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tv   The Listening Post 2020 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2020 7:32am-8:01am +03

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bolton appears to have undermined president trump's defense at his impeachment trial the new york times says of time and a copy of his book it says trump told bolton to push ukraine into investigation joe biden china's government says the number of people killed by the corona virus has risen to 80 with nearly 3000 infections health officials can spread between people before symptoms show which takes up to 14 days though the results suggest italy's right wing leader but salvini has failed to win an important regional election votes are still being counted in the traditionally leftists and media among the region but projections for solving these league parties several points behind the center left democratic party well those are the headlines and news continues here on our jazeera after listening posts. well the prime minister's. mission is to do the critiquing and making this
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country the greatest place. followed the final run into the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. on al-jazeera. the top stars are on the cross the sky on a tank. plummet. this time when the stress clock. there is such a thing as just one quick hello i'm richard just bird and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories that we're covering this week australia is where rupert murdoch's media empire was born his news outlets there have got climate change denial down to a science malta and the journalistic legacy of the late daphne kind of want to believe her story is far from complete the balsa not all government in brazil it's corruption exposed by journalism wants to shoot the messenger and.
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poetic justice on the tory saudi operative clear in the murder of. sneers at his critics in australia soaring temperatures extended droughts and persistent winds have resulted in a wildfire season like no other yet as so much of the country burns most of the australian media outlets owned by rupert murdoch refused to call this story what scientists say it really is a disaster exacerbated by the climate crisis millions of acres have been burned out dozens of people have died wildlife is on the run and papers like the astray and networks like sky news astray are not just dismissing the scientific consensus they're trafficking in some false debunked narratives instead. media empire has long held a disproportionate influence over politics in australia he and prime minister scott
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morrison are united on this issue throw in murdoch's close ties to a stray powerful fossil fuel lobby and all 'd of the elements are there for a conspiracy of this information on the biggest grey vest story of our time our starting point this week is it. taking in the coverage in rupert murdoch's australian media outlets of the historic devastating wildfires and the climate change angle can be confusing that is by design this climate change. science. gone are the days of hardcore denial of climate change disputing that the planet is overheating with the murdoch media now specialize in his climate skepticism denial taken down a notch or 2 i agree. changing. arguments that pin the cause of the wildfires on anything but global warming like strikes and
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. well mainly the bush 5 in this country sound bites that too will dirt rather than clarify that there are a lot of things that go into making. from global warming the fact that they that undermine the prospect of a consensus and ultimately advocate that the best thing to do about climate change is nothing at all. because i didn't want to admit that it was climate change which which these for so uniquely awful i've been emphasizing side issues so one side issue has been for example someone had a barbecue that got out of control though something that really is saying all of this is villainy and human nature and it's got nothing to do with government policy in fact that's been a false info since we had some crazy theories about her. it was all to do with clearing land for high speed rail and that they wanted to burn this much land so that we could get cheap property for the trains it was kind of insane to watch it
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unfold when you had authority figure after authority figures scientists after scientists firefighter after firefighters saying we have never seen fires of this intensity before this is not to business as usual but we saw all those theories really take hold some of which was published in the murdoch paper. trail you know has one of the world's most concentrated newspaper markets 60 percent of the papers sold are published by rupert murdoch's news corp including the only national daily the australian the company also owns a 24 hour news channel sky news australia the biggest cable company foxtel and other t.v. channels on the climate change story and the wildfires the various newsrooms feed off of and feed into one another making news corp australia multi-platform corporate ecosystem of its own the way it works is that you get very prominent
