the last trains before the lunar new year many of these passengers at the beijing west railway station are thinking of the coronavirus i don't think this piracy. properly
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controlled i just came back to china i read a lot of news i'm too med i'm not very satisfied with how the government prevented and controlled the disease i'm very afraid of getting infected i am really afraid of those people were relieved and left handed but i do hope the situation will be improved soon. and those inside the city of will han are becoming more frustrated because medical supplies are running short and hospitals are short staffed many festivals for the lunar new year holiday have been canceled across china and not just in the central province the epicenter of the virus in a rare move the government has closed the forbidden city here in beijing over health concerns related to the coronavirus something they didn't do some 17 years ago during the sars crisis. the chinese government was criticized for the way it handled the sars virus back in 2003 mainly for its lack of transparency the world health organization has decided not to declare the current outbreak
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a global health emergency but there's growing concern over the coming week when the millions of people who have traveled for the holiday return again raising the risk the virus may be spread further by people who are contaminated but have yet to show symptoms scott hodler al-jazeera beijing hong kong says it's investigating more than 110 suspected cases of the virus and thousands of people have been turning up to its hospitals. yesterday we have more than 5000. and yet 10 this. medical bats occupancy rate is 97 percent actually it's quite full but not as full as they picked off the windows or so right now it's just like they thought that but we often we perceive that after he did the chinese the wrong holiday usually there will be further search in the amount of the amount not just from the isolation that but from the other things like the flu symptoms. other cough he sees
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is. well the world health organization says the coronavirus is an emergency in china but it's too early to declare the global one. has more on the international response. but few maci know where ported road they're taking no chances for good reason the people being monitored with the scanners have just flown in from will hand the center of the outbreak. they left before the chinese city was put in lockdown but scenes like this have played out around the world at sydney airport serving australia's largest city many of those flying in from hand on thursday will face masks they knew they'd be screened but there were no reports of illness and they weren't overly worried before we got off the plane and. a few. people braved to be everywhere and when we get out and. a sun some people. tested a fever and asked some questions about your health in the u.s.
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one person is known to have contracted the virus health officials in the state of washington where the man lives so he's well and should be allowed home soon as of now there are at least 16 identified close contacts local health departments started reaching out to them yesterday and continue to do so today and the list of countries with confirmed cases of the virus is getting larger most eastern asia but some further afield the data that we've gathered has suggested you know that this could be a very dangerous virus but potential for global spread in and even i don't think it's going to extreme to say even potential you know for a global epidemic. but i don't think that's inevitable at this point and i and the next couple of weeks will be really important to making an assessment of what the real risk is still the mere possibility needs checks like this at major airports until medical experts know a lot more there's
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a whole series. of questions we have to ask we don't have all of those answers yet we have some of them we knew had to diagnose we increasingly know how to treat people when they get it what we don't yet know is when somebody is infectious and you they pass it on somebody else the next few weeks could tell us exactly how much of a threat this corona virus poses worldwide the al-jazeera. thousands are rallying in iraq's capsule against the u.s. military presence this is baghdad right now people are responding to a call by. the he controls the largest bloc in the lower house column and earlier this month m.p.'s passed a bill asking for the forces to leave that was in reaction to the killing of the top iranian general costumes for their money and the u.s. drone strike in a baghdad airport non-con is in baghdad he says the protest has swelled one of the largest in recent months. whether there are a 1000000 people hey all know it almost doesn't matter. how it managed to get his
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message across that he wants all u.s. presence out of iraq and he's got these people behind him now they've come from all over the south of the country many people have been bussed in to show support to the very influential shia cleric now this is a rally that's likely to have been planned for a while. either meeting with key shia militia leaders over the last few weeks to join discuss what they would need to do to put pressure on the government to get rid of u.s. troops and u.s. presence in iraq now they decided that something like this would be the 1st way of sending a message. the message is very clear like i say it's about getting rid of u.s. troops however this is a government that's in turmoil there have been ongoing antigovernment protests
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since october this. quite separate from those protests and there is a caretaker prime minister prime minister. now he hasn't been able to put any pressure on the us indeed what the us has said is that we have at the invitation of the rockies we're going to start. there are muslims are welcoming a unanimous ruling by the un highest court ordering the unmount to take all possible measures to prevent genocide against remaining in the country the international court of justice also ordered the government to preserve all evidence for a possible trial me and ma says it's taken note of the ruling they've bachar courts from the hague. myanma stands accused of one of the world's worst crimes the genocide of its own people the case was brought by the gambia on behalf of dozens of muslim countries their very. creamy. risk of genocide on
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thursday the un's highest court agreed to deal with the case it also unanimously agreed to impose an emergency in order to prevent more violence the ruling compels me on mass forces to end all acts of genocidal violence including murder rape the burning of villages the prevention of access to medicine must also preserve all evidence ahead of a very complicated genocide trial with the judgments binding and cannot be appealed must prove it's following the order of reporting back to the courts in 4 months time and every 6 months after the court has ordered these periodic reports and that is definitely a way forward to continue to get information on what's happening on the ground on another order that they that they issued was to the preservation of evidence so that in the future if they were say individual prosecutions that could still happen but indeed they want to see every 6 months what is happening how are you compliance with this order so that they don't lose track of what's going on the decision comes
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despite a personal intervention from myanmar civilian leader aung san suu kyi the nobel peace prize laureate appeared at the court in person last month where she asked for the case to be dropped my requests a call to remove the case from its nest she also denied genocide has been committed and accused refugees of exaggerating abuses. says the raids on range of ellipses in iraq and state in 2017 were legitimate counterterrorism operations around 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the most a minority fled to neighboring bangladesh joining the military offensive against them 3 years ago. the gambia believed was and is trying to wipe out an entire ethnic group all 7000 from different parts of new orleans were present in different cultures and values. within the general.
