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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to the critic and biggest country to the greatest place. the final run into the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . the a. china central government takes control of the response to the coronavirus as work begins on a 1000 bed hospital for victims. barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming up mass protests in iraq's capital demonstrators demand the expulsion of the united states military u.s. house democrats present their final arguments in president doctrines impeachment trial and this bush fires continue to burn in australia scientists reveal the
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impact of the blazes are having on the earth's atmosphere. thank you for joining us china is taking drastic measures to try to contain the outbreak of a deadly new virus as tens of millions of people prepare to travel for the lunar new year public transport has been shut down as are key landmarks and the government says that 26 people have now died airports around the world are screening passengers as the number of international cases increases for practice and has more. as china battles to control the spread of the coronavirus videos such as this one are going viral on social media an unidentified female voice says 3 bodies covered with blankets have been lying in the packed cold odors of a hospital in the chinese city of she says there's little the medical staff can do
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as more cases are reported around the world it's still not clear how many people could be you know affected by the beginning of any old break you would focus more on a severe cases and you will have more of those and then maybe we are missing some mild cases because people will just be a little bit sick and will not be ever tested and they will recover it. many streets are empty in the capital of china's province this is where the outbreak emerged all public transport has been shut down other cities in the province have done the same thing around 40000000 people are affected cases of the coronavirus are now confirmed in nearly every province of china new year celebrations have been cancelled in cities including the capital beijing shanghai disneyland will be shut from saturday and part of china's great wall will be closed. but millions of people have been travelling both in china and abroad ahead of the new year's celebrations
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increasing the risk that the virus may spread further your digital i don't think this virus has been properly controlled i just came back to china i read a lot of news i'm to net i'm not very satisfied with how the government prevented in control of the disease i'm very afraid of getting infected i am really afraid of those people all relieved and left but i do hope the situation we're all her can be improved so this video was deleted after it appeared on china's way both social media site china now has to control the virus and prevent the spread of panic rob matheson al-jazeera well doctors in hong kong have treated more than 200 patients suspected of having the virus thousands of people have presented themselves to hospital emergency departments. yesterday we have found more than $5000.00. a year 10 this. medical occupancy rate is 97 percent actually it's quite
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useful but not as full as the peak of the when the search so right now is slightly better but we are we perceive that after the chinese new year go on holiday usually there will be further search in the amount of the amount not just from the isolation that but from the other things like the flu symptoms. other kinds of the season well meanwhile the number of confirmed cases outside of china continues to grow the u.s. is reporting its 2nd case and the pole is also claimed its 1st case cases have also been found in hong kong as we've heard the thailand south korea and singapore airports around the world have stepped up screening of travelers arriving from affected regions there is no vaccine for the infection and the exact all region of the virus has yet to be identified.
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2 protesters have been killed in the latest anti-government demonstrations in the iraqi capital baghdad medical and police sources say that one was shot and the 2nd hit by a tear gas canister osama bin defied was at the protest the latest in a series against alleged government corruption which began in october and have often turned violent. we were there a couple of hours ago at the area square it was it was very tense protesters tried to block the roads they had knowledge of cocktails in their hand they were burning tires in the streets as news broke of these 2 approach to protesters being killed on the mama mama to fasten the highway this is the main freeway which links to east with links to the eastern and western part of baghdad and the key are tree which people use for their daily commute something that the protesters since saturday since monday have been trying to block off and there has been clashes with the government forces they come out in numbers during the day blocked the highway
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burned tires and the police force has been coming in hitting them with bullets as well as canisters amnesty international saying that these canisters not being used for gas canisters not being used for just dispersal of the crowd but are being aimed at the protesters head so it will be used to kill them. well earlier in a separate separate demonstration in baghdad iraq east turned out in large numbers to demand the expulsion of the u.s. military from their country protestors responded to a call by the country's most influential religious figure the shia cleric mocked that he's calling for u.s. military bases to be closed and u.s. warplanes to be banned from iraqi air space and mccann reports from the demonstration. the cool was for a 1000000 person march and many in baghdad he did the appeal from influential shia muslim cleric so that his message is simple all americans out the march was also
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backed by other groups including his beloved whose leader. was killed alongside iranian general cost him so the money in last month's us missile attack. this gathering you see today are. the forces that will expel the occupiers the resistance groups today showing the american occupiers we are united as one body and it is real and despite some differences in point of views we unite as one with . the protest was joined by people from all over southern iraq. our goal is to expel old occupiers we are standing for iraq against any intervention we want dignity and we want. the government's divided i mean terrible but should find it difficult to ignore such a large protest. protest since october have already forced prime minister. announced his resignation he remains as caretaker pending a replacement leader
