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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 2, 2020 6:00am-6:35am +03

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forging a new constitution can turn the page in the most unequal of the world's 30 wealthiest nations chile elysées legacy on a just 0. more than 80 people are killed in 2 days of violence in ethiopia as the murder of a singer and activist lays bad the seated grievances. down in jordan this is out as they are live from doha also coming up the u.s. has criticized buying up nearly all the world's supply of a covert 19 drug there's a record its biggest daily increase of infections. hundreds of protesters are arrested in hong kong as china's controversial new security all comes into force. and a mosque or a church turkey's highest court is set to decide the status of our severe weather
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world's most popular coverage sites. if you're there's been a tree has been deployed to the capital addis ababa gangs roaming the streets in a 2nd day of unrest triggered by the murder of a popular singer activist more than 80 people have been killed during protests following a cholera one day says death on monday challenged ballots reports. people gathered in addis ababa to school the casket of popular musician hutton who was shot dead on monday. this procession marks the beginning of violence that has missed dozens to. get the ball back for a challenger who is an icon for ethiopia's biggest ethnic group. or that his music was the soundtrack to protests the propound prime minister made into office in 2010
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they are now much oh yeah i suck at how chile was a role model for the struggle for democracy human rights freedom and justice he was treacherous. by some external and internal elements who have been planning for a while now to start a straw and chaos among our people. is killing husband angry protests which led to the government shutting down the internet on tuesday there is not live events of what is happening inside ethiopia. there are unconfirmed reports of gunshots and explosions in the capital the military has been deployed in response to gangs and literally running out a stop of the. prime minister has accused foreign forces of assassinating the singha in an attempt to destabilize the country he alluded to egypt and sudan which is in dispute with ethiopia or the opening of africa's not just hydroelectric dam. as the un security council was meeting to discuss their own ice on stand crisis the
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cessation crime took place it's a crime which an external force has participated and carried it out using a local force the i aim is to prevent us from completing the one i saw on stand project our enemies will not achieve their objectives even if we pay more prices and offer more 2nd feiss. it's unlikely another country orchestrated its killing ethnic tensions have grown in recent years with iran complaining of marginalize action despite them being the biggest of ethiopia's groups and having a fellow a remote as prime minister a child who in other romo's had become more critical in recent months one of the big questions is who actually killed the musician this is the match that touched everything off and i think what you're seeing here is a great deal of. russia which has. this incident and it was probably leading. the reason for the killing.
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is human rights watch has accused the government of making a volatile so. to ation worse after some of these political opponents were arrested including media tycoon john muhammad. the europeans now fear. in his hometown of and on thursday may result in more violence palace and. i can tell you ana is part of the roma community she says the government needs to give her people space to mourn in peace so far the government's handling of this situation has really exasperated the situation instead of giving people the space to mourn the government has shut down the internet it has its arresting people as we speak and it's sending a very dangerous and wrong message it's telling the order of war that we are not even allowed to mourn one of the most beloved young men whose life was cut short we
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need to be allowed to express how what this situation means to us we need to be able to because people are really wondering do you know what can no more belong here do they have a right here to just exist 2 more had family wasn't had while they're in mourning his friends and family have had that or you know that tat and this is a very very dangerous situation and the government really needs to back off. the u.s. has recorded its largest single day increase of nearly 52000 new corona virus infections on wednesday texas florida arizona and california have emerged as the latest epicenter is causing some governors to reimpose restrictions more than 127000 people have died and 2600000 have been affected and the u.s. government has bought a massive stock of the only drug license to treat covered 19 now there are fears they'll be shortages of the antiviral drug rendez of it in the rest of the world
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you have a chance a report from washington. the u.s. government has courted almost the entire global markets from desert here for the next several months the drug has been found to short hospital stays recovered 1000 patients president trump a secured half a 1000000 courses of treatment of ramdass of fear and this through september of this america 1st policy during the pandemic has led to expressions of outrage and dismantling some international leaders the canadian prime minister has warned that going alone in a pandemic may backfire we know it's in both of our interests justin trudeau said to work collaboratively and co-operatively to keep our citizens safe but us coronavirus patients may not receive the drug if they don't have enough cash the drug manufacturer gilad says governments in the developed world will pay $390.00 for a vial of rum desert their average treatment will come to $2340.00 a patient however each vial for the us private health insurance system is $520.00
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or an average cost of $3120.00 a patient it's not clear how much each patient will have to pay either out of pocket or higher premiums nor whether the current program to cover the u.s. is $30000000.00 uninsured for covert treatment will have enough funds meanwhile several studies estimate the actual cost of producing rendez of it is around $1.00 a vile as with many drugs that are eventually sold for profit by pharmaceutical companies from this if it was initially developed with taxpayer money at least $60000000.00 but watchdog groups suspect government costs are far higher and the taxpayers are being charged twice for the drug 1st for its development and then for its purchase even the clinical trials that are going on right now are not. so kelly had estimated that or i've heard of estimates that invested at least a $1000000000.00 and designated this year and if that's the case the knee sent me
