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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2020 8:00am-8:34am +03

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just sit down and listen join the global conversation on how does iraq. bernie sanders claims victory in the nevada caucuses cementing this role as the front runner in the democratic party's presidential race. watching al jazeera live from headquarters in doha i'm dating you now with radio also had italian towns under lockdown events canceled and schools and businesses shut as the number of coronavirus deaths on infections increases outside of china. at least move comes as china's who by province reported more than $600.00 new cases of the virus on saturday bringing the total there to more than $64000.00.
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a move towards reconciliation and sell sudan as why the leaders form a unity government in an effort to end years of civil war. hello the us senator bernie sanders is claiming victory in the nevada caucuses the latest stage in the race for the democratic presidential nomination only a fraction of voting stations have reported results but they're giving sanders a clear lead over his rivals a resoundingly victory would cement his status as the front runner to take on president donald trump in november. the united to bring you. good. the popular. vote in iowa was we
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won the new hampshire primary was ended claudie still 3 networks and the 8 here we have now won the battle caucus was very center speaking earlier on let's cross over live and listen to pete booted said to speaking to his supporters and aura colorado for them but more than that i'm meeting people who remind me what is it steak or not yet even old enough to vote was i didn't allow the new year old come to an event raise his hand ask about prescription drug affordability was smart ted was but he wasn't asking because he's a policy buff he's asking because he's worried about his ability to get insulin and
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whether his family can keep up he can't wait for us to act to ensure there is no such thing as an on affordable prescription in the united states of america was god just a few minutes ago i met survivors from the stem school shooting. and i know how much aurora and littleton and so many parts of colorado have been touched by gun violence both horrific mass shootings and what is playing out every day they cannot wait for us to act to ensure that the 2nd amendment can never again be twisted into an excuse to do nothing at all about god when we can sam talk lives every year we must act now. charles moves on from nevada to colorado there he is addressing his supporters and according to the latest numbers we're getting his
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comments 3rd in the nevada caucuses but bernie sanders has come in 1st to claim victory in the caucuses there or not as well as in standing by for us he's been with bernie supporters in las vegas where it all happens so what have the supporters been telling you what's been the reaction rob. well was very enthusiastic reaction as you can see here people are very happy some of them dancing people posing for group photos in their bernie sanders t. shirts and holding up signs so enthusiastic and exhilarated group of bernie sanders supporters here in this neighborhood in las vegas it does seem that their candidate has won a formidable victory with a strong lead over the 2nd place finisher joe biden how did he do it well he managed to put together
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a strong whole issue of liberals young voters 'd and latinos they responded well to his platform of immigration reform comprehensive. immigration reform universal health care student debt forgiveness and combat a global warming and sanders which together a army of supporters. very enthusiastic mostly young who spent weeks pounding the pavements knocking on doors getting out the vote getting his supporters to the caucuses and getting things done so what happens next well the attention will immediately turn to the south carolina primary which takes place in one week or more importantly to super tuesday march 3rd that's when a whole group of very large diverse and delegate rich states including california texas massachusetts virginia north carolina and several others all vote at once and
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certainly bernie sanders has got momentum moving into that super tuesday contest you just heard from people who to judge didn't do terribly well here in nevada but still in the race and he's been trying to stake out the middle ground and making the argument that. sanders. positions that are too far to the left for the average american and that if. he won't be able to defeat. that argument it will certainly go on but right now the streets of las vegas at least here belong to bernie sanders supporters 'd. ok rob thank you for that update from las vegas on the points of the debate that is going on right now let's bring in steve clemons he's an editor at large at the hill he's also the host of new weekly so the bottom line he's joining us via skype from chestertown in maryland hi steve thanks for being with us on al jazeera so rob was just making the
