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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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discovered that. for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera there is no channel that coverage world hears like we do revisit a day al-jazeera really invest in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. 0 . 0 income but this is the news our live from dalhart coming up the next 60 minutes 10 days after testing positive persons prime minister is admitted to hospital as he battles around a virus. i want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute then we would overcome it. queen elizabeth makes
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a rare televised address to the public has the u.k. finds the pandemic. typing the pandemic together has been a challenge for europe now salma looking to germany to help ease the financial fallout plus. we see light at the end of the total more conflicting information from the u.s. president as the leading medical official in charge warns the worst is yet to come see many senior i don't have a working radio or t.v. i don't even have a computer to listen to those 30 programs the global crisis has altered the state of learning and it's made me poor students with no computers who are suffering the most. honest for the union that represents more than $80000.00 athletes says many sports are facing a financial could such trophy the world of players association says league seasons need to be finished to avoid huge losses.
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british prime minister boss johnson is in hospital with symptoms 10 days after he tested positive for cause at 19 a spokesperson says it was a precautionary measure and that johnson would continue to lead the government earlier queen elizabeth made a rare televised address to the nation she urged the british people to remain united and resolute to overcome the art break and numbers just released from spain show the daily death toll is continuing to fall 637 people died there in the last 24 hours but that's down nearly 40 from the previous day and japanese prime minister shinzo arbor has begun steps towards declaring a state of emergency as infection search across major cities and we have 3 correspondents starting us off this hour dominic cain is in berlin to talk about europe's efforts to keep the economy moving mater it was in madrid to bring us up to date on the situation in spain and rory chalons will give us the latest updates
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from london we'll go to them in just a moment 1st though john hall begins our coverage with this report 2 weeks into the u.k.'s lockdown and deserted city scenes a testament to a new way of life most people staying home for as long as science and the government decide they must also on lockdown in windsor castle her residence outside london the queen 93 years old reminded britons that this crisis too would pass we should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure better days will return we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again. we will meet again but the government is worried about isolation for tea and a minority of people embracing the warm spring weather to picnic and sunbathe in the parks on prominence and beaches the more people follow the rules then the
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faster we will all be through it so i say this to this small minority of people who are breaking the rules or pushing the boundaries you're risking your own life and the lives of others and you're making it harder for all banning all this the ability to go outside to exercise in public as the health secretary has said he might have to do would be intolerable to many particularly those who live in cramped apartments with no outside space only compounding the effect isolation has on physical and mental health but the argument goes that if people aren't going to change their behavior themselves well then they might have to be forced to in order to save lives best friends in meal and gabriel a keeping in touch at a safe distance through the fence is still our best friend and we're very good friends so i think that's one of the hardest things about it so we're trying to mean a sponsor full. and we just come for a walk once
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a day but this is really really difficult as far as i know like this is what the government has recommended you get outside and you get as much sun and it's fresh air as you can obviously stay away from people so i think we're doing the social distancing quite well with the police exercising emergency powers to move people on it's expected that britain will get a pretty good idea whether lockdown efforts have helped reduce the peak when it comes in the next week or so but even then a way out of this crisis involving eventual widespread community testing and contact tracing to manage a 2nd wave is many weeks away yet jonah how al-jazeera london. let's bring in roy telephones joining us now from 10 downing street in london so rory boris johnson has left downing street he's gone to hospital how serious is this. what of course anything connected to covert 19 and a hospital admission is serious but downing street is saying that this hospital
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admission for boris johnson is not because his condition has necessarily got any worse but it's because it has been going on now for so long it's persistence and in one of those recent video addresses he did say that he was still suffering from a fever his temperature was high so according to downing street that's the reason why he's going into a hospital he was there overnight will be going through tests today the kinds of tests that boris johnson will be going through perhaps scans on his chest to have a look at his lungs to see if there's been any damage or any telltale signs of the pneumonia the people get when coded 19 progress is too it's more serious stages they'll be looking at it his immune response they'll be looking at is it is hot. we are being told that the boris johnson is still continuing
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to lead the country but if things get much worse then it will be rob the foreign secretary you will step in to take over boris johnson's condition to deteriorate significantly. rory what about the numbers out of the u.k. when is the peak of the epidemic expected the pandemic is expected in the u.k. . well we're not there yet i think we know that for sure a couple of weeks ago we were being told by government scientists that the peak was probably 2 to 3 weeks away so we might well still have a week possibly even longer before we really do see the peak of covert 19 coronaviruses in the u.k. the daily death toll seems to be doubling every 2 to 3 days and