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those records. like and prove that but we don't we don't think that that's cracked since the clinton administration did away with government powers to ensure drug affordability the pharmaceutical industry has poured millions of dollars into lobbying u.s. politicians to prevent legislation insuring reasonable prices for taxpayer funded drugs a report released this week found that pharmaceutical companies have raised the prices on 245 different drugs since the 1st case of covert 1000 was reported in the u.s. in january and many of those drugs are used to treat covert 19 or used in intensive care units but some economists wonder whether a mid curve of 19 economic collapse mass unemployment the inability of millions to pay their rent and social unrest things may be changing i had never seen the american economy i was born here i've never seen the american economy to worship
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the level the accumulation of dead ends of crises for which i see no solution is is overwhelming and i think the system is shaking whether it will disappear or not i don't know but if you say to me it's just the 1st time in your life that you can imagine that it's possible the answer is yes the perception of price gouging by pharmaceutical companies during a pandemic may become part of a wider reckoning for the u.s. she ever turns the outages era washington. to mexico now a gunman have killed at least 24 people and injured 7 others in the drugs rehabilitation facility it's the 2nd such attack in the city of north of the capital the area has become one of the main flashpoints of gang related violence something the president and reza munyal up as a door as often promised to quell. the 1st arrests have been made in hong kong under a new security know imposed by beijing 10 people were detained and shooting
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a man with a pro independence flag 360 others were taken into custody at a rally marking the anniversary of the city's 100 over from the u.k. to china 7 o'clock reports from hong kong. despite the searing heat and defying a police ban thousands of protesters marched to test the new national security the legislation was fast tracked in record time in beijing and in acted on july the 1st the 23rd anniversary of britain's handover to chinese rule as sad as it makes me say so it is yes. china is trying to go home it's china as of today 1st of july it's a sad day but that's what it is but i also take to the streets though i say what i think because it's my right as a human being. i protested started marching chanting $300.00 cones lang at they key demands i need to be met by a line of riot police but this group of demonstrators say it's they do to stand up
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to china they law enforcement in home home what they always do is you are allowed to protest and make their arrest later so i today i come out and can out and one body dictatorship knowing full well that probably i'll get arrested on. the scope of the national security is far reaching article 38 says it can essentially target anyone anywhere extradition to china for trial and a maximum sentence of life in prison faces vandalizes of the legislation people were arrested during wednesday's rally for breaking the new no they were in position of items cooling the hong kong's independence from china police sealed off the area fired the water cannon tear gas and pepper balls to break up the crowd police say one officer was stabbed in the. strategy by police on wednesday was a cordoned off. areas where those practices i gather at one time times where i feel like i know much protests rival the radical right the police were still able to
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mike at least 300 arrests. earlier on wednesday the city's chief executive celebrated the handover anniversary and the swift introduction of the new security law kerry was sidelined in the drafting of the script but said it was necessary to restore order and rebuild hong kong's reputation as a leading international financial center in asia the odds here a lot for the enactment of the national law is regarded as the most significant development in the relationship between the central authorities and hong kong since its return to the motherland in beijing government leaders were doing their best to counter critics who say china's actions marked the end of hong kong's special autonomy the government in beijing says one that is responsible for the former british territory and they want to prevent it becoming a springboard for subversion against china sarah pac al jazeera hong kong. the pollen joins us live now from hong kong davis of the 1st arrests were made
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yesterday on the new national security you know what's the reaction been like today as people digest the new normal in hong kong. that's right well there and you know many people did not even see the details of this law even those who would have been because customarily involved in drafting along hong kong legal experts academic legislative councilors all of them just saw the 1st draft of the law or the law once it came into effect and that was yesterday so now we're getting reaction to the bar association has said this could have a chilling effect in hong kong their legal experts who say that this law goes even further than the loss in mainland china for their national security one of the main issues highlighted by the bar association is article 38 as was mentioned in the previous report the fact that it could target anyone who is even not in hong kong and organizations too that have links to hong kong also
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a major concern is the fact that even non of violent acts come under this law and it's unclear what kind of punishment they could face so for just holding a flag as we've seen people have been arrested what about holding up the taiwan flight so there are still so many questions about this law as people try to look at the details but the big issue here is that just not enough specifics the goal experts say it is unclear whether beijing can take over a case that they're not happy for it's been dealt with in hong kong it's unclear how far each of the punitive measures could go and for was so there's just although we now have certain details there just isn't enough information and so many are still grappling with it there and under the meanwhile britain has announced a pathway for citizenship to millions of hong kong residents that's all part of a growing international concern over the status of the territories.
