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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2020 5:00am-5:33am +03

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but. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of rain could be this is europe on al-jazeera. north korea announces that it will resume military exercises on the border and boost its presence in the demilitarized zone after blowing up a building used for talks with the south. hello i'm adrian for them this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up india says the 20 of its soldiers have died after fighting with chinese troops on the disputed border high in the himalayas. the trumpet ministration sues for aid john
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bolton to stop in publishing what's expected to be a damning insider account. and the new u.s. sanctions designed to further isolate syria's president force him to make concessions. the day after north korea blew up a liaison office that was used to communicate with south korea its military is announcing further escalations the army says that it will redeploy troops near the heavily fortified border and demilitarized zone it also intends to resume regular military exercises and to reestablish guard posts in frontline areas on top of this north korea has rejected south souls' offer to discuss reducing tensions let's go live that apology which is on the south korean side of the border al jazeera swap mcbride is the what's the look at the mood there now rob after these latest
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moves from north korea. i think throughout south korea there is a general sense of disappointment at what has taken place also a sense of growing concern just about how how bad this battle will get with the war of words that seems to be developing but i think also in south korea that there is a sense of we have seen this before south koreans of course are no stranger to these kinds of crises and into korean relations the last one of course was 2017 just before this period of reconciliation when the south korean peninsula would almost seem to be on the brink of war but before that you had 2030 and before that 2006 so there is a feeling of a history here repeating itself but i think there was a feeling this time generally that this could have been different that there were real chances of a breakthrough where we are do this is about as close as you can get in south korea to the d.m.z. it is actually still a few kilometers and
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a lot more barbed wire further on from here but it is it does give you a sense of the history of the conflict but also of the potential of future coexistence of the hopes of which were still alive until very recently we have the main rail connections here between north and south one of them is a rail bridge that was destroyed during the war and has been has remained so but the other connection was restored and then in a previous round of reconciliation of talks the rail link between north and south was reconnected and there was a real hope that with the improving relations this time around they would make enough progress that they could actually restart rail links train services between north and south that would have been remarkable breakthrough but of course they are hopes that now seem very far away indeed especially given the kind of vitriol we have coming from the north the kind of words being used by junk for example the sister of north korea's leader branding and moving jay in the president of south
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korea as brazen and shameless it really does seem as though we're returning to some of the acrimony of the past and what's the context here rob why is north korea doing this now. stenciled lee the north koreans say that this is because the south koreans have failed to prevent defective groups here in south korea from releasing balloons that take propaganda messages floating over the d.m.z. into the north certainly those kind of actions do angered north korea but that's being seen largely as an excuse and that what is probably behind it is a deep sense of frustration after going down this road of go see a sions with south korea after negotiations with the united states north korea believes it has nothing to show for all of that and has given an awful lot of weight for nothing in return so this seems to be lashing out in frustration maybe possibly sending a message to the united states but it's really debatable just how closely the
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united states is listening at the moment and i think there is a feeling that the moon jay and of south korea travel to pyongyang gave an unprecedented speech in 2018 to a stadium tens of thousands of north koreans there is a feeling as though the north koreans really put themselves out they could have expected more in return possibly a certain naivety on their part that they overestimated just how much moving jay in the south koreans could move the international community or could also move and budge the position of the united states al jazeera as robin bride reporting from park on the south korean side of the border many thanks rob. indian and chinese officials are blaming each other for a deadly brawl in a disputed region of the himalayas 20 indian soldiers were killed when a standoff of a construction escalated to stone throwing in fistfights both countries insist that
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no shots were fired at the to share the world's longest unlocked border the line in yellow is the so-called line of actual control but there are several disputed areas on either side one of the main ones is exide chin which is claimed by india but it's been administered by china since 1962 when the 2 countries went to war over the border the most recent serious tension was in 2017 of the chinese road construction in an area between the nepal and tom lived out of beijing and out a serious katrina you know how is this playing out in the media in china. well we've had a chinese military spokesperson from the p l a give a statement or of the night and he basically reflected what china's foreign ministry had said earlier he laid the blame completely at the foot of the indian side saying that they broke an agreement and that is why this this deadly wrong he