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point about. what he said about bernie sanders is that he's referred to his campaign as an inflexible ideological revolution that leaves out most democrats not to mention most americans do you think that bernie sanders has a broad enough appeal to take on donald trump in november if that's the direction the selection is heading in. what bernie sanders has right now is the incredible passion of young people any showing is going to strengthen certain minority communities thus far and that you'd be able for together a kind of intergenerational alliance because he does have some elders that are that are caught into this so you know i don't know in the end they're going to be people in the so called middle of the more moderate lane that are very frustrated with bernie sanders stridency in some areas because they believe that that's right and
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see will cost him votes in the senate will cost them votes in support in the house and that they're trying to appeal after this primary is over to the 40 percent of americans who declare themselves as independents is neither republicans or democrats so i think that it's a concern that ernie could win the democratic party primary but end up losing the heart and soul of america to donald trump because of his inability to bring over those people in the more pragmatic problem solving middle of the country what kind of discussions do you think will be going on right now alongside bernie sanders people and and his campaign on how they keep that momentum going for and into south carolina next week in super tuesday. i think they want to show a vibrant engaged candidate who is going to keep singing the same notes he has throughout this campaign i mean you have to give them incredible credit for consistency of message and i think they will think this is not the right time to
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show that they're willing to play in the center more because they are out fundraising everyone and finally you know we've had 2 other contests both in iowa and new hampshire and bernie and peter judge were basically neck and neck in those i think the day we saw that elizabeth warren is really on the decline and losing in that lane between the 2 key progressive candidates you've got mike bloomberg still lurking out there and we won't see him really come into play until super tuesday but he has a lot of money and that the other candidates have to be very very concerned about what oxygen they're going to have so i think as this goes on bernie is going to have more money and he's got more momentum coming after these 3 races that we've seen so far what about joe biden. is his performance enough and nevada enough to save his campaign going forward. it keeps biden the lives
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he is expecting south carolina which happens in 7 days from now to say his campaign is to demonstrate that he's the one that has the major support of african-americans and he believes and others do that the african-american vote is vital in this next election but he's not demonstrating the kind of definitive strength the overwhelming inflection point strength that he would need i think the knockback the other candidates at least not so far look there are other changes that could happen in this race we could see in south carolina and as we move to super tuesday that we that the dominance that we see of bernie sanders right now could be eroded by other candidates and we could go all the way to the democratic convention in milwaukee and see that none of the candidates have achieved enough delegates to win i don't know whether that will happen if joe biden performs well then maybe you'll be able to bounce back but thus far this race in nevada was unique because it was important
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because that state looks more like the nation and more like the diversity of the country than either iowa or new hampshire and joe biden did not do as strongly as i think he had hoped all right to say clemons live there thanks very much for speaking to us by mary and thank you. spread of the corona virus is growing outside of china with italy is seeing the worst outbreak in europe it's reported at least $79.00 cases and 2 deaths most of them in the lombardy invents a region's the government says it will forcibly lock down affected areas. in zones considered hot sports lead to entry or exit will be authorized without special permission. in iran a 6 deaths from corona virus was reported on saturday with 28 infections infected travelers from the country have been diagnosed in canada levanon and the united arab emirates and china has reported an increase in new infections at the epicenter
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of the outbreak that's in who a province they found 630 cases on saturday up from 366 the previous day let's get an update from wayne he's joining us from hong kong and as we've been reporting when the numbers have been up and down over the past few days just tell us what you're been hearing. yes one of the reasons for that up and down nature of the figures is because the chinese government has changed over the past week or so its testing methods so there was always going to be a bit of fluctuation in there as you mentioned the latest numbers coming out of the health ministry in beijing showing that the number of infections in a province had gone up compared with a day earlier but overall the recent trend seems to be heading in the right direction if we delve
