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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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world where the stakes for the environment and those who make their living from it couldn't be higher. death by a 1000 cuts and i'll just 0. the restrictions and need to stay in place the world health organization warns against any letup as the coronavirus death toll passes 100000. the way down can be as dangerous as that with if not mine each. matheson this is on his ear a live from doha also coming up ignoring coronavirus measures brazil's president takes to the streets mingling with people and disregarding social distancing
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measures. we visit a live wild animal market in indonesia once popular now they're under scrutiny after the virus was linked to one in china. a blow to the fight against on the groups in the sahara region chad announces plans to stop military operations outside the country. a glimmer of hope the corona virus infections may be starting to slow in some of the hardest hit countries the daily numbers of deaths in spain and italy have been coming down from more than a week but the world health organization says no one should be complacent agencies warning countries not to ease restrictions which have put half the world's population under control. i know that some countries are already planning the
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transition out of stay out homeless 3 questions w.h.o. wants to see distractions lifted as much as anyone i descend time lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence the way down can be as dangerous as the way up if not money properly more than 1600000 people have been infected since the outbreak was detected in china late last year and europe accounts for more than half of global cases the us is the current hotspot it has the most infections in the world with more than 500900 spite that president trump says he hopes the curve there could be flattening we're seeing hospital admissions declining very substantially as i said a nationwide the number of new cases per day is flattening substantially suggesting that we're near the peak and comprehensive strategy is working overtime or
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guidelines to slow the spread or decreasing the rate of new cases very substantially and will result in fewer hospital admissions and we're seeing that it's. incredible i think with with no exceptions it's looking like it's low. but u.s. health experts are calling for caution there warning that are likely to be more cases once restrictions are east it was starting to see the leveling off in the coming down dr burke said mentioned but it's important to remember that this is not the time to feel that since we have made such important advance in the sense of success of the mitigation that we need to be pulling back at all. well the u.s. has become the 1st country to have more than 2000 deaths in one day but its president believes the death toll well below or than what experts are predicting
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john hendren has this update from chicago he can't pushing to open the economy in his words very very soon and by open i mean end of the restrictions that require people to stay home and begin allowing those businesses the non-essential businesses to reopen throughout the united states he said that on a day in which the death toll worldwide crossed 100000 he said he hopes to keep the u.s. death toll below that number and he's talking about numbers like 526-5000 dead ideally in his words those are horrific numbers more than all of the americans who have died in all of the wars since the since korea in the 1950 s. however it would be much less than the 2200000 eat pointed out who would have died in the u.s. according to forecasts had the us done nothing however medical experts have been pushing back on that the president insisted he will listen to his medical experts
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he was roundly criticized a few weeks ago for saying that he would like to open the economy back up by easter that would be this weekend clearly the united states is not ready for that those numbers continue to go up but while everyone wants those numbers to go down the president has an additional reason and that is that his popularity seems to taken a significant hit. the death toll in brazil from corona virus has passed the 1000 mark it's the hardest hit latin american country but despite this president jetta both sonata remains defiant and is pushing back against social isolation measures during the national holiday on friday he visited a hospital and met supporters in the pasta bowl sonata has compared covered 19 virus to a small flu and maintains the economy and jobs must prevail in neighboring argentina the government's tightening its measures to stop the spread of the virus to reserve
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bo is joining us from buenos aires in argentina let's talk about argentina 1st of all to reason that the president has been holding a press conference what's he been saying. well that's correct reference a lot of the phone numbers wants to make sure that he's following the world health organization's recall mendacious argentina's quarantine will remain in place until april 26th the president said that it's very very important to try to stop the spread of the virus in argentina so that this country's health care system public health care system can be ready to cope with what's coming next it is expected that they feet of the virus here could be happening around mid may and that's why the president is trying to gain time argentina was one of the 1st countries in latin america to impose a very restrictive lockdown 1st it began with those who are arriving from europe from the united states from china and asking people to remain in their homes with
