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tv   Dr. Maria Teresa Ruiz Dr. Jose Maza  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2020 5:32am-6:01am +03

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we are in front of a disaster. from things like barbarism more than 67000 people have now died from the corona virus in the u.s. despite that more states are bubbling to pressure and reopening but it's not enough for protesters who are still demonstrating in several cities russia's seen a sharp rise in this number of infections more than 10000 people tested positive in one day for the 1st time in the country's outbreak lock down and so been in place for several weeks the world health organization says there's no evidence to have all tonic touted by madagascar's president as a coronavirus cure actually works but that hasn't stopped under the rug alina exporting the drink to equitorial guinea and getting us out he says the t. cures patients within 10 days coming up next it's talk to all jessica could buy. what impact will call did 19 of the drop in the oil prices have on the race to the
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white house can donald trump survive these historic setbacks and does the job only have what it takes to beat. special coverage on al-jazeera. and. the renaissance astronomer nikolaus compared a close one said for it is the duty of an astronomer to compose the history of the celestial motions through careful and expert study the parent of this was the man who challenge the theories of the universe known to humanity up until the 16th century his observations led to the discovery that the planets revolve around the sun not the earth as people thought deed our celestial objects have been observed and studied since the beginning of time the planets and stars have helped us understand the cause of most the way it functions and its impact on our lives then
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in the 17th century. became the 1st astronomer to use a telescope for his observations the rest is cosmic history to date there's one question that most people want answered is there extraterrestrial life. in human and one of many observatories in a comma desert if the question of extraterrestrial intelligence is ever to be answered it is likely to come from here the is exceptionally blue skies and extremely dry atmosphere make this the ideal location for building the world's largest telescopes in fact so we will soon house 70 percent of global astronomical infrastructure even nasa comes right here to test its robots but what we will all these new facilities help us to discover and how will they change the way that we look at our you. of us 2 of chile's top astronomers might yet that is have reese
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and course him us essential talk to al-jazeera. dr murray at that is a research is known for discovering the brown dwarf star system named keller one a sub star located in constellation hydra approximately 61 light years away from earth on our planet she's a pioneer the 1st woman to have received a doctorate from princeton university the 1st woman to receive chile's national prize for exact sciences and to present the director for the center of excellence in astrophysics dr reddy and that is every stinking so much for talking to al-jazeera very soon chile will how's the world's 2 largest telescopes the e.l.t. and the giant magellan which would provide i understand direct views of planets in other solar systems which would be an astronomical 1st how close will that take us to answering the question that everybody wants the answer to and that is are we
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alone or or we know there are many planets because we see the effect of the planet on the star they're orbiting but to see a planet is very difficult because the star is so much brighter you know we can agree it's sea life in this planet's bow we could see their arguments for years and see if there's hogs region for example oxygen was produced by life in on earth and so we hope to study the atmospheres of these. exoplanets to see. why when you see the universe through these big eyes. you are going to see something nobody else has seen before and although you have to justify all the funds to produce to build this instrument is a $1000000000.00 easy and exactly you say yes to study exoplanets to look at the beginnings
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of the universe but often the case is that what you see the unknown is the most interesting thing something you cannot predict you know because it's like opening a window to the unknown well there is a theory in fact that life on earth began when meteorites or other bodies crashed on to our planet with very very small creatures or multi-celled beings and that from there animals plants of all then that would me and that they came perhaps from mars we could be actually more that we could be martians. how how feasible is that life is there potentially and for a need in the whole universe and when he arrives in a place where you know it's comfortable and it can be developed it does so it would
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not be something particular of earth or mars or you know it could be everywhere in the universe and in some places it can prosper you know others cannot but although we have noid didn't i would find very extremely strange that we were would be the only ones in the universe. there are so many so many stars so many planets around them. i'm sure you could be. life in many of them what inspired you to choose a career looking at the at the stars of the sky actually were to love us or love at 1st sight you know one thing like that because i'd never thought about becoming an astronomer although i always liked science and was very curious so i look
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around and discover there was a perhaps some or practice in palo which is the interim american observatory and i went there i didn't know anything id and never looked at the sky i don't know why i went with a colleague a student who he knew everything you know and he was really mad at me because i couldn't recognize you. or any of the big stars important stars in the sky and in the middle of and i say ok go out and try to with a map of the sky and try to find some of the constellations so i went out i didn't look at the map i just put my eyes it was a dark night we known moon no moon and when you are in a clear place in the mounting you see the horizon below you and i could see the milky way on top of my head. that were like surrounding me at that point i had
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it bit of knowledge of about what the milky way was and where we were in the sun. or was in the sun and i realized i didn't even know anything about this you know and i realized i was part of the of this galaxy of this universe and i wanted to know more and i said ok. if my talents are enough i will put all my energy which i think is more important than. to try to be governess or well you are certainly an inspiration to women here in this country and i think to astronomers of future astronomers the world over but how difficult was it. when you started out to be taken seriously in the field that is still dominated by men. i think. the most difficult part maybe was in the u.s.