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a little bit deeper into the numbers there are some quite interesting things the number of ongoing cases is decreasing according to the government so that is people who are still going through the testing procedure to see if they do have coronavirus and also those who have been confirmed and are being treated for the virus in hospital so those numbers are trending downwards and if we look outside of province the latest figures show that there were only 18 new infections in mainland china so that is the lowest since the government started releasing regular figures on a daily basis so about a month 18 new cases in mainland china outside of province so those are all encouraging signs but certainly no celebrations from the government or from the world health organization they're both remaining very cautious about this in fact china's president xi jinping speaking to his fellow communist party leaders in beijing said that they are yet to reach the peak of this virus so we may get more
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clarity on the situation in who province more specifically in hand city the capital of that province there is a w.h.o. team of experts on the ground there they arrived on saturday gathering information effect finding mission about how the government is dealing with the virus exactly what needs to be done from here on in so they will report back to beijing and what they find there of course will be of huge interest to the chinese government but also governments around the world who are just really beginning to deal with their own outbreaks riots when thank you for that update from hong kong. now meanwhile iraq is setting up quarantine areas aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus that's as neighboring iran reports at 6 that from the disease there are fears that hundreds of thousands of iranian visitors to holy sites in iraq could spread the virus to some reports in the iraqi capital these quarantine wards in
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baghdad are part of iraq's frontline against the covert 19 strain of corona virus many of the rooms and corridors of sterilized and sealed a nurse recorded these pictures from al-jazeera recently iraqis arriving from china have been tested here even though they weren't showing any symptoms medical staff say no one was carrying the virus. who gropes from the staff from the doctor's people which is what a bill for the killing of those with we training groups about this. about this why us. do you think this one symbol of. every month thousands of religious travelers visit shia holy sites in iraq including the shrine of him on hussein in the western province of caballe and the shrine of him in the jeff they also spend much needed money in nearby hotels and
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restaurants many of from neighboring iran which is reported infections and deaths linked to corona virus the government of not just province says he wants visitors to stop coming. in fact that i do not have the right to prevent anyone from coming in but we have asked the health ministry and they have asked people not to come from around or to travel there. but planes from iran some carrying iraqi passengers are still landing had not jeff airport. yes people are afraid there are rumors most iraqis are wearing masks and even after landing here they kept their masks on. one popular shia holy site is the shrine of him i'm quoting here in baghdad one of iraq's most crowded cities iraq says that it's opening up quarantine areas of various crossing points along its border with iraq it's also halted flights between iraq and iraq for the forseeable future but there is another issue iraq and iran do
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about $12000000000.00 worth of trade every year and a lot of that comes across the border if the borders limited or even closed iraq's economy itself. iraq's doctors now have to wait to see if their defense against the virus is strong enough rob matheson al jazeera back down. still ahead on al-jazeera day one of a week long reduction in violence between the u.s. and the taliban in afghanistan boosting hopes for a peace deal. and putting the political establishment to the test how a state election in germany could have national. implications. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast with this hour want to
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start here across the eastern part of the mediterranean we do have one storm system that is pulling out but still we could be seeing some snow in turkey we're going to be seeing some rain across parts of syria as well as into lebanon by the time we get to sunday also some rain here across the northern part of egypt some of that rain will push inland as well so for cairo you could be seeing rain shower too as we go towards sunday night now that system starts to weaken we still have some clouds left over across much of the levant pushing into saudi arabia as well over here towards iran you'll start to see some rain over the next few days particularly on monday baghdad though you'll be right in between the rain seeing some sun with a temperature of about 27 degrees doha though a nice day for us on monday with a temperature of 27 as well well here across the southern part of africa very heavy rain is expected as we go into the southern portion area of mozambique some of those showers could be quite heavy and could lead to some localized flooding as well johannesburg it is going to be a rainy day here on sunday with the temps of 23 we are going to be seeing some much
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better weather that front makes its way a little bit more towards the north drier across south africa cape town it is going to be a sunny day for you at about $28.00 degrees in johannesburg a little bit cooler at 23 degrees for you. the quick outgrows of togo. defenseless against the whims of an indifferent international marketplace. chocolatier and political activist on a mission to establish a co-operative to make and sell chocolate on their own terms. even a power chocolate a taste of independents on al-jazeera. you're the.
