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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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a lot of people that you fight that on political issues. the people believe to tell the real story so i just meant it has to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. minneapolis bands police chokeholds as nationwide protests continue and to influence that. hello i'm mccloud this is out 0 live from time also coming up the price jobs report in the united states the unemployment rate falls raising hopes that the economy is recovering from the coronavirus lockdown but the news isn't all good. celebrations in libya as forces loyal to the u.n.
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backed government we take a key town and will often leave for half this push to capture the capital. we the national football league in it we were wrong for. an apology from the national football league in the united states it admits to making mistakes but ignoring players concerns about racial injustice and police brutality. so then a growing number of u.s. police departments are enforcing changes to their tactics in the wake of george floyd's death the city of minneapolis where he was killed is banning police chokeholds and will require officers who see colleagues using improper force to step in and stop them as well as banning chokeholds new york state plans to classify false race based calls to emergency services as a hate crime and california will start training its officers to use the type of
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restraint that killed george floyd. across this country we train techniques on strangleholds that put people's lives a risk now we can argue that these are used as exceptions but at the end of the day a carotid hold that literally is designed to stop people's blood from flowing into their brain that has no place any longer than 21st century. practices and police well let's go live now to christine standing by for us in new york and christine it seems the protests to force and change already. yes seems to be here in new york the governor andrew cuomo announced his reform bill today and he called it the save their name bill say their name is a phrase that you hear often and see on signs that demonstrations followed by the names of men and women in this country who have been killed at the hands of police
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like george bush the proposal that he has put forward would ban chokeholds among other things like putting more transparency on police misconduct records making those open to the public also criminalizing false 911 calls that. based on race something that caused controversy here in the united states recently. also another major step in this legislation would be to take investigations of police misconduct out of the hands of local district attorneys and put them into the hands of the state attorney general that because the district attorneys are seen as such by some as having a conflict of interest here because the d.a.'s work directly with the police department to prosecute crime on a daily basis one thing that the governor didn't talk about though that a lot of demonstrators are calling for a lot of civil rights groups are calling for is the defunding of the police department here in new york city where there's
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a huge police department of 35000 officers and a 6 $1000000000.00 budget. we're hearing demands to defund the department by a whole $1000000000.00 and people are saying that money could be put into programs that would help people of color and communities as opposed to putting it into more aggressive law enforcement this proposal in new york by the way i should say still has to be voted on by state lawmakers the governor is calling on them to do so as soon as next week. the governor of the seeking to address many of the concerns about police overreach members of his own force and not happy with some of the. yeah that's true there was an incident in buffalo where police pushed a 75 year old protester to the ground they were supposed to be clearing an area the man there's video of it can be seen standing there the police officer pushes him down and he hits his head and is left bleeding on the ground as the police just
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walked by the governor said he was outraged by the officers have been suspended but in response to his comments and that action 57 members of the buffalo police department this is in western new york who are part of this special emergency response team which is set up to handle demonstrations and protesters have resigned from that they haven't resigned from the police department entirely but they've resigned from the special force in protest the union said that they resigned and discuss that was his words because officers were punished for quote simply executing orders this is led to state police coming in to help the local police department and fill in the gap because of stepping down you know it just shows the difficult situation that lawmakers are in here in new york city the chief of