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when i tried to be included in the groups to to to to do homework or to work on a project together at princeton and i realized that i was the 1st woman to be accepted as a graduate student. so i was a really strange beast you know women. lugging you know. the poor guys were afraid of me i could see that they would get to go. work on homework or projects and i was never included at the beginning i thought because i was not as good as they were they were came from big universities. or because my son english was really bad. but then the 2nd year my english words had improved and i was doing well in a couple of courses i. was probably doing better than the rest of at least
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as well as they they were doing and they gave us very hard. homework to do but i was so used to working by myself the union are down this homework by myself i want to really office of one of the guys there i realized they were trying to solve the problem and the rug or i realized they were not starting work i mean this is our problem is that when you don't start well as you can never get to the right answers so i came in and say all of this you buy what you need to so i start to say oh no you know you have to change this variables and will be. and then i look back and they had left you know and i was there alone and people say oh you were sad no no i wasn't sad i was really happy because then i realized it was not my problem it's not because i didn't speak english or we cause i was bad in you
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know in science it was their problem they didn't know how to work with women. it was ok to go for pizza for beer or for playing sports but not for working together and they don't have as many time women we believe we are if you look at guilty of what is happening or maybe when you we are discriminated we think maybe there is some good reason for that you know in. the background you're saying maybe maybe they're right maybe i'm not good enough or maybe i done something girl so. it was me a lesson you know that went through but i think that way you know when i see women now marching on the street reclaim claiming their rights i am very happy because i think you know i could not have done it. it is time for for them
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it's only a while ago that you were interested in writing a book about the sun that the sun has been kind of left aside because it's so close to the planet earth and and you talked about the carrington a vent which i found fascinating and you say that the sun has an agenda so we really cannot ignore it anymore tell me a little bit more about that and what and exactly what are the dangers of all this there was this reduce astronomer who was observing the sun every day and he projected the sand in the screen. and make pictures of drawings of the sunspots this black spots that in the surface of the sand where the magnetic field comes out and there were big ones and then he saw a flash of light were these dark spots just wrote about them made a picture of the year had the day after that. the communications in in the whole world where perturbed the graphic stations were on fire
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and they didn't know what words were ignored there are reports that people in have on our scene the northern bites there are us the whole sky was bright with light due to the charged particles i had seen this current on astronomer in britain here had. travelled the way 2 years and produced this effect and what would happen if that happened today what really happened on the never of course on computers and if if an event injection like the carrington event happen today. g.p.s. will die and all the g.p.s. the. all the planes that are now are traveling flying sue these automatic pilots and they will be completely blind trained you know transport all the common with the communication system all the the electricity they already fried aside from
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all the damage that can produce something like dandenault that we are left without any of the technology we know now we use now so we say we depend a lot off what the sun and us more much more than the people think eventually it will kill us but. in short time maybe today or tomorrow we can really make a lot of damage and the only we have like earth way we can do cannot do anything but accept. to know more to learn more to to to understand how these have been how these have been tried to prepare and tried to do so though we can. dispute a scientific and technological breakthroughs is making ideas that were once limited to science fiction now seem if not within reach at least plausible one of these is the possibility of landing an even colonizing planet mars chile an astrophysicist
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is one of the boldest exponents of this and many other extraordinary theories where to begin i think i'm going to start with mars in your book mars the next frontier you argue that we have to turn into a multi planetary society as soon as possible in order to guarantee the survival of our species what is the hurry don't we have another 1000000000 years left before the sun destroys planet earth we're going to hear in my book is that the mix john in the next intellect to challenge is to mars not to save your species but why do you want to send them to mars just for curiosity or simple because it is possible when we went to the moon all technology got an improvement enormous our life you were mine and everybody's life changed
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forever because of the dream to go to the mall the only way to survive in mars is to have another the mortgage. if we develop the technology. that for a few of us to live in mars that technology is to. change our life on earth forever what about oxygen what about water the atmosphere is completely different from ours is a big challenge but if we are able to develop the atmosphere in mars we will be able to clean our atmosphere but if we develop a bit much insta like that to survive in mars those machines apply must simply on earth we could be taken out of the atmosphere as much carbon dioxide we are putting in with automobiles with the airplanes with your sockets.
