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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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it's case before west africa's regional court because they say the people have little for you the justice system. shock as the basketball world remembers one of its superstars kobe bryant is about 9 people killed in a helicopter crash in the u.s. . grant this is al jazeera life and also coming up i'm some of the job and in fact that now tell you about the. top u.s. democrats to donald trump's former national security advisor testify in the president's impeachment trial after reports of damaging information in his new book
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. and the number of did from china's coronavirus rises again is the government warns it's getting more contagious. what a buzz football's greatest players kobe bryant has been killed in a helicopter crash in the u.s. state of california the former los angeles lakers player was one of 9 people who died he was 41 brides 13 year old daughter was also among the victims the helicopter went down just outside of l.a. large crowds have gathered to pay respects at the staples center in los angeles which is home to the l.a. lakers the n.b.a. is calling bryant one of basketball's most extraordinary players former u.s. president barack obama described the loss as heartbreaking. rob reynolds joins us
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from near the scene of the crash and rob we've been hearing more from the los angeles county sheriff to hold a press conference sports the largest there. well the latest on the investigation is that there will be in the sea and best to get is that's the federal national transportation safety board that will be coming to look at the wreckage on the hillside which is now shrouded in darkness but is behind me we've also heard that the f.b.i. will be investigating this all of that will probably take place this morning we are tomorrow morning rather we just saw a los angeles county sheriff's all terrain vehicle being moved into position at the bottom of the hill here so we will get more information from those authorities as they begin going through not only the. crash remains the the wreckage on the
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hillside but also looking at the manifest looking at the maintenance history of the sikorsky 76 b. aircraft that crashed examining the records of the pilot and a number of other things a very detailed investigation into an incident of this sort that you mentioned stand the crowds that are gathering at the staples center where the lakers play basketball there's also a small crowd here on the verge unease road and people here that i've spoken to said that they're just heartbroken many said that. they feel as though something has just been ripped from their lives people remembering that as children how they admired kobe bryant and watched him and a woman told me that she's an avid basketball player now because of colby and she wears his number 24 i spoke to another resident here who said something
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quite interesting at there in the early morning when the crash occurred she was out walking it was very foggy low clouds ceiling in this part of the los angeles. area she heard a bang and then another loud bang and then she heard a tremendous explosion which she interpreted as being the crash of the helicopter so if her observations are true i of course i would leave it up to the investigators to make sense of that but that would indicate that perhaps something happened to this of course aircraft before it actually impacted with the ground course many tributes coming in from presidents and sports heroes but this is also not just a los angeles phenomenon not just a basketball phenomenon just a us pronominal but you know basketball is one of those popular sports in the world and kobe bryant is was known from beijing to berlin and then beyond and he was i
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think credibly charismatic figure that a lot of people like jennifer lived with and so i think that not only people here and in los angeles in california will be mourning but people all around the world who love basketball are feeling some grief in their hearts and i you know rob a remarkable legacy than a tragedy is just i thank you for that real bernal's joining us live there well tributes are pouring in from around the sporting world for a bride saw the looks at one of the crew of the career of one of boston polls right just place. for 2 decades kobe bryant rose above every challenge that came his way in boston was indeed to be the end being one of the game's all time greats he spent his entire career with the los angeles lakers winning the n.b.a. championship in 5 occasions bryant also won to the limpid gold medals for the
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united states. is a giant in the sports world it goes far beyond the n.b.a. goal school or beyond basketball he is a world wide i just. in sports. it's hard for us to fly anymore and it doesn't know cobie 'd he was bigger than life he is one of the biggest most well know in the 8 players waltz on after michael jordan he is one of the players that made the n.b.a. into a global sport into going into this 'd next situation. after excel ing on the court at high school in philadelphia bryant opted to skip college and find his 1st n.b.a. contract 8 just 17 at the time of peace deb you in the 19962990 7 season he was the youngest player ever to appear in an n.b.a. game. he more than lived up to that early promise famously teaming up with