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absolutely about 27 countries have expressed their requests to china to take away this laura to review imposing this law but britain of course has somewhat of a vested interest as hong kong was a british colony up until 1907 and at the time they had an agreement with the beijing administration that hong kong would remain autonomy's until 2047 the u.k. now says that china has violated that they lodged that agreements with the united nations they say they could go to the united nations for that but what they're also doing is they're offering a path to citizenship not just for people who hold the british national overseas passport which is now seen as a rather worthless document because it doesn't give rights of a boat anywhere but it is the former colonial passport they're also offering it to people's families of those who were born before 1972 about 3000000 people so that's just under harsh of hong kong population essentially sending a very strong message that people in hong kong do have another choice but also the
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u.s. house has also voted to enact are passed a bill calling for sanctions against officials that violate home ponse autonomy and also firms and banks that are seen to be working with those official ok to the public in hong kong thank you for short break you're not just iraq when we come back a military operation to fight code that 19 in brazil is a risk rose to the country's indigenous communities more than stay with us. hello there's been some minor flooding in georgia probably something in ohio as well this general line of thunderstorms stretches all the way from scratch remote sobered down towards the southern states the u.s.
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so a confluence of 2 frontal systems which are moving very much to be honest but will be the southern end develops more showers significance ones maybe well way back towards texas and beyond the border the heat still those funnels as wooden peg dry heat now the thunderstorms have gone the eastern side of the u.s. we're talking about sheen with weather in the thirty's it's much drier in the mountain states in the 4 corners are still got red flags sort of warnings you know fire warnings at the moment because it's dry dusty and quite hot we're seeing a resurgence of big showers in the caribbean not just the small islands with everybody's reports of reeker hispania or in cuba they will do the same for the next 2 days you can see them there the blue blooms orange tops might be more frequent in nicaragua maybe in honduras you can see south of this we eventually see the cutoff of the seas no showers or into the opposite seas now i mean winter has a winter storm running through its light start raining or snowing in the chilean andes but it's going to be windy for time in europe why the low goes off shore but
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it remains behind fairly cold. but. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature it is a high risk money sometimes trampas raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't casting enough on the imported market to really find all of these by a lot of bread to take no one else does either.