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even with the rocket and then the technology to me the human being. if we are not. willing to accept challenges and to move a little bit out of our comfort zone we could be a steal in the cave who would could be if you live in a cave but human beings who got out of the cave and started cities and started all the civilisation because every time we stayed in the new challenge and the next challenge and the challenge today is to to mars there seems to be a growing tendency that there is a growing tendency in the world as you know to negate science that includes heads of state who say that there is no such thing as climate change a whole series of this tendency now to say that what the scientists are saying is
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not true if this is the case we may never make it to another planet because of this planet may perhaps according to many not survive long enough i think that people today. are leaving so fast that they don't have time to think because if you are you see in a cell phone you cannot negate science because they sent from contains millions of hours of work of south sun of people that have been working for you to have the cell phone in your hand and when you dial or when do is send the message or when do you see internet into a cell phone there are so son of people in this network all that is finally
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tune in to the max with. all the laws of the electricity go live or was experimenting how was how strong fall to the earth kepler was a study in how the planets revolve around the sun and newton was thinking how could be reconciled the motions of the moon around the earth with the following objects. he developed the laws of of mechanics that everywhere you have science into your life you have said and that was this is one of the i found this very interesting that the morning is getting further and further away from us and i wonder what impact will that have on us with with a trip to the moon or ball or you live they live near an artefact that allows you to measure with
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a laser beam the distance to the mall with the precision mater that one centimeter and the moon is receding toward want to have centimeters per year. since the time when. axed from all doing is. their foot on the moon the moon now is at least made to find their way and the moon will keep receding from the earth and in there in the in 100 or 200000000 years since the moon if easier to do this is thinking is getting a smaller and smaller at the moment the morn is going to be smaller than the sun forever and then the eclipses will not be here forever sunt sun eclipses
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not be able to be produced because the moon will be a smaller than the sun when the moon and tears are facing each other the rotation of the moon is of the order of a month around the earth and then the rotation of the earth is going to be a month and then we will see the sun rising and it will take 7 or 8 days to get to the 1000000 the day. when the sun is up it's going to be 15 days and then for 15 days you with night and then claim are on earth is what we are very different well that of course would seem to emphasize the need to have what you say a multi planetary systems that you know later but i can't in this without asking you the question that everyone has asked him or herself at some point and that is
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do you know as a scientist believe that there is intelligent life outside of the planet earth he. we live in a reality the milky way that contains 200000000000 stars if life. was developed on earth and if that process is very unlikely maybe one in every 1000000 times you will produce life and all the stars in the milky way all the stars have planets and then broadly there there were or there are. 200000000000 possibilities of developing life in a planet or is this the only planet that contains life in the whole without legs if soul if you have just one planet with life and i'm not talking
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about human beings on earth there are 8000000 forms of life on earth most of them are bacteria but if it is a form of life if we are the only planet in this galaxy with a space telescope we can see 100000000000 galaxies maybe there is one planet with life but a galaxy. my suspicion is that they are very least there are 100000000000 places in the universe with life but from one galaxy to the next big gerlach see like do like them drawn with our aleksey the distance is more than 2000000 years. if you say l o r jews there in 2000000 years your message will reach andromeda
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and if they said yeah we're here we're what do you want another 2000000 he has talked to for the message to return and that even communicating by radio or by phone or by website with this is a decision in and drama it's almost impossible now now but but if einstein for they want this for the last 100 years people have tried to prove his wrong and so far more when have succeeded. einstein said that nothing can travel faster than light today if we want to visit the closest neighbor and fasten story is for lady years away with a thing all of you that we have now. it will take us 40 years to was
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there another 40000 years to come back you can say i'll give you the numbers you can be improved by a factor of 10 ok then in that it's going to take only 4 south and years toward 12 percent even at a very very close. very close to the speed of light it will take at least 10 or 20 years to low and 10 or 20 years to come back and that is the closest star and even discovery in planets that could be. in the future well how are you going to move 20000000000 people to a planet that is. if 15 ideas that way is a dream yeah the human beings we are confined to the solar system forever i don't believe that we've ever gone on ice there in the same way that they. absolutely it believe or that we have to go to mars. i don't believe that we could ever go to to
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visit. or is it planet of another star i bet in the 100 years 'd of the many people that don't agree with you. if they prove me wrong i'd be happy to be proven wrong professor course i must that thank you so much it's been a privilege it was a pleasure for me to talk to you. when the news breaks and i don't know the dumping of garbage in the river by the government has wrecked our lives when people need to be hurt and the story needs to be told to many coming to this place in the only chance they have to eat at least once a day with exclusive interviews and in depth to me it's obvious resumes of the world battles potential new pandemic will bring you the latest developments from around the globe al-jazeera has teams underground to bring new moon 20 documentaries and live news. isolating times the listening post cuts
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through the noise leave the looking at another side of the story not so much the information around the outbreak but the misinformation separating propaganda from fact it's reality has joined the long exposing ticks try to manipulate their rhetoric and blame but they cannot manipulate the fire listening post your it's like going to the media which is the era. in countries like mine people have been killed to be really united states have privatized the ultimate public war this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done different the saudis and other arabs from they came to britain to be fools to help to pass bombs do you know you will rumsfeld this meeting saddam isn't that interesting. shadow on al-jazeera. be the hero the world
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needs right now. famous for their 1st 2 major southeast asian countries are getting back to business after weeks of coronavirus. however i'm on this as al-jazeera live from our world headquarters here and also coming up projecting a message of care from brazil's revered statue as coronavirus cases keep rising and the president throughout this distance in god lives.


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