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if that trend continues then we'll be hitting a 1000 deaths a day sometime this week and perhaps 2000 deaths a day by next weekend. but the real metric to be looking at to work out whether the peak is is here or not is the new hospital admissions and new cases the signs are in the u.k. that those do seem to be plastering but with again warns quite regularly by the scientists don't drill down into any particular day for an idea of where this happened look so the long term trends of long term trends still still do seem to show that the the number of cases in the u.k. is increasing but it's just increasing slower than it was before thank you for that update there that's the warri chalons live from london. ireland's prime minister is returning to work as a part time doctor they are varadkar who trained as a physician before entering politics has rejoined the medical register and will
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form covered 19 assessments once a week thousands of retired medical professionals have answered an appeal from the health service to go back. let's get more on the update get an update rather about the situation in spain we can speak to martha editor who joins us live from madrid smarter bring us up to speed with the latest numbers coming out of spain is that encouraging trend that we've seen over the past few days continuing yes yes for sure we have 135000 what it did from coronavirus with 4200 new cases of people infected in verse 24 hours the death toll in spain is direct now 13000 and we have been reduced to 637 you fatalities seen yesterday this is the lowest number since march 24th these next 2 weeks ago but we have to be a little bit cautious with these 2 years during the week and the reduced it's a slower structure saloon we need to more of to get to compare with these to slow
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down trend is 100 percent certain mars or many countries including spain looking ahead to the next phase what happens after the apex what what is spain considering . well as prime minister spanish prime minister better santa reported yesterday he's slamming a bar come approving these 15 day extensions in the congress passing this group all of these until april 25 they're also thinking in a for a future plan or whether it should be more just me maurice ing the measures because it will be an extension 100 percent so they need to plan what they're going to do next one of the things we know is that he's asking the 17th regency in spain to provide a lease of private. infrastructures in order to isolate a symptom and seemed to mattick coronavirus patience china a few days
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a few months ago with the strike it called north ark and in a way to to stop the spread of the pandemic does work very well in china but we don't know whether in spain is going to work because the spike health ministry has distributed 1000000 test kits we don't have enough so we need to have more and more supply of test kits in spain in order to to it be to be snores arc be affective uncharted territory on so many fronts thank you for that mater live from madrid european leaders have been locked in a dispute over how to share the burden of the financial fallout from the outbreak one proposal has been put forward to use a financial mechanism called khurana bonds a 1st germany was reluctant to be part of it instead it's coming up with a plan of its own the mccain joins us now live from the for more dominic tell us about germany's plan and how this is different from corona bottles. the german
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governments has really resisted the idea of europe barnes' floor of very considerable period of time much of the last decades really didn't want to provide your own vaughn's the feeling in germany being that perhaps the tax payers in germany would be resistant to guarantee that debts accrued by of the european countries who perhaps hadn't being sexist through will as germany had been what's happening now is the government here is expressing its solidarity hole the plight of the e.u. member states specifically spain italy but of those 2 so the foreign minister mohsen the finance minister all that shots but from the same policy the social democrat policy of britain and also kill again a series of leading newspapers around continental europe inside the euro zone where they say germany needs to step up germany wants to express solidarity not just by helping out in the pell cannot just by helping out by them seeing patients who have
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severe coronavirus sometimes but also financially they're saying that the european stability mechanism which is a mechanism that's been in place in much of the pos decades to help countries that need urgent loans right now well they say that it's only in spain and others should be able to access those loans immediately with talk of something around 3x9b2x9b for the 2 respective countries that that can be accessed immediately and where they can talk about how long they'll need to repay them that germany is prepared to say well you can we can talk about repayments and we can talk about budgets and that sort of thing in the long run what matters now is getting the money right now we can worry about the small print as it were the fine print later on don't tell the market can about the political wrangling that thing going on between european countries around all of this. well the point here is that noles in european countries specifically germany and the dutch 2 are resistant to this idea of euro
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bonds because there is a sizable contingent of people in both countries we think why should their taxpayers have to pick up the tab be the ultimate guarantor of debts accrued by other countries and there's still a great deal of feeling in that direction however people aren't immune to seeing the pictures of patients struggling in hospitals up and down the comes in and and so it's the germans now well they're moving slightly but to put into perspective what they're offering now relatives of the signs of euro bonds one economist i spoke to just a few minutes ago was saying to me look the e.s.m. this debility mechanism needs to be 4 times bigger if it's to help the spaniards and the italians right now it's in the european investment bank needs to think 10 times bigger and so far because of concerns than it has done so far so you have the sense that the northern europeans want to help but with caviar. thank you for that update there dominic came live from the and then japan's prime minister shinzo
