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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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healthy a world for you. to everyone. this is al jazeera. i know nor and taylor this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. we will not be on the way you cannot set foot in this country i will seize your block bridgeville gotten grades if you try britain target saudis over the death of . as it puts human rights abuses in the crosshairs of its 1st unilateral sanctions after breaks it. india now has the world's 3rd highest number of coronavirus
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infections the confirmed total nears 700000 but the real number could be far higher . the tensions between the u.k. and china rise as the ambassador in london vent his anger at gross interference in hong kong plus. the oscar winning composer ennio morricone best known for his spaghetti western scores die is aged 91. and there are many weddings with the sports news as president trump launches the twitterers are called nuts calls on new black driver he asks bubble wallace to apologize for what he calls the hardbacks of a new spin from the news dollar and slams nascar all for banning the confederate flag. and of the united kingdom has set its sights on those involved in the murder of john g.
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as it unveiled its 1st you know national sanctions since leaving the european union 49 individuals and organizations have been sanctioned on of the government's new system to punish human rights offenders russian authorities implicated in the death of lawyer sergey magnitsky have also been targeted sanction individuals will be barred from entering the u.k. using banks in the country. all profiting from the economy. there is a blood on the hands of the thugs that is free to once into this country to buy property on the king's road road to do their christmas shopping in knightsbridge or frankly to siphon dirty money to produce banks rather financial institutions so you go has more on the government's new scheme dominic rob made no bones about exactly what he wanted to come out of this law he put it in very strong terms indeed and it's almost a sort of personal project of his he'd have 1st raised this back in 2012 he
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is of course from human rights lawyer background as well he has consistently kept in contact with the widow of gay magnitsky. and so for him it's got that personal touch with changing british foreign policy perhaps from what has been criticized that it would be perhaps compromise in the aftermath of breck's it to try and form strategic relationships with our eyes who perhaps have huge. problems with human rights such as saudi arabia for example but this is trying to be put the human rights aspect front and center ahead of those strategic relations with which britain can now go forward with our lives fully leaves the transition period of bricks it. well bill browder wet twist sergei magnitsky and is the head of
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a cable and its kate justice campaign he joins us now via skype from london thanks very much indeed for being with us see how significant do you see this move and. well i've been working on this campaign to get magnitsky act passed in the united kingdom for 10 years. we've we've fought and struggled with multiple governments both labor and conservative and after 10 years we finally had a breakthrough which was today and so i view it as a huge milestone i think it is a huge development way beyond the magnitsky case to. is basically the new technology for the british government and other governments to apply it towards atrocities and human rights abuse and why do they have done it now. well part of it is very personal as you mention in your report dominic rabbit was someone who i met 8 years ago i explained to him the case of the evidence of what happened in syria
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magnitsky and he was so shocked and appalled by the story that he took it on as his personal mission and since then he's been shepherding it through multiple parliaments multiple governments until he was the foreign secretary and as the foreign secretary he's taken taken this as a personal project to bring it to fruition and so it's for our respective the planets lined up perfectly and we had the one the one person who truly understood it had the power to do something about it how i think that effective is it there to sanction individuals rather than a government. much more effective because when you sanction the government nobody cares but if you sanction individuals the people who are sanction care care and those who are afraid of being sanctioned also here and so it creates a climate of fear among human rights violators and tortures that either they have they've lost their ability to travel and spend money in the west or they may lose it coming up and when you have personal consequences it's absolutely much more
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effective what do you think that the reaction and retaliation from russia over this well we've already is we've already been through this a number of times there are 6 other countries that have magnitsky x. united states canada the baltics donia latvia lithuania russia always huffs and puffs but at the end of the day what they do is they they apply sanctions to u.s. officials for example so they can travel to russia but most of them don't want to travel to russia and they certainly don't want to keep their money at the nest for bankers their bank and so it's kind of an asymmetric retaliation or actually it's a symmetric retaliation that doesn't have any impact if they try to asymmetric asymmetrically retaliate there's really not that much they can do and so it's. you know it's something which which really puts big western countries like the u.k. u.s. and canada in the driver's seat took to mean for instance one of the the russian sanctions is sending in kids alexander estrich in close ally of the tennant head of
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russia's investigative committee and he was sanctioned already by the u.s. understanding in 2017 how much difference as it made to him and is he one of these people who turned up in london and had property and money and stuff it. i'm not sure if he has property or money in london although it wouldn't surprise me if he did but what you have to understand is this not just about alexander best reagan he's he's the most important law enforcement officer in in russia if if the u.k. and the u.s. can sanction that person then anybody below him can be sanctioned and they're all sitting there in fear that they might be sanctioned one day and that that puts the climate of fear or it creates a an environment where they're not so comfortable doing these terrible things that they are normally do the right of really appreciate you talking to us and i'm just here thank you thank you and with more than 530000 people dead they coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing but the focus of