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uniformed police criticize the governor as well because the governor and criticizing local response to looters and saying that police have not done their job he lashed out at the governor saying that you know the police officers are out there putting their lives on the line often getting attacked themselves and video of police officers and you know being hit having bricks thrown at them having cars drive at them being run over and so forth and so there's resentment among the force that they're trying to do their job and they feel not getting the support they deserve or of course thanks very much indeed across and on the east coast. to the west coast so we can see it's due. los angeles and protest all going on its 11th day of protests now a protest going on in cities across the united states all pretty much peaceful now but no sign of them letting up and the men mentum continues as people across the
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whole spectrum of life in the united states pushing for change which as we have been hearing is already repealed diffidence. well president donald trump says u.s. of the u.s. economy is bouncing back from the effects of the current virus pandemic and that's off the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to 13 percent while the economy also regained 2 and a half 1000000 jobs in the month of may calling this all warning that the crisis is far from over as rob reynolds. u.s. unemployment declined slightly from its highest levels during the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic as some businesses and factories reopened president donald trump was quick to claim credit saying the economy is taking off as he put it like a rocket ship will go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world nothing close some economists disagree saying the economy is still staggering and millions of workers still suffering it's a small blip in what is another wise belief jobless picture i think it's important
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to remember that we had the highest level of unemployment in the u.s. census the 2nd world war last month the picture has improved likely since then we've added about 2 and a half 1000000 jobs but it is important remember that there are still 19600000 workers who are remain unemployed so much have to situation in february before the . crisis hit crisis is still a part of us in a bizarre twist trump tried to connect the unemployment numbers to the killing of george cloyd by police with a positive spin. hopefully george is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for our country this is a great day for him it's a great day for everybody presumptive democratic presidential nominee joe biden called trump's reference to floyd despicable and criticized him for boasting about
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the jobs report i was disturbed over to see the president crowing this morning. basically hanging a mission accomplished banner out there when there's so much more work to be done. so many americans are still heard trump also claimed full slee that he had ordered the country to shut down during the pandemic in fact he resisted the shutdown and criticized governors who issued stay at home orders the u.s. says nearly 2000000 confirmed covert 19 infections and more than 110000 people have died c infection rates have not claimed adequately and new cases appear to be growing in many areas of the country this is threatening to drive us into another surge of cases in the fall or center and that's going to cause another lock down the economy. speculators on wall street cheered the unemployment numbers
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driving share prices sharply higher investors' exuberance is strikingly disconnected from the death toll remaining joblessness and more than a week of nationwide protest and outrage. later trump visited a factory in maine that produces swabs for covert 900 tests as usual he didn't wear a mask rob reynolds al-jazeera. there have been scenes of jubilation in tripoli and libya after the sudden end of warlord who even have to a 14 month offensive to seize the capital people crowded into tripoli's main square celebrating the fall of the nearby city of talk you know with the remaining stronghold of have to us forces and it's pretty easy to be important base in the country's west and recognize government said it had seized the city on friday doublewide as the story. celebrating another important
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the. forces of the you and me back to government of national accord in control of tata hona the town was the last major stronghold of warlord 20 for half that in western libya after we were all keen to achieve the victory without hesitation there is a big difference between a solid fighter who fights for his cause and another one who does have weapons without a cause you will be defeated if you don't have a cause to fight for we have a cause for the air of the thousands here oh turkey's military support has helped government troops to a series of territory and gains in recent weeks including a debate is needed the tunisian border as well as ending have turned 13 month attempt to capture tripoli there was the will of russian mystery's whole photo alongside how to this men contributed to their defeat have to the self declared army which is backed by russia the united arab emirates and egypt sad its troops
