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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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the feeling in. the right place. if you don't like and it's my job to shed light on and why. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes coronavirus vaccine in record time that's the aim as global leaders pledged billions to speed up research also families reunited and millions returned to work because italy eases a 2 month lockdown. on chinese state media slanders us claims that the virus
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originated in a lab in hand calling on washington to provide evidence also. why this doctor and others in canada are unable to join the fight against covert 90. welcome to the news the search for a krone virus vaccine has been given a massive boost leaders from the e.u. and other nations have pledged billions of dollars for research and video conference including presidents prime ministers health officials and donors is aiming to raise $8500000000.00 to speed up the process the united states where nearly $70000.00 people have died didn't participate the world health organizations director general says just developing a vaccine is not enough. to me you measure all sense and not be how fast we
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go down or to lose it willy. we can deceive you. none of us can answer oh world in which some people are. why it was made. this is a point to see not only to defeat a common enemy but for its common future of war this i'm joined now by our correspondent jennifer lee joins me now from the city of oxford in the u.k. and jonah really the pledging conference continues hoping to sort of kick start and find funding for an ultimate solution to covert 19 but it's also the long term road isn't it it's a long road to find therapeutic research and diagnostics and testing regimes which will help in that process. yeah i think that's the point there are multiple aims to this conference it's not just about funding for
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a vaccine is full so about funding as you say for peter it's for drug therapies and for better and much more effective much quicker testing regimes with a view to the 2nd wave perhaps the 3rd wave and being able better to manage those the point that is frequently made is that it's all very well to talk about finding a vaccine and they may well find a vaccine there's no guarantee of course but even if they do find a vaccine people like donald trump of said there's one months away they then got an enormous task of scaling that vaccine up to be able to be distributed to the potentially billions of people around the world who are going to need it you not just got to get billions of doses of it you've got to get an enormous distribution network in place and so on that's the sort of thing that takes 12 to 18 months when people give that sort of timeline we may well be waiting for a vaccine well into the latter part of next year in the meantime they've got to deal with rising infection rates around the world 'd they've got to deal with people getting sick they've got to deal with people dying and that's where these drug treatments come in not just now but as you say in the long term but to fill
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that gap urgently before a vaccine comes online and so they're looking at particular drugs off the shelf things that already exist that are already there either treating different conditions or drugs that have been developed for certain conditions that didn't work or were simply put on the shelf these are things that already exist that if they find they work can very quickly be scaled up and there's a lot of research going on on that front as well drug research and the other arm of it as a safe testing and then there's the scope the scope of this conference looking at drawing together a global response pooling together resources and expertise and most importantly bringing countries together in a common effort for the common good so that when these treatments and this vaccine and so on are found they are not just put to use in that country but that population 1st but for the whole world and most importantly for the developing world. whereas i say infection rates are still climbing and these are countries that are least able to deal with the epidemics that they face and of course turning
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out common purpose as you say is the focal point from the building behind you which is one of many that's in focus across the u.k. in terms of research for covert 19 a solution solution. well there are 2 different big projects going go going on in oxford generally one is the search for a vaccine the jenner institute here is at a very advanced stage much more advanced than anyone else they've got a large scale trial going on that had some encouraging results they talk about the possibility of having a vaccine by september but warn very much about that length of time in terms of scaling it up the other very promising project that is going on here also streets ahead of anything like it anywhere else is called recovery that's being led by a scientist called professor martin landry who i spoke to a little earlier they're looking at these particular drugs as i mentioned earlier looking for ones that work or don't work or more important looking for combination therapies the sorts of things that we see in the treatment of cancers of h i.v.