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also said that this also cation took place in an area which was clearly chinese territory so he blames completely the indian side for stirring up trouble essentially now the chinese media have generally tended to take a very nationalistic tone when it comes to this border issue in previous weeks but today surprisingly it's quite a dance in tone and saying that it reflects that this statement from the p.l.o. a spokesperson saying it was clearly india's fault but also calling for calm and dialogue and i think that probably does reflect some of the the chinese government's intention to really not want this to reach all out escalation all out conflict one thing the global times chinese state media newspaper spoke about was that the indians lighted had been making 2 misjudgments now the 1st misjudgment is that china will not want to enter a confrontation saying that china will not back down from a confrontation if necessary and then that china is 2nd in his judgment is that
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china's military is not up to the task and also saying that if it will if it is pushed that china's military will go into this conflict and it will prevail so we had some nationalistic tone there but also overall i think the state media here had been trying to say that peace and dialogue is the way to go forward all right so how do we reach this point why change the building along the border. well we've had strained tensions along this border for decades now as you mentioned over the line of actual control which side controls which part of territory in this disputed area now there hasn't been any deaths in decades so this is extremely significant that what happened here on monday but in recent months these tensions have been getting more and more strained both sides have been both string their military presence there certainly just earlier this month nor that chinese military
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troops were sent to that area and conducted exercises amid a time when they were supposed to be engaging also in deescalating dialogues and for months now they've had these scuffles at times they've been reports that these soldiers are literally staring down staring down at each other eyeball to eyeball with these tensions so it's been quite a tense tinder kind of spot where a spark could really set things things off quite easily so it seems that with the military buildup on both sides and with nationalistic strongman leaders as well fanning. hostile rhetoric that perhaps the this this. this will this brought essentially was was due to happen at some point 0 to trigger you live in beijing true but he thinks. a cheap and widely available steroid can dramatically cut the death rate from covert 19 a new drug trial in the u.k.
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is shown. in reduced deaths by round a 3rd among those with the most cute acute cases of infection the world health organization is describing the results of a clinical trial as a lifesaving scientific breakthrough viruses killed more than 440000 people worldwide brazil has reported a record of almost 35000 new corona virus infections in just 24 hours but one of the officials leading the response to the outbreak says the situation is under control brazil has the 2nd highest number of infections after the united states at least 45000 people have died or schools in china's capital are closed and some neighborhoods back in lockdown as beijing city government tries to stamp out new infections another 31 cases have been reported for at least 100 others were linked to wholesale food markets to syria's priyanka gupta reports. charlie stanton so
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working to find the origins of a new cause of 900 that's led to parts of the camp. posing a lockdown authorities say the corona virus strain found in dozens of confirmed cases this past week appears to have originated elsewhere the why is the strain epidemic in the. chain is different from it was 2 months ago it clearly indicated the driver's strain it may epidemic thread in that european countries so it from outside of china brought to you by. the government says the infection sunday edition to market the provides 80 percent of the captain's food. a 1000 workers from the market happen tested at 30000 restaurants across the city disinfected people living nearby have been sent to hospitals for testing almost 30 neighborhoods have been locked down people who
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recently visited the market have been told to self oscillate for 2 weeks because the bleeders say they're not taking any chances they want to eat sounds i wonder how that wouldn't rank islander since the epidemic occurred as she found the wholesale market on june 11th there have been 106 new confirmed domestically transmitted kovac 19 cases the epidemic prevention and control of beijing is in a severe situation. the government has reactivated social distancing measures entertainment and sporting venues have been closed and people are being encouraged to walk from home. long distance buses leaving the city have been suspended beijing arrested 7 told not to travel those who do must undertake to we quarantine periods at the destination the shin for the cluster has already reached 3 other chinese provinces the chinese government says the next few days will be crucial if the
