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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the all. running out of bed zone running short of medical supplies china confirms thousands more cases of coronavirus. to watch al-jazeera lie from a headquarters in doha i'm dating navigator also ahead the u.s. senate acquits donald trump after his impeachment trial but democrats warn he's a threat to democracy. a deadly confrontation and may to walk a city if national antigovernment demonstrators fight with supporters of the top clerics. in mourning hollywood's tough
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guy award winning actor kirk douglas best known for his role in spartacus has died . hello china is struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak as more people die of the illness it's running out of bed space to accommodate new cases now the country saw a record spike in deaths on wednesday bringing the total to more than 560 more than 28000 people are infected most of them in the epicenter was on authorities say there's a severe shortage of beds and medical supplies. president. for this support in the fight against the virus there are reports that. its biggest political meeting the annual national congress is held every march. communist party leaders meet with thousands of members to decide on the government's priority here
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. meanwhile nearly 6000 people on board 2 cruise ships in hong kong and or are still being isolated some passengers were infected with the virus taiwan has now banned all international cruises from docking shortly after 10 more cases were confirmed on the quarantine vessel in yokohama let's get an update on how things are in hong kong that's right sarah clarke is joining us from so what more do we know about that quarantine vessel sara in the harbor and those on board. well that cruise ship is behind me it's as you mentioned 3600 passengers and stop a quarantine in lockdown on this cruise ship as of yesterday we've been hearing announcements coming out over the the ship for temperature checks for all passengers who are currently on board and this comes after a number of passengers on a previous voyage were confirmed to have the corona virus infection all the people
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on the previous voyage are now being followed up and checked on to see whether or not they too have been infected as a result of those passengers on board but the moment this particular vessel behind me the cruise ship the world drains cruise ship it is in quarantine people have been emerging side there they rooms to have a look but at the moment they are in lockdown this also comes with another cruise ship in japan and yokohama where we've had a number of other corona virus infections being confirmed on that particular ship which had those people who are now being treated but the rest of course are in quarantine and as you mentioned taiwan is also now banned all international arrivals of these cruise ships to simply try and stop the spread of this the rapid spread of the krajina virus of these cruise ships at the moment all precautions are being taken on stuff stuff as well as the passengers after a number of stuff on this ship behind me also confirmed that they were feeling some symptoms that were associated with the corona virus so at the moment chris ships in
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japan and in hong kong are in lockdown and in terms of the wider. sure in china particularly how is it coping seeing that it's now confirmed thousands more cases. as you mention as well before that the death toll does continue to rise and we've had the 563 deaths confirmed so far 72 or 73 yesterday in china the medical supplies are in short supply we have got the hospitals that are being built to treat the rising number of infections in china but the treatment kits in the medical supplies are now being sent into those provinces reporting the highest rates of infections and they are being brought in by helicopters any means of transport to try and get them to those people in need not china's nanjing city which is about $5000000.00 people it's also now limited access to the village compound simply to prevent the virus spreading and of course the chinese new year holiday break which should have ended by now it's been extended to fit pretend simply to try and stop the mass numbers of people traveling in big numbers across
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china and i should also start the 99 percent of the world's cases of the crime of virus are still in china and the world health organization has also said it's starting to transform transport around 250000 face masks and treatment kits to those areas most affected or writes sarah kliff thank you for that update from hong kong. the u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was charged with abusing presidential powers obstruction of congress one republican broke ranks but it wasn't enough to see trump removed from office democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations. reports from washington. it is therefore the outcome was as expected donald trump be and he is hereby acquitted of the charges in said articles donald trump only the 3rd u.s.
