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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2020 11:00am-11:33am +03

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the old. south korea's president declares war on corona virus the infection rate there is the highest outside china. i'm. somehow he and this is al jazeera life and doha also coming up. greece reinforces its land and sea borders to stop another influx of refugees and migrants crossing from turkey binyamin netanyahu declares victory after israel's latest election but once again that stuff falling short of a majority. and joe biden's white house bid picks up steam with former rivals indorsing him ahead of crucial u.s.
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primary votes on super tuesday. i'm. south korea's president says he is declaring war against the coronavirus us the number of confirmed cases there approaches 5000 when jane has ordered all government agencies to get in see emergency mode soldiers have been deployed to disinfect syria's of daegu the city at the epicenter of south korea's outbreak which is the biggest outside of china almost 30 people have died there will can bore the country has entered war against the infectious disease as the crisis in daegu in north york book province has reached the highest point as a police operate all organizations of the government 24 hours by switching to the emergency operations system in till we are out of the crisis while rob mcbride joins us now live from seoul what in practical terms as a declaration of war on the virus actually main.
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very resolute stance being taken by moving jay in effectively declaring war and i think almost accepting that the country has to go on a kind of a war fought for tng if it is going to beat this coronavirus in a practical terms it means that all of the government agencies that are now directed to dealing with this are put on a 24 hour alert basis so effectively they can be used around the clock and if the war like analogy holds up then there's still the main battle front is the city of daegu down in the southeast of the country and the surrounding towns and villages that's where we're still seeing the most numbers of new cases around 600 new cases alone in the past day and do you think again that j.m. is stressing that we are here in south korea as a critical juncture that if this is going to be won or lost it will be in the
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southeast of the country and it will be in the coming days to further help the country try to get through this he is gone and allocated as well as making this declaration at this cabinet meeting today tuesday allocating extra resources to deal not only with the outbreak of the disease but also to help the economy because parts of the economy are almost in a slow motion collapse if you like you get lines of a canceling flights you have factories that are coming to a halt people are working from home offices are closed there's a potential once this is over a lot of these things will recover very quickly but there's a real concern about long term damage to south korea's economy so the various measures that have been announced last week and announced today and will have to be cleared by a special supplementary budget that will go through the national assembly here tomorrow wednesday come to a total of 25000000000 u.s. dollars to try to see south korea through this bright life as in seoul thank you
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very much for that update. now greece has denied turkey's allegations that its border forces fired on refugees and migrants calling it deliberate misinformation but greece has increased its border security after turkey declared it would no longer try to stop people from reaching the e.u. john psaropoulos reports from the island of less spots on the frontline of what could be another refugee crisis. asylum seekers stranded on the north shores of lesbos some have spent the night out in the open police can't process them at the only refugee camp on the island in moria it's been blockaded by angry islanders who want to shut down but moreas occupants aren't happy to be here either. this was the latest of many riots this year asylum processing is slow and many have been living
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in tents under the olive trees for a year to relieve them doc said it didn't sound very productive and i am saying that this is very difficult for everyone to set every night that i got pretty good what are the dark and this is very important hundreds of moria's asylum seekers recently much down to the port after receiving misleading or mistaken messages that the government was evacuating them to athens police had to turn them back this tense situation is likely to become worse as turkey has opened its border and is advise in refugees on its soil to go to europe that's the reason why this 15 year old from afghanistan is here he says. i have been in turkey for 2 months the smuggler called me in the night and said the party is ready get ready to cross over he said the border is open i could not cross for 2 months because the border was closed this video released by the turkish government suggests that the greek coast guard is no longer conducting just search and rescue missions but actively
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repelling boatloads of migrants greek coast guard vessels can be seen driving perilously close to small dinghies at another point it appears shot. so fired into the water greece has released video that appears to show turkish coast guard vessels accompanying migrant boats to greek waters rather than holding them back until now greece and turkey were both working to keep undocumented migrants out of europe turkey's suspension of that arrangement has led to the suspension of other international norms greece has declared emergency measures it says it will stop receiving asylum applications for one month and in many cases it will turn around undocumented migrants and send them home without the usual reception and identification procedures so it will be as though these people were never here gree says these new arrivals aren't individual applicants but part of an organized policy so international asylum law doesn't apply to them as intended with so many
