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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2020 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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being eco friendly solutions to combat threats to after having it on which is even . efforts are underway to deescalate tensions between china and india after violence at the border in the disputed kemel a region. well again i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up dramatic end to reconciliation efforts with south korea now north korea announces it'll send troops back to the demilitarized zone. new u.s. sanctions are now in effect targeting any person or entity that supports the syrian
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government. the way to stop my brother talk to him i don't. get the way black people are truly about belief and america also had the brother of george floyd appealing to the un's human rights council to investigate the actions of police across the united states. to begin with the border crisis between india and china both sides say they're working to ease tensions after a longstanding dispute led to violence earlier this week 20 indian soldiers were killed in the worst fighting in the disputed himalayan region in decades top diplomats from the 2 countries have spoken over the telephone and agreed to restart talks the dispute centers on the girl one valley region catch a lopez for young has more. in the remote western himalayas there. a little
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evidence of what that indian and chinese soldiers to the worst of violence in decades both sides gave different versions of the violence and how it unfolded. amid a call for deescalation the body of a soldier is laid to rest india's army said there were casualties on both sides with no shots fired according to media reports most soldiers drowned allegedly punched and shoved on to rocks and eventually falling into a river with severe head injuries. chinese military drills like this one have become more common both sides have increased their military presence in recent months with tension rising over who owns what land. the border has been disputed since india and china went to war in $1062.00 the line in yellow is the so-called line of actual control but there are several disputed areas on either side one of the main was is exciting
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it's claimed by india that administered by china. china says their shared interests are stronger than their conflicts cut it also has a warning which we once again ask india to act on our consensus and strictly disciplined us troops not to cross the lawn to provide and not to take unilateral action that might complicate the situation. prime minister narendra modi says india wants peace but is ready to defend itself. i want to assure the nation that the sec refined our soldiers have made will not stories a waste for us the integrity of india and our sovereignty is the most important thing and nobody can stop us from protecting them. from families it's a time of mourning his father says he can't believe his son a colonel is dead now i don't feel under deep shock after hearing about my son's misfortune i never expected this. not much that indian officials
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have rejected accusations they calls this escalation furious protesters say china must be punished the debate over this border isn't new but beijing strained relationship with the u.s. may have fueled mistrust and it's true that india has to do several steps in recent times. to have a closer military relationship with the united states a political divide now raising the stakes for beijing and new delhi over where their vast frontier begins and ends. up a simple yawn al-jazeera elizabeth a random house this update from new delhi. both foreign ministries have released statements saying that they are going to deescalate the situation on the border as soon as possible that follows a phone conversation between the foreign ministers but what's really interesting is that they continue to blame each other for what happened for the violence in the
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strongest possible terms both sides maintaining that it was the other that trespassed on their territory started the violence and also that it was the other that broke the june agreement to deescalate sharon and the other government is under pressure to both explain how 20 soldiers were killed along the border for the 1st time in 45 years and also to take action against what happened because for the past 10 days the government had been assuring people that any border disputes could be solved through dialogue and walls many of the fence and accusing china of encroaching on and his territory the government said that the situation was under control now we are seeing those protests will be a small and many cities around and deal with the burning of chinese flags but we've also got reports of residents welfare associations asking people to throw out their chinese products and we've seen videos of people doing so as well as that we also
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have a heightened nationalist media and who are blaming china for what happened and they've also joined the chorus here of asking the indian government what it's going to do to retaliate to respond to the deaths of the 20 soldiers katrina use in beijing then the authorities say efforts are underway to defuse tensions with india. china says it's in close communication with india via both diplomatic and military channels a foreign ministry spokesperson jen spoke to the media today on wednesday and said that both sides were intent on resolving this dispute through peaceful dialogue and that china did not want to see any further clashes at the same time jolly gen laid the blame for the deadly brawl on monday so we at the feet of india according to beijing the truce lives actually reached a consensus on the border dispute on june 6th but indian troops violated this consensus and he said they provoked and attacked chinese personnel he also went on
