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the central valley is on the love that we are traveling the extra mile the other media don't go in we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. 'd a huge jump in u.s. unemployment rates more than 6000000 people file for benefits as the economy takes a hit from the corona virus outbreak. or about this and this is all just 0 live from doha also coming up indonesia tightens measures to contain the pandemic as the government's accused of not doing enough to protect its citizens. european leaders agreed on a trillion dollars rescue plan to help countries feeling the economic strain from
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the pandemic. oil producing countries reach a deal to cut production in an effort to offset the global drop in demand and prices. millions more people are being added to the queues of america's jobless as the wider effects of the coronavirus become clear another $6600000.00 claimed unemployment benefit last week alone that takes the total to nearly 17000000 people in the past 3 weeks and there is fear the rate could rise to numbers not seen since the end of the great depression in some cities drive ins have been created for people to collect unemployment for john hendren has more from chicago. the president came out saying that the u.s. was at the top of the hill when it comes to the coronavirus and in some cases going
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downward but that's not the case when it comes to the economy of and of course that's a lagging indicator here 6600000 new jobless claims 17000000 over the past 4 weeks out of work and filing new jobless claims and an unemployment rate of 12 to 13 percent that's a level not seen since the great depression forecasters are saying they expect that to go up to at least 15 percent and 11 said that this is really essentially the great depression 2 here in the united states one sign of that is the trouble of the u.s. airline industries the president did address that in that briefing today he said details will come out over the weekend over the u.s. aid package for those airlines he said the airline industry has hit very hard as everyone knows and we are going to be in a position to do a lot to help them but of course no details on that until the weekend so we're looking forward to see what the president has to say on that. it's being called the
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e.u. is most important economic plan the blocks finance ministers have agreed on a trillion dollar rescue package deal comes on as a day of hope for member states as germany and spain signal they have reached the peak of the pandemic and i hayward reports. the rise in new infections seems to be slowing in spain the country's hospitals though are still overwhelmed and after weeks of loss and more deaths predicted trying to keep coronavirus at bay in public spaces is power amount and to residents are reminded they should stay at home that. spain will remain in lockdown until april the 25th but the prime minister says the risk now room for hope that is not someone i was going to go on after weeks of this fight which has been for me moments agonizing we see how the fire the pandemic released is starting to come under control the
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figures are encouraging we have reached the peak of coke at 19 and we are close to the beginning of the descent in germany the lock down appears to be working with landmarks empty deserted even you know. the latest coronavirus numbers in germany a reason for some hope the increase is fashioning and the current number of infections is lowering a bit if we count the people who are recovered and those who lost their lives. more than 18000 people have died in italy its squares remain empty the impact of weeks of prescriptions is clear to see for those families hardest hit the government says loan and mortgage repayments will be suspended and there are questions about who will help pay for the pandemic. the thing. italy is an integral part of the e.u. the e.u. must show a strong swift and unified response to the repercussions of this pandemic we have
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to provide answers about politics finance and the economy because this is in all of our interests this does not only concern italy but also spain and all countries that face economic and social problems and those questions are being asked across europe it is grappling with this crisis from the north to the south and nowhere is untouched by. the happening deep divisions that are inside the e.u. about how it should be financed days of talks have no resulted in an agreement held by the french finance minister as the most important economic plan in the e.u. history it will allow credit from the blocks bailout fund to go to the worst affected countries until the crisis is over this emergency plan and we'll shield our economic and social fabric as we dive into a recession. where house prices abates we need we will need to spur the economic recovery he needs it is imperative that we brought together
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the many families in europe easter weekend which usually market time of togetherness coronavirus will mean many will now spend it apart remembering those who they've lost and then he would out as there are. philip the hall is a financial analyst and he explained why you ministers struggled to reach a deal. well obviously northern europeans tend to think of themselves as as frugal and they tend to think of southern europeans as profit and they don't therefore don't want to share a bank account it's slightly more complicated than that but really at base that's what it's about but nobody's actually talking about neutralizing all debt they're talking about a common physical effort a temporary calm and physical effort which has to be large in order to respond to the economic emergency but would be time limited and would be for specific purposes like medical assistance or indeed helping to spark a recovery when the pandemic passes i think it's absolutely crucial because of the