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islands so close to the turkish mainland greece has a difficult task defending its maritime border but the biggest losers in all this seem to be the asylum seekers jumps at all plus al-jazeera lesbos. well refugees and migrants are also massing on greece's land borders will speak to the township good name about that shortly 1st let's go to c.n.n. kosovo she's turkey's jo'burg border crossing with syria. a year celebration will be heading to the border later just who exactly are they going to be meeting. the u.s. delegation i arrived in turkey yes of a late afternoon u.s. special envoy to syria james jeffrey who's the former ambassador to turkey is with the delegation and u.n. ambassador u.s. ambassador to the u.n. a kelly craft is indeed allegation among with some others plus the american media
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members in their pool they are holding talks with the ngo representatives along with some officials and today they will be here in where i am standing in they call it buffer zone is actually the transfer point between 2 border gates soon very good and barbara how well and the u.s. delegation is going to come here they will be meeting with the white helmets the one of the prominent rescue groups inside there and the purpose of the wizards is actually the humanitarian tragedy inside syria because the latest assault by the syrian government forces backed by the russian russian air forces have caused more and more displacement and even last night 10 civilians were killed inside at the in the is the country side of the because of the a or strikes back by the by the russians so james jeffrey and the delegation
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including kalak frothed are going to discuss of humanitarian conditions because they need more help here even the ngos international angels or the local n.g.o.s are not able to be enough to reach out the people inside is that it has been a it has been a very. i mean huge issues for a long time especially since december because people even can are not able to find tense inside that right now and the escalation military escalation between turkey and syria actually has worsened the situation won't be closed it's closed more displacement as the syrian government forces have violated the search associate agreement jail which is staying down build a m $4.00 and $5.00 highway and they have advance up to to north people to the turkish border and the turkish border has been sealed since 2016 hours to read deal which actually aims to stop more refugee blocks of the european union countries as well i have to say that right behind me after the bubble how outsourcing and
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they're almost 1000000 just living alone by the turkish border and almost 4000000 people are stuck inside and the u.s. delegation is here today and tomorrow to discuss how they can help out to the syrian civilians inside ok cinema live for us on the turkey syria border thank you very much indeed. good name in the turkish city over there and also on the borders with greece and borg area natasha what sort of challenges of the refugees and migrants facing their. i think what to refugees i've spoken to told me best represents the predicament that thousands of refugees and migrants here are facing one man said that turkey and greece are playing with refugees who have lost their everything another man told me that
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what's happening here is a humanities responsibility to solve we are actually in a small fishing village of joy ron if you look behind me you can see this river bank where people have been huddled around in blankets sleeping bags around. makeshift fires to stay warm for the last several days this river behind me it's called the merchant river on the other side of that river is greece and so is the hope of these people who have been camping out for several days to reach by taking a small boat across the river but of course it's an arduous one we spoke to a smuggler yesterday who said given the very heavy presence of greek troops along this border on this riverbank behind me they have not been transporting people in a very large numbers as you can see people are in a holding pattern not only here but in the entire province of a durned a where thousands have come with the hope that they can proceed past turkey and in
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europe the government says that since it opens its borders on friday that more than 117000 people have left the country and gone on to europe those numbers are being questioned by people here on the ground but one thing that is certain is that at least one person has died since this migration flow began a 6 year old boy drowned after the boat he was in capsized off the greek island of lesbos on monday and the time is there any sign at all of this stage that turkey's going to reverse course and cools that border again. or do want to say until europe shares its burden for shouldering the costs and the security concerns associated with hosting 3700000 syrian refugees alone it will not hold up its end of the bargain and what i'm referring to is a 26000 deal that turkey made with the european union at that time turkey agreed to
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impose strict measures to keep its borders close so refugees could not continue to flow into europe in exchange the european union agreed to pay it about $7000000000.00 president russia early on is saying since the european union has not held up its end of the bargain turkey will no longer hold up theirs and in fact every refugee and migrant here in turkey who wants to leave the country is free to go the government instead is now shifting its attention in coming up with some sort of plan it says it has limited resources but it's now going to be devising a plan to accommodate a possible influx of refugees from live there are 1500000 people fleeing the violence there who are hoping to push over the turkish border turkey says it is simply ill equipped to handle this additional influx meanwhile the un refugee
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agency is imploring countries not to use excessive or disproportionate force against migrants it is asking countries to handle asylum claims in quote an orderly fashion and is saying that europe needs to help turkey the international community actually needs to help turkey to step up and handle this humanitarian crisis that's going to aim for us live on the turkish border thank you very much and. we've got the weather up next for you and then political scandal in the city has worsening conditions for many of its citizens. hello and welcome to international weather forecast now across the u.k.
