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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2020 12:00am-1:00am +03

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small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. teller and taylor this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up hundreds of protesters arrested in hong kong the 1st to be taken into custody under a contentious new security law. partial results indicate russian voters have backed changes to the constitution including a possible extension about him a putin's reign to 2036. more than 80 people confirmed dead in ethiopia by anger over the murder of
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a popular singer continues to grow. and the growing list of companies boycotting facebook pressure on the social media giant to do more to block racism and hate speech. on the how much now have all the sporting clearing pakistan's cricket tour of england receives a major boost 6 players who had tested positive for corona virus have now been cleared and are set to join up with the squad in the u.k. . the u.k. and u.s. have joined a chorus of criticism directed at china. impose a sweeping new national security law on hong kong the 1st arrests were made under the station earlier on wednesday when thousands of people took to the streets to mark 23 years since the territory was controlled by britain critics say a political freedoms and civil liberties guaranteed by
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a pact made at the time have now been destroyed sarah clarke reports from hong kong . despite the searing heat and defying a police ban thousands of protesters marched to test the new national security little village slow she was fast tracked in record time in beijing and in acted on july the 1st. the 23rd anniversary of britain's handover to chinese rule as sad as it makes me say so all it is yes. china is china it's all going home it's china as of today 1st of july it's a sad day but that's what it is but i also take to the streets though i say what i think because it's my right as a human being. i protested started marching chanting free home khun lang out they key demands i need to be met by a line of riot police but this group of demonstrators say it's they do to stand up to china day law enforcement in hong kong what they always do this you are allowed
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to protest and make their arrest later so i today i come out and an out and one audit dictatorship knowing full well that probably i'll get arrested i'll try. the scope of the national security is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere extradition to china for trial and a maximum sentence of life in prison faces vandalizes of the legislation people were arrested during wednesday's rally for breaking the new normal they were in position of items cooling the hong kong's independence from china police sealed off the area fired the water cannon and tear gas and pepper balls to break up the crowd police say one officer was stabbed in the. strategy by police on wednesday was a cordon off key areas where those practices i'd have a one time times where i felt like i know much protests rival to the surrounding streets the police were still able to mike at least $300.00 arrests earlier on
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wednesday the city's chief executive celebrated the hand of the anniversary and the swift introduction of the new security lol kerry was sidelined in the drafting of the script but said it was necessary to a stool into and rebuild hong kong's reputation as a leading international financial center in asia yet see a lot flat the not. dement of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and hong kong since its return to the motherland in beijing government leaders were doing their best to canada critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong's special autonomy the government in beijing says one that is responsible for the former british and they want to prevent it becoming a springboard for subversion against china sir clark al-jazeera hong kong british prime minister boris johnson has condemned the new law as a serious breach of the u.k.
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china agreement on the territory he's vowed to honor a pledge to offer citizenship to almost 3000000 hong kong residents who have tried to continue down this path we would reach introduce a new route for those with british national overseas status to enter the u.k. granting them limited leave to remain with the ability to live and work in the u.k. and thereafter to apply for citizenship and that is precisely what we will do now. the us is also hit out of a sector state might bump saying free speech was at risk free hong kong was one of the world's most stable prosperous and dynamic cities now now with just another communist run city were its people we subject to the party elites whims sad indeed this is already happening security forces are already rounding up on collars for doing to speak and think freely through world war has been eviscerated and as
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always the chinese communist party fears its own people more than anything else russia could be on course to pass its most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union and keep that in their putin in power until he's 83 years old results suggest an overwhelming number of people have approved the changes in a referendum or there have been reports of widespread irregularities challenge a report. casting a vote to keep himself in power president putin now has the backing of the nation as a result showed his constitutional reforms have been overwhelmingly accepted russians have spent the last week voting on a package of amendments the headlines when you benefits the buried in the text with the mission for president putin to rule until 2036 as the election commission reported a landslide victory independent observers accuse the kremlin of cheating i think. i can say this is all for show the majority of violations took place at the
