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tv   Old South  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2020 4:00am-5:01am +03

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understand the differences on similarities that cultures across the center tommy taking will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to. you want you don't deserve me said robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories almost 5000000 people in the u.s. went back to work in june bringing the unemployment rate down to 11 percent but only a 3rd of the 22000000 american jobs lost in the pandemic have been restored u.s. president donald trump was quick to claim victory this is not just luck what's happening this is a lot of talent all of this incredible lives is the result of historic actions by administration has taken working with our partners in congress to rescue the u.s. economy from
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a horrible event that was formed took place in china and came here they could have stopped it they could have stopped it nobody likes to write that but they could have stopped it they know it and i know it democratic presidential candidate joe biden says the latest u.s. jobs numbers saw far from victory we're still though nearly 15000000 jobs in the pandemic is getting worse not better and don't have to this is americans are still out of work wondering when or if their job will come back or worried about how to pay the bills in the meantime trump wants to declare his health crisis over another employment. unfortunately he's deadly wrong on both fronts we've already had more than 128000. the number keeps climbing that's a direct consequence of downtimes bungled leadership in the total mismanagement of this crisis from the start. the former partner of the convicted paedophile steen
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has been arrested and charged with killing maxwell is accused of recruiting young girls to be sexually abused in italy circles maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison police across europe of arrested hundreds of members of crime gangs after hacking into an encrypted network more than 750 people were arrested by officers in the u.k. its national crime agency called the operation its biggest ever hundreds more were detained and millions of dollars weapons and drugs seized in the netherlands france norway and sweden french and dutch authorities cracked the encrypted encroachment platform 2 months ago letting them listen in on criminals made it almost looks like a police investigation the place had managed to read more than 20000000 check messages from criminals in real time it was stunning to see how easily and unscrupulously the serious crimes were discussed impaired as a result the place of being one step ahead of many criminals in recent weeks so far we've arrested over 100 suspects very serious crimes almost 20000000 euros in cash
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were seized we confiscated 8000 kilos of cocaine and over 1200 kilos of crystal meth and dozens of firearms 19 synthetic drug labs have been dismantled and with uncovered multiple brutal kidnappings and racketeering of criminals and even more important we have managed to follow them. the u.s. congress has unanimously approved sanctions on china over its new security law in hong kong it cleared both the senate and the house of representatives without opposition the bill would penalize banks doing business with chinese officials behind the new legislation it will go to president trump for approval trying his government has faced world wide criticism over the security law which critics say dismantles hong kong special freedoms and one of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has left the city nathan law says he's gone abroad because of the new legislation is found to continue his work but hasn't revealed his current location nor spent time in prison after the umbrella protests of 2014. a
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landslide or to jade mine in near mars killed at least 162 workers a pile of ways collapsed into a lake burying mine isn't a wave of muddy water the disaster in the mineral rich part hunter region follows days of heavy rain. at least 27 people have been killed in an attack in central mali it happened in 3 farming villages in the region the area has been hit by widespread ethnic violence over the past few years several policeman have been arrested in southern india over the deaths of a father and son and they've been detained for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules in the tamil nadu state family claim the pair were violently beaten while in custody those are the headlines and back with more news in half an hour we continue with a witness told south to stay with us. they
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are so user group of young male revenue so there. are. a. news seahorses. to leeds. and this doesn't look quite like uppity basically. i think.
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it's. also no different they were sent so. i. i. i. now have a fixed commissioner's home ready to take the funds from the agency you made a mistake people are just certain things happening in a change always happen thank you. people in the blackness always
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felt what would you have. i'm not going to talk about want to ask this because we all know that no one i am ok i think we've got a great question on the floor and that is how do we. how do we build the trust that will be necessary to go if there are an elected official i can respond to that question. my ok. i'm very familiar with your neighborhood barry familiar with your neighborhood and i want to see your organization succeed we're not trying to make you go away we want you to succeed and we want you to fulfill your potential. is nearly have a coming. we need for you all to look at race. big bad and a large part of our problem but i hope that you are saying. you know with all due
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respect this is not for me about racism i taught school i taught black children i taught white children i taught very very poor are poor black children when i taught school and every child no matter where they lived what their parents did what clothes they wear what they smelled like and some of them smelled not too good because they lived in homes without plumbing got my equal attention they lived in mill homes they were poor children rich show ren white children black children i am not going to stand here and have you excuse my actions as being racist is the only stop talking out. please be quiet you me. on.
