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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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it can all be proud of what about the guy that can afford it to bring you more rewards when documentaries and life. al-jazeera. television is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up as corona virus cases rise in 40 out of the 50 us states president trump celebrates the news that unemployment fell as businesses reopened in june. the british socialite accused of procuring underage girls for the late geoffrey epstein is arrested and charged in the u.s. . tensions still high in ethiopia as
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a popular singer his murder triggered deadly protests is laid to rest. and why experts are baffled by the deaths of hundreds of elephants in botswana. and i'm santa how much now have all the sport including the french open organizes a concert and fans will be allowed to attend this year's delayed tournament which starts in september. curran of our space is an hour rising in 40 out of the 50 states in the u.s. as the country's outbreak threatens to spiral out of control florida alone has reported more than 10000 cases in the last 24 hours and the texas governor has just made it mandatory to wear masks in public this a day after more than 50700 infections were confirmed nationwide
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a new daily high despite that president trump a sort of put across the message that all is well celebrating the positive news that 4800000 people went back to work last month taking the unemployment rate down to 11 point one percent but he neglected to point out that only 7 and a half 1000000 of the 22000000 people who've lost their jobs since the pandemic hit a back in work. this is not just luck what's happening this is a lot of talent all of this incredible news is the result of historic actions my administration has taken working with our partners in congress to rescue the u.s. economy from a horrible event that was formed took place in china and came here and they could have stopped it they could have stopped it. nobody likes to write that but they could have stopped it they know it and i know that mike hanna joins us live from washington d.c. mike president trying to scale the keen to convey the message that all is well
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here is president continues to insist that this will all kind of disappears as late as phrase on the coronavirus pandemic this is a position that he's adopted since it began you heard there again president trump blaming china for what happened taking no notice of what critics point out is incredibly lax testing procedures which continue to this day no contract tracing a fictive contact tracing that is on a federal level so certainly the trump administration according to many it must be held accountable for this new in the pandemic as well as you see a number of states reporting massive increases the texas governor ordering the mandates 3 wearing off mosques along with a number of other states and are reminded too that people like vice president pence and other republicans did not wear masks in public until the death toll was passed
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120000 but to give you some idea as well of how serious this is hospitalized patients in california for example increased by 50 percent over the past 2 weeks now the presidential candidate joe biden has his own words to say about the trumpet ministrations performance this is what he says. we're still though nearly 15000000 jobs in the pen demick is getting worse not better and don't have to millions of americans are still out of work wondering when or if their job will come back or worried about how to pay the bills in the meantime trump wants to declare his health crisis over another employment. unfortunately he's deadly wrong on both fronts we've already had more than 128000 dead the number keeps climbing that's a direct consequence of valentine's bungle leadership in the total mismanagement of
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this crisis from the start. and my guess is a mixed picture on the jobs front as well as the handling of the virus. indeed yes will president trump saying that the increase in employment over the last months is a sign that the economy as he puts it is roaring back from the pandemic well not quite the number of people who have been reemployed are still not know in near the amount of those who actually lost their jobs during this particular pandemic so unemployment remains at a historic high president trump attempting to put the best face on it continuing to insist as you heard from the presidential candidate joe biden there that this is all going to go away at some stage that unemployment is dropping that increased employment is a sign that the commie is recovering well many observers believe that this is not
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the case critics to continue contend that president trump is in denial and let's just take a look at one particular fact for example president trump is going to go ahead with a fireworks display friday at mount rushmore in south dakota and nobody knows social distancing the local authorities say there will be 7 and a half 1000 people there crammed together president trump most likely will not be wearing a mask many of them public may not be wearing a mask even at the stage when the pandemic is spiking in so many u.s. states the president of the country continues to send out a message that health officials say is exceedingly dangerous mike hanna thank you very much well months into the pandemic hundreds of nurses in california demanding more personal protection equipment and fair conditions they formed a picket at a hospital in one of the counties hit hardest by the outbreak already took place on
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day 7 of a 10 day strike nurses say the influx of coronavirus patients means they have to work longer shifts without breaks they want the union and hospital to agree better conditions. thank you. for everything i know this is. good is not any. good. and save me not just. me but you can see that i did it only. because i was. good the let me. get a good deal. tensions are growing again between the world's 2 largest economies this time over hong kong the u.s. senate has followed the house in approving new sanctions over china's decision to impose a harsh security law in the city the bill aims to penalize banks doing business with chinese officials who have implemented the new legislation will now be sent to