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preliminary vote among the main violations there was 6 dorchin of the vote scheme of re registering voters at different polling stations and then forced voting at work places or said protesters in st petersburg braved arrest to voice their concerns while national. the main thing i am against is putin and his henchmen staying in power in russia forever i'm also angry about this crazy staking place with the amendments to the constitution violation of international rights and what's happening with the country. putin on wednesday laid out his vision so we are not just voting for amendments that are laid out in clear legal norms we vote for the country we want to live in with modern education and health care with reliable social protection of citizens with an effective government that is accountable to society we vote for the country we work for and we want to pass it on to our children new rules created for the vote unprecedented exit polls were announced
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midway and polling stations popped up everywhere from the field to car parks making it impossible to ensure the vote was fair or free from tampering. putin's approval ratings are at 59 percent an all time low but analysts say the true figure could be even lower. when we see a drop in support from 90 to 59 percent in north oratory in countries it means that support in society is actually much lower because the numbers are distorted we see putin's charisma as a roading ratings are declining but this is not just a company protests so support is weak but there are not so many reasons for the population to rebel. putin says he's yet to decide on his future but now he has the option crucially will be able to say with the result of this vote he has the blessing of the people. al-jazeera if you because military has been deployed to the capital and armed gangs roaming the streets in
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a 2nd day of unrest triggered by the murder of a popular singer more than 80 people have been killed during protests following her death on monday but the toll doesn't include deaths in the suburb or where one policeman has died and an unspecified number of people were killed in 3 blasts on tuesday was a leading voice for ethiopia's biggest ethnic group the aroma local media say another political activist askin the nigga was arrested on wednesday. that it should is a former u.s. ambassador this ethiopians also professor of international relations at george washington university joins us live from washington d.c. thanks so much for your time want to ask you about it said that the grievances of the protests because the prime minister is a around the himself one of the protest has popped up has about whether one of the big questions is who actually killed the 'd musician this is the match that touched everything off and i think what you're seeing here is
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a great deal of ethnic underground which has been touched off by this incident and it was probably 'd leading to some ethnic conflicts that really have nothing to do with the reason for the killing it's almost become an excuse to carry out actually either against different factions of the or almost the largest ethnic groups and ethiopia or different ethnic groups against each other and that's why it's also 'd perplexing but i think it's more of a question of. the vents itself all of this off. what about the the claims made by the prime minister the manager the saying was intent to destabilize the country could it be interference from another country well that's always possible but i doubt it i suspect that whatever is happening in ethiopia today is largely internal but i would i would not rule out the possibility of involvement from outside but if
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you if you try if you follow that logic i'm not sure there's any way that you can control what ultimately happens and if you're the outside power who may have tried to do that. it may end up in the direction you don't want it so how fragile would you say the situation is in the faith and then let's say it's a very tense for 'd a couple of years now but the postponement of the election which was to have taken place in august without those 1st further exacerbated the situation. there are ethiopians who would have liked for the election to go forward but the puppet 19 pretty much required that the election be postponed that's caused an awful lot of unhappiness in the country and it also has led to some discussion that perhaps the government in power today wanted to postpone the election to maintain itself in power for a while longer but you can make a valid argument that under the current circumstances august is not
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a good time to have a national election and coming to the funeral to see how how to handle on says they what kind of arrangements you think they want to put in place for this is there a risk of further violence. well there definitely is but assume that there will be an enormous amount of security venable for during the funeral in order to try to prevent any violence if the if the dad if the funeral is taking place an embargo which is the home of the center. that may lessen the prospect for violence if it's an officer bob that would be a great much greater problem because if you're in the form of this the u.s. embassy to thank you thank you very much indeed centuries and here. coming up on this news hour waving goodbye to coronavirus closures spain and portugal reopen their joint border after 3 months in lockdown. how the pandemic is affecting the
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metal that's used to make currency mobile phones and even face masks. and this player still has reason to celebrate despite the women's super league being called off in england somehow explain all this for. america's most popular state has reimposed restrictions in 19 counties after a spike in corona virus cases if you're going to prison near san francisco most of california's bars will be closed and indoor eating at restaurants banned after an increase in hospital admissions and deaths $110.00 people died in the state in the past 24 hours the governor says all cinemas were also shot in areas including los angeles and the state capital sacramento public health experts have heavily criticized the u.s.