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a day is preparing to declare a state of emergency and create a one trillion dollars stimulus package as in fiction so in major cities they said the state of emergency would last about a month and also allowing governors to tell people to stay at home and have businesses to close local media say a formal declaration is expected on tuesday more than 100 people have died in japan and have been more than 4500 confirmed cases. in a straight me a criminal investigation has been launched into how hundreds of passengers were allowed to leave the cruise ship despite some showing flu like symptoms 11 deaths and 600 coronavirus infections have been connected to the ruby princess which docked in sydney last month more than $1000.00 crewmembers remain on board and there are reports up to $200.00 sick the government is only letting think critically ill and to australia. more to come on the news all including
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i know. there's a whole lot of. campaigning in the time of crisis how the pandemic is reshaping this year's lead up to the u.s. presidential election. and the tigers dry cough brings concern that a new york resume and rightly so are the big cat tests positive for coverage 19 says the landowners think you know what. makes you need to be an international cricketer facing trouble on a virtual formula one race track. president donald trump has struck an optimistic tone at his daily coronavirus briefing saying an end to the outbreak is in sight but with the number of deaths in the u.s. approaching 10000 health experts are warning the worst is yet to come out of your customer reports. conflicting messages from the president of the united states we
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see light at the end of the tunnel things are happening things are happening and the country's top health officials but next week is going to be our pearl harbor moment it's going to be our 911 moment and it's going to be the hardest moment for many americans in their entire life the u.s. surgeon general warns many more people will die in the coming days the expected surge adding urgency to the cries of state governors asking the federal government for deliveries of life saving equipment so we governors republicans and democrats have been urging the president to do what he should which is if he wants to be a wartime president be a wartime president show some leadership mobilize industrial base united states that's what we need trump says ventilators from the federal stockpile are in route to several states and claims the u.s.
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has conducted more coronavirus tests than any other country per capita though testing in the u.s. is still far behind south korea and germany trump says the u.s. has stockpiled $29000000.00 doses of the anti-malarial drug that is being used experimentally to treat kovac 19 the president says he has so much personal confidence in the treatment that it was his idea to have patients why the right to sue if the drug ends up doing them harm that's hydroxy clerical and is written meissen. and again you have to go through the medical people get the approval. but. i've seen things that i sort of like so what do i know i'm not a doctor. when reporters later tried asking the dr anthony felt she the government's top infectious disease expert trump stopped him from answering the weigh in on this
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issue hi dr burkley. what do you think about this is what it is. they've changed doctors 15. meanwhile doctors and nurses across the country continue to plead for donations of more masks and gallants bracing for the apex of cases still to come castro al-jazeera maryland lebanon has called on its allies abroad to provide a visit to the global outbreak president michel aoun made the appeal in a televised address lebanon's long running economic crisis has left it poorly equipped to handle a public health emergency it's reported more than 500 infections and 18 deaths. a tiger at a new exude has tested positive for covert 19 the bronx zoo said nadia a 4 year old female malayan tiger had developed a dry cough and was tested as
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a precaution zoo officials said 6 of the tigers and 3 lions also develop symptoms it's believed they were infected by a zoo employee. let's take a closer look at the story research as a still trying to understand how easy it is for animals to get infected 2 dogs in one cat recently tested positive for cove and 19 in hong kong after their own is came down with the virus but the animal showed no symptoms and the world health organization stresses there's no evidence yet that a companion animal control the virus to a human u.s. department of agriculture is not recommending routine tests for animals yet and the centers for disease control is urging those infected to limit their contact with animals out of caution. well qana bamford is a just at queen's university belfast belfast and he joins us on skype from there thank you for your time so is this all the proof that that humans can in fact animals and if so does it mean that animals can infect humans so i think what we've
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seen the last couple of months from these early anecdotes right through to the more recent more thoroughly researched cases into the tigers and the term some experimental models we can see that animals who are inside of humans can be infected and with a krone virus and it looks like indeed could probably pass on that infection. that's most likely seen in this tiger example one thing is that don't appear to get too sick to the dry cough and some wheezing symptoms and tigers is a big concern and the other question and really a really important question is that it highly likely are these animal protection is able to pass the virus on and so far we don't really have a strong idea whether that is. it's possible or probable and even if it was possible i think the most the vast majority of cases are going to be coming from other people i mean the humane thing if you're worried about your pay it was to
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worry about your pets i guess and not yourself so much but there are reports of people dumping their animals on the street because they're afraid is that fair founded. i don't think that fear is fond at you for one and from an animal point of view we know that that will probably don't get too sick and secondly they animals probably caught the virus from the people they're most in contact with and that's probably you and secondly you know at the minute we don't have very good evidence whether it goes animals who are infected that might even pass the virus on and secondly we don't really know why likely this is happening. in the community and even if it was happening relatively likely but again most of those infections are going to be coming from people so we definitely do not think that it's right to be dumping animals in any sort of way should we be stopping our animals from being in contact with other animals i know i take my dog out for
