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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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the prisoner and the prisoner who came to get to. nelson mandela and. face to face. the u.s. coronavirus task force mates for the 1st time in months as infections across the country serves to record daily high. what else is there a life in london i'm telling you navigator also had a major spike in virus cases in india the government readings a massive treatment center at a house 10000 patients. in mexico city's police chief and injured in an assassination attempt he's blamed on a powerful drug gang. how lebanon starved economies living cells there and friends
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is empty. hello we begin in the united states where the trumpet ministration held its 1st coronavirus task force briefing in almost 2 months the vice president mike pence was a bit despite america's recording the spite america recording an all time high of virus infections around 40000 new cases were confirmed across the u.s. on thursday alan fisher has more. cases after almost 2 months so we it's back this moment in the coronavirus pandemic is different and faced with the surgeon cases across the country the white house coronavirus task force faces a renewed threat we're in a much stronger place the truth is we did slow the spread of the current recent days have brought a record number of infections 16 states are seeing a rising number of cases and infection rates states like texas which had started to
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reopen no bringing back all distractions after a 145 percent rise in cases in just 14 days bars closed restaurants cutting capacity public gatherings limited pistons meare calls it a crisis the numbers are jumping exponentially and rising fast and we are quickly moving in the wrong direction arizona has no more cases predator population than brazil 88 percent of the states in. pensive care beds are full doctors see a health system on the edge and as positive an experience to try to make for each other at some point there's a tipping point and we're hoping we don't go already ad should say this is tender waiting to explode but i'm thinking that some of that has already been let and that is concerning the man who has played a major role in the white house response is this warning to young people the thing that you really need to realize when you do that you're part of the process so if
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you get infected you will infect someone else who clearly will infect someone else we know that happens because the reproduction element of the virus is not less than one so people are infecting other people and then ultimately you will infect someone who is vulnerable the task force met at the department of health not here at the white house put it see that shows the president's level of engagement with the crisis no the president also said the virus would start to go away in the warmer weather it hasn't one expert saying this isn't the 2nd wave it's still the 1st alan fischer out to see it or at the white house well india's government has opened what it says will be the world's largest coronavirus treatment center and comes as the country recorded its largest spike in daily infections for the 3rd day in a row on friday the country has nearly 500000 tases more than 15000 deaths but pressure to get businesses back up and remain strong elizabeth purana reports from new delhi
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. the chefs at this restaurant in the indian capital used to cook for up to 1200 people a day that was before the lockdown began in march but despite restaurants being allowed to open for the past 2 weeks it's among the 80 percent of which have chosen to keep their doors closed to dinah's or only do deliveries. we don't see people. since. industry experts here say 30 percent of all restaurants and hotels could shut down permanently because of a lack of customers as the number of coronavirus cases rise. as restaurants keep their doors closed banquet halls hotels and train carriages are being converted to car that 19 treatment centers. government has opened what it says will be the
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world's largest temporary health facility which will have 10000 beds by the end of next week we are trying to. the medical equipment and ready trained medical professionals who are there we remain able to be a bit different in a proper clinical manner. but health officials warn that expanding facilities is not enough everybody keeps talking about the health care facility as being equivalent to the number of beds it is actually the facility of gad and the level of care which is available which is more appropriate than collecting a whole lot of beds so we need doctors we need nurses we need we need all monitoring and mentality facilities we need better medical staff. while some regions are building more facilities to deal with the rising cases others shutting down the northeastern state of asanas decided to go back under
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a full lockdown from sunday for 2 weeks that means only essential services will be allowed at follows the stage of time an hour bush did the same thing last week and markets in the southern city of hyderabad have decided to shut down in making the decision the central government as it tries to keep the economy open elizabeth primetime al-jazeera new delhi. well the global coalition that's fighting the coronavirus pandemic says billions of dollars are needed to defeat the disease the group is led by the world health organization and says it needs $31300000000.00 for its tests treatments on vaccines but it's only receives around a 10th of those funds the coalition says it needs deliver $500000000.00 tests and $245000000.00 treatments to low and middle income countries by next year it also wants $2000000000.00 vaccines to be available by the end of 2021 iran's half of that will go to poorer nations authorities in argentina meanwhile are expected to