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skeptical commentators people like andrew bolt who's a well known prominent climate skeptic. there is such a thing as just playing well and he has his own programme on sky news called the ball report and he also has a regular column in at least 2. plates so it's a sort of has a multiplier effect because syria. is in. it is not necessarily the journalists or the journalism it is a lot of what is happening in the commentary space it is what is happening on sky news where they interview climate denial i'm optimistic and no one. where they have entire program dedicated to dismantling the science based on either
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misrepresenting what is being said a misinterpretation or somebody who is not qualified to speak in that area being held up as an expert and not just cross-pollination between each other newspapers city the time for radio talkback there's also a huge number of form of. work with the liberal party and the national party as things like policy advisers maybe are advisors and that fly happens in reverse as well except for the nation's 1st preeminent expert so there's no direct link between the stress and climate change the revolving door coughs up some of my priest kenny openly campaigns for liberal party candidates while he is the associate editor of this trail you know there's nothing strike you as. that would have altered the climate here and there's nothing going to strike you can know if. there. is no delicacy about this there's no chinese wall or anything even
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pretending that this is not an improper relationship on the criticism that the company is getting over its coverage of the wildfires news corp told the listening post that contrary to what some critics have argued news corp does not deny climate change or the gravity of its threat however we do report a variety of views and opinions on this issue that are important in the public discourse on the fine. a lot of the news publications have come out swinging against allegations that they have not taken climate change seriously and i'm out with an editorial which attacked other media outlets for their coverage of the news coverage of the fire crisis i don't think we're going to see any change in the news corp editorial position. not going to see any sort of you know come to jesus moment from some of their biggest stars. because their editorial shows that
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they don't believe they have anything to apologize for rupert murdoch inherited his 1st 2 papers from his father in the 1950 s. then bought more astray and publications before expanding in the sixty's and seventy's into the u.k. and the u.s. over the years australian prime ministers have learned not to cross the current pm scott morrison has the murdoch media seal of approval he's a conservative his initial emergency response to the wildfires was to sneak off to a vacation in hawaii the previous prime minister malcolm turnbull was toppled in 2018 and replaced by morrison in large part over turnbull's plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that policy alienated many in his own party as well as news corp and the other central player in this story the a stream of mining sector to which rupert murdoch is also closely linked it's very difficult to pinpoint accurately the influence over individual media
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empire political outcomes but there is a sort of coincidence of interests between the murdoch empire and the current government scott morrison but i think it's more likely that what drives the government is their closeness to the mining sector if they have to admit to the link with climate change over these fires and they obviously logically have to take far reaching action in cutting emissions and that would mean cutting their extractive industries on which the economy is very dependent the murdoch press has always been very you know when murdoch was a young businessman in the sixty's and seventy's australia's agricultural exports were the cloning of britain. joining the e.u. in he and many others saw the national savior as being on e. so he's always had himself personally very strong prime money and that's been
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reflected in these papers the murdoch factor in climate coverage is not limited to australia there's a larger problem study after study has shown that climate change skepticism is far more prevalent in anglosphere countries the exceptions are places like canada and new zealand english speaking countries where news corp is not a major player and skepticism is noticeably higher in the us australia and the u.k. which happen to be rupert murdoch's biggest markets there's a clear pattern there that is undeniable that's like a john lennon question imagine it is not made up well we don't have to imagine we're going to look at the 0 and i just passed a very aggressive emissions targets with bipartisan support but you look at canada we can look at other kind of comparable countries in angola sphere which don't have many media in australia at the moment with medication for us that is unthinkable.