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a walk it's almost impossible to get her to not play with other dogs i mean should we be keeping them inside. again you don't we have to be a lot to tell us we know that they can get probably get infected they don't get sick they probably don't or aren't that well evil to pacify them so on we don't think you know that we don't know and then the question then of course you know most of the case is going to come from people and we should be really focusing this on limiting the human interactions because after all for all you know these animals are catching the virus from people you know they're in close contact but so if you stop people getting infected you're going to stop the vast majority of animal infections so we are the problem not our pets i'm just finally is there any difference between wild animals and pets when it comes to the transmission of coronavirus. admit it we know. and we'd be surprised if there were differences
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for example we know that many animals have their own coronaviruses even cats have their own viruses and levy and wild cats do not have those kind of our so we know that there are differences. we know that door panels but it seems that at least pet cats. while tigers knew their arms are able to catch the affections so theoretically i wouldn't be surprised that it appears that the practically there doesn't seem to be too many differences although i know that the pet cat did not appear to have disease where these tankers in the zoo and kim time are the costs so maybe while they can both be infected and one might be more susceptible to disease then the other thank you for your time that's contraband a viral or just at queen's university belfast. the government of democratic republic of congo has shut down its capital's main commercial hub for 14 days can she also is the epicenter of
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a nationwide outbreak they say it more now from malcolm webb who joins us by skype from kenya's capital nairobi so there were concerns about looting during a lockdown in kinshasa how is this lockdown playing out. well the lockdowns actually only being applied in the gone bay district which is a central part commercial district of kinshasa on the banks of the river congo where there are government buildings embassies foreign embassies commercial buildings not many residential areas so the police have sealed off. this is a main commercial hub of the city but they haven't applied any lockdown to the rest of the city which is that is 3rd largest city nearly 12000000 people living in sprawling low rise all of which is quite gently populated so the health or dorothy's had said that it was the center of the transmission for corona virus but we're getting to see actually how active is this going to be moved kinshasa is
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nearly 12000000 people still living in those very. cramped conditions and moving around pretty much as normal throughout the rest of the city thank you for that update there that's malcolm webb coming to us live from nairobi the pandemic has for schools around the world to close with students continuing their education on like many in some parts of africa are missing out because the results aren't available catherine so i reports from eastern kenya where thousands of students and urban informal settlements and rural areas are struggling. maybe we will skip this part this is the new normal in many schools in kenya we are little quick check in before the lesson starts and julius my sharia settling into the idea that he might be remotely teaching his students for months my machine has honed some of the challenges we are experiencing. is dealing with a few technology cliches and the fact that not all children might give 100 percent
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in vachel classes it will not take us through this light but he says a coronavirus has shifted the future of learning majority of them are now organising some groups that they're doing their own discussions they're doing discussions on new and engaging teachers in ways that actually are unimaginable about 150 kilometers east of nairobi in which this parent homeschools he still has her. growth he uses a television learning program started by a government institution but it's not easy you know the program which is coming. to have follow up for the laughter because sometimes the kids want to laugh. and sometimes the they tell you that you want to go home tens of thousands of students across the country are now adopting to vosh more studies on t.v. radio or online but many have no electricity internet or devices to keep up state
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school students are suffering the most in 2030 in the government promised free laptops to primary schools saying it would gradually expand the program to secondary schools but our project has been slow to implement coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of life education has been badly affected by the disease and with schools now closed indefinitely many children are likely to lag behind in their studies. ray told by the reason he entered secondary school but now she's back home and her days full of housework and chores she lives with her mother and siblings and today the only mill they have is from mentored partridge in school should have had 3 hot meals senior and senior i don't have a working radio or t.v. i don't even have a computer to listen to those learning programs i'm afraid when i go back to school
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behind the children who have to devise is the only time bertha gets to revise is just before sunset and only for a little while because once darkness sets in she's limit head with no electricity and money to buy solar land tents she uses flashlights her story echoed by many others across the country katherine saw al-jazeera east and kenya. i'm time now for the way their hair is evident swarm across the good parts of your loss of lovely spring sunshine but if we where we've got clouds across the mediterranean actually went to great save it's was at least a sort of the mediterranean of a cloud on display here we had snow of course through the weekend we got some very heavy rain with us and very very strong winds as well so i'm just really struggling at the moment across a good part of greece and turkey is wary of high pressure axes a lid on the atmosphere so it keeps the skies clear keep it warm and sunny but
