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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al-jazeera. we have outbreaks of multiple countries right now increasing at exponential growth rates a jump in deaths inside china and infections around the globe the world struggles to contain coronavirus. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up major military deals and commitments towards trade agreements as the u.s. president donald trump wraps up his visit to india. bollywood film producer harvey weinstein is led to jail in handcuffs after being found guilty of sexual assault
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and rape charges. going underground syrian civilians find shelter wherever they can to escape fighting in it live. before we get to our top story some breaking news coming to us hosni mubarak the former egyptian president has passed away hossam about iraq has died he was president from 1981 until 2011 that's all we know as of this hour we will get you more on that as just as soon as we can here on al-jazeera. a rise in corona virus deaths in china and a sharp increase in infections is stoking fears that the global spread of the outbreak is entering a new stage iraq has now banned for apple is from 7 countries after reporting its 1st case on monday among the banned countries is iran has confirmed 15 deaths but
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has denied reports that the toll could be much higher bahrain afghanistan kuwait and oman have all reported infections in europe the italian authorities have sealed off the worst affected towns in the north 7 people have died there and more than $200.00 are infected the highest concentration outside asia at least 10 people have died in south korea where there are almost 1000 cases u.s. forces there are considering scaling back military exercises as for china the numbers of new infections in areas outside who be a province of however been among the 71 deaths mostly in the epicenter we've got i said big standing by for us in tehran mohammed germ jhoom is in northern italy where there's a high number of cases there 1st to hong kong and our correspondent adrian brown adrian what's the latest on the emerging picture there. peter i
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think what is happening now is what the world health organization fears most a virus spreading more quickly than they can contain this is their big concern the world health organization also said on monday that while they weren't yet prepared to declare a pandemic they are very worried that many countries are not prepared for that eventuality actually happen and it's that sort of talk that is starting to rattle investors not just here in asia but around the world in tokyo the nikkei index on tuesday morning opened almost 3 percent down some of the shares taking the biggest hit with those attached to toyota one of japan's biggest car manufacturers the reason for that is toyota is very reliant on chinese suppliers and of course many chinese factories have been closed for more than a month and there's concern when they will reopen but it's not just the global supply chain that investors are worried about they're also concerned about the fact
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that china is not just a driver of economic growth global economic growth but also china is responsible for some of the large global consumption but the problem at the moment is the chinese people aren't spending or traveling like they normally would at the moment but some experts do caution peter that if hopefully this virus is brought under control soon there will be a huge economic rebound because of all that pent up demand now across the border in china where there were 71 more deaths on monday state media is reporting that china could begin testing a new vaccine within weeks they say that a professor in university has been experimenting with a vaccine he's taken for all for oral vaccines and they've had no side effect whatsoever but a lot of other medical experts around the world will tell you that it's going to. a
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months before a vaccine is developed and when one is of course it's going to involve months of clinical trials to ensure that it's effective and safe here in hong kong we've had 3 more infections we have 2 deaths here at the moment and a total of $84.00 confections and also on choose day the government here confirmed that schools would remain closed until april the 20th they've been closed now for more than a month and just one footnote here peter the french foreign minister has been talking in the past few hours he said something quite interesting he said this virus is going to be a game changer and that the world is going to have to rethink its global supply chains and that it would in his words be irresponsible and unreasonable to continue relying on china that i think are is something that really will concern china's leaders and will you know once more ways a question mark over the future of china's economy post this virus it didn't many
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thanks let's interrupt coverage of the apparent spreading coronavirus to bring the very latest on that story that we broke in the top of the program egypt's ousted former president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 according to state television being quoted by the reuters news agency of course he ruled egypt for 30 years let's take a live to our correspondent jamal child who's followed the egypt story at the mubarak story for a long time here on al-jazeera english jamal what else do we know and we seem to have lost that telephone line to jamal in tunis we'll go back to him just as soon as we can of course he was ousted following the mass protests against his rule in 2011 the so-called arab spring but how the domino effects. across the broader region we can now go back to jamal sheil jamal just get us right up to date
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with the latest. well this comes exactly almost 9 years since hosni mubarak was forced out of office by the popular uprising you mentioned peter obviously he was forced out on the 11th of february 2011 and the media now announcing that mubarak has a pulse it's. been rumors for many many years about his health there have been instances of him being admitted into hospital in the coming hours however he has. as his reputation seemed formidable even against the different illnesses that he went through obviously to have been given specific details of what led to his final demise or whether it was just. as it's expected but what we're looking at now is statesman who essentially
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was so controversial in the past 34 decades egypt's history was on his rule that many people still egypt became a lot more corrupt which was on the his rule that the infrastructure of the country people sold them i think so whether it was the thousands of cases of type this other diseases that spreads through the egyptian population or whether it was the sudden increase in police brutality which ultimately led to people taking to the streets underneath him to fix those are a lot of the things that many people will be remembering him by there are those who supported him over see however who remember him as a military general as a statesman who tried to maybe establish some sort of new balance in the middle east between different political forces but for sure his passing is something that is going to remind people of the situation in egypt as well as obviously the
