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religion this is a politics. an unholy alliance on all jews here. al-jazeera . alone can be held this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. journalists from al-jazeera is one hour one east questioned by relation police over a documentary focusing on the treatment of migrants during the pandemic. a reduced sentence for south korea's former president good pay will now spend 22 years in
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prison for corruption. a sudden rise in corona virus infections in sri lanka leads to health care workers rushing to contain any further outbreaks. and an al-jazeera investigation delves into facebook's handling of racist hate speech on mali. and its for a 2nd seems pulled out of major league soccer's comeback torments nashville withdraw after a high number of bad players test positive for corona virus. al-jazeera programme makers are being questioned by police in malaysia about the documentary on migrant workers being locked up during the covert 19 locked out police say they're investigating the programme for sedition defamation violation of the communications and multimedia act there has responded with a statement calling on the malaysian authorities to respect media freedom and
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desist from treating its journalists as criminals says it has serious concerns. developments that have occurred in malaysia since the broadcast of its one o one east investigative documentary locked up in malaysia's lockdown on july 3rd a documentary investigated why the covert 1000 pandemic is forcing migrant workers into hiding the government put some areas of quite alone poor with high infection rates under lockdown with people tested in some fingerprinted foreign is without valid documents were arrested malaysian officials and state television have criticised the report is being inaccurate misleading and unfair there is attempts to interview government ministers and officials during production where declined staff have experience of staying and online harassment since the broadcast went to an east is in asia pacific current affairs program that has won numerous international awards. one of the lawyers representing the al-jazeera staff members spoke as the team entered the police station denying the accusations. and see that
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. you're not. malaysia's top policeman spoke to the media a few hours ago dismissed concerns of the journalists being treated unfairly he was asked whether the stuff were free to go. we think that will. be the complete yes but at the moment. is there a need for them to leave the country yet it would be a good thing. we checked with the us. if you will decide you know met a few this in. any case to be charge but i don't think there is a. lot of call. to be afraid i'm not going to intimidate i'm not going to allow anyone to harm the
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course or to instigate the harmed piece piece b. b. b. b. b. b. b. professional body. still allowed or access to the best lawyers or whatever it. decides the other way. human rights watch has called on the malaysian government to stop treating criticism as a crime and repeal laws used to limit speech in a statement the deputy director for asia said malaysia's. nasional government is increasingly responding to public criticism by carrying out abusive investigations on specious charges prime minister. should recognize that everyone has a right to criticize their government without fear of investigation or prosecution well joining us now in one of our separate studios is the managing director of al-jazeera english channel giles travel thank you for your time as always charles
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how concerning the developments that we're seeing in malaysia concerning our colleagues from from one o one east. so we were very concerned the fact is that we felt they did a very fair and balanced program and then for them to be called in by the criminal investigation division of the police and to be summoned to answer questions and for . words like sedition and defamation to be to be used as possible laws to be invoked we are we are very concerned we're concerned on that front and we were also very concerned for the safety of our staff because as well as the summons to the police there was an extreme online reaction which consisted of threats intimidation abuse and even death threats from people on social media which was very concerning as well so we were encouraged by the police the remarks
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of the police chief which you just showed which in which he assured. a shorter the press conference that our journalists would be safe. i guess anyone just has to watch the piece to see you know it's a strong it's an impartial piece of journalism i think we should also talk about the lengths that the team went to to get a government voice on air i mean they include parts of the press conference from which only state media were allowed to attend and i mean reached out for interviews in that they did they reached out to the government and this is standard practice for us as journalists we are professional journalists we abide by a code of ethics and a code of journalism which requires that we need all sides of a story so the team did reach out on a number of occasions to government senior government officials and the authorities in those requests for interviews were made they were either ignored or in some cases declined our right so we the team went to their utmost to get all sides of
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the story including the government side. in order to get the government narrative what they did was to include the. in the film comments and statements made by the defense minister in 2 separate press conferences that he gave so as well as having the narrative and the. the words of the migrant workers and malaysian workers as well as malaysian doctors as well as malaysian humanitarian organizations we needed the government side in the government perspective and so that was included in the film and i must say we remain open to to the government to to come we put out a press release yesterday we have invited the malaysian government to respond to the film and to to you know to answer any questions and we are open our channel is open for the malaysian government response the documentary also acknowledged you know malaysia is pandemic response in terms of containing the spread of the virus