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further rituals the west because these weather systems which have been just bumping their way in from the atlantic another area of low pressure here and that's been feeding some rather wet weather towards the good parts of spain this was the scene in spain as we went through weekend that he lost to clear skies in the course with the lock down it does mean this little in the way of air pollution and hence beautiful blue skies those scars on now in the process of clouding over actually and we've got some rain which is going to make its way across a good parts of spain temperatures struggling in the process 18 celsius that will madrid warmest still you know just over towards central getting up into the low twenty's meanwhile across the southwestern parts down towards the parts of the middle east a lot of cloud rolling in for more than pos can thank that out there. still to come here on al-jazeera find out why some women around the world are at greater risk for abuse string along down. and it's the final appeal for the highest ranking catholic
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translated to be convicted of child sex abuse. in sport to fans rugby captain worries that they're not capitalizing on last year's world cup success. from the ounces here in london for the power center to the special guests in compensation as the ring. distance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that unprompted uninterrupted all of the people of color and they're just one color but why that is why don't they should every people have no color exactly fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot a look at a bad movie studio to be on scripted on al-jazeera award winning programming from international till my cuz. it's really going to insert life if we carry on this war . that's the stage and he's no longer here naivety is no longer an excuse giving
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voice to the voiceless so are we ready to go along to ex-pats and discussion that culture still exists and you're still combating that today open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today on the. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour british prime minister abbas johnson has been admitted to hospital 10 days after testing positive for covert 19 his office says it was a precautionary measure because he still has symptoms. there's some hope in spain but the number of deaths dropping for
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a 4th straight day according to its health ministry 637 people died in the past day just 2 days ago there were more than 800 tents. president donald trump has sounded a note of optimism saying this light at the end of the tunnel that's despite a warning from his nation's top surgeon that americans should prepare for their hardest and saddest week. pakistan has opened its border with afghanistan for 4 days we're now stranded citizens to return home the move follows a request from kabul many afghans have been trapped since the border was closed suddenly last month and more than 150000 have returned since the outbreak began. a hospital and one of india's worst affected cities has been locked down with no one allowed in or out the walk into hospital in mumbai was declared a containment zone after 3 doctors and 26 nurses tested positive for the virus this
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bit branom joins us now live from delhi with wore this but this is the 1st time i've heard of anything like this locking down a hospital what can you tell us. and it follows the government releasing its containment strategy over the weekend kim that said that any so-called hotspots that had a lot of cases would be contained sealed off for at least 4 weeks. 4 weeks without any reported cases and that's what they've done to the walcott hospital in mumbai as you said no one's allowed to enter or exit until all of the patients and their tests negative for coronavirus twice then nearly 300 patients and nurses who will be tested after those 3 doctors and 26 nurses tested positive and that is one less facility in the state with the highest number of cases and deaths which is now fully functioning now there is concern
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a lot of concern for maharashtra not just because it has the highest number of cases and deaths but also because last week there was the 1st reported case in mumbai that of the slum that's one of the largest slums in the world it's home to more than a 1000000 people and since then they have been 5 reported cases one of whom died and they have been to containment zones created in the heart of the after the 1st patients death around his home and also of the doctor who tested positive huge concern because over a 1000000 people living in really close proximity many without full access to basic sanitation another really big concern and also in india right now as elsewhere in the world is the lack of personal protection equipment for health care workers we've had a number of at least 80 infected around the country a number of doctors resign in delhi citing the lack of personal protection equipment we've seen reports of doctors in west bengal and other places in fact
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being given rain coats and sunglasses to wear while they're treating patients with the virus and we've had the government say that it's ordering over a 1000000 kits it needs more than that by its own admission. but it's ordering over a 1000000 personal protection kits for health care workers after the indian medical association raised concerns about what it called an acute shortage of the quick meant that we don't know where the doctors and other health care workers at walk heart were facing the same shortages as elsewhere in the country but the hospital officials say they're now investigating what led to this rapid spread there thank you for that there's a big problem live from new delhi u.n. secretary general antonio ted it says there's been a horrifying rise in domestic violence cases around the world during this pandemic he's warning of the dangers of enforced lock downs for tens of thousands of women at risk for years all governments to make the prevention and redress of violence against women keep part of the national response plans for coverage mine team that
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means increasing investment in online services and civil society organizations making sure systems continue to prosecute abusers setting up emergency warning systems in fantasies and gross abuse degrading shelters as essential services and creating safe ways for women to seek support with other loading their abusers so these lockdowns have created situations in which some abused women may face even more risk the french government has offered to pay for hotel rooms for domestic violence victims after reports of abuse jumped by 36 percent since the lock down 2 women have been murdered india saw abuse cases double in its 1st week of restrictions on movement nationwide that's according to the national commission for women and astray via internet searches for domestic violence support networks has risen by 75 percent while the national domestic abuse helpline in the u.k.