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numbers to mean stable the authorities say the current measures will be enough to contain the outbreak but a sharp increase will mean but stricter measures will be needed to prevent a possible 2nd wave. odds event. a weather update thanks to an officer at then. without police there is chaos without law there is an arche and without safety there is catastrophe u.s. president on the trump signs the order that he says will encourage better policing thanks no mention of a national debate over races. and how high profile football or forced the u.k. government to reverse its decision over free school meals. hello that most likely conditions across northern sections of asia can see what the
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crowd is is for the south and still of course continuing to make its way east was off the coast of china but some nice sunny skies in seoul to end the day i mean one of the clear into shanghai but the re not as heavy here as it has been to the north of that same story on wednesday very heavy amounts of rain all may way towards the korean peninsula and western japan and certainly thursday is the day to expect those rains to begin to push in some very heavy downpours that could lead to local flooding and of course even the danger of mudslides there is a little bit line to generally across the central areas of china but of course it's falling on some very saturated ground wise for a chance of thunderstorms throughout much of indonesia's the heaviest across into borneo widespread showers and thunderstorms throughout much of the philippines and you can see also more of those rain spreading southwards into thailand and on towards the man a peninsula plenty of activity in and around me am also all part of the southwest monsoon and a huge mass of clouds here as you can see across the bay of bengal some planes here rain anyon go on in myanmar and elsewhere too very heavy rain for the next couple
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days off into myanmar on to bangladesh the northeast of india really spreading all the way down across the west the western ghats seeing some heavy downpours over the next couple of days that away from the to the north it is hot and dry with 42 in new jannie. called the to be on the well. taken without hesitation or fault and died for power defines our world we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas we live here we make the rules and investigating exposing and questioning the use and abuse of power across the globe people in power returns to our. to. the.
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again this is al jazeera 2nd moments remind you of the main news this hour north korea's military says that it will redeploy troops near the demilitarized zone and resume regular exercises along frontline areas comes a day after pyongyang destroyed a liaison office used to communicate with south korea. indian and chinese officials are blaming each other for a deadly border brew in a disrupted region of the himalayas 20 indian soldiers were killed. at a cheap and widely available steroid can dramatically cut the death rate from close at 19 the drug trial in the u.k. is shown the dicks of meth is a reduced death spiral the 3rd among those with the most severe cases of infection . a court in indonesia is deciding whether to send
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a group of papua activists to prison for their role in anti racism protests in august last year the 7 including students regional officials and independents leaders were involved in marches in jet fuel or the capital of poplar province they've been charged with treason for staging a protest calling for prop one independence and condemning the mistreatment of ethnic melanesians man since i'm sorry by the indonesian government tensions flared after indonesian soldiers attacked a student dorm. and dress. in india research for human rights watch she joins us now live via skype from jakarta good to have you with us so what are you expecting from these trials. i'm afraid. that that this will come to them and sentence them maybe not as extreme as the prosecutor had demanded 17 years but still there are. some
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sentences conner's it is a very common someone who goes out very common again. in an op once in asia what is the government's motivation to it why is it treating these men apparently so harshly well 1st of all there was 3 somehow i think i can spot one had been useful more than 5 decades in indonesia. why because the one not confortable in the mission goals of the state like to see. one of the freedom freedom and once you say freedom it can be used to be chance with some so while it is very common but in 20155 years ago president djoko even then newly elected prime mice that he really and the one precent from these political prisoners from these 3 some i think those he kept
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his promise for only 2 years but then you know no significant changes being brought into those who profit since what's pop-y. and then people began again people began to shout freedom and freedom again because they are arrested but. these 7 brits notice us realize that the other prisoners although for opera. what never brought best thing if there was no effect again the pop one student door instructor on. during the protests in the nation really c.s. army all pieces police officers showed that these were monkey you get out mark he didn't call or. is quote unquote forbidden in pretty dominant lady muslim in her nature but the pop one predominantly christian they
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consume or of course it was an insult of one and. it's is the government becoming more repressive did tolerance of minorities and if so why. in the nation all could it be is over the last 2 decades is becoming more. minority this whether you are non muslim sunni minorities because you know i might be up also discriminated against in the asia the 2nd category of woman. many woman that frequent quote unquote woman but it's from the air heats up wonderfully just reclusion to there for trying not to be the sort go through genetic testing and also against and to be the minority let's be on a bisexual and transgender why unfortunately over the last to dig