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and of course he pointed out to me earlier hiv is one of these viruses that's been around for nearly 40 years no vaccine available so these drug therapies become incredibly important they're at a very advanced stage as i say they're hoping for encouraging results possibly as soon as june and if they get them it's a much quicker process scaling up these drug therapies than it would be scaling up a vaccine so that they can go ahead and start saving lives long before a vaccine becomes globally available for the uptake journal thanks for joining us. on the process of finding a vaccine as difficult as gena mentioned and very lengthy stephanie decker reports . the world is desperate for a vaccine against covert 19 and the race is on to find one that's been developed in many countries like the largest number in the us a bullet by china market is a professor of vaccine epidemiology at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine they are keeping an up to date database of all the vaccines being worked
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on there are over $100.00 bad news is that they usually break the back seat is a problem that initial discovery who actually having a back seat to be given on a population level is usually about 10 to 20 years. but the urgency now means teams all over the world are trying to speed up the process we work day and night and. probably 1000 people on a person. we have a 3. people 3 shop working group and for 24 hours several are at the stage of human testing including this trial the oxford university we're told there is never been a vaccine against a coronavirus group for approval and that the success rate of vaccine trials are between 5 to 10 percent even once there is a vaccine it will take quite some time before there is enough to vaccinate entire populations and while we wait there are questions about natural immunity it is
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still not clear whether we can develop long lasting immunity to the virus we have never been here before this is a direct that's emerged that has changed everyone's life if you know bringing so many people to be sick to be in hospital dying it's wrecked entire economy is this is the fact that the world is desperate to have. for once the world is largely united in the desire to be able to visit and hug our families to walk the streets to fill the restaurants to travel and for so many to be able to work again to return to a life most of us took for granted our once buzzing news room here in doha has nearly full and silent with most people working from home it's a similar picture in many places across the world now despite so many vaccines being in the works it's going to take quite some time before one is available to
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all of us and that means that partial lockdown and social distancing could remain part of our lives for a very long time stephanie decker at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. on the sparrow is a professor of population health science and policy at mount sinai hospital joins me now live from geneva good to have you with us on the program i mean starting a global race to find a solution to be covert 19 rather than a race between governments is incredibly important how important is this conference in terms of finding agreement you want to see for political unity for the sake of medicine where absolutely it's really important. in terms of their political barbecue. to develop these vaccines diagnostic and their duty acts and one kind of norm put in fact that it's a geopolitical risk. to. your competition in order to move things forward. before we sort of get into how the money will be used we've
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seen pledging conferences before from rebuilding water old states to countries facing natural disaster i mean how different is this one in terms of finding the money for a very urgent need. well i think we can divide it into the pre-columbian oppose quickly now we have an entirely different new character mentality agency and in agreement basically that we had to spend billions in order to protect the trillions and that we must engage in this because we have to act now does we stop it to resuscitate the economy birds international. and there is a clear recognition of this as you said you're going to be directing devastating and that we must move forward so that it's actually agency and the money movie found in order to do this once it's collected it will be you might say divvied out appropriately through various agencies can you sort of talk us through how the
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money is divided or would should be divided in terms of the agencies that work for a global better. understanding of finding a solution full for over $1000.00 rather than governments deciding where the money's going to go. yet. that's what i think about your plays a very important leading republican coronation of this kind of pool of money and in order to help distribute it and in doing so it puts in place an enormous sense of trust and confidence that it can be the coverage of the. paramount importance rather than easing to one government anything or one manufacturing company. who in history. will berkery because at this day and age with so much convicting information to make misinformation semi conspiracies it's very hard to actually trust anything goes' source of information so it's essential that the government.
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how important is it for governments to be able to share that information obviously we've just been speaking to our correspondent in oxford he's talking about the work the oxford oxford university is doing of the various other institutions the poetry's university premises are also researching publishing results is an easy thing to do but actually working together is it a difficult thing to do when when language culture and national needs are all a concern to those that are researching in their respective countries. actually i think that's one of the extremely thin reality of this absolutely collective action in so many countries and with this conference to engage this and this recognition too that we must also protect the most vulnerable countries and even to put in place agreements are great as is happening in the in the past but so any country or
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any measure of action that does. develop these vaccines so quickly. and there are 8 leading contenders at the moment there are 2 in us as one in the k.s. with her there's another in germany in this form china well been there has also put in an agreement to supply at least 10 percent of what is manufactured to the government to 3 his mission to the bone and the countries that able to manufacture backs in. treatment and are too often used as. an all to cause as guinea pigs for forests and trials it's good to have your input and your insight as well and his para there joining us from geneva from mt sinai hospital thank you for your time. italy has been listening it's locked down measures and that means people can go back to work visit family and some businesses are reopening after 8 weeks of lockdown alexy o'brien explains. thank you because they've been waiting for for 2 months thank you grandfather and granddaughter