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attention has shifted yet again as india surges possible to become the 3rd hardest hit nation with nearly 700000 infections well the cases per capita remain low to the outbreak that isn't expected to peak for several more weeks and is now only behind the u.s. and brazil which together have more than a 3rd of all the world's cases and deaths. meanwhile the limits of our understanding of the disease have been highlighted again as 239 scientists now say there's evidence it's airborne and can spread through smaller particles in the air they want to revise its recommendations it is about her and i'm begins our coverage from new delhi where some areas are reopening despite concerns that the total number of cases could be underestimated. it took. 17 years to build the taj mahal in the 17th century and for those wishing to see the mob a muslim for his wife the wait just got longer. we were very excited
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about coming here my daughter's been frustrated and so were we after sitting at home for weeks so we decided to come here when we heard that it was going to open but now we're disappointed. the indian government open the many monuments on monday for the 1st time since march but the taj mahal will remain shut because it's surrounded by areas under quarantine elsewhere in the country few people wanted to venture out given the rising number of coronavirus cases delhi's most famous tower the 12th century cut is usually one of the most popular tourist sites in the country with $8000.00 visitors a day but in the 8 hours since it's reopened only about 50 people have come to visit. with international flights still suspended many who depend on tourism a worried about how they'll survive really all guides already voted on a speaking because cases are not declining they're going up because there will be fear in the psychology of the us. about going to
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a new place and that is definitely has a negative impact not only in delhi would all order india. the indian government says it's tested $10000000.00 people so far but it still has one of the lowest tested rates per capita in the world reported cases. on the true numbers of infections that are probably in the 10s of millions of. this point in time for now it's going to keep continuing to get some of the hundreds of billions of cases. and i don't really see a reason for a reprieve at this point in time because we really don't have an effective control measure. but the central government unwilling to be imposing national lockdown because of its economic impact states implementing their own mission is to do it on the podium and caroline has begun a one week meltdown allowing only essential services kolkata has suspended flights from the 6 was to cities for 2 weeks given india's large size and population health experts say different regions will experience
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a peak in infections at different times elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi new york's governor has accused the us president of enabling the virus with his messaging on the pandemic saying he's been making up facts and science a white house correspondent kimberly halkett has the latest from washington d.c. . well there's a spike in cases all across the united states 40 out of the 50 showing really increased in record breaking in some cases numbers of coronavirus cases and that has certainly got the new york governor or the democratic governor concerned as you pointed out he says the president is enabling the virus what's he talking about well the u.s. president over the weekend really tried to downplay this number saying that the reason that there is an increase is because there's more testing going on in that 99 percent of the people to get coronavirus well that harmless this is certainly something that the new york governor has pushed back on. the president don't be
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a coconspirator of covert do one simple thing acknowledge to the american people that covert exists it is a major problem it's going to continue. until we admitted each of those students to do our work poured. well the u.s. president has not been admitting that is a major problem instead in the last hour he's been pushing back against his joe biden the democratic presidential nominee he'll be facing off against in november in fact he's saying that far more people would have died if joe biden was in the white house pushing back on the criticisms about closing trav close in the united states travelers from china he's also said that deaths are down 39 percent in the united states and again is pushing for the economy to reopen ease been as we see
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some states starting to close acknowledging they may have open too soon in the case of southern florida we now see jim's closing as well as some dining room still the u.s. president pushing ahead with reopening tweeting at all caps that schools especially should reopen in the fall the border between australia is to most populous states is set to close indefinitely as cases of coronavirus on one side or thirty's in victoria scrambling to bring its infection rate down isolation residents and bringing in more social distancing measures nicolas cage reports from canberra. trapped in their homes unable to leave for any reason 3000 residents and 9 public housing towers in melbourne will remain inside their flats for at least 5 days and on preset into lockdown for a strike after the buildings were linked to dozens of corona virus cases it's very
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very challenging bodies far preferable to saying vast numbers of people with underlying health conditions infected with this virus spreading it between each other for many inside english is their 2nd language food and essential items are being delivered and is 24 hour police surveillance but some of question the fairness of the tough measures only affecting nose in the public housing blocks. it's a massive prickly relationship. with individuals and now confined to woods but allowed to leave except for very few exceptions and we're not saying there is exceptions being exercised his trailer has been relatively successful in suppressing coronavirus but in the past week infections in the state of victoria have soared it recorded 127 new cases on sunday prompting the closure of its border with neighboring state new south wales indefinitely this is the 1st time in 100