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a new elections the americans have said they're determined to stay in iraq and at the invitation of the iraqi prime minister one of them for the songs of this protest movement is this the chorus goes really on it was a 1000000 now regardless of whether i'm really happy people here will no doubt as. voters to send his message that he wants the u.s. troops out of iraq and he's got this brothers the ball rolling to go and go to 0. it's the final day of arguments by u.s. congressional democrats in the senate impeachment trial of president donald trump he's accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden that prosecutors are focusing their allegations of abuse of power and on the obstruction of call how does your customer is live for us from capitol hill so how did one of the democrats trying to
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achieve today. here barbara will today's arguments will focus on that 2nd article of impeachment which is obstruction of congress were expecting that to be the brunt of the many hours of arguments to come today however in the greater context of things this really put the final chance that these house impeachment managers have to argue their case to remove president trump from office why is that will because the way that currently this trial is structured is that these opening arguments which we've heard over the course of these last 3 days they're both the opening arguments and really the closing arguments as well because after today we expect the president's defense team to have just as much time to have to present their defense case and then the trial could come to a rapid conclusion after a brief period of question and answers from the senators. the chamber could move to
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vote to what to either convict or acquit the president and of course as we all know because republicans control the majority of this chamber and it takes a 2 thirds majority in order to convict the president at this point acquittal is almost all but certain so what we're seeing today is teeing up to those last moments when a democrats will then make that final push to try. it extend this trial further beyond its current parameters by trying to convince a few of their republican colleagues to open this trial to some new witnesses who could really change the dynamics here and speaking of those that make so significant would be of witnesses are called. short well there are individuals who are the closest arguably the close is visor to president trump during this time when he was handling ukraine who have not been speaking with investigators thus far they include his acting white house chief of staff and his former national security adviser and democrats have said that they these individuals and particularly they
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have key insight into what the president's motives were when he withheld aid from ukraine whether or not it was the corrupt motive of trying to compel ukraine to help trump when his upcoming reelection so that's a big question that republicans say simply has not been proven to be true and democrats are accusing you know the white house of not allowing this information to come forward so again it would take the help of at least 4 moderate republicans to vote to include more witnesses into this trial if that happens which we expect that vote on the witnesses sometime next week end of next week if there they agree to open the trial to more witnesses well we could see a very long process possibly with more court challenges subpoenas really there's no prediction of what could happen if they open the struggle witnesses at his request or with the latest on that from capitol hill heidi thank you. thing in the u.s.
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thousands of anti abortion supporters are attending a rally in washington d.c. president donald trump was also there he is the 1st u.s. leader to attend the rally since it began 47 years ago the annual event marks the anniversary of the u.s. supreme court decision back in 1983 which legalized abortion kimberly halkett joins us live now from the white house really why is he appearing at this rally how significant is it that he actually showed up in person. it's super significant given the fact that this is a march for life rally the whole purpose of this rally back when it was 1st set up in response to that 973 ruling roe v wade which event centrally legalized abortion in the united states is a pushback against that essentially trying to undo that decision now the fact is the president is there is important for a number of reasons number one no sitting president has ever appeared physically
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before they didn't want that photo op of them standing at the podium at such a rally most of them if they have waited it's been via video link or some other form of appearance like that the reason that this us president is there has a lot to do with the pledge he made in 2016 not only did he promise to be a defender of unborn children in the white house but he also promised to put in judges with that same view on the supreme court he delivered 2 supreme court justices in that regard that have shifted the balance in the conservative direction and he's promising if he's reelected he'll do it again these are the folks that could help him do that in key battleground states so donald trump is not only affirming that he will keep his promise yet again if reelected but also he's making the promise that essentially he needs to kind of make amends with this group given the fact that there's been some criticism of him of some of his salty language
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criticism of his multiple marriages in fact is last month christianity today a christian magazine called for him to be removed from office because of what they called is grossly immoral character so the u.s. president's trying to make amends for that and also say look at give me one more chance i'll deliver for you in the white house came with the latest on that from the white house kimberly thank you. it watching our live from london also still to come as turkey announces more troops from libya to support the un recognized government german chancellor angela merkel urges opposition forces to join the cease fire and on her last day in davos great demands action on climate warning deniers are damaging the world.