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3 united disparity or whatever they are the path of it if during the quarantine we were desperate about it because now i call you can speak for how excited i am to excited we have only seen her with video calls for 2 months but it was not the same it couldn't be the same. well i saw her my heart stopped it seemed to be a century since like see her after the longest lockdown in europe family visits ever allowed but only of relatives live in the same region. elsewhere the queues were back at rome's main a terminus station though it's not just take it but temperatures being taken. by a lot of the what is that obviously after staying at home for almost 60 days it feels good i feel good and i feel safe. across as more than 4000000 people were back at work as construction sites and factories reopened and restaurants were
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allowed to sell takeaway food but taking public transport is still being discouraged by government and mosques a compulsory when share in public spaces and doors. funerals remain limited to 15 people but the bereaved able to lay flowers on the graves of the did the florists nearby carefully disinfected. with more than 210000 reported cases and around $29000.00 tickets italy's one of the worst affected countries government leaders fear the loosening of restrictions will lead to a resurgence in cases health care workers are taking extra measures to track infections isolate pastas and to make sure hospitals and overwhelmed again. we're being careful trying not to do too many things but at least we're finally outside and breathing some fresh air and families making the most of the sunshine
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and parks that have been reopened playgrounds remain off limits but you're happy because finally today they have opened after having close to 4 month and a half even though obviously my daughter was disappointed to find the playground all blocked off there are many reminders that life isn't the same with school cinemas and theaters shot indefinitely but those ancient country has witnessed play . before and recovered italians just need to find a balance between staying safe and embracing their new found freedom. brian al jazeera. thailand has also begun lifting restrictions after a steady decline in the number of infections but many people need help putting food on the table and some businesses are expected to struggle it's quite high the reports from bangkok. as thais enjoy the easing of covert 1000 restrictions many remain reliant on food handouts from charities and local communities and in some cases there's not enough to go around for those who've been waiting. many
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closed businesses are able to reopen after almost 2 months of being shut but the state of emergency remains in place along with the 10 pm to 4 am curfew the ban on international flights to thailand continues until the end of the month restaurants can have dine in customers but only one person per table and no alcohol for syria the pet soon on its better than nothing but it might be too late for one party yeah i'm very worried about the tourism industry thais don't have the same purchasing power as foreign visitors the chinese koreans and japanese spend a lot of money but they're all gone i think it may even take a year for things to get better the government will evaluate the situation every 2 weeks either determine to further ease the restrictions or if there's a spike in confirmed cases reimpose some of the rules while the government is a very much focused on the here and now of tackling kovac one thing there's a growing concern about the future some businesses opening up is good news but this
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country is so we're lying on the tourism industry that's add a standstill like the empty streets here in old bangkok there are many types of businesses connected with tourism so a downturn cuts deep into the population here we are an economy that depends a lot on globalization we depend a lot on the movement of people in tens of the presidents on tourism i think contributing to 20 percent of the g.d.p. we also depend heavily on export pet grooming shops have also opened their doors the owner of bark lounge used her personal savings to keep the business afloat for her it paid off. a lot of my customers are starting to come back i think because my shop was closed for a long time during the temporary shutdown my clients had no choice since the government lifted some of the restrictions my customers are fighting to be the 1st in line. thailand southern neighbor malaysia also began loosening coded
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restrictions most businesses including restaurants can reopen but some states are keeping restrictions in place they want more time to study the potential risks from relaxing the curbs back in the cramped low income neighborhoods of bangkok many don't work in the industries or businesses that every open so they still need the food handout but there's hope that this is a 1st step that could lead to more restrictions being lifted and that they soon can return to providing for their families on their own it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. now some of the claims are also coming off in 3 nigerian states residents of leg also. will gradually be given more freedom over the next 6 weeks signs and travelling to work will be allowed but schools and dine in restaurants stay closed and in just one small from the capital a big job. there are people who are happy that some of these restrictions are being lifted but there are all it's also cautious optimism that up people in fact we're
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really really afraid that this could be premature because you're talking about a lifting restrictions at a time when. corona virus infection rates are going high debts of also going high from the time the nigerian government imposed knocked down 5 weeks ago to this time i think cases of nearly. multiplied tenfold in across nigeria so right now we just came back from town looking at some of these places after the announcement by the government that today people should start going out where they must yes a lot of people most people are where the mosque that we saw but there are people actually not wearing them and talking about social distancing it's quite a big problem go to the banks you see how crowded these places are and how people were packed together we visited one of the major markets today and what we saw
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there was shocking a lot of people hundreds of people compacted in one small area trying to get into the market which by the way has not open yet as of the time we left that please so it's a bit warry for some people that this is coming at a time when these cases are rising and that nothing much is going on in terms of large scale testing what we hear from the government is a few 1000 tests can be done every day but most states that have in the last 2 or 3 weeks been also recording serious cases for example the case of qana where unexplained deaths have happened in the past 2 or 3 weeks now the authorities are coming to tell us that these days most of these were actually a covered 1000 related. the president says he's confident the u.s. will have a current virus vaccine by the end of the yeah he was speaking at