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welcome back i'm out of the top stories here on al-jazeera if you have his military has been deployed to the capital addis ababa as armed gangs roam the streets in a 2nd day of unrest following the murder of a popular singer and activist at least 80 people have been killed. public health experts are criticizing the u.s. for securing more than 90 percent of the world's supply of rentes a fear the only drug license to treat covered 19 becomes america recalled its biggest single day increase of nearly 52000 new infections on wednesday. and dozens of people have been arrested at a rally marking hong kong's hundreds of from british rule to china 10 were detained under a new security law imposed by beijing critics say and is the one country 2 systems agreement. well not to be about to get a james base but to china's ambassador to the un during a press briefing organized via video conference ambassador shang shouldn't disputed but his claims that the new security law breached the joint declaration
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a treaty signed by the u.k. and china that led to the handover of hong kong in 1970. and we have got nothing by reaching our commitments and the commitment remains there and this hour commute on context today will enjoy a better. happy secure a stable life the u.k. government is saying you have violated the joint declaration and then now inviting 3000000 hong kong citizens to potentially settle in the u.k. and take up citizenship what is your reaction to the moves by the u.k. in the last couple of hours what i can say at this moment that is that all the come come people who had experience in the clue period of time know you exactly what happened the. i don't believe they will they are willing to continue their life
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like that and 2nd they they all believe that unconstitutional or lies in one country 2 systems and a half. great confidence you know what would be your view on the security council discussion discussing hong kong definitely we have made it very clear that on kong is china hong kong is an f.a.a. arm of china and hong kong affairs. is the domestic internet affairs of china and it allows no larger countries so you do have. and it's not on their agenda of difficulty council it's the relevant to international peace and security and if you heard the council has more all relevant matters to handle to maintain international peace and security it will be
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a purely politicized vision to try to. introduce this you seem to defer to counsel question we have made our point very clearly and i do see that it will not go anywhere and it will not succeed in that. if the media is reporting a new wave of saudi led coalition airstrikes on yemen's capital the bombardment on son are believed to have killed at least 2 civilians and injured 4 others including children the strikes follow a series of saudi missile attacks on hooty positions on wednesday last week yemen's who the rebels launched missile and drone attacks targeting saudi arabia's capital riyadh. turkey's interior minister says up to 60 migrants may have been trapped in a boat that sank in a lake in the east of the country a search and rescue mission was launched on saturday after the boat was reported missing on lake van near the border with iran following stormy weather 6 bodies
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have been recovered and 11 people have been arrested in december 7 people died and 64 were rescued after another boat carrying migrants sank in the lake. turkey's highest court is set to decide the status of the i.r. saffir the government wants to reopen it as a mosque a decision that's adding to tensions with neighboring greece and the orthodox church it was the biggest christian got the jewel in the world for nearly a 1000 years and is considered the pinnacle of by zinedine architecture so then cost the only reports although. once a church led to a mosque and now a museum i also fear has always been precious and sacred for both christians and muslims built as a church in the 6th century they are sufi i was converted into a mosque after the concurring of what was constantinople in 1453 then turned into a museum by mustapha camel uttered following the foundation of the turkish republic
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in 1923 now the turkish government wants to alter its status from the seam to mosque reopening go for sophia for she means. and look it's really demonstration of respect on our site for the world which establishes in dominance at the same time it's a token of gratitude and loyalty to the spiritual person irish of. the conquerors. i also feel i support of the us school world heritage which forms the stumbles famous skyline it's been a museum since 1935. there are many in church and turkey stays by a sufi as should be open to worship for both christians and muslims and your thoughts christian church is concerned that the transformation from birth or over your soul we drove it was real it is up or mediums of relations
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around the world and the u.s. will read you reads this is a vital. word use is raised the worst really thrive to these 2. present trajectory fired on say is i also feel i can function like the nearby blue mosque often today the prayers and tourists at the same time came to put in turkey a muslim country we are free to worship anywhere we want no one has any say on it for us positions were side by turks to support the conversion but their opponents usual that this is sad a blow to our tourism i believe is not good for turkey local marginal players sophia to a mosque is a popular discussion in turkey and has support from the public along with the nationalist and conservative parties until last year president are gone stayed out
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of the debate how ever he is very vocal about it now many believe it's a political move especially given the rising tension between turkey and greece in the is certain mediterranean after part of the court on. about congress was resigned to deny sophia last month the greek foreign minister said it insults at the religious feelings of christians the turkish government sais i also feel is a domestic issue not to be interfered with al-jazeera a stumble the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has called for sanctions on russia allegations that offered money to the taliban to kill american soldiers in afghanistan the new york times reported on friday the president was briefed months ago on an intelligence report showing moscow had offered bounties for the deaths of u.s. soldiers there trump denies any knowledge. russians have approved the most sweeping constitutional changes since the end of the soviet union which could keep vladimir putin in power until he's 83 years old official results show that more than 78