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but the seal was so documented events as they on folded in real time in malaysia and included interviews with migrants both documented and undocumented and you know work or other concern for them now the people who were interviewed as part of this case so yes from what i understand as well as the trolling in the boxing of some of our staff and when i say doc singh what i mean is is using online means to try and find personal details and then publish them publicly i believe this is also happening to some of the characters who in the film some who spoke anonymously and it's a great concern and one human rights group has called it a witch hunt you know that these individuals the photographs of pictures of them have been shown in the streets posted online and it does seem that there is a. sort of atmosphere online to try and get information on these
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people and expose them and to find out where they are which of course is not just online but has very real offline. risks to it because you never know where all this online abuse and intimidation and threats that have been death threats to our staff you know never know where this might and so we are very concerned for both the staff and for the characters that appeared in the in the documentary will actually be talking to someone from the center for independent journalism in kuala lumpur a little later in the program just finally giles what happens from here well the police the police chief gave his press conference and he said that now that the team have are have been questioned by the police i believe the next stage is that the police report goes to the attorney general in kuala lumpur and we will await the you know the decision or the statement which should come from the attorney general about what the next step is ok thank you that tells chantal they're
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managing director of al-jazeera english thank you. are on the home of holly is the chief executive or chief executive rather and founder of the garland center for health and social policy in kuala lumpur he says the documentary sheds light on many longstanding issues. well these sort of issue shouldn't be sensitive really i think from a humanitarian perspective especially when you're looking at it from a public health angle which is basically to care and to provide care for those who are in need we should be able to look at my coworkers as being part of the population in which we depend on their labor and they depend on us to help in allowing them to generate income for themselves and for the families so definitely this. documentary that you have. broadcast it actually brings to light quite a number of difficult longstanding and unfortunately. uncomfortable
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issues that affect a nation society and that's got to do with xenophobia bigotry and racism and how we look at these issues that in this context and because they're foreign because they're non-national it actually highlights even further how vulnerable people can be when they are forced to confront these issues and unfortunately at this point of time we see that the government has taken this the wrong way. in a way that it has misread we believe. rather than to look at the good aspects of this documentary because policy changes need to happen we have constant michael look at labor and it has yet to happen and it's been that way for decades but you must we emphasize here that. in no way migrant workers if they were positive for cocaine $1000.00 mistreated their health authorities provided the same kind of treatment which was humane compassionate and equal that you would expect for
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a person who is malaysian to be receiving in the health care facilities so when it come when it came to that mine workers were taken care of but what we were concerned about was the implementation of immigration enforcement actions during a public health emergency. philippine politicians are voted against reviewing the license of the country's largest television network effectively taking it off the air permanently the move firms and earlier government order to shut down the a.b.s. c.b.s. the government accuses the network of violating its previous license to do using tax avoidance schemes critics say the closure is a major blow to press freedom of the for the things. i do more to come on the news all including. india appears to lock down its biggest stage again its more than 26000 coronavirus cases are reported one day. talks between rival nations of the balkans resumed late on friday but can the 2 sides of the coming
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years of mistrust. advance for some n.b.a. players heading to florida for the league's restart taking safety precautions to the next level. south korea's former president park geun hye has had her 32 year prison sentence for corruption reduced by 10 years south korea's 1st female president was impeached 3 years ago following widespread protests and convicted of bribery beza lent and abuse of power a correspondent ron mcbride has more now from salt. it is all dates back of course to park here in hays disgraced time in office you remember it became mired in this corruption scandal in 2016 as she was forced out of office early 2017 impeached and then prosecuted through the courts found guilty on
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a whole range of charges of bribery extortion abuse of power and in the original sentencing she was given a very hefty 32 years total for all of these offenses now last year the supreme court here in south korea sent this back to the high court saying it wasn't happy with the way sentencing are being carried out and there was an expectation that she could have faced actually more prison time in fact the prosecution was asking for it to be increased to 35 years well the opposite seems to have happened with the this court and now reducing the total time that she is been sentenced to for all the charges although her scent crimes in office 222 years also reducing the the fine she's meant to pay from $25000000.00 to $15000000.00 in their ruling the high court judges a panel of 3 judges stated that they did not believe that she had gained financially very much from her crimes in office and also taking into account her