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years the border between australia's true most populous states will close several towns straddle the truce sought some residents though it will be given exemptions and permits allowing them to travel across it's a decision that will no doubt be a huge setback for australia's economic recovery as it heads into recession we have done this based on health advice and especially given the fact that when our nation had those hard number of cases back in february and march the vast majority of those cases were from either say strapless all the direct contacts what is happening in victoria is very different which is why they actually take this case a serious step astray one has fared better than many countries during this pandemic with about 8500 cases so far but the melbourne outbreak has concerned many a clear example of how quickly this virus can return and spread quickly gauge
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0 cambra israel is immediately closing all bars nightclubs and james prime minister benjamin netanyahu says it's necessary to avoid a wider lockdown 1000 new cases are being reported every day in a shop rise in infections israel has recorded at least 30000 cases and 332 deaths. bernie has launched a mass testing for covert 19 in its largest city newly inaugurated president. has indicated that he's taking the outbreak more seriously than his predecessor but their fares numbers may be significantly higher than they currently confirmed $191.00 cases after a story has the latest from nairobi when boonies president everest declared coronavirus the biggest threats to the country last week his government swung into action temporary testing centers have been hardly set up an open folds in the
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commercial capital bujumbura health workers are arjen people to get tested and many like me this are volunteering. the problem has been the macuse that it's broken it's also difficult protect yourself is exercised a good move by the government because if you have symptoms or not you can still get tested it has been a total change of policy from the previous government led by the late president. who said wounded is protected by god refused to enforce strict social distancing measures and expelled world health organization officials who raised concerns the shift in tone by the new president comes as the number of confirmed cases rises as more people get tested you could assure we have enough supplies including testing kits we have provided everyone at the testing centers with the must in kenya president uhuru kenyatta has announced a face to the 15 of its lockdown despite coronavirus cases increasing people can
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now move freely across the country charges in mosques are to reopen back with some conditions domestic flights are to resume later this month and international travel in august should the situation deteriorate i'm a challenge to our health infrastructure. we will have to divert but to let go south africa has seen the last outbreak in the region and imposed some of the harshest measures which are now being raised children in 6 that 11th grades have returned back to cost up to 4 months at the governments on the continent are also cautiously lifting restrictions to help their struggling economies millions of people have lost their jobs and the countries where you've seen the lockdowns being most affected are the countries that relieve grounded a lot of boruc of public awareness and we should not institution in beefing up monitoring of cases but i think in countries where you have that it's half house
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non-committal almost response or slow response then where they're stuck in the cycles of lockdowns and we are in these insurgents the africa center for disease control says more than 400000 people in africa have tested positive carpet 19 the world health organization is worried the virus is now spreading widely across the continent which could make it the next epicenter catherine saw as iraq. coming up on this news hour from london dozens of people are killed after 3 days of floods and mudslides in southern japan. the former partner of billionaire paedophile jeffrey epstein is taken to prison. and still no offers from the n.f.l. but current captain it has just signed a deal with disney details coming up in sports with me.
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china's ambassador to the u.k. has lashed out at the british government's offer of potential citizenship to millions of people in hong kong. says the move amounts to gracious interference in china's internal affairs and accuse the u.k. of making irresponsible remarks britain is among dozens of countries to criticize china's decision to impose a harsh new security law on the territory but is also offered a new home to nearly 3000000 eligible hong kong residents with the prospect of eventual u.k. citizenship the u.k. side knows what hong kong is no longer under its colonial rule and the hong kong has done and is now. you'll hear has no sovereignty restriction or rights of superbugs over. after and over all over the ok government keeps making you
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responsible remarks on hong kong. through its so-called 6 monthly report on. well you also criticized the u.k. prime minister as you turn on using technology built by the chinese firm huawei in the country's 5 g. network to master said china was being treated as a hostile country and boris johnson would have to prepare to quote bear the consequences. well meanwhile in hong kong 3 high profile activists have appeared in court charged with organizing an illegal protest the trio included pro-democracy leader joshua wong who has denied the charges his political party disbanded last week after china imposed that controversial national security law on the territory said activists would be prime targets of the law which bans any activity china considers subversive sarah clarke was outside the court and says the activists still want international support. 3 arrived at court to appear on charges of