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we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers. prosecutors in brazil are going after an american reporter there glenn greenwald of the intercept charged in this past week with cyber crimes tell us about the case the reporting in question expose corruption and a huge anticorruption investigation known as operation car wash which eventually helped pave the way for job or sonata into the president's office agreement and the intercepts revealed that prosecutors and the lead investigator surgeon motto was supposed to be a political process it to put former socialist president lula da silva in jail the story damage the reputation of moore and also not o. who just made more of his minister of justice and we did that piece last year on how most of the intercepts reporting was based on text messages that were hacked from various mobile phone yeah and one brazil's federal police looked into it they
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concluded that group want had committed no crime and they had been cautious in his journalism prosecutors seemed less convinced despite working the very same evidence the hots because the president's issue with greenwald is personal the journalists were troublesome out of bakken 2014 long before anyone considered him a contender for president as you can see in the headline grewal pulled no punches also not a retaliated with homophobic slurs against greenwald and more recently against his husband david miranda who's a member of congress he also said that the 2 men's marj and their adopted children was a fraud to avoid deposition but isn't this story about more than just the intercepting greenwald there are so many reporters in brazil who say that this president simply doesn't value basic press freedoms that's right and this sends a clear message to reporters ember though that doing journalism interacting with sources and fence incident cereal could land you in jail i spoke of the interest
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that leandro demoting about the atmosphere. for the media in brazil back is going to no intercept content legal so move to put the next level is my is in is event i . want 97 as it were presidential but as usual some are not entitled to if they sent and we started. but i mean. you know that i know he said well usually. plus obviously eric not us john not used to so much do we need. to because you. are not a jeezy bad use of me on this. be. more of this baseball the regionals or not you don't any potential miss you want me on to new cyber start on this unless you want to use the best lose you know. that's because of the many certainly a story worth keeping an eye on the internet on the brazilian media and general ok
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thanks to the small mediterranean island state of malta has been producing a lot of news recently all because of a blog called running commentary and its author definitely kind of want to go it's described as a one woman wiki leaks kind of want to see a wrote stories on politics and corruption and because mortars mainstream news media did not want to touch those stories the blog was the only place that people could really learn about a system involving the people they had elected the bribes the kickbacks money laundering and embezzlement running commentary came to a sudden end though in 2017 when carter wanted to lead syria was murdered killed by a bomb planted in her car this past month malta's prime minister joseph smith scott resigned after it emerged that his aides may have had a hand in that murder the listening posts flo phillips now on a reporter who was killed for the work she did and how the late daphne koller want
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to see as journalism continues to make news. october 16th 2017 there are crooks everywhere you look now at the situation desk. these were the last words ever written by daphne. she was under no illusion she knew journalism had made some serious enemies for decades she'd been a thorn in the side of the rich and powerful here in calling out corruption and organized crime at the highest level. she paid the ultimate price. my mother and i sitting sitting the big dining table as we used as a desk it was just before 3 pm my mother needed to go to the bank. for a meeting about how bank accounts are child's been frozen by the economy minister.
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the last time i saw. the sound of the blast in fact again very soon i remember because i was a sing to music on my laptop and when my mother left the house when i heard the sound of the explosion the same song was still playing. i knew it was up almost straight away i don't know it's just the sound of it's caused to be anything goes. down who can i want to get it so there was no stranger to breaking big stories. by $27000.00 a year supporting on financial corruption had amounted to something extra embezzlement on a massive scale involving some of milton's most senior political figures including the prime minister to understand this story here are some of the names you need to know. the prime minister's chief of staff conrad mixi the energy minister
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and you're confirming a businessman one of the maltese richest men just from the statute of stuff. and most more of those energy minister the true st that they came to power in march those in turkey. called the accountants to set up for them 6 companies of panama involved with this these 2 people each cumbrian on that news close to the wit and energy company to provide a new gas for station and the energy from the get go a little was piecing together a picture where. the owners and the promoters of this project took enormous brights $5000.00 a day corrupted the which they sought to cover got. revealing what's become known as the electric gas deal wasn't the work of a national newspaper or a t.v. station it all came from
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a single journalist reporting on an island of less than half a 1000000 people carol want to get his blog regularly attracted upwards of 400000 readers a day. and since its inception in 2008 the story she broke really shaped the political landscape take pill artists a secretive bank she discovered was laundering the money of senior officials all the passport the cash scheme lining the pockets of politicians but when carolina started to uncover the level of corruption in behind the electric gas deal some multis found it hard to believe this was netflix material. and because of because it was like that we didn't even think it was possible for a to be real because it was so surreal binders we thought this may have been all too big to be through me but that's where some of us were wrong when we didn't read to really believe everything she said. mark parrish to meet hosts share