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a virtual town hall meeting on fox news and some questions from americans about his handling of the pandemic rob runnels reports we're joined now by president in a virtual town hall style event broadcast on the u.s. television network fox news president donald trump predicted rapid development of a covert $900.00 vaccine we are very confident that we're going to have a vaccine at the end of the year by the end of the or have a vaccine by the end of this year we think we're going to have a vaccine by the end of this year and we're pushing very hard trump went on to claim that he was not told till late january by u.s. intelligence agencies about the spreading coronavirus some reports indicate that those agencies sounded the alarm on january 3rd on january 23rd i was told that there could be a virus coming in but it was of no really important other words it wasn't all we
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got to do some we got to do something it was a brief conversation trump blames china directly for the pandemic he promised a report with new information on how it originated and spread i think they made a horrible mistake and they don't want to admit it more than 68000 people in the u.s. have died from coal that 19 and the numbers are rising trump said the toll could reach 90000 higher number than he has cited before many public health experts are warning against premature lifting of stay at home orders saying that could lead to a new surge in infections. without giving any specific dates trump said the u.s. needed to restart its economy soon we can't stay close as a country we're not going to have a country left the president ducked a question about safeguarding vulnerable nursing home residents and called white house reporters questions horrible it is widely considered that the presidential
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election in november will be a referendum on trump's handling of the pandemic rob reynolds al-jazeera the chinese state media says the u.s. has been throwing groundless accusations over the all regions of covert 19 u.s. secretary of state payer has said there is significant evidence it originated in the chinese lab while the intelligence committee continues to do its work they should continue to do that and verify so that we are certain i can tell you that there is a significant amount of evidence that this came from that laboratory one that the best experts so far seem to think it was manmade have no reason to disbelieve that at this point is the scientific consensus was not manmade or genetically modified that's why i gree with that i've said i've seen their analysis i've seen the summary that you saw that was released publicly i have no reason to doubt that that is accurate ok so just to be clear to you do not think it was manmade or genetically modified i've seen what the intelligence committee said i have no reason to believe that they've got it wrong well continuous in beijing with more on
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the reaction that to pump a is comments. there's been a escalating war of words between the u.s. and china in recent months and this latest state media editorial is only adding fuel to that fire so it was in the global times which is a chinese state media newspaper and it's published both in english and mandarin and both versions really had searing words attacking secretary of state mike pompei oh in particular they called him a liar saying that he quote is engaging in filthy behavior to mislead the public and that he's lost his moral compass they've also accused michael pompei of really only being interested in getting donald trump reelected in the next elections in november and in store king and the chinese hatred in order to do this now this is in response to the comments we had earlier of mike pompei are saying that there's significant evidence that corba $1000.00 region 8 in a chinese lad in the history of roller g.e.
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and they doing has flat out denied this it's also denied that it's engaging in any cover up would just information campaign and this editorial is really demanding that mike pompei and his colleagues really produce this evidence that they say they say that they have and there's just said look he's really just engaging according to state media in a bluff in a big bluff and really just continuing this anti china's smear campaign in order to divert attention from washington's mishandling of the crisis back home let's cross over to the white house and our correspondent complete hell to washington d.c. and complete all of words as you can see between the u.s. and china is not only hotting up but president trump really seems to be on a mission to castigate beijing and he responds to china's statement. well the response has echoed a report by the department of homeland security that essentially accuses china of
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downplaying the threat of covert 19 in sensually not allowing the world time to prepare adequately as a result now there's no question that the secretary of state is putting forward this there is enormous evidence to point the finger towards china in terms of securing the realities of covert 19 but at the same time none of this evidence has been put forward so the united states is also challenging china to put forward the evidence to the contrary and of course we haven't seen that either and the reason this is getting traction in the united states in terms of the finger pointing towards china by the u.s. president is the fact that this is known to be a government which is authoritarian which is not transparent and as a result this is becoming really an election issue and donald trump is looking for someone to blame there's no question about it this is an election year he has been
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criticized repeatedly by his political opponents the democratic party for ignoring the intelligence not acting quickly enough on the intelligence but the reason that the president's finger pointing is getting some traction is the fact that the reality is that people are hurting in the united states initially before the onset of cope with 19 there was historically low employment a very strong economy all of that has been obliterated so people are suffering and they are looking for someone to blame is well as the president who's trying to blame someone for the fact that he may not be reelected as a result of this pandemic so the president is finger pointing but there are many americans who are echoing those sentiments because they too are suffering losers expound on evidence and economy because everybody wants to see evidence but that evidence can be defined as intelligence in the u.s. and the full classify are huge so the public a left with just having an argument about how a more political argument about economic independence for the u.s.
