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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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to get their lights back shelter. 0. benjamin netanyahu claims victory in israel's 3rd election in a year but exit polls show he may be just short of a majority. result as there are live from doha and setting in obligates also ahead moderate democrats seek to rally behind joe biden ahead a super tuesday and amy close are and. drop out of the presidential race. greece reinforces that sea and land borders to stop migrants crossing from turkey. continuum and those 19 is physically and must remain the top priority.
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countries w.h.o. says containment is key amid a surge in infections outside china and warnings the coronavirus credit global economic growth. hello benjamin netanyahu is claiming victory in israel's general election although it appears he's fallen one or 2 seats short of a parliamentary majority at the polls suggest that's an yahoo's look good party and its right wing allies have around the $120.00 seats in the knesset it's the 3rd time israelis have gone to the polls in less than a year after 2 failed attempts at forming a coalition the opposition leader bennett gowned spoke to his supporters a short time ago. i'm telling you straight that i understand. the sadness and. pain. that this isn't the result that we wanted.
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but. he wanted a. which would put us back. following the election for us is harry fawcett he's joining us from benjamin netanyahu his party headquarters in town of eve so what are the exit polls telling us right now kerry. well as you say that they show that he's just short of getting with a combination of his likud party votes the seats in the knesset the israeli parliament and those of his prospective allies the other right wing nationalist and religious parties just short of getting the $61.00 seats required to be able to form a governing coalition initially the exit polls suggested that that alliance would have 60 seats now they're marking it down to 59 now this is still not
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a conclusive number by any stretch it could go down it could go up as the counting continues indeed it may be some days before we get the absolute final results because that's how long it takes for all the soldiers votes the postal votes to be counted as well and there were special ballot senses set up 16 of them for the thousands of people the more than $5000.00 people who have been quarantined for coronavirus so there are 4000 votes there that will be counted at some later stage as well so we're still waiting for those final results that was a message coming from benny gantz saying that his supporters needed to keep their heads up and wait for the final results to come in but it was in in essence a concession speech because benjamin netanyahu said they could party has in terms of its own votes one as a party this election and benjamin netanyahu has won as a leader and this is a real comeback when you consider what's happened over the last year allowing his
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right wing bloc to splinter after the 1st election causing the 2nd election to happen losing that 2nd election then being indicted in 3 separate corruption cases throughout benny gantz has been delivering the message to israelis that that. country needs a prime minister who isn't under indictment that he needs to come in and clean house well netanyahu has totally prevailed in that argument because he's been indorsed by so many israelis in this election and he does have given that the momentum the endorsement and the opportunity to try to form a government whatever the final numbers are that may well be options open to him as he awaits his trial which gets under way in just 2 weeks time yeah and speaking of that trial and the corruption charges i mean is this considered a boost for netanyahu. ahead of that trial that's meant to take place later this month. was certainly not the i was always wanted to
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fight the trial from the prime minister's office and so as things stand even if he is unable to form a majority coalition in the coming days he will still be caretaker prime minister he will still be able to to do that there are other potential options open to him there's been a lot of talk about the possibility of trying to get through the israeli knesset some kind of immunity legislation that would allow a prime minister to evade prosecution that may well indeed require further legislation to prevent the supreme court overturning such a law so those are potential options open to him and indeed that there could be a supreme go back level whether someone under indictment can legally form a coalition government in the coming days as well although there are real questions as to whether the supreme court would want to intervene at this stage right after an election a 3rd election in
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a row and potentially cast everything into doubt so it may well be that that that is that is less of a battle but if he tries to get through legislation like securing immunity that would be a huge fight and potential constitutional. rice is for the country nonetheless whether he does that or not he has been given a real indorsement by its core constituency and more and that at least allows him to to prevail in the end the argument public opinion and even if he does have to leave office at some stage in the future he'll be doing so much more it is terms that he would be had he lost this election and he looked to be forced out by a minority government or in some other way ok harry thank you for that update from time to benjamin netanyahu will be shortly and when he does speak we will cross right back to you harry thanks for the time being the chief palestinian negotiator has said the early results from israel's election so and say send has won this is
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what's about a cots we did it's obvious that settlements occupation and apartheid have won the israeli elections and that's and yeah his campaign was about the continuation of the occupation and conflict which will force the people of the region to live by the sword a continuation of violence extremism and chaos. now to the democratic presidential race and any close our has followed p. beauty judged by dropping out potentially boosting joe biden's campaign ahead of super tuesday that's when 14 u.s. states head to the polls to choose the democratic challenger to trump. support the former vice president's yack south bend mayor p. butin said suspended his campaign on sunday he's also expected to throw his weight behind biden and that's brains on his own as well charlotte north carolina that's one of the states holding primaries on tuesday so the race for the democratic candidate i suppose has gotten a lot more exciting with these endorsements and as we head into super tuesday.
