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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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school come after. i are purpose this one is ours. china and india work to calm tensions after a border skirmish killed 20 indian soldiers. or so here in this is al jazeera life and also coming up. a dramatic end to reconciliation efforts with south korea now pyongyang says it is sending troops back into the demilitarized zone. a high ranking delegation from turkey makes a surprise visit to libya will be live from tripoli. a new u.s.
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sanctions going to effect targeting any person or entity that supports the syrian government. china and india are trying to calm tensions after a deadly clash over a border dispute over the side say no shots were fired but that 20 indian soldiers died in a massive brawl were iron bars and wooden clubs were used as weapons top diplomats from the 2 countries have spoken over the phone and agreed to deescalate the situation as soon as possible the disputed border lies in the gulf on valley region in the himalayas a tico has honey on has more. in the remote western himalayas there is little evidence of what let indian and chinese soldiers to the worst of violence in decades. india and china share of the world the longest unmarked border.
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chinese military drills like this one have become more common both sides have increased their military presence in recent months with tension rising over who owns what land. the border has been disputed since india and china went to war in $1062.00 the line in yellow is the so-called line of actual control but there are several disputed areas on either side one of the main was is excite sheen it's claimed by india that administered by china. china says their shared interests are stronger than their conflicts but it also has a warning which we once again ask india to act on our consensus and strictly disciplined us troops not to cross the lawn to provide and not to take unilateral action that may complicate the situation. prime minister narendra modi says india wants peace but is ready to defend itself. i want to assure the nation that the 2nd feis our soldiers have made will not stories waste for us the integrity of
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india and our sovereignty is the most important thing and nobody can stop us from protecting them nobody should have an illusion old doubts and this message. for the families it's a time of mourning this father says he can't believe his son a colonel is dead now don't you feel under deep shock after hearing about my son's misfortune i never expected this he would usually work in difficult places. but that indian officials have rejected accusations they calls this escalation furious protesters say china must be punished while the debate over the border isn't new the circumstances have now changed this time or this is a more aggressive posture for the. region looks like a deliberate policy to create a group in between india or rather if you know there's
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a relationship between india and china at the highest level a political divide has turned violent now raising the stakes for beijing a new delhi over where there are vast frontier begins and ends. with a young. and elizabeth are on houses update from new delhi. both foreign ministries have released statements saying that they're going to deescalate the situation on the border as soon as possible that follows a phone conversation between the foreign ministers but what's really interesting is that they continue to blame each other for what happened for the violence in the strongest possible terms both sides maintaining that it was the other that trespassed on their territory started the violence and also that it was the other that broke the june 6th agreement to deescalate here and the of the government is under pressure to both explain how 20 soldiers were killed along the border for the 1st time in 45 years and also to take action against what happened because the past
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10 days the government had been assuring people that any border disputes could be solved through dialogue and wall many defense experts who accuse in china of encroaching on and the u.s. territory the government said that the situation was under control now we are seeing those protests will be a small and many cities around and deal with the burning of chinese flags but we've also got reports of residents welfare associations asking people to throw out their chinese products and we've seen videos of people doing so as well as that we also have a hyphen nationalist media and who are blaming china for what happened and they've also joined the chorus here of indian government what it's going to do to retaliate to respond to the deaths of the 20 soldiers and katrina you has more from the chinese capital beijing. china says it's in close communication with india via
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both diplomatic and military channels foreign ministry spokesperson jolly gen spoke to the media today on wednesday and said that both sides were intent on resolving this dispute through peaceful dialogue and that china did not want to see any further clashes at the same time jolly gen laid the blame for the deadly brawl on monday so we at the feet of india according to beijing the truce lives actually reached a consensus on the border dispute on june 6th but indian troops violated this consensus and he said they provoked and attacked chinese personnel he also went on to urge the indian military to discipline its troops he went on to say further that the location where this altercation took place the golden valley he said that this was and has always been chinese territory something that's heavily disputed by india and he said that clearly it was clear about who was on the right in the wrong side of this clash that resulted in the deaths of those soldiers on monday now