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cannot be tolerated by anyone in the wall. or hinder. our top priority is just today that justice is partially solve this is a great day for us we will celebrate it took the i.c.j. more than a decade to reach a verdict of genocide following the balkan wars in the 1990 s. it's expected to be many years before myanmar faces a similar judgment if barca al-jazeera the hague well tanveer chose really is in cox's bazaar in bangladesh home to hundreds of thousands of rangar refugees he says while many don't understand the specific legal aspects of the ruling they still feel this is an important step. we can see the fences around us so this is their owing i can see behind most of their own have a sense of hopelessness there and far more restrictions situation now than before the bang with this government imposed movement restrictions there's
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a mobile communication blackout there's no internet and there's a sense of frustration there's more than nearly 50 percent rather of the children they don't have education they have only access to some limited learning center so a whole generation is going to be lost without education they want this to be resolved very quickly this is a breath of fresh air when the heart that this court ruled in favor of them they think this will facilitate it will use as a catalyst to fight for their cause in repatriation but the reality on the ground is there hasn't been much movement as to fail that time. myanmar is continuously saying the issue national very thick asian card which is nothing more than saying that there are a bengali muslims that's all that said where is the myanmar rowing us here saying that we want recognition we want security we want to be called rohingya and that we should be given citizenship we have documents from our generations and that we
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should be provided security there and more and more a louder call for justice this is one of the key demand that's now a lot of the ruling are saying that before we decide to go back so this judgment actually gave them a sense of hope there's something there the international community and i now recognize that there is a sense of their suffering has been recognized by the coach. still ahead on al-jazeera 10 newborns die in one south african hospital in just 2 months their mothers one aunt says donald trump is set to announce his plan for the middle east next week when a key player is unlikely to be in washington when that happens. but . how we got the usual rash of showers across the southeast asia that will be want to see showers coming into the philippines not too bad here more sunshine than was
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the west so weather will be around borneo pushing over into some not some lavish i was 2 for the java from time to time saturday quite a rash of showers and i think if anything there she has become a bit more expensive as we go on this through sunday so we're seeing some big downpours coming through here the possibility of some localized flooding to join up with the showers that we have across northern parts of australia in fact as we go on through the remainder of the month looking at some really heavy rain around northern australia around more than territory pushing across the good parts of queensland see this cloud just diving its way down into the northeast of a new south wales as well have seen some live shot was recently in to west sydney in fact as we went through with us into friday so some really heavy rain lifea thunderstorms big thunderstorms and i want to stay 50 millimeters of rain coming down in just an hour the showers remain in place here as we go on through saturday and further north much of queensland will see some showers as is the case too into
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now china has reported the 1st deaths outside the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak health officials are worried more people could become infected there's millions travel to celebrate the lunar new year that starts on saturday thousands are rallying in iraq against the u.s. military presence clerical that are sort of called on their supporters to demand all foreign forces withdraw earlier this month m.p.'s passed a resolution asking for troops to leave. the muslims are welcoming a unanimous ruling from the un's highest court ordering the in march to take all possible measures to prevent genocide against the remaining in the country in march says it's taken note of the ruling.