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for securing a large supply of the only drug license so far to treat kobe 19 there are fears they'll be shortages of the antiviral drug does appear after the u.s. announced this week it had bought virtually all the stock for the next 3 months the drug is made by a california based company and has been shown to help people recover faster from coronavirus campaigners warn that the move by president donald trump sets a dangerous precedent. we're americans fear is about the spread of coronavirus are at the highest levels in more than a month as the world's worst outbreak shows no sign of ending a reuters ipsos poll says 81 percent of american adults are very or somewhat concerned about the pandemic that includes 7 in 10 republicans up 10 percent from a similar survey conducted a few weeks earlier and it's got not good news for the president overall 56 percent of people disapprove of how donald trump has handled the crisis spain and portugal
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who have reopened their joint border to all travelers after more than 3 months as their coronavirus outbreaks remain under control the spanish prime minister pedro sanchez and his portuguese counterpart antonio costa have held ceremonies on both sides of the border to celebrate local business owners are relieved but the economies of both countries heavily reliant on tourism all other e.u. travel restrictions were lifted last week business owners in the netherlands are eagerly awaiting to see the benefits of the e.u. reopening to tourists but with some of the nationalities you most visit the country still on the banned list no one expects the numbers to pick up anytime soon steadfast in reports from amsterdam. the traditional dutch fishing village of markan is a popular stop for tourists from all over the world now there are only a few local visitors shop owner opaque had no income at all during what was supposed to be his high season in spring but he has mixed feelings about welcoming
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tourists back also given your broader unsecure feeling opening your shop and having all kind of people in there. you cannot see if somebody is infected or not. you still have to help them without too much protection on the other hand i'm scared of going bankrupt so that's that's not a fight with disinfectant hand gel and a joke yeah i like the light in the way and on good good good good good good guides are luring visitors the usual long queues are gone and boats are no longer clogging the canals a perfect atmosphere for a quiet city tour but this eerie piece is not exactly what tourists are looking for in the dutch capital known for its vibrant bars and coffee shops. it is extremely quiet the holiday season has started all the rest and should be full people should be outside enjoying the sun we missed that we live in
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a quiet place and we came here to look for some actually. more than 20000000 tourists visited the netherlands last year providing an income to nearly 1000000 people but with americans the 2nd largest group of visitors still band nobody expects these numbers to pick up soon without the masses of tourist amsterdam feels like a completely different city some say they even know only now who don't neighbors are but while a group of amsterdam is has made a strong need to keep it this way others say the city is far too depending on too if you're a. tourism expert stephan hodes has complained for many years to make tourism in the netherlands more sustainable. by urging the government to spread attractions to other cities but he says with the current crisis the government wants to go back to business as usual as soon as possible and there are incredible plans to build more hotels 22000 more rooms in amsterdam in the direct environment so
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the tourist industry wants that but the people of amsterdam in creasing numbers don't want it because they are losing their i did to t. with the city the city is no longer their city he predicts that visitors will be back in force in 2 to 3 years while this might not be soon enough for some artist like to enjoy a quiet moment in the city a bit longer step fasten al-jazeera amsterdam. as daily case numbers drop in the u.k. focus is turning to towns and cities which are bucking the trend new statistics show that $36.00 areas could be forced to go into local knockdowns because of a rise in cases in baba has more from hounslow in west london which might have to follow the city of leicester which brought back restrictions on monday. well this part of london hounslow is one of 36 areas across england which according to some reports in the british press could be in line for
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a localized lockdown similar to what we've seen in the city of leicester in the midlands but local authorities here and elsewhere of stress that they haven't seen a surge and that they were just put on the list because there was an increase in new cases week on week at the end of june whereas what's perhaps more important is the statistics on new cases per 100000 of population now public health and parts of the health ministry here in the u.k. have started to release figures for local authorities based not only on what they call pillar one testing which is mainly for people like health workers in care workers but also pillar to testing in the wider community and that's showing not surprisingly that lester was top of the pack with around 140 cases per 100001 the 21st of june now the prime minister boris johnson was asked by the leader of the opposition kids starmer why full testing information will
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pillar to date wasn't given to local authorities in leicester well this is what boris johnson replied we did in leicester exactly what we did for instance we speak in kirklees or in bradford or in western superman or other places where very quick to back up those strategies have been put in place for reasons that i think the house would probably understand there were particular problems in leicester in implementing the advice and getting people to understand what was necessary but why does all this matter it matters because the public have already been told that from saturday look down restrictions are easing which means that they could go to the public and start to go to restaurants to hairdressers and so on in places like this the last thing people want to hear is that they're we going back to more. severe restrictions so that's why the government really needs to be putting out the message and convincing people that they will be on top of any localized outbreaks