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according to indian media there were chinese casualties as well but the chinese government is yet to release any numbers and there is some speculation that they may never release these numbers a state media here are saying that this is in fact a sign of goodwill from beijing an example of beijing wanting to pursue peace with india and not wanting to spark any confrontational sentiment that may lead to all out conflict. in the korean peninsula now were a war of words as further escalating tension north korea is warning it will redeploy troops near the border and resume military exercises it it's all says it will no longer tolerate an unreasonable behavior rob and private parts and on the south korean side of the border. making its message clear and unequivocal the destruction of the joint liaison office has been widely broadcast by north korean state run media accompanied by warnings that it will increase its military presence
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along the border separating the 2 koreas. guard posts that had been removed to deescalate tensions will now be restored while military exercises on the northern side of the border will be resumed bringing this unusually strong response from the south. such moves thought to the efforts and achievements made by the 2 koreas to maintain peace and the north will surely pay if these measures are put into action the north has blamed the south for allowing defectors to release propaganda balloons into its territory but north korean leader kim jong un is also frustrated at his failure to get more concessions in summits with the south korean president moon j.n. and with u.s. president donald trump the north seeming to conclude the current path of diplomacy has run its course trump just doesn't is not that interested anymore money is very
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constrained by sanctions i mean that's why this thing is sort of been frozen for you and i have i'm just not sure that much can change in the next 6 months or 8 months a jew on the southern side of the border relatives of people abducted during the korean war hold a simple ceremony. many events are being staged with the coming 70th anniversary of the start of the conflict lisa was a baby when his father was abducted to the north. for him and others still living with the war's consequences this latest attempt at reconciliation has achieved little condone when kim jong un wouldn't recognize this issue even uses and the sussed korean order ministration couldn't put the issue on the table during the summit in any case this section of the border is where rail and road links were meant to be connected if the current initiative had been a success it was planned that jew would become one of the main crossing points between north and south in what would be a new era of peaceful coexistence on the peninsula they are hopes that for the time
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being at least seeing dashed once more robert bright al-jazeera to south korea. a delegation of high ranking turkish officials had been meeting libya's internationally recognized government turkey's foreign minister and chief of intelligence made a surprise trip to tripoli turkey is in tripoli administration's main backer and has been instrumental in stop any advance of war khalifa haftar are for ministers to visit are as an agreement with russia which backs after to push for a cease fire and metalhead is live for us in tripoli so what else do we know about this earth uprising meaning. it seems that the key is planning for a long term strategic stage and libya we have been informant today that the high profile dilatation that arrived in tripoli today met with you and the recognize depriving minister of. and now they're meeting with the head of
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the high council of his state. of the delegation includes a. high profile. government officials in all. intelligence security defense energy economy planning so it seems that turkey is it planning to take over all the sensitive issues to iran the important to fires in libya including get the security as you know that the western libya has just. got rid of the war had just. finished the war in southern tripoli and also in western libya the government has just regained western libya and now it needs to bring this to belittle back to the country bring production back to normal especially the oil production and also to rebuild the economy and security in the contrary so the delegation that includes
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a civet on the types of civil. officials in all sectors energy economy security and also military as you know that. all the plans are based on the security and military. agreement that was a strike between neath the government of national accord and last november so turkey having that league it is standing which is the security and economic agreement with the libyan government it now now tries to expand its activities in libya and in libya's to the to the waters based on or by virtue of that agreement as you know that is planning to start.
