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tv   Broadband Bruce  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 2:32am-3:01am +03

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lining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we are near the peak and our comprehensive strategy is working overtime our guidelines to slow the spread are decreasing the rate of new cases very substantially and will result in fewer hospital admissions and we're seeing that it's. incredible i think with the with no exceptions it's looking like it's low. yemen has announced its 1st recorded case of corona virus since in the city of all shot in the eastern region of hod hommel efforts to eradicate a bowl in the. in the democratic republic of congo have suffered a setback the 1st person to contract the disease and more to 50 days as died now it's witness join me steve clemons on the bottom line for your weekly take on u.s. politics and society i'm changing but the institutions frequently don't the system
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itself is set up to benefit those who understand that you have people who actually believe things that are not true that is a crisis for democracy is a crisis of concentration the bottom line on al-jazeera.
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upgrade up to. this sign right here this wakes up and quickly to face it. off long trouble for. i hope that i would be the person to bring my high speed internet to my screechy. sometimes it takes somebody who can see the bigger picture and you know stand up a book at.
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the software head dress you know to make a difference in your community be chief. use the internet. for free internet. bringing in fiber to any of these communities in answer to everything. in the big cities of you know lived in the real world and i come back here and everything inside backwards. so all the towers point away from last which is why nothing works here. well you see goals. in the sort of
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way speed takes a lot of money and then someone like me and money. isn't just you know the small guy now. i'm not even employed they had a poor guy trying to. steal from their itching to give to the poor with nothing. for advertising over 10 days that's what this is if you guys are interested in me. i run it and i pay for it out of my own pocket for the community. why not. yeah. so what are you doing this. i tell of you know give it up for free got to make a difference where you can and when you can write i know you know it's free you are going to go get it set up. here.
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the lord of the land. all right ok. i need it. as well as expected i. will get back to you soon. they didn't even say. yeah they said they like my idea and you know i never really heard back from them they're not going to actively support me because i speak up and i have a voice like an agitator of sorts. but here i'm just you know speaking up for my own people and you know what's right and said if you know what what's appropriate i
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guess. there is a little divide i guess the older generation to the newer generation it's only. to us that they would really understand it. and you know i appreciate a story where you can and. i know my guest plant that seed so to speak.
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to. crazy stuff here some really really technical. it here and there's this that's the money that you still do just to yourself. yeah it does if you let other people do it for your number going to learn. you know i like to do stuff and know how to do it on my own writing so much though i do a lot of trial and error with stuff. i've done. to help bring what happens. where like right smack dab in the of the province this should be the reason why it's caught up. in barely use your cell phones. and i. get out they don't want to put any money or any structure on the 1st nation whatsoever. and it makes me mad you know canada hasn't done enough for its
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1st nations. you know with 3rd world. that's the digital divide to me or am. i. right. next door neighbors are asking me how come there's reporters here. going to say something. to do in a bit on what it's like to live next door to the neighbors. no no no they're just doing a report on this internet thing. you
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know screw into this to ground but then this has to be grounded somehow. further like network infrastructure i just got a paid access point and i connect that to. network switched and i fundraise for to access points to connect to each other and then you can get the signal wirelessly rick you need something to get your signal. i'll be able to get all these one and all these ones for sure up until the right thing and then possibly reveals how long. it will manage to leave one bar a hole. on
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. one. man is it a hell of an age we live in really think about it. can do this stuff the 70s. really i'm proud of a business uncle. one of my best nephews. but he's one of the best the bravest sorry that's right word to say. i'll say by the end we get somewhere with this and you know some actually changes come from surely will it's i'm sure really there's no way the only way it could fail is if it doesn't work yeah that's ok you have my systems down and it's not working people they get turned off and that and they're really do hope that this works not just for his sake but for the whole town state released which really would be
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a good thing for that to be in the town say that's true yes. to get to the switch. gears. here. but you can usually going to get helped out because before the lights are never be 3 lights in a matter of them. so if i say the word grief or loss what kind of things come 'd to. death is an obvious for sure possibly respect for somebody else or yourself even. that's a huge win for our community and tell you right now. drugs and alcohol is
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a loss usually people turn to those things because of the other grieving experiences in their life. unemployment a lot of people want to provide for their kids there's not a lot of jobs available there's all these things going on in the only really knows how to talk about it right now is the time to do something about our hurt right away till it's worse i don't want to wait you know the loss of my identity the impact of european people all of the colonization and all that is a used to be ceremonies that you people had to deal with certain things and there's a loss there and. the life i've been i've been around for a lot of my life not horns and stuff. him to hard pressed to come across someone who's got a happy story about this place with regards to the quality of life and lack of employment in. the hall and drug problem that suicides that's
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a pretty pretty heavy cycle to break. in your family do you think i quit and they can come but much like all the kids are mothers and sisters kids. they're into solving abuse and in the. early ninety's by member of the kid they're all sniffing and we'd be running around starving. and was the halfway house it was called. and i remember getting picked up from there from child offered to. you know. it's been quite the process going in and out of that. plan make sure you know never let my kids go through that go through the system no way.
