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tv   Inside Story 2020 Ep 63  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2020 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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we do believe that our action. 19 people have been killed by tornadoes in tennessee nashville was one of the hardest hit tells the governor has declared a state of emergency it is super tuesday in the united states the biggest day in the democratic campaign to become the presidential nominee on the hopefuls is front runner bernie sanders who cast his vote in his home state of vermont. israel's right wing bloc led by the posse of prime minister benjamin netanyahu is leading election results but is still short of a majority with most votes counted the likud party and its allies have secured 60 seats in the parliament those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera the inside story.
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can benjamin netanyahu finally form a government the israeli prime minister's bloc celebrates victory following 3 elections in less than a year but what could netanyahu do with this mandate both at home and abroad this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter dalby benjamin netanyahu has claimed a general election victory but it's not yet in the bag he's been fighting to stay on as israel's prime minister for a record 5th term after 2 previous general elections failed to produce a clear winner and netanyahu and his main rival benny gantz couldn't form
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a government but his chances of staying in power have been unexpectedly boosted after the 3rd election in less than a year exit polls show he has a significant lead another potential 1st for mr netanyahu he could end up as the 1st israeli premier to hold office while also being tried for corruption imran khan reports now from west jerusalem. here in israel it's all about politics and deal making right now prime minister benjamin netanyahu is still a few seats short of being able to form a majority government and that means he's really looking to his options on what is options now he has to in effect the 1st one is to find a coalition partner and bring them in to the government but most analysts suggest that he might not do that what he might do is look to people from other political parties defect is in effect and bring them over to his cause putting him over the
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line and giving him that magic number of 61 however it's not going to be that easy the opposition still say that this is a man who's indicted in 3 separate corruption cases and he's unfit to be prime minister and then likely to mount a legal challenge to his rule so there's a lot of politics still to go there's a lot of deal making still to go but prime minister benjamin netanyahu has proved time and time again that if there's anybody in israeli politics able to make those deals it's him emraan car on the inside story. ok let's bring in our panel today here on inside story joining us from west jerusalem we have oren felt he's a member of the party and formerly head of the hebrew headquarters for the joint list in jerusalem in tel aviv. who she's a member of the likud party and deputy mayor of jerusalem for foreign relations and in jaffa on skype we have sami abu he's a party politician and
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a member of the knesset welcome to you all. in tel aviv coming to you 1st millions of people have just voted for a man who stands accused of bribery fraud and a breach of trust what does that say about israeli voters. well i think that when you look at the charges i'm a lawyer by profession i trained in the u.k. and there's 2 things that we have to bear in mind 1st of all there's never been a case in the entire world where a quid pro quo involves positive coverage in these really press we're not talking here about cash on the lopes we're not talking here about anything which is material we're talking about 8 quo which has never in any country in any modern democracy been considered a quo in terms of bribery and so 1st of all they the charge is
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a little tenuous for those reasons secondly in any most modern countries most prime ministers have some type of immunity covering them either to face the music when they finish serving or whilst they're not even opening an investigation was there in office and in israel we have the opposite situation we have a situation where the israeli knesset decides whether the prime minister should actually get immunity which turns immunity into political issues so we have a situation democracy is so advanced that we have a situation where the judges are becoming legislators and the legislative of becoming judges so we before we make that type of analysis we have to understand the situation in israel so i don't see that at all i see that over a 1000000 people see a strong leader a leader than the last decade has brought has brought unprecedented prosperity to the country i'm president of infrastructural development economic development and
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the status quo that we need for a conflict which unfortunately at the moment can be solved but it is very well managed and that's what people have been voting for. whom you're seeing democracy is so advanced so it's a good thing that you might have been in israel a serving prime minister going from the prime ministerial office to the courts that's good as far as you're concerned. well we have a no we have law and order in israel and the law says that a 7 prime minister can remain a 7 prime minister and tell they are charged and actually found to be guilty by a court of law so on till that happens there's nothing in our no will to prevent him from serving as prime minister and facing the music in court ok sami. in jaffa what does this say about mr netanyahu and what does it say about the broader political system in israel it's a fact of the senate and i was
