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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2020 10:00am-10:33am +03

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turkey sends troops into iraq after bombing the bases of kurdish fighters it calls terrorists. can be now this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. india and china trade accusations after a skirmish on the himalayan border kills 20 indian soldiers. a dramatic end to reconsideration efforts with south korea now pyongyang says it's sending troops back into the demilitarized zone. a top footballer pressures the british government into providing free school meals during the pandemic.
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turkey has launched another military offensive against armed kurdish separatists in northern iraq. deployed troops to the 100000 in the region near the border to fight the p.k. k. warplanes have also targeted the group's positions around 3000 fighters are believed to be in northern iraq turkey the u.s. and the e.u. all lists the p.k. k. as a terrorist group. a correspondence in turkey and iraq a monitoring developments faultiness in baghdad but 1st let's go to city of course yahoo who is in istanbul for a sit in so this is the 2nd to cross border operation within a week. well the a fact of the turkish mother of 3 has on an awful peroration is to the region especially since the 2018 in the military intensified operation and the reason is
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not only the presence in northern iraq but the link between the syrian kurdish functional group. in syria basically the idea of the sofa ration by the turkish military it is actually to cut the logistics line between the p.k. k. and the y. p.g. in syria when we look at the route one will look at the areas that have been subject to turkish military operation this week and in the previous days it talked of the targets the logistic routes between between. iraq and the wife in syria and the operation is joint the conducted by the turkish military and the turkish intelligence according to the information given by the defense ministry. turkish military the normally didn't have any course forward operational sortie but in the last couple of years they're also writes for this and they're working jointly with the turkish military and. this time the operation and
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today's operation is different because the land for ground forces are in walled as well accompanied by the f. 16 s hobbit surface and other firing vehicles turkish commandos are in the field trying to eliminate the targets over there and some news reports so just now at these 150 picket targets including demolition deports and some critical places buildings have been destroyed during this operation today when you look at the statements by the turkish military and the turkish intelligence they say that these are pinpoint operations it doesn't have that much they target some specific places. that's why they're trying to avoid in humanitarian casualty but what we have learnt so far is that the commander of the turkish ground forces are expected to go at these 17 kilometers this inside and along with the present turkish military bases in iraq turkey is planning to establish
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a few more bases in the areas that it has conducted operation and just one thing to that like to underline the area as a special turkish military operation was help yesterday these were on their control neither by controlled by the carriage in baghdad. thanks for that cynical still there live from istanbul with the turkish side let's bring in some full team who is in baghdad so how is the iraqi government responding. well so far it has not responded and that perhaps in itself is quite telling we haven't had any official statements come out neither from the iraqi government here in baghdad nor from kurdish authorities in iraqi kurdistan and that silence many are suspecting that either there was some kind of coordination or information that was received before these attacks took place or that perhaps they were simply
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just a waiting to get a response from the authorities now on sunday the iraqi government did issue a condemnation of the earlier air strikes which occurred calling them a provocative behavior but in the same statement there was also a mention that iraq would be cooperating with turkey to secure the border areas and this statement specifically is one where some people suspect that there may be some kind of at least information sharing on the ongoing attacks now so far the information we're getting from the ground is very limited because these attacks and strikes are happening in very remote mountainous areas so we do not have any information at the moment about specifically what happened and if there were any casualties also on the civilian side which has happened in the past but we did speak to one source on the ground who works for the kurdish authorities and what he mentioned is that there is involvement both from the turkish side as well as from the iranian side of it piers to be some kind of cooperation of the iranian side
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contributing introduced artillery fire and there is some suspicion that perhaps part of the goal here is not only to strike k.k. targets inside iraq but also to create a military corridor through iraq on the route to syria but it is still quite early in the stage of these operations and we're still waiting for 4 reports to come out from the iraqi government as well as kurdish authorities and we'll be bringing you more on that as we get it so we will think that it's a full team for now thank you. and he says 20 of its soldiers have been killed in fighting with chinese troops along the disputed border it happened in the golan valley region and have a laser light on monday night tension has been rising for weeks is the 1st time in decades that deaths have been reported during a standoff between the 2 countries salah ballasts reports in the remote twistin himalayas there is little evidence of what lead to indian and chinese so jews in