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inciting taking part and organizing what was deemed an illegal assembly in june last year at the place headquarters and this was at the beginning of those anti extradition antigovernment protests that joshua won and ivan lamb they pleaded not guilty to all those charges i discharge pleaded guilty to 2 of them inciting and knowingly taking part of the 3 valid to continue their fight for democracy in hong kong but in light of the introduction of the new national security laws the big knowledge they face an uphill battle and they've called on the international community to help free up us. about our future with a friend of life sentence and also big target by beijing but we also encourage the global community to let our voice being heard in the world we still have to let the world to know that now it's time to stand before and now is the time for home foremost keep our momentum joshi along with the face of the occupier pro-democracy movement back in 2014 and has long been a target or political targeted by china and hong kong government he's told the
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media he expects to be pursued under these new national security laws and could be extradited to china but he says he want to kowtow to beijing is already had his books removed from government libraries in hong kong but he says he won't be silenced as well. and the hong kong court has denied bail to the 1st person charged under the new national security law 23 year old tom young kid is accused of driving his motorcycle into police officers during a protest last week wounding 3 people he was holding a banner that read liberate hong kong revolution of our time is a slogan that is now banned by the government for inciting separatism and subversion. steve saying is the director of the china institute at so us university of london he joins me now over skype from knocking him thanks for being with us just to go back to the message from the ambassador to the u.k. the chinese ambassador the u.k. talking about gross interference and irresponsible remarks over the u.k.'s attitude
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on hong kong how angry does that suggest china is. well the chinese government does not want the u.k. to do anything about hong kong at all and i think that really is what the message is about i don't think so much that it is because the chinese government is angry but that it fused that it can. for to your case to back off and how far is the u.k. government fed to go over this i mean for example it's got the fact that his b.c. which is a u.k. headquartered banker in huge international one has effectively backed china over the new security law what is the government the u.k. government for example do about h.s.b.c. well probably not much and there is no reason why the british government would be trying to punish a british company operating in hong kong because that company is coming under
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chinese pressure. for the u.k. to sanction a british company because of the actions of the chinese government seems to be putting the cart before the horse the issue is with the way how the chinese government feels that it can bully the u.k. which is citizens and british companies so how realistic is it for the u.k. to stand up to china now that it's no longer none of the u.k. is no longer part of a of the wider european union bloc. well the u.k. still has a lot of scope to work with and eyes including the so-called 5 eyes the angle american countries and the e.u. and other members of the g 7. they all collectively take a common stand then it will be much more difficult for the chinese government is true pick on any one of them and force them to submit and in terms of what all this
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pressure is doing perfectly good i mean what about china does it does it view hong kong as something that can and the specifics s. and the kind of status of hong kong or something it can sacrifice i don't think the chinese government is intending to destroy hong kong what happened was that last year she jinping the leader of china make a mistake over hong kong and because he's the strong man in china she can never mr having made a mistake so he has to resort to repressive measures in kong i think he expects people in hong kong to submit and the rest of the world to go along with it since we are now all dependent on china and we have been bought load by 19 tell me over just a return to the u.k. ship with china on the matter of huawei how much of the change of heart that we think there is on her way to do with the difficulties caused by u.s. sanctions and how much of it to do with the kind of real concerns about possible
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risks to national security i think the us angle is a real one in terms of the capacity of all the way as a company to provide that level of security did they have trauma sed. the way how i think the chinese ambassador has spoken about. should be raising questions as to whether is a company that we should be doing business with a private company that enjoys the support and of wages of the capacity of a near superpower like china which suggests that that company is not just a normal private company. you would not expect the united states for example to go all the way to back up a company like say apple or google steve saying thank you very much indeed thank
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you. welcome. including the show must go on how the u.k. government is making sure it's not yet curtains for the countries locked down. and the current teen weight gain that helped this goal for when his latest title that's coming up with me in sports. and that is that more the sunshine across some areas of yesod he throughout much of the mediterranean the southwest even the central areas there is actually a line of thunderstorms beginning to form but before they move in the last by the look at this up into switzerland just the most stunning scenery the most amazing mountains clear blue sky and some beautiful flowers in the foreground very nice weather as well across into
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a poland into southern poland upon the touch of clear not quite so summery across into norway look at this now where very high live ation about 2000 meters and in fact the road in and out is the highest road in the whole of europe so why pretty well we still some snow but this bunch of rain still in the mix as we go through tuesday some fairly brisk winds coming in from the west sydney across much of denmark the low country is quite cloudy and another mass of rain working its way in through central regions of the u.k. keeping this time which is a little bit lower although power is beginning to improve 24 the high on tuesday and he kind of case guys elsewhere but this is the line as i say this developing severe thunderstorms at times working the way through ukraine western russia and on across in the balkans it does the going to swing its way further east still sitting across western russia could be a wet day in moscow although a warm day with a high of 30 celsius on a cloudy day across the u.k. and more showers widespread across central areas.
