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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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systems by invasive species. who are supposed to say the decline can be slow even stopped in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. china bans the trade in wild animals after more people die from the corona virus and there's a warning it's gaining strength. hello i'm sammy's a dan this is out just here a lie from also coming up. 5 more protesters are killed in iraq during a crackdown by security forces on anti-government demonstrations plus. the evidence is actually overwhelming. that the president did nothing wrong. donald
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trump's legal team deliver the case in defense of the u.s. president each month while. peruvians go to the polls to elect a new congress. whose yes among voters will tell you why. ahead of china's national health commission says he believes the corona virus outbreak is spreading faster authorities say the source of the virus is still unclear though it's been linked to an illegal seafood market in central province commercial wildlife trade has now been banned. really to tell usually based on the knowledge we now have this is an emerging and new disease the knowledge we have is quite limited we're not very clear about the source of the disease and infections
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are not under our control so based on the changes and evolving nature of the infections we would continue to improve our measures and implement our policy so that we would be fully prepared and that we can enhance our preparedness to respond to the possible changes of the injections so as to meet our goal of containing the disease or the death toll has now got up to 56 people nearly 2000 are infected in china 300 of whom are in a critical condition the government has expanded drastic travel restrictions effectively putting a number of cities in who by province under quarantine close to 60000000 people are on the lockdown and within the last hour shanghai banned long distance public bus services cases have now been reported in 11 other countries the u.s. france australia and several asian countries was caught huyler's in beijing yes more new measures being taken. they admitted that it is getting stronger now this
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comes amid more transportation restrictions across china but here specifically in the capital beijing we know that a long distance bus service has been suspended there are several bus stations across the city they have now halted that's because the bus system here is less regulated than say high speed rail and airlines so they're worried about being able to track people because they don't have to show their i.d.'s they're worried about checking people specifically but also where they've traveled from so that's something that's a big concern and we're seeing that in other places to other areas around china further restricting travel to try to contain those who might have this virus the ministry of national health held a press conference and they admitted that the virus is getting stronger and that they have many challenges ahead. we have taken preventive control measures in ruhani as our top priority and we have set up a frontline working group to guide the local authorities and relevant efforts we have closed relevant markets in speedy manners to tighten control of illegal breeding transportation trading and consumption of wildlife or wild animals we have
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close on a temporary basis airports train stations and other exit channels from holland to prevent the spread of the virus we have also coordinated the mobilization of central medical research to distribute the relevant medical material to on a really clipping down on wildlife sales now but the big question is you know there's a lot of mystery around this virus and and what is spread the virus what caused the virus we kind of know now but the big concern is now how long this incubation period can be with people who are asymptomatic in other words those who traveled from mohan and the province before all these travel restrictions were put in the place that's the big question that this ministry of health is really having to focus on. well at the time officials were criticized for not acting fast enough and failing to be honest about the scale of the crisis but as adrian brown reports from hong kong the approach to dealing with this crisis is different. china's leaders appear to have learned an important lesson from some don't try to cover it up so
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this time honesty has been the strategy that's what president xi jinping has been demanding from his officials especially in the city who hand with a virus 1st emerged in late november and this time china does appear better prepared across the border in hong kong with 300 people died during the sars outbreak important lessons also appear to have been learned all arriving in poor passengers have the temperatures checked suspected virus sufferers are immediately quarantined those who refuse face jail and there's better protection for medical workers age of whom would killed by sounds beyond those 17 years ago when you are working in those normal medical was surgical what no one read mosque today wearing a face mask is standard procedure at chinese new year 17 years ago when the sars epidemic was just starting to take its toll the mood was very subdued it is today
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and the question then as now is this how worried should i be china's failure to be open about the sars outbreak damaged its international reputation which is why the leadership hopes to convince the international community that in some precedented containment measures are working but some hong kong medical experts remain skeptical i don't think they have much improvement in this aspect presently i think even if they may even more window dressing that before baby because of the political climate in mainland china analysts say president xi jinping is confronting a huge challenge at what is already a testing time for his leadership so people realize also. that siege and pain is a pop into power heidi contents freighted in this and and he basically has to be responsible for all its chief mond's and setbacks experts say this new disease may be harder to control for one important reason 17 years ago few chinese travelled