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fellow again the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. senator bernie sanders is projected to win the novato offices the latest stage in the race for the democratic presidential nomination a resoundingly victory would confirm his status as the front runner to take on president donald trump in november. italy has seen a surge in corona virus cases in the north of the country $79.00 people are confirmed to be infected and 2 people have died the government says it will forcibly locked down affected areas meanwhile china has reported an increase in new infections of the epicenter of the outbreak in who bay province 630 more cases were confirmed on saturday from almost 370 the previous day 96 more deaths were also reported. south sudan's rival leaders have formed
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a unity government declaring an end to a civil war that's killed more than 400000 people. the former rebel leader react my char has been sworn in as president salva kiir is deputy it's the 3rd time they're trying to form a coalition the world's youngest nation descended into conflicts in 2 in 2030 in 2 years after winning independence from sudan and millions have been displaced by the fighting or president here insists that peace is here to stay as have a morgan reports from juba there are still issues to sort out. people are looking up to the government to see what kind of change they can bring and we've seen this the newly sworn in vice for vice president offered to me direct machar and the country's president salva kiir holding several meetings over the past 2 days also saying clearly that there are still a lot of outstanding issues the most prominent being the issues of security arrangements but they say that after the swearing in and after the formation of the
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transitional government and appointment of cabinet ministers then they will tackle those issues so people on the streets and country wide are looking to this government to solve the issue of the economy how could i was facing high inflation as a result of the years of conflict in the country there's also the issue of the humanitarian crisis more than half of the country so 1000000 population are in need of food aid to survive so these are the things or rather the challenges that this transitional government will have to tackle in the coming 3 years before they go on to elections the number one guarantee has to be basically the goodwill of the 2 sides but if you're looking at what kind of pressure this transitional government have just been foreign and will have to be spending to make sure that they implement the deal that has been coming to 18 then we can look at what happened over the past 2 weeks that led to this government being formed on the 22nd of february which was the final deadline that was had by the ring parties you've seen the u.s. imposing sanctions we've seen the e.u. imposing sanctions law so harsh words and language coming from regional and
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international partners saying that if no transitional government is formed if the peace is not abided by if the details of the agreement that has been signed is not implemented then there will be no support for this government in afghanistan a weeklong truce between the taliban and the u.s. appears to be holding hopes for ending america's longest war hinge on the deal which came into effect on friday make a gauge report. an unusual come in wardak province southwest of the afghan capital what's called a reduction in violence agreement between us forces in the taliban is underway for the next week providing a brief pause from attacks by both sides the taliban gave al jazeera permission to visit wardak very mood many in our amir have a tall order to us not to clash with anyone in any of the areas that we control we completely about him according to the full meaning of this would the sound of
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sirens and bullets is common in the capital kabul but so far it's been quiet some minor clashes have been reported in parts of the country but not a side has publicly said what would constitute a violation of the agreement or charter member member i hope the one week truce will be extended until we reach a final peace in afghanistan physically we feel very happy and we hope the ceasefire will be real and final but it's not to actually a ceasefire. the agreement is a test of trust for both sides as a step towards ending the 19 year long war america's longest peace talks have been held over the past year in qatar's capital doha if this agreement is seen to be a success a paste deal is expected to be signed on the 29th of february. a new u.n. report has highlighted the human cost of the war it says just over $3400.00
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civilians were killed last year with the taliban and other and he government forces responsible for about half of the deaths afghan government forces and the us allies were responsible for 43 percent 35500 afghans have been killed in the past decade the total is $100000.00 when the injured are included of course peace will not come overnight there is time needed for that the wishes and all. the. action. afghan government forces say they'll continue operations against asa lentil qaida which is not part of the current agreement the next few days will show whether a permanent peace is possible gauge al-jazeera thousands of people have rallied in algeria as capital marking one year since johnson government demonstrations began police used water cannon against the protesters and. as they
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chanted against the government it's the 1st anniversary of protests that forced a longtime president to think you have to step down the demonstrators also want his allies removed from power and the entire political system to be overhauled. dozens of opposition party supporters have been detained in kazakhstan during a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations which esther's gathered in the capsule. and in the country's largest city if. there is anger regarding restrictions over the creation of political parties the opposition leader has been detained for organizing the rally the suits whose 80 year old prime minister has denied accusations that he's fled to south africa after he failed to appear in court it's thomas to bonnie was due to be charged on friday with murdering is a strange wife but instead of facing the judge she traveled to south africa for what aides said was