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excavation operations in the eastern mediterranean also by virtue of that agreement with the libyan government so it seemed that this is a long term strategy that turkey is trying to build in libya rachelle not tell ahead with the latest there interplay mahmoud thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera. by cancellations and school closures beijing clamps down to halt a rapidly spreading run of virus. and being used for an easy political web police unions in the u.s. say they're being unfairly targeted. but . the weather still looks pretty disturbed across central parts of china you can
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see this long line of cloud the seasonal rise the maya by a front that still snaking its way across the region through south korea southern parts of japan is that a rope of cloud you can imagine that we're just getting dragged across the area was heavy and flooding rains is going to be persistent rain many parts saying the rain going on for hour after hour at best part of a day for some south korea looking pretty wet will see some positive panels as seeing some rather heavy rain in this we go on into friday are ripe of cloud that sinks a little further south with so it does brighten up a little some heavy showers at this station is pulling in the way into tokyo insists eastern cause of honda she still looking rather wet into central parts of china but the rains just started to not a little for the south winds to the south of that is the usual raft of showers across much of southeast asia some rather lobby down poles for a time coming into the philippines now in borneo seeing some rather heavy rain and pushing up towards thailand and indochina the west while it joins up with
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a wet weather that we have just around the eastern side of the but i've been go we see some heavy rain pushing into myanmar into bangladesh to the northeast of india and very wet up western gas. to join a global community crisis is just slap does in the face of the blessing upon latin upon lass's human capital equals global health keeping you up to date is want to avoid a situation where we have a human rights prices that persist beyond the health crisis your questions is a daily locos is just nothing we are now approaching across route this is an opportunity that we must go to the stream on 00.
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lodging officer and these are the top stories right now china and india are trying to calm tensions after a deadly clash over a border dispute both sides say no shots were fired by 20 indian soldiers were killed in a mass brawl iron bars and wooden clubs were used as weapons. or korea has warned it will redeploy troops near the border and resume military exercises along frontline areas blames the south for bad behavior and justify blowing up an enter korean liaison office on tuesday. a high level delegation from turkey has made a surprise trip to libya to meet the internationally recognized government in tripoli ankara as the administration's main backer and its fight against for what they call. list all soldiers have been killed in an attack and northern afghanistan
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it took place in an army post and on province another 5 soldiers have been held hostage the taliban who claimed responsibility for the attack says the death toll is higher. turkey has launched another military offensive against armed kurdish separatist and northern iraq and pro deployed troops to the hotton region near the border to fight the p.k. k. warplanes have also targeted the cripps positions around $3000.00 fighters are believed to be and northern iraq turkey the u.s. and the e.u. all list the p k k as a terrorist group simcoe solo has more from istanbul. today's operation is different compared to the one that happened 2 days ago because this time ground forces are also in place and they have been accompanied by the turkish air forces for pimpin to point operations targeting the bases ammunition depots sent $36.00 points of the out those could sound workers' party what makes this operations
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a special is turkey is aiming to cut the logistic loops of the p.k. k. from iraq to syria because for turkey p k k and the syrian kurdish fighters group y p g r r organically it's hard to each other and there is an ammunition and weapons transfer between 2 sides from from the wipe e.g. to iraq and one day those weapons can be turned against turkey and that's why turkey is trying to eliminate the p.k. fighters they have bases and as i said that the logistic routes. between is syria and iraq this is the idea of the operation and. these operations have been recently conducted have been in touch have been conducted in cooperation with the turkish intelligence agency before turkish intelligence agency didn't have any authority for course wardrop rationed but in the last couple of years with the presidential system they are authorized to cooperate with the military and they have been
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providing ifield intelligence and turkish drones have been active in the area and when you speak to the military experts they say the success of the ration is based on the drones armed and on armed aerial vehicles in the area providing information every day and not of alton as in baghdad just as the lack of reaction from authorities is being interpreted by sound is welcoming the operation. well we still don't have an official statement neither from the iraqi government here in baghdad nor from kurdish authorities in iraqi kurdistan we in fact called the spokesperson of the joint operations command here in baghdad which is the entity that is supposed to govern all military activity in iraq and he quote said he had no information unquote at the moment about the incident and of course all of this is made more difficult because the areas where these operations are taking place are under the control of the semi autonomous kurdish government and what is interesting
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that we haven't heard anything come out for but neither the k d p which is the kurdish democratic party which coincidentally has the ministry of foreign affairs currently inside the iraqi government nor from the p u k and the way some people interpreted this is that in fact the kurdish authorities have welcomed these operations because in fact they don't really want the presence of p.k. k. fighters on their ground either what is particularly interesting in this case of this appears to be not just a turkish operation there appears to be also some iranian involvement and we have spoken to a kurdish general who is in charge of the border areas with turkey and iran and he said that actually iran has participated in these operations through artillery strikes and that these artillery strikes are still ongoing and the areas that appear to be targeted are either belonging to the p.k. k. or to some iranian opposition groups. the u.s.