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shaquille o'neal to win 3 consecutive championships with the lakers in the early 2000. bryant retired in 2016 and his post basketball korea had only just begun. he won an oscar for the animated short film india bucketful. when he scored his final n.b.a. points in 2016 he was on the old time scoring list. only on saturday was his mug cost by a present day great to the bron james bryant's final social media post congratulated james on continuing to move the game forward. something bryant had done throughout his own career. well a sports presenter at the richardson says broad for save many accolades all in and
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off the boss go. seemingly destined for greatness from a very young age he apparently started playing basketball at the age of just 3 his father was also a professional player moved over to italy when he was was a child because of his father's career that took him over there so i think that again helped him have a kind of global take on the game the fact he grew up and spoke italian went back home to the states at the age of 17 he signed an n.b.a. contract and when he played his 1st games in the n.b.a. he was the youngest player ever to play in the n.b.a. league east side it's a skip college and not go through that process and when you come into the game at such a young age it can often be so difficult to then actually capitalize on that on that young potential but he did just that he stayed with the l.a. lakers for 2 decades he won 5 n.b.a. championships and also want to impede gold medals and i think those olympic gold medals maybe not as important. back in the states for in terms of taking your
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sports that wide global audience really important to how basketball is now perceived all over the world. the u.s. embassy in baghdad has been directly hit by rockets for the 1st time a 3 lead to the compound with one hitting an embassy darley urea 3 weeks ago protesters stormed the embassy days before the u.s. security in general. a suburb in java did bird is the iraqi prime minister has condemned the attacks. so far we have not had any claim of responsibility as there has been no claim of responsibility in the previous attacks it's been this these attacks have intensified when the assassination i sense and in money and many in on this took place in january and there's been multiple volleys which would be to fight in the green zone and aimed at the u.s. embassy come to spend the last time we heard from iraqi security forces was in the doctrine area i traced the launch pads of these rockets which were fired inside the
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green zone in iraq the prime minister has commented saying that this is something that you beacons iraq something that brings iraq's reputation to question and the safety of diplomatic missions is the roster sponsibility of it will continue to maintain that we've also heard from the iraqi security forces who have so far ducked and anyone has been wounded in this attack but we are right here in new paltz off some aerial traffic multiple helicopters and other aerial assets in the air after this attack we also heard the sirens going off at the u.s. embassy after this attack took place and these sources have confirmed to us there is something significant to say can place or mark kimmitt is a retired brigadier general of the u.s. army he says it's a significant attack that could lead to retaliate from washington. if it's a large number of american citizens who were killed in there i think it's one level of response of who is
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a small number i think it's another level of response but it's clear that after the killing of sort of money in the response that our last side that what many were saying that deterrence had been reestablished with the iranians but if the iranians are backing a proxy that conducted this kind of attack on us as territory to my mind it is clear that deterrence has not been reestablished of the united states would have to send a message perhaps even stronger the next time to make it very clear that the united states is prepared to take actions in response to these kind of attacks on sovereign u.s. territories and american civilians. in the day iraqi security forces fired to guess and live bullets as anti-government protests turned violent in baghdad the crackdown began after influential see a clear withdrew his support for the protesters on saturday dozens were injured in baghdad and the southern city of nasiriya as police tried to keep the city in towns
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. former u.s. national security advisor john bolton appears to have undermined president trumps defense he's impeachment trials the new york times has obtained a draft copy of a book written by bolton it says trump told him to tie ukrainian military eye to an investigation into joe biden bolton has said he's willing to testify at the trial but senate republicans resisting attempts to include him now the news prompted this tweet from lee democratic impeachment manager adam schiff he says the president blocked our request for bolton's testimony now we see why bolton directly contradicts the heart of the president's defense if the trial is to be fair sentences must insist that mr bolton be called as a witness and provide his notes and all the documents. matthews is a professor of political science at cypress college he says the president resort to arguments about national security concerns to prevent bolton from testified. so