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so that it doesn't have to be on a city wide or indeed on a barrel wide basis but rather much more localized lockdowns if in fact that is necessary the world health organization says the corona virus outbreak is still worsening in chile it's warned that the peak is not expected until the middle of this month as local infections continue to rise the impact is being felt around the world as it hits the production and the price of $1.00 of the most in demand metals this in human reports from santander. the price of copper has gone up by a startling 26 percent since april and the reason is not just because of china's renewed appetite for it it's because far away in mines like in chile's at the camera desert the spread of coal that 19 is infecting workers of the world's largest copper producing country this graph shows how infections have shot up in the mining city of calamity in orange in just 4 weeks. as the highest
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percentage of deaths because the government doesn't want to take the necessary measures because of their impact on the economy such as quarantining the industry except for the minimum services stipulated by the law. the binding industry has in fact sharply reduced refining and halted all smelting in the matter while the government has ordered flights to calamity to be cut by 2 thirds as a result copper production will drop by at least $200000.00 tonnes this year which impacts prices worldwide. it's no exaggeration to say the copper helps make the world go round it conducts electricity it's in our callings in our computers in our mobile phones in every building in every bridge in fact that's even in the face mask what i'm wearing which is made with copper nano particles but because ironically coppers anti-microbial properties are one of the biggest enemies of
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viruses including covert 19. but that hasn't prevented at least 2000 cases or nearly 3 percent of workers from getting sick according to the copper workers' federation calamitous hospitals are being pushed over the edge of the federation is now demanding that the state copper company called dell call the largest global copper producer hold work to a minimum for 2 weeks to control contagion. we need healthy work is we understand that we are the backbone of chile's economy but not at all costs our workers need minimum sanitary conditions to work and to carry out this quarantines and transparent statistics. pradelle put declined al-jazeera is request for comment meanwhile many are pointing the finger at the government for refusing to declare a total lockdown in the mining community where due to the high altitude respiratory diseases like corona virus tend to have an even more serious prognosis you see in
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human al-jazeera 70 aval. still to come on algeria this news hour a record breaking drug bust in italy and what i saw is to blame. dozens of migrants are presumed dead after a boat capsizes in turkey is make back. and in sport the chinese a super league has finally got a confirmed start date sometimes here that situation hasn't. hello the weather in europe settle down to recognizable pattern now with the north generally cloudy often breezy sometimes wet fronts running through from the atlantic and the size but the more steady usually the hasa bit was pretty hot in scandinavia recently biz dockers down to 21 london's down to 21 as well so the
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thirty's are really from rumania southwards is great particularly hot in the eastern mediterranean probably in the western med is well spain inland it is getting quite or in between you often find big thunderstorms and they've been nasty ones recently but not so much at the moment big ones were possible in switzerland and then into lombardi in northern italy and slovenia they could be quite active and i was so does get a few more showers i have to say but poland's forecast isn't a bad one it's got 3 days of showery rain nothing says thunderstorms and the terms of creepy have again to 25 also about time we get to the end of the weekend south mediterraneans generally quite a bit of dust in the air rivers and valleys little orange patches the biggest showers and watch be in west africa recently through gaza westward through monrovia and up towards merely the gambia the orange tops signify the biggest showers mostly they are a moment coastal. from
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conflicting politics. one on one east on al-jazeera. a lot of the top stories are now to 0 china has been condemned by several nations after a controversial new security law came into force in hong kong 10 people were arrested under the law after thousands of protesters came out onto the streets. early results just moments 70 percent of russian voters support a constitutional change which could allow president putin to run for another 16 years in power. police at least 80 people have been killed in 2 days of protests in
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ethiopia there's been widespread anger after the murder of a popular singer diesel. rudy's new president has declared code 19 the country's biggest enemy it's a sign that a very stiff. is taking the pandemic more seriously than his predecessor pm guernsey's a died last month were indians are now being encouraged to get tested regularly and the price of soap and water will be cut to encourage people to wash their hands the government previously resisted imposing a lockdown it held a full blown election campaign in may and expelled experts from the world health organization. added to. the already. palestine it is implementing a 5 day lockdown in the occupied west bank after