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of being on the. presence. of this the gift of information. feeling that you can feel that. i'm not going to take forever. how is it going. seriously. something. this is turning. to no. one for you just black cloud. like
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a 100 something bucks and it does pretty much what this does just leave it here where pretty sure i can be able to. really be spending money like this. yeah. they had initially put me but all this extra stuff you know comes out of the pockets. of this. yeah. it don't work the owner. right was it and 60 to get back ok.
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you know when the money of go runs over me and. runs out city and that's it. i'm not even employed and yet i'm putting all my money and i'm giving into this. thing. all right so sick or hurt. yeah. communities that are naturally everybody can use it.
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the but. i'm kind of really. weary i guess maybe. i'm kind of going to be the only friggin 1st nations guy there.
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yes you can you know. being in a room full of white people. there's a lot of a lot of racism you know it is run into it. pretty much everywhere. running . at.
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reduced rate might. result i know you are being very rough. but when i was 1st buffalo live from the school she saw a bird i represent the formations from the t.v. set and i've been invited by dr rob from the ovate to thank you for having me in attendance and i'm here to there what you guys are doing in terms of actually servicing 1st nations and where this is going in the future thank you. so there's a lot of claims being made that oh no there's no digital divide right 99 percent of
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indians united this problem i think is going to get significantly worse unless it's addressed so let's not get caught up in broad bad hours what's it going to do for your community young kids today business is coming back is unable to do a google is the industry have you got. that idea of you having to climb up. your roof you know just read this to your neighbors and stuff is pretty or i think it's pretty ridiculous to a lot of people that we have to view that still given that you're so close to a major center i mean within canada it's pretty shameful i think what you're doing is really good service to the community there should be support for that kind of work it's really it's really good. we think along the same lines coming from the total opposite world service me 3 that's a good yeah really good surprised.
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open versus those. kind of look at. all the responses i've been getting there you know positive people want to help and . still help it's also a little bit you think it's going to be like that before you came you know i kind of thought i'd just be sitting in the back you know. whenever a. so yeah. pretty good. enjoyable actually.
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seen you putting. my busted up ladder so i get done. there provisioning that's for sure. it'll be good for. the next 2 years i'm guessing you. think it's a. it's pretty good getting it off the ground and
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alleviate all these issues. a lot of people asking will you give it out every all this stuff for free so you've got to break some eggs to make up all that i would say. right good to go in the studio at this time we have purchased buffalo good morning good morning my service not sliming and i service behind the fire all while i'm running 24 hours a day 7 days a week sort of live free service to the to the community where we can build our own network from the inside out and employer own people provide jobs and provide a service to the community. and i think of all my users on the system and i hope they're using it t. enjoy themselves sunny internet or connect to each other are you know get information from the internet. oh gee it was
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a 9 months long drunk i would just got off. but after i got the internet here i really don't. feel like getting drunk every night you know it's really kind of funny. but now i'm addicted to the good that we internet. and while it's still better being drunk. one day we can be on the forefront of this technology and this quality of life is acting on the benefits that our own people can use for better life. and my coming to some longs here down the road at least somebody on notice said i you know i took it on myself to try to make something happen with nothing re. air. that's my thing. you guys have phones. there's free life i have to give you
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a thing. straight it's around this area here and not slamming. now it's free you don't need it that's just want that want to go look at the last minute musketry fire. it's comes off that house. oh. so you can use it. no password.
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survival for haiti's poorest depends on illegal charcoal production. but for park rangers sworn to protect the dominican forests it can have deadly consequences . witnessed discovers the hidden world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a 1000 cuts on al-jazeera.
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in the age of the coronavirus information is more important than ever wonder what he's doing best to gates the battle for truth in china and beyond on al-jazeera. the struggle is full of pleasure. that i bore sort of think out of one of those i don't own one is not as interested on that out of it also as a missile to the end of his system an intimate look at life in cuba frankly laugh at me i mean yeah it outloud to me diag told me it was a little like the last one of the year my cuba. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. the restrictions needs to stay in place the world health organization warns against any letup as the coronavirus death toll passes 100000. the way down can be as dangerous as the way if not money used properly. rob matheson this is a doozy of a life from doha also coming up ignoring coronavirus measures brazil's president takes to the streets.


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