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to urge the indian military to discipline its troops he went on to say further that the location where this altercation took place the golden valley he said that this was and has always been chinese territory something that's heavily disputed by india and he said that clearly it was clear about who was on the right in the wrong side of this clash that resulted in the deaths of those soldiers on monday now according to indian media there were chinese casualties as well but the chinese government is yet to release any numbers and there is some speculation that they may never release these numbers a state media here are saying that this is in fact a sign of goodwill from beijing an example of beijing wanting to pursue peace with india and not wanting to spark any confrontational sentiment that may lead to all out conflict. there's a professor of international relations at the university of westminster he says the latest violence is an escalation of long simmering tensions every year around this
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fine they will be chinese troops and indian troops regularly in that region so that's nothing new in that what's new of course is chinese groups coming in and staying for longer and that's what has started this now for china i would say they did it because india started developing infrastructure on its site of what indonesia and i think they mean they've bought up there that they cannot agree on where the lines are but the reality is john i have been effective not only in this invasion but also in hong kong the f.t. have been effective with every other country that's the largest chain in china but one thing you have to bear in mind there also ever wanted to collapse $54.00 where each on foreign india india government that claims to be very strong you know the government at least to sort of be that any indian government have inch have been sure that it's forced out and weak because of what would have been promised was a strong india but what they got was an indian military that was ill prepared to deal with them if their give john. to the korean peninsula where a war of words is further escalating a dispute there north korea is warning it will redeploy troops near the border and
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resume military exercises but seoul says it will no longer tolerate what it calls pyongyang's unreasonable behavior reports now from part in south korea. making its message clear and unequivocal the destruction of the joint liaison office has been widely broadcast by north korean state run media accompanied by warnings that it will increase its military presence along the border separating the 2 koreas. guard posts that had been removed to deescalate tensions will now be restored while military exercises on the northern side of the border will be resumed bringing this unusually strong response from the south. such moves thought to the efforts and achievements made by the 2 koreas to maintain peace and the north will surely pay if these measures are put into action the north has blamed
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the south for allowing defectors to release propaganda balloons into its territory but north korean leader kim jong un is also frustrated at his failure to get more concessions in summits with the south korean president moon j.n. and with u.s. president donald trump the north seeming to conclude the current path of diplomacy has run its course trump just doesn't it's just not that interested anymore and moon is very constrained by sanctions i mean that's why this thing is sort of been frozen for you and i have i'm just not sure that much can change in the next 6 months or 8 months jew on the southern side of the border relatives of people abducted during the korean war hold a simple ceremony. many events are being staged with the coming 70th anniversary of the start of the conflict least sango was a baby when his father was abducted to the north. for him and others still living with the war's consequences this latest attempt at reconciliation has achieved
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little condone when kim jong un wouldn't recognize this issue even uses and the sas korean order ministry couldn't put the issue on the table during the summit in any case this section of the border is where rail and road links were meant to be connected if the current initiative had been a success it was planned that you would become one of the main crossing points between north and south in what would be a new era of peaceful coexistence on the peninsula they are hopes that for the time being at least seen dashed once more robert bright al-jazeera to south korea the un human rights council is holding a urgent debate on racism and police brutality in the united states following the police killing of an unarmed black man george floyd a group of 54 african countries called for the meeting the council has said it will also examine violence against peaceful protesters of the massacres of james bays the united nations. the human rights council has been session for some hours now at
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its chamber in geneva the subject of the meeting the current racially inspired human rights violations systematic racism police brutality and the violence against peaceful protest you'll notice there is no mention in the title of this urgent session that was only decided upon in the last few days of the united states but it's clear what they're talking about they're talking about the protests that have followed the death of george floyd in minneapolis in fact one of the keynote speakers was the brother of george floyd the way the barber brother told upset him i don't i'll khabar it the way black people are truly about police and america you watch my brother that there could have been me i hear about bread the people who i mean that in a says are your brother the 1st the people of america and you have the power to help earth get there from our brother their eyes lowered. you know their help him.
