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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2020 6:00am-6:34am +03

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donald trump and israel's prime minister stand united on the middle east peace plan that will send its royal annex large parts of palestinian territory. under this vision jerusalem will remain israel's undivided. undivided capital. but there's widespread anger among palestinians that the plan with the leaders saying it will be thrown into history's job which. i'm stan grant this is out 0 live from doha also coming up hong kong's leader announces drastic cuts to cross border travel with mainland china to stop the spread of coronavirus. and feeding off for ever they can find we meet people whose
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lives were devastated by a volcanic eruption in the philippines. u.s. president donald trump has revealed his plan to win the israeli palestinian conflict with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu standing beside him it's billed as a 2 state solution but under it israel will immediately and makes large areas of the occupied west bank and the jordan valley while the palestinian state only comes into existence after 4 years and only if israel feels its security concerns have been met netanyahu says israel's cabinet will meet to formalize yannick session as soon as sunday president trump announced that the u.s. will support those moves trump also said jerusalem would remain israel's capital the palestinian state would have its capital in parts of east and as opposed to
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east jerusalem. correspondent. killing it is a deal to bring peace to israelis and prosperity for palestinians u.s. president donald trump presented his long awaited middle east proposal at the white house alongside israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu we have an obligation to humanity to get it this is a. trump as proposed a 4 year freeze on new jewish settlements on palestinian land the plan also proposes a tunnel connecting the west bank and gaza and a doubling of palestinian territory to include a capital in what it calls al could the arabic name for jerusalem with the united states would open an embassy but in a contradictory statement trump declared jerusalem israel's capital where a u.s. embassy already exists under this vision jerusalem will remain.
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undivided very important undivided capital. sites holy to muslims christians and jews would also remain under israel's control these ancient lend should not be symbols of conflict but eternal symbols of peace and does expected trumps 80 page plan also calls for israeli sovereignty over the jordan valley that israel's prime minister argues is necessary for security israel must have sovereignty in places that an able to defend itself bargain. but absent from the white house announcement palestinian leaders discussions on trucks middle east proposal broke down in 2017 following the move of the us embassy from tel aviv trump announced he sent a letter to palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas outlining
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a 4 year timeline for recognition. and implementation of his plan president abbas i want you to know that if you choose the path to peace america and many other countries will we we will be there we will be there to help you in so many different ways and we will be there every step of the way i wanted to ask you about something but in an exclusive interview with al jazeera trump son in law jared cushier said what isn't helpful to the palestinians future is the palestinian authority would rather go in and complain as opposed to come to the table and negotiate which quite frankly shows that they're not ready to have a state if you're ready to have a state and you don't call for days of rage the white house says acknowledge the dire economic conditions of palestinians a new plan builds on a previously announced $50000000000.00 economic proposal with additional grants and loans implemented over the next decade but only if reconciliation is achieved the
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timing of the white house plan announcement was overshadowed by president trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. senate still the plan is likely to be a key talking point in donald trump's reelection campaign can really help at al jazeera the white house will shortly after the announcement palestinians express their anger towards israel and the u.s. by protesting across the occupied west bank and in the gaza strip president of the palestinian national authority mahmoud abbas says the plan won't work and will be thrown into his for his job ij need to bring him has more from the occupied west. as soon as the announcement of the middle east plan came from washington palestinian protesters took to the streets of the occupied west bank and gaza to reject it they say the united states has adopted the israeli position in full and.
