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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2020 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines the man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna at this time. was try to do is taken steps to suspend their extradition agreement. china threatens action against the strayer for its response to hong kong's new security law crackdown on the freedom. i'm sam is a band this is just there are live from doha also coming up. a 2nd night of protest in serbia as capital gains to reinforce it in a crowd of virus emergency restrictions. political upheaval in ivory coast the
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prime minister dies during a cabinet meeting months before he was due to run for president. support for scottish independence prove all of the grown a virus response and disapproval of bragg's it boosts nationalist demands a split from the u.k. . now china is threatening to take action against australia prime minister scott morrison earlier announced a series of measures in response to hong kong's new security law the australian government is suspending its extradition treaty with hong kong it will also extend visas for hong kong residents in the country china imposed the new security law last week it gives police sweeping new powers and punish is a range of crimes including criticizing the government. our government together
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with other governments around the world have been very consistent in expressing our concerns about the imposition of the national security law on hong kong and today we have agreed to announce that that national security law constitutes a fundamental change of circumstances in respect to our extradition agreement with aung hong kong katrina you is standing by for us in beijing for more on china's reaction but 1st let's go to make a gauge in sydney so next this is a significant and potentially costly move by australia against its top trading partner right. yeah this was always going to infuriate china who is accusing astray in meddling in its own internal affairs but a strong leader has essentially said to its biggest trading partner that it doesn't believe that its residents safe there this is pretty much the most
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a significant auto diplomatically heated immigration decision since then prime minister bob hawke decided to help chinese students after the 1989 tiananmen square massacre where 40000 students sought asylum in a stradley a but of course many business people in australia watching to say what happens next as i say china is a strategy as biggest trade partner and ever since a strike announced that it wanted to see an inquiry into the origins of coronavirus . beijing has set out to. many different trade disputes here there's been a huge on the agricultural sector where you have say some beef imports and as well as massive tariffs placed on bali imports beijing has also told its citizens not to
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travel all study in a strategy or of course we have a pandemic at the moment they can't travel here but a war of words really has ensued and in the hours before this announcement was made the stradley in government looked at its travel advice to hong kong and told its residents that they could be placed in detention or there was a higher risk of being locked up in detention in hong kong as excavates and because of these new national security laws so many people are nervous about what is to come here because of course that will come as a cost but scott morrison the prime minister has said this was the only option because of these new security laws and what it means for hong kong and mainland china authorities they're also giving some concessions how's it going to be for people to access.
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right now this announcement looks to only be focused on the $10000.00 students and skilled workers who are already in australia so for those hong kong people already in australia they will be eligible to extend their visa by up to 5 years with the potential of then becoming permanent residents the other interesting part here is that the government said it would be putting incentives in place to entice businesses already set up in hong kong who want to leave to come to a stray we're in with that there would be visas in place to make sure staff can come over and those staff members could eventually gain permanent residency as well so noisy doubt this has infuriated beijing who has come out strongly saying that a strong leader is quite hypocritical a strong leader has previously blamed or accused beijing of meddling in its own
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politics well china saying that it's doing the same right now right thanks so much . katrina you she joins us now live from beijing beijing not very happy about the moves being made by australia will the strong will the reaction go beyond strong words though it can quite possibly sammo we know that as a developed country australia is the more of the more strong alliance on china economically and certainly beijing is angry enough to pursue actions as niccolo mentioned we had very strong words from china's foreign ministry earlier essential you saying that china will not take this lying down they also reflected some of the strong language used earlier from a statement by the chinese embassy in australia saying that these accusations and these measures were groundless let's take a listen to what. the spokesperson at china's foreign ministry had to say about this earlier. yeah don't wait for. the comments images from the australian side
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constitute grave violations of international law and basic international relations as well as gross interference in chinese domestic affairs will not work on china we condemn the comments and reserve the right to take further actions in response or consequences will be blown by the australian side now. quite a strong threat from beijing there we don't know exactly what this action could be so far jolly jen went on to mention chinese students studying in australia nicholas i mention that as well he said that chinese students should undertake risk assessments before travelling a stretch to a straight because of potential racist attacks now this is a pressure point because 1st really are the education sector makes about a 3rd of its revenue from chinese students he then also went on to mention the australian think tank the australian strategic policy institute saying that it has sneered china over various papers pertaining to cyber attacks chinese interference
