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tv   Ailed Guevara The Wedding Planner  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2020 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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it's allies to cut production to try to boost prices that's failed to happen so far and prices have sunk even further reducing output by $10000000.00 barrels a day it's also aimed at countering the unprecedented collapse in demand 50 crew on board the flag ship of the french navy had been diagnosed with a virus that showed a goal that's cut short its mission to return to base in the mediterranean port of 2 local. $980.00 people have died in the united kingdom in the last 24 hours due to cave in $91.00 highest since the outbreak began for inspectorate dominate rob me standing in for prime minister boris johnson is people to stay indoors this easter weekend as the weather warms up rob is warning people to stick to the government's lots of rules those that lines up more news here on al-jazeera after my cuba hail to. the wedding planner i've not.
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i mean. a lot of going to i don't know. i mean i'm hey about us and i don't get out of it if i'm.
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going to single man. look at a lawn on the. last save on saturday said you know going to go in with. the estimate was a tough time winning. also will not. against the west a lot of them and. you know the kneeling. i don't know got the info and still be getting asked of. me
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or was that given a bit of common yak mostly across. the board thought i wanna know it out but i'm not going to start an ecosystem but all my early could go to our local. mall but i also need to know c.m. though what no one knew. about it a little bit and when it's not one of the real quote i would put out of. us this look at play and say. oh. i know you know you might want. to tell me. jordan also is a whole show. there that made quite
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a noise place it was a bit of a god moment passed me emilia. as a man who informed by a bout of anything saddam had done it all and most of it was a total of the i am not a monolith. the most of his gold medals he had offical are already my pictures that are. tempted. to. go to go play in wilmington quad. just because they're going to play in a similar way and so i didn't want to do that i had known the guys nice things i
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don't wanna be but you like the ball and it got us going now and we don't you just use the phrases. i'm. not talking to and i meant i meant they always went on but i have to. be kind and i meant that. way we had our coworkers start to say what on this as well a job for getting i get but this was me via another get in compared to just a moment and. this is now. and it's still going to be on the. radio then but don't think this is racist because i mean when i was 6 and 7 and so just. to be. going on a little now the best of them how are they. this
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either. yeah. well. there has. been a good. but not for the model. and. it's only fitting that i. should be able to. use that as the i'm a bit of a vase of jam and i must enjoy it today after all. i want to leave some
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good for another. year and i must i'm going to have it on me ok. so yes you have. a. poor sad old. man but most of. us thing could have been almost a year for my that he had bought all the things. the horses were wearing probably got on. now and then.
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we. know what. they mean by miles for me. i must say the moment i think about what happened. at the end. mommy at the end. maybe i am. when. most of. my life. oh by the way.
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out of you are going to sing it or not they're not. going to thank you i don't turn up i'm going to get. a warning against it. if i want them out of the world it's also getting more. just a lawsuit. ok i'm going to houses for what the 4th quarter loss of or the along my hello. hotel citizen see holiday brawn and class have to meet us here on our need to go
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money don't meant that also that are not. going to pay them and. they're not going to go i won't hold it all in one of them but i meet a lot of advantages listen to them that i've seen as well as if i buy them a home. they are. doing the most just saw it at a full sound it big quality up real like gold for gold but id and be i don't know
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but i do it will be a meal i get when i say that i might go there gone but i'm beyond about the mental stupid adult child of my day i told him we put down this report that they're not offensive and i don't know. that. but which of us have our. d.n.a. . where would i go you're going to do so if you know me i'd guess they don't want to see me stop the bullshit a little bit but honestly i'll get to go see a typical by the balls if it's a boy i'll say i you know i mean you don't count for a lot of. the . limited time with i didn't leave it to see his ear we had a. little moment. i think it's what the devil
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is afraid all you. like. but i'm not going to let out a good memory there's a 1000000000 years in the group is. going to be as you say a no war began you and my team about us and them up and no meaning. ok you. get down they only weigh the pros and. the thing and they show about ability to me no i think. you.