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threat. of post crisis austerity and a financial crisis neutralized and indeed because of the political acrimony you know at a time when thousands and thousands of italians and spaniards. have died there's a feeling that northern europeans are blaming them for their plight and that has gone down very badly indeed opec and its allies have agreed to a historic cut in production to counter the slump in demand caused by call of virus the group's going to cut $10000000.00 barrels per day until early june so a binge of it has this report. a price war which started in march did not last as long as previous disagreements but its impact has been widespread u.s. shale oil producers filed for bankruptcy as major energy projects have been delayed or suspended in the oil industry face again if it can job losses the oversupply
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coincided with a massive reduction in demand for oil because of the global slowdown caused by coronavirus in some markets oil was selling for less than $10.00 a barrel which spell trouble for oil reliant economies when they agreed the market went up when they had their own difference is the market went down and what is worse than not agreeing is course is competing for the c.m. limited area of demand and the world as it stands right now. the crisis began after a deal to limit production fell apart and saudi arabia increased its supply to a record 12300000 barrels a day along with russia's 11300000 barrels the markets were flooded to an extent that storage even started to run out as there's agreement is to slash oil production at least until next year the decision will be reviewed in december iran venezuela and libya are exempt from the production cuts a few hours after the opec agreement the g 20 group of nations meet and decide in
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cuts from the u.s. canada norway and others some say the crisis created a perfect opportunity for big investors to buy stakes in european oil firms or there's a cute saudis in russian's of economic warfare against the u.s. us media reports 2 senators were working on legislation to remove u.s. troops and defense systems from saudi soil if there were no output cuts the united states says its output fell because of the price for and decreasing demand but it hasn't committed to any cuts for many years i used to think opec was very unfair i hated opec you will know the truth i hated it because it was a fix but somewhere along the line that broke down and it went the opposite way and we have a tremendously powerful energy industry in this country now number one in the world and i don't want those jobs being lost but experts believe even after the record cuts by opec and other produces the gloom for oil economies may not be over just because he says demolished russian so far has been $20000000.00 barrels
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a day i think it's probably more towards a $3035000000.00 barrels a day if you look at india alone the 3rd largest consumer of oil having decreased this consumption by 70 percent i would say it is more oil so 10000000 barrels a day is what so far been priced into the market and you saw the last cluster response so we probably need more to do the trick. what began as an attempt to grab a bigger share of the market is ending after 31 days with no real wins for anyone involved some of the job their indonesia is struggling with a sudden surge in the number of people with the virus the government's not enforcing new measures to continue to spread the country's the ha got the highest number of infections in southeast asia with more than 600 deaths of jessica washington's life for us in jakarta jessica what more do we know about these new
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measures that are coming in. well rob millions of people around her awaking up to the reality of these new mass social distancing regulations now schools and businesses have already non-essential businesses have already been closed here in jakarta for a number of weeks the real change that starts from today friday in jakarta is that they will be military and police patrols around the streets of jakarta to enforce the social distancing regulations so gatherings of more than 5 people and you could face a fine of around a $700.00 us $700.00 us dollars or even a year in $7000.00 u.s. dollars sorry or a year in jail if you are found to breach those regulations the real problem that is happening here is that there is a lack of a coherent national strategy that has left regions and provinces scrambling together their own response while we wait for a more coherent strategy from the president here in indonesia indonesia has been
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criticized for the way that it's been handling this crisis the spread of the virus why is that. well the reality is indonesia was incredibly slow to even confirm initial cases of the virus here in the country it was already march by the time we confirmed cases by that point the virus had spread well beyond china in the early weeks of this crisis the intonation government was actually actively trying to recruit trying to draw in foreign visitors to come to indonesia rather than trying to get the health care system ready people are waiting for perhaps even a partial lockdown or some sort of more coherent guidance from president djoko doto so far that has not been forthcoming in fact what we're witnessing right now in the lead up to the muslim holiday of aid many millions of people are expected to travel
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from the capital cheer their hometowns to celebrate with their families many people are out of work and khan afford to live in the capital we have not even heard whether that travel will be and the real fear is that is that people will travel from jakarta when most of the confirmed cases of corona virus here in indonesia and take the virus with them to provinces that don't have any health infrastructure just a washington giving us that update from jakarta jessica thanks very much. well still ahead and al-jazeera. developments on the health of britain's prime minister after 3 days in intensive care. plus brazil's president to grows increasingly isolated in his his country tries to stem the spread of the coronavirus.