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we've seen some really bad flooding in recent weeks we still have a lot of rivers at very high levels the shots come from the river and the north east of england and you see the extent of the flooding which is still occurring the situation will get a little bit better i think with time less rain here but more rain coming in for the bay of biscay region extending down through into the peyronie's giving some snow there which is good news because they really do need some snow elsewhere temperatures above average for warsaw 12 degrees hardly surprising really it's been such a mild winter across these more central parts of europe the czech republic the warmest february since the 1961 and for austria the 2nd warmest winter since the late 1767 was a move this forecast and choose day through to wednesday you can see we've got some heavy snowfall across eastern areas certainly for bosnia extending down through into montenegro more rain heading in towards about biscayne again this will be driving some heavy rain with it heading down into northern and central parts of
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africa we got some showers around the coast the gulf of guinea and big changes in temperatures taken across the coast there with temperatures in benghazi no higher and 17. but. when they're on line like father dropping bit one of the worst raps in mainstream media about being up or if you join us on sad tears a different and a verse 3 and inclusion and they were sometimes isn't always sincere base is a dialogue sanctions and the ways in which their website iran are an act of what fair everyone has a voice we as a society that is so quick to get to blame need to sit down and listen join the global conversation on al-jazeera. more. world.
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this is al-jazeera our minds are off the headlines this hour south korea's president has ordered all government agencies into emergency mode after declaring war against the coronavirus least 20 people have died there are nearly 5000 people have been infected. brings has denied turkey's allegations that its border forces fired on migrants attempting to cross from turkey thousands of people have been trying to cross from turkey into greece after on croisset no longer stops and. a benjamin netanyahu is claiming victory in israel's general election it appears he's again falls short of a parliamentary majority meaning more coalition the go see ations and possible deadlock hairy force of reports from tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu who spent much of
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the last year experiencing failure and defeat failure to hold together his right wing bloc after the 1st election just. heat in the 2nd an indictment for corruption in 3 separate cases now at last a sense of victory job done it then you know it's a victory against all odds a rival said that the netanyahu error is over but we join forces and turn the tables and we 10 lemons into lemonade morning. after a campaign that plumb the depths of negativity and dirty tricks netanyahu is closing message was that he was just short of victory and needed his supporters to finish the job personally ringing voters from a roll of supporters who hadn't yet gone to the polls for now though he appears to be just short of majority coalition within his party he's not going to have any people that are detracting from him or challenging him and now yes to try and see to work together and it could be and i've said the 1st election also that a national unity government between likud and blue and white would be
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a very real possibility except this time i'm not so sure who's going to be heading blow it why at blue and white headquarters they're being dogged whispers throughout the day that things were looking bleak after a campaign which had seen benny gantz shift slightly to the right but failed to match the energy of his opponent. i will tell you honestly i understand and share the feeling of disappointment and time because it is not the result we wanted and if this will be the result it is not the result that will put israel back on the right track gansa distanced himself from the mainly palestinian israeli joint list alliance who might have enabled against minority government but even their record showing with up to 15 seats wasn't enough to win them real influence what you guys . are living the result could well be more consequential the palestinians in the occupied west bank than you know promised that victory would allow him to stop the annexation setout under the terms of the trump peace plan. israelis might not have
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wanted this 3rd election but they did turn out in their highest numbers for more than 20 years more than 4000 people voted its special station. set up for those quarantined for the coronavirus keen to cure israel of its repeat election syndrome now for the consequences including a possible supreme court battle over whether an indicted politician can legally try to form a government in 2 weeks the man on the stage goes on trial for bribery fraud and breach of trust benny gantz is spend a year trying to convince and ultimately failing to convince israelis that they cannot be led by a prime minister under indictment throughout benjamin netanyahu has been delaying maneuvering and dodging and now he has again prevailed harry vores an al-jazeera television. well chief palestinian negotiator saeb erekat gave his assessments on the results via social media tweeting it is obvious that settlements occupation and