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i think that this speech came to gather support for benjamin netanyahu to help him pass his internal crisis it's also part of the election campaign for donald trump in the upcoming u.s. election it is nothing more than an election campaign for both of them. this time is a gift from a big thief to a small thief. the plan didn't come as a surprise to palestinian leaders meeting in. the next shape. in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago it is sufficient to say that 2 years ago we heard the jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel as claimed by them we cannot wait and wait and keep on waiting our position has not changed and after we heard this utter nonsense we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century in gaza that sentiment appears to have resigned in support. of the no this is our land and this is our capital we will not accept
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any alternative we will not accept any part of it jerusalem is palestine and we don't care about trump jerusalem will stay with all its churches like some mosque and all the sacred sites and. we tell donald trump and as of ministration that we reject this plan the plan of shame that has nothing to offer palestinians a peace plan between the palestinians and israelis was drafted without any palestinian input and was announced in washington without their presence some officials here are calling it best that of approval for. and then brain al-jazeera the occupied west bank daniel levy is the president of the u.s. middle east project which is an independent policy institute he says the plan represents israeli dominance not a 2 state solution this is america taking in his ray proposal and translating it into an american position but it's worse than that it takes what ostensibly
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looks like what a local peace agreement might look like and raps into that an act of aggression very close to a declaration of war all the palestinians it is not intended to advance peace it is intended to force the palestinians to say no to depict palestinians as rejectionists and to allow israel to pursue with greater pace and greater support israel's own unilateral plans it's a very dangerous cynical and aggressive move israel retains control everywhere israel agrees to take on itself not to do things that it didn't intend to do anyway like this question of jerusalem those neighborhoods which israel doesn't want to be part of jerusalem because it's put them on the other side of the wall it is magnanimously saying or the americans are saying on its behalf will be part of this
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new palestinian creation of jerusalem this is literally taking what peace looks like turning it on its head and turning it into a declaration. china has agreed to let the experts from the world health organization in order to help increase understanding of the corona virus outbreak the chinese president has told the visiting w.h.o. chief that he's confident of defeating what he described as a devil virus the death toll is supposed 130 with nearly 6000 infected australia has just announced it will help some of its citizens leave china province and quarantine on christmas island why in haiti is monitoring developments from hong kong we still have this remarkable situation of some 60000000 people under lockdown including of course in who bay province where this outbreak originated the government saying that they are going to send some 6000 medical personnel to that area to try to increase efforts to contain the outbreak but
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the problem is according to reports that there simply isn't enough medical equipment in particular the white protective suits that these medical personnel the doctors and nurses need to wear out when they are treating patients so because of that some of those 6000 extra personnel simply can't travel to that area foreign governments beginning to take action now the united states were the 1st to evacuate more than $200.00 of its citizens from the capital of a province the japanese have done something similar as well and according to comments from the australian prime minister scott morrison australia and new zealand may well follow suit so certainly we could see more action taken from foreign governments in the coming hours and days. or how i will have a limited role in the development of the u.k.'s 5 g. network the u.s. called on britain to exclude the chinese to judge firm from the project because of
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security the dim barber reports from london. it's a yes but one with caviar as the u.k. government approved chinese firm huawei providing infrastructure for the promised 5 g. rollout they were at pains to stress there was no security risk defying warnings from the us a key member of the so-called 5 eyes intelligence alliance we have looked at the issue of how to maintain network security and resilience over many months and in great technical detail. we would never take decisions that threaten our national security or the security of our 5 eyes partners who are we itself says it's reassured by the long delayed decision we have supplied 8 technology to. operators. for 15 years. we will build on this strong tracker our cold supporting our customers as they invest their 5 g.
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network the chinese firm as a so-called high risk vendor will be banned from quote core functions like data stations it will be excluded from sensitive geographic locations such as nuclear sites and military bases and it won't be allowed to own more than 35 percent of the infrastructure in any 5 g. networks periphery including radio masts but senior members of boris johnson's conservative party are still worried and their fears are shared by the opposition let us be no doubt 5 key infrastructure from china is not safe under chinese law every chinese company is mandated to give whatever help it is asked to give to the chinese intelligence services and in secret that a lot of should have been enough for the prime minister to decide against allowing this company access critics of who are ways involvement say chinese hackers could access internet connected things such as self driving cars as a backdoor into strategically vital networks allowing them for example to disrupt