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president donald trump for approval trying his government has faced world wide criticism over the security law which critics say dismantles hong kong's special freedoms house speaker nancy pelosi has condemned the arrests of protesters in hong kong there's a real tragedy and it's so sad but in the congress in the house and in the senate. in a very unified way it we have all worked together it has been a for me a joy to be bonding with my colleagues on both sides both sides of capitol on this very important issue and the republicans have been there every step of the way i hope the president will be. one of hong kong's most prominent democracy activist has fled the city nation or says he's gone overseas because of china's tough new national security legislation is vowed to continue his work abroad but hasn't revealed his current location thousands of people who protested against the law which could jail people for life on charges of secession subversion terrorism and
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collusion with foreign forces. meanwhile china has warned the u.k. and others to stay out of its affairs following criticism of the new security law but in hong kong where it's already been used to arrest protesters there are concerns that the way it was written means it's open to abuse if you'll pardon reports from hong kong. then uli enacted national security law has already been used against some of the thousands of protesters who defied warnings and took to the streets on july the 1st the 23rd anniversary of the handover from british colonial rule many are questioning the legislations reach and how it's going to be enforced chinese president xi jinping passed the law after it was drafted in record time in beijing hong kong's legislative councilors legal experts and academics who would normally be involved in writing the law saw the text for the 1st time after it was an acted legislative council and barrister tanya chan is concerned that the
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law could be open to interpretation by police and prosecutors based on the chinese national security law national security covers a very wide range of activities including something related to economy religion. education media internet all these things will be included the law targets crimes defined as subversion sedition terrorism and collusion with foreign powers with the maximum penalty of life in prison you know all bunkum needs national security law to suppress those troublemakers those traitors i believe we need the national security law to stay prosperous hong kong and the chinese government say the law is necessary to restore order in the special administrative region where anti-government street protests made the headlines worldwide the government and parts of the business sector have been trying to rally support for the new law saying it will bring stability to the city in fact the floating banner
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behind me celebrates the enactment of the law but there are concerns that it could put the city status as an international financial center at risk at least $27.00 countries have echoed concerns that hong kong's freedoms and rule of law are at risk britain's prime. the legislation is a serious breach of the 1997 handover agreement which guaranteed freedom and autonomy for 50 years and china's warning of consequences if the british government changes overseas passport rules to offer a path to citizenship for nearly half of hong kong's population. we reiterate that hong kong affairs of china's internal affairs and foreign countries have no right to interfere for many in hong kong it's a new era one which brings the way they're governed and the legal system closer to the rest of china the bigger poland our desire of hong kong the former partner of
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a convicted paedophile jeffrey epstein has been arrested and charged british socialite get an maxwell is accused of recruiting and grooming young girls who were abused by epstein new york prosecutors say she played a critical role in finding victims and sometimes participated in the abuse jeffrey epstein is reported to have committed suicide while awaiting trial last august prosecutors said they would welcome the chance to speak to britain's prince andrew there's also alleged to be involved maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted. maxwell was among epstein's closest associates and helped him exploit girls who were as young as 14 years old met or played a critical role in helping epstein to identify friend and groom might have been terms for abuse in some cases maxwell participated in the abuse herself
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as cotto gabriel is under in new york to tell us more about the circumstances of the arrest and the charges michael faces. well her arrest was unexpected quite frankly there was no warning that this was going to be happening at all she's been basically out in hiding for about the last year or so nobody knew exactly where she was there was rumors she was at her home in london perhaps in living in paris or on the west coast the united states it turns out that the f.b.i. says they've been tracking her for many months now and made the arrest at a rural part of the in the state of new hampshire about 2 hours north of boston she was arrested without in any sort of problems. and she saw her 1st court appearance was it a magistrate judge in new hampshire in the last couple hours where she waived her bail hearing right and will now be transferred to a jail here in new york city where she will face another judge now prosecutors say
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that she has 3 passports has access to millions of dollars and she is a flight risk and so prosecutors are going to be arguing with the judge here in manhattan to deny her any sort of bail to keep her in jail until a potential trial now basically she's been saying for a long time that she was simply a friend and business associate of jeffrey epstein for many years however after hearing what the prosecutors said on thursday they said her relationship with him was much more sinister than that and that she recruited young women as young as 14 years old to be a sexual partners with him and others now maxwell faces 6 federal counts too for perjury for lying to investigators too for conspiracy and 2 counts for entice sing and transporting under age women for sex and given we mentioned prince andrew what