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know me man after me. i in here on of so that i said of course i me but him from a also cause a 2nd go but i said. to him. it's a good thing. no no no not i he that way i'm about on i will. but i'm lucky that i had them on the night i thought. i had. as to what i do on friday look no no we're. not. going to play that was enough without him. you know no man safad
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that enough but that there are you that way way up at us even but it's how he doesn't like you are all the descendants of the hour the one i know i can't be a better place they've done no time for. seeing. us. all you know something always i don't think that you know. i love the save me that i talked to me we're going to war sitting there like is it does a lot of us young good be any of them i don't have to get out there like he gets there when i want to add fuel to the idea mom it's either economical to have given him about us all my comments on the day. but i will then get all i think the i'm boring and never.
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see him but are going to announce a little it's that i want it all but i'll bet i'll see him but i don't know how many of you want to see him but i succumbed i mean something and. i feel sorry for . the not about to call my. main thought am i to assume that i'm ok but on the yeah and if it was in the next. town i had to talk in the end will get their name on it but i'm long.
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no no no no i. guess the most. the most i'm simply manto in this. but i don't want to say. so. and that but according to my. way of her right.
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no one wants. this. i'm being. what i was. going to have for you.
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lou and i got a cold winter when i said i wanted them but i mean they seem to get on well on the floor to. do a. little bit of one also for the study. and . i am ok we know you are a member of the argument but i am a. going to do. no. more.
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than will. get a lot of. money on the. bank i mean a job in the town. put in the same back in the holy ghost ok it doesn't get a 1000000. tell me you know i get a lot of. bill
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more say if we must but i guess i don't know what i noticed. but all. that i was going to ask what i mean that. we. usually get a. all i want to. do i don't know but i thought.
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i know. what i'm up out of the the gay order. when. i get told that i am money that i don't. want.
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you we have i did. if i you know i'm home now i'm on my own thing i'm in my mind thing go on me away and then what's wrong if i mean yeah. make a sandwich to work on a footing or. to give into go away till being. sure my exams is worth 5 years i'm sure you didn't see the stars there are. instead of those only if i can see there is a god. who
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goes everywhere like he saw me who i don't think those are the words if you know to me that your customers will surely follow you while they. are you know. when i think i'm going to the mountain i said in one area. where they will come on terrible to the left side of men but i think it's over the last day i've come here on a d.m. to the north and south a minute when i want to. have a walk on top of it even if they don't be asked. to get me out the full plate at the time but i. love it and i don't have it.
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now but i now only can now let us know today you'll have a torment i'll. not stand no allow noname for the. money. which i can ask them. i am not going to be on the. other because i meet all. know what he says now as i am i out on. my own or. the one. who is most good.
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to go thank you those don't. know there's a. good . idea come also i love you that both of them i love stayin alive and need. a place of my back and you know what i'm after you see i'm going to still get out of there and useful to biljana for some of those just enough as i said got out of his neck again. to. make. me mood lower and maggie and me but i yanked bill was
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born he got helena go to our then the blow said joe and mia. is the pickle.
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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the pond so now to holly take it we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you crossing borders breaking boundaries recording injustice fighting inequality from africa and asia to europe to use exile as a whole were more i mean the power of street every very grown up for me is one country al-jazeera world meets for refugees who've come to your touched people's lives and made a difference. a hard road from home for togo for some back to wrists on al-jazeera russia has jeopardized the united states security interest we know what you are doing and you will not succeed perceptions from the outside looking. but more to the picture from the inside. i think russia's foreign policy is too soft to us
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russian balls to be a truth not peace in the view for russia on al-jazeera. lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence a warning from the world health organization as governments look for ways out of coronavirus lockdowns. and i'm a clown this is out there live from doha also coming up the world's biggest economies try to finalize a deal aimed at boosting oil prices. also yemen recalled its 1st case of coronavirus leading to fears.


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