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a very follower felician he's a very powerful i'm caught up the politician and he is also able to convince is all of you know it's not quite up to something good something clever to do probably and all of the society is a quite up to society as an occupying society i'm not that surprised from the israeli morals and this is something obviously any society which allows its will be off you flying millions of people destroying their lives daily destroying their house being millions of people under the millions of others and there are. continuing to deal with the limb i think all of the information i got is that a part of a minority inside i'm not surprised when we don't see them as something well that they've been in while if you and the prime minister looks like the society that the rising that. everybody expected that he would do that
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and also if that is the roe by the way and not according to low gun problems and that means that you're going up to. the end like what happened was that list got to be brought in or with other prime minister what it is just going to be going up because the court up the fight. or until there was jerusalem from the herders part of your party traditionally has always emphasized good positive jewish relations for you what does this potentially mean for the palestinians as a jewish water for the jointly safe think of a very difficult. time trying to explain the position of the palestinians in this situation i can say that for the joint least we have made a very important achievement in the last elections there is also depressing now which is 15 mandates is a very powerful very are for to protect the palestinian population in israel and in
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the occupied territories against such a right wing government which seems to be as in we don't know the future yet but we can assume that we are going to face a very dangerous right wing government and feeling as a jewish voter for the joint least as for her in an activist i can feel that they're much more safe that we have the joint least on our side if such power and such broad support in the jewish population as well as we face those coming years this could be a very bencher us for us and we could see that the majority is becoming much more. powerful force in our democracy it can affect our lives as people who try to oppose and try to suggest a different way for. their situation to end the conflict to end occupation and to
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promote peace we could be facing years that might be very dangerous for us. and frayed that their current way that the government is going air could actually affect our lives and i'm very. happy and assured that the joint least made their very important accomplishment in these elections and that we will have a much better force to protect ourself in the parliament at the joint this will inspire flow you seem to also have a stance that says israel has got the prime minister it deserves as well as the prime minister known at some level but voted for is there a chance that could that you could see prime minister netanyahu try to bring in new legislation so the knesset can always overall the high court at his bidding. well i think the prime minister has made clear that's not that's not what he seeks to do what he seeks to do is to prove in a court of law that he's innocent and as
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a lawyer i can tell you that we here in a robust law and order society in a robust democracy we believe in innocence until proven guilty i find it actually kind of amusing that your 1st panelist. is talking about the danger to the democracy when we've just had an absolute surge in the power of arab parties because precisely because of our remote robust democracy and precisely because of law and order in this country let's look around the region and see what other country would consider what i mean it's on yahoo did as corruption we have the palestinian authority which is basically ruled by mafia where everybody knows all its citizens know exactly what's going on there and the exact correction corruption that exists and and and and some evolution added feels that the prime
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minister and it's i now is the corrupt one in this story and i find that extremely amusing i don't know i'm going to post it isn't anything to be gained from one. of the just what's about is the list is put that point to sammy that you've raised sammy in java does democracy die a little bit if you have 3 elections in a 12 months the lines separating the political parties get blood and then it becomes an election about an election or in this case an election about one prime minister. the fact that states have lows does not say that they are the movers of the 3rd of the world those sorry also in nazi germany had a lot of laws by the way is them fascist italy or of the it commonly thought you lose them in under stalin and other they have a look at me it makes them democracy or to make them at the. thing with
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human rights now we are talking about is ready heath me he said israel by definition not be a normal democracy because it wants to see itself there. being such such a state i don't think equality simply cannot be quality between all of the citizens no it was not your focus so we are very far from having any democracy here in israel there are different ways in playing the game well it could be here we have it yes there are elections but in general we have the indigenous the you are in. palestinian minority we are facing you it erase this constant goes against us we're just making this from our point of view don't be and never a democracy or unfold in west jerusalem is that a fair point that. in tel aviv raises in effect or and seems