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earth working here is just 7 days a week that's grown with a community and my father purchased a black and blue sweater and started to do the funerals in london and their families we saw stopping bothering to watch i became a business partner is the stories we don't often hear told by the people who the gift is such a level of. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court official. brides just to show you the most dangerous commodity on s sometimes take a spock the door at the 1st blow up a personal fox against judicial corruption as in michael i am i think i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time.
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among the top stories. the u.k. is now on sanctions on those involved in the 2018 murder of saudi journalist. india's surged past russia to record the 3rd highest number of corona virus infections in the world at almost 700000 confirmed cases. and china's ambassador to the u.k. is warning the british government to stay out of hong kong's affairs or face consequences. at least 44 people have been killed in japan after 3 days of floods and mudslides well in half
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a 1000000 residents have been told to leave the island of cuba as torrential rain inundates the region brian reports. a weekend of punishing rains across the southern japanese island of q shu and this is the result. wide scale flooding and landslides especially along the swollen kumar river which burst its banks as the rains intensified thousands of people were urged to leave their homes but some opted to stay fearing the coronavirus despite assurances from the authorities that they'd be safe one elderly care home was inundated with a number of its residents presumed dead or missing. rescue teams have been sent to the area to help look for missing people and to help with the clean up i wish there was someone who can help us says this restaurant owner the government says it's boba lising all resources to tackle the emergency peers out. over 40000 members
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through the units of the police fire department self defense forces and coast guard are putting all their effort into searching in rescuing deceive people's lives. for japan it's the worst natural disaster since a typhoon struck last october which killed around 90 people few shoe is used to powerful summer floods and has in place strong defenses against them but for now with more rains forecast those defenses seem to be overwhelmed rob look bright al-jazeera terentia rain and thunderstorms are continuing to batter large parts of china from the country's south west to east coast the central city were on whether corona virus was 1st discovered has raised its emergency alert level after days of heavy downpours earlier this year the city's mayor said crucial flood defense work would not be interrupted by the pandemic which saw the city under lockdown for more
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than 2 months june rainfall across china was 13 and a half percent higher than the seasonal average white woman who was filmed accusing a black man of threatening her in new york's central park has been charged with filing a false police report amy cooper was criticized after calling 911 in may claiming to have been threatened by an african-american man christian cooper was birdwatching when he asked her to put her dog on a leash she has since publicly apologized but her frantic phone call was seen as an example of everyday racism. the former partner of convicted sex offender geoffrey epstein has been moved to a jail in brooklyn british socialite glenn maxwell was arrested and charged in new hampshire on thursday she'd been held over the weekend at a jail near her luxury home where investigators say she was lying low max was accused of working with epstein to facilitate a sex trafficking making cables on the joins us live from new york so she's been
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moved what's the latest on that. yeah it's certainly a far cry from the rich and glamorous life they deal in maxwell was used to leading but her current home now at least for the foreseeable future is in the metropolitan detention center in brooklyn it's a big federal prison that holds about $1500.00 inmates both men and women that are facing all sorts of various crimes and serving sentences for all sorts of a range of things maxwell will be there for the forseeable future after being moved as you mentioned from new hampshire where after more than a year of searching for her and essentially in hiding she was arrested by the f.b.i. last thursday in this sprawling home that she bought in new hampshire in a very remote area about an hour and a half north of the city of boston she apparently paid for that home in new hampshire by in cash and under assumed name in order to hide her identity but
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f.b.i. was able to track her down and now she is in in this jail awaiting the next steps in the process here facing 6 federal counts by federal prosecutors too for conspiracy 2 for perjury and one for enticing a minor and transporting minors as young as 14 years old into sex into transfer into another another area for that so she's facing a lot of charges and this case is certainly going to garner quite a bit of attention and what is the next step in terms of the company oppresses that you mentioned. well she'll face a judge at a federal court in manhattan later this week could be as early as thursday maybe friday it will be her arraignment but also will be a bail hearing the prosecutors have already said that they are going to argue very vehemently that her bail should be denied because they say she is
12:37 am
a very strong flight risk prosecutors say she has 3 passports and access to more than $10000000.00 in various bank accounts around the world that are linked to her so prosecutors are going to be arguing that she remain in jail as this process as this legal process goes forward this case going to be watched very closely because you got to remember also that. prince andrew was linked to her there's a photograph of prince andrew with a young woman more than 15 years ago with elaine maxwell in the photograph that led to all sorts of speculation the woman a young woman in the photograph says that the lane maxwell trafficked or that something elaine maxwell denies prince andrew denies any wrongdoing as well but certainly if this case goes to trial there's going to be a lot at stake already prosecutors said on friday of last week they welcome prince