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could all this mean for him. potentially could mean a lot and this is why there. it's been well known that prince andrew had some connections to maxwell and epstein in fact there's a photograph of prince andrew in 2001 with maxwell and a young woman in the photo the young woman in that particular photo claims that maxwell traffic her. to prince andrew prince andrew has vehemently denied that and the night he did has done anything wrong however he has relinquished his his royal duties if you will but when the prosecutors were asked about prince andrew's connection to this at the press conference on thursday they said we won't get into details but they said we welcome him to come and speak to us and cooperate with our investigation prosecutors here in the u.s. say so far prince andrew has failed to cooperate gave his own to thank you very
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much indeed. coming up on this news hour from london heavy rain triggers a landslide at a jade mine in myanmar killing at least $162.00 people plus. her hundreds arrested across europe after dutch and french police crack an encrypted chat network used by organized crime gangs. and sport we'll explain why this lankan cricket legend spent hours being questioned by police. tensions are still high in ethiopia where the murder of a popular singer essential quezon through the country 2 people have been shot dead after soldiers opened fire on a crowd trying to attend the funeral of her. his music gave a voice to if he appears largest ethnic group the aroma
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a minister i'd be afraid to use a room to himself as appealed for calm after her dress is killing on monday set off a violent protest well and 80 people have been killed and internet services a cut the harder to report from nairobi in kenya. the funeral for european singer john newman this or was held in his native town as under arrest over his death spread from the only religion where he was seen as a huge. the crowds of those big years and dissipated many say they have been turned away by police and is in the funeral procession could turn into one of the protest they've got that. the single was in the capital of the suburb on monday the motive for his killing remains unclear the musician and activist boarded those politicians with u.b.s. largest of the new group the overall more songs focused on the rights of all more
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people and became one from 6 in a series of quarters that looked to the downfall of the previous prime minister in 2000 and. it is that we would not have the kind of what nation that we had between 20152018 you know me and you know we used protesting we would not have hired the political change that happened when he brought the current prime minister to power dozens of being killed in protests in or only this is such a loose killing 3 days ago along with others who had recently become critical of prime minister ahmed to rule the musician had been imprisoned for 5 years when he was 17 for taking part in protests many like him fled into exile fearing persecution but he remained at home encouraging young people to speak out about the plight of with your present largest ethnic group. have long complained of being sidelined prime minister be himself on or on was released political prisoners
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allowed greater freedom of speech and lifted a ban on several position groups but many would almost say they continue to be marginalized so far the government's handling of this situation has really exasperated the situation instead of giving people the space to mourn. be one last year's nobel peace prize for the 40 brokering and to a decades long standoff with neighboring arab trade domestic conflicts of proved harder for the prime minister to smooth over the millions of ethiopians have been forced out of their homes and they're now concerns that hostilities in the almost region could lead to bloodshed if current efforts by the prime minister to come under fail that he appears 1st attempt at 3 democracy could be developed before the next elections are held. at the wall jazeera arabic and. at least 27 civilians have been killed in attacks in central mali armed men on motorbikes
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targeted 3 doggone farming villages in the mopti region the region has been hit by widespread tit for tat ethnic violence over the past few years though for learning herding and doggone farming communities have been locked in a violent conflict for decades. a landslide at the heart of the world's jade mining industry has killed at least 162 people one as were buried by a wave of muddy water when a pile of waste collapsed into a leg in northern me in march emergency workers had to push their way through heavy mud to recover bodies in the mineral rich account region priyanka gupta reports. a torrent of mining waste collapsed into a lake the landslide triggered by heavy monsoon rain creating a wave of mud and water hundreds of jet miners had no time to skip. dozens were swept away as rescue workers started piling up body bags to identify
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the dead the scale of the disaster became more clear especially during the rainy season when heavy rains. and. we're seeing more and more. landslides and cuts in state are common ordered 50 miners were killed in the same region of northern maine one last year. and another mound of mining wisc labs 5 years ago killing $120.00 workers the world's most valuable j. despond here officially worth around $750000000.00 between 2016 and 2017 . but the value of the trade is expected to be much higher because of the huge demolished in china which it is made to to agree on and. tried to escape poverty come here often as daily opposed to look for the precious mineral in 26th in the government actually suspended the issuance as
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a new license and extending your speculations and try to begin a process of reforming and regulating the industry unfortunately despite the new law and policy that they're developing we continue to see the government's inability to regulate the environmental and social impacts of mining sector remains controlled by our whole armed groups the military itself and crony companies which are operating outside of the control of the government. the miners who died have braved the bad weather. disaster again struck the end was secretive and you could have trade priyanka gupta all to 0. global outrage against police brutality has also gained traction in india where 4 officers have been arrested over the deaths of a father and son the family of j.j. raj and bendix emmanuel says they died after being tortured in police custody they were detained for keeping their shop open during