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president to be impeached now also the 3rd u.s. president to be acquitted the white house called it full of vindication and exoneration mr romney all but one republican senator voted not guilty on both articles of impeachment the lone defector was mitt romney the utah senator who in 2012 with the republican presidential nominee my faith is at the heart of who i am romney said in an emotional floor speech his conscience was more important than party loyalty he voted guilty on abuse of power what he did was not perfect no it was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights our national security and our fundamental values a few other republicans said they believe put trump did was wrong but didn't rise to remove all from office others blasted the democrats' efforts to remove the 45th us president i worry about the future of the presidency after what's happened here
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ladies and gentlemen you will come to regret this whole process all the democrats voted to convict trump on both charges they voice disappointment after his acquittal but did not admit defeat may yet face further investigation in the democrat controlled house and make no mistake about it the drip drip drip of evidence is going to keep coming out with each new revelation the message to the house of representatives don't do this again. now with the impeachment officially behind him from conspiring to for the november election whether all this has helped him or hurt him as a candidate is the big question castro al-jazeera washington. well richard goodstein is a democratic strategist and a former legal advisor to the white house during bill clinton's impeachment trial he says mitt romney's support for a conviction to them bold and other republican politicians in both cases i think
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there was an expectation after the house impeached that the senate was going to acquit was going to basically not convict him the one difference though is that this was the 1st impeachment trial in the history of the united states were a senator of the party of the president who was impeached voted to convict him so mitt romney did a lot of things today by breaking this news but i think the words that he used and the sense of conviction and putting country above party is something that democrats whoever the presidential nominee is or frankly democrats going forward will seize upon to say we all don't have to fall prey to what. sort of force donald trump has over most republicans that people can rise above that so in that sense by the time of the clinton trial bill clinton had apologized for his behavior
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donald trump to this moment still says that his behavior was perfect and i think the one answer is that when the impeachment trial was over in 1990 against bill clinton his popularity was in the 6065 percent range donald trump still in the forty's notwithstanding the fact that the economy is reasonably strong so i think the public ultimately soured on his behavior and ultimately things are so partisan that there was a split you know virtually all republicans going with him and every single democrat against him. after days of delays in technical issues the preliminary results from democratic caucuses have 2 presidential contenders virtually tied so while early counts. lightly ahead of bernie sanders the gap has now narrowed significantly with nearly all results. party officials are scrambling to verify the remaining results it comes as new hampshire prepares to hold the 1st democratic primary election on
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tuesday. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of najaf that's when the supporters of the shiite cleric were. attacked an anti government. fights broke out between the sutton has a different time supported and oppose the protesters who want the removal of iraq's ruling elites let's get an update from imran khan he's joining us from baghdad so having said that what are we to read into the situation in najaf and what happened and why some of saddam's protesters have attacked the anti-government protesters his supporters rather. there's a real concern hey in baghdad and across the south of what exactly very influential shia cleric one of the most influence or shia clerics is up to now he has flip flopped between supporting the protesters and not supporting the protest is that what he seems to be doing is putting his backing behind iraq's security forces he's
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already said that here in baghdad he wants all the bridges and all the roads leading here to be open he wants the protesters to simply remain intact or a square and not be out of this area but he has a very different agenda to the protesters the protest movement is very clear they want 'd a change a radical change in the way iraq is a government actually wants something slightly different and much more conservative what he wants is the writ of the iraqi government to be applied here in baghdad and across the south he looks to. simply remain where they add to a bay below you also has a very different a very radically different agenda when it comes to. the idea of u.s. troops being in iraq he wants them out and that's not something that many of the protests people want to back because they say we have what agenda anticorruption.