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to be saying that politics is getting more tribal it's getting more tribal around the world indeed some people might say but is it getting more tribal for the palestinians as well so in that regard the palestinians cannot get up on the moral high ground when it comes to judging mr netanyahu. well i don't think that it's becoming more travel if you see less the lections jews started to vote for the joint least in their tens of thousands that's not a tribal things to do it's becoming more exclusive it's talking about different topics not only documentation and their rights of the palestinians in the occupied territories or talking about the rights of palestinians as it is and think of israel it talks about they know vironment they're different in an economical improvement that we can make in their communities in israel where not only speaking about the palestinian. needs we're talking about the public needs we're talking
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about the publics of all the impoverished and oppressed their communities of israel we are not a tribal. party we are trying to address the needs of the entire impoverished people of israel we are trying to create the their future that is a joint that is joining forces of only one who wants to promote the democratic future for this land just for this land fleur chances are this will probably mean more an extension of occupied territories the occupied land but the reality is that mr netanyahu couldn't do that or couldn't think about doing it without his friend donald trump in the white house and the release of the long awaited so-called peace plan at the end of january. yes absolutely i think that the main idea is to try and finally get the palestinians to sit at the table which
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they've refused to do for years even under president obama which was considered to be a palestinian friendly president so for years and years already we face complete objectionable from the palestinian authority leadership to sit down rejectionism to sit down with israel and talk peace and now that we have a real deal on the table that actually reflects the reality on the ground the reality that there are there are jewish settlements in these neighborhoods and the reality that the nixon would actually make sense the reality that in many many cases the arabs living in these areas would actually be thrilled for an extension because they understand that the palestinian authority is giving them absolutely nothing to improve their lives absolutely nothing to improve their communities and i very much hope that this deal of the century brings the palestinians to sit at
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the table and actually finally represent their people and not their own self interest and i want to say something else to sam have he said earlier that we're not a real democracy we're not really law and order in which country in the world that he calls an undemocratic would you have had an arab judge or nervous really judge putting a power a prime minister a jewish prime minister in jail which is what happened with a hood ornament don't pretend this is not a real democracy and don't pretend we don't have law and order we just have to look around and we understand what we're facing around us and we also understand that israel is a beacon of freedom and a beacon of law and order and democracy sammy does have a point there because if donald trump in effect motivates it israeli arabs to vote might there be a domino effect and might therefore the arabs talk to the palestinians the palestinians say actually we will take a seat at the table even if the starting point was precisely what they didn't want
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when we got the release of the peace plan at the end of january. 1st of all i have to agree with lives that just like to compare is a lot of the very a lot of countries that nobody want to be compared with that is that will find itself doing well democratically or in other ways of what option is that could be much less but out there does a lot of places in africa and a lot of places that nobody want to be compared with now regarding. own spirit it was netanyahu in order to destroy anything any hope or any beam of the palestinian people in order to get the negotiations mr netanyahu didn't have to go through what you could have done it and run my life is much closer to your gap between and when we are talking about negotiate a deal deal needs no partners to do it now ignoring the
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palestinian partner and trying to force on the palestinian people things that are not of the palestinian leaders don't accept this will never happen now we know that it's right al is a very vital and very strong stick and we know that you know it's also a very violent and it would go crazy i think probably may now because in his very bad situation doesn't want to go to prison he might also go very crazy. with that but i think you have a very strong guard that we believe is prevent all of this as the what is all the problem for or any program there and we like to call it we can say no and things which you will not bring us closer to peace and justice we can simply refuse it now we will use the discussion and then you can continue these discussions with as much as he likes they can set any programs as much as they like but they.