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age she is now 68 years of age even if she does serve this reduced 22 years then she would be a very old person by the time she saw freedom again. all schools in hong kong are being coerced to stem a daily increase in covered 1000 infections 42 new cases were reported on thursday most had been transmitted locally many schools have been shot since february because of the outbreak. india's most populous state is set to go back under lockdown as the country deals with a rise in corona virus infections that we can't lock down will begin on friday night more than 1200 new cases were reported in the state of british. india recorded more than 26000 new infections in the past day a record high that is a problem is in new delhi and has this analysis of why top british is going to. certainly the state government admitting like others have that they need to take more action as the number of cases both an oath of predation and india just
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continue to keep rising the state government said that it's going into lockdown from friday night until monday morning to break the chain of transmission that officers and markets will be shot boss is going to be allowed unless they're taking people to train stations because trains and flights will continue now with their positions not the worst affected state but it is the most populous it's home to more than 220000000 people in the government there says that it's going to continue with the awareness campaign india media has 800000 cases now and it had 700008 reached the 700000 mark on tuesday so it's important to remember that the cases of rising as such that it took and something like 56 days to go from 0 reported 210-0000 reported cases nearly 2 months and now it's only taking 4 days to add on another 100000 cases so the government says that it's going to continue
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increasing testing tested nearly 300000 people yesterday and as well as that that it's going to conduct a c. one logical survey around the country to determine the spread of the virus or rather where it's been by testing for antibodies in people. voting is underway in singapore's general election with strict health measures in place by mr lee party is expected to hold on to the election comes just weeks after singapore emerged from a 2 month locked up pen demick and the economy are major concerns for voters. how workers in trying to hold warning of a major crisis because of a sudden increase in corona virus infections and rehabilitation facility is reported to cluster of around $250.00 cases that's 10 percent of all confirmed infections the centers locked down and contact tracing underway after an employee left to go on leave let's get the details now from nelson and as who is in colombo
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they'll just tell us more about the sudden spike. that's right to give i mean for health authorities it's a major concern because after months effectively of could strolling the spread of this virus 10 cases if you go according to the official figures knowledge this seeing a massive sort of a jump in the number of infections the center of these new spike is a drug rehabilitation center in come the full 5 out of the capital colombo obviously done by that we have an edition of bodies now one in met who came into the main prison in colombo when they were looking at his sort of positive test they started tracing back and found that he had spent some time in rehab and that's been the center was subject to a lot of testing 253 positive cases overnight from what we've heard for the
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testing going on now that all around 400 or so we met in that center and that is a kind of a mechanism where people over the last couple of weeks for rehabilitation purposes prisoners who are spending some time in the center for rehab have sort of been turning around from the center so it's a huge sort of an endeavor to try and contact trace everyone each and every person that might have been through that might have caught the virus and taken it around the country one such person was a member of staff having been traced back to another town called not done via that 10 families came into contact with who are in so far as the nation and a lot of concern in that area as well kim thanks to have been nelson and as the live from colombo. protests continue to overnight in serbia the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic it's in defiance of a 10 person limit on gatherings due to the pandemic restrictions were announced
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after 2 nights of fighting between police and protesters of a lockdown midges service president alexander is accusing some protesters of looking to do serious damage. and all this is happening as the leaders of course of o. and serbia are holding their 1st talks in 18 months in a bid to ease tensions between the 2 sides it's being done by video link knesset to be followed by further talks in brussels on sunday because of it appeared independence from serbia in 2008 serbia doesn't recognize it as a country. or smaller speak to do son heard she nikolaevitch live in belgrade so what are the chances of the chances of progress at these talks. well the choice of progress that is the talks in this video conference which i was able to to notice is ended for today well chosen for any progress or small because . those those negotiations or
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a long term deal they started in 2018 when they were they were then stalled because sort of didn't want to negotiate with the with the corso side after course of all the taxes and serbian high taxes and serbian goodson this is the 1st time the sides met there were supposed to meet a norm the 27th of june in washington. with the president donald trump of the president of course of hushing touchable supposed to meet both. president of the of course it was accused of war crimes and then that was postponed so this is the 1st meeting all through 2018 and everybody even president of france manuel mccrone who is one of the negotiators and the german chancellor angela merkel they all said that there could be only achieve small steps so we will see in the following days and months what will happen some of the 1st statements of the 1st video conference from serbian president is that will be an inside game with