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has imposed sanctions on syrian president bashar al assad and 39 others including his wife under new legislation known as the cesar act the measure went into effect on wednesday with the aim of increasing the economic isolation of assad's government by restricting its ability to trade and get money from abroad the sanctions will target his supporters with the threat of arrest and travel bans so that includes politicians military personnel or anyone and business or banking as well as the oil and gas industry a new law also affects those seeking to do business with syria's government including has a lot in lebanon iran russia some gulf states and allies in eastern europe. and nearly a decade of violence has left syria with the collapsing economy the sanctions are expected to be rail president bashar al assad's postwar recovery plans to reports from beirut and a warning viewers may find some images disturbing they're known as caesar's photographs named after a military defector who documented torture and killings in syrian government jails
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his testimonies to the u.s. congress was part of a campaign to hold the regime responsible for what has been described as more crimes it led to the passing and now the implementation of a bill in the u.s. the so-called caesar act in 80 countries in the world there's a company. that's providing. quite national support. military support. for states. these sanctions go further than existing ones are aimed at preventing international engagement with bashar assad's government partnering or fighting on its side will also be punishable the syrian government calls the legislation economic terrorism but proponents of the law point to exemptions that minimize any impact on civilians . the federal government is allowed to buy medicine they want but they don't want
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to spend. 40 here and they want to fund their war machine they want to pump the militia human rights groups have accused the syrian government of using aid to fund its atrocities benefit those loyal to it and punish opponents by confiscating their properties plans to move to a post-war phase in syria will now be difficult. it's. this one. it's already faced with a collapsing economy and currency there is unprecedented poverty some say a 3rd hasn't been this vulnerable at any time during the 9 year war. it kind of shuts the door fully closed in terms of there being any light at the end of the tunnel for the syrian regime so i think politically and diplomatically that will
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have an impact but it adds to the already terrible effects of the syrian economic crisis assad has faced pressure in the past but has never agreed to making political concessions he since the clear victory in the war in syria and while he may have won militarily winning the peace may prove harder the new legislation means the fight for damascus as the seat of assad's power and legitimacy has still to be fought santa. fe built and in addition court has issued a guilty verdict against 7 west papuan human rights activists charged with treason will serve up to 11 months in jail other group known as they planned 7 staged demonstrations calling for independence and fair treatment and 2019 men rights watch says the indonesian government has a history of discriminating against dark skinned indigenous. the chinese capital beijing has raised its alert level after a new corona virus outbreak hundreds of flights have been canceled schools and
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universities are shut up to reports. most flights in and out of beijing are canceled but these travelers are trying to leave while they can the chinese capital is in the middle of its most serious outbreak of cornell far as since february you can leave you know what maybe i'm leaving now because the outbreak is a bit serious and i'm afraid of being infected so i want to escape back to home soon on wednesday the kauffman grazed this emergency response level to talk old spread of new infections linked to beijing's largest told safer market schools and universities have been shot and people have been urged to leave the city infections in 4 other provinces have already been linked to the operating in some areas quarantine measures up and introduced for those coming from the capital. jemmett you go all kinds of medical and health institutions schools institutions for the elderly subway and public transport have been raised to
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a higher level in terms of epidemic prevention and control and measures will be fully implemented to prevent keep personnel from leaving beijing we will resolutely curb the spread of the virus in and outside the city health workers have been dispatched from across the city to beijing stays on hospital designated as a cold 90 treatment center you badly you were then dropped all 100 transferred medical staff consists of 24 doctors 62 nurses 8 people from a clinical laboratory and 6 from radiology to enhance the treatment capacity of severe cases jangly a doctor who played an important role in the expert group for treating critical patients in will had also joined the treatment team for severe cases in the town hospital the government is allegedly testing hundreds of thousands of people on the spot and not both residential compounds under complete lockdown food markets i think restaurants in the city of 20000000 people opting to subtracted officials
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seem determined not to turn into another war harm even as health experts warn the virus detected in these new cases seems more contagious dr gupta. as president donald trump has signed an executive order to reform policing following mass protests after the death of george floored george floyd in custody reforms are also being implemented at state and local levels but there's just agreement over the best way to address systematic racism or since salami has more from new york. pepper spraying pushing and plowing into demonstrators the spotlight on the new york police department since the killing of george floyd has not been flattering and the state has moved quickly to pass reform measures but the unions representing police in the city say they're being used as political pawns and public safety will suffer what we're saying now is we're all demonized because some was murdered in minnesota i'm going to say it again most restrained police the
