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tv   The Listening Post 2020 Ep 23  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2020 5:32pm-6:00pm +03

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the tally from u.s. based johns hopkins university the total infection count since the pandemic began is now edging toward $7000000.00 but brazil's government has stopped publishing its running total of coronavirus deaths in infections president roh has been criticized for months for downplaying the pandemic says the disease totals are not representative of the situation. china says if it is able to develop a coronavirus vaccine it will be made available for people around the world the science and technology minister made the pledge while presenting a white paper on china's fight against covert 19 and after gains in april china's trade figures of slipped back into negative territory exports in may we're down more than 3 percent compared to the same time last year global demand has been hit by coronavirus restrictions and economic slowdowns that's my lot for the day thanks for your company paid adobe has the news hour in half an hour right after the listening post with richard. tool to use their own. let me ask you how worried you
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are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all b. 30 action these is the moment to concentrate on fighting over why did we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that one of those is their own. police trust sponsors chess. talent assets trusts. track. tribes i'm. asked to cost america. hello i'm richard burton you're watching the listening post working from home here are some of the media elements we're examining this week 9 minutes in minnesota and the aftermath why does it take nationwide unrest and outrage before the u.s. media give the racial inequality story the coverage it deserves in iran and china the demonstrations in the u.s. have delivered the perfect opportunity for state media and politicians to take some
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pot shots at america exposed from above drone cameras and how they're being used in investigations plus a step by step guide on how your privilege sets you up and. sets others back. for months here at the listening post we've been asking ourselves what kind of new story will it take to knock over 19 out of the headlines to supplant even temporarily a global pandemic as the top news story we now know the answer to that racially charged social unrest sweeping america on a scale not seen in decades showdowns in city after city between demonstrators and police authoritarian noises and tactics coming out of the trump white house from the phone camera that captured the police killing of george floyd to twitter flagging how dangerous this president's tweets can be to all those video showing
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police attacking journalists and then finally to the lengths that the white house will go to get a photo opportunity there is no shortage of media angles to this story our starting point this week is may 25th 2020 in minneapolis minnesota. remember the name of a fridge if not for her grave you would have probably never heard the name george clooney or the perpetrators me you know debra showed. there were other cameras the recording of what was unfolding back day in minneapolis but the video the 17 year old frasier shown on her from the angle she captured is the one you know best the one that shocked it was one act of citizen journalism and the country is now dealing with the consequences 1st of all it let us be clear if we had not seen this. then we wouldn't be talking about it there wouldn't have been any protests so
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i think it was purely about what we saw the video evidence was so shocking woman who took it was very brave to do that it is notable that someone outside of the vision of trumps america was the person to bring to light what trumps america looks like for the rest of us. we see the power of citizen media in this moment where a black teenage girl by virtue of a cell phone video was the person that helped open up mainstream media's lead and about the effect that the president is having on the country. america was soon swept with protests flooded with the rich. demonstrate sin city after city fighting with men in uniform police cars stuck in stations. dozens of journalists assaulted and arrested by. god. then came the curse of
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the mobilizing of the national guard and the protesters gathered at the gates of the white house where donald trump was in the basement bunker. not a good look for a would be strong guy no no 'd let's go so the next day the white house countered with some imagery of its own through a photo opportunity designed to deliver a message to trump's political base evangelical american christians that. if. you had to make some sort of statement so he ordered the police around the white house to use tear gas to see to clear a path he walked to school church and then trump stood outside and held a bible in the air a book he's never read the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff the top military officer in the united states accompanied the president that was he wore his battle uniform his adult fatigues in common flush the fact that he chose to wear
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what he would wear to battle while he walked through the streets of washington d.c. is one of the more frightening things i have ever seen in my country was a clear signal to his most steadfast supporter that he is willing to go to any length to see. support his stay in power so he created this moment. or a photo opportunity and the most disturbing part about that was he got it president because what people will see her take away people who only focus on one part of the aecl chamber that in this country it is fox news for that proud to look like a win for it's really represented a middle finger to americans who stand in solidarity with the black people of this country who have been so abused and oppressed and i think his message resonated with his base. donald trump gets to his base through different
