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tv   Drugs  Al Jazeera  July 5, 2020 7:32am-8:00am +03

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it's across england does pubs restaurants hairdressers and cinemas reopened following a relaxation of lockdown rules in london big crowds gathered in big gardens but the atmosphere was different in silent numbers are being limited table service only and there's no live music spain has put part of council earlier back into lockdown after a sharp increase in cases of cave 19 around 200000 people living near the town of say there were affected. then the lockdown has been extended in refugee camps in greece but the government's been accused of misusing the pandemic to limit the movement of migrants can no confirmed coronavirus related deaths in any of the camps that housed around 32000 people those weather headlines are back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's. drugs. as protest rage over police brutality and corona virus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced to take
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a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and sell their brand of politics to americans before the vote follow the us elections on a. my baggie was my drug. if i add my drugs. i do everything if i don't have my drug i cannot do anything. and. i've been using drugs since 34 year that the game is we're selling drugs or the
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ground girls are the biggest. i don't 1516 i say using majorana after they came on. and because one of my friends were using brown introduced me to brown i mean. i can see them as in they luckier than a good job. and educated. like you know on the record in these areas buying smack. no i would do a chemist. you could get people to go for the medicines or they will people go and
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it's really see it and go with the money and get your drug to. somebody because. if you go to the chemist and he knows you then give you a with a gun. how can you say the guy was doesn't know that you know building good when you're buying good morning off to an evening and you're buying is where you are then years together. every day it's a struggle it's a struggle especially when you were in front of a chemist and you moved i missed more than you can give me the drug is a very big struggle. you know to fight with yourself. one big 1111 week one when you meant to be but stepped out just like me i'm going to go village and mix and that's the next. i think if i were
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going out back to you. i've. worked up there. but that once again. it's so much obsessive. compulsive. and. just. speech. steve. bringing in. the day. to day thing. today it was as you see it is not going to. leave the city muddy the.
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land and i have a blend of outdoor sport of the better than the one that i've been on the village got that i missed the game it's in are down there going to i've been. sort of there . i just got yeah. that's. not a good not even i've been thinking about does it. but look at what i did i knew at that time someone. i knew i loved what's out there some of it out of the phone active and just. about a week and i was dreaming like i'm in the midst of human doesn't. get so i'm getting it will be the civilian side of the ladies never got the other people to get. to me like if you have anything much and it's good enough to make i'll be coming up in
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maybe it's the look at it and love your magical. thing the community will be here. you know. the neighborhood will be the theme that anybody would like maybe. on to a bit of. chat room. and i just really hands down. other problems to be mad to see me in.
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the classic. i'll take a. gallon. let us know that can i. have it. on paper but oh there you go behind it everybody had to be here yet which is now which i like to live there the one who. made his hit. people. did a party with this. is going to sue me. if you go for it. give her a. call for my father and he got it. made only that's how i do my job. on computers
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and even handed to me and. then thought he meant for. me every last kind of a moment. very. much now but did not know that there was a total. lot of good feeling that none of them had. john. for. the. love. a.
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the lowest class of people you'll find all those in that order so everyone sees them the high at last given the world will be a p.d.f. so most of the people who don't normally. and editors bosses just say to the nerd have featured him they don't trust him so yeah glee as i am the people of my own going there got does a whale call center executives in that because all of us stayed together and all of us and breach of the then make each of the of the look visit happen to me it or not be happening to you. many sin is supposed to help people but you and them that isn't is not helping the bill is killing them and it's a stored a. big need or the gong in fact and that it is people do good and easy neat
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and use it easy so a lot more is needed from the roman state not to stop the drug but do i think you did it. just on someone who can play with anyones life. and they can the sending them. circle must go out of the binaries. somebody wanna go to the store or. they have almost. you know if this is. for many of us in the neck or you know where the now.
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busy busy busy that's. just that they want to. be. part of this. this. will do it all.
