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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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still be what you see. but 3. how has life changed. on al-jazeera. china's government takes control of the response to the coronavirus has worked against saddam 1000 bed hospital for victims and europe reports its 1st case of the disease. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up search and rescue efforts are underway in eastern turkey after a powerful quake that killed at least 1000 people. u.s. house democrats to clear the facts have been proven if they are out as they wrap up their opening arguments in the impeachment trial against president onil trump. and
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a threat to food security east africa's dealing with one of its worst locust invasions which is being blamed on extreme weather conditions. a doctor working at a hospital in china has become the latest victim of an outbreak of corona virus that brings the total number of those killed to 42 with close to 1300 other people infected cases of the illness have now been confirmed in australia nepal and france or birdman lee has more on the measures beijing is taking to try to contain this outbreak. it's an ambitious time scale workers have just days to flatten this land and construct a $1000.00 bed health center on this 25000 square meter site in $100.00 city is part of china's urgent battle to control the spread of the kroon of virus.
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videos such as this one have gone viral on social media an unidentified female voice says 3 bodies covered with blankets have been lying in the parked car doors of a hospital in ruhani. as more cases are reported around the world it's still not clear how many people could be infected at the beginning of any other break you would focus more on a severe cases and you have more of those and then maybe we are missing some mild cases because people will just be a little bit sick and will not be ever tested and they will recover many streets and markets are empty in one hand where the 1st outbreak emerged and all public transport has been shut down cases the corona virus and now confirmed in nearly every province of china. health officials in france have reported cases of the
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virus that makes them the 1st confirmed in europe this is i wanted to communicate about the fact that the patient who was hospitalized in bordeaux and talked about on social networks is indeed a confirmed case of the corona virus but it could only wish for travelers coming back from china it's important to check oneself and come the 1st risperidone symptom or fever you should go to the emergency room or call a doctor in the. new year celebrations are being canceled in cities across china including the capital beijing shanghai disneyland parts of china's great wall will be closed but millions of people have been traveling both in china and brought ahead of the new year's celebrations increasing the risk that the virus may spread further oh did you know i don't think this virus has been properly controlled i just came back to china i read a lot of news i'm to lead i'm not very satisfied with how the government prevented
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and control the disease i'm very afraid of getting infected now it's on china and health experts around the globe to track and hoped the fast spreading infection. manly al-jazeera. let's bring it out there scott heiler he's at one of the events in beijing that has been canceled because of the virus so scott tell us more about the scaling down really of festivities for a lunar new year and there were a part this is right in central beijing now this would be normally the 1st day of lunar new year this would normally be very crowded behind me actually there was a fair lunar new year's fair that was planned here and obviously that has been canceled this is something we're seeing right across china movie theaters shot disinfecting subway trains on an hourly basis here in the capital beijing we know in shanghai they've closed the movie theaters and festivities that would normally really be crowded this time of year this is a big big celebration here in china those have all been shut down obviously worried
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about some people that might be affected by this corona virus but have yet to show any symptoms. and also they centralized medical observations and this is been announced for people coming from the bay province tell us about that. you know there's one province down in the south close it's an island problems close to where the epicenter is but not bordering it they are taking the perfect protective measure putting anyone aside who's been to han in observation medical observation for 15 days that's a step we haven't seen in other provinces also what we're hearing and with on this is the epicenter of the city the epicenter where these 1st cases were discovered 450 military medical personnel have been sent down there to help deal with this crisis know something that was interesting just yesterday the government here has put the observation and the organization for this corona virus epidemic into the
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cabinets hand the cabinet of the government here that's something that kind of escalated the situation we also know that a special team has been created that's going to be led by a scientist who who championed the sars epidemic back in 2003 so obviously very seriously being taken here in china but right now as you can see would normally be a very crowded park here in central beijing shut down all right scott heiler with the latest in beijing scott thank you a powerful earthquake has struck eastern turkey killing at least 19 people buildings collapsed into at the center of the magnitude 6.8 quake in alice a province and worsen seekers are searching for dozens of people thought to be trapped in the rubble more than 500 people are reported injured and the epicenter was near a town of about 4000 people that province in a sparsely populated area about 7 our climate is east of the capital ankara.