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many presidents have used the national security cauliflowers to actually hide the truth which was not a national security issue in this case on the usenet is not a national security issue if it's what bolton saying is true he needs to be exposed so we can actually clean up our democracy and abide by the rule of law it's all about the rule of law is the president by the law or is he not under the law like everyone else i believe the 2nd is true and this bolton to us will make a big difference i think they should go forward with it i think there's a lot in both this very well could be the smoking gun that will see if we get bolton bolton can actually testify and if the senate will vote to bring him because he wants to be subpoenaed so he can testify but i think there's a good chance if this comes out even more and discuss more in the news as it's being done that the american people will say look we want to have witnesses especially john bolton now that he's such a person who is very close to the center of all this action and we want to know what the evidence is and we can have evidence unless you have witness so i think there's a good chance that a few republicans might bolt change their position and vote with democrats to
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require a subpoena or bolton. still ahead of al jazeera a u.s. . target it will be on the ground in misrata. is the 1st time. never forget the police from the remaining survivors of the most notorious. verse of. plus. hello there we've got some quotes about the conditions fine across northeastern areas of the united states under the law states where to see the back of that ice and that snow but we've also been left with. some rather doubt whether to 10 inches
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above the average chicago look at this a very adult. seen no real snow end of the forecast that you know snow on the ground in this is that you ation through monday so want to scout the child working the way gradually across the southeast pushing tools eastern seaboard 8 celsius in new york 9 in washington d.c. but the next big storm it is getting itself out into the pacific northwest yet again very heavy amounts of rain very strong winds hold. of the washington oregon and of course once it moves inland it will change over to snow into the mountains 11 celsius in seattle 15 degrees in san francisco but mostly dry and then also small rain developing tuesday into southern sections of the gulf states mostly really across into texas just 14 degrees in dallas cool in new york a sunny skies with a high of 6 degrees we have had cool weather across parts of the cow big cuba and the ticket about 10 inches they have been steadily climbing 26 is the high few on monday it's a very quiet picture generally maybe a scottish pushing in as we head off on tuesday.
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0 here's a reminder of our top stories this hour one of basketball's greatest players kobe bryant has been killed in a helicopter crash in california a former los angeles lakers player was one of 9 people who died he was 41. the us embassy in baghdad has been directly hit by rockets for the 1st time no casualties have been reported 3 weeks ago protesters stormed the embassy days before the u.s. killed iranian general. former u.s. national security adviser john bolton appears to president trump's defense at his impeachment trial in new york times has obtained a copy of his book it says told bolton to prissie ukraine into investigating joe biden. the world health organization is sending its top official to china to figure out how to stop the spread of coronavirus china's government says the number of people killed has risen to 80 with 3000 infections health officials say it can
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spread between people before symptoms shows which take up to 14 days let's go live now to hong kong and bring in ivory and brown for the latest and it's moving so quickly adrian isn't that the number of cases increases the number of deaths increases what's china trying to do to contain these veering the latest. this is a crisis really happening in real time the figures the statistics are changing you know by the hour we now know there are 80 confirmed deaths in china and more than 2700 suspected cases now this virus is spreading without symptoms showing that's what is really so concerning i think for medical officials and also you know it could become infectious during the incubation period and we know now know that that incubate period can range from just a few days to perhaps 14 days now the mayor of new hand has also been talking he's
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conceded that in those days before the lockdown of almost 5000000 people left that city now as you would know from your own time in china is a key transport hub and you can fly to around 40 international destinations and of course from you can travel by rail to just about any big city in china so this fire has sort of the perfect vectors it's traveling to all corners of the globe right now china continues to do what it can to contain this forest and it's interesting because often china's strategy in times like this is one of opaqueness what we're seeing now is is openness and transparency which i guess is why we need to worry here in hong kong officials say there are now 8 confirmed cases more than 300. confirmed cases about 155 people are in quarantine here in hong kong the government here in hong kong has been turning