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the police controlling them and i have to that they move towards a complete lockdown with security forces on the streets over 38000 people have been exchanged for not respecting the current situation on the ground but the president in spite of the situation the president has extend that the quarantine and what he's saying is that he's prioritizing life over the economy let's not forget about what's happening in argentina this is not a regular situation there's an enormous economic crisis in this country there is a double digit inflation an enormous recession an employment poverty rates on the rice and that's why what's happening right now this knockdown it's having a big impact on people's life in spite of this the precedent set today that he won't abandon that the state won't abandon arjan times that they won't abandon companies and that they'll be accompanying and supporting we have already seen some movements from argentinean government in cash handouts other things in support for
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small businesses but there's also a lot of fear about what's coming next the possibility of hyperinflation and other situations that argentina has seen and the price. that people here i am very very afraid of is a very different situation of course in brazil as we were mentioning of course president served both so not a very putting the economy 1st and in many ways ignoring the kind of suggestions that he put forward for social isolation that the w.h.o. has been putting forward given the fact that the numbers are going up in brazil do you think there's any chance that his attitude might begin to change when it seems saying likely this friday he was seen again leaving the presidential palace and going to a hospital in about a bad round he went inside a bakery started mingling with people hugging them taking pictures among other things he was not wearing a mask and he was not definitely respecting space or social isolation so the world
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health organization's i recall mandates as we know what joey was for not who has been saying he said that the economy should be a play a very very important role in the fight against coronavirus that it should not be abandoned he has opposed downs in major studios in brazil so we know that that he staged this have in a way put him in a very strong drastic confrontations with the governors of for example of rio they join nato that have imposed knockdowns in their city he called them criminal lockdowns because he did not defend not believe that big sur are positive that they have a big impact on people's lives on people's jobs among other things we also know that there's been this big confrontation not only with the world health organization but also with his health minister who also recommends knockdowns he had threatened to fire him in the past but we know sources in brazil tell us that
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a very high members of within the military have stopped him from doing so by supplying a sub today to this abode lifeless and bonuses. the pandemic has put the spotlight on asia's wet markets and the risks they may pose to global public health scientists believe the latest corona virus outbreak started in a market in the chinese city over. let me give you a warning some viewers may find images in this report disturbing from jakarta is jessica washington before his customers arrive pallas ponto spends the morning preparing his most popular dish it's called a traditional best meat curry popular in some parts of indonesia he's followed this recipe for decades but the recent outbreak of covert 19 has got him worried so the beginning of a i've been reading the news about this virus i wonder is it the same type of bat that we use i've never worried about disease until now maybe it has to do with how
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we prepare the meat. the trade of live wild animals for food medicine clothing and more has gone on for years but as the world grapples with the outbreak of coma 19 the risk it poses to public health is now under scrutiny. it's believed the virus most likely emerged from this market in ruhani probably involving dance but also possibly other animals such as penguins. the market in rouhani is still closed and the beijing government has issued a temporary ban on similar live wildlife markets elsewhere in china but there are many similar markets around asia trading wild animals like this one in indonesia north so the way i see province that's snakes and other wildlife as well as dogs and cats are all sold here and live in cages stacked on top of each other. when you have different animals in such close contact it is possible for cross species infections to happen other diseases can also be transferred between species and
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then infect a human. ending the exotic wildlife trade completely is almost impossible many people's livelihoods depend on it and the trade goes on in many corners of the world animal rights activists say wildlife conservation isn't just about saving animals lives but humans too. people have exploited nature and wildlife they catch them from spaces where they should be free when you combine that with poor hygiene markets it is a risk a lot is still unknown about this virus and exactly how it began but what is clear is that this isn't just a global health crisis but an environmental one too jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta chad's president says his country's troops will no longer take part in military operations outside national borders in announcement comes as the army ended a major offensive against boko haram which left more than 50 soldiers dead nicholas