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how i was still got some rather disturbed weather pushing into the southwest of here a little curl of cloud here that says what remains of storm gloria the showers long spells of by the winds are starting to waist i'm pleased to say the rain not quite as intense we will see some pretty intense rainfall and some rather strong winds grassy pushing in from this system out in the atlantic that will bring some rather wet weather into western parts of the british isles as we go on through the next couple of days push a little further south we go with those showers easing out to push go back into space mainly of rain see temperatures in madrid around 10 degrees celsius to the east of that should be fine and dry although there will still be a few showers you know just easing across into italy i'm also into the box as we go on into sunday some showers once again affecting southern parts of france and by sunday that wet weather that we've got pushing into western parts of the british isles will start across well scotland and a good part of england through the course of the day for other races generally dry
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staying mild in moscow temps is once again getting about phrasing highs of around 2 degrees celsius meanwhile across northern parts of africa generally try here that wessel weather that we do have around the iberian peninsula will once again bring some lively showers into the funnel off morocco this weekend. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 there's been a political shift to the right on a continent where socialism once thrived. a chilean politician goes on a journey to me leading left wing figures to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. in latin america a giant in turmoil on al-jazeera. the in the the earth.
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and the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera china has taken drastic measures to contain the spread of a new diesel strain of coronavirus public transport has been shut down a number of provinces along with key landmarks as the death toll now rises to 262 people have been killed in the latest wave of anti-government protests in the iraqi capital baghdad medical and police sources say that one shot and the 2nd hit by a tear gas canister yes there were cuts in the senate impeachment trial of president trump have focused their arguments on abuse of power and on obstruction of congress prop is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden. sudan's government has
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signed a peace agreement with the sudanese people's liberation movement armed group that forms part of a larger regional peace plan the s.p.l. aim has been fighting the government since 2011 when south sudan gained independence the group has been demanding self rule in the blue nile and south kordofan region bordering south sudan talks between the fighters and the transitional government began last november here but morgan is following developments from khartoum she says the new government is the term into to reach deals with other rebel groups. the peace deal that has been signed today in the south sudanese capital juba mediated by of south sudan is between the sudanese government and the armed groups advance people liberation movement north led by america let's not forget that the espaillat north has 2 factions one that is led by monica god who has forces in blue nile area in the southern part of sudan as well as a faction led by abdul aziz and hill who controls areas in south kordofan and blue
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nile and the deal that has been signed today between monica gars group and the government includes security arrangements which means where will medical doris forces go now that a deal has been signed between him and the government and includes their integration the deal also includes humanitarian access to those who have been displaced affected by the war that started in 2011 just before saucer and gained its independence but the government is also engaged in other peace talks and that is yet to produce results the government is right now engaged in talks between it and the rebel groups from darfur and it says that it wants to achieve comprehensive peace in various armed zones in sudan before february and right now as they are holding talks there are other factions that are holding out and not ready to hold to negotiate with sudden sudan's government so while this is significant a lot remains to be done for the sudanese government to achieve that aim of
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a comprehensive peace that they have been talking about turkey's president says more military personnel or be sent to libya to train troops for the un recognized government type error 100 the comments during a news conference for the german chancellor angela merkel turkey is supporting the tripoli based government and its months long battle with the warlord after his forces are trying to take the capital from the government led by prime minister fi is us. we giving support to the legitimate government in libya in order to reignite the political process in giving support to the government of national called in line with the risen lucian of the e.u. when it is not a choice but a liability. after his increased his attacks in the last few days which is a clear sign he has no intention to reconciliation. in istanbul for us he says there is expressed concern over the stability of the libyan. both leaders
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emphasized the immediate need to ensure the fragile cease fire in libya continues and that all breaches that are being. witnessed are stopped there was a synergy between the messaging coming from president. of chancellor angela merkel where they both said. that is the warlord refused to signed a cease fire agreements in moscow and the berlin agreements and all vulnerable said that half that had verb really agreed to them both without a signature that's meant nothing they couldn't trust simply his word president further by saying that the international community and specifically named egypt and the united arab emirates and some european countries had to stop supporting the running gait general essentially because that is what was making the situation even more volatile he said that his country had indeed sent military personnel to train