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antigovernment agenda that we have now so what's happening what's reading fateful for a lot of people is the fact that several said it may well be trying to co-opt to take over the protest movement but it gets deeper than that what is a worry for most people in iraq is this government. has put his support behind the prime minister says that he wants. to become the next part of iraq so what he's trying to do is put make him follow an agenda that will have any impact on future governments that will be elections call at some point so he's trying to manipulate the election system as well according to a lot of the protesters and political analysts that we've spoken to so there seems to be a fish a very big fish between the protesters and look. at this is going to be crucial in the next few days because that they say that crack is only going to get wider ok imran khan thank you for that update from baghdad. still ahead on al-jazeera. an
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investigation is launched into a plane crash in istanbul that last 3 people. the struggle to put food on the table an 11 on xp for a city and why it's people have little faith and the new government's ability to tell. ya. hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast where here across parts of central europe temperatures are back to normal for this time of year of course we saw unseasonably warm temperatures across much of the area then we saw a lot of rain and snow push through it's a lot quieter as well now we can be seeing some clouds just towards the north but in terms of those temperatures really into the single digits across much of the region with berlin at 7 circ at 5 in london at 8 degrees there the big problem still lies down here across much of the southeast we're going to be seeing
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a lot of snow and in fortune war snow is expected in van province in turkey where course we have seen the avalanche there you can see all the snow across much of the forecast map and for opera expect to see those temperatures coming down over the next few days snow in the forecast all the way through the weekend but really starting at 3 degrees here on thursday going down as a high of minus 4 degrees there well that same weather system is causing some problems here across the northern part of africa we're talking about the winds across much of the region we're going to be seeing those winds as well as some rain here across parts of libya benghazi it could be a rainy day feel very windy as well with attempted there a little cool at 13 degrees over here towards cairo tempter average for you at 23 degrees and by the time we get to friday we are going to be seeing those temperatures drop with rain across the northern coast of egypt. from passion into transformative science that brings about change out to sea or it
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goes on a journey with 5 scientists who want to time and to use scientific knowledge to say that humankind we have dolphins in our sanctuary and we can monitor them. record their job or the photos from behavioral reasonable fear out there and tap into their new environment women make science coming soon on al-jazeera. you're. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera are there sour china is struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak it's seen another record spike in deaths 73 in
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a single day on the reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting of the year officials say it's unlikely the spread will be contained by next month. u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was facing charges of abusing presidential powers and obstruction of justice of congress rather only one republican mitt romney voted against him the democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of najaf one supporters of the shah cleric were for the southern attacks and antigovernment protests come. now turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into what caused the passenger jet to skid off the runway while landing in istanbul 3 people were killed and dozens injured when the pegasus airlines plane broke into 3 pieces after landing in or whether passengers and crew had to be evacuated through cracks in the fuselage but our reports from. the dramatic and for the short flight from as me to
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istanbul the boeing owned by pick gases airlines was touching down when pilots appear to have lost control the plane veered off the runway burst into flames and broke into pieces. most of the 171 passengers along with the crew their vacuously escaped alive many suffered injuries and were sent to hospitals. the 2 pilots reported to be in a serious condition an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the crash because of. unfortunately the pegasus airlines plane could not stay on the runway due to poor weather conditions and skidded for around 50 to 60 meters it fell from 30 to 40 to 175 passengers babies for flight attendants and 2 pilots on board 120 passengers have so far been transferred to nearby hospitals. there was
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a thunderstorm bringing gusty winds at the time of the incident the authorities closed the airport and diverted flights to different destinations this isn't the 1st time this has been involved in such an incident 2 years ago one of its jets skidded off the runway atop zone port and and a half way down a steep slope by the black sea all 162 passengers and crew aboard would have backed away to safely pegasus airlines is likely to face further scrutiny in the coming days last month one of its planes slid off the runway at an airport investigators said the incident was due to bad weather conditions. is the i'm bored. turkey's president. has expressed sorrow over the deaths of 38 people into the eastern city of van most of those killed were part of
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a team digging to recover villagers hit by an initial avalanche before a 2nd one struck rescue operations were halted on wednesday night due to poor weather. and i'm 19 year old palestinian man has been killed by the israeli army over the demolishing of a house is really forces say the owner of a building in janine is responsible for the killing of a rabbi on an occupied west bank settlements the incidence comes a day after another teenager was shot dead by israeli forces during a protest in hebron turkish backed rebels have pushed back syrian army forces from a key town in the province that says turkey's president warned syria's government not to continue their offensive into the last rebel held region hundreds of thousands of people are displaced by the fighting and they're heading towards the turkish border from where a certain class of ugly reports. a scene of devastation is what is left from the