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a maximalist thick as he said the monza that is obviously something that is not acceptable for the serbian aside but we will see what will happen in the following days they're supposed to meet again the same way on sunday so small steps i care that will be made i think this meeting itself is also a step ahead because as i said nobody talked to each other since 2000 and. take that update there do some how'd she have in belgrade. england may see an influx of international passenger arrivals with people traveling from 59 countries no longer needing to go into quarantine the compulsory 2 week self isolation has been scrapped for travelers from countries considered reduced risk including spain italy australia and japan the u.s. is not on the list scotland however says it will still quarantine passengers from places with high virus numbers including spain. let's go live not to worry chalons who's standing by for us at london city airport rory so another step i guess
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towards opening up toward some sort of normality for england. yeah that's right city airport you can see behind me and how you measure it but it's basically london's smallest commercial airports has been shut for 3 months pretty much for the duration of the lock down and now it's open again they have 4 flights that are going to be arriving here today the 1st in in a couple of hours time at the moment this is pretty small fry really they're saying that it's encouraging that flights are on again but saying it's small steps the flights that are coming in are all be a city flyer flights they're coming from. in spain from pommy york or in spain from my beater in spain or from florence in italy as the days go on
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they're expected to add more flights to that but they're still saying that you know 5 to 10 percent of normal capacity they're not expecting to be up to 100 percent certainly by the end of the year i think the bigger airports heathrow gatwick cetera might be up and running at something like full capacity quicker than that but this is still early days here i mean let's look back at the way this is all transpired the british governments didn't impose koren seen on people coming in from other countries until a month ago now when they did that there was a huge outcry of protest from the travel industry and from m.p.'s within the conservative party who said that this was a city thing to do this late in the game. essentially at that point when the corn scene was introduced the people the countries that the u.k. was saying had you know people coming from those had to be quarantined in many cases had lower levels of coronavirus than the u.k.
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itself so it was something considered something of a back track when the government. announced a week ago that it was going to be lifting those core unseen measures but yeah we have that in place now if you're coming from say 5960 countries a few more british overseas territories then when you arrive back in england at least you will not have to go into 2 weeks according to you. thank you that update troy chalons there live from london. well time now for the weather has everton was in gaza looking over your well still disappointingly cold and cloud across the northwest of europe came but it will improve as we go on through the weekend so we can get as far as kirk is concerned down in south and you see a fair amount of cloud across northern parts there through the u.k. pushing over towards central parts of europe and this shot line of clout that we have just up towards moscow that made its way through over the last 2448 hours or
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so position some very heavy rain led to a dam bursting washing away a number of houses just to the west of moscow we are looking at things improving though as we go on through the next couple of days brought the skies coming back in behind big still see a fair amount of cloud just around the baltic states pushing right back towards the northwest this area of low pressure that will be the dominant feature as we go on through the next couple of days to the north of that it is cool cloudy with a bit to the south of that it's hot and it's hot and dry for many we're looking at temperatures in warsaw and 0 getting up to around 27 celsius 34 in vienna system makes its way further south it's a nice was vienna falls back to around $22.00 celsius and noticed london there around 20 degrees is a fair amount of rain in this then look at whether there across northern parts of germany spilling out scandinavia right down across the alps continue to drive its way further southwards and a switch as we go through the next couple days with some pockets of heavy rain but look up towards the northwest temperatures improving under that $24.00 by monday
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came not bad at all for london thank you very evident. so to come here on al-jazeera. back in china again the world health organization experts trying to track down how overcrowded a virus pandemic starts is. shutting up shop and shipping clay pottery makers are some of the make trying to survive the virus crisis. and its force the world champion sprinter who accidentally took a short cut during his latest release. a secret mass grave in arlon discovered at an institution run by a catholic nun is. a nation shocked to its core. people in power investigates a scandal but destroyed families cost thousands of lives and still raises profound questions about the ties between the catholic church and the irish state. arlin's
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mother and baby scandal. on a 0. examining the impact of today's headlines i need to go to work because i need to make money risking our lives by going in setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions racially charged social unrest on a scale not seen in decades international filmmakers or moon class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire the carriages but you're here the story your city walk the path on al-jazeera. who are the ones who are getting there or when the whole.