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andrew's cooperation in the investigation and it goes as it goes forward so far they say he has failed to do so gabriel is going to thank you very much. to the dominican republic now a businessman with no government experience has ended 16 years of rule by the center left president elect there has pledged to improve the economy which has been hit hard by the corona virus pandemic by rapido reports. the government of the dominican republic eased coronavirus restrictions on sunday to encourage people to get out and vote in national elections. the dominican republic is the caribbean nation worst affected by the pandemic special voting schedules were adopted to account for elderly voters considered more at risk during the outbreak when it was i hope that in this election's the candidate loses is a good looser and the one who select that knows that he was the people who chose not so he can benefit but he nordic to work for the people on. sundays national
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elections were the 2nd since 1904 were to elect a president vice president both chambers of congress and representatives to the central american parliament to the minister of public is leaving now i'm unique and i have to say that we are witnessing a major shift in the political parties over into the meaning congress where one party has only needed or the last 24 years their local elations the smarts. that scales in favor of them or their revolutionary party or b r. presidential candidate luis i.v. now that nominee for the modern revolutionary party was ahead in the polls in the lead up to sunday's elections. having secured more than 50 percent of the vote 52 year old you know that was announced president elect of the dominican republic and
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rigged up a little al-jazeera. and iraqi analyst who is a leading expert on eisel and other groups has been shot dead in baghdad he was repeatedly shot at close range by gunmen on motorcycles outside his home he died of his wounds in hospital weeks before his killing me said he feared he was being targeted by armed groups backed by iran. a ship carrying $180.00 refugees and migrants has docked on the italian island of sicily those onboard the ocean viking were picked up after fleeing libya and attempting the dangerous crossing to europe be transferred to an italian ferry where they'll spend 14 days in quarantine the migrants have been on the ocean biking for more than a week the charity had to declare a state of emergency on friday after one migrant tried to hang himself and others threw themselves overboard. the british government is offering a $2000000000.00 lifeline to save the arts and culture sector thousands of people
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have lost their incomes while theaters museums and music venues remained empty during the corona virus outbreak the government says the support package will save what it calls the crown jewels of the u.k.'s art industry but can't protect every job or a challenge reports from london's west end. what is a theatre without an audience or a gallery with no art lovers nothing more than expensive real estate with high bills and 0 income for weeks the u.k.'s arts and culture industry has been begging for government help saying that it is music venues galleries and museums shuttered by covert 19 might never reopen late on sunday nights the government's responded. one the half 1000000000 pounds is the world beating pattern has ever been anything of this scale in the u.k. for culture and indeed globally we have to accept that we won't be able to say absolutely everyone but we try we will try to stretch as far as we can the
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announcement of $2000000000.00 in grants and loans has been met with gasps of relief this small theater in london's west end would have been 4 plays into its season by now count robie is deputy director she says if the german street theater sees some of the money it could start filling seats again early next year but that's far from clear yet obviously it's brilliant at this money has be this package has been announced but there are huge questions about how that will then be spread between all of the different industries that work in the arts so you've got theatres museums galleries music venues artists themselves how they were going to individually be disposed chosen or selected for how much what the money will do is give venues that receive it a lifeline cove it has changed how many people can be squeezed into often quite cramped spaces and that has huge and perhaps long term implications for places that rely on crowds most theaters have to fill at least 2 thirds of their seats just to
12:43 am
stay afloat but in a socially distance world they may have to keep 2 thirds of their seats empty to operate safely so despite this government lifeline big questions remain about the future of the industry or italians al-jazeera london. there's good news elsewhere in europe too as the world's most visited museum opened its doors again the new high in paris and to the mona lisa had been shut for nearly 4 months directors say the closure has cost about $45000000.00 in lost ticket sales visitors now have to wear face masks and only allowed to visit in limited numbers around a 3rd of the museum is still wrote off because social distancing there is more difficult. millions of afghans aren't able to see their country's cultural treasures precious items like some of the world's earliest statues of buddha can only be seen in major museums now afghan teaches and joined forces with historians
12:44 am