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. and that's what's really convenient for both sides not just the united states but also china when the argument is that this is classified this proof or this evidence came out of a classified setting we can't share this and we can't make this public because this would risk national security it becomes very easy to manipulate and so so far we've not seen a real push for that evidence because there is that understanding but i expect that as time goes on as we get closer and closer to the u.s. election that that will change you know already we've seen in some battleground states here in the united states michigan being one of them that there is a now an ad being run that is criticizing the u.s. president for his action in the early days with regard to protecting the united states that that he ignored or downplayed the intelligence that there wasn't a swift enough action to close the borders given the fact that even though the
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president points out that he put in place a blocking of travelers from china in late january the 40000 people still did come back to the united states now these were in most cases were turning americans but again the concern is that not enough was done to stop the threat early enough so this is something that is getting some play in the united states will continue to do so but you're absolutely right when it comes to intelligence it's very easy to say we can't share this with you trust us and really it will come down to a referendum on whether americans believe the president or not come election day in november indeed for the update can be held at their all white house correspondent thank you. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour brazil's president again takes aim at social distancing measures as infections in latin america's hardest hit country rai's. also israel's political future is in the balance we'll have the latest on a legal challenge to
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a new power sharing deal and in sport our one of racing's most famous of course is one of the kentucky derby 47 years after doing it the 1st time we both went to the early limit of life to be able to. alor further flooding in sunrise quite likely with the high ground or western side it also generating showers recently and in the forecast this is the forecast for tuesday so only a few down here rather more gathering on the eastern side of the mediterranean so that event will see the temperatures drop below the 2023 mark and those blue dots are showers brought along by quite strong breeze they will swing through iraq and syria given that sort of pattern on wednesday leaving the sun to come out behind and drop in temperature all this while the clouds been wandering around central
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society is just going to make things a little bit more humidity things that he said up in riyadh about $35.00 in their home most of north africa now is bone dry which is no big surprise if that's true along the mediterranean coast and the wind directions been critical to how it feels here it's getting hard to get in tunis and tripoli into the low and then the highest thirty's next day or so the cooling breeze that shows bengazi 22 dancers egypt and further south into the sahara bringing dust with it as for showers oh along this part of actuarial africa increase in the coming north but the progress is erratic the focus of abidjan on the coast the ivory coast does give you showers daily. in countries lay mind people have been killed because we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war this was
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a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis other arabs from they came to britain to be all to help the past bombs deal's off you will rumsfeld was meeting saddam isn't that interesting there i said oh on al-jazeera throughout history human kind has come together to prevail in our darkest moments this is a moment for pretty much the opposite side laying low saving humankind by really really not getting near every generation has its moment where individual sacrifice makes way for the good of those who will come after this war is ours. who's. oh oh.
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talk about you're watching al-jazeera news hour with me is the whole rama reminder of our top news stories the search for a krone virus vaccine has received a significant funding boost france germany canada and japan are amongst the nations that have pledged billions of dollars during an online donor summit the u.s. and china are not taking parts. after 8 weeks in lockdown italy is starting to ease restrictions the construction and manufacturing sectors are restarting people are also allowed to visit family members. chinese state media say the u.s. has been throwing groundless accusations over the origins of covert 19 that's a response to your secretary of state might compare claiming that there is significant evidence the virus started in a chinese lab. hundreds of migrant workers stranded in western india have
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fought with police i i i workers from across india have been stuck in suit since covert 19 restrictions began in late march they say the government hasn't provided them with promised food and train tickets home government leaders say doctors need time to check for infections 1st well the hardest hit country in the middle east is a reopening some mosques but iran's capital tehran remains a virus hotspot president hassan rouhani says social distancing is more important than collective prayer same is in the capital. iran's government announced the names of more than $100.00 towns and cities across the country that they now consider safe or white stones these are places that health officials say have seen a dramatic drop in the rate of infection of the coronavirus mosques have the green light to go ahead and reopen their doors and in some cases friday prayer congregations will also go back to normal but it has to be said these are small