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who are being thrown from tripoli in all those to give the ceasefire talks at chance turn who now was the main launching pad for the offensive against the capital that haftar his forces finally abandoned this week d.n.a. commanders had forces had reached the sintered altar after entering from 4 sites that we captured on that. i discovered that about me in the end of the fighting as the government forces say that they are determined to. face perhaps a. further south for the city of anyone. for half the. means the in build his military campaign to seize the capital tripoli but house continues to control eastern libya where there is a paddle in administration in toppled as we'll as large parts of the south with the
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main oil fields are located in the united nations has one recent flood of weapons and fighters to both sides in libya risks a major new is killing has those offensive on tripoli has launched from 2 key strongholds the 1st was a what was taken not too long ago and the 2nd was. after the fall of the what the forces knew that they could not hold on to. the offensive so they began to withdraw some of their troops and you diplomatic effort is underway to try to restart talks on the last thing ceasefire and indeed years of conflict since have to launch a military campaign known as operation dignity in the east of the country in 2014 called up and were paid. to hona. are still ahead here in algiers. 3 years on since the blockade of qatar by its neighbors we look at how the dispute is being
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played out online. and the un again warns about potential war crimes in the democratic republic of congo. hello demo c.-k. conditions that you draw across much of north asia meanwhile to the south where you can see all this that is where the heavy rain is of course and the forecast but meanwhile is the woman up into hanoi in vietnam and people assail a bit cooler with an umbrella attached keeping the sun off but it's really about the rain as we go through saturday this is the seasonal rains you see this time of year the yet my you buy your front extending right the way to the east of japan because he wanted to cross into home she says saturday maybe even on sunday that sunny of a warm day 27 a saka 20 celsius up into separate but very woman beijing in this case guys with
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a high of $35.00 meanwhile the rains will linger across the southern areas very heavy at times it could lead to muslim and of course some localized flooding and then we had across towards india all this mass you can see here this is the remnants of the recent tropical cycle as the meeting very quickly throttled in india but of course it did produce some to wrench the rain so i still has some flood water in the streets it'll take a while for these floodwaters to recede particularly factor in the southwest monsoon it is very prevalent at the moment it sounds a little bit ahead of its usual track and as we go through saturday it does tend to push up into the north on the west but the rains very heavy particular sunday into canada but also extending quite nasty across into tom i'm not. a journey of personal discovery my great grandfather he was a slave of the leave property al-jazeera is james caan and expose his family's
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legacy and sleeve ownership you know like my family status and wealth has benefited from to try to save people and america's debt to the black people today some over so scar we even skew to speak out because it's a problem with. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. and again you're watching al-jazeera reminder the top stories this hour and the growing number of u.s. police departments are changing their tactics in the wake of the george floyd killing new york state and the city of minneapolis have moved to ban police chokeholds among other policy changes. there's been an unexpected fall in the u.s.
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unemployment rates with a figure from a down to 13.3 percent while it indicates the u.s. economy is recovering the unemployment rate for black and asian workers it's slightly higher. and they're being seen to jubilation in libya after the sudden end of world who never have to 14 month offensive to seize the capital tripoli here and recognize government said it had seize a nearby city of to huda on friday. now n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell has apologized for the way the u.s. football league handled players' protests against police brutality in 2016 calling to panic and others began needling before games when the national anthem was played by nick was fired from his team and sanford's san francisco 49 ers and has never been hired sent google says the league was wrong for not listening to black players concerned and were not encouraged peaceful protests against racism week the national football league condemned racism in the systematic oppression of black
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people we the national football league image we were wrong for not listening to n.f.l. players earlier and encourage all just speak out peacefully protest read the national football league leave act lives matter. and a straight encoders band of black lives matter protests planned for saturday in sydney really came as 2000 people marched in the capital of canberra in solidarity with the us demonstrations but also highlighting racial inequality you name a much larger rally was planned for sydney but police say it could spread coronavirus front says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in north africa the french defense minister says the abdul malik juked al was killed on thursday in the northwest mali town of testily as several live through could bill is in a circle also killed in the operation tens of thousands of protesters have rallied in mali's capital calling for the president to resign demonstrators say that