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has experienced a 25 percent increase in calls and online requests since the long down came it. and tunis is women's affairs minister says abuse cases there have gone up at 5 times the usual rate since a curfew was imposed and march. the pandemic has forced the u.s. to re-examine its 2020 election cycle dozens of states have postponed primaries and campaigns have moved online now there's warry of what the situation will look like for the presidential election come november ellen fisher has more this is the shape of campaigning for president in the time of coronavirus and i know with this pandemic there is a whole lot of anxiety everything has moved online the big rallies have gone shaking hands kissing babies the cliches of presidential runs have disappeared because of what we fear in social distancing coronaviruses changed the way politics loops but not the underlying principles most elections in terms of actual
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work is really done in the phone calls and the turning out voters through personal appeals in the past those were all done sort of knocking on doors and then you saw people move to the telephone and now you've seen them move to e-mail the candidates challenging the president are also missing out invaluable if the around the key swing state would bring 3 media coverage due to attention even donations but they're not happening. the president doesn't have that problem donald trump has had to cancel rallies and he loves food in rallies but he's been speaking to the country every night from the podium in the white house and he hasn't restricted himself to just talking about the voters he covers many of the topics that his base expects if you look at nato. the abuse that was given to enter
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a country you know they really began with vice president hence the recurring information in a setting where he had been put in charge of the task force and not too long where after president trump kind of commandeered the show. one of the highlights of the campaign is the conventions the large gatherings to from the nominee attended to it's not even clear if he can be held this year or the president trump insists there's no way he's canceled if this lasts until november there will be questions of how people can even vote safely coronavirus has made an immediate impact on campaigning in the u.s. at times like these the country tends to rally around the president but his response to the virus will make it the core issue in the 2020 election alan fischer al-jazeera washington. the u.s. navy captain who was removed from command of a coronavirus stricken aircraft carrier has now tested positive captain brett
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started showing symptoms before complaining about the spread of the youngest among his 5000 strong crew l.a. 200 on board the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt have tested positive when captain kirk sent a message asking to remove crew members from the ship he was reassigned for the navy described as demonstrating point judgment. the global demand for hand sanitizers and other hygiene products has spikes because of the pandemic but in the u.s. and some other countries there's also been a soja complaints about profiteering and opportunism 100 reports from chicago. as the corona virus spreads around the globe so is a series of equally viral scams cashing in on the crisis there are dozens and dozens and dozens of unique and difference coronavirus cyber attacks that are happening right now tor excel is
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a malware researcher in seattle he found this step which promises to alert android users when they're in a coronavirus hotspot instead the program locks the phone and demands a ransom from the user so far we've uncovered over $68000.00 domains and that number is growing daily there are also offers for vaccines in home tests and a $50.00 patch that immunizes you from the virus that we're in fact there is no vaccine no in home test no patch the scam artists are coming out of the woodwork very area here in michigan attorney general dana nestle tells al-jazeera she has fielded 4200 consumer complaints when people want to reserve their home. they are desperate and or she will. air in one scam callers as consumers who are desperate for. everman stimulus checks to give numbers to credit cards and bank accounts which are then looted. along with those scams prosecutors say they're also
1:43 pm
seeing price gouging on vital medical supplies like masks gloves and those breathing ventilators that for very sick patients can mean the difference between life and death the u.s. government has declared making more ventilators a national priority and banned price gouging on medical products but some prices have more than doubled they were under $20000.00 the ventilators are now over $50000.00 if you can find them the ventilators didn't change that much in 2 weeks one michigan company was selling hand sanitizer for $40.00 in up in this area you know things like face and sanitizer and not just that other things other items like diapers and baby formula with gelding in viral scams mirroring the spread of the corona virus prosecutors say for every one they find there are hundreds more