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population centers in a very big country to iran still one of the worst affected places in iran this city remains a red zone major religious sites into one musher than home in the cities places that were considered hotspots for the virus at the start of this outbreak those remain closed for now when the pandemic began in iran the government response was about weighing what was good for public health against what was good for the country's economic health some say iran implemented a lockdown too late and reopened too early now in the islamic fasting month of ramadan the country's leaders are under pressure to find a balance between managing public health and the country's spiritual health we have to remember that modern day iran was built on the back of a religious revolution this is a country that has a large and vocal population of religious people and this is one of the most religious months of the islamic calendar it's a time of religious gatherings and the government will no doubt be feeling the pressure to reopen places of mass worship some mosques like the one behind me local neighborhood houses of god have restarted limited operating hours individuals can
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go inside and pray throughout the day but as long as they maintain social distancing measures it's a small but significant nod by the government to the country's religious identity but bigger gatherings of any kind for any sort of mass worship remain forbidden. japan is holding off on easing its measures instead its tending its month long state of emergency until the end of this month at least prime minister shinzo rb says health experts will assess the situation in 10 days to see if a further extension is needed nationwide emergency measures announced a month ago empower local governors to urge businesses to close and for people to stay at home. can you feel like you know that japan has not experienced the explosive spread of infections like in other countries and some positive results are beginning to appear such as the effective reproduction number of the whole country falling below but at present there is still a considerable number of new infections and the number of infections is not
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declining at a sufficient level. i school students are back in class in vietnam primary and kindergarten children are due to resume next week 3 months after the schools were shot no cases have been reported for more than 2 weeks and none of the reported 300 infected people have died new zealand has recorded no new cases for the 1st day in 6 weeks a lockdown has been partially eased although restrictions remain for schools restaurants and public areas just over 1100 cases have been reported. we did better than many other countries we compare ourselves to and the ongoing commitment to physical distancing and staying at home has no doubt been the biggest contributor to our cases for you or if it you see and have put us at the front of the pic and everyone should feel very proud of that. brazil's amazon region has become the new frontline in the battle against covert 19
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infections are rising quickly leaving hospitals overwhelmed in the city of when else but present continues to downplay the pandemic. as. a face mask is projected on the statue of christ the redeemer the symbol of religion it's a call for awareness as the number of cases keep rising across brazil. has been marking the from the start keeps hugging and shaking hands with supporters . on sunday he once again led a protest in the capital brasilia against stay at home measures ordered by local governors as he fights against accusations of corruption from the country's congress and supreme court. we want the true independence of the 3 powers not only a fraction of the constitution we don't want that enough with interference we want
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to admit any more interference i'm being very clear patience has run out last week to replace the country's most popular anti corruption crusader former justice minister says who now accuses him of trying to meddle in police investigations against him and his sons but while the president is focused on his political problems the virus is spreading rapidly in the amazon state capital health services have been overwhelmed by the number of sick people the city is handling more than 100 deaths per day 3 times the normal average as a big mass graves to bury their dead. the mayor of man made an international plea for help as concerns grows that the virus could have devastating effects on the. indigenous tribes. we have to save the lives of 2 of the forest from.
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the disaster. like barbarism. a call for help that so far has rung hollow for a president whose critics say seems more worried about political survival keeping brazilians alive alison. holeman whose life in neighboring mexico city does seem that the political fallout and arguments between the sort of brazilian president and his critics continue the health situation in some states is causing real concern for others and it's just not being dealt with. yes that's exactly right and as i listened said there in his report brazil's president joe you are not always thinking about political survival the opinion polls show that he's had his approval rating has dropped considerably as this
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pandemic has taken its toll and his line is remain sort of the same the whole way through he sort of said 70 percent of us are going to get it so we've just got to get all we've got to take care of the elderly and the sick but everyone else you get back out to work and obviously brazil is the worst country in latin america by the coronavirus so a lot of people questioning that decision and as you saw there from the report there are about and now it's a city in the amazon region that really seems to be ground 0 at the moment. it has a mortality rate of more than 100 a day and the main appeals where you can he said this seems like a scene from a horror film that we've seen video in the weeks before all of this really this is been going on for a little bit of time now between patients by the side of that bodies in the city's hospitals we're now hearing about refrigerated trucks with more bodies parked outside of cemeteries with bodies being piled on top of the each other in mass graves have been out relatives would have complained about that so this is really
6:43 pm
a situation in that city in the amazon region but through the country which the brazilian president sort of advice to keep going as well has been ignored by a lot of state governors who are trying to force before and that sort of a tug of will there at a point where the country's in crisis and of course it's not just brazil. across the americas. it's. given as waiter is concerned about its rising numbers although the government sort of trying to say that it's got that. under control it's also over the weekend there's been news from venezuela about 8 mercenaries the venezuelan government called them terrorists arriving there on its coast 8 people that were killed apparently so the venezuelan government is saying that it's trying to deal with