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extend lockdown restrictions into next month as doctors warn coronavirus cases will peak in the coming weeks there are more than 52000 confirmed cases of the death toll stands at around 1150 argentina's governments has eased some restrictions but maintained a strict lockdown around the capital brought to sirees a new phase of restrictions is set to be announced on friday. and italian soldiers have been deployed to a small town where a new coronavirus cluster has been detected around 49 people in a residential complex northwest of naples have tested positive soldiers have set up barricades and police checkpoints are in place residents are angry that they're being locked inside that complex is home to many both ariens who work the fruit picking season. i am. i am. now the mexican capital's police chief has been injured in
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an assassination and an attempted assassination that is 2 of omar garcia are food his bodyguards were killed when they came under fire in an upscale mexico city neighborhoods garcia is blaming the attack on one of the country's most powerful drug gangs at least 12 people have been arrested manual right below has more. this sound of gunfire and explosions rocked the mexican capital in the early hours of friday morning when gunmen wielding high caliber weapons attacked mexico city's police chief it really. got stuck on the head of public security in mexico city was wounded and there are other deaths in this attack all of this has to do without a doubt with the war being carried out to guarantee peace and security. authorities have confirmed that at least 2 police officers were killed in the shootout as well as one bystander as that has such a thing that the man that makes this justice department has confirmed 12 arrests i feel confident the investigation will yield results to find those responsible for
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doing this act of aggression and. at least 6 criminal groups are known to operate within mexico city in a tweet following the attack the city's police chief placed the blame on the new generation cartel the least going new generation cartel is one of the most powerful drug cartels in the region it was only recently identified as having a presence within the limits of mexico city. the shootout in the mexican capital is only the latest incident of mass violence in the country. on wednesday 16 people were killed in a gunfight between rival drug gangs in the mexican state of sinaloa on monday 15 were killed following an attack on an indigenous village in the state of laca. despite the ongoing corona virus outbreak battles over control of drug territory have not lessened and. mexico city. israeli military says 2 rockets have been
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fired from gaza into israel tensions are building as the government prepares to kickstart its controversial plan to annex parts of the occupied west bank and now the israeli prime minister's coalition partner has also weighed in in a facebook post on friday benny gantz suggested that any palestinians in future an experience be granted equal rights israel looks to roll out its an exception planned from the 1st of july harry fawcett has more from west jerusalem. next week could be a very momentous one with the july the 1st date which is the earliest possible date under the deal between him and netanyahu the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for this coalition government that's the 1st date under which the movement towards annexation can be advanced and he sets out what could be read as something of a toughened tone in against netanyahu in terms of saying that that he would be willing to speak to the palestinians at any time even tomorrow if they wanted to
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seriously that there would be no annexation in a palestinian area or least an area with a large palestinian population or where their movement would be severely curtailed if there were palestinians inside such an area they would be granted equal rights that there would be security and diplomatic groundwork that went in place ahead of any annexation to preempt any petition potential security problems and also said that he would advance moves towards bilateral negotiations with the palestinians as part of this as well and all of this he says is part of the american peace plan the trump plan but really when you look at it it doesn't really reject anything that looks within the bounds of what might well happen in any case the indications that we've been getting from benjamin netanyahu and his officials are that he wants 1st to declare israeli sovereignty as they put it on major israeli illegal settlements
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close to the green line close to here just south of jerusalem and that they would be the 1st phase. the value of lebanon's currency the mirror has been tumbling for months and it's now worth around a quarter but it was late last year so the central banks now lost an electronic foreign exchange trading platform in a bid to halt the slide that's hitting the pockets of consumers but without an injection of dollars it could be futile zana harder explains from beirut. licensed exchange shops are only selling dollars to a selected few among them or people who need to pay a foreign worker or buy an airline ticket it's a 1st for lebanon where the foreign currency has long been used in transactions but the country has run out of dollars due to a deep economic crisis that has led to the collapse of the local currency attempts by the central bank to stabilize the rate including launching an electronic trading platform have so far failed they've been trying to fix the price of the.