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gauging in a deadly brule at the border on monday india's army said there were casualties on both sides but not a shot was fired these are indian military reinforcements distant from the border shortly after. india and china share the wounds longest unmarked border in recent months both sides of ops the military presence tensions increasing over who are what land the border has been disputed since india and china went to war in 1962 the line in yellow is the so-called line of actual control but there are several disputed areas only the site one of the main ones is a chain which is claimed by india but administered by china india has appeared confident in a diplomatic resolution just on saturday india's army chief see this. situation along our borders with china is under control yet having
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a series of talks the chinese also thought dialogue was working but blame india for the deadly breakdown. on june 6th border forces of the 2 countries had commander level talks and reached a consensus on easing the situation in the border area however it was shocking that the indian forces violated the consensus crossing the border twice to carry out a legal activities and provoking attacks on chinese soldiers. indian officials have refuted the. nation this is a more aggressive posture for the news which looks like a deliberate to create a group. or other if you really believe him to be here. at the highest level. is a quiet town on the indian side of the buddha outside of military helicopters reasons have few clues behind the tension only do steep if the joy border middle faceoff
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officials are releasing a statement regarding the standoff that is going on at the border so rima spread which has created fear among the people people living near the border a mosque at the cellular network in the area has also been cut off and no information is coming through. the deadly skirmishes raising the stakes for beijing in new delhi of the weird the vast frontiers begin and end bonus. those with product joins me now live from new delhi elizabeth india's military doesn't compare to china so we'll india be looking for a way to deescalate here. hi kim well there have certainly been a lot of high level meetings at the highest level in fact involved in the prime minister the defense minister the defense chiefs and we are waiting to hear what happens next after the worst violence along the india china border in 45 years meanwhile the protests have begun we're seeing some protests i'll be small mostly
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because of lockdown destructions but in a number of cases including here in the capital new delhi outside the chinese embassy people calling for action against china the loss taken from the indian army said that the both troops have disengaged that violence and the gun one valley area has ended but both sides are blaming each other for that audience which we have india's ministry of external affairs saying that it was a result. china trying to unilaterally change the status quo doing deescalation efforts in the region of eastern the thought that so often china's foreign ministry said that indian troops tried to illegally cross the border twice that they carried out provocative attacks on chinese soldiers meanwhile here there are a lot of questions about how 20 soldiers were killed at a time when the indian government and the chinese both governments were saying that they would involved in deescalation efforts we know that there has been an increase
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in both sides militaries in the region in may that happened off just boom issues that led to tools beginning 10 days ago but we also had defense experts in india over the last month and accusing china of encroaching into indian territory and asking the government what they would doing about it while those questions those voices have become even louder and especially now that they are joined by those protests that was saying thank you for that elizabeth prada man live from new delhi . which has laid the blame on india katrina you has the latest from beijing. china says that both sides have been engaging in talks for the last few weeks and on june 6th they've actually they actually reached a consensus but according to a spokesperson from china's military he says that india broke that consensus he says that they violated this commitment to cross the border line and the indian
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side deliberately launched provocative attacks so laying the blame slowly on india's doorstep and also saying that this altercation actually took place on land that was clearly chinese territory now when it comes to state media response you've had a spectrum and on one hand we've got the the whole kish nationalist nationalistic newspaper the global times and it's on the front pages has a headline china urges india to restrain and in this article describes as india and the indian military on the border of as being reckless and arrogant and also warning the indian military that china will not back down from many challenges to its sovereignty but it does end with the north saying that both sides would continue dialogue and continue trying to maintain he's quite interestingly it's important to note that china has not released any casualty figures on its own side i think this really is the strongest indication that they do not want an all out conflict and they don't they're not releasing these figures because they don't want to fan any confrontational sentiment here certainly china has its plate full with
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dealing with the core of 19 outbreak a new outbreak in beijing in trying to restart its economy it's simply not in its interest to have an all out conflict with india and indonesian court has issued a guilty verdict against 4 west papuan activists who have been charged with treason 3 others awaiting for their verdict the group had been charged with staging a protest in 2019 calling for prop one dependents condemning the mistreatment of ethnic benzenes by the indonesian government. still ahead here on al-jazeera. without police there is chaos without law there is an arche and without safety there is catastrophe u.s. president donald trump signs an order he says will encourage better policing and makes no mention of the national debate over racism. and an argentine over