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president donald trump's impeachment trial has seen another marathon day democrats of made their case for the 1st article of impeachment over what they call dangerous abuse of power fighting joe castro reports from washington d.c. . with cameras banned from showing the full senate chamber a sketch artist captures the scene 100 senators without their phones barred from speaking and some even looking bored with the process the democrats lead impeachment manager opened the 2nd day of arguments in the case against president trump with a moment of where levity remarking on his audience's silence of course it doesn't hurt that the morning starts out every day with the sergeant at arms warning you that if you don't you will be in prison but then it was back to the arguments thursday focused on the allegation that trump abused his power when he asked ukraine for election interference to his own benefit the articles in the evidence
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conclusively establish the president trump is places own personal political interests 1st he has placed them above our national security above our free and fair elections and above our system of checks and balances this conduct is not america 1st it is donald trump 1st republicans have stuck by the president some calling the democrats arguments repetitive and unconvincing i want the american people to pick the next president not me the president attorneys will present their case for acquittal in coming days arguing trump did nothing wrong and that the accusations against him are not impeachable offenses you still have to meet basic fundamental constitutional obligations and they have to expect to hear more arguments from both sides for the next few days than senators will have a chance to ask questions before democrats make their next big move they hope to
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open this trial to new witnesses only possible with some republican support the question is whether the democrats arguments will be convincing enough to leave the senate wanting more heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. meanwhile trump says he'll release his peace plan for israel and palestine by tuesday the announcement is expected to come just ahead of a visit to washington by israel's prime minister trump says it's a great deal that will benefit palestinians but they've rejected the so-called deal of the century after a series of pro israel moves by trump kristen salome's in washington d.c. looks back at some of those moves. we know that the trumpet ministration has been working on this deal for 3 years with the president's son in law jared cushion our senior advisor taking the lead on the negotiations we know that president trump would really like to deliver on this campaign promises in the middle of an
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impeachment. exercise here in the united states it's an election year and he considers himself a deal maker and he has said that peace in the middle east would be the deal of all deal so there's a lot of incentive from the administration to get something done here as far as the details though don't have a lot of information at this point we know that there's an economic component and a political component to the deal the economic component was announced by kushner back over the summer he said $50000000000.00 in economic development package politically though the united states has already made concessions to israel they recognize jerusalem as israel's capital moved the u.s. embassy there over the summer just recently secretary of state might pump a 0 said that the united states would no longer consider israeli settlements in the west bank illegal all of this opening tradition in the u.s. for a long time international agreements international law these were issues that were
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supposed to be part of final status negotiations in the united states kind of unilaterally moved ahead and took sides with israel now we have prime minister netanyahu talking about and axing part of the west bank and so there's been some speculation some reporting that that could be the next phase of something that the united states is considering it that may be what the palestinians were warning against. bulldozers have demolished thousands of makeshift homes so rounding the busiest airport in the ivory coast government leaders in abidjan say they were built illegally and were a safety hazard the homeless say they weren't given enough warning warburg manley reports. a desperate to futile scramble to save their home. within a few hours nothing but. people try to salvage what little is left to the authorities these makeshift houses were built illegally but for the people here
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this was home and many don't know what. it was but these men are asking why did they do this where will they sleep what kind of country is this where those with air conditioned homes are destroying people's homes but the some it's also their livelihoods they've all been able to evacuate those few chickens but many died they surprised us and started to demolish they broke everything. this is once part of the labyrinth of homes that house tens of thousands it's situated on the outskirts of a big journey international airport that's where earlier this month teenager but their main hit in the landing gear on an air france flight his lifeless body was found by fighting the shoals in paris. believe in but they're limited hidden in the
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shanty town before jumping the fence onto the runway the government ordered the a jew for neighborhood evacuated to clear 200 meters safety. communications melissa city toy said these occupations post air safety and security problems while most of the people living here were given 45. to leave many were shocked when the 1st stickers rolled in this week he was only there for the look i was born here i've been here nearly 40 years even the mosque was destroyed we said at least leave the mosque but they destroyed everything we got what we could from our harness. residents say the government is not dealing with the crux of the issue the high cost of living in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty and its poverty they say the lead to the teenage boys escape and them having no choice but to live near
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the airport now many have nowhere to go. nor about unmanly al-jazeera. grieving parents in south africa's largest city are accusing hospital managers of hiding information about the death of a new born babies government critics say the maternity deaths highlights underfunding in the public health care system i don't want us or courts us to be is not her real name and she doesn't want to show her face because she's afraid she'll get into trouble for complaining reading this newspaper article has made her angry because it could explain why a new born baby died at least 10 babies and died in the same hospital in 10 bisa township in johannesburg in the past 2 months the government blames drug resistant bacteria i think it's. just such. information. if they're hiding information from.