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overseas today they fly to destinations around the world. speak down to adrian brown is live from hong kong outside a theme park that's been shut down before we talk about that though adrian bring us up to speed with what health officials have been saying on the stand they are actually giving a news conference. that's right some we've been hearing from officials from the health department as well as hong kong's hospital authorities they gave a briefing to the media a short time ago and there has been a significant jump in the number of suspected cases they've gone up by 77 so now we have more than 380 suspected cases in hong kong and the death toll has risen sorry the confirmed toll has risen from 5 to 6 so we are seeing a gradual increase in the confirm rate but
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a big jump of the number of suspected cases hospitals have now raise their alert level to emergency that's the same level that the government is now using and of course in what is just another nail in the coffin for the hong kong economy some of the some of the hong kong's biggest tourist attractions have now basically shut their doors for the foreseeable future including ocean park behind me as well as the disney theme park and of course just a few days ago the shanghai disney theme park closed its stores for the foreseeable future so this is all starting to take a toll on hong kong's economy we heard from the chief executive carrie lamb on saturday when she stressed that she was not in favor of closing the border between hong kong and china that's what many people in hong kong want to do but of course that's a decision that could only really be taken by her political masters in beijing or adrian brown there in home cold thanks for that. researchers at johns hopkins
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university in the u.s. are mapping the spread of the virus the bright orange dots show the areas in china where cases have now been confirmed the majority are in a province where the 1st outbreak was reported millions of people in china now face travel restrictions and around the world there have been confirmed cases in several countries security forces in iraq have killed 5 protesters during a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations police in the capital moved into streets near to have square firing tear gas and burning tents the area became a focal point for the protests ever since they began in october saturday's crackdown came shortly after influential shia cleric knocked out a southern withdrew its support for the demonstrations for more on this let's bring in our correspondent in iran can joins us from baghdad you we've been out and about
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with the protesters what's the sentiment like after saturday's tensions in iran. well tucker a square has got back to normal as normal risk where it can be i'm just going to show you how you can say. there are several more to come by here the protest is now thinking is that this actually. has become somewhat of a safe zone for them now in the last week what we've seen is protesters push down that road to the next well along a lonely square where they've come into contact with your loyal forces and that's where those live fire has been used against them take gas has been used against them now what the baghdad have actually done is they've cleared the protesters from there they've opened up the bridges they've tried to ease the restrictions within baghdad themselves and what they're trying to do is push people into this way itself. just behind the camera. away there's
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a lot of concrete blocks which goes to show you that the entrance into the square so really everybody is the focal point is now. on the streets around 'd the authorities this is a bunch of bull manageable that it has been in the last week and what the authorities are hoping is that will lead to a lot less of those clashes that we've seen now the u.n. i've also been speaking to the last 24 hours they say that you are these days being mindful of the protesters and they need to be watchful careful in dealing with on civilians. any indication though of how long these protests might go on for now. well this is the $1000000.00 question sammy what we're hearing from various parts of the protest movement and let's not forget it's going to there are different opinions is the attack risk right now should be the focal point they should
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concentrate head on of this is the site actually. isn't working we've been protesting since october and the government still has this to our demands despite the fact we've actually template audubon's running now also a change of the prime minister and a cool head a new leg. now also he is an influential shia muslim cleric his parliamentary block is the largest in the government system at the moment he's very influential he actually drew his support from the protests we've been saying to the protesters and was not backing him in his anti u.s. he wants the rid of old u.s. troops and diplomatic presence out of 'd iraq that's worried some of the protesters because they feel that his political bloc offer them not on political will but physical protection as well so with him leaving it's going to we're going to see. the new change in strategy perhaps but certainly
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a rejiggered what the protesters are thinking however of the protesters who say let's don't worry about what other people do we have an agenda we need to get that done and if it means escalating i'm moving back into places like the square that's exactly what we're going to us. from baghdad so had an al-jazeera rescue team has refused to give up hope of finding more survivors in the rubble of a powerful earthquake in turkey. pain and grief in brazil see here this is one of the world's worst mining disasters this. alysha growing again you tend to get pulses in the rainy season and from the satellite picture you think with a growing around this area you'd be about right in central java in the last 24