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a government plan to take over a bankrupt agricultural company. hello there yet more rain across central areas of europe that is where some of the heaviest rain is meihua out across the west are all the more shouty but even so it's a generally very unsettled picture of course of how this flooding in hungary recently but not only did the rain cause flooding in the streets it also did a fair amount of crop damage as you can see here in the u.k. it's been very unsettled it's been cool as well this is the northeast on the coast so people out and about but not exactly summer weather it has been very nice though in the western end of the med is you can see him york has some nice sunny skies now having said that wednesday the could be a few showers heading your way across the valley erik's areas a spain as well tools the northeast and again very widespread across france more
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rain across central northern regions of the u.k. and heaviest falls through the low countries central and southern germany and still we've got this line of what could potentially be some right severe thunderstorms really all the way from batteries down towards the southeast now no real change as we head into thursday into moscow but not cold a high of 26 degrees and it warms up again into also 29 just 21 say but towards the sunshine returns it does warm up and again the more unsettled weather across the u.k. through areas of france and again some heavy rain likely along the line of the als but not about temperature 22 in paris. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. in front of the neighborhood and many feel the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall of people come clean to focus on the outfield what spike and put it like to face as we bring
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you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on al-jazeera. route. to watch al-jazeera her reminder of our top stories this hour turkey says it sent troops to fight kurdish separatists in northern iraq launched a new operation against the p.k. k. on sunday and so also carrying out a strikes. india says 20 of its soldiers have been killed in fighting with chinese troops along the disputed border in the himalayas china has accused india of carrying out provocative attacks tensions have been rising for weeks between the 2
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sides. to the koreas now where a war of words is further escalating tension between the 2 nations north korea has warned it will redeploy troops near the border and resume military exercises along frontline areas blames the south of bad behavior and justified destroying and into korean liaison office on tuesday seoul says it will no longer accept unreasonable behavior. communal tricky. tours only means we express strong regret towards the north korean general staff of the korean people's army announcement that it will deploy military to k. song and diamond mountain whose arch your north korea's announcement as an act that turns the clock back to before the june 15th 2000 declination in violation of south korean people's property rights north korea will have to take responsibility and stop any ex that can worsen the situation from abroad has more from part 2 on the south korean side of the border. this is part 2 is about as close as you can get in
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south korea to the d.m.z. it's another few kilometers further on from here but it is also one of the crossing points for the main rail links between north and south that gives you an idea of the legacy of the conflict and also hopes of future coexistence hopes that until recently at least had been very much alive and well one of the bridges here was destroyed during the war and has been left to like that but the other bridge was restored and then in a previous rounds of reconciliation they actually reconnected the rail link between north and south it's connected it's ready to roll just add trains the feeling was that the negotiations reconciliations were going so well this time that it was going to possibly lead to regular train services restarting between north and south which would have been something quite historic obviously all of that now seems increasingly far fetched especially as we get this developing war of words it's
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really the acrimony of the old we have kim jong she is the increasingly influential and powerful sister of the north korean leader who's become almost the point person when it comes to lobbying insults at the south branding south korea's president been jailed in as brazen and shameless and then return we now have the presidential office the blue house the government of moon j.m. which until now has been very conciliatory trying to keep things on track retaliating in kind it seems talking about her comments being rude and senseless and saying that the south korean government will not tolerate unreasonable words and acts in future robert kelly is a professor of international relations and diplomacy at the sun national university he doesn't believe this is a new or alarming gang. the north koreans have done provocations against south korea for decades literally right so in that sense i mean i don't think people should get carried away nobody should worry about sort of conflict or war or anything like that the north koreans are going to do anything really serious they
