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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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well battles the coronavirus pandemic will bring you the latest developments from around the world. with updates about travel restrictions and how to protect yourself. coronavirus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. the arab. this is 0. hello again i'm a star and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds more coronavirus deaths in spain the army is asking nato partners to testing kits and protective equipment to help stop the. indian police crackdown on curfew offenders as more than a 1000000000 people go under lockdown for 21 weeks over the pandemic. and new york's governor sounds the alarm as the biggest u.s.
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city sees a dramatic rise in the number of private 19 cases. we were looking at a freight train coming across the country we're now looking at a bullet through. because the numbers are growing up there were. dozens of hostages freed at least $25.00 killed after a siege as a sikh center in the afghan capital was brought to an end. of december the school has a limp the course is trying to reorganize tokyo 2020 i.o.c. president thomas bos describes it as a beautiful jigsaw puzzle does not rule out holding the games in the spring rather than the summer. spain has had its west day yet of the coronavirus pandemic with more than 700 new deaths it is now past the death toll of china just in the past 24 hours the number
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of deaths has such to almost 3500 nearly 48000 people have been infected there and only italy has now seen a great loss of life in india 1300000000 people are under orders to stay in their homes the national lockdown there will last for 21 days india has only seen around 600 confirmed cases so far but their office that that could rise very quick. there's also concern that the u.s. could be the next hot spot infections in new york have now surged to more than 25000 that number is rising rapidly and just in the past few hours u.s. senate leaders have finally agreed on a stimulus package to help health workers and to prop up the economy well let's now speak to martha herrera who is live for us in madrid march we've seen yet another shop rise in the death toll what are authorities saying about the trick the trajectory of all of this well mustache as you said is a very grim day for same with the figures that has been given by the health
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ministry we know that nearly 8000 people have been infected and 738 people died from corona virus in the last 24 hours minister sources say that piece spain is reaching the peak of the curve in this coronavirus situation but people are not very don't rely very much in these the cause we've got no test keeps testing kits for coronavirus and many people who are staying at home with all the symptoms so we've also been seeing the military out in about disinfecting places over the last few days and they're also helping to maintain that lockdown now also a request for nato partners to help what all of our it is focusing on now well the spanish government has asked nato through the fence ministry to provide coronavirus testing kits ventilators protecting gear as this is becoming one if not the main
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problem of spain's pasting that spain is facing to find the whole condemning marta herrera that live for us in madrid thank you very much for that update. well european union leaders are pledging to take steps to try to get life back to normal even as many countries continue to be overwhelmed by the pandemic in italy police in rome stopping all vehicles now at roadblocks to make sure that people have a reason to even move around the city under the national lockdown people are only permitted to go to walk grocery shopping or for health reasons why lawrence lee is live for us now in london laurence given the trajectory that we've been seeing in europe and across the continent clearly countries the in it for the long haul and they're having to also try to address the economic concerns going forward as well. yes i mean clearly there are 2 things in parallel at the same time as they does the public health emergency and there's what do you do to rescue entire
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economies of countries when when governments are asking people literally not so we're told also work and insofar as they can at home when there's very little productivity going on. both of those obviously are enormously difficult on the health care front the thing that's becoming increasingly clear is that european countries completely underestimated exactly how much protective equipment they would need for doctors and nurses and exactly how many medical mechanical ventilators they would need as well once the virus starts spreading into europe from from china to reuters news agency islam this alternate this has got its hands on a secret european commission document that says that european countries have only got 10 percent of the protective equipment and ventilators that they really need and clearly we've seen what's happened spain and italy with the hospitals completely
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full and people not been unable to get a hospital bed when when they can breathe it all and consequently the tone in these countries is enormously high and the concern on the health care level is how quickly can they try to scale up the u.k. we'll hear from general in the 2nd says he's getting up inadequate what other countries it is not clear what exactly was happening equally there's a massive. on the financial front because countries even including germany by far the richest country in europe are absolutely terrified that the just going to run out of money to pay for public services and so it was increasingly being talked about in the euro zone in particular the 19 countries these things called corona bones government bones whereby by the european union would go to the financial. markets and say please could borrow say actually any euro use distributes it to countries as a form of debt but the debt would be paid back over
