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tv   Assimilation Nation  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2020 2:33am-3:01am +03

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we in the united states have privatized the old macumba the function for this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis other arabs when they came to britain to be told to help the past bombs deal so you will rumsfeld this meeting saddam isn't that interesting there are a shadow on al-jazeera. desperate for a press allies millions of people still refuge in europe sometimes their dreams sank 3 unwelcome realized sometimes disenchantment was to listen dr who have been the 1st of 2 films on these conflicting experiences people in power has been to the gym and switching their generosity and open office i've been making my kids to great way.
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of signing. i like this johnny. no not hostile has not sought to go on wants and this is she is. under the skin of what is then the loving him as a hobby to that also and the most of his deal to him in that in she. saud a mother of 4 who is a refugee in germany after her husband was badly injured in an isis attack in iraq she had to flee the country with her children and find safety in europe.
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trying. to. look. as for so many others before and since getting to safety was difficult and sometimes dangerous. came out and said doing. something i thought i should see on your side and that i let them know. this guy was all she had meant about him until kid. john anymore. he did then moved and then did so and you know you know until. now so i don't have family i settled in debts mold a small city in north west in germany and would often i'm. want to bet on my land there he had a buffer so it. must it that been here at least understands
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this is just let's get this going. since 20 foot team germany has taken in more than one and a half 1000000 refugees. the majority from the middle east and north africa. upon arrival most are assigned to a new boomtown by the german government selected according to its population size and the standard of living. as a school does its leg. on the fence to no desire to get on this is come. up with such a risk to his startup i lined us. to see if. it was going to be a fish can see what they think of you don't see how many are. on this with your legs . dead with around 70000 inhabitants was asked to
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accept 700 migrants equivalent to about one percent of its population. the initial public response was cautious starting to give you some of my good and for gay but that's hardly a tribute to. my family to feel it mention all from name on. trying to push him think it ends every 2 weeks i think there's another. tell us. and when we don't have each other then. it's i don't know it doesn't have a sense and. but as the refugees arrived detmold reacted positively to its new residents in large part because of the concerted efforts of integration made by the municipality the aim then and since has been to encourage as much interaction possible between the locals and the refugees through social events goodbyes by the
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authorities. cafe welcome is just one example where anyone can come forward and ask questions over was their concerns and we had people asking things like why do they come here and they claim our money but they have the newest smart they're supposed to be poor so it's an idea if they're actually supposed to be poor otherwise they can't be refugees you need to have someone who is who is responding to those sort of questions and does give you the facts that you need to know and i think in that way we still experience a very privileged position because a lot of the population of that might really have said we want to make this work and we really want to be a city that welcomes refugees. one result of this imaginative integration process was that saw the hopeful children
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have discovered a new passion. for acting. they're part of a drama group called fragile theater drawn mainly from a few g.'s. to professional performers marianne from france and her german friend roots who run the project so lives in mind. the group has been brought together in this who paid for by the local authority to rehearse for a forthcoming public performance. i i. i. to put this in. to go to and see consequences if they don't.
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ask. the group is going to be performing a piece inspired by their own stories you know just. can't. make our must. because they're. going to. do. things. on their own. that's. not. so.
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and they will know that i like to play but there i see myself just something. you can see me i'm aspiring and i'm talking. people are mean they're loving and you are joking but after all this drama when i'm alone sometimes i. so when i play with this make you forget. 33 year old emmanuel jerome comes originally from south sudan and has been in detmold for 2 and a half years. but his future is uncertain. unable to return home because his life is still at risk he applied for asylum 18 months ago and is still waiting to hear whether he will be allowed to stay in germany. in the meantime he's been relying on the charity of others and lives in this apartment in a retirement home owned by
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a local church. maybe i'm the lucky to see use. joel. house when a firm church for supporting everyone is there for. even like a film i thought ok. result in work until it. sort of. he was forced to leave his family a mother and sisters back in sudan a country torn apart by war and famine he called back to display photos of them in his apartment where they're here. so how do you look at them in been 6 years without seeing them. even the pope was there in the fall sometimes facial i miss
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them so much i want to talk to them but when i was very loud i was like why did i call so like i because i don't want to hear what is happening and i've done we never talk even when we call us we are just crying you know she's crying with us crying crying my not. mario and the director of the drama group has come to visit. this year should he says here yeah in preparation for the performance marianne wants to find out more about how emanuel came to germany and how he's been managing since he got to detmold his story along with those of the other refugee act is will be woven into the script i think that's because you know. it's going to must i think it could as you just saw i think the time when yaz did this and just focus on the dad has shifted and yes you put his but what does it mean for you safety. for.