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percent of those who cast a ballot backed the changes but there have been reports of widespread irregularities in while a position alexina valmy has rejected the result calling the vote an illegitimate attempt to legalize putin's presidency alife brazil's corona virus death toll has passed $60000.00 and the infection rate continues to climb as the pandemic rages indigenous people in the amazon are especially at risk their communities are already under pressure from illegal mining and logging now they fear the pandemic could be the biggest threat yet 3 is about reports. a military operation to assist indigenous communities in the state of close to the border between brazil and venezuela these are members of the gentleman mean deduce community members of the military say they have come here to help fight call 1000. is coordinating the
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operation she says the risks are enormous if they see you. they go down the river they go for a walk it depends on the area one might be closer to the city they go up the river and then infect others who weren't infected before there are various focal points. but many do not trust local authorities. here that is just like with society they're afraid it's an unknown virus for them for us too many prefer to isolate themselves not having any contact not even with health workers as a form of prevention so we see that they're afraid. members of the military have been conducting tests and providing supplies like alcohol and labs they're also using clora keen a drug used to treat malaria which precedent and donald trump have been recommending to tweek over 19 despite warnings by the u.s. food and drug administration indigenous leaders says using this drug is a mistake. i think it's crazy because there's no proof that chloroquine is the drug
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to fight coated 19 this distribution is the responsibility and the risk of the government nothing proves that this will cure them it could even increase the risk even more in the 1960 s. thousands of members of the gentlemen digitas community died of missiles and now many fear covert 19 could provoke a similar outcome this area is under threat by egon miners and loggers and their fears they could bring the virus to the region. president who initially dismissed over 1000 as a little flu is facing criticism for his handling of the been there make brazil has the 2nd highest number of coral no virus cases in the world and with thousands of cases being reported in the indigenous communities their leaders fear their survival is at risk. now most regions of peru are emerging from a $106.00 day lock down the streets of the capital lima were crowded as public
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transport resumed a markets and restaurants reopened restrictions will continue until the end of the month and 7 of the country's $25.00 regions and borders remain shut. after a 3 month closure spain and portugal have reopened their joint border to all travellers both countries coronavirus outbreaks remain under control spanish by mr barrow sanchez and his portuguese counterpart antonio costa held ceremonies on both sides of the border to celebrate the economies of spain and portugal rely heavily on tourism but. tough a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera is here because military has been deployed to the capital addis ababa as armed gangs roam the streets in a 2nd day of unrest all in the murder of a popular singer and activist more than 80 people have been killed following protests after a shallow humvee's is death on monday if you have as prime minister ahmed
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condemning the killing and tried to link it to a dispute over a down with neighboring countries has a look at the when is the un security council was meeting to discuss the rene song stand crisis this is cessation crime took place it's a crime which an external force has participated and carried it out using a local force the aim is to prevent us from completing the renaissance dam project our enemies will not achieve their objectives even if we pay more prices and offer more sacrifices the u.s. has recorded its largest single day increase of nearly 52000 new corona virus infections on wednesday texas florida arizona california all emerged as the latest epicenter is causing some governors to reimpose restrictions more than 127000 people have died and 2600000 have been infected meanwhile public health experts are criticizing the u.s. for securing more than 90 percent of the world's supply of rem doesn't fear the
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only drug license to treat covert 19 there are fears they will get global shortage of u.s. announcement both virtually available stock for the next 3 months. in mexico gunman have killed at least 24 people and injured 7 others in a drugs rehabilitation facility it's the 2nd such a town in the city of iraq north of the capital dozens of people have been arrested at a rally mocking hong kong's handover from british rule to china 10 were detained under a new security little imposed by beijing. who to media is reporting a new wave of saudi led coalition airstrikes on the yemenis capital be on bottom and on sunday is believed to have killed at least 2 civilians the strikes on a series of saudi missile attacks on tuesday positions on wednesday those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the techno statement that somebody. is going to state is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. as to the us on the telephone signed an agreement to pave the way for the withdrawal of the national troops. the high cost was paid to
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get to this point. over the past few years the u.s. has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. this is all accidents to happen at mistakes do happen and that this is about i mean you know mistakes this is about things are in this about accountability in the in the last the unaccountable war for families we interviewed not receiving adult humans from the u.s. left without closure. they told us that they saw a liquid happen to their loved ones was a crime. and they want justice and answers something war too often denied. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fight fire we're
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going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it a unique way. this is a show about science though not by scientists. tonight techno investigates shrimp safety seafood by nature is a high risk commodity for americans who love their shrimp but most of it comes from countries that use expensive antibiotics that could make you ill now techno goes inside the federal testing program working for calm. that's supposed to protect the food supply doctors should be some are is mechanical engineer she will share the results of her investigation to how dangerous is that for human beings and i'm filled torahs i'm an entomologist visitor shrimp farm in the middle of indiana yes indiana that could revolutionize the industry well this is like a little laboratory here yes.


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