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a very long period of time so countries wouldn't go through the same sort of sovereign debt crisis that they didn't have to the banks went down in 2008 and the russian all of course is that no country is really doing anything wrong nothing is to do with financial mismanagement in any country it's just it's just a pandemic a global health crisis and they need to find some money from some and didn't ever run it all together lawrence may that live for us from london as he said we are going to speak to join a whole very shortly where in britain the government is in desperate need of volunteers as it tries to contain the virus that's now speak to china join one of the health measures that the u.k. is trying to focus on at this stage i know that you are standing somewhere that's about to be converted into a hospital. yeah well they are scaling up fast as lawrence was saying take a look at that building over there it's called the xcel london it's an enormous conference center on the eastern edge of the city of london as we speak there are many military army planners and engineers in there at work turning it into an
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emergency field hospital we're told they're expected to be operational next week with 500 beds scaling all the way up to 4000 quite quickly thereafter and there are other centers like it planned across the country part of a huge upscaling in the capacity of the national health service across the u.k. to cope as you said volunteers needed a call went out for 250000 volunteers to help behind the scenes the n.h.s. to cope 170000 people we believe have responded to that call there are retired n.h.s. staffers being brought back into the service reregistered to be able to help also in their thousands and on that point on this idea of the surge in capacity some good news came out of a parliamentary hearing a couple of hours ago where professor neil hend henderson was giving evidence to m.p.'s ferguson a bigger part was giving evidence to m.p.'s he of imperial college london he's a coronavirus expert his work was largely influential in getting the government to
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change its course and its response in the last couple of days he now believes that this surge which will lead to a doubling of available critical care beds plus the new strict stay at home social distancing guidance from the government together will mean that the n.h.s. will broadly be in a position to cope albeit with areas of severe stress in certain places he thinks that the peak of this epidemic will arrive here in the next 2 to 3 weeks and in london alone let me tell you a city of 9000000 people professor neil ferguson believes up to 10 percent of this population alone will contract the virus and join a we've also very recently gotten the news that prince charles has tested positive for the corona virus is that likely to change the way that british people are approaching the pandemic. i would highly doubt that will have much impact on very many people in the way they go about their lives the 71 year old to the throne has tested positive he's said to be in isolation in his
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london residence clarence house his wife was also tested she hasn't shown any signs of the virus. you know he was tested up in scotland on an n.h.s. service test which has led to quite some outcry on social media and i imagine that will continue among people who say look how can this member of the royal family receive a test when frontline service staff of the national health service can't that's doctors nurses paramedics this country's been well behind the curve in testing right from the start it still doesn't have sufficient capacity though the government says they're trying but those critical health service staff who are working every day with corona virus. sufferers and who would have to go and isolate for 2 weeks whether they have the virus or not merely on suspicion of having the virus or not severely depleting the resources of the n.h.s. they can't get tests why many people are asking is this member of the royal family being given preferential treatment china hall there live for us in london thanks so
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much john well in india people are being punished for stepping out of to being ordered to stay at home for nearly 3 weeks take a look at this video it shows people being beaten by police for being out on the roads now some lock down violators have been asked to do sit ups and push ups while public transport remains suspended grocery stores and pharmacies are open and people are also allowed to step out the essential way prime minister narendra modi has called for the lockdown in order to fight the spread of the virus our correspondent elizabeth purana says the lockdown has been driving panic buying among the middle class leaving poor indians without. most of the country is quiet today that saw after the scenes we saw the prime minister modi announce the lockdown when lots of people around the country were rushing to grocery stores panic buying and you know even though prime minister modi said that people would still be allowed to go out to get essential supplies and we had delhi's chief