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hello there we've had some very nice weather conditions across the korean peninsula over the last few days rather unsettled areas of japan and in fact a bit of a carousel lately across central and southern china that is set to change but in the meantime as a say some good guys into seoul in south korea it is the time of year they do a spring clean up on some of the monuments and as you can see the conditions also very nice to do just that it will stay fine and dry as we go through friday want to see shots pushing into west the northern areas of honshu tom it is not too bad 16 degrees across into tokyo and osaka but then look at this rain walls again back in the 4 calls really all the way up towards beijing and in particular very heavy on friday across the central areas but then it sinks southwards and this is when it could be particularly heavy guangxi guangdong up towards a fusion as well attempt is there not too bad but this rain is very heavy we could have some localized flooding it's coming down in some very saturated ground and really the same commutes that across much of indonesia we have also had
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a we'll have more rather heavy rains across areas of combo dhea as well as you can see sumatra widely unsettled borneo same story as we go through friday and saturday and then really a southern areas of india across into carol's whole night over the next couple of days where we'll see the shadows and elsewhere it remains very warm. greece the birthplace of democracy but ethnic turks from the northeast tell a different story they bounce to control our nation our believe their religious leaders jailed journalists silenced schools closed and a surge in the far right they say that if you don't like police you can vote why i'm turkish but i'm most of the people in power investigates western thrice contested space on al-jazeera.
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the arab. world. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour 6600000 americans lost their jobs in the past week because of measures to stop coronavirus pandemic since mid march nearly 17000000 people in the u.s. a filed for jobless benefits after a sudden surge in violence infections indonesia's tightening measures to curb the spread of coronavirus anyone breaking the rules can be fined up to $70000.00 u.s. dollars and be jailed for up to 6 years the country's reported more than 600 deaths . the e.u. has agreed to make more than one trillion dollars available to member states under
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lockdown and fighting the coronavirus the french finance minister has described the economic plan as the most important in the blocks history. britain's prime minister is out of intensive care 2 weeks after testing positive for corona virus after 3 days in i.c.u. wallace johnston is now back in a hospital ward and is in extremely good spirits according to downing street johnny angela has the latest. he's been moved this evening from intensive care back onto the main ward at st thomas' hospital which is one of the country's leading hospitals and he said to be an extremely good spirits now this would have been boris johnson's 4th day in intensive care he's 55 years old and he was admitted sunday evening with a persistent temperature and episode persistent high temperature and a persistent cough and he received standard option treatment for 3 nights but he did not need mechanical ventilation and earlier it was reported that dominic rob
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who is the foreign secretary and was designated boris johnson's deputy during his time in hospital had not spoken to the prime minister since saturday and that was obviously a very large cause for concern so there's no doubt going to be a huge collective sigh of relief throughout the cabinet and throughout the government this evening and no doubt the prime minister will be keen to get back to work as soon as is possible soon if he's fully recovered before he was admitted to hospital he left behind some very clear instructions for what was going to happen in this country for the rollout of mass testing for covert 19 for the provision of personal protective equipment for n.h.s. staff and i have to say neither of those things have really reached their targets yet earlier at the government's chief scientific officer said that the u.k. death toll from corona virus has reached 881 that's the number of deaths recorded in british hospitals today and that brings the total number of deaths to 7978
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and the scientific office said that it is expected to continue to rise for at least 2 weeks. brazil's president has gone on television again to defend his response to the pandemic and encourage people to return to work jailable so noddle criticized state governments for imposing containment measures saying the consequences of combat in the virus cannot be more harmful than the disease itself he's facing widespread criticism and protests for downplaying the crisis well you're marshall's the editor of the news website the brazilian reporter is joining us now from south part of thanks very much indeed for being with us why is the president getting so much pushback well the thing is the 1st thing they're made is that job also moderate no is an old lawyer among so you know all major countries is the all only president of a major state who has kind of o'grady dismissed this debate the all the coronavirus so brit has called it on a couple of occasions