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a coronavirus lockdown in the southern state of tamil nadu the death sparked anger across india and a social media campaign calling for justice. police across europe have arrested hundreds of crime gang members after hacking into an encrypted network which gave them a goldmine of information more than 750 people were arrested by offices in britain alone with the country's national crime agency calling the operation its biggest ever challenge are reports called. her. current king apart criminal networks police across the u.k. have made hundreds of arrests of the infiltrating an encrypted phone system used by suspected top 2 criminals they've seized guns drugs and cash amounting to millions of dollars during the course of the operation which is obviously built on by the n.c.a.a. regional and police for says we have arrested so far $746.00 individuals we've
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seized over $77.00 firearms for hungry unaids just under 2 tons of drugs which is where 80000000 pounds on the streets and we see over 54000000 pounds of criminal cash so it is a massive law enforcement operation unsuccess. the operation began when french police hacked into a highly encrypted messaging platform found on the spoke and project phones the system was used 560000 people worldwide 10000 of them in britain soon it became a massive cross border investigation there was an investigation opened in france. targeting. the system of providing encrypted from nation to its criminals there was a criminal investigation started that had direct a lot of international relations so that's the reason why it was formed between friends and the evidence but your stand your poll. operation of an attic launched
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in april involved every police force in britain. in some raids offices use stun guns to arrest suspects involved in drugs and arms trafficking the national crime agency says it also prevented the murder of several people who were the targets of rival gangs. these are not petty criminals but the kingpins of organized crime the so-called untouchables often living lavish lifestyles on the proceeds of crime and police say there are more arrests to come. which is seen as a security expert and chief research analyst at harvest he joins us via skype from birmingham in michigan thanks very much for being with us so it seems like quite a coup for these various police forces simply brilliant can't think of another case pulling together an operations so quickly and so technically so well just growing it gives an idea of how they would have managed to infiltrate what do you not quite a sophisticated to encryption service. yes so once you know that the
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service is being imposed you might have already infiltrated the gangs and know their operations and how they use the phones then it's a matter of one getting in implant out of the phones and there are some commercial products that are sold out there was an israeli company called the n.s.o. group that does just that for law enforcement and several other and maybe. the intelligence community says got involved and provided some of their ability to hack into these android based phones and then you have to push that application to them so there's a vulnerability in the phone you can do that magically sometimes or if you got the telecom provider and evidently there was one in the netherlands that was the major provider for. encroach at. if you can get them to cooperate then they can push an update or you know push the stealthy piece of malware basically and it seems
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that they could be carried on spying on the criminals for quite some time and have gathered to what's what seems like at what they said is a kind of a game changer in terms of amount of evidence yeah i've read from bice reporting that they've got millions of conversations check conversations with details are speaking completely openly thinking that they're completely not subject to being spied on so they've got you know just the kind of evidence that the police force would need they've got names places dates crimes that they can associate with the people who are commanding them or orchestrating moments it's a dream for a prosecutor doesn't set a precedent you think into in terms of prioritizing the technical side of fighting against crime. yeah i think that was already in place it was 10 years ago at the head of the new york city police department made the statement that every crime is a cyber crime meaning that there was a cell phone involved so i think over the last decade most of the detective forces
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those trying to solve crimes that have occurred there are very familiar with tracing phones tapping them you know getting warrants to do so. so it's an ongoing escalation and this is a perfect case for them because all of the these criminals were very trusting of a single service put all the eggs in one basket yeah i suppose that's one thing that i guess one of the criminals will learn from this i suppose as well when they were and presumably their pleasure all the platforms out there that they can use yeah lots of platforms or they get device their own using the shelf software and that's probably going to be the result of us not you know there won't be 60000 criminals all using the same network you know here i am thinking about a defender against the types of attacks here. but the you know what happened is
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a classic case of whether you burn your sources which the lot of porcelain did right so now it's out there that this phone is not to be trusted their brand such as it was as completely destroyed as to. be hard for that organization that company to come back from the dead which is tim thank you very much indeed taffeta want to thank you thanks. what's more still to come this hour including how a judge in london may have ended the venezuelan president hopes of a gold rush. mexico's president promises to get tough on gang violence the shocking new attack shows the scale of the problem he faces. and in sport we take a look at how little pools senegalese superstar study of money is inspiring a new generation of footballers and his country.