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hours we've seen showers dropping at least a 100 meters is quite big even for tropical showers if you increase if you double that which is possible then flooding is almost certainly flash flooding and it's central western job which might include jakarta and certain sumatra where the biggest showers are forecast to be 7 borneo 2 lighter ones in sort of ways you know it's readings in asia and they're growing again in the southern philippines on now that is monday choose to go find something similar if anything isn't how it went further north in sumatra possibly in padang less likely in singapore but in the same sort of area and once again the good part of java is full of those big showers and big houses also the story in australia not where you might want to it seems like the flooding will continue with these circulating showers in tropical queensland bowls in queens and in particular the orange top suggests persistence of well pretty heavy rain unfortunately not the sas we have got showers in southern queensland and new science wells but they are not particularly heavy and further
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south including victoria the picture is not a dry one. a unique perspective on nigeria we have so much more we just don't snow so money this morning that we have. through the eyes of a celebrated african photographer to listen to rejoin us nothing stopping us what is the. big 3 is on how has life changed. rewind ga saudi on al-jazeera. movie.
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap on headlines now china's health ministry says the corona virus is spreading faster 56 people have now died nearly 2000 are infected china has banned all wildlife trade source of the virus believed to be a seafood market in central china. canada has become the latest country to record an infection at least 11 other countries have halted its vigils for the virus the u.s. france and china and russia rather are working to help their citizens leave the epicenter of 160. 5 more protesters have been killed in iraq during a crackdown by security forces police in the capital baghdad fired tear gas and tents belonging to demonstrators. and police in lebanon have faults with protesters
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or try to storm the government headquarters in the capital security forces used tear gas and water cannons of push back the demonstrators saturday marks 100 days since the protests began people are demanding an end to corruption on the government to tackle the economic crisis a new cabinet was announced for the tuesday protesters have rejected. rescuers in southeast turkey are searching for survivors after friday's earthquake in which $31.00 people were killed or more than a 1000 injured people are still being found alive in the rubble. this 5 year old girl and her mother were appalled under a collapsed building on saturday it's feared the number of dead will rise the magnitude 6.8 tremor struck you tell a sieve to give each side of course old reports from the air by city of a lousy. this man is happy and relieved as his relative is pulled out
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alive from the struggle she had been stuck under the rock and debra's of a collapsed building for nearly 20 hours after a magnitude $6.00 earthquake hit to ison province of. it is my mother the son rushes back through the rubble there are still 4 more people stuck down there. there have been more than 400 aftershocks in the region hundreds of emergency teams and security forces have been mobilized to provide aid and assistance. and the onlookers some of them are all mecurio while others hope to hear from loved ones and. i think all buildings have to be replaced by new ones we need to tell each. risk areas have been working here looking for and survivors buildings that have collapsed like this one were either badly constructed or older that damaged would have probably a history of earthquakes menace a turkey needs to do more now to ensure building safety turkey is among the world's
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most suspect reactive countries and sits on several active full vines dozens of minor earthquakes and aftershocks up here nearly every day that brings earthquakes themselves don't kill we did geologists know when they're going to happen but it's the engineers and construct a duty to build risk compatible buildings for now on the 5 buildings have collapsed but there is no record of the damaged buildings in eleazer yet that's why many people are afraid to go inside their homes and given the freezing temperatures it will be difficult to seek shelter in sports cars or other laws. places see now because although al-jazeera and turkey flooding and landslides in southeast brazil have now killed at least 30 people that have been 2 days of torrential rain in belo horizonte the capital of minutes guys date 17 people are missing at least 2 and a half 1000 of those are now homeless more rain is expected in the region as well
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as in other parts of brazil. and the memorials being held to mark a year since brazil's worst industrial disaster these $259.00 people were killed in love and others disappeared when a dam collapsed sending toxic waste into this if the roma deano lives attended ceremonies and released balloons to remember those who died earlier of apollo was at the memorial in burma do you know. apart from the sadness in the morning from the residents of brazil there's also a lot of fear a lot of trepidation given the ongoing rains in the heavy flooding that's taking place in the state of minas is it ice we unfortunately can confirm that at least 30 people have died within the context of these floods and you if you see behind me if you can see behind me this is the river that flows through downtown through my the you know you can see that it's already spilled it's spilled its banks here some houses are already flooded here and not only that there's there's a concern given that there are other dams this disaster that took place in 2019
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reminds people that there are other dams that are categorized as at risk by the brazilian government so many people here fear that the question of of if there could be another disaster like the one that took place in 200-1000 many people here fear that it's only a matter of time before another disaster can take place and that's something that's very much on the minds of residents of broome idea and something that people here in the seat of mean as it is' and the people of brazil very much want to avoid. white house lawyers defending donald trump of the senate impeachment trial say the us president has done nothing wrong in his dealings with ukraine is the 1st time is the goal to address the trial will have 2 more days to argue its case trump is accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress heidi jocasta reports from washington d.c.