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rate that is just not reflective of what demand and supply is so they've been just trying to fix it at a very low rate unfortunately unfortunately the lira has lost at least 75 percent of its value on the black market since october nearly 50 percent in the past month many are hurting in a country that is import depended. my follow to use it to be $750.00 now it was less than $200.00. lebanon needs fresh dollars but money from abroad has stopped flowing in. many war and the exchange rate instability will continue without foreign return of confidence in the economy and the. worst financial crisis are in our. discussions with the international monetary fund on a bailout have made no progress the political elite the central bank and the banking sector are still arguing over who is responsible for bankruptcy in this state there
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are also failing to carry out reforms like fighting corruption a member of the negotiating team resigned in protest it is the state in all its opera that has resigned from its own responsibilities they have a responsibility to do reforms they have a responsibility to take ownership of the losses in the financial system and to ensure the stability of the financial sector it's desperate times up to 45 percent of a nation of nearly 5000000 people live below the poverty line where. people are selling the gold to pay hospital free situation fees and loans on their homes. all the while the state's foreign currency reserves are being depleted we've better stop printing lebanese found them the way to stop doing that is to do economy could reforms because why are we printing because we want to finance government expenditure protesters who have been demanding a new leadership for months are losing hope they held
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a symbolic funeral for lebanon as their country sinks deeper into crisis. beirut. still to come on al-jazeera russian mercenaries storm one of libya's prized the oil fields his rival forces battle for control. british businesses are preparing to keep their customers safe from coronavirus don't have to keep their data safe to. how the weather's lousy fodder dry across much of australia high pressure in shots and not too much cloud making its way across a good part of the country there's a barrier of high pressure with light winds and clear skies with some of the frosty mornings into parts of victoria down towards tasmania south southeast and pass on the cool side over the next couple days but largely dry because some cloud in the
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right weather system making its way into southern parts of western australia basin places of wet weather there heading towards perth 21 celsius here on saturday with elsewhere as you can see well as you try and find one or 2 coastal showers and on show braces fading in the towards northern parts of new south wales towards the gulf coast with the sunshine coast as well you might see the odd shower here but nothing too much to speak of in the similar picture i speak of on through sunday 14 celsius in melbourne 13 therefore how about tad warm in the in adelaide with temperatures around the mid teens to into new zealand some rather wet and windy weather coming in here over the next couple of days across a good part of the country much needed rainfall coming through then we got some rainfall making its way across japan as well at the moment that will clear through saturday lossie find it rather the wetter weather coming out of central parts of china and will pulse its way in the southern parts of honshu i.q. she.
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on counting the cost of europe at a crossroads that deals with a rising china and you. it's a president who riles his allies also how the world's tekken investment money hasn't reached people of color and cyber attacks on vaccine makers in the bar trees . counting the costs on al-jazeera. be the hero world needs right now. the. element in the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. vice president has echoed donald trump's view that the continuing upswing in for
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one of ours cases of this country is down to more testing of the country's infectious disease experts says there is a serious problem in southern and western states. a special facility which can treat up to 10000 virus patients has been opens in india's capital it comes after the country saw another record number of new infections in one day of more than 17000 in. mexico city security chief has been injured in an assassination attempt to have his bodyguards were killed in the attack in the city center which has been blamed on a powerful drugs that. libya's national oil corporation says russian and other foreign mercenaries have storms etc our oil fields the plants in the west as the country's largest the attackers are attempting to block the resumption of oil exports after a months long blockade most of the country's main oil fields are now under the control of the 2 brook based libyan national army which opposes the u.s.
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backed trip in the government. of the radisson tripoli he says this development of the oil field is significance. convoy of 25 vehicles with the russian mysteries and other foreign ministries into the ashara oil field on thursday evening and also says that it is deeply concerned that by. the developments in. the oil field in about 700 kilometers south of the capital is the country's biggest oil field with the production capacity of about more than $300000.00 barrels a day and the country's already suffering the consequences of the blockade of the oil terminal in central libya by have to his forces since january there and he says that the total losses resulting from from that blockade is nearly
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$6000000000.00 the international criminal court is expanding its investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in libya speaking exclusively to al-jazeera the i.c.c. is talk prosecutor says the discovery of mass graves in the city of tarhouni is of particular concern one of. his commanders who are funny is wanted by the i.c.c. i've been sudar wants him to be handed over it's regrettable that. we just let. us not facility arrest. all has. generally in action that he's account. for his alleged crimes mr. this report that's the. initial. lead.