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minister had hold a press conference a few hours ago saying that it's the government's responsibility to provide for people and that by crowd in places people are defeating the point of a lockdown asking people not to do that and so things are quieter today but it's so important to remember that you know panic buying and hoarding it's a very middle class thing and there are so many people in who aren't middle class and in fact the places that we are seeing crowds today the homeless shelters that can no longer you know we've been hearing from homeless shelters that say they only have about 2 days' worth of supplies left and that's because they're not just looking after the homeless now but by the very lenny in india who are daily wage earners who live a hand to mouth existence and because they can no longer work i mean they can no longer look after themselves well let's dig into this
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a little more with john dreads he is a professor of economics at ranchi university and an author who focuses on issues around poverty hunger and gender equality he joins us now on skype from the city of ranchi in northern india thank you for being with us i do want to focus on what this lockdown means for the hundreds of millions of daily wage earners in india as elizabeth was saying that many live hand to mouth how are they going to be able to cope. yes. let me mention 1st that the situation in europe was well summed up by the previous speakers including the lack of preparedness of health services and the economic crisis and in both respects the situation in india is far worse or at least it's going to be far worse just to give you an idea of the lack of preparedness of the health services in this city which is the capital of a state of more than $30000000.00 people the biggest government hospital doesn't have this thing facilities and it is already overflowing with patients before there
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is a single case of coroner barriers in japan not only are all the bits of pride but there are people lying in the corridor was in the most of the conditions and one doesn't really understand where these patients are going to go as far as the economic crisis is concerned you are right that the most vulnerable and worst affected people are the casual laborers who live from hand to mouth musically they earn every day and then the day of being able to find work and also the migrant workers who have lost their jobs and they are huge numbers of them all over the country and people might need long distances from for example from here. to. even to poor and kashmir and a large number of them are now stranded because all the trees and been cancelled so they also represent a huge have cause and in spite of being in a very difficult situation themselves just to give you an idea of all serious the
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economic crisis already is for many people let me mention something that i heard yesterday from a woman in the village of jock and was really struck me she said i'm willing to go hungry if there is no other way to fight this virus but harder explain this to my children now this is before this was one did if or rather a few hours before. this drastic 21 day lockdown was announced i am not saying that the lockdown isn't the necessary i'm not the public health expert and if we are dog that is necessary i'm willing to believe in birds only if it is accompanied by a mass relief measures to help people through this time and it's not just going to be 21 days for them is going to be a long time before they get their jobs back and there are ways to do it and it's for example one could start by revamping the food rationing system it's already in
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place and it's governors about 2 thirds of the population including 3 quarters of the republican in india is not perfect but it works and moreover the indian government has huge excess stocks of food green there's nothing that prevents it from releasing the excess stocks immediately and for example doubling the food rations for the next 3 months or even the next 6 months it wouldn't even be very expensive because these food stocks are lying idle so there are things like that that can be done very quickly and are affordable and fortunately the central government so far has not done anything in this respect and mr moody's and rest of the nation 2 days ago rather yesterday. didn't include any significant announcement as far as relief measures in here is going are concerned so this lockdown may be necessary but as it is being planned now it is very lopsided and unless relief
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measures and are put in place it could do more harm than good and shannon travis a professor of economics at ranchi university thank you here in france a lot of their. iran is reporting another big rise in the number of infections there 2000 on wednesday raises the total to more than 27000 around half of all government employees are now staying at home in the west affected country in that region the health ministry is saying the number of cases is likely to rise because of improved testing and screaming iran's leaders are blaming us sanctions for the lack of equipment to stop the spread well malaysia has also extended its lockdown by another 2 weeks due to a surge in infections there 172 new cases have been recorded raising the total now to over 7500 that's the highest in southeast asia 17 people have died prime minister you don't yes and says the shutdown will not last until april 14th and