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a medical appointments to his former wife was shot dead in june 27th seen 2 days before he took office and 2 months before he married his current wife he denies any involvement in the killing. hundreds of people have been marching in the german city of head now in solidarity with those killed in wednesday's racially motivated attack carrying a banner saying racism in fascism is everywhere the demonstrators walked through the streets in a peaceful protest 9 people most of them immigrants were killed when a gunman opened fire in a bar who was germany's 3rd far right attack in a matter of months and the german city state of hamburg head to the polls on sunday in an election which is being seen as a test for the country's established parties for the last 10 years hamburg has been a political stronghold of the social democrats but its coalition partners the green party are on course to make substantial gains dominic came reports. on a winter morning change is in meet the people as the sitting man he's trying to win
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votes at a time when social democrats are at a low ebb federally this city is the one shining light because says here his party is more relevant than ever i've been in let's 9 yarned of these and how can this be destructive we've shown we can rule the city well over the last 9 years we don't just have projects as ideas we make them happen we want to build more schools and daycare centers and we must address climate change not only discuss it in talk shows but also implemented. surprisingly their main opposition comes from their present coalition partners here 5 years ago the greens were struggling to win more than 10 percent of the vote now they're polling more than double that and are eyeing 1st place we have to do something about the mobility change so remeet to be a smart city in the future. and therefore we have the best solutions as is greens.
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and i want to be the european climate protection capital and therefore we have to move forward and we have to be very future oriented and this is where we have the best answer to this state election is the only one show jule to take place in germany this year which means what happens here will help shape how the debate evolves at a federal level sunday's vote is about deciding who gets elected into this parliament but it's pretty clear the prospect of a general election now less than 18 months away is concentrating the minds of all parties dominic kane al-jazeera. u.k. passports will turn blue next month for the 1st time in almost 3 decades to mark the country's departure from the european union the standard issue burgundy passports were rolled out across in your member states more than 30 years ago and blue is 1st chosen for a u.k. document's just under a century ago. and the new look has been championed by bricks and supporters
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controversially the contract to make the pos for its has been awarded to a french and dutch business. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. senator bernie sanders is projected to win than invited a caucus is the latest stage in the race for the democratic presidential nomination a resoundingly victory would confirm his status as the front runner to take on president donald trump in november. delighted to bring you pretty good news. c was. you know we warned that the popular vote in iowa was we won the new hampshire primary was in 2 claudy
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kill 3 networks to the a.p. we have now won the battle look was. seen a surge in coronavirus cases in the north of the country $79.00 people are confirmed to be infected and 2 people have died most cases are in the lombardy inverness all regions the government says it will forcibly lock down affected areas meanwhile china has reported an increase in new infections at the epicenter of the outbreak and who pay province $630.00 more cases were confirmed on saturday up from almost $370.00 the previous day 96 more deaths were also reported. react what char has been sworn in as vice president as it forms a new coalition government with former rival president salva kiir they're aiming to end years of conflict ahead of elections to be held within 3 years it's the 3rd time they're trying to form a coalition the country decide descended into civil war in 2032 years after winning
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independence from. dozens of opposition party supporters have been detained in kazakhstan during a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations protesters gathered in the capital results on and in the country's largest city of all there's anger over restrictions on the creation of political parties the opposition leader has been detained for organizing the rally. thousands of anti-government his houses have rallied in algeria capital comes on the 1st anniversary of the start of demonstrations that forced longtime president. to step down testers still want his allies removed from power and the entire political system to be over holds. those are the headlines on al-jazeera more news coming up right after people in power. thanks. to some friends because behind something millions of taxpayers because the taxpayers never go away is a new one born every single day and it is an emerging national. be officially
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request the education of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i'm a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. africa is rich with natural resources yet all too often the benefits of that abundance end up with international finance the consequence of a post-colonial globalized economy in which the rich get richer and the poorest to captain property get some africans have long pushed back determined to find the holes in the scraps the developed world leaves on the table so says ghosts one such struggle now comes covered in chocolate.


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