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not now maybe. they will from their political area not. being on there will be you know in our home now and we're going to do the funding for the for our by the and i'm just one of the pile of. foreign failed in west jerusalem clearly mr netanyahu supporters believe he still has the moral authority to carry on as prime minister to carry on governing israel he might say for all israelis do you feel that he still has that moral authority because as flare in tel aviv says you are innocent until you're proven guilty well i think that as a player might there need not. as floated out of breath as the consul of and once about you after was and. she ignores the fact that annexation already happened in jerusalem is jewish of them isn't an act place and you can see what an excess and
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does this year was a limit mean there is police brutality on a daily basis it means that children lose their eyes in is in is that we are as we saw just a few days ago it means that there is oppression there is that economical difficulties that if there is neglect and i don't think that netanyahu in any way prove that he made any difference for those societies even as the promises to do so he does not have any moral ground to choose anything for the lives of palestinians it is not have ok as we head towards the end of the program final thoughts these coming to flow 1st last time around 2nd election benny gantz said look we agree on 80 percent of the issues they couldn't work it out 2nd time around what if they can't work it out in real terms in the knesset is the only option of force election forget about the 3rd election have another one because this seems to me to be now
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a democracy deficit where all the parties are coming together together together but there's no clear path through that process and then you've got the prospect of mr not netanyahu having to go to court every so often. so 1st of all i want to address the comment made about east jerusalem i'm very very involved today in trying to equal the gaps and your previous speaker was right there has been neglected for a very long time and 3 years ago that you could government decided enough is enough right wing left wing governments had not done anything to put the onyx ation to reel to reel. use and bring the required resources to issue some 3 years ago a law was passed where now we're trying to equal the gaps in east jerusalem there's an enormous amount of investment in fact over half a 1000000000 dollars that we're using for quality employment for education and for infrastructure and it's my job actually to make sure that there's economic
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development in east jerusalem and we have many many years of neglect to make up for but we're there and we're doing it and it's people like me who are fighting for those resources to get to the right places now in terms of the political situation that we have at the moment. look at i think the main problem was with the last 3 elections is that benny gantz as party and their whole identity was based on one main thing was based on where not netanyahu was based on let's get rid of netanyahu remember blue and white is actually a group of 3 different parties that are very very different in terms of their political outlook and who they are the type of people and the only thing the brought them together is their hate and their desire to get rid of bibi netanyahu ok i'm going to be there again for the polish i just like a lot is going to sami and they finally managed to. netanyahu in government as
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prime minister is so weak he can't do anything domestically he only manages to carry through on these the possibility of more an exception is is there a probability that the only way forward is actually a government of national unity minus mr netanyahu. some things in the same can happen nothing this as a as a real realistic scenario surely enough now not in the near months. because we are not seeing anything happening was in the israeli old news is that the audience that have have realized it again and again a graph that brahmin people don't care much about what's happening is the state has been being run according to the is the name of the file for the last one and a half years which is the last a lot of the states ministers ministry is why but i lived in israel now the not moving the people there is something but i live in the israeli policy in the last
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few years i think they meant you few years the has never been a serious political as they have not been in the last 20 years in the last 2 decades in israel that has never been a relevant ideology again what is the innocent young giving this is what you have this is like white pride that nobody knows the difference between guns and this and you know that you don't know why they are not sitting together is the issue is very complex i think is that is why different then most of any normal says i know about ok it is then the outcomes we gain control. because you were. by ok we are now there's a little bit there now thank you so much to our guests today they were on feld for who and sonny sammy shahada and thank you to you too for watching or see the program again any time via the website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to check out our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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to do the show do it again. org. this is al-jazeera. hello and good bell this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes turkish forces shoot down a 3rd syrian warplanes his government troops trying to advance deeper into rebel held. we do believe that our action will provide a meaningful boost to the economy the u.s. federal reserve makes an emergency interest rate cost of a coronavirus is. super tuesday in the u.s. voting is underway as democratic party candidates look to secure their right to challenge donald trump for the presidency.


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