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hello there rather unsettled picture still across much of the northwest of europe plenty kyra to streaming through many northern areas and also across areas towards the east a scattering of thunderstorms into more southern areas of also slightly warmer air in place and some very nice the sunny skies in through says a look at this so that they have a cat above or they have been a few showers as for rain that is the warm and sunny so people really do what they can it to cool off now having said that the challenge is still fairly high throughout much of central italy but there is some rain developing through friday northern areas pushing down towards the central areas as well and then the next line of rain really moving very very slowly eastward so this is where through friday we could see some rather heavy rain particularly caring out to batteries but really across into western as ukraine and down into remain here but all the while very unsettled cross the northwest risk on the navia really keeping things a feeling a little bit cool not really like july to much as it is a similar scenario the winds are pretty strong as well coming in from the west in
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across much of the u.k. sunny warm across the southwest generally fine throughout the mediterranean again once you shows through all southern areas of italy but this is what i mean about things feeling cool also on saturday just 15 degrees the average in july is 22 degrees it stays well below average for the next few days meanwhile in the southeast book arrest gets up to 37 on monday. but. from sunrise to sunset. across asia. and the pacific. explore untold and fascinating stories. of diverse cultures. and conflicting politics. one on one east on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines i
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need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest on a scale lawsuit induct international filmmakers and world class journalists bring playgrounds to inform and inspire you the terrorist but you're here the story your city walk the path on al-jazeera. fair amount of top stories here now jazeera the former partner of the convicted paedophile jeffrey epstein has been arrested and charged bush socialite glenn
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maxwell is accused of recruiting and grooming young girls who were abused by epstein. the u.s. congress has approved new sanctions over china's decision to impose a harsh security law on hong kong bill lames to penalize banks doing business with chinese officials who implemented the new legislation. and corona virus cases are now rising in 40 out of 50 states in the u.s. a more 128000 people have died from covert 19 the president trump has been celebrating good economic news which showed that unemployment fell to 11 point one percent in june adding 4800000 jobs. or some experts warn that many of the jobs lost during the pandemic could be gone for good christian salumi has more from new york. dining in a sidewalk cafe a pleasure new yorkers have been denied for months restrictions imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus are gradually being lifted an attempt to bring the
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stalled economy back to life finally yes there's a reason i feel so good to be out here with my family. you know feel good to sit down to interact with people and not take my takeout to the park only outdoor seating is allowed however forcing restaurants to adapt their business model jeremy of alatas got a special permit to allow tables in the street in front of his establishment but he and the public are still trying to figure out how it's going to work its care complete chaos but i give the city credit for a time thing to do something we need something that's the only so many small businesses. to survive so far he's been able to bring back less than a quarter of his harvest kitchen staff for going his own salary while trying to keep his 6 restaurants afloat there are some 27000 restaurants in new york city alone the mare here says allowing outdoor dining is a way to help keep some of them afloat while mitigating the impacts of the
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coronavirus still not all will be able to maintain news social distancing requirements and still be profitable the writing is on the wall says bar owner peter walsh after 35 years in the business last month he closed what had become a neighborhood institution in new york's washington heights i mean after what's gone on here are people going to run out and say oh i want to be in a crowded bar right now people are a customizing to what their own lives and teaching them the right now. and people surviving bars and restaurants aren't the only sectors of the economy likely to see a slow recovery as many as 40 percent of jobs that have been lost in the pandemic may never come back says economist nicholas bloom and sickly business travel i just a lot of that i don't see coming back. you know maybe dining restaurants maybe you know. james movie theaters are cruise liners there it's not so much through parts as a lot of basically industries that are on face to face interaction particular in tight
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spaces he predicts that it will take years for the u.s. economy to fully recover and it will look much different when it does kristen salumi al jazeera new york. u.k. government has outlined its plans for all children in england to return to school in september at present only some students including the children of key workers are attending education secretary says measures will be implemented to ensure classes or whole year groups can be kept apart but if there are 2 confirmed virus cases in 14 days all the peoples in a certain group or even a whole school may have to quarantine pubs and restaurants are set to reopen across england this weekend of the most significant easing of the country's lockdown to date but the picture isn't the same across the u.k. both scotland and wales are keeping restrictions in place because they say they're working around the reports from wales the border between england and wales the