6:44 pm
things on various fronts in chile neighboring to venezuela there's also. a bit of a rising situation with the coronavirus right now in terms of the number of infections there has really increased by 81 percent and some tiago especially seems to be being hit at the moment for many they're just going into lockdown at a moment when the chilean government was talking about opening things up was talking about its plan for opening things up in the new normal or see this talk a little bit about mexico where we are now this week the mexican government has been saying that it's going to go into the red zone where it estimates we have the peak the biggest number of infections the biggest number of deaths the government says that it's managing things ok at the moment in mexico city and its surrounding areas it says that about half the hospital sort of pull up but we seem to have a slight technical problem there but with john i think we sort of get the gist of what's going on across latin america it just isn't
6:45 pm
a pretty picture for the moment but let's stay in the region because international creditors are rejecting argentina's offer to restructure 60 $5000000000.00 of its foreign debt the deadline to reach a deal runs out on friday the government wants to delay repaying loan interest for 3 years and 60 percent of payments to be written off or foreign investors have warned that fail to agree will lead to a 9th debt default and yet more disaster for the economy. well on to more of the day's news now and israel's political future could become clearer the supreme court judges hear final arguments about the legality of a new power sharing deal 8 petitions have been filed against the coalition agreement between benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz the critics argue that netanyahu shouldn't be allowed to form a new government because of his indictment for corruption how the 4 cities in west jerusalem with more on how the supreme court might reach its decision there were
6:46 pm
clues from yesterday's deliberations and exchanges between the 11 justices and the various attorneys for for the parties involved it seemed pretty clear that the court was extremely sensitive about overstepping its bounds it wanted to make sure that the arguments were about the actual niceties and exactitude of the law which says that a prime minister doesn't have to step down if indicted but a minister does what exactly is the status of netanyahu as a caretaker prime minister someone who is putting himself up to take on the job again properly does he hold the status of prime minister or a minister they were examining those sorts of things so that indicates that they are pretty likely to rule in favor of netanyahu on that question it doesn't necessarily mean that they will take a similar view on the intricacies of this deal we have to see how the arguments play out there is a huge amount of pressure on the high court though not to undo all this work after
6:47 pm
3 consecutive elections which of not yielded a result there's a good deal of political pressure on that front and also there's been threats on the high court that if they were to netanyahu supporters terms overstepped their mark in all of this then there could be retaliation taken attempts to try to undermine some of their powers in the future so that's the context in which they're operating today. afghanistan's health ministry says the number of coronavirus infections in the capital could be much higher than limited testing has detected so far a random test of 500 samples suggest that 30 percent of kabul's 5000000 people could have contracted kovac 19 more than 80 deaths and 83000 cases are fishley recorded so far well cause also growing in canada to allow more foreign trained doctors to support frontline health care workers but tight regulations are leaving many shut out of the chosen profession that the lack reports now from toronto among all the trainees i have taught at this level some air ranks and i present and on oral
6:48 pm
performance samir chohan reads a letter of recommendation from a doctor who supervised him as a medical volunteer in the united states that's the only way this canadian born graduate of a foreign medical school could get work experience with the cold in 1000 crisis placing heavy burdens on canada's hospitals he's asking why young doctors with foreign qualifications find it almost impossible to work in their own country many of us are qualified very knowledgeable and skilled and we don't want those skills and knowledge to go to waste we want to use it to serve our country doctor referred suad ran baghdad's largest pediatric hospital then worked in muscat he and his wife a prominent dentist in both iraq and oman came to canada in 2013 to make sure their children had a stable future neither has been able to work would have to retrain as a g.p. which he can't afford to do so he's driving for to pay the bills.
6:49 pm
and how we have to support the. governments in canada defer to medical licensing organizations which maintain they have to be cautious about admitting doctors trained in other countries but many say foreign training could also be an asset to canadian health care we should not forget that. actually get trained in foreign countries the sometimes even bigger clinical experience because they get exposed to the least infections that would never see here in canada on terry as medical licensing body told al-jazeera it's looking into the issue but as yet to make any changes in its residency programs one of canada's most multicultural cities brampton home to many currently unemployed foreign trained medical personnel is leading one of many campaigns to usher more of them into the health care system
6:50 pm
the in treatment see of the tests and the lack of hospital residencies that are made to. be able to the foreign trained doctors so we have over $700.00 doctors who has all the tests but only $350.00 doctors actually got a residency last year so that is a huge waste of human capital attentional experts say covert 1000 will continue to challenge the medical system here for months possibly years making the need for more frontline health care workers ever more acute daniel like al jazeera toronto. and police in kuwait have berks of what they describe as a riot by egyptian workers some of these stranded like rodents were arrested as they demanded flights home egypt's embassy in kuwait apologize for the unrest and says arrangements for repatriation are being made many migrant workers all over the gulf region have lost their jobs that are desperate to leave. sport is next here on
6:51 pm
out there and it's a big day for football in italy sun i want to explain why in just a few moments stay with us here on the news.