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a bank motors most popular t.v. show on the public broadcaster as he says the mainstream media found kara want to glitzy as exposé is almost impossible to believe and largely ignored while effect could. some outlets are actively hostile since much of the media in montana is dominated by the same political parties work. we conducted an investigation for 6 months known to the online hate machine was run by diaper party government we managed to gain access to secret and closed groups online members of these groups including the president of malta the prime minister of malta and most of the members of parliament people were encouraged to follow her and put photos of her online she was depicted as a witch should be burned at the stake daphne. was the victim of a dehumanization campaign at
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a loss of around 30 years. when i was 9 years old the front door of the house was searched on fire when i was maybe old 7 years old i remember coming home and finding go up a dog. with its throat slit. and i just thought that this kind of stuff was normal because my mother was the only journalist i knew obviously i was a kid like the one that made those after years of threats intimidation and attacks on her and her family daphne cow wanted to let see her was killed by a bomb planted in her car. doing the same drugs she did that day you're just here to the right while it really is so close. this is where her killers tried to bury her work to stop the revelator the stories of corruption she was uncovering and it might have worked if not for a group of journalists from around the world who've set up something they call the daphne project and they've made it their mission to finish what she started the
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biggest school of the different project was going to all the company all that was going to be on the computer of each going to implement it and that was your going for it very simple the fleet had not named eve but it started distorted that would eventually mean is that there's a great trip in it and then the penny dropped she revealed the existence of a company called 17 back. and we now know through investigations have continued after has us a nation at 17 black was owned by your concentric who has now been arrested as the mastermind and her assassination affair the revelations have also links you're going finnick to. the prime ministry for stuff and other members of government. remember those names you can fenech arrested conrad
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mitzi resigned. gone and more than 2 years after kara want to glitzy is that the prime minister himself joseph miscount forced out now how revelations of anyone in the multis media can talk about the chief of staff the british ministry guard that she cannot say collided on a homage jennifer delgado we had to but it wasn't always that way there were times when she wasn't right. there were times when her stories would not through and maybe that is what led many people to believe that that the big scandals she wants will have been not completely gone entirely through. the. story. we're now learning that it was all true definitely has generated this wave of new energy of new over new interest which we didn't have before in politics
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and so we have people coming together and saying ok let's stand up to this because this is not who we are and that's nice that's good you say it's worked and it's nice and all this is true but she lost her life in the process of course should have never happened. she did lose her life and as a maltese people who. we realized a little too late. but i believe his but i may have been there. but for his supporters it's not enough. every night since caroline until it seems that campaigners and supporters have come here to lay out a candle lit memorial every night of thirties cleared away or more recently have tried to cover it up in time it's come to symbolize the growing confrontation between the government trying to hide its guilt and the society calling for the truth to come to light. there will eventually come
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a time when there will be an opportunity for accountability and when the time. we will have to rely on the sort of work was done by journalists like mine although . i think all of this worked out she did. really sort of prove her eye. and finally if you want to sneak a news story out and get minimal attention from the media the end of the year is the time to do it which is probably why saudi arabia chose december 23rd 2 days before christmas to announce it had cleared saod alka tani in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi alec autonomy was crown prince muhammad bin solomonic right hand man is hired muscle he led an online army that spied on the kingdom's critics and almost no one is buying the story of his innocence as for me he's so
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happy these days that he's written a poem about himself it includes verses dedicated to his enemies qatar and turkey governments that he says try to smear him through their media outlets like the one you're watching now we'll leave you with a part of that poem put to music by a saudi singer and we'll see you next time here at the listening post.
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it's been dubbed the project of this injury. is the real cost chinese new silk road project. one o one east investigates. on hunches in. a lifetime of emulation struck by strauss copying. selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to
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discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary on al-jazeera. or. shock as the basketball world remembers one of its superstars kobe bryant is among 9 people killed in a helicopter crash in the u.s. . i'm stan grant this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up i'm solidly job in baghdad now tell you about the latest attack on the u.s. and about it in the iraqi capital. the top u.s. democrats to murdoch will transform a national security adviser testify in the president's impeachment trial through
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ports of damaging information in his new book. and the number of people dead from china's coronavirus rises again as the government.


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