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political legacy that he left behind which is one. there's a lot for the current military regime to continue in its ruling the region and the rest of the world i guess over the intervening few years has adapted to the idea that mr el-sisi is in charge of egypt as we speak right now but when we talk about hosni mubarak i mean his legacy is a multi multi faceted concept it's not easy to sum up what his legacy would be if only because he was there for so very long. for sure i mean if you look at the different massive incidents that took place or whether it was the one to 90 s gulf war or whether it was him taking office right after the assassination of the former president anwar sadat's where there was a building. that's 3 trips and. striking that balance between iran and one side and then size your baby and other countries on the other heard so many different. instances where mubarak molded for himself and for his weakened of
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what's egypt's policy should be the region. role but as you mentioned the comparison between him and she's you obviously will look at but there is a complete difference and not even domestically speaking. rather mubarak will one of. designating specific roles to. the security services had its power influence the druid issue we have this power and influence the military history of the bigger states but there was also a role for businessmen private sector even the muslim brotherhood were allowed to participate after a certain amount for the in the political spectrum this is something that's we've seen a huge departure from since c.c.s. rule and probably arguably that there has been much criticism that it was because there was certain allowances if that's the right word to use them about it gave
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will people would say it was the right sort of people but maybe those coming from a more autocratic background would say because of the alarm system a lot of gave that's what led to people essentially been demanding for more in 2011 and that's why there has been a departure but definitely he was somebody who will be as controversial as he is. will leave behind a very strong legacy not least because of those 3 decades that she was in power. to stay. because we'll come back to you let's just recap what we know so far the former egyptian president hosni mubarak has died at the age of 91 he had been in a hospital going through a series of procedures we understand were courting our correspondents on the ground we're quoting various news agencies that we trust as well over this developing breaking story will pause for a 2nd if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera to look back at the barracks life with our reporter laura but many. maintained
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a firm grip on power in egypt for 3 decades until finally in 2011 the people had in the millions took to the streets hundreds of killed but after 18 days this number is for how much the resident mohamed hosni mubarak has decided to waive the office of their president of the republic. now to reacted as they heard the news that the man with an iron fist down. the military council took the reins of power but it was from the bullet train the mubarak had originally risen to power. a former air force chief in 1973 he led an air campaign the regain the sinai peninsula from israel it has been a humiliating loss in the 1967 war president anwar sadat's made him
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vice president. mubarak was just meters away from sadat when he was shot dead in 1981. 8 days later. became president almost immediately he implemented emergency laws giving the state sweeping powers to arrest basic freedoms that would remain in place for his entire presidency there. or a number of assassination attempts like this one during a visit to ethiopia. in the mid 990 s. nearly 60 people were killed in luxor. mubarak cracked down on rounding up thousands of suspects from the inside many egyptians considered this rule oppressive although he won 4 elections there were allegations of fraud but he continued to impress mattie in the global political arena as he made international
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diplomacy a cornerstone of his rule. to secure a steady flow of oil supplies into world markets and burger deals between the palestinians and the israelis the americans enlisted support of 2 major allies saudi arabia and egypt the saudi kingdom use its financial power and egypt under mubarak use its political leverage to influence arab league decisions the strategy paid off and he received crucial u.s. military aid with billions of dollars. but unflinching western support from the bark soon faded for the arab spring began mubarak was arrested and charged with corruption and abuse of power in 2012 he was sentenced to life in prison the failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters after
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a retrial mubarak was acquitted in 2017. but his legacy has enjoyed with the current regime led by another military figure. using similar hardline tactics to crackdown on dissent in order to stay in power. ok let's bring in our correspondents. how do you think he'll be remembered. peter when you talk to his own supporters there are mixed reactions about the legacy of the. trust of a lot of people what supporters would tell you that is someone who particularly in the eighty's and all the way through the ninety's and managed in a way or another to put it chips on the map as a key player particularly when it comes to regional issues it was very instrumental
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in all the talk about preventing a permanent. peace process between the palestinians and these marilee's between the arabs and the israelis and that he was a crucial player in the international arena and his opponents would definitely tell you that this is someone who stayed to implement the coolants he announced when he came to power in 1981 after the assassination of the president anwar sadat and that he gave sweeping powers to the. to the to the intelligence to the police and that his life he is would modify corruption and by this bush to. make his son jim out of the job on mubarak become the next president of egypt should basically be mixed reactions not to the actions