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bridge over the river southern cross it's a move to a different country inside the united kingdom and it is genuinely striking how different rules seem to have led to different outcomes because while the infection and death rates in england are refusing to go away in wales there are now close to 0. we have to remember that. significantly disproportionately affects the area deadly and the mortality rate sadly in that age group is higher therefore we do all expect to see cases but i'd like to see we go down to see all cases ready some by the time the virus was at large in england wales had begun preparing the to meet a rule which is being dropped in england from this weekend remains in force here it's also been forbidden for months for anyone to travel more than 5 miles from home while london is full of traffic again this is the center of the welsh capital cardiff outside the government offices part of this clearly is about the rules another part acceptance of them and people's behavior in wales and indeed in
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scotland where the daily death rates is now effectively 0 people seem to be much more willing to abide by the lock down than they were in england. that was most visible in the recent heatwave which saw one police of all numbers of people descend on the south coast of england the beautiful beaches of south wales by contrast have seen very little of the kind selina runs a company here which helps rent holiday cottage is the lockdown has almost destroyed her business but she still supports what the government has done she's more worried about english people coming over the summer and breaking the rules in wales ideally if they could put signs over the him fall you know what road works ahead but remember we are 2 metres distance seen as they drive in into wales anything like that i think to help the the visitors understand that we are operating in a different law governments are being judged over their response boris johnson's is not being seen as being on top of things in wales you can hardly find anyone with
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a bad word to say about their 1st minister it's about messaging you know my message in wales is always about doing this carefully about doing it cautiously about taking one step at a time in never forgetting the coronaviruses here and could come back whereas the messaging across the border has sometimes been led by a sense to a wish to sort it say to people it is all over you could do what you like i just don't think that messaging is sensible at all only next week will wales begin to allow english people to cross the border into their country and if things get worse in england it might not sustain and there's nothing boris johnson can do about it the virus is leading to reputations being made and being broken lawrence lee al jazeera in south wales the venezuelan government has reversed its order to expel the ambassador from the e.u. the foreign minister tweeted that it was to avoid hindering dialogue with the e.u. but said he expected quote objective gestures in return president nicolas maduro
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demanded ambassadors expulsion hours after the e.u. imposed sanctions on 11 and israel and officials. well that comes as venezuela's president was refused permission to withdraw a $1000000000.00 worth of gold from a bank in london after a court battle over who britain sees as the country's real leader because menorahs had the funds would help pay for coronavirus aid but a judge ruled that the u.k. only recognises $1.00 leader when going to oh so you're here to report the bank of england his volts contain $31.00 tons of venezuela's gold president my daughter's government wanted the goal to help pay for vitally needed relief opposition leader why those representative said the money would only go to repress the venezuelan people my girl go green. and i got the information with you because you know. by.
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or. after winning a contested election more than 2 years ago my daughter had been accused of vote buying and electoral fraud by opposition parties. in addition to the political strife and economic crisis sanctions and plummeting oil prices have pushed the oil rich nation to the brink of collapse and on top of all this the coronavirus pandemic has hit the country's ailing health system which had been neglected for years the fact remains even though the u.k. recognizes why though ought to be the constitutional interim president it is still maintaining full diplomatic relations with the government of we call us. u.k. has representation at the british embassy in caracas and they call us my daughter was appointed ambassador to the u.k. is still here. the court ruled the gold couldn't be released as the u.k.
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government along with 50 others doesn't recognize my daughter as the legitimate ruler of venezuela while white door has won his 1st step mother's lawyers have said they will appeal the decision why those lawyers have said for now they would be directing the bank of england to keep hold of the assets increasing the pressure on mother little and further exacerbating life for the venezuelans son in. london mexico's president is promising action after a gunman killed 24 people in attack on a drug rehabilitation center is the latest gruesome example of the challenges facing the government as many arapaho reports from mexico city. police and media to mexico confirm the deaths of 24 people falling in attack on a rehabilitation facility on wednesday evening. from the state of want to see the gunmen did 7 people and it was the 2nd attack on a rehab center in the past month. i have