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syrian government's intense aerial bombardment and ground offensive in the last stronghold of the syrian opposition. despite rounds of talks and shaky cease fires this push has triggered one of the largest waves of the space meant into 9 year conflict. civilians leaving everything behind and heading north towards the turkish border so i look at them i've already been displaced twice maybe i'll have to move again i don't know what to say the situation is very bad we heard about the ceasefire but never witnessed it on the ground just displacement and suffering the u.n. says at least 520000 syrians have been displaced in the last 2 months alone many children are among them. it is not all of the violence but also the biting winter called that is making the situation worse in a ford late comers the conditions are basic they struggle to keep their children warm one of everything is going. to 60 years ago there's nothing left of it
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now we are living in pain. as a syrian forces backed by russia who take villages and towns they are targeting civilians according to the world health organization at least 53 health facilities have been forced to suspend their services since the beginning of the year because of the fighting. with several other cops by the border to other patients they have limited resources. to the ridge about any time they go to help our people. syrian government forces have been advancing inside libya territory that was meant to be a deescalation zone. i remember and we won't go back unless the regime withdraws from our lands we are asking the opposition forces to intervene and repel the syrian army. but turkish government is accusing damascus so for some civilians to
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flee towards this border there are with these 3500000 syrian refugees in turkey which is why officials here say they want to stop and other mass influx of syrians entering the country but there are now 700000 civilians stuck right behind this border crossing on the syrian side looking for safety because so little al-jazeera . the venezuelan opposition leader hijo has held talks with the u.s. president at the white house a day after being unveiled as a special guest during donald trump's state of the union address why those on an international tour to drum up support for his campaign to oust the venezuelan president they called us my during the white house says the to discuss speeding up a democratic transition their u.s. is one of about 50 countries that are recognized as venezuela's leader. the government in venezuela has criticized what it's calling interventionist rhetoric
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during trump state of the union address in that speech trump introduced why though to congress venezuela's true and legitimate leader and called maduro the tyrants and the natural one of the on on the leading venezuela has the right to give itself its own institutions in venezuela the president of the republic is not appointed by the president of the united states the people of venezuela elect him in a popular vote it is always been that way and will always be for free so i am the president elected legitimately according to the constitution mr donald trump enough of your sickly obsession with venezuela mr trump enough. romania's 3 month old government has collapsed after losing a no confidence votes or lament back the motion brought by 2 opposition parties paving the way for early elections the vote was triggered by prime minister literature or rounds of time to change electoral laws the previous government fell
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after a series of corruption scandals lebanon's cabinet is due to me to approve budget proposals aimed at tackling the country's worst economic crisis in decades but that's a little comfort to people living in one of the country's poorest cities they're skeptical the new governments can help lift them out of poverty from tripoli sarah reports. poverty is visible on every corner of this neighborhood tripoli. the impact of lebanon's west economic crisis is felt the most here. we spoke to people from different communities that forced to be over sectarian divisions only just a few years ago now they stand side by side in protest against the government and whether this man tells us the ceilings of houses are crumbling and buildings are unsafe. every family here is suffering one way or another his elderly neighbor
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shouts from his balcony that he has nothing to his name. in another part of tripoli regie has just a few cents left his last meal was a loaf of bread shared with his family of 3 and there's an offer and it will all come out for look at he says they have nothing to eat. this woman tells me she lost 4 children in the civil war she too can barely make ends meet she's not the only one we've only been here for a few hours and we're already hearing all sorts of stories of poverty and we've actually been stopped a number of times by people wanting to show us the harsh conditions that they're living in as you can see just behind me there now there's no jobs no medication and what's even food for some and they are asking the same questions over and over again where are the politicians and why is the government not helping them the new government says fixing the economy is a priority the world bank has warned that poverty will rise by a further 50 percent if the financial crisis continues many families are relying