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but you know there are a reminder of our top stories this hour al-jazeera journalists are being questioned by police in malaysia about their documentary about migrant workers being locked up during the covert 19 buchtel the country's police chief says officials are still deciding whether charges will be late there denies allegations that the program is inaccurate misleading or unfair or and is urging media freedom. south korea's former president park geun who has had her 32 year prison sentence for corruption reduced by 10 years south korea's 1st female president was impeached 3 years ago following widespread protests and convicted of bribery embezzlement and abuse of power. the most popular state in india is to be put into a weekend lockdown from friday evening the top british reporter to jump in corona virus infections india now has nearly 800000 cases. more now on our top story on jazeera journalists detained questioned in malaysia and i do is the
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executive director of the center for independent journalism she joins us now from kuala lumpur thank you for your time what was your response to this news that al jazeera journalists are being questioned over this documentary. we can will eventually break him up actually it is already see a spike in that number of cases media was already being either investigator or be charged under center and very repressive laws. may believe that 10 of silencing dissent so instead of and with others here are happened. in addition to view and deeply concerned. let me know how it is that it was completely disproportionate to the government's action. concerning because the immediate reaction that their time gives was to upon the feeling of the documentary was to basically investigate rather than provide
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a rational response of justification in terms of what was being the lack in the documentary in any given society we would have expected that the government even consider it a conducting an independent inquiry to see if there were indeed any possibility of mismanagement or abuse of power but. the incident of the reaction of the spirit is something that is not new or something that bia i mean if you take a step back it's really not surprising because just in the course of the last couple of months we've seen a spike in the strengthening of spaces basically for media especially media independent media especially being denied access to state press conferences they were also being denied access to be there when they were sitting we have so accessible have been granted to state media official media and we have
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also in the last 4 months since the coming to comer of the new regime of the new government we have seen many a tad. incidents of differences. an opinion or incidence of the news that reports were being published that places the government in a very unfavorable light we've seen the government and not to. take immediate action that is really not necessarily very legitimate or necessary or proportionate to any form of undermining. media freedom i believe seeing expenses for. individuals such as from our own media outlets like militia he added to us from. who were now being either investigated or charged really for reasons which are not pulling justifier but. the documentary in question and
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knowledge is as i mentioned earlier malaysia's pandemic response in terms of containing the spread of the virus but the documentary focuses on the experiences of migrant workers during the during the lock down your reporting seeing a spike in hate speech against foreign workers can you tell us about that. so this is the concern what we see the moment the government action is seen as being completely disproportionate it has led to a lot of people basically coming out especially government ministers it's a government coming out strolled strongly against the document but it's also the influence of the propaganda or the flow of disinformation and so that's all the language that's been used to treat or to in order to
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refer to migrants and refugees so giving us really in terms of hate speech and the hate speech it's basically if it's on come to marry national that's a nationalistic language but it's also i mean there are many of them and it's racist and xenophobic and it is leading in certain instances to that and also in a tense a while then it's the rest just. and there are also a few individuals who were interviewed. in this as in the documentary who was identity has been released in the social media platforms. increase the number saying that's happening and the reaction if only because there is a possibility now that there would be kind of a $600.00 in our games migrants are in the case of the state
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even got as far as releasing personal information of a person who was interviewed in the documentary and that release of information is but this that's a big to there's a division because now you you have more people being afraid. because there would be further targeting of. i know this because you know that you know most migrants are taking a great job so maybe and that all of this comes out because of the number of undocumented migrants who are here in malaysia and the issue also often they get it if you asylum seekers and refugees then maybe you can do all the layers of intersectionality and raise and religion and therefore it's created a real sense of fear. and almost in this is all further that's
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a bit of added on by how a lot of these information attacks are also politicized. i mean you can have government and you know agencies basically are heads of. all human government ministers coming out with these kinds of read the design of for bank statements yeah we're going to have to leave it there my apologies it will have to leave it there for time really appreciate your analysis and i do there the executive director of the center for independent journalism we appreciate it. a team from world health organization is making its 3rd trip to china to investigate the origin of the crown of us outbreak it's been 6 months since the 1st infections were documented by the agency and as katrina here reports from beijing doctors there are now busy treating patients a new class to its. in this laboratory in beijing scientists are racing to develop a vaccine to end the pandemic in china and around the world but about 6 months