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time you will concrete and progressive steps that. this is something that's already been found by the chamber. investigations in active in egypt ethiopia and sudan have agreed that it won't fill a controversial mega dam on the river nile until the 3 reach an agreement the egyptian government is concerned filling the dam too quickly will reduce its supply of water downstream and sudan wants guarantees that will be safely and properly operated have a more kind of hard to says there's more still to resolve it took a meeting between the prime minister is up to date if you egypt as well as other members of the african union including you correct chair of the african union south african president as the remote force out to try to bring that recites together
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after several rounds of talks. fail now what is what will the statement that was released by the prime minister of the office of the prime minister of the i'm told is that the besides that they will resume talks immediately on a technical level we've repeatedly heard statements from the site saying that 95 percent of the issues have been resolved and that there's only remaining 5 percent as well as the legal aspects syria is facing an unprecedented hunger crisis that's according to the u.n. world food program it's has more than $9000000.00 syrians lack adequate food $1400000.00 of them in just the past 6 months food prices have soared by more than 200 percent in less than a year it's partly due to coronavirus lotto measures and according to the un agency around 90 percent of syria's population now lives under the poverty line and humanitarian needs are growing. and millions of children to be pushed to the brink of starvation as coronavirus tears through yemen a report by the u.n.
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children's agency says this $2400000.00 yemeni children could be malnourished by the end of the year an additional 6 and a half $6600.00 under the age of 5 could die from preventable causes in 2020 more than 9 and a half 1000000 children don't have enough access to safe water sanitation or hygiene and that's helping the virus spreads yemen has officially recorded 275 deaths and more than a 1000 cases of covert 19 but the actual tally is believed to be much higher that's testing is very low iraqi security forces have raided a base belonging to an iranian backed militia group 10 rockets received that at least 14 members of hezbollah were detained including commanders are members of the group are demanding their release. in just the past hour the u.s. president donald trump assigns an executive order to protect national monuments
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earlier this week trump said he will harshly punish those who deface monuments after protesters tried to topple a statue of the former president andrew jackson near the white house confederates in colonial statues have been targeted right across the country during wider protests against racism and police brutality now privacy campaigners are warning that the next phase of the u.k.'s lockdown could lead to major data breaches from the 4th of july restaurants and bars in england can welcome customers again but owners will be required to record their names and contact details colbran and has more from london. the u.k. hospitality sector is worth nearly $50000000000.00 a year before coronavirus employs $3200000.00 people as the industry gears up for a new beginning post lockdown social distancing is not the only issue it has to cope with. restrictions when the capacity of this micro brewery in west london has fallen from 35 to just 10 but it's the requirement to somehow keep the names and
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details of every single customer for 21 days which has led the owner to actually perspective on reopening we haven't had a booking system before something completely new we have to look into which is why i think i'm gingerly waiting for a little bit more guidance how to keep that data what they want to do with that data before i write that invest in software let's stop piling in the hours and try to work out how this is going to actually work logistically some restaurants some props of already commenced with limited reopening offering food and drink on a take away basis but the ability to cope with the new rules from july 4th varies widely from the big problem with their existing sophisticated digital infrastructure down to the small independents which are struggling simply to open their doors the u.k. government says it will issue detailed guidance soon but with just a week left until july 4th privacy campaigners say a piecemeal approach and ambiguous instructions puts too much responsibility on pub
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and restaurant owners and exposes individual customers to a serious risk of data breaches. the system into place in a secure month. or so rapidly does seem highly questionable the only way to ensure data resale is for they to be stored with encryption at rest and with encrypted in transit and that's another area in which so far the government has failed to provide any clarity in terms of actual execution in europe data storage and processing is governed by a rule called g.d.p. on which carries a maximum penalty of $21000000.00 or 4 percent of global turnover that's an existential threat for smaller businesses and the end of. body u.k. hospitality wants government to issue clear instructions to the enforcement bodies to make clear that all of the guidance a man safe workplace is safe for reopening because that secure reopening over which this track and trace suggestion the pot is not manned tree and therefore they
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should not be imposing regulate repercussions on businesses over and above what is required by the local to get the reopening on the 4th of july the industry believes that the coded data collection rules are just a transition measure until the government's test and trade system achieves widespread coverage and effectiveness and how quickly that can be achieved is an open question paul brennan al jazeera west london a community in antony's has been praised for rescuing a group of rohingya refugees stranded at sea nearly 100 people were on board the vessel almost a 3rd of them children there are now in the province of say where they've been given shelter just a washington reports in jakarta. tired and confused but finally safe after weeks possibly months at sea this group of rohingya refugees is finally on land after disembarking in the nation province of change for now they're staying in an empty government building where officials are checking their health and identity.
