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tv   Ailed Guevara The Wedding Planner  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2020 5:32am-6:01am +03

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in the block's history. button's prime minister is out of intensive care 2 weeks after testing positive for corona virus after 3 days in i.c.u. johnson is back in a hospital ward and is in extremely good spirits according to downing street brazil's president has once again defended his response to the pandemic and encourage people to return to work jabil so not a criticize state governments for imposing containment measures he's facing widespread criticism and protests for downplaying the crisis argentina is one of the latest countries to extend its nationwide quarantine measures president of bethel from monday's it says strict controls what remain in place until april 23rd security forces are patrolling the streets to make sure people stay home some businesses are being allowed to operate again under tight restrictions and those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after my cuba by phone.
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i mean. tossed about a week.
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minimum hayride isolated and they are going to get them to. go up again you know into single percentile amanda. and i. look at them now on the. placebo is that a taste and you know you're not going to lose. because the estimate was tough time winning. also will not let up i'm not going to have went a long time ago one of them and. you
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know the kneeling position no god willing to assume they could be out of the years still has not killed on the desk and yet i knew it was a given them but it's a problem yet. they mostly took us out. the head out of where the ford thought oh ah no doubt about that i'm not alone thought a custom but all my you had your day i will. the who more on but i'm not. even r.c.m. though what no one knew. about it a little bit and when it's not one of the real quite what i see on part of born out of 30 years for us to look at play and say. oh. i'm not going to go you man was. only telling.
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jordan also as a whole surely. there that maybe one north closer is a bit out i hope but for the past the army's 4th and amelia. as a man who informed by a bout of anything saddam had done it all and most of it was a total of the i am not a monolith. the most of his gold medals he had africa and i pulled polemically that are. tempted. to go play in the meantime while. just
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because the having of buying a new skill and so i didn't want to do that i had only guys nice things to get out of window because you like the ball and it got us going now and we don't you just use the phrase that. i'm. not talking to and i meant i meant they only know when down but i doubt. he meant it i meant this. way we had our coworkers start to say what on this as well for getting i get but this was me back on the get in compared to just a moment and thought. this is now i'll still be on the. radio then but don't think this is racist because
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i mean when i was 6 and 7 and so i just. think. that i am not a little now best of them how are they. this either. that and getting. well. there has. been a good. but not for the model. and. it's only fitting that i. should be able to.
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use that as the amount of balls are going to muster noir today after all. i want to leave some good for another. year and i must i'm going to have me ok. so yes you have. a. poor sad old. member most of. us thing could have been. almost a year for my that he had poured all. this from.
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now and then. the family want to. know where. they made my mom's from the. moment talk about what happened. at the end. mommy. may i have a but i. know when. they're going to get. my life.
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oh by the way. ok out of here going to. we're going to thank you that aren't going to miss america. again and said. if i want them out of the world it's also getting more. just a lawsuit. ok i'm
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going to hunt for one that was tossed the last of all the along my hello. hotel citizen see holiday bowl on a bus have to meet us here on our need to go on a domain tile that was home i don't know. and i'm speaking of am and. they're not going to go on i won't hold it on my end of them but i mean thought of the leg of the ship wasn't with us in a way as it is about the mahoney. name . and.
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the anomaly just saw it at a couple charlotte big quality up real october. but i d m b i don't know but i do it will be a meal i get when i say that i might go there gone but i'm beyond about that i guess you feel a little short on my day off and we put down this report that they're not offensive and i don't mean more job losses. but which of us here on. c.n.n. . where we know you're going to do series you know me i guess they don't want to see me stop the bullshit a little bit but i don't see a lot of getting to go see a typical by the nose if it's on the way ok i mean i you know i mean even town for a lot of. the.
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limited time with i didn't leave it to see his year we had a. little moment. i think it's where the devil has it all you'll. see what i'm not going to get out of a good memory if the believe you are going to get. into it is you say a you know war began the men might seem about us and them up and roaming. morning down there only when they're. nothing and they show about ability to me no
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i think. you. know me man after me yes. i am here on of so that i said of course i'm me but i am from a also of course a 2nd. it's a job. no no no not i he that way i'm about it when i was. when i was lucky that i had the mother not i thought. i had. this is what i give on friday look no no no we're.