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know they would lose any kind of a serious conflict so they wouldn't risk that right this is another way for north korea to signal to us to the americans in the south koreans right that that we should come back to the bargaining table and offer something really substantial that they really want is sanctions relief in exchange for something presumably a in the nuclear missile program and that's the sort of deal that everybody sort of dancing around right and i think this is the north koreans way of sort of pushing the south koreans and the americans to come back but again i think you know trump is trump just doesn't is not that interested anymore and moon is very constrained by sanctions i mean that's why this thing is sort of been frozen for year and a half to sort of u.n. level sanctions and there are also sanctions by south korea the south by the united states by japan the countries around north korea this president when jane really wants to engage north korea but he's been very very constrained in what he can do because the letter of the law prevents a lot of south korean engagement and my sense is that he'll go out and give a speech and ask the north koreans to come back the negotiating table he's already done that the south koreans want to get any kind of provocative action but the
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facility that was destroyed was inside north korea and there's some other stuff inside north korea too that the south koreans have built if the north koreans choose to demo to demolish that or to occupied or repurpose in some way there's really nothing the north koreans can do about it. the united nations special envoy to syria says he hopes to stop the next round of talks between the country's warring sides by late oldest during his briefing to a virtual session of the un security council to have had a set also detailed the devastating impact this serious economic collapse is having on civilians and diplomatic editor james bass has more from u.n. headquarters in new york. the security council's monthly meeting on syria was dominate sheed by discussion of the deepening economic crisis. the un special envoy pederson telling ambassadors the situation was now very grave the economic crisis is hitting every. regardless of territory from damascus and best
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to all and walk best. medicine is more expensive and scarce food prices have skyrocketed and the supply chains have been disrupted. her tracing problem are ordinary syrians as seriously diminished as nature's own argument and public sector are also inadequate to meet the demands on today the u.s. administration clearly believes the economic crisis is putting president assad under pressure pressure that will only increase with the fresh sanctions that are now coming into force as part of what's known as the caesar act will our aid is to deprive the assad regime of the revenue and the support it has used to commit the large scale atrocities and human rights violations that a political resolution and so there really diminish the prospects for peace of
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course it's not news that the security council is divided on syria but it's not just russia and china who oppose the new sanctions there are other countries that fear that they are going to impact all marry people rather than the regime elite james as al-jazeera the united nations. or as president donald trump has signed an executive order to reform policing following the death of george floyd in custody at aims to stop bad offices being able to move jobs and to restrict the use of met colds the president rejected calls to defund at least. reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals they are not mutually exclusive they work together they all work together that is why today i'm signing an executive order encouraging police departments nationwide to adopt the highest professional standards to serve their communities. china's capital city is stepping up coronavirus restrictions
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canceling more than half the flights in and out of the city the alert level in beijing was raised after more than 100 locally transmitted cases were recorded in the past week or schools have been closed officials have shut down some residential compounds and markets. brazil has reported its highest daily jump in new coronavirus cases almost 35000 increase came on the same day an official leading the country's pandemic response said the situation is under control brazil has the 2nd highest number of infections after the united states more than 45000 people have died. argentina is stuck in a bishop dispute over how to recover from the cove in 1000 crisis the government wants to take control of a bankrupt agricultural group to save jobs but opponents say any kind of nationalization will only plunge the country into deeper economic crisis danielle sram lab reports from what i said is. the giant argentina group cultural group this
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in teen credit is more than a $1000000000.00. the government has stepped in to rescue it it says its plan will save jobs and help to ensure the future of the country's food sovereignty. this is the latest protest by workers and many in the business community who oppose any kind of government intervention. bankruptcy protection proceedings there is just this they are subjugating it's the intervention is illegal that's how the people understand it at the moment of this is a very special moment for our region we have defending our companies and with that defending the sources of work. they're asking where the argentine government will find the money since it's already in crisis talks with creditors to avoid another massive debt default others raise the specter of previous failed nationalizations more of what they call another venezuela. the battle is partly ideological the
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previous right wing government is being questioned over its financial dealings with the 17. it's also historical argentina's powerful microscope through sector is suspicious of vice president cristina fernandez the kitchen the 2 sides with almost constant dispute was she was president from 2007 to 2015 this is a battle for the soul of the visiting group which in its nearly 100 year history has helped argentina to become one of the leading be the cereal and grain producers in the wall the result of this battle will to some degree dictate what kind of country argentine there is. as it emerges from a culvert 90 prices. was president alberto fernandez and his center left government the expropriation and turnaround of the failing concern that will serve its workers they community and the rest of argentina if they remember they get that . this is