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hoch has more from neighboring senegal. you know when it was made on national television the president of chad and then seeing that no charge in troops will be deployed outside of chad and this comes just after the president led on the ground in the offensive against booker in the lake chad area days ago he announced that he was frustrated with his counterparts the nigerian president. and the nigerians troop inability to tackle boko haram in the region china is the 2nd largest contributor in troops in the un peacekeeping stabilizing force in mali where armed groups such as al qaeda affiliates. and islam extend in the greater sahara are stepping up their operation and so the country in the sahara region is at
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a tipping point france is struggling it has launched several aerial operation $83.00 in the last week to try to stem the violence but the announcement that china is pulling out its troops doesn't bode well for the for the region and there is fear that there could be more violence as charging troops return home. still had an al-jazeera we're going to tell you why poland is accusing russia of trying to rewrite history. christians celebrate good friday in isolation not a cathedral in paris opens briefly almost a year after a fire destroyed much of the church. and other more of the heavy rainfall constable central and southern areas of china
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not about to head across areas of japan the town is being steaming to the east in the last year as. it is actually set to change now have a look at the south of it because a very very heavy through the central areas pushing down into kongji guangdong and eventually up to fusion provinces while pushing across to taiwan so very heavy amounts of rain is coming down in this very central asia ground and we could have poles or as have the threat of some flooding in cases away by sunday but this of course is that when the heads across towards western areas of japan again some very heavy amounts of rain ahead of it a very meticulous 16 in tokyo 14 in sendai but that rain is on the way sunny as we head to start of the week but a much better picture slightly down to the south just 20 celsius in hong kong sunny skies back to you in beijing with a high of 23 plenty of clouds and of course. for the south across much of indonesia particularly borneo to go through some very heavy amounts of rain and all the while more showers across combo to vietnam on up in towards laos as well so again a very unsettled picture not as bad across into india that we will see some
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washouts on into carola tunnel not quite cloudy skies and we could just see one or 2 scattered showers really anywhere along the southern and eastern coast to get even warm in our pool with a high of 41. i usually test treats and trace frank assessments why he's going to be struggling to cope with the number coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action it gives $100.00 per informed opinion it's going to be much more challenging in a place like e.t. that is why i didn't play here very relieved people didn't depth analysis of the day global headlines india done enough to hit the spread of the out of hours and the ball inside story on al-jazeera.
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fortunate to see a reminder of our top stories this hour the world health organization says governments shouldn't roll back restrictions aimed at containing the couldn't a virus pandemic too early it says the rate of infection has been slowing in some countries but others are seeing an alarming surge. brazil is the latest country to record more than 1000 deaths from the virus it's the hardest hit nation in latin america but president jebel sonata remains defiant as he pushes back against protective measures. chad's president says his country's troops won't be taking part in military operations outside its own borders it comes after the army ended a major offensive against boko haram which left more than 50 soldiers dead the decision is
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a blow to the regional fight against armed groups in the sahara. more now on our top story china is where it all began the virus was detected in the city of washington in december but since then it's been spreading across the world killing people and forcing cities into lockdown a month after it was declared a global pandemic china is now easing restrictions as neighboring countries continue to battle the contagion katrina you reports from beijing. celebrations outside one hospital the city where the virus 1st emerged at the beginning of march china appeared to have passed the worst of its corona virus outbreak president xi jinping visited the epicenter and who by province touting a downward trend in infections in hong kong public servants began to return to work and in south korea leaders expressed cautious optimism as clusters of infections linked to a church in daegu city came under control and in taiwan and singapore infections
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remained lower birth governments were praised for controlling numbers without confining people to their homes experts say admitting patients to hospital early helped many asian countries curb they tell us he's as well as. the last and has covered 1000 cases of ours in the middle east and the west much of asia closed its borders imported cases became the main threat japan however was an exception a spike in cases that saw the tokyo olympics perspired until 2021 in china and many parts of asia life is slowly returning to. the country such as the philippines and indonesia experts say the worst is still to come and as much of the world remains