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a surge in corona virus cases and deaths the restrictions go into effect on friday and residents will have to shelter at home at least 11 people have been killed by cave at 90 in the west bank with more than 3000 confirmed infections more than half are in the city of hebron alone it comes at a volatile time with israel aiming to start and axing 30 percent of the occupied west bank this month. but israel's plan appears to be on hold as the government waits for a green light from the white house debate on the issue is due to begin on wednesday but prime minister benjamin netanyahu says talks with the u.s. are ongoing there's been international condemnation of israel's plan nations european powers and arab countries of all denounce the proposal thousands of palestinians in the gaza strip have been protesting against the annexation they waved palestinian flags and held up a banner which read the occupation should leave our lands out in israel the west
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bank to be part of a future state for them after there is senior political analyst marma shara says that despite u.s. support this may not be playing out as the white house hoped. it's not that he. has a personal agenda you know he wants he wants to be the king because right it doesn't want to be known for his corruption since he is indicted and he's on trial he wants to go down in history as the man who stood behind the grief of the land of israel he wants to have that kind of illogical zionistic legacy trump my chair some of that i think he was like someone who is angelic of christians on board but he also makes some apparently and some promises or some overtures 'd to some of america's allies in the region including some in the gulf. the and i'm minding cairo whereby the trump plan was not supposed to be only the
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a box and exception there were supposed to be a lot of diplomatic on bug as well that could cover up for the annexation the fact that nothing wants to go through with annexation without even the pretext of a diplomatic process that could at least say they say in some of those capitals including of. course that is not exactly what washington wants to do immediately so washington wants to. 'd drape this thing in some kind of a diplomatic process or at least 229 people have been killed in indian administered kashmir in the last 6 months and they're cool human rights group says such a to them with civilians and they just s. well on wednesday when a civilian and a soldier was killed during a shootout in separate north of sure nigga and a smith reports. caught in a gun battle between indian paramilitaries and kashmiri fighters bashir car is the
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latest civilian victim of violence in this region this may be. the one thing. in this incident one soldier was martyred 3 of the soldiers were wounded during the firefight one civilian travelling in his vehicle but the child jumped from his vehicle and ran for safety but he too got hit by bullets indict. the child was mr khan's grandson. lucky to be alive local police took him to his family from the scene of the shooting in support north of srinagar. oh the death of a car increases the total of civilians killed in kashmir since the beginning of the year to at least $33.00 also killed says the local coalition of civil society $55.00 armed forces personnel and more than $140.00 fighters for kashmiri independence. lurd khan's relatives
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say he was deliberately killed by the security forces. militants but i want the check i said by job. if militants killed him how did the child survive they would have been some bullet marks on the vehicle these are all lies the truth behind this is that security forces killed him in cold blood. allegations denied by the police who say they should be thanked for saving the grandson's life. it's now almost a year since india's prime minister stripped kashmir of rights they gave it widespread autonomy or under modi says the territory needs to better integrate with the rest of india. but with the area remaining under military control with one of the world's longest mobile internet blackouts but doesn't seem to be much in the way of integration. bernard smith. human
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rights watch says indian police a routine using torture often leading to deaths in custody it follows the deaths of a father and son who died 2 days after being released from police custody in the southern state of tamil nadu they were arrested her allegedly keeping their shop open longer than coronavirus restrictions allowed the family says they were severely beaten and tortured the incident has been described as india's child floyd moment. in actually is the south asia director of human rights watch she says basic safeguards are ignored the problem of torture in custody has been. something that of the courts and spoken about their policies in place that doesn't pose in show that this doesn't happen there are various procedures people are supposed to be produced before magistrates they're supposed to be medically examined all of these are put in place big to try and address the fact that there
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was so many there was so many advances. so many people dead that died in custody now in this particular case is read these people book it used to be before a magistrate but the magistrate did not did not ask the right questions are are fair to note is that these people assume a woman the men were so badly injured. italian police have conducted the world's largest seizure of illegal amphetamines and say the drugs were produced by eisel in syria around 85000000 pills were found crammed into machinery and cylinders in 3 container ships in salerno they weighed 14 tons in all and were labeled captagon a drug that can inhibit fear and ward off the tee it's been used by arsal fighters who are also producing it to earn money if it means would have raked in more than a $1000000000.00 if sold in europe but drug manufacturing may have been affected by coronavirus lockdowns that's why traffickers could be turning to eisele in syria
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they daughter is a counterterrorism and organized crime specialist at global risk international joins us now from london via skype thanks very much indeed for being with us sir it seems like a very large hole that they've come across there overall how would you characterize arsenal's involvement in the drug trade. i think you said you know correctly that this could be possible logical but when you've got to conceive that is that. this is not the best transaction so to speak you know you know this could be a real core into do you know that you know this law mixtape you know may have been involved in you know because what you know italian government may have seen may see as he tried to mend you know for the i.c.c. you know what is going to do these kind of. business you know it could be a very small country call it but you know what i think is important to note here is