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since the virus 1st spread from the city of on this team warns that a vaccine is at least a year away. in the past we start. etc now we're doing step a.b. cd at the same time but developing a vaccine in a few months is impossible we have to wait at least until next year for market use that's a best case scenario china's government supports about 20 labs like this one chinese leaders are working to curb the recent resurgence in infections in herb a province in the capital beijing. the government says more than 11000000 people have been tested since the beginning of june more than 300 texans have been confirmed in the capital in recent weeks the latest outbreak in func thai district is linked to the biggest wholesale food market in the capital there have been new local transmissions in recent days the president's remains worried about how the
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break started what is origin of the virus and how the al brain happened recently in beijing most the residents live in fear because they don't know the real story overall health organization team is jews who arrive in china this weekend to investigate the origin of the outbreak the 3rd trip to the country this year the agency was reportedly frustrated by the chinese government's lack of communication with the epidemic 1st came to light china's leaders denied any cover up and are unlikely to take responsibility for the spread of the pandemic instead 2 $1000000000.00 has been put to the w.h.o. and china is also warned millions to so-called mobs to put. china was solved as a virus problem was money china is happy to use this economic tool. rather than taking the responsibility for the pub in beijing large scale gatherings and classes have been indefinitely postponed for everyone living here the return to normality
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is far from straightforward and the fear of infection remains a part of everyday life katrine e.u. al-jazeera beijing. australia is harboring the number of citizens allowed to arrive from overseas since march only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed in prime minister scott morrison says the decision follows a surge of coronavirus cases in the state of victoria at a time when victoria was able to take flights again then obviously the challenges to the system presently caused by the outbreak in victoria would have subsided and that then of course would mean that would be less pressure on the system nationally so until that is under. under control or even beyond that has been under control and the tories are able to take up those. flights again then will be in a restricted to pass city for the forseeable future to more latin american
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politicians have been infected by covert 19 bolivia's interim president janine arnaz was diagnosed and is now in quarantine the head of venezuela's national constituent assembly the orca belo also tested positive earlier this week brazil's president diable sonata went into isolation after he was confirmed to be infected. chile was one of the america's fastest growing economies now 2 and a half 1000000 people are out of work one of the places struggling most is a town known for its production of traditional cooking pots as of sand human reports the residence from the palmyra no longer make enough money to eat. a little hasn't opened his shop for months all the handmade played pottery inside is full of dust including the emblematic piggy banks that he makes some tough as they were over there for saving money and for good luck he says. but today partners
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in this small rural town have neither money nor luck for my use streets and shops used to overflow with visitors but not since april through an element of what i leave my shop open to air out the place so if anyone passes they can take a look old habits are hard to break for generations the people of poor might have made their living from making this type of pottery as emblematic as the chilean corn pies they're served in. but now my day is empty as people's pockets just before lunchtime you suddenly see residents coming out all heading in the same direction to the same place. russia and siena is in charge of the community center that's become paul might is lifeline. for the volunteers at the soup kitchen or out of work porters. we started with 100 meals then 120 every
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day more and more until the day came that we had nothing left to serve so we called the press and asked for help. 2 weeks ago that help started arriving especially from the capital's poor neighborhoods and from the fish fruit and vegetable markets . will serve $500.00 meals part of any brussel welcomes her neighbors as though they're being invited to lunch except that they're all carrying parts to take the food home as many portions as there are in each household. on this day they're treated to a seafood stew with salad and a fruit or marker that there are 4 adults and 4 children in our house we can't afford nappies but thankfully here we get a good meal. it's finally. turned her mother who has difficulty walking has been waiting eagerly for the warm lunch and arkansas and a dog and before we sold enough for all our needs now my father and i have no work
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and i have 2 children. the house is humid and cold because as in most homes the floors are made of dirt. but in good pottery like everyone else's is gathering dust so there's no money for heating this town is one of the feel that is not under obligatory quarantine in fact there are very few people here infected with cold 19 and yet the impact of the pandemic has been devastating so much so that many are very worried that unless the pandemic energy can all make the fed. is quickly like pompei might as we know it will cease to exist. they know they can't depend on charity for ever to fill their empty pockets some are already looking for other ways to make a living even if it means the end of one of chile's most beloved cultural icons you see in human al-jazeera the mighty. the u.n. secretary general is warning the covered 9000 pandemic and that in america and the