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and this was the moment the earthquake struck and the tremor and erupting at a live broadcast many people ran outdoors for safety with damaged homes are still afraid to return after a series of aftershocks in the region out of serious and purcell is monitoring developments from istanbul. following the earthquake there were also 6 e aftershocks which were a ball 4.0 a current day according to the office shows and disaster management agency search and rescue works are underway we know that we know that there are lots of buildings that were damaged and some of them already collapsed and they are still trying to figure out which buildings are damaged but of course we have to see the light to have proper idea i'm told by the disaster management agency but the airport in is operating there is no cut for the electricity or natural gas but i have to say that this is when terry the weather conditions are bad and people are not able to get
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inside their homes their buildings they have to stay outside that's why the n.g.o.s turkish red crescent and disaster management agency have dispatched 490 search and rescue personnel and some tents and. blankets blankets to the area i have to also say that the immediate cities around. have also felt the earthquake and there are there are damages in cities like muleteer for instance especially for to get the strict there are dozens of buildings that are damaged but we have to see the mourning for the details but i have to also underline that turkey is a moment the most suspect clee active countries in the world there are several fault lines. crossing bypassing of the country and ella's the city where the where the earthquake happen is all is it's also on the eastern anatolian fault line which is the 2nd major fault line for turkey and turkey has suffered
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a lot from the earthquakes. because democrats have wrapped up the 3rd and final day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president on the trauma it's accused him of being the ringleader in efforts to push ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden but there's no sign democrats are convincing republicans to break with their party and allow new evidence into the morning this is very simple it's simple the president abuse the powers entrusted in. by the american people in his skiing to suppress evidence and scape accountability and orchestrate a massive cover up any did so in plain sight and his obstruction remains ongoing and us media say an audio recording from 2018 is emerged in which donald trump appears to demand the removal
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of washington's then ambassador to ukraine are you gonna bitch was recalled last april that's almost a year after in there before ding was made in which a voice that sounds like trump says take her out if it's authentic it would support democrats argument that trump's associates tried to oust advantage because she was seen as an obstacle to investigating joe biden for tante standing by on capitol hill so of course technically our president can can remove whatever ambassador he wants to but this obviously is not happening in a vacuum tell us more about how this might play out. it's a bit of a curiosity really at this point it doesn't really have much of an impact on the impeachment proceedings but it may give the democrats more of an in there more of a way to say look there's so much evidence for last time and evidence out that should be included in this impeachment trial that is being ignored when they argue next week about getting further witnesses and documents but love the us is
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a business associate of rudy giuliani seem very much with rudy giuliani and another another business associate to have been driving this ukrainian policy that promises various ukrainian investments that would would benefit from the ukrainian policy that we've seen spelled out by the by the democrats and so it's a recording of the trump international hotel here in washington a dinner party and you hear a voice saying. look this woman is just holding everything up she's in the way and she's thing you and donald trump says you know get rid of him. which of course he's perfectly able to do especially the president would say that if they heard the baster was was bad mouth him that it just shows how perhaps he was being how the being manipulated perhaps by giuliani and his business associates to go down this ukrainian ukrainian route. it does certainly undercut specific at all trumps long held contention that you know is this man sort of some pictures taken with left on us but he doesn't know who he is. it's unlikely to have too much of an impact now it will just be another one of his curiosities sort of come up in the
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course of in the course of these proceedings he said at the very least it proves that donald trump has not been truthful when he says he doesn't know left part and so having said that what can we expect from donald trump slayers. well something very different to what we've seen over the last few days the democrats meticulously l'engle its evidence bit by bit to show as far as they're concerned that all trumped abused power in obstructed calm gress great pair or a shouldn't zome the constitution and the founding fathers and and and so on and i think what we're going to see from the white house counsel from what we can tell from what they've said is something very different is going to be red meat and it's going to be about ratings really about trying to get public opinion on their side in fact they begin they're supposed to begin their defense on saturday but because as trump says that's a death valley of ratings they're not really going to start their case on saturday after all it's going to be like 2 or 3 hours perhaps where we'll get