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pronounced. pronounced. 3 the just 1011 uprising in egypt people who were basically trying to get that clear . obama we have stability. came from obama was more. volatility ability. and uncertainty definitely going to be remembered as a band who played a very important role particularly in the eighty's and ninety's one of the most prominent leaders in that period as you're talking to him we're looking at library pictures of him and i suspect we will get back to them in the next minutes or so him with king hussein of jordan no longer with us came with saddam hussein of iraq no longer with us given that he survived so long in that top job
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in egypt and in the broader middle east what was it about him that gave him that staying power sticking power when we talk about when he 1st became the egyptian leader well indeed when he came to power in 1981 he came to power. said that was assassinated and sadat forced loss of the life that was all here is the one who was the man who launched the war went to war against israel in 1973 and he was not decided it's about time to start peace talks with the israelis and their own concerns about the instability and the preacher as hunter has still got a call he came to power who was the 1st president of egypt after the $952.00 revolution so they were it was when about the fact that he was going to lead the nation as a technology as point in it's more than history but he came about with the idea of talking political before i just think. about the early eighty's they would tell you
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films. the best moment in time for obama into the a late. first of all i think the biggest problem he faced the challenge before and after it terms of foreign affairs was the whole thing of running an iraqi. war and sided with full of president of. iraq. and then the biggest challenge they face was the 1990 goal when he decided to side with the americans and the kuwaitis the push to evict saddam hussein the former president of iran from. kuwait convoy into the ninety's that's when the public sentiment started to shift from supporting crystal bought into talking about the need for genuine political reforms given the biggest
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state of the opposition which is now to the muslim brotherhood the on the opposition political parties and. tackling the most pressing problems that egypt was facing continue to face as we speak with unemployment poverty. by faith and i think one of the biggest problems is there was this sentiment among the people that just about it was suddenly seen on why he disconnected from the pressing challenges that the country faced 2011 that was a moment where you could really tell that the man was losing touch with reality hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in cairo in different parts of the country they were met by. brutality and the military establishment was hoping that it would get the lesson and say i learned from you and it's about time for me to believe he was completely injured die and it was to his final
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speech he gave he was still hoping to be given the chance to continue in his position as president of egypt and i think it was at that moment when the betrayed started decided it's about time for him to be forced to follow than he he that he left and i think this should this would be one of the things about his legacy this is someone who started with offering promises but then for many egyptians it turned out that it was starting to do is. to become more disconnected with reality but i think one of the major factors that led to his demise politically was was that was the feeling among many people that he was trying to to groom his son demand for products to take over as president of egypt that was that was widely seen as
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a red line by the egyptian people but above all by the military establishment and i think this is one of the basic reasons why they are pretty excited to abandon him but hashem if we say that he started misreading the optics all the signals from the mid ninety's he then carried on and he still sabai for another 391415 years so what was it about his mindset joining that decades of time when he was either misreading what he was being told or the people around about him were misreading it all they weren't being honest with him. 5 as you know peter those were delicate times that only for the for the well it was it was it was a time of uncertainty nomic decline the 99 to war the gulf war and i think that was a time when people were thinking that at least with the stability that all these
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governments were providing a. we should aim for tomorrow and tomorrow could be a better day and possible barack was part of a system that was prevailing in a gypsy 552 which is the military establishment that came to power after the military coup in 1952 sides think the military establishment played a crucial role in maintaining a stable product. the grip of power that started to change particularly in 20052010 when he was extending his band a. little as you would see that people started to sift alliances towards the opposition and people who were voter turnout in the elections were starting to decline down schools to was hitting those schools and i think it was just banking on time. because by the way for many supporters of his people barak's consider him to be a war hero because he was a commander of the air force hope. that was always in mind his bone people but he
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took part in the war in 1970 s. greek and he fought the. tame his grip on power 2011 he realized that a 1000000 things here since all of this. was about time for a genuine change. come through with and your political establishment and if you remember we said. that sentiment was. not going to suddenly we so that meant to mingle things that region spreading from to need all the way to be a young man many countries it was the feeding this would bring radical change in the arab world and pave the way for the end of the political elite that has been in power for decades not only the chips but in different parts of the world fashion
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for the moment many thanks if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera just to recap for you breaking story this hour hosni mubarak the former egyptian president has died at the age of 91 he ruled the country of course for 30 years let's talk to timothy cal the season on resident fellow at the institute for middle east policy joining us on skype from cairo just share with us your thoughts at this time. i think it's probably going to be a bit of a shock to much of the public. hosni mubarak was a towering figure in egypt for decades during his rule and while he he's the 1st president since not since nasr to be able to leave office standing. the transition from living in disgrace following his overthrow in 2011 to actually watching a more brutal dictator take his place and many egyptians have come to reminisce nostalgically about his his period in power because of how badly things in this