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locked down tens of millions who by province have finally emerged from there as their message to the outside during dark times the ruled will once again be bright katrina you al-jazeera beijing. there are concerns about how coping with the virus is affecting the mental health of funk line medical workers and we spoke to dr feisal said he's the national director of primary care chan med in florida it provides health care for elderly people every single one of our patients receive at least one phone call on a weekly basis we call them love calls my father is one of the 10 med patients and he says this is the gold standard this should be the gold standard the way that the doctors in the clinics call the patients regularly it allows us to stay on top not only keep the relationship strong but also keep us ahead of the game if they start mentioning subtle clues like hey you know i woke up today and i just wasn't feeling so well that allows the doctors then to probe
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a little bit more and see if they need to be brought into the center this is shown us at least for us we've gone from 90 percent in person visits to 90 percent virtual visits so we've realized the power of just communicating via telephone or via video conferencing so i think i think in all it's going to allow the doctor patient relationship to become much more intimate and it will make a lot of those conversations like end of life conversations and palliative care much more much more humane much more personal efforts to eradicate a bull and the democratic republic of congo have suffered a setback the 1st person to contract the disease in more than 50 days has died his death comes just 3 days before the country was to declare the 20 month break over. the world's top oil producing nations have agreed on the need to stabilize the price of oil which has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic energy ministers of the world's $20.00 largest economies discuss the deal by video conference it follows thursday's agreement by the oil cartel opec and its allies to cut global production
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by 10 percent but the pact was stalled after mexico failed to agree to its share of cuts president donald trump has since said the u.s. will further reduce its route to help mexico jeff colgan is a professor of political science at brown university and he's author of petro aggression when oil causes war he says it's unrealistic to believe the opec deal will stabilize the oil markets over night. oil markets have actually fallen on news of the deal as opposed to rising as opec plus had hoped that it would happen they were looking for a boost of up to $15.00 a barrel and in fact prices are going into reverse and that's striking because i think there's really 2 things that are happening because of what's happening here one is that while the deal does contain some substantive cuts most of what's
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being announced are so-called market cuts meaning that these are the kinds of things are going to happen deal or no deal these are decisions made by individual producers reacting to the change in market conditions that are you know ramping down because of lower oil prices so in some sense that this is more hype than real substance and the 2nd thing that matters for the prices is the fact that there is a can persistent overhang in supply so the expected shortfall in demand over the next 2 months is something like $25.00 to $30000000.00 barrels a day and this deal is $10.00 to $15000000.00 barrels a day so it only goes part of the way to addressing that massive demand shock work and continuing to see oversupply and that's going to drive prices likely downwards
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as inventory continue to build it is significant in the sense that saudi arabia and a few of the gulf monarchies are changing their strategy to certain degree but much of what's happening here as i said is market cut this is going to happen anyway especially in the united states. tensions between poland and russia are rising ahead of events planned to mark the end of world war 2 warsaw is accusing moscow of trying to rewrite history as it remembers the thousands of polish officers murdered by soviet secret police 80 years ago said vassell reports from the cotton forest where the massacre took place. in this russian forest mass graves filled with bodies of polish officers were discovered in 1943 now a memorial site it shows the truth soviet leader joseph stalin always denied he blamed what is known as the cut the massacre on hitler's troops only after the collapse of the soviet union did russia acknowledge the estimated $22000.00
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executions were carried out by stalin secret police. but leading up to the 80th anniversary of the massacre statements on russian state t.v. have again started to question this was an angry response from poland. and local activists have also demanded the removal of memorial plaques remembering the polish victims no one is allowed to tell untrue things about history and we will prove one by one moment in the mountains or other things but do you say to poland when they say you are rewriting history and changing the fact we. disagree with it because we don't rewrite anything 80 years after the cutting massacre it still causes controversy between russia and poland russia is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its victory in world war 2 but
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a government is being accused of changing historical facts by promoting a narrative that always is dark truth and critics say president putin is not only angering his neighbors but is also turning back the clock on recounts alleviation when the european parliament last year stated that the soviet union was asking the as nazi germany for starting the 2nd world war president putin responded with anger he blamed poland instead accusing the polish impasses or to nazi germany of being anti semitic. this is not a question to us this is the question to them why are they doing it what do they created for what does poland have when it advances a thesis that reportedly the us is or was equally good. installing the 2nd world war but this is absurd we didn't asked me to 27000000 deaths the soviet union lost more people during world war 2 than any other nation the defeat of the ninety's in 1945 is commemorated every year with a parade in moscow thread square but some say put ins obsession with the history of