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a preview of the arguments that were made on monday when the ratings when it's peak primetime ratings. we already sort of know what sort of arguments they can to make it's not going to about the constitution of the framers it's going to be joe biden and hunter biden work corrupt and therefore it's in the national interest to find out what they were doing why that did come to buy and have a plum draw but a allegedly corrupt ukrainian energy company while his father was the vice president surely that conflicts of interest that should be investigated for the for the national interest and so i mean clearly that there's some irony of donald trump apparently being so concerned about nepotism in business and foreign relations and so on so that's could be one argument another is for all the outrage from the democrats about foreign interference in the elections it was the democrats who were paying it forward and i 6 officer to go to russia to try and find dirt on donald trump they they do it all the time in the you know they did it in 2016 you know what with such hypocrisy and thirdly this argument that the reason why more documents of witnesses can't be put into evidence is because there's a separation of power in the constitution which means of the president must be able
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to deliberate in private on matters of foreign policy so these are the sort of arguments we're going to start hearing from from saturday but in earnest from for monday may only be just one day of arguments because in the end what they really want to do is have this all. wrapped up before february 4th and all from state of the union address all right thank you live in washington all right still ahead on al-jazeera the road to peace after months of negotiations sudan takes one step closer to unity. a solution in libya. but. we have weather warnings in force across many central and eastern parts of the united states and many see this karl of cloud here well as for you some rather
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disturbed weather just around the appalachians be looking at snow around the midwest heavy rainfall just around the middle antic states pushing up across d.c. pushing up towards new york and that will drive its way up into new england it's eastern parts of canada behind that generally dry we have got some decent spells of sunshine for southern arizona with the deep south pushing into texas we will see some wet weather as we go on into west saturday somewhat weather to the pacific northwest all the way down actually into northern parts of california and that's going to drive its way further eastward so we will see significant snow fall piling in across the cascades north of the border through b.c. into. the rockies will see some wintry weather over the next couple days and still some wintry weather just around the east and lakes around lake erie for example and into the canadian a maritime stuff which is back to new york and today say getting up there at 8 degrees celsius over the next couple of days not see bad across the caribbean as well largely sunshine will to pull sunshine for the most part you might just catch
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the old shower just around the leeward islands as we go through saturday often. but. it's being dubbed the project. to disenchant. is the real cost china's new super group project. the new money investigates. 0. 00. 00 moon.
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rajan al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now the death toll from an outbreak of krona virus has jumped to 42 china says the number of confirmed cases as increased to almost 1300 the virus has also reach australia nepal and france emergency crews in eastern turkey are searching for survivors of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that killed at least 19 people and injured hundreds and he people are free to return to their homes following a series of hello. yes democrats have wrapped up 3 days of opening arguments to be impeachment trial of president donald trump they accused him of being the ringleader in efforts to push ukraine into investigating his political rival joe biden. iraqi security forces have stormed an anti-government sit in and burned protesters tents as they attempted to disperse demonstrations in the southern city of basra mass protests broke out over frustration with the lack of government
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reforms really 500 people have been killed since october in their fight for jobs and to corruption. 2 protesters have been killed in an anti-government rally in iraq's capital baghdad police use live ammunition and tear gas to disperse demonstrators blocking a highway medical and police sources say one was shot and the 2nd hit by a tear gas canister and a separate protest also in baghdad tens of thousands marched to demand american forces leave the country or testers responded to a call by a influential shia cleric. for closure of the u.s. military bases is also demanding u.s. warplanes be banned from iraqi air space and iran khan was at the demonstrations. the cool was for a 1000000 person march and many in baghdad he did the appeal from influential shia muslim cleric so that his message is simple all americans out the march was also backed by other groups including his beloved whose leader. was killed alongside
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iranian general cost him so the money in last month's u.s. missile attack. this gathering you see today are. the forces that will expel the occupiers the resistance groups today showing the american occupiers we are united as one body and it is real and despite some differences in point of views we unite as one with. the protests was joined by people from all over iraq. to expel old occupiers we are standing for iraq against any intervention we want dignity and we want. the governments divided i mean terrible but should find it difficult to ignore such a large protest and protest since october have already forced prime minister. announced his resignation he remains as cats take it pending a replacement leader a new elections. the americans have said they're determined to stay in iraq and at