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you got me i think you. black people and america that session of the human rights council continues in geneva but lots of it is taking place by virtue of contribution in fact i mean mohammed who's the deputy secretary general of the united nations joined here from where i am from u.n. headquarters in new york she described this as the process taking place as today's sacred battle before she was the deputy secretary general she was a nigerian politician and it's certainly the african countries that have been pushing this but where it goes next and we expect the debate to continue into thursday in geneva is with some form of declaration this is the controversial bit you know how the trump of ministration doesn't like other countries intervene fearing in its affairs you just look at some of its recent comments on. on the
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international criminal court you look at the fact the trumpet ministration pulled out of the human rights council itself now some of these african countries want to commission of inquiry set up by the human rights council to examine all the claims in this issue i'm told american diplomats and some of their allies are working very hard behind the scenes to try and drop that idea of a commission of inquiry. still ahead here on al-jazeera. the very early going in paris after video images showing french police mistreating a nurse during a protest. rising concern in the u.s. that despite more covert 19 infections many states are still reopening. and i no shortage of hot sunshine across the middle east and i great surprises here
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a little bit of cloud just around southern parts of the arabian peninsula but nothing too much to speak of elsewhere it is pretty much wall to wall sunshine say temperatures getting well up into the forty's once again what a brisk wind blowing out of iraq fading down into the gulf that way and hopefully easing as we go on into were friday less in the way of lift the dust in the sand as that begins to type place further north well here's the right got the rain there just around the other that the blacks say spilling across the good parts of turkey the levant general looking far to dry the northern parts of lebanon could catch a shower or 2 just fading into the north off syria but for the most part it is more in the way of sunshine joining up in the sunshine that we have across northern africa up to was a fall of little more cloud just rolling in here in north america as we go on through thursday into friday you might just catch a shower or 2 here shows you the showers there cross the heart of africa those seasonal rains doing very nicely nothing
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a little further north with as we go on into friday some heavy infantry down poles just around sierra leone maybe pushing across into a guinea as well heavy downpours to into southern parts of nigeria with a chance of some localized flooding. coveted. it's beyond well. taken without hesitation. cold and died for power defines our world we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas when they are fair we make the rules and investigating exposing and questioning the use and abuse of power across the globe people in power returns to our. to meet.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha your top stories india and china say they're working to calm tensions after a deadly exchange of fire over a border dispute in the himalayas 20 indian soldiers died both sides blame the other for trespassing into their territory. north korea is threatening to send its military towards the demilitarized zone a day after that blew up a ship is on office with south korea seoul says it will no longer tolerate pyongyang's behavior. the u.n. human rights council is holding a rare urgent debate on racism and police brutality in the u.s. following the killing of the unarmed black man george what. the u.s. is threatening more sanctions against syria and the secretary of state might pompei
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o. says it won't stop until president bashar al assad ends the war against his own people the caesar act as it's known as now being imposed on the syrian government it includes a raft of financial sanctions targeting any person or entity that does business with and those close to him assets wife asma is on the list among around 30 other people well nearly a decade of violence has left syria with a collapsing economy the sanctions are expected to derail president assad's postwar recovery plans al-jazeera is in a hole the reports now from beirut a warning some viewers may find these images disturbing. they're known as caesar's photographs named after a military defector who documented torture and killings in syrian government jails his testimonies to the u.s. congress was part of a campaign to hold the regime responsible for what have been described as war crimes it led to the passing and now the implementation of
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a bill in the us the so-called caesar act in any country in the world there's a company individual. the that's providing acknowledge the financial support. and military support that. are all liable for things and under the caesar bill these sanctions go further than existing ones are aimed at preventing international engagement with bashar assad's government partnering or fighting on its side will also be punishable the syrian government calls the legislation economic terrorism but proponents of the law point to exemptions that minimize any impact on civilians . the feeling government is allowed to buy medicine they want but they don't want to. be on that they want to fund their war machine they want to pump the militia human rights groups have accused the syrian government of using aid to fund its atrocities benefit those loyal to it and punish opponents by confiscating their