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information pipelines on the broadcast side he relies on fox news and despite some periodic criticism there such as what he heard this week for not cracking down harder on protestors what the president were seen during on fox still stands by trying. is the president's social media platform of choice followed by facebook for years their respective c.e.o. jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg have been pressured to block trump's output over in accuracies and works on may 29th one trump tweeted about thugs on the streets saying that when the looting starts the shooting starts twitter intervened in a way it never has before slapping a warning label on the tweet saying that the president of the united states was glorifying violence in this case it wasn't that sweater thought well this is going too far it was the outrage from other twitter users saying look you have the leader
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of the united states inciting violence here some people get blocked or banned from twitter for much less than that and really what twitter did they still felt a little sore because quite honestly that's what this is that got him banned facebook on the other hand is simply chosen to ignore its own rules and pander to the president mark zuckerberg was quoted in the new york times saying that he distinguishes what trump did from a call for violence because trump was calling for state violence which zuckerberg now says is allowed well this is going to be a shock to the. head of the military junta in myanmar who had his facebook account blocked when he called for state violence against minority so facebook is once again deciding to hold trump to a different standard than even the other world leaders who are engaged in authoritarian violence. this is the new story where donald trump's attacks on
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american journalists all that enemies of the people just came home to roost i am right now the thing i'm down and. apparently carrying press credentials or having a camera is no longer enough to shield american reporters and crews from overzealous congress. good evening we are witnessing a failure of presidential leadership and c.n.n. and m s n b c brand themselves as the fact checking truth telling tough on trumped news travels the country needs right now to cause them provoke the fog here on the part they leave out is the central role they play in helping him get to the white house in the early stages of the 2016 campaign those networks couldn't get enough of candy to trump the conflict and so they are in the ratings he delivered and even after he took office and those networks grew more and more critical of the
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president they remained a commercially addict to the trump story james gray better hope that there are no tapes of our conversation. for he starts leaking. press may 12th 2017 is a case in point trump was tweeting that day about his nemesis at the f.b.i. james komi the networks were typically transfixed while another story a significant one for african-americans was getting short shrift and they were going to prevail over this piece of information. i suppose that's interesting but that very thing then attorney general jeff sessions announced the local prosecutor as an attorney the cross the country could start pursuing maximum sentences against people just like that be brought back mandatory minimum mandatory minimum sentence merica having this of course an adverse impact on communities of color the civically black people so this is something that impacts the rising majority of
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this the country but in the media chose to focus on donald trump's tweet and that's just a microcosm for how the media often misses the mark what i think the media should do is 1st of all to figure out why these people in the governor's offices and the like in the president's united states even before trump why they have not carried out these reforms and why do we keep having the same thing happen over and over and over and they might ask public officials what do you intend to do about all of the underlying causes and tensions that are in the society now and about police reform what are you guys going to do ask them that we've seen that the trump presidency media has essentially game and by corporate media 'd it's structures its norms and its values one of the core values of corporate media is to report on conflict and this is a president who thrives on creating conflict and does that very well and so corporate
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media follow suit by pursuing headlines and any macam or towards this person instead of actually framing the news or the american people old habits are very very hard to abandon but that is the challenge for corporate media today. we're joined now by one of our producers we not sure ravi to discuss some of the international reporting of the story that still unfolding in the us me now you've been across a lot of media output in both china and iran 2 countries with political axes to grind with washington what have you been seeing. there's been a lot of finger wagging richard with some shodan freude thrown in especially in the media outlets that are state run or state owned and stuck with china during this pandemic tensions have really ratcheted up between beijing and washington d.c. with the white house repeatedly blaming china for the spread of the could on of itis there's been a lot of back and forth on that between media outlets in both the u.s.