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the invitation of the iraqi prime minister one of them for the songs of this protest movement is this the chorus goes some way the owner was a 1000000 now 1 regardless of whether i'm really. as bad as to send his message that he wants the u.s. troops out of iraq and he's got this kind of support we're going to embark on al-jazeera baghdad. president says more military personnel are being sent to libya to train troops for the u.n. recognize government. made the comments during a news conference with the german chancellor angela merkel turkey supporting the tripoli based government and its months long battle with a warlord khalifa haftar our forces are trying to take the capital from the government led by the prime minister has. been. we giving support to the legitimate government in libya in order to reignite the political process in giving support to the government international court in line
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with the resolution of the e.u. when it is not a choice but a liability. after is increased his attacks in the last few days which is a clear sign he has no intention of reconciliation. that i think it's important for both parties in libya to reach a compromise and we hope hostile take positive steps to reach a cease fire we have dealt with many to political issues that are of mutual concern to both their countries. the meetings and the talks that have been held are important because we have managed to express our appreciation to turkey for hosting a lot of refugees so dan has signed a peace agreement with an armed group that's been fighting the government for 8 years the deal with the sudanese people's liberation movement is part of a larger regional peace plan the group has been demanding sell for all the blue nile and south quarter our region which borders south sudan about morgan reports. a breakthrough after more than 3 months of talks sudan's government signing
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a peace deal with the sudan people's liberation movement north or s.p.l. and led by america it's part of a bed by the sudanese transitional administration to end years of conflict in various parts of the country. the deal that we have signed addressed a number of issues it addressed the issue of legislation in the 2 areas south kordofan and the blue nile it also addresses the issue of land and wealth and power distribution as well as security arrangements we will lead our country forward the s.p.l. m n started fighting the sudanese government in 2011 after accusing it of marginalization and impeding democracy a remnant of the event southern sudan as p.l.m. it's made up of sudanese who supported the movement and stayed behind following south sudan's independence in 2011 mostly in south kordofan and blue nile states the 2 states were supposed to have the chance to decide whether they wanted to be
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part of sudan or join south sudan the s.p.l. and itself is split into 2 with the other led by abdul aziz and hello who is it to start negotiating with the government the war has killed tens of thousands and displaced 400000 more than 20 rounds of talks between the s.p.l. m n and the former saddam his government overthrown in april last year failed to produce results. in a minute by signing this deal it confirms our determination to reach a peace deal that will change the lives of people and establish an era free of marginalization and violence under the previous regime people in sudan generally and areas of conflict in particular have paid the price as a result of injustice and lack of political stability now is the time to end the misery and bring the prosperity the people of sudan deserve the peace talks are mediated by neighboring south sudan which is also mediating between sudan's government and other groups such as rebel movements from the western region of
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darfur on the. line an agreement. so that. you. come. with some group still in talks to even start negotiating sudan's road to peace remains long but friday's signing offers a glimmer of hope for those who've suffered from years of war people morgan al-jazeera. interim president says she'll write in the upcoming election despite and suggesting she wouldn't join in and as announced her candidacy at an event in the city of saying she hopes to unite a fragmented country the vote in may will serve as a rerun of october is disputed election that saw former leader of a morale us re-elected weeks of violent protests forced him to resign and flee the
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country and on yes to power as an interim president and november ability has cut diplomatic ties with cuba after a dispute over its medical program levy is libya's government says the suspension is due to what it called constant hostility from cuba and comments against interim president on yes she previously canceled a medical services program between the 2 nations after she accused the cuban government of keeping 80 percent of payments. the 1st week of the latest pretrial hearing and the $911.00 case has wrapped up at guantanamo bay a feature testimony from a former cia contractor psychologist who ran the agency's torture program has more from guantanamo it's the 1st time psychologist james mitchell has testified in court about his work for the cia after september 11th and mitchell was both combative and proud of his work as a contract interrogator what he called life saving questioning techniques lawyers
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for the $911.00 defendants called torture meaning they shouldn't be convicted much less executed in his mind the coercive physical pressures which includes but that is not everything is the critical defining element the fact that people are being held in isolation for years incommunicado from their families told that they're going to die there and lack all ordinary protections of a person in prison is outrageous michel testified he waterboard khalid shaikh mohammed and abu zubaida something he said he found upsetting but he said stab cia interrogators regularly crossed the line forcing detainees to kneel backwards with