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across the border in thailand about 60000 migrant workers have left the country off to strict measures were introduced that the government has imposed a one month state of emergency closing businesses forcing a mass exodus of workers who are mainly from laos and cambodia thailand's prime minister is expected to announce additional restrictions on thursday the country has 934 cases of the virus while in the united states new york's governor has painted a diet prediction for the pandemic in his city where the number of cases has soared beyond 25000 the rate of infection in the big apple is doubling every 3 days at least 200 people have now died from coronavirus related causes their governor andrew cuomo says the city will need 140000 beds to care for the sick at the moment it has only 53000 in the city on. we have to be smarter about the where you do see is being done. the federal government has to prioritize the resources look at where
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the problems are recross this nation california has 2800 cases washington state 2200 cases florida 1200 cases massachusetts about 800 cases new yorkers 25000 cases new yorkers 25000 cases it has then times the problem that california has 10 times the problem that washington state has you prioritize resources and your activity and your actions to where they are needed well u.s. senate leaders have now finally agreed on a 2 trillion dollars package to combat the outbreak the funds are aimed at keeping the world's biggest economy afloat and helping frontline medical what is the agreement follows days of arguments with democrats accusing republicans of prioritizing profits over whether to help the senate has reached
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a bipartisan agreement on a historic relief package for this pandemic it will rush new resources onto the front lines of our nation's health care fight and it will inject trillions of dollars of cash into the economy as fast as possible to help american workers families small businesses and industries make it through this rupture and emerge on the other side ready to shore while the current virus outbreak has dealt a major blow to the global flow of goods and services and this public health emergency has also intensified the geopolitical recession for more on the schedule and by ian bremmer he's the president of the eurasia group and he's live in new york and given that we've just seen the u.s. try to keep its economy afloat that stop there ave going to be able to succeed and how might that affect the upcoming election in november. well those are 2 very different questions this is of course a scale of economic disruption the supply and the demand side completely shut down
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in the united states and around the world bigger than anything we've seen since world war 2 and you know it's nice to see that finally with this u.s. stimulus in place we're going to have all of the developed countries with unprecedented to school stimulus and monetary policy to ease you're talking about roughly 10 percent of g.d.p. compare that in $22009.00 over both years the total was 5 percent of g.d.p. i feel pretty good that that amounts as we look at the next couple of months what helped to ease the worst quarter economically that we've seen and experienced in our lifetimes whether that will be enough and whether the american health care system will. let's take you now to the last thing he said when we are listening. russian president vladimir putin addressed the nation.
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doing. will become do is to work in a professional way. find the main proceed. from the law is. the medical system. which i want to draw attention. to the. we signed. those people 1st. i normally thank you all.
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attention. very much depend. on you. on the vulnerable people of all the people elderly people. that. we have to reduce the risk for the most. from. the amendment to the constitution. you know how serious the. expressed lead principle question. for our society. however has been for. the priorities of the
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health. and security. that is why the lections will be later. in the region throughout the country. the recommendations of the doctors and the specialists. is very important to prevent. growth. this year which. for. people not working. with the 28th of march until the 5th of april and asking people. not you going out. in. shops buying financial institutions or going away if you. move under all.
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governments will continue to work. you. look at this as a way to reduce house widespread this grows. less does not think about this won't concern me one concern. for what is happening in many countries. across the ocean from becoming our future. we need to take care. to have to discipline and responsibility. and the most safest thing now is.
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to look at the social economic situation. we also need additional. additional measures. to keep comes because. a medium sized enterprises. this morning immediate measures would be carried out. by this being provided to. yours. which last for 6 months must be. prolonged. for example. if a. family is talking about if they do not have to
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apply to increase periods of a few curation. that's. where a 1000 roubles are paid this will have to be done before the may holiday. previously was off. in the next 3 months. or additional capital. month think for every child. that is the very. core. including in preschools kindergarten. professions and nursery schools. and even the new measures of. 3 to 7 phones.
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posting all the organizational you hear. the. things. this is extremely important. the. benefit. of the. young people. like this is not just this is not.