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the opening argument of president trump's attorney saturday focused on 2 main points that trump did nothing wrong when he asked ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden a potential rival in the upcoming u.s. elections and that it's the democrats who wish to steal back the white house by hurting trump politically they're asking you to remove president trump from the ballot in an election that's occurring in approximately 9 months they're asking you to tear up. all of the ballots across this country on your own initiative take that decision away from the american people. polling this week shows trump's approval rating is the highest it's been since he took office 44 percent of americans say he's doing a good job higher than when the ukraine allegations 1st surfaced and most instances
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when there had been political crises of course the president's popularity is a numbers go down in this case i think the president will actually be strengthened by this and specially after his acquittal acquittal is likely given most members of the senate jury are republicans and it takes a 2 thirds majority to convict yet potential new evidence against trump continues to emerge harnessed and indicted ukrainian american businessman says he shared this audio recording with investigators who were there a little over a year after the or whatever they were. to go out ok that's the way it appears to be trump's voice ordering the firing of the u.s. ambassador to kiev democrats say corrupt ukrainian officials had wanted her gone those same officials then began smearing biden if you really want the truth you want witnesses you want documents we hope our republican colleagues will agree with that democrats hope to convince at least 4 republican senators to agree to open the
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trial to new witnesses including some of president trump's closest advisers who have not yet testified the senate is expected to vote on that question next week if their answer is no then president trump could be acquitted within days time castro al-jazeera washington voters in italy are heading to regional elections it's a crucial test for former deputy prime minister meto salvini and this far right league policy a strong showing on sunday could help him in the next general election so you're going to go reports from. one zone or a few minutes ago italy's former deputy prime minister paid a visit to tell you. team is in family home to be let in the premise he said to find out if the family's youngest son was a drug dealer but the humiliation of a family targeted over a rumor was live streamed of
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a battaile salvini social media page without any evidence to support the allegation . it is a tactic that has seemed to believe part of this quest to click bait his way to popularity there was ever a time where the league could dominate italy it would be now even some familiar faces such as from a prime minister silvio berlusconi also lending his support. historically has always been left wing it was a base for the resistance during fascist italy and it's proud of that tradition but right wing parties have been trying to break out. long live. long live freedom long live democracy long live the league are crucial to. capturing the left wing. if they manage to.