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that's right what a difference a day makes and now all of the candidates except gabbert are white and over 70 years old on the democratic side and they are the democratic establishment is trying to coalesce around joe biden it seems that certainly what bernie sanders thinks is going on he told reporters that he believes the establishment is against him as it appears to have been in 2016 when the democratic party establishment seemed to favor hillary clinton and now what is happening is you've got sanders leading in a number of super tuesday polls with those polls now go out the window i'm here in north carolina where a poll that was just released today had sanders leading and then mike bloomberg who's headquarters in north carolina i am standing in front of in van joe biden but
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now you've got all the voters who would normally vote for people to judge or any close which are they will be apportioned among the other candidates so those pools now become essentially meaningless and that gives life blood to the campaign of joe biden which was flagging until he wanted decisive victory in south carolina that was the 4th state to vote. now on super tuesday within hours and of now about 30 percent or so of the american public will be voting or of the delegates that will be apportioned of the 1991 that need to be that the winner needs to receive so now you've got bernie sanders you've got joe biden but you also have still polling in relatively high numbers mike bloomberg and then you've got elizabeth warren super tuesday is the 1st day when bloomberg will be on the ballot he missed the 1st 4 states because he came in late so this is a big test for him he says old timidly he will back who ever the democratic
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candidate is but for now he says he is in it to win it and we have learned in recent hours the past few hours that joe biden offered a position in his upcoming administration to p.p. to judge. judge appears to have used that as a cue to bail out of the race and now they're really just for major contenders you've got biden sanders elizabeth warren and mike bloomberg who so far is untested despite having spent half a $1000000000.00 on television advertisements thank you for that update from north carolina. all simon rosenberg is the president of the new democrat network and his fight and make significant gains on super tuesday and there's a great chance he'll go on to win the nomination. here's the way to think about it from a math standpoint if joe biden is that starting to get 4040 to 45 percent of the vote and bernie is at 283032 and this happens week after week after week it's just
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evident that biden is winning the race and even though he may not have a majority of delegates for the convention in our system if all the superdelegates the people who vote in the 2nd ballot all come out for biden it means that functionally he'll have won the nomination and so i do think there's a path here where if he has a very good night tomorrow night if you continues to grow in the polls if you perform as well he could get so far ahead in this race that this thing will be functionally over by the end of march early april certainly that may not happen right this is a volatile and crazy time in our politics we could go all the way to july in the convention but i'm increasingly of the belief that the party is making its mind up it's getting behind joe biden and frankly he's earned it he was a good vice president he's a devil we know right he's been around for a long time he's well liked and well regarded by all 'd stripes of the party and so he's a very good pick i think to go up against donald trump in the fall greece has denied
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turkey's allegations that its border forces fired on migrants attempting to cross from turkey calling it gross and deliberate misinformation re says expanded its security presence at both its land and sea borders after turkey said it would no longer try to stop refugees john reports on the greek island of lesbos which once again finds itself on the frontline of the refugee crisis. asylum seekers stranded on the north shore of lesbos some have spent the night out in the open the police can't process them at the only refugee camp on the island in moria it's been blockaded by angry islanders who want to shut down but moreas occupants happy to be here. this was the latest of many riots this year asylum processing. slow and many have been living in tents under the olive trees for a year really dark said it didn't sound very good back then and certainly this is very difficult for everyone here said it really not that i'm going for that matter
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but what are we going to need that dark and this is very important. hundreds of moria's asylum seekers recently much down to the port after receiving misleading or mistaken messages that the government was evacuating them to athens police had to turn them back this tense situation is likely to become worse as turkey has opened its border and is advice in refugees on its soil to go to europe that's the reason why this 15 year old from afghanistan is here he says. i have been in turkey for 2 months the smuggler called me in the night and said the boat is ready get ready to cross over he said the border is open i could not cross for 2 months because the border was closed this video released by the turkish government suggests that the greek coast guard is no longer conducting just search and rescue missions but actively repelling boatloads of migrants greek coast guard vessels can be seen driving perilously close to small dinghies at another point it appears shots are
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fired into the water greece has released video that appears to show turkish coast guard vessels accompanying migrant boats to greek waters rather than holding them back until now greece and turkey were both working to keep undocumented migrants out of europe turkey suspension of that arrangement has led to the suspension of other international norms greece has declared emergency measures it says it will stop receiving asylum applications for one month and in many cases it will turn around undocumented migrants and send them home without the usual reception and identification procedures so it will be as though these people were never here greece says these new arrivals aren't individual applicants but part of an organized policy. international asylum law doesn't apply to them as intended with so many islands so close to the turkish mainland greece has a difficult task defending its maritime border but the biggest losers in all this
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seem to be the asylum seekers jumps on open al-jazeera lesbos turkey's president has been accused by european leaders if using the refugee crisis depressurize them to support his military operation in syria's. turkey will continue to target syrian army positions in the province after $34.00 foot soldiers were killed there on thursday the escalating tension has meant that turkey have come closer than ever to direct confrontation in syria but both sides have sought tensions. i like to call on russia and iran one more time we do not have any problem with you and syria but if the syrian government forces do not withdraw turkey has determined as soon as possible they will not have a hate left on their shoulders still ahead on al-jazeera and then his attempt to solve the libyan conflict the u.n.