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apartheid have won the israeli elections messenia his campaign was about the concentration of the occupation and conflicts which will force the people off the region to live by the sorts of continuation of violence extremism and chaos well iran can as in west jerusalem forests emraan we're getting more official results in what are they saying. well as of about 9 o'clock local about an hour ago we heard that 72 percent of the officials how they had been counted and that puts a benjamin netanyahu bloke at $59.00 seats just too shy of the 61 he needs to be able to form a majority government also the joint arab list which represents palestinian israelis is going up by one seat to 17 make him them quite a key player as well now why is a 73 percent result worth reporting well it's because it has an impact on the
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negotiations that are taking place right here in jerusalem between nets and you know who in the other parties to try and get to that majority figure of 61 now in the post it's always been about coalition building about getting other parties on board but we just don't need 2 seats required what we're hearing from many analysts and people close. is that benjamin netanyahu may now well be looking to defectors from all the parties to come and join him to give him $61.00 seats so all of this now is about political negotiation about politicking to try and get to that magic number of $61.00 now there's still going to be results coming out throughout the day we are expecting at some point on tuesday we'll get to 100 percent figure and then it goes into overdrive and then it really is about whether he can get to the 61 majority quickly and whether he can form a government that's a promise that benjamin netanyahu this is also a man that is facing
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a court case on march 17th in 3 different corruption cases and there's also other politicians who suggest that he's unfit for office because he has been indicted. on life 1st mr aslan thank you very much to eat. our china has hinted at retaliation after the us reduce the number of chinese nationals allowed to work inside america for beijing state run media china's government says it essentially amounts to the expulsion of journalists u.s. secretary of state might pay or said the cap is meant to encourage beijing to treat foreign media in china fairly last month 3 wall street journal reporters were expelled after an opinion piece critical of the government was published in the paper. so the race to become the us democratic party's presidential candidates with super tuesday voting starts in a few hours time until candidates who drop sight of the race have now endorsed joe
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biden senator amy chua wishart and former mayor people digits joined a rally for the former vice president there indorsement is expected to give biden a boost as 14 u.s. states had the polls choose the democratic challenger to trump folks you know just a few days ago the press in the parlance declared this campaign dead. south thanks i understand i was sexism in the south was such as you say was this is i. well from austin texas alan fischer explains why super tuesday is so important we're going to win the democratic primary it was were you i was the 1st school nominated contests are over the attract big field heavy t.v. advertising and media attention but we provide just 5 percent of the delegates
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super tuesday is super important. a 3rd of the delegates are know for a real test of public opinion from north to south coast to coast and beyond california has moved its primary up to join the super tuesday when you take that and the other states and added to the already rich delegate count available here in texas there are 1357 delegates up for grabs that's almost a 3rd of the entire total so a good super tuesday gives the candidate the 3 m's media money and momentum. in short this will bring clarity to the democratic race for president we have very rich delegate states like california and texas that are going to be hugely important and we kind of need to know what's going to happen in those states as well as the alabamas and other smaller states to kind of get a sense ability about whether what we're seeing in those early states is reflective of a general sensibility this super tuesday also through is up something different it's
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the 1st time michael bloomberg will appear on the ballot middle class kid who built a global company from scratch the former new york mayor has bombarded the airwaves with ads spent millions of dollars on his campaign this will be the 1st test of his electability the strategy that mayor bloomberg is putting into place is a very unorthodox one and super tuesday is really going to tell us whether he is going to have the support nationwide even given spending half a $1000000000.00 so far to win the nomination a candidate has to win 1991 delegates no one can seal the deal on super tuesday but a good performance certainly move someone farther along the road on the number of candidates will drop out pretty common sense of accountability for this nominating process goes on till june to raise wages but democrats will be hoping they can name the person who will take on donald trump in november long before that. our