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should be counting on these people as a minimum each month. and then taking into account to look at the situation after one month because. the problem is if we look at the comment about the countries. which is having a strong economic pressure. otherwise because you have to state. jobs. we have to have a maximum. you. know. the minimum amount. and you know. this is
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difficult or just not possible. so we need to look at the holidays. are we talking about. other situations. and if we have somebody think i'm going to come down the bottom. line. is we must not. be continued. the russian mechanism. individual entrepreneurs. please look at their checks why. should not empower. the process of growth from the bank.
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under a normative basis miles. the medium sized businesses are . facing difficulties. with reduction. we need to how companies. to receive to keep their place. important. for the employer. working together. with these companies. i mean different fields. to ensure the following mentioned.
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company a medium sized business. with support. to get. back to this farce the banks because. that's far more immediate business is a concern. even. must have delayed concerning credit. the government central bank to make additional measures. guaranteeing that. the. difficult positions in danger of bankruptcy.
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with regard to credit for the next 6 months. i repeat. measures. for companies. the most affected by the current of our. empower government out just monitoring. the. correct questions in these different fields of economy just. the now we have to do everything. first of all a medium sized company.
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contributions to. amount of income over which they would have to pay higher taxes they would still be in the lower tax bracket for no higher than 30 percent. have a long term stimulus. finally i suggest i propose. to pull. all income the insurance well off from russia going abroad.
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should have adequate. means. of the. different types of support of my station. there's. even more wages. in fact is not bad but it mildly. bring out that income. tax rate. corrections are needed for tax liability. then such work needs to be organized. someone must suppose those.
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countries have significant resources. for our country mostly from the. many countries. in the world where we see these payments which come out in can tell you. in fact by the charges. if we stop it the percentage is. not the contribution but the position which is. emphasized in such measures. yet the conditions. remain attracted me. in the most attractive in the world.
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we need to with these difficult questions. the. addition. of. mentation at least 2 measures just like me you can get away for supporting families. to help people facing those difficulties and by giving. you all the measures that the being passed and will be. given to bring about when. we have a distaste about should to deal with the current situation. working together. if we do everything. we need to
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remember our own personal responsibility. we need. our support we. usually. start. working together. the effect is that the efficiency of our response is the challenge. i think you well you've been listening to russian president vladimir putin address the nation is been saying that this week will not be a normal working week and as people to remain at home he also says that people who've lost jobs must be given government support and has also announced a series of stimulus measures and tooting extended tax breaks for small and medium companies there well let's cross now to our correspondent step bason who's live for us in moscow she's also been listening and sceptically a strong focus on the economy and putin's speech even as he's
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a gym social distancing here. exactly a very somber looking at put in here who actually started one and a half hours later in this 1st national address in the corona crisis and it sounded also that he was kind of reluctantly admitting now that russia can't avoid to describe a crisis of until now your thought is here have said everything is under control we're doing a much better job than other nations we have very low figures here but in the last 24 hours days figures these positive test have jumped quite significantly and it's becoming more and more clear that the russian president has no other option than to actually also announce these strict measures he also had to announce and we were all expecting this that the constitutional vote on the constitutional amendment which was scheduled for april the 22nd has now been delayed indefinitely this is
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a very important vote for president putin personally because it will clear the way for him to be reelected again to stand for president again and can be a way to stay in power until 2036 for him so it was a very crucial moment but he now had to postpone it he also talked only a very little bit about health situation he praised the doctors and the nurses he said that nobody is going to go to work next week it's only one week and he didn't really specify all how how these measures are going to be implemented are people actually really have to stay in their houses will that be the face recognition system that are of is going to watch people that's all still not very clear but he extensively as you sat has been talking about social economic packages to make sure that people are not going to panic because that is the main worry for the government here that there will be