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in politics and universities and we have this global time sick media newspaper saying that china could sue this australian think tank for a lie bell don't know exactly how it might pursue that could be rhetoric but again china could also just pull these trade levers exports a lot of wind a lot of dairy a lot of beef and we did here as nicholas said in may it actually suspended imports of australian beef from 4 different other twas it didn't say the reason was related to australia a political reason australia at the time was pushing for an independent inquiry into corporate 19 china simply said that this was because of compliance issues so going forward there could be various moves that china could make certainly for the chinese government its politics and economics are not separate it's politics relationship and trust 1st before you can talk business so we could easily see beijing and making counter move against australia because of this i will be
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watching for that thanks so much contribute you. and serbia's government is set to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president said a weekend curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of the pandemic alexei o'brien reports. hurling rocks flares and insults at the government protesters gathered 1st 2nd night across the serbian capital belgrade. security forces best outside parliament came to avoid a repeat of tuesday's chaos when some protesters managed to storm the building. but the tensions remain high with more tear gas from police some in the crowd intent on forcing their way inside again. there's an accumulation of dissatisfaction the majority of people here don't have exact demands that most of
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them feel in just as protesters blame president alexander for a sudden spike in coronavirus dates and infections after it lifted a strict lockdown just weeks before last month's elections demonstrations began on tuesday when voter to an ounce the restrictions would be coming back to de lay said he said he had advised the government not to introduce a curfew but refused to take responsibility for the outcry. is on the political rally was well organized a part of our security services on the performed and was saying there was an involvement of various not only criminal groups but also international intelligence services. the churches ask people to stop attending anti-government rallies to avoid spreading the virus warning there were no beds left in the hospitals. one of them initial problem over i don't have a problem with these measures but i do have
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a problem with ending them because of the elections and then reimposing them. the nation the south some in the crowd chanted. the church is a thing. and that the money spent on the elections should have been invested in hospitals especially during a pandemic of the sydney. rostov our government to simply looking after its own interests the people are just collateral damage. 2 weeks after his passing a surprise victory in the parliamentary elections is now facing widespread anger and is calls for calm had phoolan on deaf ears. on al-jazeera ivory coast is facing political uncertainty after the sudden death of the prime minister 61 year old. collapsed during a cabinet meeting just 3 months before he was supposed to run for president reports
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moments before his death prime minister ahmed who gone could be appeared upbeat as he entered a cabinet meeting chosen by the ruling party as its presidential candidate he just tweeted to have a vision is not about church and political gains but careful planning for decades to come but inside the meeting he suffered a coughing fit collapsed and died no official cause has been given but he suspected of having suffered a heart attack last thursday he was welcomed home by president ouattara after spending 2 months in france for medical treatment over his heart condition the 61 year old was what he has chosen successor. i'm back to take my place alongside the president to continue the work of development and construction of our country the ivory coast. in address to the nation what are described as his younger brother his son. with the death of. ivory
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coast loses a mugging for the youth an example of competence and persistence. after the tribute will come the political fighting his death creates a political vacuum with many eager to take his place and become the ruling party's candidate for october's presidential elections. the president's spokesman. and defense minister. favorites while the country's economy back on track critics accuse him of failing to address the deep grievances that led to the 2011 civil war 3000 people died after former president refused to concede defeat to ouattara. whoever replaces coulibaly will have to put up a strong campaign against experience rivals including opposition leader oh he could all be a former president with elections just 4 months away the sudden death of puts ivory coast into a period of political uncertainty because hawk al jazeera. still ahead on
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al-jazeera. the conflict this ends with a new face foreign interference reaching and president levels a worrying time in libya's war why the u.n. chief is calling for urgent action on the cease fire and. the fallout grows for colombia's military over a gang rape that sparked national outrage. and oh there are plenty. of indonesia lots of activity and also as the take you across the philippines also bright flashes in the catering some pretty strong thunderstorms out across the west the same plenty of rain as well across into mammal that will continue goes all part and parcel of the monsoon rains and then thunderstorms across malaysia as this double rainbow will testify through friday