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this for dogs. now i was going to say that there has not been racism in the community in their house and i think that's true. and i'm sorry that there has been but to simply say that our actions are racist is not correctness anyway and i will not let you accuse me of that i'm just that's that's all i'm going to say i want to say thank you big house the sleeping giant yet needed to wake up to what you have done is that the flying that's got about you. that's going to blow up more than just this situation because there's too much else going home and i want to merely thank.
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god there are carried me on your mobile a on how. for around the corner i have a copy of the designation report for the luckless thought as a nation here for the ration community and i also have a flyer that i would like for you to give your mom about a meeting this week ok. ok all right thank you. ok.
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thank you. may say i'm putting a mailbox we're having a community meeting tomorrow at 7 very just to talk about the different things that are long on in the community you know the homes were torn down so if you have time please stop ok so. my mother lives here this is her home was my grandmother's home my mother was raised here are one of the homes that my mother was raised and my grandmother's. grandparents lived in this home. then of course you know we have a fraternity that they're moving in right through mom and you think down here they have not found these 2 homes and the other is that. the homes were just demolished. the basically leaves my mother's house. and the k.
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house. the only thing left on the wall. yes hi mr atkins i was calling because i want to or i guess about a 100 or 200 and custom. all right all right thank you for yeah. we've been in business for. about 50 years. generation mortician. i've only been in the forest 7 years now my young as i don't know who was supposed to run the business. when he was my age. or sister and that went bad after my grandfather passed and maybe he's on one of our last. and. that's the only be in this business.
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there's john j. hurley lives julie. so there's my hood was he . able for me it is where i was when john where. grandfather and grandmother they sacrificed so much to be able to keep this business going and i wanted to keep our legacy continuing. not. leave. so let us. say well that was close.
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to god. i am. so blah blah blah. oh on the law the law law the law shall the. law the law said he was so lucky as he was when al was growing up we were the 1st black. churches mother and. son. tito to reste the school. that was when i went to high school in. sa the luck. it was for you haskell. i am one with a they hate to be all in one with the home. and the
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other was where their fellows used to go. on believing. they had it in order to. and people would come down and they hate dances down there and i was aware and asked the. when we finish task we want to cross the street to. heal 1st baptist church. that's where we had radiation right here for this baptist you. know whites willie when they had a date with dylan and dan says the are the. lot of. the.
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the research community is very valuable because it's close to downtown and also close to the camp and. what do you do do you protect them to protect try to protect the people that are already there and the shock shoes that are already there and the history that's already there or do you just not. whatever buys property well 1000000 come in you know tear up the neighborhood that you know and you up. we got involved with the restraint when the case 1st property there because the neighborhood got exercised and began to get organized and we started working with them and eventually the
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neighborhood decided that they wanted to try to get their does they're in their neighborhood locally designated as a historic district and the important thing about local historic designation is that it protects the neighborhood this is a map for the proposed re street local historic district this is the hill 1st baptist church at the corner of reese and polk street and that is where we have our community meetings it's a very old and and significant african-american church the property that the k.a.'s bought is a a large l. shaped lot here which is just south of hancock street so their house will be here they've got a parking lot here they also bought these 2 lots here the 2 houses here they were roughly 100 years old a little more a little less but still they appeared to be pretty sound structures k.a. said that they were not that they were about to fall down but i don't know if we can believe it or not. this to 37 church street this is the house that dr hurley
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lives there who was hope by the hearts mother and her health is no the only historic residential house for many of the boys. if we don't get their small costarred in the nation for development for going to start popping up all over real place the 2 homes that were purchased by k. they are no longer standing as soon as we realized the houses were vacant our mother and i are contacting amy. so and we started our lager with kay they're all came we've neighborhood meetings and he said in here and he you know when asked he was supported we want to be part of the neighborhood we want to support the neighborhood and then to turn around and do that welcome in total number and i think your move on i was given the cards you have you know call but of
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course they didn't tell us that it was the houses were going to be demolished so at best kind of trickery sneaky kind of what you think ok it has a lot of power they do they get over everybody they do and what they want to know is. in affects you and you also have the most sort of affects most because your mother is right but. but you know sometimes you think you find one of them that when i came to the 1st meeting out of recalls pat allen across maine and those return to boston do not sit out there tell us absolute last a lot i mean grin and his face and i'm not going to grin and his face he's not in a better than me and i guess that may be one of my downfalls i don't come to suck up to you just because you know you've got a job authority and frankly they don't fly a confederate flag from sin in this but. i
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remember at the church where they showed us the plans to do with the the architectural adia for the home that they were going to bill and i question that. one was different about this then it would be on the plantation you know this is the same confederate house confederate everything that that this picture shows us is a hurtful time african-americans. it is hard to just bear that history of hate and dislike and you don't even know the people and now you want to live in the same neighborhood with us.