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so. we don't have to go through. that out in the. corner but i got out of. the lift. on the. that would assume what i said i want to so. for me there's no middle. of a meanness you know to. me and to hold on me i'm as you know one of the most will go to. the super bowl should you have to see that. he was like i'm serious so i'm for
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a model of us. getting one this. and i can tell you a funny thing about cat and then you want to like him and they were turned out of. 'd the circus in because i want to blow donnie got a new nose in issues. that mean i'm sort of. my moment but it could be doing well here you know going to sink in the pretty much. when i've been sort of a. something of what and i mean it's the soul that i share with the sea without the neal they can we help us out. but i'm still going to order but it's a play than anything the ins and so we have got the. show guess of way and i want to yourself you know and i said a bomb went off once i've been out of. the
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no way. i mean the open so more than when i began you know and yeah you know you know when i'm going to and they say they've been saying this is you can go on for a 2nd then you know it up you know over the proceeding millions show up and this is you know you know he goes for the 2nd part of the and there i. think and and does and. and going usa going in there but that's when the sort of bush elmo something and get a sot that's what i'm going to get the most when i'm out i said i said but i'm going to pay him 3 am on that basis so i know what it will say no it doesn't but i thought of the role of some not at the home. that the anyone says yeah i am but i don't i have. you know the key to how to modernise so he said was you know i don't but it's not going to like he doesn't see what i'm getting lazy i don't feel that we have the window when i am for sums. oh baby we're snowy
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you say you wanted to. see what it was i mean it. is you know good stuff. and the money went to more. and you know there's really no one that he showed us that if i like you but i will then we will get the butt off for a way out. and so there's a little. bit ago that if you go because of what's going on but it's. a good plan to get this thing one time he showed us that this is a new put the consequences. one but i think what i thought was a joke with him goes into. a different idea one of them with i know you know what i
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want to show i want to. see the. most exposed and i. said when i was he's. going to. go down and. say no and i'm going to. some of this my 1st time to uruguay and
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i've come to the source of the revolution. one fosse that recently in. the cannabis movement and he's done so much open up path that's really reverberating around the world you know. and when he told them you know that it would still be at the center of d.n.a. . in the movie i just said i mean there's no so no you know why. one of those mutually some most and you know presumably they're all kind of in the ninety's as soon. when you get the memo as we did on this show i must on a similar sort of study also been part of. one border also of definitions. of the many one with the only other stuff. going on there i mean i'm sorry all mush under one kind of russian.
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i guess or. none if as a way i don't like. to . think that i think. anything is going to. fund the eighty's with that in some cases of heroin use but during the 1990 s.
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and early 1000 s. the number of people who were injecting heroin increased due to my company so in 2004 we did another search to find out the ha ve. among these people who ate checked and drugs overall for the 2 percent they were hiv positive this was a to mark up a very high as compared to the general population 5.8 and the worst part of it is that women who were injecting drugs violence were 62 bus. and that's the time when you say we need to do something. false february 27th that's why we opened up this clinic.
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why don't we are told. and we took out come one really i just watched my dad. i miss i don't militia when you hear me. playing with you can you send. one of them with doing that he wanted to know mr 1000000 you can well believe and i'm looking well. but the challenge is just a little may this the number of people who are using drugs very huge and the biggest challenge that we know what it is that people started to inject heroin so that they can access my. i spend buses then the number of reports gets also increased so once they disappear we know let's stop recruiting new plants that's
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looking for those who disappeared to see what is happening what's it and just do they have wedded then you've bought that and then go back to using every. minute that you have been hearing about. my my with the idea of the divine and i do the yeah that when you pull you out of the one of the. day for new ones yeah when. you want to be on what you wouldn't want to. do less and. doing what if you can admit you don't do it when you have got me into a fight again that's a good one i'm wondering when you i mean when will we hear. that in a deft i get an idea and it would be and then you would not but then i would. be willing in many ways. calmly. when you are
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in. well i mean if i. mean. you were going to be the. one i mean 50 i mean we needed to do that yes i mean the. south it would. have been you i. would have i didn't. say the world would done. so well known to all of that in the senate where you. get one. of the you know then and now well i think one has to do the
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naming. of them when their member would be doing them as i do and no quarter one could do that by and you know she was she. was that. i could always you do with. god i think that grand of god. when did you have to on any given day again. now when i would have been the new guy to get in to go into my shit down you know and made these. town. hall because it's a book. awful.
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lot. because. you want to. good. morning nothing good. good. i began with an unfavorable non-doing of the divine do you think it will win you a segment did you anything that the old ones reacting to the. bug us a new cool new funny idea. by doing a movie i'm going to vote for or. when it is
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you know the room. there and you had to. go governor and then i did and i don't wanna. go brando now somebody skilled to sign it but i was still in school but that's about it i guess. but i've been up. and down the day you know dinner new near women. begging to vote when i want is that only. i wouldn't be going jenkin in the. area. to skid off on the.
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short films of hope. and inspiration a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. from.
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chile's infamous dictator may be long gone but inequality fueled by his neo liberal economic reforms still plagues the nation. and dissent is still quashed by a heavy handed state apparatus. the people in power examines whether forging a new course accuse him can turn the page in the most unequal of the world's 13 wealthiest nations. in a chaise legacy on a just 0. in their bias against kobe 19 malaysian authorities are targeting migrant workers but i want to ask if this is the fictive bars control or discrimination on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the land. said no matter how many
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seek out is iraq will bring you the news and current fast that matter teeing. al-jazeera up. 2 half 1000000 infections and rising latin america overtakes europe's number of coronavirus cases. the whole romany watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha also coming up a display for independence day the us president goes ahead with a patriotic show despite coronavirus concerns and protests.


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