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a panic that there was already panic buying going on people are very worried of course the economic situation has been dire. for many people here in russia for the last couple of couple of years so who can destroy everything to reassure people that they will have their incomes and gear additional bonuses or whatever aid systems that he has put in place to make sure that people will continue to be able to provide for a living step fasten their correspondent in moscow thank you very much step well let's now go back to ian bremmer the president of the eurasia group and he's speaking to us from new york and i'm sorry to have interrupted you there as you've been listening in we've been hearing from fusion but this real focus on the economy and he's as step was just repeating there saying that vote on the changes that would allow him to run again will be postponed due to this pandemic so what does all of this now mean for him within the context of russian politics. well russian democracy as such doesn't really exist the only opposition parties are state
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sanctioned effectively the media of course is not open so it's a foregone conclusion the putin wants to be able to be president for life and have extend his number of terms he'll be able to do so and the fact that that's not going to come on april 22nd is inconvenient for him he'd like it to happen more quickly given the fact the economics haven't looked good and they've entered a price war as you know very well with the saudis which also means more economic challenges but again you know russia's not a poor country they can handle this you know i think more interestingly is the fact that putin you know despite the fact they got on they got in front of coronavirus as a country fairly early in the shutdown travel with the chinese with others as people were coming in and they were engaging in very serious testing from an early day and they got a lot of testing done across their contrie but they wanted meetings and many cases at all to the people despite an awful lot of non coronavirus
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flu the incidences vastly more than you normally 'd expect so the doctors in russia have been very suspect and thought that this was being covered up clearly the extent of the coronavirus pandemic the extraordinary vire ality of the fact that absolutely no one has any immunity to it has hit russia as well and that means that they're going to be shutting down at least a fair amount not quite as extensive as we're seeing here in my country or my city new york city but certainly welcome measures to be taken by the russian government and we were talking about broader economic impacts not any russia but the u.s. across the guy been we were saying this is also going to affect supply chains and we've already been seeing that in china so how might this pandemic this kind of virus pandemic that we're seeing now change power dynamics in the wild or die going
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forward. well the good news is that the chinese supply chain is restarting it's certainly not 100 percent right now but assuming that they maintain control of their spread of cases and it looks like they will be able to technology empowered authoritarian systems and surveillance that goes with it really does matter in helping to lock down china and a way that wouldn't be conceivable in the united states or canada or europe by by early may i think you've got chinese supply chain fully back up and running granted with significantly depressed consumption demand both in china and globally that's happening at a time when the americans the europeans and others are responding late and ineffectively and let's keep in mind that that supply chain that comes from china also includes medical supply chain that includes pharmaceutical supply chain
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absolutely critical for the rest of us to fight coronavirus the chinese know that they're selling it assertively of course but they're also donating which is something they've not done much of historically and that public diplomacy is clearly becoming affective in getting a bunch of countries including american allies to hedge more towards beijing you see that particularly in europe in eastern europe and southern europe countries that aren't as wealthy in need and welcome that chinese help so there's a real geo political opportunity for the chinese here and this is you mentioned by can i call this a geo political recession when where the global order is unwinding it's a g.'s iraq war old an absence of global leadership the 1st global crisis we've had in a g.'s era world and unfortunately what that means is that the global order is likely to change on the back of this crisis which was not remotely plausible in 20082000
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that it was not remotely plausible after 911 but it certainly is right now and i think that that's going to create a lot of medium term risk and a lot of us are going to have to prepare for. in coming back to the domestic politics of where you're sitting in new york where this is a huge escalation in terms of infection rates and really the alarm being raised about how the u.s. is dealing with all of this how could that play out in terms of u.s. politics and the role of the u.s. more broadly in the wells. well you have the most dramatic crisis health and economic crisis the world has seen in generations. at the same time as you have the most divisive least unifying us president in modern history and it's in the middle of an election cycle it doesn't take a genius to recognize that's