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pretty much everyone has the you know we were exactly welcomed with open arms into the neighborhood and. we did while we didn't want to leave our 1st location in the 1st place either and told us we had to move. the guys that are in control the were in charge of. the leaders of the adult leaders. made it possible for us to have a house closer to the school. my uncle my mother's brother was. back in the glory days so. i ended up getting a bill through fraternity it's been a wonderful wonderful experience for. some 1st year
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i was 12 i shot him with the blue. those are my 2 grandfathers the on blue passed away in 2000. and he still. and this is our al well he had a rebel flag on this account. and he was the thing that doesn't bother me for having a rebel flies because the the the reason the civil war was fall was to keep slaves which he wasn't hurt black people because yeah they were not they were part of society and they were slaves it wasn't because the reason the way we fought the war was because we hated black he was because we wanted to keep an institution going of oppressing black people but it was a i was all about money is basically what i'm trying to say it wasn't about oh we
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hate white people let's make sure they don't ever have a real job in their home. to me having that little flag in my house on a whole host is really big. you know. that's just out i think a lot of people would agree with me. oh . brother was in the list the other slower started saying only although it will probably fruit under the force the mention of self-love can see the only your presence at the command of lord 7 only other over 10 years was. in the cause of the race of the 1st that you're the dame a southern girl and so as for deal pleasanter it was in the us when dexys play center itself on the wound up the service nurse. jackson and davis and the nurse
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all those less fortunate unreconstructed that the south is truly risen the dear. writers that we have yeah that's out. of. 6 the whole reason that we have old south parade is. that that period of time. a man like a gentle southern gentleman had to be a nice person and had it all he had was his reputation. i did some thinking about this and thought about you know why this is how it is you go you have was your reputation so being a gentleman was a necessity to me being a gentleman is seamless and it's it's just the way i was raised is just the way i
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was taught to be i know nothing else but to be nice to everyone that i know and just do what i think right and that entails you know and you know holding doors for ladies at all times like you know having nice table manners yes ma'am no ma'am shaking hands looking people in the. those are the things that come to mind you know. i tie myself in the mix from something people always think the morning a problem to me and then you know i work with in the middle of there trying to do the same thing to bring about change or i kind of take it on my cell. all right we're ready now to move to our public hearing and deliberation on the recommendation from the historic preservation commission regarding the dozen nation
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of the restricted areas a local historic district. madam mayor and commission i stand before you today to ask you see approve the local historic designation for re sank all for restraint we have worked really hard to see you see this coming to fruition there are only 10 historically african-american districts across the state we would like to be a lead the 11th we the race street community want to say and what we what our community looks like and feels like we are passionate about our community and we will light positive single family growth so we are asking for the local historic designation thank you. all this labor saying thank you. just like people
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napkins people sleep right now oh my mom is checking on somebody who is chicken to smoke ok what about the fraternities i think. it's much say hey right now we should think that. i mean at my mom when they're really key hire but. we just happen to come outside and there are like ghosts. our bottles like right there in from our 1st day at my lawn so i don't know but i feel the tension in the air just when i drive through the neighborhood and they're looking at me and i'm looking at them. but i don't want them to just say well no one ever approached us or we would exclude it was even though they are stakeholders in the community the only reason only way they're going to act is if they are. i was a force but they were. brought in to participating i don't know how it's going to mesh but. we're just telling our estate because those organizations are there
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groomed to participate in community events you know i think with a political ticker and you know i think that you know you know there's the side that leaves you know all of their beer bottles out on game day and then there's the side that you know will be very light and respectful so let me just go ahead and send them a copy of wire send them a. copy of the donation sheet that way and we've done our part. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel there whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on a more uplifting and inspiring story people trust our g.m. to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and and biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be thought of
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. some imprisoned dissidents to inspiration the media. from founding the independent state to fiercely defending his people from ethnic cleansing in the conclusion of a 2 part documentary sunni's i just see a world expose the rise to power of the 1st movie of an independent posner herzegovina. is a bigger bridge. from prisoner to president on a jazzier. rewind continues to care breyer people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of all diseases documentaries to struggle continually book from positive to no use distance revisiting the silver of friends we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood where music and tradition come together in an
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annual competition. to people who would go only a re walk on al-jazeera. all. of the old. your child is there it means the whole robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories almost 5000000 people in the u.s. went back to work in june bringing the unemployment rate down to 11 percent but only a 3rd of 22000000 american jobs lost in the pandemic have been restored meanwhile the u.s. registered another daily high in the number of new cases president donald trump says the new employment figures prove the economy is roaring back to life this is not just luck what's happening this is a lot of talent all of this incredible losers is the result of historic actions my administration has taken working with our partners in congress to rescue the u.s.