12:37 am
that you know terrorist organizations you know will continue to use these kind of their weeks you know to take advantage of the demands for these kind of drunks you know most of them use these drugs as well as you said it was for enhancement due to the kind of threat tearing and nature of the activities so i think you know what is important in all the training and got me you know not just to rely on what he's actually been able to to stop but you look at you know how much you know these drugs have been you know been there you know passed through without being detected . and the suggestions of a possible link with open eyes crime how significant is that. of course you know there is the crime terror nix's you know terrorism and those issues need to use criminal networks you know to be able to transact you know and response the talian mafia you know could be possibly behind you know some of these movements terrorism is asians do not operate on their own without the help of these kind of
12:38 am
organizations we've seen that in northern nigeria where guruma does not make state of west africa province as engaged so in interest and criminal activities you know as the nigerian and because of that so i think you know these these kind of engagement is not new and we've seen that in afghanistan with the taliban as well so it's something which the italian government and all the governments really need to pay attention and at the moment have a bigger presence i mean the spotlight be off eisel for a while now having a presence to that they have in syria if that is indeed where they said these drugs came from what you've got to understand is that the physical kind of it sort of you know is not what comprises this islamic state you know they've not been defeated i do know to county and they have networks that they operate you know in this iow it's got networks in africa where you know they need to pay a lot of ransom you know kind of you know you know finance you know the operations
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within these regions so there's some extent even though if you cut if it you know has been crossed by the u.s. coalition these 2 have conduct networks that you need to cater for so carried out these kind of organized crime deals is what really you know keeps them alive so they're soumaya like you know despite the fact that they've been out of the you know removed from the our struggle in iraq and mosul so i think you still need to have the google war on several that just looks at not just syria but africa as well editor thank you very much indeed for your thought us happy. and a city that was once the capital of the pro-slavery american south is taking down its confederate statues mare richmond has ordered the immediate removal of all statues on city land after weeks of protests against racism and police brutality protesters across the country targeted monuments of confederate officials and
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leaders with racist pasts as part of nationwide demonstrations over the killing of unarmed black man george floyd work crews in richmond have already started removing a statue of general stonewall jackson. police in seattle have dismantled a protest so that's been the large the target of donald trump's anger in recent weeks anti-racism demonstrators are taking over the area or influenced death declaring it free of police officers a trump called the protesters domestic terrorists and more to the root seattle's meth finally ordered the area cleared after 2 fatal shootings in less than 2 weeks . adverts for more than $400.00 brands are due to start vanishing from facebook it's all part of a campaign to put pressure on the world's largest social media platform to do more to stop the spread of hate speech and racist content in last minute talks facebook failed to convince advertisers that it was doing enough priyanka gupta has more.
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it was an ominous warning by the u.s. president during mass protests against the police killing of george truant so after dawn comes tweet to it or issued a warning for the 1st time so his message to his flood violence this book didn't follow suit sparking a report test by some stuff right now facebook is trying to walk or really dangerous line where our really fine line in any case between free speech and haste hate speech says acker has said repeatedly that they don't want to be an arbiter of truth so some things are being taken down particularly when it comes to a lot of inflammatory remarks trump has made. these this is where they kind of fall short now a campaign by wide scoops urging companies to stop advertising on facebook during july is gaining momentum more than $400.00 brands including. coca-cola ford honda and unilever one of the world's largest advertisers of consumer goods
12:42 am
are posing their ad campaigns the point call it is aimed at causing enough financial damage to force facebook boss mark zuckerberg into changing his policy what brands are asking now for is for the injury to put in place advertising industry wide policies which are consistent across the board which means setting standards of what's helpful content today definition of a content will depend on the platform are you dealing with it is about finding common ways of reporting the incidence of harmful content it is about putting in place a thought party verification for the data which is being reported and it's about creating tools which allow brands to be making informed decisions on where they want their ads to be placed with more than 2000000000 users facebook has long been accused of not doing enough to stop misinformation think news propaganda from spreading among its uses we're going to start labeling content last
12:43 am
friday zuckerberg announced that facebook would start flooding use with the content the violet's truth and take violent content down among other measures. and stay this book announced that it is banning a u.s. based violent act to government network broadly connected to the book a new movement but stopped short of banning all references to the far right program network who supporters believe violence could lead to a 2nd u.s. civil war the july boycott seems to have got suckered both attention but it remains to be seen if it will have enough impact on facebook's profits to force more meaningful action priyanka gupta on to 0 you know sco says traffickers are illegally selling african cultural artifacts using its name and logo ewan's cultural agency says buyers are being conned by people adopting the names of real