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caves indonesia is seeing the rise so what indonesian like to call. inspire them so this year and requisitioned more than $700.00 unfortunately discriminate non mostly minorities woman and pop one force member so you might this might not be this. good still to so many thanks indeed address some of them in jakarta. the trumpet ministration is suing for national security adviser john bolton in an attempt to stop him publishing a book about his time working in the white house the government says the book contains classified information and must be edited before it's released open was filed last year after 17 months in the royal mike hanna has more from washington john bolton's lawyers are adamant that there is no threat to national security in the book that bolton did work with the national security council in writing the
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book and made significant amendments to it during this process the lawyers say as well that while there may be events that are exceedingly embarrassing to president trump this does not constitute a national security threat so they are adamant that there is no classified information going to be put out in this book john bolton himself is on the record through his cognitions as saying that incidents like the ukraine for example for which president trump was impeached using a foreign policy relationship to get some kind of domestic political gain was the judgment of the house on that particular issue but john bolton said this was part of a wider pattern and through his publishers as well he said he can't remember always hard chris to remember a single foreign policy decision taken by president trump that was not driven with a view to reelection so certainly the content of this book could be very startling indeed the department of justice intent on suppressing it before it's published and
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it's due to be published in exactly one week's time. donald trump has signed an executive order that he hopes will help to reform u.s. law enforcement after a string of african-american deaths in police custody the order will restrict the use of chokeholds by police so they can only be used if it officers life is at risk social workers will be added to call outs for nonviolent cases involving drug addiction addiction rather and homelessness and they'll be improved information sharing between police departments about offices background records reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals they are not mutually exclusive they work together they all work together that is why today i'm signing an executive order encouraging police departments nationwide to adopt the highest professional standards to serve their communities kay says it's launched another military
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offensive against the kurdish armed group the p.k. k. in northern iraq troops were deployed to the half that in region near the turkish border and jets targeted p k k positions on monday turkey's force hit caves with fighters are thought to be hiding so the u.s. and the e.u. consider the p.k. k. to be a terrorist group iraqi security forces have fired tear gas at protesters in the southern city of basra the crowds have been calling for the provinces leaders to step down accusing them of corruption sometimes violence anti-government demonstrations began across iraq last october against corruption unemployment and poor living standards new u.s. sanctions are about to go into effect targeting any country individual or entity that provide support to syria's government sanctions legislation called the seize an act of design to force president bashar assad to make political concessions saying a halt to reports from beirut. they're known as caesar's photographs named after
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a military defector who documented torture and killings in syrian government jails his testimonies to the u.s. congress was part of a campaign to hold the regime responsible for what have been described as war crimes it led to the passing and now the implementation of a bill in the u.s. the so-called caesar act in any country in the world there's a company individual. that's providing acknowledged financial support. and military support. are all liable for states and under the cesar bill these sanctions go further than existing ones are aimed at preventing international engagement with bashar assad's government partnering or fighting on its side will also be punishable the syrian government calls the legislation economic terrorism but proponents of the law point to exemptions that minimize any impact on civilians . the federal government is allowed to buy medicine they want but they don't want
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to do it. for insurance they want to fund their war machine they want to pump the militia human rights groups have accused the syrian government of using aid to fund its atrocities benefit those loyal to it and punish opponents by confiscating their properties plans to move to a postwar phase in syria will now be difficult. it's. the regime. it's already faced with a collapsing economy and currency there is unprecedented poverty some say a 3rd hasn't been this vulnerable at any time during the 9 year war. it kind of shuts the door fully closed in terms of there being any light at the end of the