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safety is like a place where all those who are sitting in fear filled and that is a lot of the peaceful people who love you around you. if there is local to love your own show you don't feel safe. we have people we are yellow we have all this and that's why we come to a little because we for letting you know that is all right it's not like people are different of a part of the house different colored different country or just as christian this was the whole world but the fear that he is that is you are right so we feel like if you thought he was one of us if. emanuel isn't the only one who's being encouraged to make his voice heard through the theater so i was also keen to show how positive experience of arrival in germany i'm to gratitude at the welcomes has received. even the thoughts of home a never far away quietly and i'll tell you. why there was any of.
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those she knows that in comparison to other refugees she and her children a fortunate they come from one of the 5 countries given priority status by the german state iraq syria iran eritrea and so malia their applications are processed more rapidly and help is provided more quickly upon their arrival the family were housed briefly in an abandoned military base before being moved to more permanent accommodation the city pays their rent and the cost of heating for. almost the same diego home i want to be and deal with man back on on his hands in laos a call to any. home office on l.a.'s. in addition to the housing so odd receives around $1000.00 euros a month to support herself and her family and to children were immediately inroad
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in local schools. 18 months after their arrival 7 year old that i one now speaks german as well as she speaks arabic and is even starting to learn english i can't stand you. when when you that there's good to be here in. fact. a local charity worker sabina has been helping the family through their arrival in germany so you did feel good i get home. today she has some good news for so our son who is ambitious to one day be an electrical engineer has managed to find him some vocational training which will begin in a few weeks. but these are follow from jokes and you know i was just a little it was rather distributed pushing so-called
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a kind of ford and then when you have something new or interesting to see the notes off his or coming here from syria and iran want to study quite difficult to adapt to the german system that quickly to get into the language that you're coming that led me to study 2 countries another way you can do a apprenticeship and if you want to lose study lecturing electrical engineering as you do in a friend you should like it as an electrician and if you have loads of knowledge. as part of its integration program the german government has insisted that all new arrivals learn german. every morning so on sets off to school for 4 hours of lessons. any model their body their stalls any. and that many also that much you'll be always how we mit. yeah train would be more.
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than british stands a better model for me i know a car go between a dud. as a when i know cargo when cummins even visited me to come in your vicinity meets i'm here with all. the merced it is easy indulge then leave and. if you don't do this much to play a against the side you must be my young bitchy funny feeling dizzy again you know if you don't give in and if you're like me the point is to. chill who would stand up to shout i know fargo's did already you. kidding anyone in the years you really like is having good seo elite and i think that's really from so much from your. house. that i'm 90 it's about well living in germany speaking
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a little bit but not through injury so it's not a problem when you make some mistakes we have an examination. at the end of this course and some basic the most important thing is that they can speak and we can understand. our language lessons are funded by the state and free for refugees from the 5 countries given priority status by the german government but the oversubscribed with 200000 people nationally still a need to the place it means that not all the refugees and detmold have received the same treatment. how are you going forward on these dudes are here to get a free market bubbles in the us the brothers invest. a bit in the us of a half of proof is true to each of you i'm sure you talked off the shelf address he . says yeah sure tough but here it is because he's from sudan
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which isn't on the government's priority list emanuel doesn't have access to as much support as other refugees so it's something of a sore point. for me i don't have the time to love to make a general calls for free he felt to me that you don't know how to play with us said . why not me and let me use it's not like i would have used other people. the language problem is still a common stumbling block to full integration there's plenty of work here in theory . in 2014 germany opened its doors to refugees promising gainful employment. with an aging population and affording both free to countries and die in need of manpower but like many thousands of others emanuel will only really benefit when he can speak german competently. say when we see in the meantime he is restricted to unskilled was only $350.00 euros
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a month reasons for coming here. for now emmanuel works for a charitable organization it collects unwanted funicello to distribute free of charge to low income households. it's really just take it to our place and if i. decide need someone is a need to come in our place. and if you see that something is going to take it. this is like shopping but without money. i understand the cereals need and someone use some seems so when i go daddy and some people coming to don't have anything to get something it's making me also feel good. how much you're going to i think you saw the need in the commute on us i see you never. know i came over to the tip of the hottest been moved if. the so had