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power stations a complicating factor here in britain is that many providers already rely on while way technology and they'd warned that seeking alternatives would be expensive there are a must like these installed by huawei across the u.k. the company is deeply involved in existing 4 g. infrastructure so a total ban would have meant removing lots of technology bringing higher costs and delays to the 5 g. rollout. the u.s. government has said in no uncertain terms that it doesn't want quote way involved in 5 g. threatening to review intelligence sharing with the u.k. if it happens with secretary of state mike pompei who coming to london on wednesday that transatlantic conversation is far from over. al-jazeera london still ahead on al-jazeera lawyers for the us part. finished the ugly arguments of using teach for trial rejecting calls for a key advisor to give evidence and visit the front lines of libya's civil war as
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forces allied to the tripoli government tries to repel an offensive by rule belief after. how i once again weather doesn't look too bad across a good part of north america but we have got some outbreaks of rain sleet and snow driving through the plains that's going to continue pushing further east which as we go one through the next day i think south seeing some rather heavy rainfall potential for some flooding just around mississippi alabama pushing over towards georgia for the northeast is generally try possibilities some wintry weather up towards the great lakes over the next as i do the majority of the wintry weather will be around the pacific northwest that western side of canada just around british columbia and that will continue to ease a little further east which as we go on through thursday process guys coming back
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in behind quite a brisk wind there for b.c. and notice as some blizzard setting as we head towards the weekend elsewhere to talk temperatures around 3 celsius there for new york and for d.c. but lousy dry fine and sunny as is the case across the caribbean lots of sunshine coming through we will see some wetter weather just around the gulf of mexico joining up with that weather system we have across the southern states of the u.s. yucatan peninsula seeing some rather a wet weather over the next day or rationale as a possibility into cuba but for most it's fine dry sunny and warm. try enjoy bringing my neighbors my neighbors children so they can see and get more comfortable 5 years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons back at the varo somehow make a report on the christie and therefore need to shoot and it's fun but
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a new generation is fighting fire with the reason we are fighting for voices to be heard because we don't want to see it and you just need to get closer to never again part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera. and order. the watching al-jazeera is a reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump has unveiled his plan to end the israeli palestinian conflict with benjamin netanyahu by his side the so-called 2 state solution will be viewed the an experience of the occupied west bank and see jerusalem as israel's capital palestinians have rejected the proposal. palestinian
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leaders were absent as the plan was on file with the despotic anger and protests in gaza and the west bank president mahmoud abbas rejects that poses calling it a conspiracy. china has agreed to let him experts from the world health organization to help increase understanding of the corona virus outbreak the death toll this past 100 with more than 5900 infected in the country. there are 2 potential big turning point in donald trump's impeachment trial u.s. media reporting republican leaders in the senate say they do not have enough votes to block witnesses democrats accused the president of of using his power by asking ukraine to interfere in the upcoming u.s. election and say he obstructed congress by refusing to cooperate with investigators al-jazeera is hiding castro has 3 days of arguments for president trump's acquittal can be summarized as exists trump didn't do what democrats accuse his lawyers say
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but even if he did he should not be removed from office the bar for impeachment cannot be set this low danger danger danger trumps lawyers downplayed recent revelations from john bolton the former national security adviser who reportedly writes in his upcoming book that trump withheld security aid to ukraine in order to get investigations into democrats including joe biden responding to an unpublished. manuscript that maybe some reporters have an idea of maybe what it says and that's what i mean that's what the evidence if you want to call that evidence i don't know what you called it i called it in invisible but democrats want to call bolton to testify who hasn't done so yet under the president's orders but says he will appear if subpoenaed their whole argument is diversion. if you don't believe the newspaper report called the witnesses
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democrats must convince at least 4 republicans to go along with that idea senator mitt romney a moderate republican says he'll be one i'd like to hear from john bolton and i think the idea that's been expressed in the media about having each side be able to choose a witness or maybe more than what we're witness paired basis has some merit republicans want to call joe biden and his son hunter to testify trump accuses them of being involved in ukrainian corruption the basis for wanting their investigation in new jersey enthusiasm for trump's innocence was on display as supporters camped out for days to attend his campaign rally polls show about half of americans believe trump should remain in office and half want him gone. castro al-jazeera washington. climate protests are taking place in australia's capitals prime minister scott morrison delivers the start of the speech demonstrations a calling for a change to a strategy is reliance on coal and fossil fuels morrison says he will not shut down