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special envoy steps down days after the film. is. hello there's more snow to come for there's more snow to come for vladivostok the northeast to china but only here really everywhere else we're talking right is about 16 degrees in the sunshine tokyo whilst it's still snowing nice in her car and the biggest is still to come over north korea but temperature wise in the capital of south korea in beijing where into double figures easily but you follow this line of blue which is rain developed in china you get some pretty heavy stuff anywhere from vietnam eastwards it's just about away from hong kong was getting pretty close to you and the line developed to bring more significant rain to help sure there will be snow still it hides in the minds in the middle of a hong shewn of course that's the stuff top end which is for that advice talk and
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solve drop down to 4 degrees and someone to have to be had but it's looking more like spring in southern china and the rain spread out through an easier malaysia's also expanding it's been pretty heavy in places in java recent made i think the focus will be more likely borneo and sort of ways you maybe the southern philippines next day or so and that takes away the likelihood of it sharing particularly in singapore kayo or even sumatra doesn't look particularly sharia the next day or so as the focus has got to be further east and that is instead it's still includes a flash flood risk throughout java. and i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. fighting both isis and us on.
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the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad part one on al-jazeera. one war the war or hurt or war with. hello again to top stories on al-jazeera. israel's benjamin netanyahu is claiming victory in the country's general election exit polls showed his the coup party and its allies will pick up around $59.00 seats in the knesset but that's short off a majority. democratic candidate any club ashar has followed the beauty judge by
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dropping out of the race for the presidential nomination both are expected to throw their weight behind joe biden potentially boosting his campaign ahead of super tuesday. grissom's deny the anchors allegations that its border forces fired on migrants attempting to cross from turkey greece has reinforced its border security presence ofter turkey said it would no longer try to stop refugees. while the number of coronavirus deaths in the u.s. has now risen to 6 as health officials across the country prepare for more cases all the deaths are from washington states where researchers say the virus may have been circulating for weeks before it was noticed other states are increasing their capacity for testing the federal government is looking to push through a multi-billion dollar spending bill in the coming weeks. which if you live to 10 of the that is where the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is claiming victory in
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israel's 3rd election in a year exit poll showing that he may however just be short off a majority. say he's just about to give his victory speech listen. to. ok. you got. to. be way to listen to benjamin netanyahu address his supporters in tel aviv this is the scene out of there where he's claiming victory in israel's general election just a reminder that this is the 3rd election that israel has in a year but the exit polls are telling us that netanyahu may be short one or
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2 seats short of her parliamentary majority and the polls suggesting the next. party and its right wing allies have around. 120 seats in the knesset so. if the official results match once they come out then this doesn't prove netanyahu is chances of forming a government coming at a time when in fact going on trial for corruption charges later this month that charge the trial is expected to start. on march the 7th.