12:44 am
officials to make trades it says the scams are often connected to organized crime and even the funding of terrorism and most of the victims are thought to be in france or with links to french speaking african nations that are alone do is the director for culture and emergencies at you know sco he says the scams have serious implications cultural object that are coming from from africa you know that are really important for our country's cultural and cultural heritage for the identity so this are very important testimony is of how you know. their cultures are so important and having them a strong time sort. of because people are using the name of your desk or we don't really it was important to why everyone against this kind of situation unesco does not issue a set tickets. for people to fraudulent to sell or
12:45 am
a transaction about countries cultural heritage. turkey's interior minister says up to 60 migrants may have been trapped in a boat that sank in a lake in the east of the country a search and rescue mission was launched on saturday after the boat was reported missing in lake fan near the border with iran following stormy weather 6 bodies have been recovered so far 11 people have been arrested in connection with the instant in december 7 people died and 64 others were rescued after another boat carrying migrants also sank in the lake. simcoe solution assembled and says there is a problem along the eastern border. the rescue teams are still trying to reach the boat and the rest of the bodies that are believed to have drawn on the night of such a day this is this is not the 1st incident on lake one because a van is a border border city with iran and from afghanistan bangladesh pakistan and iran
12:46 am
there are always irregular migrants crossing the sport the regularly and they are there a muse actually to cross turkey and reach to europe via via agency there is a witness about this incident and 11 people were detained linked to this incident and that witness is actually one of the human traffickers who arranged a boat for those people and according to his statement that he gave to the police he was in the boat and the boat was capsized because its capacity was for 25 people but there were at this 55 to 60 according to his statement and after it was capsized he and his cousin who was in walden this trafficking jumped into water and if they were just 8 kilometers from the course that he was able to swim to the cost what while because and what wasn't able to make it but the police sources that i have spoken to tell me that his statement is conflict and conflicting and probably
12:47 am
those irregular migrants on the boat they were locked in a room and they didn't have any chance to get out a powerful storm has hit southern brazil clear at least 10 people more than 650000 homes have been left without electricity rescue efforts are underway in the areas most damage after rain and strong winds are going to brazil's busiest ports was badly hit the country's weather service has issued warnings for more extreme weather to come in including around sao paolo and rio de janeiro. well than a 1000000 people have now been affected by flooding in northeast india and the area's rhino population has also suffered at least one of the animals has reportedly drowned after a park housing 2 thirds of the world's remaining one horned rhinos was engulfed by water more than 70 percent of the cause the rangar park in assam state has been flooded after monsoon rains nearly 30000 people have been forced from their homes
12:48 am
by the water with 13 killed over the past week. one of the world's worst plastic polluters has banned the use of single use plastic bags mountains of waste have almost filled up indonesia's landfills and the government wants to take action it's been made worse by rising online shopping and food deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic jessica washington reports from jakarta. on the outskirts of the indonesian capital this is where jakarta is rubbish ends up a mountain of garbage that never shrinks and there's always more on the way for those who live here it's a danger to their health but for many it's also their livelihood as coppa 19 forced many in this densely populated city to stay inside and order groceries and meals on line. and her husband were among those sorting through the mess they've worked here for more than 30 he is right about that money back about because of course on our fires there's more plastic now we find
12:49 am
a lot of water bottles plastic cups i mean what waste management is a major problem for jakarta with its population of more than 10000000 landfills are overflowing and the city's rivers are among the most polluted in the world local authorities say it's time to change. single use plastic bags of plastic in general is a serious problem for jakarta and the majority of waste in temporary landfills and your culture is plastic starting this month all single use plastic bags of then did markets grocery stores and malls most of the city's plastic waste comes from markets such as this one and sellers say the ban will make their jobs more challenging the sound of the. it's difficult should we wrap our product with banana leaves it's impossible if the wrapping paper it's costly plastic is cheaper but if it's banned i don't know what else i can do. but environmental activists say the
12:50 am
change has been a long time in the making and banning plastic bags is just one small part of improving waste management here we've. asked for years specifically. this is been a hard time coming and. quite excited that it's happening on the 1st day of the new policy local government inspectors visited shops in indonesia's largest shopping mall explaining the rules to store managers many have already embraced the new policies rejecting plastic in favor of reusable options and plastic activists say the next step is to encourage online stores to do the same just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. still to come on al-jazeera it was a home run feast in taiwan it was top place holy son i will be in a moment to tell you all about it.