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and china and china's domestic news channel c.c.t.v. has taken the story of the u.s. protests and tied it in with the shortcomings in the white house's pandemic response. 30 town or their seen 13 eating megan comment below. leaving or to the sheer bit make one comment. that hailsham me and many. other fail she. will mean don't see it's only that content is for domestic consumption on the international front you have c t t m which is china's international t.v. news channel they haven't felt the need to vamp up much of their coverage of the us protests the pictures of the facts really do speak for themselves i have seen some clips where comparison is made between what they call legitimate protests in the united states which is what happening in hong kong where there are demonstrations against beijing's control that they call politicized or u.s.
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funded moving beyond china what we're seeing coming out of iran these days there's a lot to see both in broadcast media and in the tweets of some prominent politicians on press t.v. which is in an english language international news channel there's been extensive coverage of the chaos in the united states and the brute force of the troops out on the streets what are statements of fact it's just the tone in the framing that's exaggerated what's really caught my eye however has been the political tweets how many times have we seen u.s. political figures where it honestly sing demonstrations over economy or political matters tweeting their solidarity towards iranians community leaving out the part. the u.s. led sanctions that are crippling iran's economy now this week we've seen iran's foreign minister judge city from all over twitter he took a statement that was issued by u.s. secretary of state my point peo back in 2018 relating to under-estimate on and he connected all of the text to pleasing iran with america or american people and
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making a couple of other changes highlighting some flagrant double standards ok thanks rick. sometimes capturing an image or a single video can have a transformative effect george floyd's killing is an example of that because the video speaks for itself that's why it sent so many americans on to the streets and anyone contending with state violence whether they're in minneapolis hong kong or the middle east knows that sometimes all they need to make their case to expose illegality is the right picture it's why mobile phone footage is all over the news it's also why journalists have turned to images from space satellite pictures to expose china's secret wigger prison camps but there are some places that satellites and phones cannot go the space between that's where drones coming television journalists love drone images for the perspective and scope that they provide
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advertisers use them for their cinematic quality its effect on consumers but drones are also being used to provide irrefutable photographic evidence of human rights abuses and illegality the listening posts often now on drones and how they are being used in investigations around the world but 1st a word of warning this story includes some disturbing images. when the lockdowns came in much familiar places became unrecognizable. sure the fifty's and emptied of life. in the late fifty's filled again with the youth demanding justice. the drone can capture images of dark inequality in a place like cape town. they fly close enough that you can see the shadows of
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children marched through an immigration fence in texas. from a distant. that you get the scale of the destruction wrought on a city like output. images taken from above can form some of the decisions we make on the ground. can you hear me ok. josh lyons works every geospatial on of this he uses drones to gather evidence from the sky josh you recently did the kind of investigation in syria that would have been impossible without the drone walk through how you got started well we have been obviously working on multiple issues in syria since the start of the conflict and one question the 2014 u.n. colleagues. showed me a video and asked my advice are in the video was truly horrific. what it
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captured was a summary execution of 3 men in your town in northern syria by isis forces and then cut to them dumping their bodies this large natural or such and the immediate question was well how many more people are changed out there how long as isis and using this location. when the british forces we took that area they opened up the possibility to go and so when we got there it became obvious very quickly that it was contaminated with multiple unexploded munitions to potentially be trapped by isis. we didn't know how deep it was and so this profile from the pressure raises a lot of questions of utilities well the drone even operates in this case beyond our sight immediately the drone was almost destroyed by
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a flock of birds. and then it lost the g.p.s. signal and the drugs crashed but it managed to get out and when it showed us was something. we had not expected. to get something for the body there's one. bodies human remains that were obviously. fresh the drugs also provided us with heat it's a evidence that we needed to help our you in advance for. professional forensic examination and then to identify the human remains and return to the families you're clearly using drones as a force for good but also the ethical issues around using a technology that with developed for the beta. there are some that in this space