6:52 pm
book about tough sport thank you very much a so well players and italy's top football division are finally back on the training field monday marks the 1st day that syria clubs can conduct individual practice sessions having got permission from the italian government so all those players that were the 1st side to get started training will be allowed to resume on
6:53 pm
may 18th with the league suspended since march 9th it's been one of the hardest hit countries and europe by the coronavirus with more than 28000 concerned deaths so far. well we spoke to football author nicholas bit in the air despite training and getting underway he says all parties concerned are moving towards a syria we start with extreme caution. really lacked them to really express and. i don't see them really enthusiastic but at the same dime's. really speak out against that there is start either saw what seems like a sick wish or wait and see i think that any way anyone misplaying a he's rowland's they're bracing to get enough day of football federation just say ok football need to restart but these not too much. the government
6:54 pm
that this same time clubs act labs a really really pressuring the government but they are kind of tongue with. their responsibility for. someone to get their stick positive for health reasons for doubt leggo legal point of view and also the government that we can say yes the power to completely stop completely restart that this season but that is quite cautious as well so it seems like. kind of operate out here in play where everyone is playing these roared back without assuming full responsibility the netherlands national team coach at ronald koeman has undergone a heart procedure the 57 year old complained of chest pains that following a bike ride and had the operation on sunday details of the procedure have not been revealed but he will return home later on monday as
6:55 pm
a player common though was one of holland's that biggest stars and won the european cup with barcelona and peace and often. next year's aquatics the world championships have been pushed back till 2022 the event which is being hosted by focal aka japan was meant to begin into like 2021 but will instead happen the following made the move follows the tokyo olympics being shifted to 2021 because of the global pandemic. a full time tour de france champion chris froome is not sure this year's race can go ahead the tour has been postponed until the end of august but mass gatherings are banned in france until a key supply member speaking on a web chat with former cricketer kevin pietersen from said he doubts holden eyes this will be able to fully prevent the large crowds which the race is famous for. because we can put on the race and could be precautious on television you know what i'm talking about if you get from
6:56 pm
a spectator i mean you're not going to get the same scenes as you would get going through these tunnels that people everywhere in all the rest of us maybe maybe that's the version of race we need to see this year i don't know yeah i mean in theory we can put the race on but i think the bigger question is will the organizers be able to keep people from from from from actually coming out and gathering in large crowds. one of this year's major championship golf courses that has reopened in san francisco harding parker is set to host the p.g.a. championship which has that removed from may to august it's been closed for 7 weeks and there will still be some restrictions in place such as golf is having to stay 2 metres apart the p.g.a. is one of the 3 majors there have been shifted to leighton this year along with the masters and us open the british open has been canceled altogether golf losses in
6:57 pm
the states the hope to restart the main p.g.a. tour on june 11th look well it's been there 47 years since the famous a racehorse secretary or won the kentucky derby but now he's done it again. he's won the virtual version of the race after this year's real one this boned into a september because of course on a virus the contest was between all 13 winners of racing's famous triple crown secret out of did it back in 1973 and a historian spired it does the film in 2010 this time he beat citation it into 2nd and seattle slew a finished 3rd the computerized race raised around $2000000.00 for the covert and 19 relief effort and that's what we'll have more for you later want but for now $100.00 now thanks very much son of course you can follow all of the stories on our web site the top 7 dot com i'll be back with more news on the other
6:58 pm
side of the break into live from son of me on the news our team thanks for your time and your company. what impact will called it 19 on the drop in the oil price how will the race to the white house kind of gold from survive these historic setbacks and does joe biden have what it takes to beat a. special coverage all out just. as the world fights the corona pandemic we're learning more about this every day it's
6:59 pm
a new threat that your new join our global community it's up to us when we come to be able to fight i'm sorry your question can i just honestly say i disagree directly with coming on on you tube as you are saying i'm concerned about the frontline own etheric quiet and not keeping you up to date i'm using countries going to bark and beating back successfully the stream on no just 0. choices and sacrifices made in the name of mother's love to provide the high children a woman in thailand must deprive them of the love they crave and focus this compassion and kindness on how well with us time is patience from the west. oneness with spammy travel halfway around the wilds to leave that oh mother in her cap. witness kissing mother goodbye on al-jazeera.
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every generation has a higher purpose. ours is just stay. corona virus vaccine in record time that's the aim as global leaders pledged billions to speed up research. and you want to live my headquarters here in doha also coming up families are reunited and millions returned to work as italy eases a 2 month lockdown. chinese state media slams the u.s. claims that the virus originated in the lab and calling on washed.


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