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entirely on charity and. we're serving society as much as we can but the absence of the government is having a huge effect we're seeing it this economic crisis is bigger than any of us the fall of the global angry frustrated and desperate this father and son tell us they too are struggling. the beggarman understood when i'm at home without a job what can i do i'm forced to protest why should i trust this new government when even the international community is cautious unemployment in tripoli has reached nearly 60 percent many children aren't attending schools and with an influx of hundreds of thousands of syrian and palestinian refugees the newly elected mayor of tripoli says his city is at breaking point that we're not in a couple of the pub on monday we're trying our best to help people as much as we can but we're limited by the government as a municipality and i have to get any decision approved 1st by the interior ministry before we can implement anything with not much left to lose people here are keeping
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the anti-government movement alive they say they feel neglected and they're demanding change so the height of. tripoli. hollywood is mourning the death of actor kirk douglas who has died at the age of $103.00 he started. more than 80 movies becoming one of the most celebrated actors of the film industry is golden age and he was nominated 3 times for the best actor oscar and received an honorary academy award in 1906 warburton manley looks back at his life and career. kirk douglas graced the fill the screen for more than 7 decades he burst onto the scene in 1960 next the veteran movie star barbara stanwyck and strange. for people douglas quickly established himself as a star and leading man in his own right earning his 1st oscar nomination in 1950 playing
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a boxer in the champion. 2 more. followed over the next decade trying to copy a page one for playing a producer in 1952 the bad and the beautiful how do you know how i feel about and another in 1956 playing tortured artist vincent van gogh in lust for life well i think son i want to make you feel it revolving giving off like a dog this is most iconic role came in 1960 playing spartacus a slave leading a revolt in ancient rome he also produced the film and helped end hollywood's communist blacklists by insisting right to dalton trumbo receive on screen credit blacklisted hollywood writers had been working under pseudonyms they had had their names officially on projects. kirk douglas sr done that for dalton trumbo one of
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the greatest writers of his own generation and that's that was really important. douglas later became patriarch of an acting did a city son michael followed him into business becoming an oscar winning actor and producer and in 2003 the pad along with michael son cameron appeared in the film it runs in the family the veteran actor was a prolific author as well penning a half dozen books including his $988.00 autobiography the rockman son. despite suffering it to political stroke $995.00 douglas continued. in 96 at the age of 80 the act of finally won his 1st academy award and ask andrew knight i love all of you and i thank all of you.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera china struggling to cope with the corona virus outbreak at sea another record spike in deaths 73 in a single day and the reports that beijing may delay its biggest political meeting of the year officials say it's unlikely the spread will be contained by next month and taiwan has banned all international cruise ships from docking after 10 more cases were confirmed on according to invest all any oklahoma sarah clarke has the latest from hong kong where another cruise has also been isolated. 3600 passengers and stop a quarantine in lockdown on this cruise ship as of yesterday we've been hearing announcements coming out over the the ship for temperature checks for all passengers who are currently on board and this comes after a number of passengers on
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a previous voyage i would confirm to have the corona virus infection all the people on the previous voyage are now being followed up and checked on to see whether or not they too have been infected as a result of those passengers on board but the moment this particular vessel behind me the cruise ship will dreams cruise ship it is in quarantine u.s. president donald trump has been acquitted in his senate impeachment trial he was facing charges of abusing presidential powers and obstruction of congress only one republican mitt romney voted against him democrats are vowing to press ahead with more investigations after days of delays on technical issues their preliminary results from i was democratic caucuses have 2 presidential contenders virtually tied while early counties had slightly ahead of bernie sanders the gap has narrowed significantly with nearly all results counted already officials are scrambling to verify the remaining results. at least 10 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the southern iraqi city of measure when supporters of the shia cleric
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looked at the sudden attack antigovernment protests. turkish prosecutors have launched an investigation into what caused the passenger jet to skid off a runway while landing in istanbul 3 people were killed dozens injured when the pegasus airlines plane broke into 3 pieces after landing in poor weather the venezuelan opposition leader who has held talks with the u.s. president at the white house a day after being unveiled as a special guest during donald trump's state of the union address by those on an international tour through drawing support for his campaign to try and oust the venezuelan president nicolas maduro those are the headlines inside stories coming up next on al-jazeera. is going to the polls to elect. faced with criticism over the housing crisis. and unemployment in rural parts of the country will the current prime minister manage to present this position join us
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as being the could take the country through great saints. could israel and sudan soon become friends its relevance his plans for the normalization of toys catching sudan's transitional government off guard and the ones hostile nations are they moving closer together and want to be achieved this is inside story. i. know that welcome to the program i'm not plugged so i pursued on an israel have historically had frosty relations they have no formal ties and sudan is one of the strongest supporters of a palestinian state but on monday israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu he met with the sudanese general abdul left. in uganda on the agenda the normalization of .


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