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abraham. and his government have failed to tackle a worsening security situation since 2013 has struggled to control rebel violence but 1st broke out in the north of the country protest is also voiced their anger if a corruption arbitrary arrests and allegations of vote rigging during parliamentary elections in april it was hacked has more from dhaka in neighboring sena goal and he says the protests in mali on precedented. thousands of protesters have surrounded the presidential palace with a heavy security presence around the palace to protect the president and his office this following a speech from the influential cleric who had organized this protest mahmoud depot who called on president to step down with dignity all throughout the day we saw an unprecedented gathering 20000 people on the streets of never we've seen so many people since their return from democracy in 1901 people chanting for the
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resignation of president. mubarak now this cleric who was once a close ally to kate who had called on people to vote for him is now saying that he should step down and that he has failed his promise of bringing back peace to mali just a few numbers 4000000 people in mali are in need of humanitarian assistance a 1000000 people displaced this year alone and 4000 people killed people have had enough with the violence and the failure of the state to protect the population the u.n. says more than 1300 people have been killed during fighting in the democratic republic of congo in the past 3 months conflicts involving a number of armed groups and government forces have been escalating the violence forced more than half a 1000000 people to flee the. un's high commissioner for human rights says some incidents may amount to war crimes account as foreign minister is hoping you told
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us with other gulf states could help in the land sea blockade imposed on the country it is 3 years since neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates along with egypt and bahrain isolated cutter. mohammed bin up to rahman al tony says it got it open to dialogue. yes there is a proposed initiative and there's a positive atmosphere around it and we hope that it leads to positive results can he not. there was a negotiation between saudi arabia and cattle which i talked about last year unfortunately that negotiation though it shaved some success the general public also noticed however it ended abruptly from the saudi side they may have their reasons but from our side the reasons were not clear because the negotiations started positively it ended abruptly and things escalated shortly after. reports on what led to the blockade and what the deadlock has meant for carter and the gulf region. may the 20th 2017
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donald trump arrives in sunday arabia his 1st trip abroad as u.s. president trumps aim was to have wealthy gulf nations join the u.s. bid to defeat i still to help and the war in syria and contain what the u.s. described as iran's growing influence but that was a short lived hope. 4 days later the website of qatar's news agency was hacked and fabricated statements posted attribute it to the emir of qatar quit ical of u.s. policies in the region the washington post subsequently cited u.s. intelligence officials saying the u.a.e. orchestrated the hacking that was just the beginning on june the 5th sardi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt severed diplomatic ties with qatar and imposed
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a land sea and air blockade which continues until now. the qatari government strongly denies allegations of supporting extremism qatar also condemned a list of demands from the quartet as a breach of sovereignty the 13 demands included big relations with iran closing a turkish military base and shutting down the al-jazeera media network there is no appetite at the moment in the international community to to get involved in the gulf crisis the covert 1000 condemning it has really consumed pretty much any policy making capacity in western capitals and other international capitals everybody's looking at dealing with that pandemic any insecurities across the middle east and the gulf crisis just one of many crisis in the middle east have been put on the back burner this is the man widely seen by qatar as the architect of the blockade mohammed the crown prince of all the b.
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and effectively the ruler of the united arab emirates benz daid and saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin said nan both strongly oppose calls for democratic reforms that have gained momentum in the region since the arab spring uprisings 9 years ago this is the law and they're going to do that was small too little on the challenges are huge we're talking that's not about the. challenges then but i guess that we are talking about not well and you know you can are mix. in that mix social environment and all of these as well as of course the hard security all of these going only that it all the region works together as well you know. qatar has ruled out withdrawing from the g.c.c. and says it welcomes talks with its rivals but only when the blockade is lifted.