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her. only only thing. is the sick. the cause of the infection is unclear doctors say it could lead to pneumonia and meningitis some south africans blame hospital overcrowding and the starting and poor hygiene health department managers admit employing more nurses and. has could help prevent more deaths but there are other issues the problems that we're dealing with these issues related to a standstill and buy the tickets because when we use antibiotics when finished the force we used i devoted to that are not prescribed for doctors prescribe antibiotics for any other group isn't it. our our our our budgetary yet not being able to this one and to these and to politics which is that the president. africa's most industrialized economy is struggling to provide affordable quality health care for the majority who are poor in some neighborhoods private clinics try to ease the
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burden it patients can afford to pay to avoid the long queues but there aren't enough private clinics to substitute overstressed and early quipped state hospitals the government wants to introduce a national health insurance scheme to try and close the gap between the rich and the poor at the moment only a privileged few new world price to pay a private little while millions of mainly poor black south africans have to rely on understaffed and overcrowded public health facilities. the proposed insurance scheme based on is to be debated in parliament if it becomes law the state will control how much private health facilities charge make it more affordable for the poor tax rises will be needed to pay for the scheme but some economists say the country struggling economy can't afford it the ruling african national congress says universal health insurance is the solution but the mothers who recently lost a baby say it's too late for them. al-jazeera
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to tory. now a fake guillotine has taken center stage in puerto rico. protesters rallied outside the home of the government demanding her resignation one device he's got said is accused of delay supplies following recent rights protesters were infuriated that the discovery of a warehouse of unused aid sent to survivors of horror can be years ago. it's fashion week in paris with celebrities celebrating the industry's top designers and eco fashion is also on the catwalk. look. it doesn't display of opulence and fantasy at dutch designer ronald founded camps paris could to show models will sculpt traill gals from elegant take on eighty's glamour but fun to campus fashion isn't only
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a lesson in creativity but also in sustainability all these clothes are made from recycled vintage all riposte fabrics for is one of the worst things for the environment so for me this is the this is the answer to for it for because this is made with all leftovers from all. the code was made by an organization helping women in morocco part of frantic camps conviction that fashion must be responsible he launched his sustainable couture label 5 years ago leading the way to make sustainability sexy sustainable the new normal because that's one of needs to be i think the bigger bros shoot. you know reduce their with their productions and make less clothes concentrate on making beautiful clothes. all these clothes though nobody needs. the fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters and labels influence mass market brands and consumers many concede it's time for change
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after 50 years in the business french designers retired with a show with an anti waste message. clothes on. some of the world's most prestigious fashion houses are placed in paris and most say that they're trying to become more environmentally friendly but campaigners say this is a stain abilities increasingly used as an on trend marketing tool rather than a real plan of action. barbara quenya is an expert in sustainable luxury she says customers are helping to accelerate change the course of. consumers are increasingly aware and want to be more responsible socially and environmentally so in the last few years babe realized that one way to act is to buy differently. this former fire station in the city will soon become europe's biggest sustainable fashion hub called black as
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a on bringing together designers and experts helping them to create responsibly they don't have the choice because now we know the nature is suffering we can that do exactly what we've done before we need to change something changing a multi-billion dollar industry is a challenge but in an environment driven by trends where we responsibly make clothes maybe company ultimate fashion statement. al-jazeera paris. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now china has reported the 1st deaths outside the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak health officials are worried more people could become infected is millions traveled to celebrate the lunar new year that starts on saturday 26 people have died at
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least 830 infections hong kong says it's investigating more than 110 suspected cases of the virus thousands of people have been turning up at hospitals. yesterday we have more than 5000. in the attend this. medical bet occupancy rate is 97 percent and she is quite full but not as full as at the peak of the when the search so right now is slightly better but we are we perceive that after. the long holiday usually there will be for the search in the amount of the amount of not just from the isolation that but from the other things like the flu symptoms. are the cause of the season thousands are rallying in iraq against the u.s. military presence shia cleric more got our southern called on its supporters to demand all foreign forces withdraw earlier this month m.p.'s passed
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a resolution asking for. rangar muslims are welcoming a unanimous ruling from the un's highest court ordering me and martha take measures to prevent genocide against remaining in the country u.s. democrats have made their case for what they call president donald trump dangerous abuse of power they'll argue for the 2nd article of impeachment obstruction of congress trial will reconvene later on friday meanwhile trump says he'll release is peace plan for israel and palestine by tuesday the announcement is expected to come just ahead of a visit to washington by israel's prime minister trumps a great deal that will benefit the palestinians. frank assessments the one thing about these bush fires usage really wiped them out all of
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the climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on those 2 school children or what the lawyers on 'd a bogus argument is astonishingly patronize a in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware views about struggle against an ethnic sectarian kota inside story on al-jazeera. following the trade lives of the agent so pro the belt and road initiative is china's ambitious plan to link the country to the rest of the world the issue is not sellable to justify. the telly yet again in the face of as one. chinese leaders say all countries along the route will benefit but some locals tell a different story depending. carrigan. one on one east investigates how china's mutes.


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