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a little bit think you know if there's a ship i said you just know what sorry or don't you have to be back in sudan emmanuel had a senior position at a 5 star hotel. but here in germany he must make do with work as a removal man number less he considers himself internet for now. he is having real physical and mind things i visit to do some things not making it to take on so i meet new people they just have some celebrity every day i have to work morning. to do my job as a human being so it's helping a lot it's not only about money is helping me to be healthy but even with a steady job under his belt emanuel fears that he will be allowed to stay in germany. to try to get. the stolen emissions have mission. you know it's a complete one up you know doesn't you know i said there's nothing in there but he
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is he is german friend really has been helping him with his residency application he loves his warehouse which is why i'm here and she's my best friend and this is and i'm ready and she's my everything with so many refugees to deal with the state is swamped with asylum requests and sometimes it can take years before an application is processed. emanuel has been on the waiting list for 18 months for humanitarian reasons we ask for a complete stopping off him being rejected and the things said from germany. i think we would be successful also in this because we we believe in him and there's enough proof that a man who's been well integrated this working here so it's a good chance as i think. away from the complex paperwork and concerns about employment and language skills the theater performance is finally coming together. as
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a section i'm guessing is activating the 9 some kalash. is that a c i just finished. the song collage and this in noir to learn by sight i need me i just feel it i see it is love. just the theme for today's explosion fear of which still haunts some of the refugees. actually mr shims in my limited time. the highest us has only been the trashman. man of 19 a fool on. the un frizzy to. defund tieing. plentiful. is a yakked of mention. i was nish so. i'm
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a bit he just unleashed out. thank. you. and then all too quickly the big day arrives in debt most town square project theater could pass for that performance. entitled a meeting in paradise it's to be a possible reflection on what sanctuary in germany has given to the refugees on. ants run. that out and. say god is yet another i'm not but it was and that is neat he would say give those things i think ok i feel i feel the show begins with the story of the refugees his flight from home feel.
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as if you did did you take this into this is this to me. this is bad just to listen to. the belief if you do here. and the 2nd top of the performance the audience is invited to get involved. so. they can taste the traditional soup listen to recitals from the migrants or sign up for some charity was. pleased to be in the ninety's is because this is a big thank you. thanks told you can
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go there and tweak something altogether if there's going to be the good and the good ads thank you for the help i did with and then to really add few relatives he also like that was unsuccessful in the name it was an interesting is that enough for laymen stuff she's very biased by money by no means it would be wrong to conclude from this brief glimpse into germany's assimilation process no matter how successful it has been in detmold that refugee is a universally welcomed. there is growing intolerance and frustration to be found here as elsewhere in europe and whether they do is remain open to migrants remains to be seen. for now though the $100.00 plus 1000000 years that is costing the german state seems to be being well satisfy us is just the beginning of next so when i tried to understand that and to get together thanks again gentlemen i'll just get a. fix. desperate
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for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of century are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drive them home . in the 2nd of 2 films on these contrasting experiences people and power meets the returning migrants now determined to discourage others from following the same policy. gambia back home on al-jazeera.
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eyes early tests. and trace frank assessments why it's only struggling to cope with the number coronavirus failure to take really aggressive action if the behavior for informed opinions is going to be much more challenging in a place like haiti where there is one ventilator 3000000 people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines india done enough to nip the spread of the one of ours in the inside story on al-jazeera. when covert 19 1st struck china and began to spread the cost asia. some in the west criticized come to measures us to halt or to weak. but have the different
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experiences before asian nations in fact not shown the world to root out of this group under. coronavirus lessons from asia on a just below. a warning the corona virus pandemic is far from over and now millions are missing out on treatment for other infectious diseases. so again i missed and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up a new format and a new venue donald trump faces the media off to a disastrous coronavirus briefing last week. the do it go a little. protest as fight.


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