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more rain across some of the peninsula heavy at times looked about across similar to want to shine and thunderstorms but really the bulk of the rains across borneo so se and very widespread throughout much of the philippines and then through saturday is a similar story the rains are generally further to the east but recall some clearer spells across areas of borneo and also sunny south into much of java i mean well across until straightly a new zealand it's very cold across new zealand some strong winds it's going to be a cloudy day certainly on friday but again feeling a little bit cooler with those winds and then the rain really developing across much of new south wales some heavy downpours also as you can see the southern areas of queensland and the system working its way across the great bite that spring in the shadows some fairly gusty winds at times it's clear for the next couple of days into perth you can see there's another front beginning to work its way closer to land and then really on south of it is just widespread scott achaz really from south australia right the way across to new south wales and queensland.
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but. a secret mass grave in arlon discovered at an institution run by catholic nuns is. a nation in shock to its core. people in power investigates a scandal but destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state's. arlen's mother and baby scandal. on a. new or the world heard or the world. welcome back you're watching out this year a time to recap our headlines now china is threatening action against australia for
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its reaction to hong kong's new security law australia is offering a path to permanent residency for hong kong people and suspending its extradition extradition treaty with the territory. serbia's government is set to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president said the weekend curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of. the ivory coast prime minister has died after collapsing during a cabinet meeting amadou diallo was due to run for president in 3 months time. rising tensions within the ruling coalition of the democratic republic of congo are threatening to bring down the government supporters of rival factions are rallying in the capital kinshasa the latest protests are over a controversial appointment to the electoral commission of an official accused of
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rigging elections. catherine soy is following the story from nairobi joins us live from there so how 1st of all how the protest shaping up. was this. hundreds of supporters from both sides of the ruling coalition are on the streets you d.p.s. this is the party of president felix to see his supporters in the hundreds we're being told there outside the headquarters saying they are preparing to march in the coming hour or so they say they are open to the nomination of this electoral president they say that this nomination down by parliament was not in consultation of the end tire ruling coalition it was. not done by consensus as well they wanted to see that on the other hand supporters of p.p.r. day this is the party of former president joseph kabila also outside their headquarters also preparing to march in support of this nomination they say it was
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fair play but it's also important to note that the parliament is controlled by members of parliament from the former ruling party as you see this is a correlation s.e.c. that is led by joseph kabila so people critics and supporters of the u.d.p. you d.p.s. party saying that this president of the electoral commission who has been nominated could easily be influenced by that side of the choir lieschen so we expect a little bit of confrontation because both of these protests have not been authorized by the local government because of coronavirus so we've seen a huge security presence on the streets of kinshasa the copy told with police protecting key institutions like parliament. the tensions like you mentioned very very high and it's. how vulnerable is the ruling coalition looking right now given
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what's going on in the pictures we're looking at the streets. why extremely vulnerable and this is not a new thing within this tensions between the factions in the ruling coalition we've seen this tension over the last couple of months and just to give you some context this is a qualification people i've been talking to are saying that this is really a quality of the necessity because when president xi sic headed to go over the leadership of the country he was in a very weak position because he had no control over parliament had no numbers in the senate he had no numbers in the provinces as well when it comes to governance all this institutions were controlled by the former rule. party led by prayer former president bill or so this listen had to be made so that presidential security can at least run the country but critics of this quote listen and also supporters of president to take
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a decision that this question is not equality and fair they say that the side of the president to seek a d. really is very weak is in a very weak position because it does not have numbers they say that former president kabila seems to be very much in control all the city ways and things have to be done in consultation with people also saying that the other that side of the qualities and the f.c.c. side of the choir listen basically calling the shots so they want to see that change we've also seen president could be trying to assert his authority but he is in a very difficult position indeed all right thanks so much catherine soy. the u.n. is warning of unprecedented levels of foreign interference in libya turning. both sides and the countries that bank to end the fighting and agree on a cease fire diplomatic editor james space as more u.n.