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convince. my minister. that would almost seismic change. the landscape. was strong on slogans but little offered in the way of detail it against the odds the league have powered through in the opinion polls part of the just behind the center left candidate but it has not gone on challenge i pushing back has been the phenomenon of the so-called sardine movement left wing activists fearful of a far right takeover have been loudly voicing their opposition at the direction it is taking. the saudi movement to the rise of salvini and his politics are shoes. when a warning from the past people is reported. in so what i mean this type of populism has the same roots as fascism we've all resigned to the narrative because there wasn't an alternative but for my 1st demonstration in real nanya he managed to
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cause a reaction all the italy. the sardine activists hope that they can assure in a new wave of politics that focuses on dealing with people's grievances rather than using populist tactics if they can take on the might of the hard right party that has seen its support swell over the past 2 years easily see its power consolidated across the country so i mean i ever al-jazeera italy i grew vians are also heading to the polls to elect new members of congress on sunday the vote comes amid a wave of political turmoil and 4 months after president multi-verse gather dissolve the legislative body but as my other sanchez reports from lima voter apathy is on the rise in concern. a lifetime sweeping streets has involved in this to run for congress in sunday's elections the previous parliament was dissolved by president. in his
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anti-corruption fight this says it's time for a clean up. the experience that i have is what i live through every day i understand the needs of workers how to make ends meet what it feels like to be laid off i know. candidates are running including legislators of the opposition majority in the last parliament which tried to control the judiciary and remove her from office and that's what. i'm angry the idea to close congress was to prevent any of them from running again and that is not happening they run to make business take bribes steal and protect their allies are we voting for the same thing she says she'll only vote to avoid being fined voting is mandatory but many peruvians feel the same way a recent opinion poll says more than 43 percent of peruvians will spoil their ballot or leave it blank analysts say apathy is widespread.
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towards the politicians and a lack of ideas and leadership voters expect much more from legislators and what they are capable of delivering the leadership has failed. candidates of $21.00 parties are running for $130.00 seats analysts say the new congress will be fragmented into small groups but unlike the last one that radically opposed to precedents this no one is likely to support president it's got us political and judicial reforms the video has been immersed in political turmoil for almost 3 years since the brazilian or the bridge bribing scandal broke leaving 4 former presidents involved one committed suicide dozens of politicians and businessmen are in jail the candidate who got to be so says the new political class must show they can be different i you know people are tired of the same politicians instead of consolidating an image of the previous congress opposing reforms our challenge now
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is to comply with the people's demands for reform. peruvians are demanding parliamentary immunity is lifted it off from protects legislators and their allies from criminal prosecution and they want better regulation of campaign funding and he hopes one day selection will not bring more of the same but the innocent just i just see the. time let's take you through some of the headlines here now just the other now china's health ministry says the corona virus is spreading faster 56 people have now died and nearly 2000 than fact it china has banned or wildlife trade the source of the virus is believed to be a seafood market in central china. clearly to tell you she had based on the knowledge we now have this is an emerging and new disease and the knowledge we have is quite limited we're not very clear about the source of the disease and
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infections are not under our control so based on the changes and the involving nature of the infections we would continue to improve our measures and implement our policy so that we would be fully prepared and that we can enhance our preparedness to respond to the possible changes of the introductions so as to meet our goal of containing the disease. canada has become the latest country to record an infection at least 11 other countries are ported in individuals with the virus the u.s. france and russia are working to help their citizens leave the epicenter of the city and 5 more protests isn't being killed in iraq during a crackdown by security forces police in the capital baghdad fired tear gas and tents belonging to demonstrators place in lebanon a fort with protesters inside a storm the government headquarters in the capital security forces used tear gas and water cannon back to demonstrate the club demanding an end to corruption for
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the government to tackle the economic crisis. rescuers in southeast turkey are searching for survivors after friday's earthquake which 35 people were killed more than the 1000 others have been injured people are still being found alive in the rubble. flooding and landslides in southeast brazil have killed at least 30 people there been 2 days of torrential rain in belo horizonte the capital of minister us 17 people are missing and the memorials been held to mark a year since brazil's worst industrial disaster at least 259 people were killed them 11 others disappeared when a dam collapsed sending toxic waste into the city of prevent the you know. it's rewind now. al-jazeera tells the story of thousands of algerians forced by colombian affronts to adopt obscene family.
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words this is so offensive that some contraband to say that the meet. the burden of ridicule that has been passed down through generations. the shame of my name. on al-jazeera. hello and welcome to rewind. today with going back to 2013 when filmmaker katherina on schroeder has been given a fascinating glimpse of nigeria by one of its most respected photographers joe.


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