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a sunday and they don't give me any information he has been treated the the police come after things happened the secrecy and the truth is never discovered my son was getting out this week. one of my 2 has become the epicenter of violence in mexico between january and may go to what the registered $1405.00 homicides a 5 fold increase over the same period last year that's more than any other state in the nation. on thursday mexico's president announced a joint investigation between state and federal authorities was underway. we will not abandon the people of one of what we have elements of the national guard the support of our effort we will continue to support the state government we have been in touch with local leaders yesterday was difficult when what the average is between 10 to 12 percent of the nation's one size. the attack eat up like a took place as he was giving a national address where he touted the gains he says his government has made in
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curbing violence a claim that national homicide statistics don't seem to back up. a disingenuous on the part of the president to suggest that we're seeing tangible progress and not respect all the signs are that actually the security environment is deteriorating of course there are some trying. for a day a current federal administration but i think it's pretty clear situation is getting worse. experts believe that we're seeing violence in one of those could in part be the result of escalating turf wars between rival organized criminal groups exacerbated by the ongoing $900.00 pandemic. below al jazeera mexico city. hundreds of elephants have been found dead in botswana and nobody knows why the carcasses were 1st brought lying on their sides while others had collapsed face
12:45 am
down in the okavango delta poaching has. been ruled out because their tasks were still intact a national park rescue charity says more than 400 have died calling it one of the biggest disasters to affect an offense this century what's one as government has only confirmed $275.00 deaths so far the country has the world's largest elephant population and the only cannot make anything up on joins us now from cardiff he's a director of conservation per national park rescue which is and the organization i just mentioned fish focuses on preventing the slaughter of elephants rhinos and lions in sub-saharan africa thanks for being with us so how unusual is it i see these kind of numbers of elephants dying in this way is totally unprecedented especially outside of the drought season so you might expect to see it die off happening when there's real lack of water or lack of food the providers in flood the moment and for something like this to happen which is either a disease or a toxin of some form is completely obvious that it seems that abuts want to say
12:46 am
that they've collected samples and they sent them off to south africa zimbabwe and canada for testing but until those results come back or other any ideas about what could be causing the deaths we're all speculating there's a lot of speculation going on as as you mentioned 'd coaching has be ruled out but we haven't ruled out that it was a poison laid by poachers so they're certainly not being shot but it's a possibility that this of course there are some form there's also a possibility that it's a natural toxin something occurring in the soil of the water or that it's a disease or some form until those results come back within the whys and how many elephants are there in the area in that area there's over 15000 which is more than 10 percent of the population of botswana which in turn has one 3rd of the population left on the whole continent so in terms of conservation this is potentially absolutely devastating. and i mean you mentioned that the potential perhaps for poisoning was that an offense was a popular with with some people but not everyone and perhaps from as
12:47 am
a 1st time has or the numbers rise and been unhappy with them is that a potential area of investigation it's certainly worth ruling out but i suspect that this isn't farmers i can't be sure about that but this area is really quite remote and some of the our guys in places that are very long way away from where people are there's no road access at all so my suspicion is that it's something that's either occurring naturally or it's approaches that have come across from from zambia or laid off or poison time will tell and what i'm more kind of dangerous option if it is some sort of disease and i will kill you in the midst of a human pandemic civil then what about something but if it is a disease what impact would it have on the on those actions or the global population and well i think you've made the point is that we're currently living through a pandemic of a global disease which started in wildlife that has made its way into people and we know that kobe don't seem to make its way back from people into animals as well as done so in cats in big cats in new york and also in mid level and so there's
12:48 am
a possibility for there's a lot of transfer from elephants back into people but even if it does stay within that of the population as botswana has one 3rd of all the elephants on the continent the potential for this having a truly catastrophic impact on the population is very real you know mccann thank you very much indeed to have your expertise thank you thank you for having me election officials say voters in russia have overwhelmingly approved changes which clear the way for vladimir putin to hold power until 2036 results show almost 78 percent of people backed a package of changes to the constitution which also included raising pensions and a minimum wage will allow the president to serve 2 more terms in office after his current one expires government critics say the vote was rigged it has been office for 20 years and could now will until he's 83 years old. still ahead this news hour big news for tennis fans about this year's french open that's coming up and
12:49 am
support. for.