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this man told al jazeera why he made the dangerous journey. and reckoning state that was slaughtering us we had to beg for a life to be allowed to reach the shore of another country your heart he says his brother was murdered in myanmar and he's traumatized like everyone around him hundreds of thousands of largely muslim have been escaping from myanmar since the military's crackdown began in 2017 it's still not clear how long these refugees were seen indonesian fishermen rescued them and brought them closer to shore before local authorities decided whether to allow them to disembark the community rallied together carrying the refugees from their vessel and on to land. we're told sorry for most of the children and babies on the boats we don't have to hard to see that so we decided to bring them to shore the difficult journey all the more dangerous during the pandemic they were tested for covert 19 after disembarking but with how
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long they'd be here we don't know who coordinate with the central government and immigration the most important thing now is the taste of this particular rapid test can be unreliable but so far all the results have returned negative human rights groups have praised the fisherman for rescuing the rohingya refugees from the sea and also the local community for welcoming them with open arms but they say it's now time for the indonesian government to address how they will fulfill the basic needs of these refugees and work with other countries in the region to stop people from taking these perilous journey the local people are working very hard to collect funds to collect you know all the basic services or all the really good people but i think it's it's it should be it should be supported by the governed. giving been glad to be giving ben said. that the government is willing to provide
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the rich you know shelter the indonesian government says it's working with the regional neighbors to put an end to dangerous boat journeys but he is of discussions have not been able to stop the humanitarian crisis causing people to flee in the 1st place jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. vice president has echoed donald trump's view that they can to when they were in the upswing in coronavirus cases in his country's down some more testing in a white house virus taskforce briefing mike pence continued to say the focus was on safely reopening the country but the country's infectious disease expert says there is a serious problem in southern and western states that he felt she said outbreaks including in florida and texas said the country was still at risk in much of the country
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where we're seeing jobs expanding and economic activity expanding but our focus today is very much on. the advent of rising series of new cases across the american south. and. where our 1st mission was to save lives once we came out of the $45.00 days to slow the spread of what our task force has been focused on over the course of the past 2 months is to partner with states to save lives and safely reopen. an enormous field hospital has been opened in india the special facility in the caps on the dow they can trade up to 10000 virus patients some hospitals in the area have been overwhelmed and testing centers last with long lines the country saw another record number of new infections in one day on friday of more than 17000 the
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total number of confirmed infections is now just sort of half a 1000000. mexico city's security chief has been injured in an assassination attempts omar garcia harf which received 3 bullet wounds in the early morning attack in the center of the city 2 of his bodyguards and a bystander were also killed one of the country's most powerful drugs cartels has been blamed lebanon's currency has had a new low against the dollar than they are is now worth around a quarter of its value late last year while inching a new electronic trading platform the central bank maintain the country's the quiddity is secure but reserves of foreign currency are low those are the headlines on al-jazeera counting the costs is coming up next then it's you have more news at the top of the hour thanks for watching but by. july on al-jazeera in a controversial leave israel is expected to the next several settlements in the occupied west bank how will the world react in a not so sweet
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a story chocolate time to doubt this expose the continued use of child labor on cocaine plantation president putin will try to stay in power beyond its final term with an attempt at changing russia's constitution maybe half sample has to special series of interview with chief tackling the big issues about time in the 25th anniversary of the biggest war crime on european soil since world war 2 we witness a ceremony paying respect to the victims of the september genocide. july on al-jazeera.


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