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economy from a horrible event that was formed took place in china and came here and they could have stopped it they could have stopped it nobody likes to write that but they could have stopped it they know it and i know that the former partner of the convicted paedophile jeffrey epstein has been arrested and charged calais maxwell is accused of recruiting young girls to be sexually abused by elite circles their muscle faces up to 35 years in prison police across europe arrested hundreds of members of crime gangs of to hacking into an encrypted network more than 750 people were arrested by officers in the u.k. hundreds more were detained and millions of dollars weapons and drugs seized in the netherlands fronts norway and sweden. the us congress has unanimously approved sanctions on china over its new security law and hong kong closed both the senate and the house of representatives without opposition the bill would penalize banks
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doing businesses with chinese officials behind the new legislation into law go to president trump for approval china's government has faced worldwide criticism over the security law which critics say dismantles hong kong special freedoms. and the landslide at the jade mine in me in march killed at least $162.00 workers a pile of ways collapsed into a lake burying mine is in a wave of muddy water the disaster in the mineral rich hunter region well as days of heavy rain several policemen have been arrested in southern india of the deaths of a father and son they've been detained for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules in tamil nadu state another family claim the pair were violently beaten while in custody those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour next we continue with a witness old south. it
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is. now clear where you put it just where you want. me to cover for a man. that i wouldn't. say we're the 1st historically african-american neighborhood. now in. order. to get to the way the place is to the war. how to put it. what mayor gave a little bit. thank you. it
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was it would be. it would only work would be a breakthrough. imo owner. and therefore we want to have all my faculties like her when i'm 82. i. was definitely not and to be shamed. has taken me a long time it would really really appreciate. she's made me very tough. but she has definitely sacrificed and given a lot for me to me. she wanted.
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my. kiddos with me planned. bowling and some other stuff but they are over there within them at their whim and they're your own mccorkle am. constantly. everybody out there can you hear me. and i'm very happy to be here today to celebrate the restraint neighborhood a group of organizations and individuals joined together to take the steps necessary to protect the research district. people such as home and her mother and grandmother but actually this journey started well over 100 years ago when people began to settle here doctors lawyers teachers businessman community leaders there were churches and a vital vital cultural area now this area nobody can come in and tear down a house nobody can come in and make major changes to the historic properties here
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so yeah all right good idea thank. you. and. that. was. really.
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a pain. to. play. with. i really love this community my husband i've been here for just about a year and i wanted to contribute something to the community and picking up trash is a way to make the community look nice on a daily basis. i know that there were some big parties last night was. kind of a game that. you could see in this last block that there's been a lot more trash the in the other blogs the other blogs are single family houses mostly or apartments with them maybe 2 to 3 people in 2 to 3 different apartments
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but to me the house of course has a lot more people on it's always a problem you have a lot of people living together to manage to have to manage your church. which.
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people in the community told me so many interesting stories at the house just up the street with the help of the 1st african-american dentist and i can see and i'm a doctor and african-american doctor lived right here on this route used to be a boarding house on the 2nd floor and the bottom floor was a place where people ate and drank and so when i started clearing out that corner i found more than 700 beer bottles. and people used to come and look at old bottles. and a lot of i'm really knowledgeable about the ecology here and they had a good laugh thinking that i was from colorado that i thought i could control this by now i think it's called kudzu. and so i
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asked your advice about what kinds of plants and vegetables would grow well here and what people thought they'd like to harvest this is colored in kale and daily called had something called mystery plants nobody knew what they were and so i planted a whole bunch of those mustard solid but it's been sort of a community project. things enough for today actually. hart ok i'm given a lot of my free time to try to provide a quality of life for my community and everyone that i think that some in the community have appreciated some of not now do i. still do
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a lot of activities within the community are do i give that up i'm pick and choose in my battle that that comes with wisdom and age so i.