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caribbean will plunge millions into poverty and hunger terror says 18000000 people could lose their jobs and that women and indigenous communities will be among the hardest hit daniel that reports from what i said is. for many in latin america the have it caused by the corporate 19 pandemic has only exacerbated already existing problems in the context of already gaping inequalities i levels of informal labor and fragmented health services the most vulnerable populations and individuals are once again being hit the hardest. to tear this is one in the poverty across the region will rise by 7 percent an increase equivalent to 45000000 people extreme poverty is also expected to increase by 28000000 to 230000000 people in other words a massive number i learned on the street with my baby girl 4 months ago at the start of the pandemic your surviving soup kitchen receiving donations just staying
1:45 pm
afloat. and there are many more about to join him the u.n. says the number of unemployed people in the region will also rise an increase of 80000000 to 44000000 in just one year i can bear it there are people who found themselves in the streets because they've lost their jobs they've never been in that situation before they couldn't pay their rents many of these people have worked their whole lives and feel embarrassed to ask for help. the u.n. policy brief says the worst affected will be women since they're more likely to work in the informal sector indigenous communities and those of african descent will also be disproportionately hit and the crisis will exacerbate the vulnerability of migrants and refugees the secretary general is suggesting a number of urgent measures he's calling for greater international support. and major structural changes in the region where the new quality has become untenable
1:46 pm
it means developing comprehensive welfare systems of thought accessible to all it means creating a fair taxation system promoting this of jobs serious thinking environmental sustainability and reinforcing social protection mechanisms. are a huge challenge for the number of deaths and infections continue to rise during which one there are 201 osiris. the united states top military general says there is no place in the armed forces for symbols of racism general mark milley testified about the military's role in the response to the recent unrest triggered by the killing of unarmed black man george floyd he appeared alongside u.s. defense secretary mark esper who faced criticism for using the national guard during the protests as beset use of the guard was the appropriate response. the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a larger area of the state of oklahoma will remain a native american reservation and means that state prosecutors do not have the
1:47 pm
authority to pursue criminal cases against native american defendants their lands include parts of oklahoma as 2nd largest city tulsa the decision is one of the most important legal victories for indigenous and merican in decades. living is un recognized government to set to resume oil exports the national oil company is lifting restrictions imposed for 6 months to reach the blockade by warlord highly for half those fighters it's a signal that the company can once again meet commitments to international buyers that warns that are put will remain low for the foreseeable future due to major damage done to its infrastructure. result of a u.n. security council vote on a deliveries into northwest syria is expected in a few hours the current mandate expires on friday russia has pushed to limit cross border humanitarian supplies but aid agencies are warning of dire consequences for many and of displaced syrians if an agreement has not reached praeger gupta reports
1:48 pm
these need should shelters in italy province bear witness to the staggering human cost of syria's war now and its $10.00 pierre children who weren't born when the fighting began live with their families in one of the many council those displaced not once but many times the adults are mostly out of work nearly 3000000 syrians in the last troubled controlled on klav in the northwest depend on aid to survive their actions about russia's efforts of the un security council to limit vital cross border into every. home in no one. in this plastic tent there's no there's nothing and for the aid they say with this veto it will be cut from the liberated areas for what reason how would you get a kilo of sugar or rice or anything to cook how would you get it. deliveries if united nations humanitarian aid from turkey into north her syria is already
1:49 pm
restricted to 2 crossings russia wants to cut access to just one aid deliveries from iraq in jordan have stopped in shangri because of russian and chinese opposition. what can we syrians expect from russia russia has done nothing but destroy and displace us if it were not for the russian regime the war of russia and iran against us we would not be displaced from this carol. u.n. agencies have been supplying lifesaving food and medicines to displaced syrians for the past 6 years you're in the agency in general it's about 30 percent. saw it's. all the court's order and actions in next time. this year it works then we'll go to the course and we know actually from. our experience with very dream in general they will not. abroad by any kind
1:50 pm
of or with the northwest syria will. it labor pointed its 1st corner virus infection by state aid agencies have warned of the catastrophic consequences of an outbreak in overcrowded camps in a province where 80 hospitals have been damaged in attacks since december. the dari health crisis is coupled with a crippling financial crisis which has left syrian pound nearly worthless and cause prices in shops to soar aid agencies warn that access to border crossings is critical to avoid starvation and disease for millions of syrians crank up the altars here. more elephants have been found dead in botswana as the government's criticised for failing to solve the mystery of what's killing them the national park rescue charity says more than 400 of dice describing it as one of the biggest disasters to affect elephants this century as well as government has confirmed 281
1:51 pm
deaths it's been 2 months since the 1st caucus as was spotted in the world's largest elephant population. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports the troll for the last of the european champions league has just been made and he will be here with that story. for the.