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the libyan army and that this was an internationally recognized agreement because it was done between the turkish government and the un recognized. government in tripoli. weather experts from the u.k.'s meteorological office are sounding the alarm about the global effects of bushfires in australia they are forecasting one of the largest annual increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas levels since records began more than 60 years ago that meteorologists say that the vast scale of the bushfires is accelerating the rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere c o 2 levels are already well past the 400 parts per 1000000 seen by climate scientists as the point of no return richard betts is the head of climate impact research at the british met office he says the bush fires are adding c o 2 directly into the atmosphere but the biggest impact comes from that the structure of vegetation the rise in city every year is driven by human
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emissions normally some of it will be soaked up by natural ecosystems but that's weaker this year because of particular weather patterns and part of that is the australian bush fires and the bushfires we estimate that's increased the sooty was about 2 percent than they would have been without so noticeable contribution so ecosystems need to be protected to help reduce c o 2 but the only really way real way of stopping the rise is to stop burning fossil fuels actually so this acceleration of the sea to rise this year won't have any immediate effects but what it does show is that the there's potential for feedbacks in the system vicious cycles if you like we rely on natural ecosystems to soak up some of our c o 2 emissions if they get weaker then the rise of c o 2 in the future could be faster and therefore that could accelerate climate change in the future. on meanwhile climate activists crater turn berg dominated the
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final day of the world economic forum without making an official appearance the teenager led hundreds of people on one of her fridays for future marches through the streets of the swiss resort and as john the reports from davos it appears that her environmental message may finally be getting through to at least some of the world's big business leaders according to the world economic forum the most talked about people at this year's meeting with gratitude berg and donald trump how old is the senate seat that's what is your response to completely haven't turned like this one point from and told burger polar opposites of a new wave of discourse that seems to have come into its own here this week about climate change about the environment even about the old ways of capitalist thinking that have always seemed so at home here in davos we must remember that as long as we do not treat this crisis as
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a crisis and as long as the facts and the signs of being left completely ignored then we will not be able to solve this crisis world leaders and c.e.o.'s many of them are responding with one in particular the billionaire founder of cloud computing giant sales force marc benioff the prayer in capitalism that this obsession that we have with maximizing profits for shareholders alone. there's low do incredible inequality in a planetary emergency but among the banking giants some like citibank and goldman sachs pushed back against calls by climate activists to stop funding the biggest polluters that after greenpeace called out a number of banks represented at davos for having lent $1.00 trillion dollars to fossil fuel producers since the paris climate accord was signed in 2015 so how much of it is hypocrisy a green cloak of virtue behind which old fashioned deals are still being done on
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climate there are meaningful moves by some private sector leaders that will actually make a difference not only in terms of what they do but will actually force others competitors in their sectors to not be left behind so yes i find that meaningful but if you ask me is the deal making changing is capitalism dead frankly in a world where the economy is getting a little softer they're focusing more on their bottom lines this year's davos has witnessed a confrontation between the decision makers and the young who will have to live with those decisions. they may not be winning yet but their impact is growing a whole al-jazeera in the swiss alps. and we're getting reports of a powerful earthquake in turkey according to the country's interior ministry at least 4 people have died in the magnitude 6.8 tremor in britain the quake's
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epicenter was 550 kilometers away from ankara and had the best of 10 kilometers around bring you more on this as it comes to us here in the mission. now grieving parents in south africa's largest city here accusing hospital managers of hiding information about the deaths of at least 10 newborn babies drug resistant bacteria is blamed by hospital administrators in johannesburg but the government's critics blame poor hygiene understaffing and overcrowding in the public health care system how to with us have reports from the capital pretoria. yes tenby is not her real name and she doesn't want to show her face because she's afraid she'll get into trouble for complaining reading this newspaper article has made her angry because it could explain why a newborn baby died at least 10 babies have died in the same hospital into bisa township in johannesburg in the past 2 months the government blames drug resistant bacteria i think that's small unst scientists and.