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a really unfortunate unfortunate coincidence of events and that means that the efficiency in responding the likelihood of politicization the lack of a rally around the flag effect 6 i mean president bush was hardly popular going into $911.00 afterwards approval rating shot up to 92 percent that will not happen with president trump i mean he might hit 5055 you might get a bunch more independents because americans like everyone in the world wants a leader this being a strong and decisive and the fact that he now is actually supporting closing down borders and cities for the time being at least and is behind signing the largest fiscal stimulus in american history all of that will lead to an increase in popularity for his elections not next month there in november and in november we will know if the american health care system in several months metropolitan areas including my own gets overwhelmed and if that happens the patella the rates from
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coronavirus will go up by a factor of $5.00 to $10.00 times what they would otherwise be we've seen that in north in italy which also has a very strong health care system but it got overwhelmed people that needed intensive care could not get it so we'll know that we'll know if this fiscal stimulus is sufficient or if quarter 3 also is disastrous in the united states and globally in can the americans effectively respond and those are things that clearly are going to affect the election in november but i will tell you right here as an american this week you wouldn't know an election is going on this way. the focus is overwhelmingly the response to this crisis it's late but it is certainly it's comforting to know that finally most of the world's governments are actually taking this crisis seriously they're responding with very significant economic stimulus and relief and they're also working to inhance the resilience and surge
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capacity of their health care systems as quickly as human possible both public and private sector that russian announcement is welcome the most all of the developed world is on board with this the brazilians are still a holdout very disturbed with polls that are a president also are a speech the nation last night that's a real concern from someone who's been a strong economic reform for over the last couple of years but this country is now in potentially an awful lot 4 of trouble getting more divisive but generally speaking around the world we're now seeing leaders doing the right kind of things to make us feel more optimistic not more pessimistic about our ability to respond in the next few weeks and let me ask you about another big global crisis that we went to king at the full coronavirus hit and that was kind of change that miss something that that country's been calling for a global response and unification and now presumably this pandemic is going to direct results as an attention away from that so where does that leave us as
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a clean. climate what did you say climate change and terms of trying to address the big climate imagine saying it's had asked it's not a it's not a funny joke of course i mean it's obvious this year literally everyone it's all you could talk about the world's leaders prettify on bird you know who no one's talked about gretta since coronaviruses hit right i mean we thought this was going to be the year of the world finally taking it much more seriously and you know in it you're now facing this incredible economic contraction 6 desperate challenge to human health you look at mass lows hierarchy of human needs were you worried about whether you you and your family your loved ones are able to make it through the year suddenly the polar bears are a little bit lower on your list of concerns and you know what that means it probably means that the cop 26 climate summit coming up this year gets delayed gets
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gets cancelled and it means that you're going to have much less focus that's true but you won't have the same level of emissions as expected this year because the economic contraction but that doesn't really help that one year in the rebound will be significant that washout for 2025 numbers the major problem is that you've got to lose the focus the commitment and maybe some of the money that needs to be devoted the attention that needs to be devoted to this issue on balance this makes it harder for the world to align to respond to the biggest long term threat father we see on our horizon in banner that the president of the amazing speaking to us from new york thank you so much for joining us out on out as there sort of. well as ian was saying money is an issue and the united nations is now appealing for $2000000000.00 to support humanitarian efforts wild wide as countries fight the coronavirus pandemic for more let's cross live now to our diplomatic editor james
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bays he's standing by for us at u.n. headquarters james the w.h.o. asking for a huge chunk more money is it likely to get the money that it needs. well i think that is the big problem here this is a bigger peel from the u.n. the w.h.o. of the whole u.n. system and the u.n. is making the case that this disease does not respect borders and so the response shouldn't respect borders and wealthy countries are really struggling with this what happens when the disease spreads to parts of the world where there are very poor health care systems whether or not clean water where refugees for example don't have a home to go and self isolate in and it says as the u.n. always does this is about countries working together but of course what you're seeing in reality right now is every nation for itself because the problems are so severe including in some of the most all the wealthiest nations on earth for