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according to the wall street journal trump has recently called on sandy arabia and the u.a.e. to and their ban on qatari airlines using their space but this was turned down by the saudis and emirates is who believe the risk riches are their only leverage to extract concessions from qatar the roll cage has left lasting ones for qatar raise they hope their gulf live all's well manned the diplomatic rest one day but this quartet remain divided over a wide range of issues that reconciliation may take a long time how about al-jazeera doha president jaya belsen history it and to pull brazil out of the world health organization unless it stops becoming what he calls a partisan political organization his comments came just hours after the country reported a new daily record of 1473 coronavirus deaths overtaking italy opening
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a field hospital in the state of ghosts the president branded protesters opposed to his handling of the crisis as terrorists and delinquents new record means a brazilian is dying of covert $900.00 every minute the total number of deaths now stands at more than $34000.00 despite the growing toll state governments have been easing coronavirus restrictions but health experts warn the economy is reopening too fast. venezuelan migrants wanting to return home are stranded in unsanitary conditions in neighboring colombia because of the coronavirus pandemic at least 300 people are in a makeshift camp on the outskirts of the northern outskirts of the capital but israel is limiting how many can return each day to stem the spread of the virus and it's on to rome p.r.t. sent us this update from the camp vote a toughie. the number of people that the venezuelan story piece are allowing back
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in the country has been reduced and is being reduced every week they went from roughly 800 people who now at times less than 80 every single day in just a 2 formal crossings that have been authorized to operate as humanitarian corridors on the border so what happens is that there are houses of venezuelans that are out of a job have lost their homes in some cases they've been kicked out of their rentals being unable to pay because of their home their maker they are now trying to go back and they're not able to get stock along the route so we spoke to a family for example here that have walked 13 days to arrive here they had been told that they could have got in on a bus here that some governmental organization were organizing tollers the border but with the situation at the border getting more complicated by the day colombia
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now terry does have decided and nobody can leave as at least for a while until the situation changes the border. it is well development day and the un is calling for greater efforts to protect the planet's living systems this year's focuses on biodiversity which is under threat like never before the un says recent events such as wildfires in the amazon and locust infestations across east africa showed just how fragile the world's ecosystems have become the emergence of covert 19 has also highlighted the ever decreasing frontier between wildlife and humans 75 percent of emerging infectious diseases can jump from animals to humans and $1000000.00 species are under threat of extinction experts want to action must be taken now to prevent an irreversible collapse in biodiversity or create short is the senior vice president at the african wildlife foundation and he explains why biodiversity is so crucial to our survival. biodiversity is important from
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a static standpoint needless to say but more importantly humankind is linked to diversity biodiversity throughout the world and we're reliant upon. and without it so our life is is is going to be shortened i think we have no doubt about that human kind is it's not going to continue to evil we're very very linked to 'd a reliance on natural ecosystems and environmental services and for that reason we need that said i think we've 'd got to be very very careful in terms of how we intervene on all natural ecosystems because we've got evidence in front of this given what's happening in the world today that that if in fact we intervene in the wrong way it's going to have a dramatically negative impact on on human where we're taking a look at the pendent me that's in front of the world at this particular point and and i think there's lots of scientific evidence at this point that indicates that
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that's linked to wild animal markets and likely nam's intervention in that population or pangolin populations the sale of those illegal. traffic wild species is likely because of this and demick this additional point. this is out there these are the top stories and a growing number of us police departments are changing their tactics in the wake of the joint floyd county new york state in the city many of us have been have moved to ban a piece of charcoal to munch on a policy changes california would also stop training its officers to use the type of restraint that lead to step. across this country we train techniques on strangleholds. that put people's lives at risk now we can argue that these are
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used as exceptions but at the end of the day carotid hold that literally is designed to stop people's blood from flowing into their brain that has no place any longer than 21st century practices and policing. the n.f.l. commissioner has apologized for the way the u.s. football league handled the players' protests against police brutality in 2016 colin kaepernick and others began kneeling before games while the national anthem was played when it was fired from his team has never been hard since. there has been an unexpected fall in the u.s. unemployment rates with the figure from a down to 13.3 percent while it indicates u.s. economy may be recovering it was a slight increase in the jobless rate for black and asian because it had been scenes of jubilation in libya after the sudden end of warlord who need to have to his 14 month offensive to seize the capital tripoli the un recognized government
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said it and seized the nearby city of talk you know on friday. france says it's killed the leader of al qaeda in north africa the french defense minister says i can tell died in an operation on thursday in northwest mali tens of thousands of protesters have rallied to mali's capital calling for the president to resign they say that abraham group calculator and his government have failed to tackle a worsening security situation president jaya both scenarios has threatened to pull brazil out of the world health organization unless it stops what starts becoming what he calls a partisan and political body his comments came just hours after the country reported a new daily record of coronavirus death overtaking it. here today with headlines got more news here on al-jazeera right after inside story from.
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days numb but the libyan war loses his last stronghold in the west turkey's military intervention the time this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program and its. missions in libya are unraveling quickly warlord launched an offensive 14 months ago to capture the capital tripoli from the u.n. record.


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