12:50 am
his son now with all sport. thank you very much at large hall french open olga nies is confirmed on says say that the delayed to a grand slam will get underway on september 27th and that fans will be allowed to attend stadium capacities will be reduced up to 60 percent of their normal limit social distancing protocols will also be implemented to protect spectators the french open no was switched from
12:51 am
a traditional may june slot to because of the pandemic top level tennis at lewisham and mid august off a suspension and not mocked well we spoke to john nowhere to of a sports illustrated and yet who was surprised with the to sit in to say zhang alice with fans there had been murmurs about this for for several days now and i think it's a real balance to be here in the united states it seems very strange to think about having a professional sporting event with thousands of thousands of fans and yet you know that the numbers from western europe are obviously quite different but there has not been any tennis played at all since not in a sanctioned event since the 1st week of march so it's very strange to think about having an event which with so many fans in the stands the french open has a new roof stadium a new a new dome over the over the stadium that did not come cheap and remember the french open pays for basically about 80 percent of the tennis with in france i mean this is a huge financial loss wimbledon had pandemic insured so wimbledon is going to do ok
12:52 am
in 2020 but for the other big event it would be absolutely catastrophic if they had to skip a beer. why atlanta have boosted their chances of a qualifying for next season's champions league by beating napoli to a nail mario batali chandler scored the 2nd half goals as they continue their impressive form assyria this was their 7th win in a row and it puts them at 12 points ahead of 1st place roma the top 4 advance to europe's elite competition. imagist the city have put a real attempt on liverpool's title celebrations the newly crowned champions were thrashed 4 nil by the english premier league 2nd place side the team they were placed as champions it's only livable 2nd league defeat of the season. well he might have no school that i had but said you mine is goals that have been
12:53 am
central to liverpool success this season that man his popularity means the reds now have a huge a following in his home country senegal. sent this report from the west african nation's capital. it's more than a sport football is a way of life in senegal drawn in the sound is their pitch no need for shoes or shin guards the game is played barefoot from the heart that's how it started for senegalese striker joe money for these fans money is the main reason for liverpool football clubs return to glory. defined without money liverpool wouldn't be where they are he has this ability to get his teammates to multiply their efforts everybody gives their best fight without money there is no liverpool. after manchester city lost against chelsea in june money's team won the premier league championship bringing of the trophy to anfield after 30 years i mean i think you
12:54 am
know what yeah so i think everybody's just. deep in southern senegal's bumble the village is where your money trained as a child. sonny i would come in absolutely every day escaping from school to come here and training every single day this is the reason why i didn't go very far at school because he was always here so joe was the shy village boy that joint big when he came to train and food in the academy owned by the french football club mess the coaches remember him as an awkward teenager that would keep to himself now most of those currently in the cademy want to follow him on his footsteps and it was he who. came back to give the young ones advice and i remember him saying the only regret is to not have continued to study so he told the students never let go of school we're proud of him in the example that he's giving. and yet his parents didn't want him to play football he was just 7 years old and when his father died
12:55 am
it was his uncle's that acted as father figures and they were the moms at a local mosque like this one they made education a priority not running after football but look at him now. with his wealth money is financing the building of the village mosque and you classrooms for the local high school he left behind money is now revered by an entire nation and beyond for a generation he's already a legend and while there is a bit of senegal in liverpool with the club's recent success it seems there's now a bit of liverpool on the beaches of senegal because hawke al-jazeera the car. well bron james and the u.s. and conference leading los angeles lakers are getting ready to head to florida for the n.b.a. restart the league is set to resume on july 30th at the news within the disney world resort and that florida and la james is looking forward to
12:56 am
a return to action some other big names out questioning whether health and safety protocols can be maintained so far $25.00 players out of a pool of 351 have tested positive since june 23rd. 22. we have. everybody. i don't have much confidence. oakley. where they were not premier body every risk really dangerous. sure lankan police questioned one of the country's cricket legends kumaratunga carr on thursday following allegations that his team through the 2011 world cup final against india. was captain at the time with india winning the match
12:57 am
by 6 wickets in mumbai the probe follows allegations made in a t.v. interview last week in which lanka's schools minutes sells the time claim the player is sold the final. of a 10 week so one of the old time greats of west indian cricket has died at the age of 95 weeks is the only player to make centuries in 5 consecutive test innings and was part of the so-called 3 w.'s alongside team mates front crawl and clyde walcott he still tends on the old time list of test averages and also his full financial back to laura in london so i thank you very much indeed and that's it for me in our trailer for this news out of the back in just a couple of minutes with an hour for round up of the day's news but for now.
12:58 am
trade tensions could cut global economic growth by in $700000000000.00 we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world leaving the government has shifted focus from saving lives to saving the economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. these are poor willed ring and disjointed days especially for the young my life changed because i can't go will say we have to be
12:59 am
careful to not get sick at all said university study found the one in 5 children i'm now afraid to leave their homes the sense of disorientation and confusion i think would be very understandable natural order reaction a loss to children and in the past few weeks secure mental health units have been forced to discharge large numbers of patients there are children suffering from psychosis who believe the virus is a conspiracy others with eating disorders or histories of self harm that we're going to have a time bomb this is building up to a nation mental health epidemic the world's attention is on controlling the virus for the recount list hidden victims even when the pandemic passes there will be many in desperate need of help. told to go to sarah we know let me ask you how worried you are about the increase in hostilities in yemen we listen this is the moment to stop all military action this is the moment also
1:00 am
trades on fighting over why didn't we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the oldest 0. as coronavirus cases rise in 40 out of the 50 us states president trump celebrates the news that unemployment fell as businesses reopened in june. unarmed tale of this is our jazeera live from london also coming up the british socialite accused of procuring underage girls for the late geoffrey epstein is arrested and charged in the u.s. . heavy rain triggers a landslide at a jade mine in myanmar killing at least 162 people by.


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