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you and. i have germinated tons of seeds in our gardens pretty much planted by now and i know a number of other gardeners in the community now so i'm transferring some plants so that they can come pick them up this is what my husband gave me to christmas this is what it looked like and december of the year ago it was completely full of how do. you hear a couple of weeks ago walking down here with bare feet. all right. i thought i said
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i bet those are kappa alpha guys but i didn't know if it was the barefoot one or not but i'm glad you're here yeah why don't i look to be going right it's a nice yeah it's yours well no it's you know it's actually the neighborhood garden otoh i do a lot of farming but the produce is for the neighborhood we have people planted some people dig and some people bringing water we were hoping that would be a place where the community.
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i think one of the interesting things about community initiatives that you can't plan everything and you can't plan anything actually you start something and you see it falls with the needs of the community. but if people coming into the fraternity realize you know that they're part of a community where could major go to meet. you know i mean in theory he could go a lot of places but it might just happen here. you know with somebody who is living right next to hopes house if they know hope to be if they're just going to be a whole different dynamic in behavior i mean if it i just think it's a wonderful idea and i'm convinced it will work with. me and that i have not yet and i'm going to become a part of the. group and also iraq you know we have service imo and i know they're going to rough them. back some don't come forward with us on some more later.
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and there are things that we. noticed community in transition so we could not have done it you know what go. go go by going away to leave to the south koreans were we were. speaking on behalf. you know jahar and you know i think. if you all 'd have anything also it's a mutual some mutual relationship where you know if you have like once on a morning without it was time to start a movement well i know i'm going to really a motel room. i might be all right to do it again so if i could be really may believe. it was nice to be hard i mean i know what. i think i got a bad knee so when i get up i want us all you know and we'll be around this afternoon i'll see are ok all right thank you. karen had said you know well you
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know a lot of things we coul want to do with the garden and it's hard to do a lot of these saying especially when you know you had to dig a trench like this. to do with just 2 people and get it accomplished in one day i'm like well you know every fall we have 4018 year old kids that are very well equipped to help out and they are required to do the series or is it something. i was going to do all right now we're doing. a korean pipe from the gutter system and we're putting in like 9 rain barrels on the side of a hill. and so the garden can get water and in summer it will be like a $75.00 foot long trench about 8 inches the hope to get it all done today. i hope this all works out.
4:47 am
and for me. to. feel like a 3rd grade teacher to be on their best behavior. the only or best behavior today. i guess that is the rain barrels and we're going to this corner right here at the church i'm going all over. mart all. everybody come i guess grab the shovel. take a pic take him down there leaf or down here and then just right there. on the run and all the. oh yeah awarded storyboarded it was door was going to go to the right it was a little bit. right. you know. and you know you go in the western white new no need for us now leave by you know
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you know i'm saying please just try to work you go. that's ok. we'll be fine. if you want to you can get it so you have you have more pressure. on that quite a few people just working in the garden. but honestly until i started work in the garden i didn't have it at all. that really no interaction with anyone in the neighborhood.
4:49 am
because when she came out about. maybe 40 chicken in order chicken to fish yes or ok our eyes open she said was ok and i'll bring that i'll bring you the money the more you check this out of spite make you feel the 1st that still 1st that is all right and thank you. it was nice to meet you did you. know. ok i'm safe here what you want i want a thing. thank you is there anything now. you want to contribute $60.00. if you want to your doctor dr. michael so i'll just put. this is what i want to. we work so that we have monies to give. these so we we we get from the fruit of our labor
4:50 am
and we live from the flu. so what you gear becomes a seed. we leave. from our people. ok just go right here he said with news like socrates and plato. how do. i know ok you know she didn't like. the make sure you're going to. come on through and you bring back what she wants to be doing ok not you we're going to get and i want back i want to marry you right now yes we're going to you are i'm going to comment right there was a point of doing to me service and someone else is to me you are not going to do it in your own right a block away. we got a lot of work done quicker than i thought we would today i think so he's gathering
4:51 am
again over the chair and so another to me are not sure where it is it's telling brooks yeah that's all and i'm. fine i think they might be all right he's really sweet and. yeah we're really appreciate it and. we hope that your car wash your butt to make sure you know the way on time with you that come march absolutely. you got to. do it i mean.