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12:52 am
let's cross to santa ana for sport. thank you very much lauren while pakistan's cricket team have received a huge boost ahead of their tour of england 6 of the 10 players that tested positive for corona virus last month have now been cleared and will join their team mates in the u.k. the group will depart on friday and includes a star open our hearts and mine as well as pine and mohammed have fees pakistan will face a host in $3.00 tests and 3 t 20 starting next month the tour follows the return of top class cricket next week
12:53 am
with the england hosting the west indies for 3 tests. and to milan have tightened their grip on 3rd place in italy syria there are 7 points clear of 4th place atalanta after thrashing british at the san siro alex a scientist at putting a big performance that he set up at the open a younger got a goal himself from the panel t.v. spot and provided no other system with that an offer from a bear took that. into went on to win it 6. and chelsea have suffered a major blow to their hopes of finishing in the top 4 of the english premier league they conceded in the 89th minute to lose 32 way against west ham the result means
12:54 am
they lead 5th place at manchester united by just 2 points the top 4 are guarantee their place in next season's champions league. they were poor have already wrapped up the e.p.l. title with 7 games to spend their players are now preparing for a game against last season's champions at manchester city on thursday the reds manager your gold club believes the city will challenge them on hard that next season in what he expects will be difficult defense. the city will be strong next season united will be strong next season just will be strong next season i will be strong next season that only gets we have them it's obvious it is not as it is just saying united is also in shape and chelsea is a really good shape and. is doing some interesting business that's clear. evidence they don't come less that will be there the chinese super league has
12:55 am
finally got confirmed a start date season that will begin on july the 25th with all the matches to be played in 2 hub cities though fans will be allowed to attend games the competition was originally due to begin in february. that striker vivian made has been named a football writers player of the year in england the arsenal star topped the goal scoring taught in the women's super league this past season with 16 goals the latest award as to home winning the players of the year price of the previous season. is also her country's leading goalscorer. wasn't congress leaving l.a. lakers will be without every bradley a when the n.b.a. restarts later this month in florida the 29 year old is among a growing list of players to opt out the top $22.00 teams will also be playing at the walt disney world resort near orlando beginning on july 30th average says he
12:56 am
made the decision because his 6 year old son suffers from his perch on the surface . rust that was a process we wanted to stay close with a reading. or a. little core strategy was tough stuff to. avery's toughness is defensive tenacity he was a starter we completely understand his decision. and after a full saw in australia march formula one teams are gathering in austria to get their season started the melbourne no race was cancelled due to coronavirus just hours ahead of the 1st official practice session the season though will now begin behind closed doors with back to back races at the red pool and bring in spielberg with the opening of. coming up on sunday but i think. you want to know when you're going to race again like i hate it when i don't have
12:57 am
a set date to to work towards and luckily at one point we had confirmation and you know i think now we are just very excited to to get going again the start of the major league baseball season and north america is still 3 weeks away but there's plenty of action happening in asia over in taiwan and the time it's 1st brothers moved a step closer to winning the 1st half title after thrashing the defending champions the 2 monkeys 20 to nothing in doing so the brothers became the 1st team in the league to collect $53.00 run homer as in a single game when your heart was up and that's it for me back to lawrence. thank you very much and a quick reminder you know is catch up anytime on our website address fetches al-jazeera dot com and you can watch us live by clicking on the orange line by khan . as if that's news out of iraq in a moment with more day's news question. as
12:58 am
protests rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the u.s. elections on a. presence on donald trump jr was promised a damaging information about hillary clinton relegation like to see an
12:59 am
investigation to the troops did the trump campaign collude with russia did you at any time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the batten down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know. next question dr field washington on al jazeera. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how rivalries influenced the course of history steve jobs so much better marketeers than bill gates for apple is going to reinvent stuff fall below made software what it is today will change the world to high tech visionaries whose breakthroughs inspired a digital revolution jobs and gates face to face on al-jazeera. i care about how the u.s. engages with the world i cover foreign policy national security this is a political impasse here's the conflict are we telling
1:00 am
a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feels that you were there. hundreds of protesters arrested in hong kong the 1st to be taken into custody under a contentious new security know. on our intelligence is al-jazeera live from london coming up partial results indicate russian voters have backed changes to the constitution including a possible extension of.


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