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world war 2 has everything to do with modern day politics. russia doesn't have anything else to offer a total failure in economy social policy stagnation and destruction of our national culture therefore the only thing possible is to use some myths about outstanding achievements from the past beginning of course about the price that was paid who started it how the leadership acted and they acted awfully the russian government has not officially changed its conclusion that stalin was responsible for the captain massacre but sources have told our jazeera they believe that without the support of top officials attempts to rewrite this dark chapter would not have been possible to stop fast and al-jazeera from the captain forrest pope francis has marked the start of easter with a late night ceremony in st peter's square usually thousands gather to watch the way of the cross procession traditionally held rooms coliseum but this year it was really cater to the vatican and live streamed because of italy's strict covered 19
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restrictions it was one of many easter settlement is to be reorganized because of coronavirus. good friday service has been held in paris and cathedral nearly a year after it was devastated by a fire with a french capital under lockdown only a handful of people attended the ceremony the tasha butter reports. the sound of a violin echoed around not to damn the musician dressed in protective clothing because the cathedral isn't really safe after the fire ravaged it a year ago. the archbishop of paris led a good friday ceremony kneeling at an ancient representation of a crown of thorns that had been rescued by firefighters with frogs in lockdown because of the coronavirus crisis only 7 people were allowed to attend. in the sun usual time we ask you god for all those who are victims of this terrible
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illness those who are grieving those who have dedicated themselves to hope love each other. the ceremony offered an opportunity for a rare glimpse inside not a dam since renovation work began last year the fire destroyed its roof spire and some of its intricate stained glass windows the site of the medieval and got explained to inflames shocked people around the world nearly $1000000000.00 in donations has so far been pledged to restore the cathedral but under the french government's coronavirus restrictions rebuilding work has been halted. 'd the construction site was closed indefinitely at the beginning of the confinement like most of the construction sites in the country public authorities made this wise decision churches and other places of worship remain open during the lockdown but the french government is bound services and religious gatherings an exception was made for the ceremony not to dam the far not a dam was
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a moment of national crisis the brought people together one year on and another crisis is creating a sensor. national solidarity. the catholic thing this easter is clearly unusual obliged to stay indoors because the coronavirus there are many people to attend church will travel to spend time with family and friends for many the ceremony not to be a symbol of hope revival and a moment of contemplation in such difficult times. talks about designer fronts. and this is our jazeera these are the top stories the world health organization says governments shouldn't roll back restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic too early it says the rate of infection has been slowing in
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some countries but others are seeing an alarming search i know that some countries are already planning the transition out of stay at home restrictions w.h.o. wants to see distractions lifted as much as anyone i descend time lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence the way down can be as dangerous as the way if not money properly the us has become the 1st country to have more than 2000 deaths in one day it has the most infections in the world with more than 500000 despite that president believes the death toll will be lower than the predictions of experts brazil is the latest country to record more than 1000 deaths from the virus is the hardest hit nation in latin america the president is also not
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a remains defiant as he pushes back against protective measures. in other world news chad's president says his country's troops won't be taking part in military operations outside its own borders it comes after the army ended a major offensive against boko haram which left more than 50 soldiers dead. the 1st person to contract a ball in the democratic republic of congo in more than 50 days has died his death comes just 3 days before the country was to declare an end to the 20 month outbreak . the world's top oil producing nations are agreed on the need to stabilize the price of oil which has been hit by the corona virus pandemic that follows thursday's agreement by opec and its allies to cut global production by 10 percent but the pact was stalled after mexico failed to agree to its share of cuts those are the headlines the news continues here on odyssey it after risking it all. for talk to al-jazeera we ask what you will force with when you saw that document for
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the 1st story we listen to after the world war saying you'll need to be in to go build united states of you know what we're not even with you we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera.


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