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a number of holiday camps into quarantine centers they also wanted to use some apartments in a public housing estate that caused a bit of a reaction on sunday evening there were clashes between police and protesters in the family area of the new territories they don't want those people who. into that particular housing estate so the viruses really feeding into the sort of anti mainland sentiment here in hong kong which of course has been festering due to those protests which is still ongoing and a dream people there of course have memories of sars and what we're seeing here is being compared to the beginning of that outbreak you mentioned transparency before at the time there was criticism of china china not being as open and honest as it should have been with the spread of that disease how are people comparing what's happening now to then. well i think there are
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similarities but also in some ways things haven't changed that much we know that this virus a move actually started to appear at the end of november but it was only at the end of december on the 31st of december that the authorities in moon had notified the world health organization and it was only last week after president xi jinping said to officials not just to move but across the country i want transparency and honesty people who are not honest will be nailed to the pillar of shame for eternity that guess what suddenly all these statistics and the information started to flow so yes in some ways the default position for you know the government in china is is opaqueness this time they've taken a different strategy but people here still suspect that we're not getting the full story the full picture there is deep skepticism and i think that skepticism comes from the fact that there is still a strong censorship in china during the sars outbreak in 2003
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a reporter from china and from hong kong at that time the media actually was relatively relatively more open that it is now so people were getting more transparent in the mission so people aren't necessarily buying what they've been told in the official media right now and i drew thanks for that your brown live from rome. the results suggest italy's right wing leader. has failed to win an important regional election votes are still being counted in the traditionally lift is romona region but projections put salvina lead party several points behind the center left democratic party the former deputy prime minister was hoping to cause an upset and topple the country's governing coalition. is in the city of bologna. addressed the media after polls closed when he gave a quick press conference a couple of hours ago he did acknowledge to some extent that they party and he
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himself front and center that had fought hard in an attempt to try and win over this left wing bastion and turn it into the far right league parties consolidation of power of national politics but with 90 percent of the votes counted you have the democratic party candidate and i want to cine already ahead with 52 percent of the league party trailing with 43 percent that said he has maintained that this is just the beginning of a right to try and turn the region towards the likud party however that is an enormous challenge in a region that is historically leftwing since the 2nd world war and this is a very good reason for that because this was one of the bases for the uprising the partisan movement which helped to overthrow the regime of benito mussolini the
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fascist leader here initially back then. in libya at least 11 soldiers from the un backed government have been killed near misrata forces loyal to the warlord who leave after we're trying to advance on the town of abu graine misrata is libya's 2nd largest city it is home to groups who oppose have to have to launch his offensive to seize tripoli. last year a spokesman for half the says there is no political solution to this conflict. went to moscow and berlin and before that we went to several other countries we were not searching for a solution we know that the solution is in the gun the solution is in the ammunition and in the hearts of our men still we always try to listen to the international community and the mediators until the world is fully convinced that we are fighting criminal and terrorist groups. in southeast brazil at least 46
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people have been killed and 28 others missing after 2 days of heavy rain caused widespread flooding thousands of people have been forced from their homes because of landslides and buildings collapsing al-jazeera is manuel rapper reports from bet him brazil. it's the worst flooding in decades intense rains have swept through the brazilian states of mina's it ice the addition nato and a speedy sun to. one of the deadliest effects of the record rainfall has been the mudslides the death toll from the heavy rains continues to rise so does the number of people left homeless. visited a favela near the outskirts of the city of belo diesel engine. there we meant. who says life was already hard in the shanty town now a landslide has destroyed the house he's lived in for the past 40 years ago. i was asleep then at around 3 in the morning i felt everything just crush on top of me
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luckily i survived. the worst of the rains appear to be over but for many in southeastern brazil the troubles are only beginning. needless unload in so says she was caught off guard by the deluge everything she owns is now soaked in muddy water that she believes is contaminated with runoff from a mining disaster that happened last year. in that because of what happened with the dam the river is contaminated deficient dead and now we are afraid that this will take on cause us harm is contaminated just smell it. in the state of minas should eyes many roadways have been cut off and several bridges have been knocked out of service in some of the lower lying regions of the bellotti zone metropolitan area the floodwaters have nowhere left to go and with more rains in the forecast one of the concerns that many residents have is that homes that are already flooded could be completely underwater in the coming days. several people are still missing