1:44 pm
john hendren al-jazeera chicago. chile is one of latin america's worst affected countries with more than 4000 reported cases and like many nations locked down measures have dramatically changed everyday life so many people are getting creative to keep themselves busy and as there is latin america editor of san human . civil stan flint is ready to roll that you know most of us so tonight i'm having a party and i'm going to cook a barbecue here's the meat. the clothes are already lit and snacks and drinks are ready to and here are the guests all connected via internet. for couples sharing a saturday night and a good lass each from their own home their whatever meanwhile 25 year old to look less original is just starting to party without leaving his bed all he needs is
1:45 pm
this application so no. i don't need to spend money on transportation that is 100 percent safe and i can travel instantly between one party and another with the possibilities of socializing a much faster but i don't know what i'll do fight in the heart of this option i ask myself what if this quarantine happened 20 years ago. with schools and offices closed and confinement now amongst chileans are discovering countless ways to stay active and not just physically. a year ago cmon michelle launched an online platform that offers psychological consultations with professional therapist with total privacy but in the last 2 weeks since cold in 1000 changed everyone's lives the number of patients has soared this young man specifically allowed us to film him. i'm feeling a lot of anxiety because i don't know what's going to happen with my job. and for
1:46 pm
very. confronting these uncertain times can generate anguish stress fear sadness and anger seem to leap in consultations from couples who are struggling because of their confinement to people who are alone and feeling panic. another cause for insecurity is the lack of personal protection products until it's been weeks since anyone can find a facemask to buy so people are making their own and this is how kitchen towels you fold them like this and then with a string or ribbon even an elastic you staple them at the ends and when you open it up you have your own homemade face mask like that general and speaking of creativity the center of cinema is offering children something to do teen we look forward to. reading them a different story every day at 5 o'clock. the centavo ballet's dance master cyril
1:47 pm
demountable hasn't stopped giving dancers classes now on instagram the class is now also open to anyone who wants to join just another example of how this crisis is increasingly inspiring people to share their creativity in captivity. you see in human al-jazeera sunday i will. make i suppose president continues to remain optimistic about the current virus across this in his country and an address to the nation on the emmanuel lopez obrador has said normality will soon return he says reviving the economy remains a priority a correspondent on homeowners in mexico city he says most people there think the president is still not taking the outbreak seriously as he should. this is a sort of state of the nation address that he gives every 3 months now to sort of tell the country where it's at and a lot of it was dedicated to programs social programs employment programs that are
1:48 pm
ready in place without a law about what new he's going to be doing to deal with coronavirus basically in terms of the medical actions he said the country's health services are already in a good state because of an early injection of money and he's going to get the armed forces also to help out we're years getting them to help out with something that we already knew a couple of weeks back that was announced he also said that he was optimistic and that there would be 2000000 new jobs for mexico in the next 9 months i think a lot of people just reading through a lot of economists and analysts responses here in swift's there's a lot of feeling here that he's underestimated the gravity of this crisis even though i'm it's code for it's size doesn't have a lot it's got over 2000 and the 2000 cases of coronavirus that we know about so far testing has been pretty limited but even without that the economic impact to this country they're saying is going to be huge and he's underestimating that
1:49 pm
remember that this is a country that neighbors with the united states 80 percent victor exports go to the united states those economies are inextricably linked together. in other news no yemeni president months or holiday has ordered the release of all prisoners in the southern city of ties with the exception of those who are jailed on major criminal charges this comes off the shelling at the women's section of a prison in the southern city on sunday local sources say 5 female prisoners were killed and several others were injured where the rebels have been blamed for the attack but denied any involvement is yemen's 3rd biggest city and a major center of the conflict. still ahead here on al-jazeera in sports football stars hit back saying shaming plays into taking a pay cut is not fair details coming up shortly.