at the university of chicago to make the engine more accessible john hendren explains. under the taliban this would have been unthinkable bringing pre islamic art to students boys and girls across afghanistan. that we feel like we're inside the national museum and watching all of the history our country has 5000 years of history we knew about it but we did not see them close up in conflict ravaged afghanistan travel can be prohibitively expensive often dangerous sometimes impossible so in an extraordinary collaboration with the u.s. state department the university of chicago's oriental institute has crafted 3 d. replicas of the historic treasures of the national museum of afghanistan in kabul afghanistan is one of the richest areas in the world for the history of the development of civilization and this very rich heritage has been threatened over
12:45 am
the last 30 or 40 years by constant warfare that has devastated not only the country and its people but also the cultural heritage the history that defines what that country is. now halfway around the globe a mobile museum is taking replicas of afghanistan's cultural heritage on tour let you go to the doctor i saw all these specimens only in bucks but today we saw them right here this creature is called a little too it's stood outside the assyrian palace of king sargon in what is now northern iraq around $700.00 b.c. it has the body of a bull the wings of an eagle and the wisdom of man and for that reason it's just the kind of graven image the groups like i still have destroy sac religious the goal of the museum is to preserve endangered art like this and in afghanistan where many people can't come to the museum to bring the museum to them. and the project
12:46 am
is one part education one part cultural preservation to end the kind of efforts to erase known islamic cultural heritage that occurred when the taliban blew up these massive xix century buddhist figures that by me are. the facts of happened in the villages because of the lack of knowledge about the importance of these heady days . with the taliban actively seeking a return to power the replicas recreated in the university of chicago lab or also insurance that whatever happens to the original objects of art crafted on afghan soil the country's historical artifacts will not be erased john hendren al-jazeera chicago the oscar winning italian film composer and no money cohen a has died aged $91.00 in a career spanning several decades he produced original scores for more than $400.00 films he was best known for redefining the soundtrack for western films including
12:47 am
the good the bad and the ugly toric i can be expected as i. you don't need to be a fan of classic westerns to recognize music composed by an earmark hany. is collaboration with director says she and yanni on so-called spaghetti westerns such as the good the bad and the ugly and a fistful of dollars helped define a cinematic era numbers can no longer. i don't describe images with my music when there is an important movie it's key that the music sees what isn't sid and what you cannot see. until the 1960 s. film schools were on a seemingly designed to go almost unnoticed that morricone changed that and unusually for a composer became a star. what more can essentially kind of. mid sixty's almost
12:48 am
exactly get he famous to get us to soundtracks is that i thank you much more prominent role. than are almost pop music the italian composer was on it by hollywood with an oscar for lifetime achievement in 2007 then 9 years later he won the academy award for best original score for director quentin tarantino's west and the hateful 8 it was a job more kone originally turned down until 10000 allowed him to break with the style of music he'd written for westerns in the past. this is something amazing unexpected because really in my type of work you don't think of the positive or negative consequences in general there aren't native ones but sometimes they can also be negative consequences there it is the film doesn't succeed or people don't like the music but this time everything went well thank goodness i'm happy amazed. marconi with
12:49 am
a. pearl if it can pose a not just in terms of the number of films he was gone but the diversity of genres it's a measure of his success there's some of his school with the even more famous than the films he wrote them for. still ahead this news out of 5 a side football for a pandemic we'll tell you about a new it socially distance game in argentina that's what lee in a minute. or
12:50 am
12:51 am
my fear is here with those 44 and thank you very much but wallace the man who has helped change the face of nascar in recent times has today been the subject of sudden fierce criticism on twitter from u.s. president donald trump well this is the only black driver in nascar and he became the center of attention a couple of weeks ago when he found his team found what i thought was a noose hanging in their carriage and the f.b.i. ruled out any sinister motive after finding it had been used as a door pole since last year but the bronx initial discovery saw fellow drivers rally around wallace in solidarity pushing his collar to the front of the grid for the rice nascar's also banned the confederate flag from races to show support for the black lives matter of humans but now the u.s. president has won why you did he tweeted has bubba wallace apologized to all those great nascar drivers and officials who came to reside stood by his side and were
12:52 am
willing to sacrifice everything for him ariza find out that the whole thing was just another hoax that and flag decision has caused lowest ratings ever or contrary to that statement al-jazeera has heard from fox sports and they say viewing figures for nascar on their networks is actually up 8 percent since returning to my after its coronavirus shutdown and trump's tweets about wallace were brought up on several occasions in today's white house briefing. why shouldn't mr wallace have to apologize for that when his whole team and all these colleagues came around him just sort of and that's the best of america is coming around when the media alleged a hate crime i'm coming around and supporting the wallace as i they should have done any better is how loving nascar fans are i am the fellow drivers but i think it's important that we point out the fact that there was no hate crime the f.b.i. concluded that timing the president trump was merely saying that mr wallace should agree with that consensus yes mary he said mario yes that's what we're trying to
12:53 am