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kind of a thought has andy thank you so much kim of the draw for the quarter finals of the european champions league has just been made french champions parry sound german will take on that alonso with rb leipzig playing outlets occur in madrid at the
1:53 pm
draw isn't finalised as yet with some last 16 tie still to be completed the likes of round madrid barcelona and byron munich still at that stage due to coronavirus the competition will finish with a mini tournament's of knockout games will be held in the portuguese council of lisbon in august and when someone looks at qualify for the next season's champions league despite dropping more points in its league syria on thursday in 2nd seeding awaits equaliser here against helos for owners the game finished in a suit to draw and sit in 4th last final champions league for fun sport due to have a 14 point advantage over a 5th in the table roma. montreal impact head coach terry henri joined players in taking a knee as north america's major league soccer competition continued its comeback all games being played inside a quarantine bubble at the disney world resort in florida but on thursday nashville became the 2nd seems of a lot of that song meant to use a high number of their players tested positive for corona virus one sure beats
1:54 pm
n one milt by the human revolution in this game. and the n.b.a. is to restart its league in the same location some players heading to florida taking precautionary measures to the next level philadelphia 76 is stargirl and bead or a full protective suit before boarding his plane to orlando and has been vocal about the n.b.a.'s restart plan saying he hated the idea and didn't think the competition's quarantine bubble would be safe enough. well some players have already arrived the utah jazz were on colts including the n.b.a.'s patient 0 rudy go bear it was his positive test that shut down the league back in march the games are set to begin later this month with the final scheduled to take place in knots harbor. are 3 goals players who tested positive for corona virus were grouped together in a p.g.a. tournament so heigho nick watney the 1st player in that sort of test positive played alongside their efforts and then he mccarthy all 3 players have continued to
1:55 pm
return positive tests but i've still been given the all clear supply. but it's 10 days from the 1st symptoms or a positive test and that's pretty much the full cycle of the virus if you don't have any symptoms on day 10 and you're perfectly healthy and you're not showing any decline in conditions then you're free to go back to work so. now organizers of the 2022 world cup in cats or have teams up with it's how your club ralitsa keep fans engaged during the coronavirus pandemic life coaching sessions and interviews with star players are being streamed online roma are also involved in the world cup's generation amazing project that's helping to develop sort level facilities and coaching in deprived regions throughout asia africa and south america. it's roma but you know obviously as it is it is an amazing brand that it's a very long and old you know one of you know the biggest clubs and in europe so that's from us it's an advantage to be associated with that with that with
1:56 pm
a strong and we have hosted 2 amazing young very talented players both from the female team and the male team as well we had emily thurst trip a couple weeks ago talking about you know gender equality through football and the challenges that she overcame and that she continues to face and the opportunities that lie ahead as well so she kind of motivated the lot of young felt that he girls in an average girls and all the girls that you know joined us through the social media parts forms the situation whether it's you know football games with no phones etc you know this is something this is sort of been your normal that we all sort of up to add up to and you know the more i judge you are in the more the more flexible you are the better it is to reach your audience one of the best things that we for about a generation amazing change was to go into areas into regions where you know we're not playing we don't play in those countries it's very difficult to even go their
1:57 pm
own souls in the summer but you know through a policy like. you know we can go into places in qatar in lebanon in the whole you know hopefully palestine or someplace and reach people. now will champion sprinter no liles has discovered no shortcuts can be taken when organizing life force of the moment the american was taking on rivals in a 200 meter race with all the competitors running at different tracks around the world now last briefly filtered broken you saying but it's world record with an astonishing time of 8.90 seconds that was and so last realized had mistakenly started in the wrong lane and he had in fact only run 185 minutes. still a quickest amount of the distance in the world that is high school says looking for now thank you so much for that and they. had set for me for this news out that on
1:58 pm
that we'll be back in just a moment with more of the daisies. the ultranationalist mugs connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we don't have any maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to protect our nation what has happened to their opinion that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera the way disease outbreaks
1:59 pm
have impacted dense urban areas like during the flu pandemic in the early 1900 has played a role in how our cities look and run urban planners reacted to that flu and other outbreaks changing how cities were zoned and led to updated infrastructure like ventilation and improved sanitation but after what's been learned from pandemics and their influences on our skylines and way of life we also need to keep pace and adapt it's easy to assume that cities are fertile ground for spreading viruses and diseases millions living working at commuting in such tight conditions but one expert says it's about much more than just density it's about how all this was put together and how it's run. for thousands of years farmers and shepherds have lived to see but their traditional way of life has been under threat for generations. as israel plans an exception into the occupied west bank ug is in the world goes to the jordan valley where the illegal settlements have already expanded and asks what
2:00 pm
the future holds for these palestinian farmers shepherds of the jordan valley on a 0. if you. stand guard you must point most of the. journalists from al-jazeera as want to question by malaysian police over a documentary focusing on the treatment of migrants under the pandemic. hello i'm sam.


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