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1:51 pm
time now for sports has andy thank you so much came on the party represents more than $80000.00 athletes around the world says the economic price of coronavirus on sport could be catastrophic the world players association believes is crucial that sign is given for suspended seasons to be finished it says resuming conversations like the premier league major league baseball and the n.b.a. should be given priority of international events so as to avoid hereis financial losses of the world players association works with more than 100 sporting bodies in just over 60 countries has just released some guiding principles to help support navigate the months ahead the safety of athletes he says should come before
1:52 pm
economic and political decisions to ensure sportsmen and women are pushed back into competitive action to soon and it was professional athletes to set the right example for all fit and healthy people who can still transmit the virus even if they have no obvious symptoms but we've been talking to brendon short the executive director of the world players association he says pay cuts are another big issue facing athletes in all sports i think the key in terms of the negotiations about pay catty's not to put we introduce these moral element to it to shame the players into into taking a pay cut we've seen throughout the world the players being responsible i understand if revenues not coming in then that's going to impact salaries i think there's been some shaming of athletes and it's very interesting to see a little messy for example say to the leadership at f.c. barcelona we we were always going to do the right thing the fact that we are visible and successful and there may be some reputational opportunity around
1:53 pm
that does not help the long term health and safety is said to be the primary concern. but the reality is in a lot of these negotiations players are having to choose between the economic survival of their industries certainly over the next year or so and health and safety there are some critical issues being negotiated at the moment to make sure the players aren't rushed back in we're saying sport starting to acknowledge the players will have to do for example another period of pre-season training even though the seasons are technically underway and we still waiting for more information from the world health organizations and the medical experts to make sure the athletes themselves annoyed at grave risk to the virus itself there's some 85000 athletes which are members of the unions that belong to the world players' association many of them make humble livings like ordinary working people and so
1:54 pm
therefore they're suffering the same anxiety the same cash flow problems the same employment insecurity as very many working people are today germany's bundesliga football clubs things how they can sense a team training sessions for the sessions or be close to the public and some clubs like champions bonamy nicol trying players in small groups to reduce the risk of infection football in germany has been suspended for nearly a month and the still no guarantee that season will ever be finished manchester city looks at surprised to find a car walker for breaching a coronavirus lockdown rules in house the passage of time shortly after edging fans on twitter to follow social distancing guidelines he has apologised to city say they're disappointed and will be conducting an investigation. for the one bosses are meeting to decide how best to costco while their season is suspended drivers meanwhile are occupying themselves by taking part in virtual races with one or 2
1:55 pm
unexpected names joining them on the grid looks as though landowners things are not well. ben stokes and doesn't quite make it to the boundary gets back onto the circuit and gets going again that's going to be my only cricket pounds i haven't really got any more but ben stokes chords in the slips of england cricketer ben stokes ended up finishing an 18th decision in the 2nd virtual grand prix organized by f one drivers competing remotely from their homes around a version of melbourne's albert park circuits with the action streamed live online for our driver. rights and 13 riders to part in a virtual tour of flanders the 31 kilometer a streamed live on you tube belgium olympic road race champion and greg vermont's was crowned the champion the 104th edition of the actual race to take place in belgium on sunday council of course to the pandemic. japan's rugby captain is concerned his bosses are doing enough to build on last year's world cup success and
1:56 pm
says corona virus is also having a negative impact it's been 6 months since michael leach his team reached the quarter finals of their home torments a rugby around the world pretty much shut down now which places japan's upcoming test matches against england island and new zealand in doubts. trust me we will hear from from marco which at some point but that's wasn't him 13 racing it seems has become the new normal but after competing from their homes are facing some new challenges australian triathletes a 3 time world champion were in the car for a hit was knocked out of a virtual fence when her husband axed only disconnected the power cable of her bike
1:57 pm
she had been competing in the 1st race of the on man virtual racing series complete with a baby in the background you don't get the relevance itself. ok that is how your sport is looking for now came over me later on and is it just me or does virtual formula one look exactly like the real thing it's all i feel it's you have to look twice starting to realise it's not the real just incredible thank you that. now street musicians in mexico singing to cheer people up. mariachi bands traditionally gather at the la sun got a bone that you are looking for work but canceled events of social distancing measures mean fewer opportunities leaving many who get paid by the song unable to support their families let's listen to a little bit more. there's
1:58 pm
anything that's going to take you off it's a merry out to bat you can also take out a website i was there a dot com sammy said honest panics. when diplomacy fails and fear sweeps in our borders are wide open wide open to drugs terrorists reproving the barriers are built to impose division external to sixty's instead of being an obstacle or tornado wastes into became another obstacle to peace in a 4 part series al-jazeera revisits the reasons for divisions in different parts of
1:59 pm
the world and the impact they have on both sides walls of shame on al-jazeera. exposing injustice they fired with really small grenades fired renee's a grenade build up bottle of my leg holding the perpetrators to account so they recruited young stars becoming far more this is corrupting the current generation of a country with undercover investigations and in-depth reports people in power of reveals the use and abuse of power around the world on al-jazeera. explaining terms policy towards africa it's the challenging mission set to secretary of state mike pompei on a 5 day visit to the continent the visit comes after the white house an ounce to a travel ban on 4 african nations and a withdrawal of troops from west africa. i think it just demonstrates the front line of the days and the by the fall of the us and for. so it might mean the
2:00 pm
station. despite trucks travel ban being extended at the end of february to take in the 4 african countries including the continent's biggest economy compare we're insisted that the u.s. is open for business. 10 days after testing positive britain's prime minister is admitted to hospital as he battles coronavirus. i want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute then we will ever come it queen elizabeth makes a rare televised address to the public because the u.k. fights the pandemic.
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