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year it since then would it be fair to say timothy that side the region there was or there is a perception that he was toppled as a result of the arab spring and then was put behind bars but it's maybe worth remembering he was acquitted in 2017 yeah so there were several cases brought against him one of them stuck because the the paper evidence was so overwhelming regarding corruption embezzlement. but the other charges were eventually overturned including that his conviction of failing to prevent the killing of protesters as it was worded. so he no he eventually. got to live the rest of it as his life. free this family a lot of people who died in the protests against his rule didn't get that luxury
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why was he so hated by so many people and so well liked by so many people i mean correspondent national was making the point you know he spent 10 years offering promises you could have said the same thing about mr morsi who followed him just for a year or so mr morsi made lots of promises didn't deliver on them hossam about iraq made promises and then paid the ultimate price. well i think of the case of mubarak you who he goes through a lot of stages in his presidency given that he was in power for nearly 30 years there was enormous frustration with rising cost of living a lot of people were falling into poverty in the latter years of his tenure despite the economic growth that egypt was witnessing not unlike what we're seeing today actually in that respect. and a lot of people felt they were being left behind the level of corruption was was quite high and very palpable very very visible to the public as they saw some
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people in norm this wealth and spend it in a very public fashion whereas many others struggled to make ends meet and i think that that create a lot of tension and he wasn't a particularly charismatic character and so. he didn't build this kind of he didn't build the cult of personality around him that would have helped insulate him somewhat from those criticisms i think that he in his later years grew very detached from society and him and the inner circle around him really isolated themselves from the grievances of much of the public and thought that if they let them vent you know on the side in a very you know in a very careful carefully limited fashion that perhaps this could go on indefinitely and they were caught by surprise 1001 when things broke out the way they did how approachable was he i mean forgive me if that sounds like a naive question in as much as there was a point in the run up to the iraq invasion of kuwait when he was the go to guy in
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the middle east in the same way that king hussein of jordan was the go to go in the middle east particularly for the americans and the europeans and there was also a point in the early to mid ninety's when economic analysts analysts of the egyptian economy and the broader middle east would say look we'll hang on there's nothing particularly bad going on here because the economic fundamentals in egypt at that point were ok. so i mean as far as being an interlocutor in the region he was extremely he was extremely prominent not respect the u.s. on him as as a reliable ally in terms of promoting the kind of the order in the region that they that they were that they had constructed he was a valuable. mediator with the palestinians on top of that he was willing to support the. the. the $91.00 gulf war not so much
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but refused to participate in the 20031 the economic situation stabilized after the $91.00 gulf war because an enormous amount of egyptian debt was forgiven stabilizing their finances that what we did see was eventually some reasonable levels of the economic growth in terms of g.d.p. growth but again poverty levels also grew and so it was a very isolated benefit which is something that we're seeing again today where we're seeing g.d.p. growth approaching 6 percent and yet millions of people have fallen into poverty in the last few years so this this imbalance between what looks like positive macro economic indicators and. underwriting and underlying challenges for much of the public persists to this day in egypt you left office with the largest hard currency reserves in the country's history and today egypt is. has already broken those numbers and has even higher reserves than that but again for normal egyptians
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the situation remains an economic challenge everyone who's talking about some to us now today timothy is also talking in the same breath about the egyptian military are egyptian presidents doomed to fail when they get too comfortable with the specter of the military behind them and then they then begin to ignore the military and then the military almost by definition feel the need to step in because that's kind of what we've seen with l.c.c. i think we have a very limited sample size when it comes to egyptian president so it's hard to make any sweeping statements about what's normal or to be expected. of them nasir and anwar sadat both both died in office wanted natural causes and one was assassinated but not neither had anything to do with the military. and hosni mubarak was
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overthrown but in but the while the military participate in that overthrow it was under enormous pressure from the public to do so that's not to say that they didn't see their own interests in doing so because of fears of. mark son taking over and he said figure that was outside the military and also had been in power in a civilian business elite that was that was tied to the regime but it we we have a very limited number of examples to work with with respect to morsi there was always tension between the brotherhood in the security apparatus that never went away and so it's not really an issue of getting comfortable so much is that there was never a comfort he might have overestimated the extent to which they would fall in line it would be almost certainly did but i think that that that it was something on his part was flawed. ok we'll leave it there timothy always good to get your clarity on a story out of egypt on this developing story the news that hosni mubarak has passed away at the age of 91 we'll take a short break now when we come back we'll continue our breaking news rolling
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coverage of the death of me about it at the age of 91 do stay with us. hello welcome to another look at the international forecast we have seen some rather unsettled weather recently rain sleet and snow pushing across the korean peninsula and into japan that will tend to ease away as we go on through the next couple of days temperatures damp still around 12 degrees celsius there 4 to a size a process guys coming back in behind as you move into the 2nd half of the week with the winds going into more than all the direction temperatures around that value actually still $11.12 prices guys across the korean peninsula we have got quite a wintry mix there across central and northern parts of china down into the south sunshine bursting through once again.


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