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properties plans to move to a post-war phase in syria will now be difficult. it's. this with this. regime. it's already faced with a collapsing economy and currency there is unprecedented poverty some say a 3rd hasn't been this vulnerable at any time during the 9 year war. it kind of shuts the door fully closed in terms of there being any light at the end of the tunnel for the syrian regime so i think politically and diplomatically that will have an impact but it adds to the already terrible effects of the syrian economic crisis assad has faced pressure in the past but has never agreed to making political concessions he since the clear victory in the war in syria and while he
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may have won militarily winning the peace may prove harder the new legislation means the fight for damascus as the seat of assad's power and legitimacy has still to be fought santa for their ashes into beirut ok let's go live to roslyn jordan of the state department in washington rose why is this legislation so crucial. well this legislation is crucial because through fits and starts in the past 6 years members of the u.s. congress have been looking for a way that they can try to push for a peaceful end to the syrian civil war a war which many analysts suggest that top bashara. may have won except for having no control 'd still of the province of lip that said it took them almost 6 years to get this passed because of a number of political hick ups and obstructions but this is now in fact it
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is now part of process of law the sanctions are being imposed notably against bashar al assad's wife this is the 1st time she has ever been targeted and it is worth reminding our viewers that the sanctions involved both travel bans to the united states as well as asset seizures of any property that the people on this list at least 30 or so persons long may have in u.s. promises it's also worth pointing out peter that this is something which the administration is hoping could try to jumpstart as it were the process of trying to negotiate an end to the civil war under the auspices of the u.n. security council resolution 2254 rose we'll leave it there thank you very much of course in france's phone the uncle of bashar al assad guilty of international fraud to refight was accused of using syrian state funds for personal gain the
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paris court sentenced him to 4 years in prison and also ordered the seizure of millions of dollars worth of property in france and london footage showing what some are describing as mistreatment of a group of police officers during a protest in paris on tuesday the woman can be seen throwing wants look like projectiles at the protests on tuesday then in another video she's surrounded by a group of french officers dragging her by the head of the health care protest is in paris. this woman was taking part in a protest to a health workers are protesting for better pay on tuesday in paris she did throw projectiles of the police she's admitted that to the police while in custody and later she was then arrested by police but what's interesting is these 2 videos have really spoke to a huge debate here in france because the 1st video that most people saw was one of the nurse being arrested surrounded by these armed police officers a woman big hair with blood on her face as she has been to school to the way and
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then off to is this all the one of her throwing these things the police what many campaigners say is actions really justified the treatment so seemingly quite rough treatment at the hands of the police officers now the police say that they saw this the police say they will look at the video of her trying projectiles that just sort of assault conditions that they have to deal with and this is this is just a question of who support force somebody who took part in a protest but this debate is really swirling here in france because of course it also comes in the midst of another debate generally a wider one on police violence on police brutality in france after the recent anti racism protests and then of course we had those yellow vest protests last year. the united states is pushing ahead with opening up its economy despite a surge in corona virus cases in many parts of the country 6 states arizona florida oklahoma oregon texas and nevada all posted record increases in infections more
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than $20000.00 to testing positive per day nationwide while the u.s. is the worst affected globally the epicenter of the break is currently in south america brazil is the regional hotspot with nearly $35000.00 people testing positive on tuesday it's on course to pass a 1000000 cases in the coming days more than $45000.00 have died in the break and mexico is pushing ahead with reopening its economy despite little sign of the break slowing down the government says keeping a lockdown in place would be devastating for the country's poor people john holeman has more from mexico about how it's reopening the economy now half of mit's carry states have gone to orange in a traffic light system here which is meant to gradually reopen the country and under orange in the traffic light system that means that half of the hotels parked restaurants and sports centers can all open to half their capacity so it's no small
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thing and even in mexico city which is always been the focal point of the infection here the government is transitioning towards that despite the fact that they're not meeting their own criteria they said that they were only going to do that when they got down to 65 percent of hospital bed capacity there around 75 percent but still next monday they say they're going to go to orange so many scary sort of seems to be a little bit ignoring where it at the moment with this pandemic and instead focusing on getting the country back to work kristen salumi has more from new york on the growing pressure from the public there to reopen. here in new york city for example manufacturing and some construction has been allowed to reserve curbside pick up for stores but they're starting to be grumblings from the business community people really want to get back to work restaurants retail remain closed barber shops and hair salons remain closed and that's a huge portion of the economy here so there is pressure to reopen the city now