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the strait is coal sector despite large bush fires burning around the south of camber with smoke covering parts of the capitol hill andrew thomas has more now from canberra andrew there's been a lot of criticism of the prime minister during this this summer and this fire season what is he had to say in this speech. well up to 6 weeks so far as stand as you say on these horrific fires that are on president administrator and scott morrison the prime minister was criticised for his handling of the crisis he went on holiday to hawaii as the crisis was getting going at the end of december so this was his chance to reset the dog essentially and lay out his protest for the year and the response to the fires was front and center over his speech that he talked a lot about how australia needs to adapt and to mitigate full way essentially described as inevitable climate change driest summers they're going to cause. more fires in the future he said and climate action in his words was about mitigation
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and takes into the inevitable it's less about addressing climate change when he did he said that australia was doing its best it was meeting its commitments under the paris accords for example it was bringing down its emissions but what he was very reluctant to address with a coal exports particularly that australia sense of the rest of the world which of course don't put australia's emissions but do put up emissions elsewhere this was his response when he talked about that. the only thing that matters is the cumulative impact of all countries emissions you will also not reduce the number of qualified past actions in the world to die by forcing the shutdown of australian coal mines or destroying jobs that go with them other countries will just buy the coal from somewhere else often poorer quality with greater environmental and climate impacts. i'm joined now by i told this one from the australia institute's you've done a report looking at all strikingly it's fossil fuel exports just tell me where that
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puts australia and its responsibilities because of the climate change is that so they no question a strong leader has an oversized role in fueling climate change mostly through the fossil fuels that exports that's overwhelmingly call both steel coal and power call these exports put a strangely a 3rd in the world in terms of fossil fuel exports that's behind russia and saudi arabia so all this trailing government likes to say plays a small role in causing climate change and reality and i'm almost for all of it has a huge opportunity with these bushfires to take a stand internationally to do something about it scott morrison consistently again in the speech you just gave said that australia's emissions just 1.3 percent of global emissions as if they australia is not a big player but even so it's still doing its bit is it well it's certainly not not doing its bit its targets are too low and it's only planning to make them based on state government policy and dodgy accounting tricks but even putting that aside 1.3 percent is still very large is larger than 40 other countries h. of which have a bigger population that australia and even then it doesn't include all of the coal
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and gas exports that go out of australia stradley was the 3rd biggest exporter of fossil fuels and struggling governments currently planned to double exports so a strong play is an oversized role in fueling the crisis that is that still feeling the bush was were experiencing right now new mines are being approved a big one in queensland the controversial adani kamakura mine all the mines of the expanded you told me a moment ago that some of the legislation actually prohibits those approving these from considering the over the season missions that sounds remarkable explain that that's right so in new south wales the state that's been most badly affected by these bushfire as right now there is a new south wales government legislation under consideration that would limit the ability of independent planning decision makers to consider climate impacts from call exports so they would be unable to conceive of the impacts like the bushfires from the next call export of mines they consider. thank you very very much well the unprecedented bushfires have. politics but for the time being.
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doesn't show any signs of changing his stance when it comes to emissions and indeed . thank you 3 children have been killed in a rocket attack in libya's capital tripoli the missile landed in a neighborhood near the city center the u.n. recognize government is blaming forces loyal to warlord after nearly 300 civilians have been killed by rockets or airstrikes since he began his campaign to seize the city in april government troops are making further advances into controlled territory and have halted the operation by the warlord to take misrata the reports from the front line in the town of. driving to the frontline through territory that just 3 days ago was held by warlord khalifa haftar us forces. this government soldier is passing on intelligence about
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a possible air attack he tells everyone to be vigilant the threats from the air is always present heavy artillery and air power unable to have to as units to overrun government forces and take the town of abu grain 80 kilometers east of misrata on sunday but in the face of a massive counter offensive they could only hold it for less than 2 hours soldiers and civilians answered the call that. the families of misrata are all together united of one voice of one hour print he found him came from misrata grain with ammunition and weapons. this is the new frontline after retaking abu grain units then pushed have to ask forces back 20 kilometers they may be wounded but they are not beaten they are a well equipped and heavily armed enemy which can attack at any moment but only. it's dangerous they're using drones every artillery rockets but god willing it will protect us we are taking our precautions. they lost 11 men in the weekend attack