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all right so we will cross back to that speech as soon as netanyahu starts speaking and we'll hear what he has to say just a moment before we brought you those live pictures from tel aviv we were. telling you about the corona virus in the u.s. and officials now saying that that number has risen to 6 people let's get an update from rosin jordan she's joining us from washington d.c. so what more are officials saying about the deaths over in the u.s. and the spread of coronavirus rosalyn well they are a saying daryn that other virus is still spreading they are trying to do all they can to make certain that americans are not infected but they are stressing the risk
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is there it is important to note that one thing that the vice president mike pence and his aides noted in a press briefing on monday is that the work is continuing on developing both treatments for those who are infected as well as for a vaccine or vaccines all right rosalind will let you go. will go back to tell of eve and listen to what benjamin not. just to say the word. were. the who
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were were were the of the of was 7 the was the were above the were the the the were the the the the ower the da the diabolo them thank you. thank you to have you on. the. thank you to a few on friends if we could one we love you. we. in the bottom of
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our hearts were grateful to you of the ball bob thank you for. the barrier have have have have i was the dawn of the dawn of all of them thank you if you want to the doctor. there will be 3 bedroom. it's the. have i have only cooled because of all the only cool day of the week this is the citizens of israel to discuss
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the the big move this is the limit is this the welcome. and what joy we have this evening. were it were her were set eyes on this is an evening. of tremendous. success a tremendous. thank you i also. in my name a lot of sorrow so thank you if you want a few. years and i ask you. to going to start from the all of the or the heart.
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from the head of the that the headquarters is such a successful work mary reg of the head to of. both of you just. unbelievable work. what work you've done thank you. thank you to mickey so. thank you to. be evil. to the. all of the members of the likud in parliament you have done such wonderful work thank you for all of my heart. and
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if i have said the names of parliament. we also have new members of parliament. well. we've. grown. a list of knesset members. i want to thank the. so that is the scene right now in tel aviv and that is benjamin netanyahu claiming his victory in israel's general election but according to the numbers or according to the exit polls he's still fallen one or 2 seats short of a parliamentary majority let's bring in harry fawcett who's joining us from benjamin netanyahu his party headquarters in tel aviv so obviously a very good the netanyahu even though there are exit polls as of now harry but just
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tell us. what you've heard out of netanyahu. well he's as you say he's very much claiming this victory he is exuding happiness and success and victory which is something that has been in very short supply over the last 12 months or so and he's making the most of it i think this is the point as you say the exit polls have receded somewhat for his favor he was on his alliance of parties was on 60 knesset seats parliament seats after the 1st round of exit polls he needs 61 in order to form a majority they've been revised down to 59 now that is a final they could get on further they could go up but he is doing all he can here right now to ensure that this is seen across the country as a big victory and in many respects it is for his likud party he has fought
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a campaign which on one side has been extremely negative in terms of its portrayal of his main challenger benny gantz but in its last couple of days has been fairly positive in terms of at least saying that he is on the brink of a decisive victory it's a campaign which began with that pledge in the white house at the end of january to start an exciting parts of the occupied west bank so this will be viewed with some trepidation by palestinian politicians and palestinians indeed we've already heard from from some of them condemning what is likely to happen in the wake of this election but for benjamin netanyahu who's one of his key priorities is to fight all of the corruption charges against him his trial is due to start in just 2 weeks time on bribery fraud and breach of trust the ability to stay in office whether it be at the head of a majority coalition of the managers to to stitch together in the coming days and
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weeks whether he continues to can take a prime minister doesn't really matter though. much is in office not too much more powerful place to be for him than to be on the end of an election defeat this tuesday morning as it is now. and what does this all mean harry for his corruption trial that's meant to start later this month. that's right yes the 1st arraignment to try these 2 for march the 17th. there is likely to be some argument by his lawyers potentially to delay it the bigger question is whether he tries to. try to get through the parliament the knesset a which would allow him immunity to use already tried and failed to get all eventually immunity which is a standing opportunity for any member of the knesset but will he try to actually
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legislate to get himself out of that trial we wait to see. all right gary we'll let you go for now thank you very much for that update from needs and just a reminder of what you're seeing right now on our television screens live pictures out of town of the vet is the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu giving his victory speech to his supporters after he claims victory in israel's general election that's according to the latest exit polls but they also do suggest suggest that he may have fallen one or 2 seats short off a parliamentary majority we will have more news for you right here on al-jazeera coming up after inside story thanks for watching.
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should public transport be free luxembourg becomes the 1st country to abolish fares for everyone is that the solution to traffic jams and pollution but will the cost of a ticket be paid in other ways this is inside story. i don't welcome to the program i'm mixed up in many cities public transport is often the easiest and cheapest way to get around it's more environmentally friendly because petrol and diesel cars are on the right it's also free if you visit luxembourg it's the 1st country in the world to make public transport 0 cost for everybody but not everyone is on board as alexia brought on.


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