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democracy. alan fischer all. austin texas. the city's prime minister is under pressure to resign after appearing in court over the alleged murder of his estranged wife people they will cover me the political instability comes as the country is struggling with high unemployment and widespread poverty for me to mother has more from the capital myself. most of the city's 2200000 people live in rural areas like this one in taba bosio in the village of met along hamas like ali there's electricity but despite there being alongside the mid to long day they don't have running water. almost see what sort of mates he lives here with her 5 children and 10 grandchildren their existence is hand to mouth and surviving only on her monthly government pension of $50.00 no one in their family has a job is. feeding these kids is
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a constant battle there are days where i have nothing and we go without eating anything sometimes i have to ask my neighbors for help sometimes they can help with one meal other times we go to bed with no food. or government statistics show that almost a quarter of working age people most of them young don't have jobs while the government has implemented reforms to tackle unemployment progress is slow experts say political instability is making matters worse i have been here for 2 years and i have seen very interesting developments. in terms of instability and as. the prime minister. intends to retire or. have seen for. the administration the su too has had a series of military coups and political battles over the last decade prime
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minister thom to barney's under pressure to resign while he says he'll retire within 5 months is leadership has created political tensions especially as police want to charge him with the $27000.00 murder of his strange been sickened wife to palermo he's 3rd wife my cea has already been charged with the crime members of the governing all pursued to convention party want him gone and 9 discussions to name a successor but the party's divided opposition parties are also calling for to bonnie to go to a 2 year old leadership was again criticized as parliament prepared to present the latest national budget. world bank says that while poverty in 2 has fallen over the last 15 years it's still widespread and a fix nearly half the population many are concerned that the political instability will only worsen the challenges the government's facing many people assumed to just
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want their lives to improve but with political infighting looking far from over they may have a long wait for me. and these are the headlines south korea's president has ordered all government agencies into emergency mode after declaring war on the coronavirus at least 28 people have died there and more than 5000 others have been infected my pride is in seoul with more details on the u. measures. at this meeting of the cabinet where he made these statements and also announced various measures to try to stimulate the economy this is having a crippling effect on the south korean economy you do get a sense that parts of the economy parts of the country are in this kind of a slow motion coming to
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a hold of the lines canceling flights some factories closing high tech high tech production facilities not producing any goods people being told to work from home. greece has denied turkey's allegations that its border forces fired on migrants attempting to cross from turkey thousands of people have been trying to cross from turkey into greece senator ankara said it would no longer stop them european leaders have accused turkey's president of using the refugees to pressure them into supporting his military operation in syria. israel's prime minister has claimed victory in the 3rd general election in less than a year but it appears binyamin netanyahu is party won't get enough seats to secure a parliamentary majority in more coalition talks are likely. and china has hinted at retaliate after the us reduce the number of chinese nationals allowed to work inside america for beijing's state run media u.s.
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secretary of state might point pale said the cap is meant to encourage beijing to treat foreign media in china fairly last month 3 wall street journal reporters were expelled over and in an opinion piece critical of the government's. and 2 candidates who have dropped out of the race for the democratic presidential nominee have endorsed joe biden indorsement from senator and and former american people to church is expected to give biden a boost as 14 u.s. states head to the polls on tuesday the former vice president's campaign gains momentum following a big win during the south carolina primary over the weekend that's your up to date say where there's an al-jazeera the stream is up next. we'll talk about 2 of the biggest problems facing and they are the endemic corruption and the can we listen so if you replace china as an enemy of ours and that's really that we meet with global newsmakers the stories that matter just 0.
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ok and join the stream today is canada respecting indigenous land rights or look at the protests over a proposed pipeline in the what so what's a nation you can join our conversation life on. and twitter ringback. i'm dr charmaine nelson professor of art history at mcgill university in montreal and you are in a string. on sunday here at a tree chase of the white sweater nation and the cajun government came to a tentative agreement that could end nearly a month of protests of a proposed natural gas pipeline just look at the harsh tides of the protests and those protests have generated the talks laid out of.


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