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a company under protective measures to stop it going bankrupt not someone's company that we're trying to take over i have no idea what the opposition is saying about this honestly i don't i just know that the work is residents and producers will be very happy to hear this news and all argentine should be content that we're taking a step towards food sovereignty. not all seem as happy as the president appears to think they are his vision must still be debated by congress when the deep divisions in argentine society will again be starkly exposed. one of cyrus a high profile footballer has talked the u.k. government into a u. turn over help for school children from struggling families food vouchers were to stop during the summer school break until manchester united's marcus rush demanded the government to reconsider the debugger reports he's a 22 year old footballer and he's just managed to bring about
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a major government policy change on tuesday prime minister boris johnson reversed his decision to stop providing food vouchers for school children when the summer holidays start they'll now be a covered some of food fund costing around $150000000.00 with more than a 1000000 children qualifying that's prompted the manchester united and england star to put out this tweet. since britain's lockdown started in march many families have been given either vouchers to spend at supermarkets or food parcels but the scheme was due to end next month in england last weekend rushford wrote an open letter to all members of parliament urging a rethink he used his own experience of growing up relying on free school meals and food banks even though his mother worked full time there obviously has a huge importance for me. probably on a personal level because. you know what form is it going for now i want to go through the. same system and it's very difficult to find a way out. now that i'm in this position and then it's very important for me to
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help the people that are struggling rushford campaign drew widespread support including from some members of johnson's governing conservative party the government stuck to its guns saying it was spending money on summer activities and local authority hardship funds but then shortly before the prime minister was due to appear in parliament came the announcement and in the last hour the government has you turned on free school mirrors can i put on record my thanks to marcus rush for the part that he has played on this issue in the victory for the 1300000 children affected. marcus rushford has already helped raise around $25000000.00 for one charity to supply meals to struggling families their chief executive has welcomed the new extension but he's warning about challenges just around the corner the really important sticking plaster after that we're going to have large numbers of. come to an end as well increasing large numbers of people who are going to need
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. further support and this is where we are actually quite fearful of the future the c.e.o. of the premier league has also congratulated rushford on his latest achievements but the real winners will surely be children who said about his younger self the system was not built to help the al-jazeera. this is all just there are these the top stories turkey says it sent troops to fight kurdish separatists in northern iraq launched a new operation against the p.k. k. on sunday and is also carrying out air strikes cinema is in istanbul the idea of the suppression by the turkish military is actually to cut the logistics line between the p.k. k. and the y. p.g. in syria when we look at the road when we'll look at the areas that have been subject to turkish military operation this week and in the previous days it totally
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targets the logistic routes between between. iraq and the y p g in syria and the operation is joined to conducted by the turkish military and the turkish intelligence according to the information given by the defense ministry india says 20 of its soldiers have been killed in fighting with chinese troops along the disputed border. china has accused india of carrying out provocative attacks the tensions have been rising for weeks between the 2 sides. an international court has issued a guilty verdict against 4 west papuan activists who had been charged with treason 3 others awaiting for their verdict the group had been charged for staging a protest of 2019 calling for pop one independence condemning the mistreatment of ethnic mandaeans by the indonesian government. north korea has warned it will redeploy troops near its border with south korea and resume military exercises
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along frontline areas but blames the south of bad behavior justified destroying it into a korean liaison office on tuesday it's all says it will no longer accept pyongyang's aggression u.s. president donald trump is signed an executive order to reform the basic following massive protests after the death of george floyd in custody to stop bad offices being able to move jobs center restricts the use of phonecalls china's capital city is stepping up coronavirus restrictions canceling more than half the flights in and out of the city in that level in beijing was raised after more than $100.00 locally transmitted cases in the past week news continues here on al jazeera off the inside story go away as protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s.
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elections on a just. the internet is something so many of us take for granted but africa still lags behind other regions in terms of online connectivity now some of the big tech firms are racing to bridge that gap but at what cost what happens when the same company controls the content and its delivery this is inside story. hello i'm come out santa maria from video chatting to working from home one thing that is keeping us all going during this lockdown is a good internet connection the good.


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