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a broomstick behind their knees depriving them of sleep food and clothing or in the case of luci letting rookie interrogators slam him into a wall over and over for practice both the defendants and 11 relatives of people killed in the attacks listened to mitchell's testimony on friday they watched mitchell and mr lawyer walton ruiz tangle over how solid is treatment in detention at guantanamo i wanted to establish. the basically triple rolls that he had right. intelligence collection the briefer and psychologist write. in to. illustrate or at least they the foundation for why the why that is so. damaging jim mitchell has been trying to show all week that he was one of the good guys during
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a period of high fear and anxiety in the united states the military judge in this case has yet to rule whether what mitchell and other interrogators did to detainees in fact constituted torture that decision could one day affect how both prosecutors and the defense lawyers prepare their cases for trial rosalynn jordan al-jazeera guantanamo locus have been swarming in the billions across kenya somalia and ethiopia causing so much havoc the u.n. has called for international help to avert a crisis facing its largest invasion in 7 decades in fact have destroyed thousands of kilometers of crops and the u.n. is concerned that this will impact food security in east africa it's linked the invasion to unseasonal rains last month that caused the local population to bloom. as the director of the united nations food and agricultural organizations or merchants and resilience division he spoke to us from the kenyan capital nairobi or
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he's responding to the local situation. i mean the locust worms are spreading throughout africa as a matter of fact there is being a say clone sembler say clone one that is brought very humid conditions to the eastern africa creating very focal conditions for the locust to develop so not we have seen the development of locusts they already impact on some crops and especially on rate buster that are so essential for the past already that it's you know many in the region but not the problem is that locust are getting matcher saw that there are actually. yes eggs on them they take that would be very soon and that will lead to a new generation of 3 august which this time will come the time for the planting of the next in the region that will come around march april so it means that at that
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time we run the risk of 3 d. being the crop at risk and therefore to have a situation where the $11900000.00 people who were already severely who didn't secure in kenya formerly. with he did security situation further these. are the headlines right now on al jazeera the death toll from an outbreak of chronic viruses chapter 42 trying to assess the number of confirmed cases of increased almost 1300 illnesses all offering to australia nepal and france got hyper as more from beijing on the government's response. the state of alert has been heightened you know one thing to look at to just how seriously the government here is taking this the cabinet now is in control of the way that this nation deals with this coronavirus it was elevated to that level yesterday and one thing that
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they've also done is they've put someone who is an expert during the sars crisis here some 17 years ago he is leading the the teams that will operates across the country to deal with the corona virus a powerful earthquake has struck eastern turkey killing at least 18 people buildings collapsed in the at the center of the magnitude 6.8 quake and province emergency crews are searching for dozens of people thought to be trapped in the rubble more than $500.00 people are reported injured. democrats are wrapped up their 3 days of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of president donald trump they accuse him of being the ringleader in efforts to push a crane into investigating political rival joe biden israeli police have launched an investigation into the possible abduction of a palestinian child or testers gathered outside a settlement settlement in occupied east jerusalem to look for this 8 year old boy israeli security forces used pepper spray to disperse the crowd at least 19 people
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were injured in the protests. a massive protest has been held in baghdad to demand the exit of american forces earlier this month parliament voted to expel foreign forces after the u.s. killed a top iranian general qassam somani locusts have been swarming in the billions across kenya somalia and ethiopia causing so much havoc the u.n. has called for international help to avert a crisis kenya is facing its largest invasion and 7 decades insects have destroyed thousands of commerce of crops and the u.n. is concerned that that will impact food security in east africa a slinky invasion to unseasonal rains last month that caused the locust population to bloom. those are the headlines keep it here 101 east us up next here on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera let me talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they all the endemic corruption of the current we listen so if you
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reprint place china's enemy of the weather and that's really vendors we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. following the trade lines of the aged silk road the belt and road initiative is china's ambitious plan to link the country to the rest of the world sure that's a load of bullshit hype. to tell yet again in the case of us what. chinese leaders say all countries along the route will benefit but some locals tell a different story depending. that in. one on one east investigates how china's new silk road is changing lives from asia to africa.


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