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i'll definitely learned a lot about people i myself. initially i was a little you know like. yeah they don't look at me funny but they. all right we're getting ready to start of meeting if everybody would take the same plays. i want to welcome you all here today i wasn't necessarily about ok per se if so about the community. so it's really a neat thing to be able to recognize these people if i don't change what i hope you know when how far from. one high filmmaker down. i can just not come on. i've moved on sat what we need to do right now is this kind of introduce ourselves and students
4:53 am
can talk about what they have what is what are they good. and what are they not so good because i think we all need to know each other in the sense of what areas we need to work on our goal that sort of. take over. from that you have these very thoughts and there are you were you were serious right it was about that have to get your imagination to read in my this is a really powerful way to do all that so is it your is 3 still got to scrape it to the scientists to get it right out there if you already have live at it and only once we have all. of you to pay the price to go right down to your. basic 1060 so we have 6 to 10. all right so we're 6 they're not what we have in the one spot that i was really good at it would help you get more secure as i say i think because those are the question ok at least yes.
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and nothing not as material climate i mean she will focus on what they pack come out ok how do you know how we're now common man get your hair out what your classes with all the. your child store. what those words were just now you. it. it's war built the war for those that the top military over are or young to get it who knows mars hill to evaluate whether say this was a story with us they don't want us all to do what it is that they are sure it was was for they really are going to hear this they didn't say ok.
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as you create a relationship in learn each on their own we have to create relationships in order to make this thing more or stop with each other man in a bad way i say that horrendous contacted had. someone help go this we're going to jump and that we can look up to take them off their facilities with our guys so we'll see all their stories are really paint a very. nice night. out with a private hat it just to be things that we all of them seem to be they didn't just say we are all went out to be this. driver here anything that i could need to be sent to my church the children of course i was any where you live have to become stakeholder it's not mine you're not a part of the community and if you're not a part of what makes the community work and why you're there.
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new road trip this summer and sewing up a white truck or. buying a smaller one put my cover on it yeah i'll need some kind of campaign chivalry. hopefully i can get somebody to go with me to but if i don't that's not a proud day i'm i will go do it and i go hit those states out and then today. it's worked i mean it's it's working. say i know everybody on the street i know everybody on the block i know about their fans they come and they help me in the garden it's just a good meeting place. that's. what is resistance. in
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akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parody and protest to challenge and change ideas. gun a controversial a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello the plane just got a thunderstorms throughout much of the united states particularly across the south and the southeast out towards the west we've got mostly clear conditions across the fog does remain fairly high but the weather's been very nice up to the northeast
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temperatures in the high twenty's and this is the scene in coney island now as we go through friday that could be some rain developing up into the northeast and slightly more in the way of showers and thunderstorms across the southern plains and again across the southeast and northern central areas of florida but all the watch as well some of the heavy downpours coming south was from north into south dakota so we could even have some localized flooding there also flash flood warnings in place and then saturday for the 4th of july they'll be plenty of fireworks set off but a little bit damp across much of the south of all those scattered showers and thunderstorms it's a warm couple of days you'll know just how much is up to $36.00 in raleigh and acim a $34.00 across into washington d.c. me walk across the pacific northwest a few showers on both days into seattle and say through florida and really through northern sections the bahamas across into cuba but the heavier rains again will be through central america the yucatan peninsula to get some fairly heavy downpours on friday and then further eastwards across into nicaragua but in particular through saturday is probably going to be costa rica and some very heavy downpours into
4:59 am
panama. stinson mystic tator may be long gone but any quality fueled by his new liberal economic reforms still plagues the nation. and dissent is still quashed by a heavy handed state of paralysis. people in power examines whether forging a new constitution can turn the page in the most unequal of the world's 30 wealthiest nations chile uniphase legacy on a just 0. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last. day well and many feel the economy is be prioritised about human life until fall people come to
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the caucuses and they are here because like you could like places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus pandemic special coverage on al-jazeera. the u.s. senate votes to ban banks from doing business with chinese officials linked to hong kong's new security law. center on the watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up donald trump celebrates celebrates u.s. job figures but millions remain out of work and the racial unemployment got his white. also 20 saudi officials face trial in turkey of the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. hundreds arrested across europe
5:01 am
as police crack an encrypted chat network used by organized crime gangs. welcome to the program the u.s. congress has unanimously approved sanctions on china over its new security laws in the whole call it played both the senate and the house of representatives without opposition the bill that would penalize banks doing business with chinese officials behind the new legislation it will now go to president trump for approval china's government has faced worldwide criticism over the security law which critics say dismantles hong kong's special freedoms it is nothing short of an all out effort to negate the rights of the people of hong kong in violation.


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