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and 100 were injured including some civilians this is the funeral of a little girl who died of natural causes the people have remained here living with danger every day and they are suffering by 3 o'clock in the ocean is that your heart then you are facing life shooting it's the biggest danger from all sides it's indiscriminate it's difficult because in wars you can't predict what will happen. this medical facility in nearby zam zam is the only community health care center for 100 kilometers the administrator said have to as fighters ransacked the place and salt ambulances and all the equipment it only adds to the misery and increases the anger. but now listen this young wounded fighter has lost comrades he's calling half a dog but he like many others may find reconciliation difficult when police eventually comes but many are growing weary of fighting near worked for the local
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reprieve from a cease fire we are all libyans and we want to stop the bloodshed but if these old man at halftime announces every day that he wants to take them all the land and kill more living in the young man then we will continue to fight until our last man it's a wild rugged land where little grows but so much blood is being spilled to control it even though there is a notional ceasefire in place no one yet to think why dad but what has happened here and in the sporadic attacks in tripoli showed just how volatile the situation still is and how quickly car can turn to bloodshed tony burke out of there abu ghraib to misrata people forced from their homes by an erupting volcano in the philippines this month slowly returning home after restrictions were lifted more than 400000 were displaced many in our face the daunting task of rebuilding their homes and their livelihoods so miller alan dorgan reports from baton goes province . birth thank you your doesn't know where to begin he's been separated from his
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standard leases that they'll split steam and love and near his community 2 weeks ago. he's returned to the town of a good scene where he's gone fishing to get enough food to get him through the next few days going to be like but his house has been destroyed and he can't even get inside to retrieve whatever might be left of his belongings the only depressed when they saw my house all of our belongings are still in there my wife what on with me but i thought of her it's still dangerous i feel sorry for my family for a killer them. tory is a story that is repeated a 1000 times over here fisher men who no longer have homes they can return to they tell us the past few weeks have been difficult but the task of rebuilding is proving to be even more daunting. more than 100000 people have been displaced
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and many more affected across but then this province they were forcibly moved by the philippine government as we're told to stay in evacuation centers indefinitely because of the threat from the volcano but this week the government announced the danger level has been lowered which means many people are able to return holding. i think it was just right that we were evacuated because if you think about it it was really dangerous for us and they were just thinking of our safety we are happy to be home now. fishing is long been a main source of income for many families in towns surrounding the volcano but most of the fish pens here have been destroyed by falling ash or the constant earth tremors and people are worried where they'll get their next meal from. so all the
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use the volcano was quite to down has been welcomed here it doesn't signal that lives are going to get back to normal anytime soon. to marilyn duggan al-jazeera. this is the top stories u.s. president donald trump has unveiled his plan to end the israeli palestinian conflict with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu by his side the 2 state solution with the media of the areas of the occupied west bank and see jerusalem as israel's capital palestinian president mahmoud abbas has called trump's plan a conspiracy. in the announcement we did not find anything new compared to what we heard 2 years ago it is sufficient to say that 2 years ago we heard that jerusalem is the undivided capital of israel as claimed by
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them we cannot wait and wait and keep on and wait our position has not changed and after we heard this and we say no no and a big no to the deal of the century china has agreed to let the world health organization in order to help increase understanding of the corona virus outbreak chinese president xi jinping has told the visiting chief that he's confident of defeating what he described as a devil virus the death toll the supposed 136000 infected person has decided to give a limited role in building the u.k.'s 5 g. mobile network prime minister bars johnson's government gave the go ahead despite calls from the u.s. to exclude the chinese take over security. republican leaders in the u.s. senate they do not have enough votes to block witnesses in donald trump's impeachment trial democrats charged with abuse of power in ukraine to interfere in the upcoming u.s.
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election. taking place in australia's capital as prime minister scott morrison delivers the start of the year speech demonstrators are calling for a change to a reliance on coal and fossil fuels morrison says he will not shut down a strike his calls. 3 children have been killed in a rocket attack in libya's capital tripoli the un recognized government is blaming forces loyal to warlord who leave after nearly 300 civilians have been killed by rockets or strikes since hoffa began his campaign to seize the city. well those are the headlines and used on al-jazeera to talk to. americans live side by side in 2 parallel universes the trunk parts of america are getting trampy or there is a poll out a few weeks ago that you had a. war both sides accuse each other of doing things. on us politics and policies and their effect on the.
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basis. generals. of world war 3 trending as the u.s. and iran to military action against each other but not with. war once again caught between a regional giant and a military superpower we caught him in the act. and terminated him mr president in the general. imminent threat which was contradicted by iran and the iraqi prime minister. and it's delivered quote a slap in the face with a strike which would assure in the end.


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