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not done with the amendment that was in that without him. you know no man safad that enough but that there are you that way way up at us even but it's how he doesn't like you are all the descendants of the hour at the well i know i can't be a better place. seeing. them all in a funk you know and sort of i don't think that you know. i love the save me that i done and i'm going to get in the or getting their luck is the devil i thought of him good the end he had them i don't have to get out there like he gets there when i wanted
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a whole crowd am on its feet and know my computer then i'm able to swallow my thumb from the bed. but i will then get all i think the unborn and never. see em but i'm going to announce a little it's that i want all the while i don't see him but i don't know how many of you want to see him but i succumbed i mean something. to hide i feel sorry for. the now but my phone call my. love my thought am i the is still going i'm ok put on the yeah and i froze and the next. time i got up and being pulled in the name of god i'm long.
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no no no no i. guess the most they. get him on their feet when the most i'm simply medo in the. present to say ok.
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so i put out the letter and that according to my. way of her right. no one wants. me there was no good. this is. going to. get a. story. that are not going to make. them being. but i will this isn't all they have to this until we do get to a bloke ok i was going always only. going to but i'm not over the line you're going
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to have. a. lawyer now you got a cold insert when i said i'm one of them but the ones i seem to get on well on the floor. so hard. that i want to also probably study. every night of the argument but i am.
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going to do. more. of. that although. he sat on the. bank a minute when the. old put in the sink back in the early oh ok it doesn't get another foot out.
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you know i get a lot of. you know more hunky say if we must but i guess i don't know what i noticed. but all. that i want to know that i'm in a. new city you know. when i. don't see what i thought of the.
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cables i get annoying to have even though there must be a novel to. get a. letter in or any. other lot out there. and then what up out of the the gay or whatever i'm. now. i get a a total that i am i did then i don't but of them had done. so. much of it out. there in the us in the us.
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where. you have i did the law those are the. main things that i had. to fight you know i'm home now i'm on the. donkey for media. all the work and fighting. to give in to go door being. did your revised exams as were 5 years old you started out all right. instead of
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those only about horses there's a guy. who goes everywhere that he or i don't think those are probably where it is you know to me that you're a customer pushing a button while they. don't. know . when i think i'm going to the montana lesson in one area. where they will come on credibly to the left side of the and all those of us who are the last days i've come around to be able to knock and it's out a minute when i want to. know i'm in a walk on top of it even if they don't be asked. to get me out because the full plate at the thought of. love it and i don't have it.
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now but i now only can now let us not to go you live in torment i'll. stand no allow noname for the. money. which i can ask them. why am i going to. another because any tall. no will be saying. rather. than. well you know it was my good.
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luck. to go free it was tough. now there's a. lot of. the family. ever. did that. to. me that the mother lives and needs. i have my back and you know what i'm after you see that you know and i still get out of there and useful to oh yeah that's one of those just enough as i said got out of his work again to try. to.
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make. me more lois and maggie and me but i yanked bill. when he got helen to go to our then the boss said joel if mia. is the pickle. russia has jeopardized the united states security interests we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. but more to the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft for the most russian goals to be achieved not peace and more than full russia all knowledge is either. the latest news as it breaks with no treatment or vaccine for her and
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a virus of volunteers who say they'll continue to provide the services began to fight the disease being with details coverage along without any planning to india's millions of lines and quickest. and fearless journalism from around the world for many coming to this place is the only chance they have to leave at least once a day. in the eye of the coronavirus information is more important than ever wonder what he's doing best to gates the battle for truth in china and beyond on how does the euro. from the al-jazeera london pool cost center to special guests in conversation to see resistance and i see joy in the midst of pain your books do that unprompted uninterrupted why are all of us people of color and they're just one color because we're there is going to affect virtually every people of no color but exactly
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fatima bhutto meets marc lamont hill i very much thought i was going to get shot it was a bad movie studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera. struggling to cope with its coronavirus day in new york it's a wreck it told for a 3rd straight day and the pandemic millions more americans out of work. play or watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the bad boy also coming up indonesia decides to get tough record rising infections and criticism of the government's oil producing countries reach a deal to cut production in an effort to offset the global drop in.


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