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a little fluent even if it is the snuffles on one occasion and so you don't he's repeatedly general in the severity he's pushing for these isolation measures to stop and people feel that he's just saying the economy and jobs i hated or massive public health crisis was about to hit this country given the amount of response that negative response that he seems to be getting and it seems to be increasing is that a tipping point do you think at which both sonata is going to have to change his focus. well i mean we thought that that could actually already happen because the thing that terrible samantha usually does usually takes his political cues from donald trump in the united states and as we know donald trump has slightly changed his approach towards the comment about a separate bush oval solana has stayed firm so far but the thing is he is reaching close that's a big point some may say because earlier in the week he attended to fire his own
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health minister louise and he came on there who has become something of a superstar in brazil at the moment due to his handling of the crisis he's followed all the world health organization gay planes and his approval ratings are currently double joels anonymous so those are now tempted to kind of make a move on monday so he was getting a little bit too popular but he was then reigned in of the last minute by some of the military generals and his and his government basically suggesting that if you were to do that you may have crossed the line what do you think the political future holds for the president is typical he's extremely isolated in so many different ways in the capital but as he the as i mentioned there you have the health minister is turning against him at the moment you mentioned at the top of the segment that the state governors every brazil are imposing their own social isolation measures but isn't it an opposition will say now to congress is currently
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against them as is the supreme court so he's got this kind of $20.00 to $25.00 perhaps 30 percent of the electorate which has remained true to him and. you know as this as this crisis continues we don't really know exactly which way those approval ratings what will we expect him to slay that. give us some context about how the spread of the virus is going on through through brazil and how the medical teams are dealing with it. well so at this point we're currently at $941.00 x. in the country and if you look at the bulletin 18 curves so far it doesn't look too dissimilar to that which we've seen it to be a speed these kind of countries but the problem here is that there is a huge backlog of tests to diagnosis that there is no long time to come and some of the some of the dates that were announced today and yesterday were people who
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actually died and almost 2 weeks ago to give you an idea of far back the affection of us actually are and at the moment it seems like the health system is just about holding on there are a couple of cities one in particular in the north of the country and my mounts which is already reaching a point of collapse they haue all of their intensive care units already filled and the numbers of patients arriving in most of those just increasing we see in a lot of the other big cities like some polymer in situ at the moment the government and the army have been building some field hospitals holes really. bringing in some more beds so that you don't deal with this huge demand that they're going to happen in coming weeks your marshall thanks very much indeed for breaking down the situation for us in brazil that's here in marshall talking to us from south pollo argentina as one of the latest countries to extend its
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nationwide quarantine measures president out of battle from monday's says strict controls will remain in place until april the 23rd security forces are patrolling the streets to make sure people stay home some businesses are being allowed to operate again but under tight restrictions united nations security council has held an emergency meeting for what it's calling the fight of a generation has been meeting to implement a global ceasefire in the middle of midst of the code on a virus pandemic our diplomatic editor james bays as mine. this is a global pandemic but where is the global leadership many would say that one body that hasn't covered itself with glory is the un security council it's still not come up with a resolution about coded 19 and only now has it had its 1st meeting that's because of a great deal of division behind the scenes including a route between china and the us which wants in any resolution to call this the wu
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hand virus they have now finally had a meeting it was behind closed doors because of the divisions but one of the participants the belgian ambassador said this was a good 1st step it was frustrating when as i said we have been waiting for this meeting call for quite some time we've been waiting for a resolution for quite some time i think today was was when your progress it was an occasion to demonstrate unity in the council and i hope it is you know the beginning of. you know making progress also on a resolution joining the close meeting the security council were briefed by the secretary general antonio good terrorists we have obtained a copy of his remarks he talks about 8 different threats to international peace and security as a result of the pandemic they range from conflicts already in existence around the world to human rights abuses and even to the idea that non-state actors could get
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hold of a variant strain of the virus and weaponize it. in other news canada has lifted its ban on military exports to saudi arabia despite concerns over widespread human rights abuses by riyadh it's renegotiated a controversial $14000000000.00 deal to sell armored vehicles to riyadh and 2800 from mr justin trudeau had maintained canada was looking for a way out of the agreement critics cited saudi arabia's involvement in the yemen war and the murder of saudi journalists as reasons to cancel the deal but canada insists it will be delayed or scrapped if riyadh misuses the vehicles the army in chad says it's killed $1000.00 boko haram fighters near the lake chad border region an army spokesman says $52.00 of its soldiers died in the operation that started more than a week ago officials say the on group has been forced out of the country defensive