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headquarters new york. 2020 was the year the u.n. and the international community said they would bring peace to libya instead violence has intensified with repeated war crimes mass graves and civilian casualties there are new risks as well as opportunities for peace now that general have to forces have been pushed all the way to sirte. on our side in. the. foreign interference reaching level including in the delivery of sophisticated equipment and the number of mercenaries involved in the fighting. germany has been leading international efforts in january it pulled together key players at a conference in perl in germany now has the presidency of both the e.u. and of the un security council its foreign minister was blunt some of the countries
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who signed up to the berlin communique 6 months ago have been undermining it ever since with their actions foreign interference in may and the main driver of the conflict in libya it must be approach to an end that mean it's no more plane it's no more tanks no more trucks or cargo ships full of weapons and no more lights so will those directly involved in libya now back down representatives of russia egypt and the united arab emirates said they support the u.n. position even though they're widely believed to back general have to militarily france has a growing strategic partnership with the u.a.e. and was strongly critical of fellow nato member turkey the main supporter of the government of national called the problem is this reporter's of general haftar know he's now in
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a much weakened position and they may want to bolster his military standing before any negotiations on the other side supporters of the government of national accord no battle with haftar in sirte would be very bloody but after that there be an open road to the part of libya where much of the country's oil infrastructure is based james bays al jazeera at the united nations. it's a crime that sparked outrage in colombia the gang rape of an indigenous girl by soldiers as colombia struggles to recover from decades of conflict last month attackers turned the spotlight on the military's record of sexual violence and human rights abuses. reports from the capital bogota. there was shock in colombia when the 7 soldiers admitted kidnapping and raping an 11 year old indigenous girl 2 weeks ago. protests broke out outside a number of army bases across the country demanding justice as more abuse cases
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came to light. the usually reticent armed forces publicly admitted that since 2016 at least $100.00 the incidents of sexual violence against minors have been or still are being investigated. while 45 soldiers have been sacked another 75 remain active despite evidence against them. as. the military forces and its institutions should be protecting our rights not violating them if those who are supposed to protect our territories are abusing and threaten us what can we expect by the rest even wars when we see there's a level of silence by the institutions trying to keep these cases invisible. indigenous communities have long been vulnerable to sexual violence by both legal and illegal armed forces in the country's internal conflict and the signing of a peace deal with fart rebels in 2016 hasn't stopped the crimes as pressure mounted
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the head of the army announced that another 31 soldiers were going to be discharged but insisted that it had never tried to protect the soldiers implicated. no colombian soldier is trained within the institution to attack the human rights of boys girls or adolescents. it has been a particularly bad year for colombian armed forces as a number of scandals have affected its image from accusations of illegals trying to the possible return of extrajudicial killings that for many here was sexual violence cases that were truly the last straw a new poll shows on them precedented fall in support from 85 percent to 48 percent in less than 6 months it was monk. who led an investigation uncovering one of the abuses says that while military scandals are nothing new to the men's for justice
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show colombian society is changing. since we used to have a major internal conflict society forgive the military because there was a big enemy the father. but there is no fact anymore and society is not willing to forgive anymore and these scandals likely mean this time reform of the armed forces will be inevitable. for those affected by the violence real reform can come soon enough. and just. support for scottish independence is higher than it's ever been it's being attributed to success in controlling coronavirus compared to england and the overwhelming hostility to bragg's it lawrence from scotland. burt has been dreaming of scottish independence for as long as he can remember he regards the english establishment as imperialists who stamped all over scotland just as they did the colonies the fact that the independence campaign narrowly lost the referendum 6 years ago doesn't matter to