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bobbin in the country activists say unions are a big part of the problem ya know smart tone is a civil rights attorney running for manhattan district attorney all across the country we have we've got you steps forward one step back we're electing better people we're asking better laws but these law enforcement unions are clinging to their power and they're going to do everything they can to undermine or forums into undermine individuals who are elected. since a member of his staff compiled a list of local politicians taking campaign donations from law enforcement groups however many politicians have decided to give back the money signaling the tide may be turning new york's governor last week signed a law banning chokeholds named after eric garner who was killed by one and making the records of police officers accused of misconduct public and on tuesday the mayor of new york city announced that footage from police body cams must be released within 30 days if it involves the use of a firearm or force that results in injury or death. police reforms here in new york
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and elsewhere around the country have largely focused on individual officers and holding them accountable for their actions but critics say racism is a systemic problem and more systemic changes are needed former police officer dennis kenney believes the issue isn't to unions but rather a militarized approach to policing we've gone back to the effort militarized police easily evaluated tactical solutions and so forth and all of those have the effect of kind of driving a wedge between communities and elise. and i think that we need to go back and think well sophocles again about why we will use not just how we police in california the state's largest police unions have published their own reform agenda ignaz the need for action it calls for lessening the use of force and increasing accountability to root out racist police officers but that will require communities
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and police to work together to make communities safer for everyone kristen salumi al jazeera new york and the u.k. prime minister has been involved in a minor car accident. that happened when a kurdish protester ran into the road outside parliament a security car drove into the back of boris johnson's vehicle no one is believed to be entered. these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera china and india are trying to call him tensions after a deadly clash over a border dispute both sides say no shots were fired but 20 indian soldiers were killed in a mass brawl were iron bars and wooden clubs were used as weapons. knowledge of indian troops seriously violated the consensus across the lawn of control and
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provoked an attack the chinese personnel this lead to fierce physical confrontation between the 2 sides and results in casualties we once again ask india to act on our consensus and strictly disciplined troops not to cross the line to provoke and not to take unilateral action that may complicate the situation north korea has warned it will redeploy troops near the border and resume military exercises along frontline areas and blames the south for bad behavior and justify blowing up an enter korean liaison office on tuesday a high level delegation from turkey has made a surprise trip to libya to meet the internationally recognized government in tripoli ankara's administration's main backer in its fight against warlord khalifa haftar at least 12 soldiers have been killed in an attack a northern afghanistan and it took place at an army post in which is on province another 5 soldiers have been held hostage the taliban who's claiming responsibility for the attack says the death toll is higher turkey has launched another military
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offensive against armed kurdish separatist in northern iraq ankara deploy troops to the hearts and region near the border to fight the p.k. k. warplanes have also targeted the group's positions around $3000.00 fighters are believed to be in northern iraq. a french court has found syrian president bashar al assad's uncle guilty of international fraud if sagal sir 4 years in prison he was found guilty of using syrian state funds for personal gains and in the nation cornices showed a guilty verdict against 7 was pop on human rights activists charged with treason it will serve up to 11 months and jail the group named as the pop on 7 stage demonstrations calling for independence and fair treatment and 2019. and keep it on al-jazeera mourning the stream is next. to 020. let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we
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listen this is the moment to stop all the 30 action this is the moment to concentrate on fighting over the idea we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories of them on 00. they're welcome to the stream i'm josh rushing sitting in for me ok today coming to you live from my old life because it killed in the 18 in the core of t.v. got the dog out the kids are talked to in the better in my wife who's work in the carrier in the lights. joins the conversation today on you tube in the live chat and we'll get some of those comments in during the show today's topic is about police reform of course that started here in the u.s. but those protests to spread across the world it began when people saw the viral video of a white police officer in minneapolis.


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