ask you your way is why should i you know probably. i'm not going to answer the question is that. while this outburst by trump has shades of his attacks on n.f.l. protocol accompanied familial injuring the national anthem he was protesting police brutality and beisel inequality and he's been shunned by n.f.l. team since 2016 but company cars today announced a production deal with disney the 1st project will be a docu series telling the story of his journey from a quarterback to activist this partnership would also provide a path forward to showcase the work of minority directors and produces the current star quarterback patrick signboards reported to be the richest in f.l. deal in history he's agreed to a 10 year extension at the kansas city chiefs keeping him there when till 2031 dots estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of $427000000.00 at least holmes is just 24 years old and he was the n.f.l.'s most valuable player in $28.00 team and
12:54 am
guided the change to a super bowl championship last year he statistically on track to become the best quarterback ever. 23 and i have tested positive for corona virus while in training just a day off of the league of players association agreed protocols to keep teams sayf when the season regimes the promise to restart the season in late july early august with the team's biased in 2 cities in canada players and stuff that we tell. for the virus on a daily basis the players are not obliged to take proper must inform the league by tuesday if they wish to opt out i challenge the situation for the n.b.a. teams who were hired to head to the disney facilities in florida where they seized in a protected environment the milwaukee bucks closed their practice facility on monday after an online player tested positive for carnivores the n.b.a. said last week that a total of 25 players and 10 staff members had tested positive for hiv 19 since june 23 when testing began and in my jelly baseball to another milwaukee same
12:55 am
affected 2 brewers players have tested positive for corona virus without both i symptomatic and the 2 teams in the world series finals the washington nationals and who's the national who's both cancelled monday's team workout because of covert 19 testing delights golf tournaments continue to go ahead in america but spectators will not return yet the p.g.a. tour will say next week's memorial tournament in ohio will be held without fans despite plans for to be the 1st to allow the public a boston to chandeliers that is winnable that's all he says is impressive victory in detroit on sunday is due to a change in his lifestyle during the coronavirus shutdown was 36 year old put on about 9 kilos of mostly muscle in the break and that's helped him improve his power and distance it's a little emotional for me because i did do something a little different changed my body changed my. mind in the game and i was able to
12:56 am
accomplish when applying a completely different style and often it's pretty amazing to see that and i hope it's an inspiration to a lot of people that if they set their mind to it you can accomplish it. paralympic gold medalist aleksandar he has undergone more surgery after his hand bike crash last month the italian has had another 5 hours of surgery to rebuild his face is the 3rd major operation since he crashed into an oncoming truck on june 19th some of the remains in a medically induced coma. to vent or decreased its joining the fractures caused by the accident were extremely complex and this required an accurate 3 dimensional digital computer as technology at the facial reconstruction that was custom made that is made to measure for the patient although this is a type of fracture that we deal with routinely the complexity of the case was fairly unique i'm finally football fans in argentina do you have an i can to get
12:57 am
back on the pitch including inventing a new sport they've turned their local 5 a side pitch into a human foosball table by marking out rectangular zones each player must stay within their box to help maintain social distancing during the pandemic which as it turns out is not that easy and no tackling is allowed bartz. bit of invention i like but it is very much lee thank you. that is a health is wealth and one man in india has taken that very seriously during the current virus pandemic shango core her days says he paid nearly $4000.00 for a pure gold face mask to protect him from infection and the businessman says the precious metal covering weighs around 50 grams and has small punctures to allow him to breathe. that's epa miller intended for this news out on the back of a member of another full roundup of the day's news thanks very much for watching back now.
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we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always shipped the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us if trade ivory is legal or not then we have a place we can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ivory from entering the network take note on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences kinds of malaria thousands of cultures across the wound so no matter how you take a al-jazeera bringing you the news and current affairs that matter team. down to 0. they signed up for a luxury cruise but some would never come. along the line i want to investigate some new zealand's deadly vocal you know irruption on al-jazeera. our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of every time i travel there whether it's east or west africa people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate our coverage and our focus is not just on their suffering but also on the more uplifting and inspiring stories people trust are just here to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of.
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the earth. we will not repeal the way you cannot set foot in this country i will seize your block ridgeville gotten gains if you try britain targets saudis over the death of jamal khashoggi as it puts human rights abuses in the crosshairs of its 1st unilateral sanctions after bricks it. on our intake of this is live from london also coming up india now has the world's 3rd highest number of corona virus infections the confirm total now is 700000 of them.


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