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him because he believes his day is still coming the us people who are still there they're still as strong as the where the people that were marching the people that march in march he's in glasgow and edinburgh and all over and they're still there you know they haven't given up but and they want births lives in dunn t. the heartland of independents support for leaving the u.k. and going it alone polls around 65 percent here now it's going in that direction everywhere else as well trust in the scottish 1st minister nicolas sturgeon has rocketed since she appeared to be in control of the virus response in edinburgh while the government in london is widely regarded as chaotic and incompetent add to that the outright hostility in scotland's a brick sits and has a lot of good news for scottish nationalists they have obviously recognise that the u.k. government have been so inept and their handling that i think it has persuaded
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a lot of people who perhaps were not supporters of independence that we cannot chile manage to interfere is better and i think when you look at how nicholas start in the scottish government of handle the pandemic it's a big contrast to boris johnson and you keep government the question increasingly being asked here is how big a lead to the nationalists have to have before it becomes impossible for london to refuse another referendum on independence the extraordinary collision of the pandemic response and brics states have combined to put support for scottish independence across the country surrounds 54 percent and there's not even any independence campaigning going on the view among scottish nationalists is that the government in london is doing a very good job on their behalf. if they haven't given up on another referendum they haven't given up on blocking bret's it for scotland either next week will see the launch of a new campaign here to keep scotland in europe just a few months ago was unconscionable for the u.k.
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to leave without a deal now the tory government seems to be talking about. we can't have that actually so it hasn't voted for it scotland is firmly pro e.u. country and so yes we should be campaigning and campaigning hard to ensure we're back in europe the scottish government has refused to rule out closing its borders with england if it eliminates the virus but england doesn't there's a power struggle going on at the moment scotland is gaining the upper hand largely al-jazeera in scotland. and let's take you through the headlines here now disappear and now china is threatening action against australia for its reaction to a new security law in hong kong australia is offering a path to permanent residency for hong kong people it's also suspending its extradition treaty with the territory china imposed a new security law last week. the comments images from the australian
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side constitute grave violations of international law and basic international relations as well as gross interference in chinese domestic affairs not work on china we condemn the comments reserve the right to take further actions in response all consequences will be borne by the australian side. serbia's government is expected to announce new coronavirus restrictions after the president's weekend curfew may not go ahead thousands of people protested across belgrade for a 2nd night over the government's handling of the pandemic the country has seen a surge in new cases after restrictions were eased in june. the ivory coast prime minister has died after collapsing during a cabinet meeting i'm a due gone coulibaly was due to run for president in 3 months time rising tensions within the ruling coalition of the democratic republic of congo are threatening to bring down the government supporters of rival factions are rallying
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in the capital kinshasa the latest protests are over a controversial appointment to the electoral commission of an official accused of rigging past elections the u.n. secretary general is warning of unprecedented levels of foreign interference in libya so they were terrors is urging warring parties and their international backers to end the political stalemate and agree to a cease fire japan's government won't be reinstating a state of emergency in tokyo despite the daily spike of 220 carone of infections doctors are struggling to slow the resurgence of cases. the headlines the news continues off the people in power. a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
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a looming election to join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. 6 years ago and on and a secret mass grave for babies was discovered near a home for unmarried pregnant women in an institution run by roman catholic nuns to find set off a scandal that has raced deeply disturbing questions about the fate of thousands of women and children and the relationship between the catholic church and the irish state in a special 2 parts investigation correspondent lawrence lee has been in search of answers.


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