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information. sharing information for us. have been in our faces only only thing that. has the sick. the cause of the infection is unclear doctors say it could lead to pneumonia and meningitis some south africans blame hospital overcrowding understaffing and poor hygiene health department managers admit employing more nurses and doctors could help prevent more deaths but there are other issues the problems that we're dealing with these issues related to dispense to antibiotics was when we use antibiotics which when finished of course we used to politics that are not prescribed for doctors prescribe antibiotics for any other group isn't it leads to our our our our our budgetary are not being able to this wasn't to the east and to politics which is a few per. africa's most industrialized economy is struggling to provide affordable
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quality health care for the majority who are poor in some neighborhoods private clinics try to ease the burden it patients can afford to pay to avoid the long queues. but there aren't enough private clinics to substitute overstretched and early clipped state run hospitals the government wants to introduce a national health insurance scheme to try and close the gap between the rich and the poor at the moment only a privileged few use the world price care and private little while millions of mainly poor black south africans have to rely on understaffed and overcrowded public health facilities the proposed insurance scheme boston is to be debated in parliament if it becomes law the state will control how much private health facilities charge make it more affordable for the poor tax rises will be needed to pay for the scheme but some economists say the country struggling economy can't afford it the ruling african national congress says universal health insurance is
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to solution but the mothers who recently lost a baby say it's too late for them. after. al jazeera to toria. and you can find out more on that story and everything else there we have been covering on our website there it is the address al jazeera dot com. my. thanks. and now a quick reminder of our top stories the 1st cases of corona virus have been confirmed in europe france's health minister has confirmed the diagnosis in bordeaux and in paris this comes as china where the virus originated has taken drastic measures to contain the spread of the strain public transport has been shut down in a number of provinces along with key landmarks as the death toll rises to 262 people have been killed in the latest wave of anti-government protests in the iraqi
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capital baghdad medical and police sources say one will shorten the 2nd hit by a tear gas canister us democrats in the senate impeachment trial of president trump have focused their arguments on abuse of power and on obstruction of congress trump is accused of withholding military aid to ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival joe biden turkey's president says more military personnel are being sent to libya to train troops for the un recognized government of the one made the comments during a news conference with the german chancellor angela merkel turkey is supporting the tripoli based government in its months long battle with the warlord holly 5 time. kerja theory. we are giving support to the legitimate government in libya in order to reignite the political process in giving support to the government of national court in line with the resolution of the year when it is not a choice but a liability coup plotters haftar is increased his attacks in the last few days
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which is a clear sign he has no intention for reconciliation. that i should talk of it's important for both parties in libya to reach a compromise and we hope hatari will take positive steps to reach a ceasefire we have dealt with many do political issues that are of mutual concern to both their countries the meetings and the talks that have been held portent because we have managed to express our appreciation to turkey for hosting a lot of refugees. and we're getting reports of a powerful earthquake in turkey the country's interior ministry says that at least 4 people have died in the magnitude 6.8 tremor in the east the quake's epicenter was 550 here on matters away from ankara and had the depth of 10 kilometers of the going to bring you more on that story in half an hour coming up next risking it all vietnam thanks for watching.
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