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in mina's should eyes and authorities are warning residents that more landslides and building collapses could still happen. manila. brazil. the prime minister of the netherlands has made the 1st ever apology on behalf of the dutch government for the wartime persecution of jews by a group or was speaking at commemorations ahead of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the hours with spoken out on monday as some survivors attended the event you know of so that the $38000.00 of the 140000 jews who lived in the netherlands survived world war 2 more than a 1000000 people mainly jews were murdered at the birkenau camp in poland about 200 survivors will take part in monday's commemorations with the numbers dwindling this could be the last major anniversary attended by those who lived through the camps hours john has more what was once
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a factory of death has for 75 years been a factory of remembrance some of the artifacts of 1100000 lives most of them jews but also poles roma jehovah's witnesses homosexuals and prisoners of war these are the places where they froze and starved where they were experimented upon huddled together and killed this is what is left behind but only a dwindling few know how it felt. 94 year old leon vine tribe was 18 when he was separated from his family at auschwitz you can imagine if son of a love him out for i have 4. sisters i was a fair child is this. how exhausted i was
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i. remember. thinking what happens with my mother my sister i didn't. talk. because the gas chamber is killed. each year there are fewer and fewer survivors left to tell their stories the bricks and mortar will survive them of course as a visual reminder to the millions who visit each year but quite soon that living connection to the horrors of the holocaust will be lost is their 1st time is there the head in the history of mankind such. zz's in their field killing to kill a whole nation for 3 quarters of a century those who survived have been around to tell the world that what happened
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here must never be allowed to happen again when they are gone birkenau will be left with one ultimate purpose that no one should ever be allowed to forget jonah hill al-jazeera auschwitz birkenau death camp. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories one of basketball's greatest players kobe bryant has been killed in a helicopter crash in california the former los angeles lakers player was one of 9 people who died he was 41 rob reynolds is near the scene of the crash in calabasas with more details. the aircraft was a sick or ski $76.00 helicopter a an aircraft that has actually a robust safety record so the cause of this crash is not known there is a team from the national transportation safety board that's the federal agency that
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is on its way to california now to go over the debris to try to figure out whether this was caused by mechanical failure pilot error or some other cause it is known that there was some heavy fog and a low cloud cover in this particular area called calabasas to the north and west of los angeles proper at the time of the crash. the u.s. embassy in baghdad has been directly hit by rockets for the 1st time and no casualties have been reported 3 weeks ago protesters stormed the embassy days before the u.s. killed iranian general custom so the money former u.s. national security advisor john bolton appears to have undermined president trump's defense of his impeachment trial the new york times has obtained a copy of his book it says trump told bolton to pressure ukraine into investigating joe biden and china's government says the number of people killed by the corona virus has risen to 80 with nearly 3000 infections doctors say it can spread before
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symptoms show which takes up to 14 days in libya at least 11 soldiers from the un backed government have been killed maybe serrata forces loyal to the warlord to leave were trying to advance on the town of abu grange misrata is the b.s. 2nd largest city that is home to groups who oppose after. early results suggest italy's right wing leader salvini has failed to win an important regional election votes are still being counted in the traditionally leftist amelia among the region the projections put salvi needs lead party several points behind the center lift democratic party the former deputy prime minister was hoping to cause an upset and topple the governing coalition those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after a rewind. the 21st century began with extraordinary economic growth across much of latin america. but since this halted in 2008 has been
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a political shift to the right on a continent with socialism once thrived. and politician goes on a journey to meet leftwing ficus to understand why that politics have lost ground so dramatically. in latin america a giant in time oil on al-jazeera. hello and welcome to rewind. today with pulling back to 2013 when filmmaker katherina on schroeder has been given a fascinating glimpse of nigeria by one of its most respected photographers joe.


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