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tunnel for the syrian regime so i think politically and diplomatically that will have an impact but it adds to the already terrible effects of the syrian economic crisis assad has faced pressure in the past but has never agreed to making political concessions he since the clear victory in the war in syria and while he may have won militarily winning the peace may prove harder the new legislation means the fight for damascus as the seat of assad's power and legitimacy has still to be fought then after their own people. i profile footballer has told the u.k. government into a u. turn over help for school children from struggling families food vouchers was a stop during the summer school break until manchester united's marcus rochefort convinced convinced the prime minister to reconsider the team barbara reports. he's a 22 year old footballer and he's just managed to bring about a major government policy change on tuesday prime minister boris johnson reversed
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his decision to stop providing food vouchers for school children when the summer holidays start they'll now be a covered summer food fund costing around $150000000.00 with more than a 1000000 children qualifying that's prompted the manchester united and england star to put out this tweet since britain's lockdown started in march many families have been given either vouchers to spend at supermarkets or food parcels but the scheme was due to end next month in england last weekend rushford wrote an open letter to all members of parliament urging a rethink he used his own experience of growing up relying on free school meals and food banks even though his mother worked full time there obviously has a huge importance for me. probably on a personal level because. you know what fun is it going for now i want to go through the. same system and it's very difficult to find a way out. now that i'm in this position and then it's very important for me to
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help the people that are struggling rushford campaign through widespread support including from some members of johnson's governing conservative party the government stuck to its guns saying it was spending money on summer activities and local authority hardship funds but then shortly before the prime minister was due to appear in parliament came the announcement and in the last hour the government has you turned on free school meals. i cannot put on record my thanks to marcus rush for the. tears played on this issue with the victory for the bomb point 3000000 children back to. marcus' rushford has already helped raise around $25000000.00 for one charity to supply meals to struggling families their chief executive has welcomed the new extension but he's warning about challenges just around the corner the really important sticking plaster after that we're going to have large numbers of. come to an end as well increasing large numbers of people who are going to need further support and this is where we are actually quite
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fearful of the future the c.e.o. of the premier league has also congratulated rushford on his lady's achievements but the real winners will surely be children whom as and said about his younger self the system was not built to help. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines a lot as there are north korea's military says that it will redeploy troops near the demilitarized zone and resume regular exercises along frontline areas it comes a day out of pyongyang destroyed a liaison office used to communicate with south korea which it says will no longer will accept unreasonable behavior by the north well but bright has the latest from part 2 of the south korean side of the border. of low concern in the south will be this possible plan to set up god posts one small inside the demilitarized zone this
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strip of no man's land that separates north and south they as part of a 28 agreements at the height of the reconciliation both sides agree to dismantle these very confrontational symbolic border posts and bring that troops back so that will be a concern especially as this whole agreement that was agreed back in the heady days of 2018 now seems to be in tatters indian and chinese officials are blaming each other for a deadly border brawl at a disputed region of the himalayas 20 indian soldiers were killed a cheap and widely available steroids can dramatically cut the death rate from covert 19 a drug trial in the u.k. as shown dexa methods reduces deaths by around a 3rd among those with the most severe cases of infection brazil has reported a record of almost 35000 new corona virus infections in just 24 hours but one of
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the officials leading the response to the outbreak this says the situation is under control brazil has the 2nd highest number of infections after the united states a course in indonesia is deciding whether to send a group of purport activists prison for their role in anti racism protests in august last year they were involved in marches in job poorer the capital of papua province the group is charged with treason the staging a protest calling for passport independence and condemning the mistreatment of ethnic violence ians by the indonesian government on the trumpet ministration is suing former national security advisor john bolton in an attempt to stop him publishing a book about his time working in the white house government says the book contains classified information. now those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera the rewind next. as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced
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to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the fall follow the us elections on a. roll . welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey since al jazeera english launched more than a decade ago we have built up an extraordinary archive of award winning.


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