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was launched after a report from hamas attacks killed the nearly $100.00 chaldean soldiers last month iraq's intelligence chief has been asked to form a government as the new prime minister designate it most of the me is the 3rd person to be named in the post in just over 2 months simona 14 has this report from baghdad. on thursday at none other than a few became the 2nd prime minister designate to withdraw his bid in just 6 weeks from running iraq's leadership crisis yes we want the political agreement is important iraq is living through a catastrophe and there should be a political consensus that we can convince the political powers to reach an agreement and we found it difficult for this government to pass in the parliament. for now the consensus seems to have converged around another man within an hour of sort of his resignation president barham saleh surrounded by leaders of major
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political parties appointed most of the me iraq's intelligence chief as the next prime minister designate. the previous terms were accompanied by a lot of acute struggles and disagreements and between us and the political blocs today the political blocs national and social patriotic sectors have chosen. to me for this position. government has 30 days to form a new government and although he seems to have secured widespread support at the moment that could quickly change many iraqis question whether he is the one who can put an end to months of political uncertainty the crisis began when caretaker prime minister abdullah abdullah mattie resigned last december after widespread anti-government protests constitutional deadlines to find a replacement were repeatedly missed because a fierce political infighting last month president saleh took matters into his own hands appointing a man i was a free as the new prime minister designate the move drew stern warnings from
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iranian linked armed groups who regarded sort of feel as being backed by the us their political wings in parliament accuse the president of overstepping his authority and put forth their own candidate mostafa the me that. there was no way to accept because he didn't come from the political blocs we have a parliamentary system the majority of the political blocs should agree to nominate him. as negotiations to form the new government continue iraq appears rather less as it tries to steer its way through a deepening political economic and health crisis iraqis are angry at the political class for not acting class enough as if they keep going with their conflicts we want this we want that there will never be a government because all these parties. they want to fill the post with one of their own and there's a growing feeling that caretaker prime minister of the mahdi may weather this political storm on the top that makes they want to appoint
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a new prime minister they will prolong this crisis and keep. in power because he pleases everyone and in march of the he said he'd no longer act as caretaker but has never done less continued to chair government meetings the protests that forced his resignation have all but gone away as the country battles the coronavirus pandemic and with that the prospects for systemic political change are growing increasingly thin simona fulton al-jazeera but that. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories 6600000 americans lost their jobs in the past week because of measures to stop the coronavirus pandemic since mid march nearly 17000000 people in the u.s. a filed for jobless benefits the president came out saying that the u.s. was at the top of the hill when it comes to the coronavirus and in some cases going
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downward but that's not the case when it comes to the economy of and of course that's a lagging indicator here 6600000 new jobless claims 17000000 over the past 4 weeks out of work and filing new jobless claims in an unemployment rate of 1213 percent that's a level not seen since the great depression forecasters are saying they expect that to go up to at least 15 percent after a sudden surge in virus infections indonesia is tightening measures to curb the spread of coronavirus anyone breaking the rules can be fined up to $7000.00 u.s. dollars and be jailed for up to 6 years the country has reported more than $600.00 deaths. the e.u. has agreed to make more than one trillion dollars available to member states under lockdown and fighting the coronavirus france's finance minister described the economic plan as the most important in the blocs history. but his prime minister is
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out of intensive care 2 weeks after testing positive for corona virus after 3 days in i.c.u. johnson is back in the hospital ward and is in extremely good spirits according to downing street brazil's president has once again defended his response to the pandemic and encourage people to return to work jabil so not criticize state governments for imposing containment measures he's facing widespread criticism and protests for downplaying the crisis argentina is one of the latest countries to extend its nationwide quarantine measures president of bethel from monday's it says strict controls what remain in place until april 23rd security forces are patrolling the streets to make sure people stay home some businesses are being allowed to operate again under tight restrictions and those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after my cuba by phone.
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