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who are advocating for free and unfettered and access to all drone imagery unconditionally this has led i think to quite a substantial out of the general car when you collect drone imagery or her very vulnerable communities you can see things in their backyard you can see things about their possessions about their their beliefs about their personal wealth that can be weaponized against them in so many different ways and the obligation when we collect the street use not to needlessly slash it around the world without 1st taking pretty chilled. reviewer and and a sense that the inherent risks. drones can feed things some would prefer to remain on theme like illegality in the amazon of pay to where one bug is using drones to protect the environment. one you know using drones for
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monitoring the. in the amazon jungle what if they help to uncover. yes india in the remote areas from peru we've got a serial child and we've got deforestation we've got drug trafficking producing cocaine but the main problem here though we've got illegal mike whatever done much we do to that territory by lea of mining it will stay there for sara 100 years so it turns like a new gun survey in these remote illegal mines but they also let you go in under tact it yeah definitely the doing which makes a big difference because it particularly in this remote is an area that conventional medical are using planes or helicopters in the case of peru in our military's armed forces we've got helicopters but very noisy
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so when they even start the engine everybody and their uncle knows what's going on but when we use our drawings we can be on the year 2 or 3 hours and then we come on the door everything that they were doing without they even notice so with all this information we go through our story and we show where they were doing not only this week but the previous week the previous month and so on so so that's why combining all these new technologies we may be able to present to you have tory doesn't if we can. stop killing matheson works on how the video can be leveraged to protect people's human rights for it's all about how different forms of visual evidence work together to corroborate each other kelly what are some of the inventive ways communities a bringing all of these methods together to expose wrongdoing. so i draw my
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inspiration for combining phone footage shot footage and satellite imagery from this incredible indigenous community that is deep in the amazon forest in ecuador. it's the cost of. and the coastline have been indigenous starred they're out there all the time monitoring their forests and defending their land and they told me the story about a day that when they were out they heard this low hum in the forests. so they flew the drone over the site so they could see what was happening and determined that it was eagle gold mining they'd learned that the ecuadorian government had basically given the headwaters of the of what rico river to the mining industry so then they went out and logically collected footage on the grounds of the water the polluted
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water running into the river of the compacted soil of the just straight forest then they brought a lawsuit against the ecuadorian government they took the phone footage the drones let it in the satellite imagery brought it into court and it was a robust evidentiary record that no one could dismiss. and the court ended up finding for the clothes on and they said a landmark precedent for indigenous people all throughout the region the work you do revolves around using video evidence would certainly think about the perspective you get from arrow images that is so powerful. from an environmental perspective i think there's a lot of people out there who believe that we as it is he managed he can't. destroy the worlds we don't have that power the earth is is too powerful and it will bounce back but i think often times when you see that drone
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footage of the destruction that's happening right before our eyes it allows us to imagine the unimaginable eliza's to observe what can't otherwise readily be observed and i think it's powerful for us to be able to see how we are destroying the planet and in turn destroying our own chances of survival. and finally if you want to stand what it means to be privileged step up privilege is a word we're hearing plenty of these days in fact the silver lining of the social unrest now sweeping america maybe that a lot of people now find themselves considering how privileged they really are thinking about it in ways that they hadn't before. things like walking into
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a corner store without being racially profiled or having no reason to fear for your life when you're pulled over by the police about a year ago an american christian organization called link here produced this video that gives you a step by step illustration of how privilege or the lack of it positions us in the game of life it's seeing a resurgence online and we're leaving you with an excerpt we'll see you next time here at the listening post the winner of this race. will take this. before i say good. i'm going to make a couple of statements. statements apply to you. i want you to take 2 steps. at those statements don't apply to you. i want to stay right where you're trying to set your. case.
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take 2 steps forward if you had access to. take 2 steps forward if you never knew more about yourself. take 2 steps and you never had to help mom or dad with the bill. to send. the money because of your magic ability. you don't have to pay for college . i want you guys up here in the front just to look. every state may not make. has nothing to do with anything any of you have done and it's only because you have this big star that you're possibly going to win this race.
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holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. its role in the world on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter derby you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes donald trump withdraws the national guard from washington d.c. despite massive protests against racism and police brutality the u.s. president has just said.


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