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people are still worried about the virus that's not to downplay that at all if you go out on the streets not only do you see more people you see more people wearing masks even outside they're very common here in new york now and people are aware of predictions of a possible 2nd wave come the fall particularly now people are concerned about the recent demonstrations that have been taking place on the streets of new york the mayor has said that he wants to see the numbers this weekend of new infections as a result of the demonstrations but he's promising to have a plan to reopen the rest of the city as soon as he has those numbers amid this growing chorus of we need to get back to work the chinese capital beijing has raised its level of break of corona virus infected $137.00 people hundreds of flights are being canceled and schools and universities a shot to report. most flights in and out of beijing are counselled but these trials are trying to leave while they can the chinese capital is in the
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middle of its. own a farm is since february when the you know i think i'm leaving now because the outbreak is a bit serious and i'm afraid of being infected so i want to ski back to him soon on wednesday the cough increased the response level to talk and spread to new sections linked to beijing's lung just told same market schools and universities have been shot and people have been able to leave the city infections in full to post and says. to the op we can be in some areas quarantine measures up and need to do used coming from the capital. genet you go all kinds of medical and health institutions schools institutions for the elderly subway and public transport have been raised to a higher level in terms of epidemic prevention and control and measures will be fully implemented to prevent keep personnel from leaving beijing we will resolutely cope
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the spread of the virus in and outside the city health workers have been dispatched from across the city to beijing state and hospital designated as a call the 900 treatment center you badly you were then dropped all the 100 transferred medical staff consists of 24 doctors 62 nurses 8 people from a clinical laboratory and 6 from radiology to enhance the treatment capacity of severe cases jangly a doctor who played an important role in the expert group for treating critical patients in will had also joined the treatment team for severe cases in the town hospital the government is urgently testing hundreds of thousands of people in the sport of numbers residential compounds under complete lockdown food markets i think restaurants in the city of 20000000 people are being disappointed officials seem determined not to let beijing turn into another war harm even as health experts warn the virus detected in these new cases seems more contagious clocker could go
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on to 0. new zealand's prime minister has put the military in charge of border quarantine operations after a breach of protocol allowed covert 19 back into the country 2 women with the virus were allowed out of corinth early on compassionate grounds the pair that arrived from the u.k. hadn't been tested before travelling 650 kilometers to visit a dying relative the prime minister said it was an unacceptable failure of the system. this is out to 0 these are the top stories india and china say they are working to calm tensions after a deadly exchange of fire over a border dispute in the himalayas 20 indian soldiers died both sides blame the other for trespassing into their territory north korea is threatening to send its military towards the demilitarized zone a day after it blew up it shared
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a liaison office with south korea seoul says it will no longer tolerate pyongyang's behavior the un human rights council is holding a urgent debate on racism and police brutality in the united states following the police killing of an unarmed black man george floyd a group of 54 african countries has called for the meeting. the way you throw my brother tony abbott murdered on camera is the way black people are treated by police in america you watch my brother dad there could have been me i hear about drugs the people you want to hear matinee says are your brother the surface keep of it america and you have the power to help worse get justice from barbara other jurors blow it up actually if you can help him out actually you know we are back to see you both black people and america the us is threatening more sanctions against syria and the secretary of state mike pompei you sense it won't stop until
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president bashar al assad ends the war against his own people the caesar act as it's known as now being imposed on the syrian government of course in france has found the syrian president bashar al assad's uncle guilty of international fraud. will serve 4 years in prison he was found guilty of using syrian state funds for personal gain the paris court also ruled real estate in france and $32.00 and a half $1000000.00 worth of property in london should be seized the footage has emerged showing what some are describing as mistreatment of a group of police officers during a protest in paris on tuesday the woman can be seen here throwing projectiles at the protest on tuesday then in another video she is surrounded by a group of french officers dragging her by the here at the health care protests those are the headlines up next it's inside story of the news for you in 30 minutes see that.
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it's cold the sea is that act and tal gets back his all the strongman u.s. sanctions came into effect wednesday against the asad regime in syria when it did not have the government of a political victory off the years of conflict and how will the regime allies react to new sanctions this is inside story.


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