4:53 pm
example where u.n. headquarters is based here in new york which is now the center of the disease outbreak in the united states so the u.n. will be asking for $2000000000.00 will it get $2000000000.00 i think they're going to have to make their case very very strongly it's a very eerie u.n. headquarters virtually disserved here i've been to so many of these sort of events before where you'll see all the dignitaries on the stage all the ambassadors listening to it this is going to be very different we have the secretary general in a t.v. studio a couple of laws by below me he'll be basically on his own there trying to limit access to him because he's such an important figure so in a bunker studio downstairs he'll be addressing people and everyone else including dr held. henrietta for from unicef from our local coups the un's emergency relief coordinator will be joining remotely and they'll be transmitting to this this to the world on the web and you'll be out to see it on al jazeera the
4:54 pm
launch of this to try and get $2000000000.00 coming up in about 6 or 7 minutes time james you're standing at u.n. headquarters in. new york and obviously a lot change there in terms of the day operations but there are still different countries are having to try to come together to fight this global pandemic what are we hearing from other countries and ambassadors and representatives in new york who are having to deal with this in their own countries as well as coming together well there is a real concern in some parts of the world and of course remember where a lot of the un's work normally takes place in those areas of concern not lifted because we're all focusing on the valar of the virus remember the violence remember the the conflict around the world the conflict zones the u.n. secretary general just 2 days ago or so there to be a global cease far in response to the virus that's
4:55 pm
a very big ask and certainly in recent weeks we've seen an intensification in violence in yemen and in libya where the forces of general haftar a certainly not a humanitarian pause that's been in place for weeks the one place where perhaps there's been a lessening of the intensification of the military campaign is in syria and providence that's one encouraging sign james bay is there are diplomatic editor live for us at u.n. headquarters thanks very much james well let's take you to some other wild news now i still has claimed responsibility for an attack on a sikh place of worship in afghanistan killing at least 25 people the interior ministry says gunmen and suicide bombers stormed the religious complex and kabul early on wednesday when around 150 people were inside security forces sealed off the area and then gunfire was heard of the several hours at around 8 hostages were later freed. now the president of chad is describing monday's
4:56 pm
attack by boko haram fighters as the west yet on the army. visited lac province to pay tribute to the $92.00 soldiers killed and then a few hours after the attack a boko haram ambush in nigeria killed dozens of soldiers prosecutors in turkey on indicting 20 suspects for the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi and they include the deputy head of saudi intelligence and a royal court advisor all are accused of instigating premeditated matter with months trysts intent the saudis deny allegations that saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound on a leading role in killing the critic of the kingdom's leadership was killed and the saudi can see that in istanbul in 2018 cents has more. important meetings or in the if io as it was announced by that your officials longer go one of them is
4:57 pm
a former defense and out of saudi intelligence on the last 3 and the other one is the former royal court advisor. so there. are a name as having instigated remitted to murder what monstrous intent this is especially for those 2 people along with those 15 members of the squad there are those 3 people who were involved 54 witnesses have been listened to prepare this indictment also. analysis was based on the mobile phone records of the suspects records of their entry and exit to turkey everybody would be member all those pictures taken. cameras at airports and outside the consulate and the hotels that they have a presence there their presence are called slate witness statements and the houses of worship jews form laptop and i pad this is what the indictment is based on.
4:58 pm
paul that's it for meanest audio tape for this news hour but i go away i'll be back in just a moment with more coronavirus coverage. business leaders is both to buy no brass paul.
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business leaders just want to buy no bras paul. singapore is being accused of expanding its costarred with illegal drugs sutton's some of the islands off the coast of indonesia literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sam when they go take the system there is still in the sand is fair to say this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so plentiful tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency soundboards at this time on al-jazeera. in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic china is in lockdown. when i want to report from inside the quarantine talk of the nation on al-jazeera.
5:00 pm
i want to see. hundreds more coronavirus deaths in spain with hospitals overwhelmed and the army now asking nato partners for testing kits and protective equipment for health stuff . hello again i'm just on the a tail and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up russia's president press buttons an upcoming vote on constitutional reforms as the country tries to stem the spread of the virus. indian police.


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